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Libertarians, Awake!

Absolute Freedoms under total Anarchy and total Sovereignty cant possibly work. Libertarians must not lock in their minds from political pander into an inherently unworkable alienating failing uncompromising absolute pandered ideology alienating the vast majority of Americans. Minimum Government, Maximum Freedom and Mutual Tolerance collectively imply reasoned objectivity promoting Liberties and Freedoms, that in large measure, appeals to nearly all Americans, rendering the Libertarian Party potentially and inherently a big tent Party. Repeatedly Failed Pandering libertarian messengers, is THE PROBLEM with the Libertarian Party, CAUSING SYMPTOMS, such as a stagnant party, declining membership, limited mainstream media coverage, limited ballot and debate access, low fund raising, repeated election defeats, and crazed fringe image, which all can be cured by the RIGHT MESSENGER, being able to couch that powerful and wonderful freedom Libertarian Party Message into a proper form, to APPEAL to nearly all Americans to WIN NATIONAL ELECTIONS, to render the Libertarian Party a nationally viable and competitive third political party, finally offering Americans a Liberty choice in counter balance with the totalitarian socialistic fascist failed liberal and conservative choices which have enslaved all Americans as tax mules, perpetual debtors and state dependents.

The Libertarian Party does not need the repeated failures of Gary Johnson repeatedly causing incalculable damage to the Libertarian Party. The libertarian party does not need a Candidate Loser, a Titular Failure, a Party Stagnator, an Egotistical Panderer, an Arrogant Clown, an Electorate Alienator, a Gutter Snipe, an Inept Messenger, an Incompetent Leader, an Incompetent Strategist, and a Naive Politician, who will assuredly repeat his failures and doom the Libertarian Party as a fringe curiosity when more Liberties, more Freedoms and effective Solutions are desperately needed by all Americans.

2016 Presidential Race

Derrick Michael Reid can present that wonderful and powerful Libertarian Party message of 1) Minimum Government, 2) Maximum Freedom, and 3) Mutual Tolerance, in a form that will APPEAL to 95% of Americans, and offers a solution set and skills to solve major systemic problems facing the country, that will ATTRACT 95% of Americans, for the November national election victory, for providing increased liberties and freedoms for all and solutions to those big national problems.

Totalitarian Democracy Lectures

Very Truly Yours, in Liberty and Freedom,
Derrick Michael Reid B.S.E.E., J.D.,
2016 Presidential Candidate, Libertarian Party,
Engineer, Patent Lawyer, Military Scientist,
Market Analyst, and Geopolitical Analyst.

Libertarian Party Presidential Debate Address

I, Derrick Michael Reid, am an LP presidential candidate, being
a Christian, Social-Conservative, Moderate-Libertarian, who can and
will win the White House in 2016. Irrespective of political party &
political orientation, I analyzed the social-economic complex of the country, determined the national systemic problems, the causes of those problems, and then, devised a comprehensive solution set,
a political strategy to unite all Americans, a simple Pledge of main objectives, and a compatible presidential platform, for attracting 90% of voters to sweep the LP into the White House.

I am the only presidential candidate standing, of any political party, who can actually solve the national systemic problems, and, the only LP candidate who can and will win the White House, while saving the country from social chaos and economic ruination, and advancing the LP. All other LP candidates can not win, and are deemed, with all due respect, largely as irrelevant. I am the only Libertarian Presidential candidate who can expose the Democrat and Republican farcical pandering and ineffective plans, to actually defeat both of them and win the White House, while advancing liberties and freedoms, and avoiding decades of global economic depression and probable multiple global wars. I seek your support.

Libertarians, 2016 presents the Libertarian Party with a truly historic opportunity, not seen in the US for over the last 150 years, to capture the White House and save the nation from social anarchy and economic collapse, caused by 110 years of Democrat Party leftist proposing and Republican Party rightist enabling, resulting in national bankruptcy, economic stagnation, social strife, bastardization of our Constitution, and the concentration of totalitarian socialistic fascist political power in DC, suppressing our liberties and freedoms from government. The two major pandering political machines have selfishly locked up the voting booth as two sides of the same coin, by corrupting our federalism, by unconstitutionally mixing social programs with federal responsibilities at the federal level, so as to enhance their political pandering abilities and increase their money elitist campaign contributions, causing wealth transfers from the 99% to the top 1%, income inequalities, destruction of the middle class, destruction of our manufacturing base, enslavement of all Americans as tax mules or state dependents, confused ineffectual government, destruction of our once real honest money, and destruction of our once honest price-discovery markets. The United States titters at the precipice of national ruination. The call is made to all my libertarian friends to unite and stand up together as one, for this noble purpose, to lead the nation and all Americans and all political groups, in Restoring Americana Greatness, Constitution, Republic, Liberties, Freedoms, Prosperity and Peace. Rarely in generations do confluences align offering national salvation by so few freedom lovers as now. Now is our time, our time to rise up and stand united for this noble purpose. Please join me. Now is our time in history to fulfill our destiny and restore our great nation. WE ARE AMERICANS, WE CAN DO!

