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Totalitarian democracy is a system of government in which lawfully elected representatives maintain the integrity of a nation state whose citizens, while granted the right to vote, have little or no participation in the decision-making process.
The US Federal Government is concentrating totalitarian socialistic fascist political power enslaving all Americans as tax mules, perpetual debtors, and state dependents, having the net effect of transferring wealth from 99% of Americans to the top 1%.

Liberties: Conduct Protected by Government.                                                      Freedoms: Conduct Permitted by Government.

LP VICTORY                                                                         CAMPAIGN LECTURE SERIES            


June 23
, Laguna Beach California,
Presidential Candidate Announcement
September 22
, Washington DC,
Libertarian Presidential Candidate
October 17
, Worcester Massachusetts,
Libertarian Presidential Debate------------------------------------1st Debate
--- Distinguishes DMR from all LIB/REP/DEM presidential candidates, Solving systemic problems.
November 5, Downey California, Local Libertarian Meeting
--- Basic Economic Policy, Pillars of Freedom, Foreign Policy Drivers, Minimum Government. ------------FLYER
November 9, Mission Viejo California, Local Tea Party Meeting
November 11, Pasadena California, Local Libertarian Meeting
November 13, Las Vegas Nevada, Private Plate Fund Raiser
--- Political Strategy, Mixed US Government, Uniting all Political Groups, Viable 3rd Party.
November 21, Los Angeles California, Local Libertarian Meeting
--- Immigration, Taxes, Foreign Policy Solutions, political pandering by DEM/REP candidates.
--- Prison System over Population, Green Corps and Toxic Waste, Tax Integrated Solutions.
December 2, Lake Forest California, Local Tea Party Meeting
---- Anarchists and Sovereigns, Increases in liberties and Freedoms from Totalitarian DC.
---- Liberties protected and Freedoms permitted by Government, Totalitarian Enslavement.
---- State Chartered Banks, Social Net Delivery, FED nationalization, Banking Protection.
January 31, Laguna Beach California, Presidential Platform, Pledge, Solutions, Appeal --PLEDGE & PLATFORM
---- Proposed New Libertarian Party Platform, Pledge, Problems, Solutions, Political Appeal.
---- Noble Foreign Policy, Red Lines, Senatorial Authorization, US Russia China EU Relations.
March 5, Richmond Virginia,
Libertarian Presidential Debate  --------------------------------------------------3rd Debate
LP being Lost and Failing, NSA probable cause, Regime Change, LP Marginalized, COS.
March 11, Springfield Illinois,  Libertarian Presidential Debate  -------------------------------- 9th Speech 4th Debate
---- Borders, Abortion, Brutality, Education, States Rights, General Electorate Appeal.
---- LP Message Appealing to 90% and LP Solutions Attracting 90% to Win White House.
March 27, Laguna Beach California, Libertarian Presidential Address --------------------------------------- 11th Speech 
---- LP Message, National Solutions, Presidential Political Strategy and Personal History.
March 31, Laguna Beach California, Libertarian Presidential Address --------------------------------------- 12th Speech 
---- Occupiers, Capitalists, Tea Partiers, Tax Payers, Wealth Transfers, Corruption and Taxes.
April 2,
West Los Angeles California, 
Libertarian Presidential Debate ----------------------------------------6th Debate
---- Only LP Candidate appealing to Logic and Minds, not Empty Pander and emotions.
April 3, Laguna Beach California, Libertarian Presidential Address ------------------------------------------- 13th Speech 
---- Monetarists, Marketeers, Green Peace, Green Corps, Prisoners and Prison Depopulation.
April 4, Laguna Beach California, Libertarian Presidential Address ------------------------------------------- 14th Speech 
---- Interventionists, Wars, Peace, Drones, Open Borders, Immigration, and Assimulation.

April 5, Laguna Beach California, Libertarian Presidential Address ------------------------------------------- 15th Speech 
---- Liberals, Students, Socialism, State Safety Nets,  Conservatives, Parents, and Belivers.

April 6, Laguna Beach California, Libertarian Presidential Address ------------------------------------------- 16th Speech 
---- Feminists, Women, LGBTs, Minorities, Systemic Racism, Infrastructure, and the Poor.
April 8, Laguna Beach California, Libertarian Presidential Address ------------------------------------------- 17th Speech 
---- Constitutionalists, Riflemen, 2nd Amendment, Conspiratorialists, Corruption, Transparency.

April 10, Laguna Beach California, Libertarian Presidential Message --------------------------------------------- MESSAGE 
---- Presidential Campaign Message to Libertarians, Political  Strategy,  Broad Political Appeal.
April 17, Laguna Beach California, Libertarian Presidential Message ------------------------------------------18th Speech 
---- US National Systemic Problems, Judicial Fiat, Government Corruption, Undue Influence.

April 19, Laguna Beach California, Libertarian Presidential Message ------------------------------------------19th Speech 
---- US National Solution Set, Liberty, Freedom, Constitution, Republic, Prosperity, Peace.
April 21, Laguna Beach California, Libertarian Presidential Candidates Analysis -------------------------- 20th Speech 
---- Libertarian Party Presidential Candidates, Unpresidential, Unelectable, Save One, D.M.R.
April 23 Raleigh North Carolina,
Libertarian Party Debate --------------------------------------- 21th Speech 7th Debate
---- Budget  and IRS Pandering, Compassionate Safety Nets, Fiat Currency Destruction,
April 26, Berkeley California,
Young Americans for Liberty  
------------------------------------------------------ 8th Debate
---- US Distributed Safety Nets, US Supreme Court Politicization, Anarchy v Government.

April 30,
Manhattan New York, 
-Libertarian Party Presidential Address New York ---------------------- 22nd Speech
---- Only LP Presidential Candidate who can win White House, General Electorate Appeal.
May 26-9 Orland Florida,  Libertarian Party National Convention (Personal Appearance) ----------- LP Convention
Libertarians, 2016 presents the Libertarian Party with a truly historic opportunity, not seen in the US for over the last 150 years, to capture the White House and save the nation from social anarchy and economic collapse, caused by 110 years of Democrat Party leftist proposing and Republican Party rightist enabling, resulting in national bankruptcy, economic stagnation, social strife, bastardization of our Constitution, and the concentration of totalitarian socialistic fascist political power in DC, suppressing our liberties and freedoms from government. The two major pandering political machines have selfishly locked up the voting booth as two sides of the same coin, by corrupting our federalism, by unconstitutionally mixing social programs with federal responsibilities at the federal level, so as to enhance their political pandering abilities and increase their money elitist campaign contributions, causing wealth transfers from the 99% to the top 1%, income inequalities, destruction of the middle class, destruction of our manufacturing base, enslavement of all Americans as tax mules or state dependents, confused ineffectual government, destruction of our once real honest money, and destruction of our once honest price-discovery markets. The United States titters at the precipice of national ruination. The call is made to all my libertarian friends to unite and stand up together as one, for this noble purpose, to lead the nation and all Americans and all political groups, in Restoring Americana Greatness, Constitution, Republic, Liberties, Freedoms, Prosperity and Peace. Rarely in generations do confluences align offering national salvation by so few freedom lovers as now. Now is our time, our time to rise up and stand united for this noble purpose. Please join me. Now is our time in history to fulfill our destiny and restore our great nation. WE ARE AMERICANS, WE CAN DO!
LIBEREENS: A coalition of voters and supporters, including but not limited to Libertarians, Greens, Teas, Monetarists, Riflemen, Constitutionalists, Occupiers, Latinos,  Democrats, Republicans, Blacks, Whites, Browns, Yellows, Reds, Workers, Unionizers, Entrepreneurs, LGBTs, States Righters, Capitalists, Federalists, Businessmen, Educators, Parents, Believers, Legalizers, Seniors, believing in Americana, Constitution, Republic, Honest Money, Honest Markets, Liberty, Freedom, Peace and Prosperity,
thus excluding national-socialists, totalitarians, bankster-government fascists, war mongers, bigots, racists, and panderers.

Registered to Vote: California, Libertarian Party;
Libertarian Party: Registered Member No. 15-110739;
Federal Election Commission Registration: No. P60008281; and
Libertarian Party: Candidate for US President


                                                     BRIEF ANALYSIS OF PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATES

Hillary Rodham Clinton                              Bernie Sanders

                         Donald Trump 

      LIBERTARIAN: Marc Allan Feldman, Darryl Perry, Gary Johnson     Derrick Michael Reid
                               Austin Petersen,
John McAfee

                                                     LIST OF PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATES (Greenleaf)

                                                          LIST OF PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATES (Portal)

                                                       FEC FORM 2 PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE FILERS

                                                    LIBERTARIAN PARTY PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATES
                                                                                                                               POLITICAL COMPLEX


I do solemnly swear that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States, so help me God.

Greetings Libertarians!

Increases in Individual liberties and freedoms is desired by all libertarians, to various respective extents. All libertarians have different views as to the ultimate end to the extent of maximum liberties. Question posed is HOW to get the ball rolling in a practical way toward that end. Platitudes are nice, the Theories are great, but both are effectively meaningless without a practical plan to start the march toward increasing Liberties and Freedoms. I have been around the nation and have observed the pathetic turn out by libertarians at state conventions. There is only one practical path for the LP to start that movement now toward any significant increases in liberties and freedoms from totalitarian socialistic fascist DC. Only one, and that option is available to the LP in May, where the delegates will have the option to win the White House, creating a viable competitive libertarian party as a balance to DC totalitarian socialistic fascism by the two pandering political machines, and thereby save the nation from social chaos and economic ruination, if not global depression and global war.

Derrick Michael Reid can present that wonderful and powerful Libertarian Party message of 1) Minimum Government, 2) Maximum Freedom, and 3) Mutual Tolerance, in a form that will APPEAL to 95% of Americans, and offers a solution set and skills to solve major systemic problems facing the country, that will ATTRACT 95% of Americans, for the November national election victory, for providing increased liberties and freedoms for all and solutions to those big national problems.

Any libertarian, who is sincerely serious about:
1) Winning the national election in November 2016 in a most probable fifty state sweep;
2) Cementing in perpetuity a viable 3rd party of liberty values opposing DEM and REP growing federal totalitarianism;
2) Increasing the Libertarian Party membership a thousand fold this summer of 2016;
3) Saving the nation of pending social chaos, social intolerance, and economic devastation; 
4) Restoring the Constitution, Republic, Rule of Law, Depopulating Prisons, and Liberating millions of 2nd class citizens;
5) Securing honest Money, honest Market, restoring Prosperity and eliminating market Fraud and government Corruption;
6) Securing Global Peace and avoiding probable global war resulting in hundreds of millions of deaths world wide; or
7) Increasing Liberties and Freedoms from Government with minimum Government and Maximum Freedom,
and who has completely reviewed the collection of campaign lectures posted on blog, will indubitably come to the inescapable conclusion that DERRICK MICHAEL REID is absolutely the best Libertarian Party presidential candidate, who can and would win the general election in a stunning national victory, and is clearly and convincingly the best Libertarian Party presidential candidate to lead the Libertarian Party to a thorough victory, clearly shown by a tremendously wide separation of demonstrated skills, knowledge base, and national solutions from the other candidates, that there is in fact and theory no real contest. As such, I call upon Johnson, Petersen and McAfee to immediately withdraw from the presidential race for the good of the Libertarian Party, and endorse my candidacy, by setting aside their self-centered views and egos, and do the right, noble and honorable thing, for the great and immeasurable good of the Libertarian Party, The United States of America, and the world. 


I) Win White House by appealing liberty and freedom message and attractive solution set solving problems. 
II) Cement viable 3rd party based upon and for increasing liberties and freedoms opposing DC Totalitarianism.
III) Save US from Social Chaos and Economic Ruination leading to global depression and global wars.
IV) Sweep all 50 states in the national general election proposing a mixed cabinet for broad political appeal.

I) Appeal to all political Parties with an administration of Libertarians, Democrats, Republicans, Greens, & Independents.
II) Transform "War on Drugs End" into "War on DC Totalitarianism" for broad message appeal.
III) Transform "Sovereignty" into Federal Natural Rights and States Natural Rights for broad message appeal.
IV) Devise Presidential Platform and Pledge for broad message appeal of maximum liberty and freedom.

I) Devise comprehensive integrated Solution Set to solve systemic problems to prevent Social Chaos and Economic Ruination.
II) Map Solution set onto major political groups so at to ATTRACT all major political groups, including 1) Occupiers-Capitalists, 2) Tea Partiers-Tax Payers, 3) Monetarists-Marketeers, 4) Greens-Prisoners, 5) Isolationists-Interventionists, 6) Immigrants-Illegals, 7) Liberals-Students, 8) Conservatives-Parents, 9) LGBT-Feminists, 10) Minorities-Poor, 11) Constitutionalists-Federalists, and 12) Riflemen-Conspiratorialists, excluding war mongers, national socialists, bigots, sexists, and racists.
III) National Campaign Front Line comprises 12 Libertarian Party Working Groups to appeal to these 12 respective political groups by social media explaining why solution set satisfies their core values and objectives.
IV) National Campaign Double Envelopment by Libertarian Party Presidential and Vice Presidential nominees is to trap, debase, discredit, and DEFEAT Democrat and Republican nominees in their meaningless pander, immense national failures, embedded systemic corruption and ineffective plans.


Very Truly Yours, in Liberty and Freedom,
Derrick Michael Reid B.S.E.E., J.D.,
2016 Presidential Candidate, Libertarian Party,
Engineer, Patent Lawyer, Military Scientist,
Market Analyst, and Geopolitical Analyst.
PO Box 1584, Laguna Beach, CA 92652
Contact Email:
Skype Account Name: derrickmichaelreid

                  Derrick Michael Reid

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