Proposed Libertarian Platform

National Libertarian Party January 31st 2016
Libertarian Party State Chairs

In Re: Proposed Libertarian Platform for 2016 Election Cycle.

I, Derrick Michael Reid, a Libertarian Party candidate for the Presidential nomination, hereby petition the Libertarian Party to adopt the herein below attached PROPOSED LIBERTARIAN PARTY PLATFORM.


When Attorney General Holter indicated that the major banks were To Big To Fail (TBTF) and To Big to Jail (TBTJ), I realized the country was doomed into social chaos and economic ruination. I had to get off the bench from retirement as house husband, and save the nation, having the intellectual capacity and skills to do so. Irrespective of political party and political orientation, I analyzed the social-economic complex of the country, determined the national systemic problems, the causes of those problems, and devised a comprehensive solution set, and then devised a political strategy to sweep the nation in the November 2016 election for US President. Having core Liberty values, having switched political party affiliation many years ago, I registered before the Libertarian National Party and registered as a US Presidential candidate before the FEC to run for US President. Currently, I am traveling to LP state conventions delivering speeches and engaged in LP debates seeking the LP nomination.

I am the only presidential candidate standing, of any political party, who can actually solve the national systemic problems, and, the only Libertarian Party presidential candidate who can win the White House, sweeping the nation in so doing, planting the Libertarian Party banner on the White House, thereby advancing the Libertarian Party to a competitive national political party, and saving the country from social chaos and economic ruination. When nominated, the Libertarian Party will sweep the 2016 presidential election.

The proposed platform and pledge are simple for the electorate to understand and generally appeal to nearly all Americans. The logic is indisputable. The path is clear. The purpose is noble. The delegates at the national convention will have an awesome responsibility not only to the Libertarian Party but to the Nation as a whole, choosing to either field a candidate who can not win the general election, thereby squandering an opportunity to win the White House, who can not significantly grow the Libertarian Party, and who can not save the nation from social chaos and economic ruination. Factors have aligned rendering 2016 the year that the Libertarian Party can rise up and takes its rightful position as a necessary choice between Liberal values, Conservative values and Liberty values. I am the only Libertarian Presidential candidate who can expose the Democrat and Republican farcical pandering and ineffective plans, to actually defeat both of them and win the White House for the Libertarian Party, and thereby save the nation from social chaos and economic ruination.

The Libertarian Party national convention is all important to national salvation, with the nation at a critical juncture. Not in 100 years have so few freedom lovers of the Libertarian Party national convention had an opportunity to advance minimum government and maximum freedom. History will record how the delegates vote at the Libertarian Party national convention, and they will be remembered in spite of themselves, for in this election year, an opportunity is hereby presented to them to fix DC, and save the nation from chaos and economic ruination, while advancing liberties and freedoms. Duty to God and Country has moved me to run for president, now politically positioned on all fours, for advancing liberties and freedoms, with a suitable platform, pledge and solution set. I present the Libertarian Party the White House, on a silver platter.

Very Truly Yours, in Liberty and Freedom,
Derrick Michael Reid B.S.E.E., J.D.,
2016 Presidential Candidate, Libertarian Party,
Engineer, Patent Lawyer, Military Scientist,
Market Analyst, and Geopolitical Analyst.
PO Box 1584, Laguna Beach, CA 92652
Contact Email: Libereens@yahoo.com
totalitariandemocracy dot com



As Libertarians, we seek a nation of maximum liberty and freedom from minimum government; a nation in which all individuals have maximized liberties and freedoms to conduct their own lives as individually desired.

We believe that respect for individual rights, personal liberties, and personal freedoms are essential for a tolerant, civil, peaceful, and prosperous nation, and, that only through maximum liberties of rights protected by government and maximum freedoms of conduct permitted by government, can constitutional domestic tranquility and prosperity be fully realized and enjoyed by all citizens.

Consequently, we promote individual rights to engage in activity that is peaceful, tolerant, and respectful to others. We seek a nation where individuals are at liberty with freedoms to conduct themselves in their own ways, free from oppressive restrictions by and unreasonable interference from government upon individual peaceful, tolerant, and respectful conduct.

We Libertarians oppose oppressive and unreasonable government controls, laws, mandates and regulations that diminish individual liberties and freedoms. We believe that all individuals have the right to exercise their liberties and freedoms as they choose free from oppressive and unreasonable controls, laws, mandates, and regulations by Government. We Libertarians promote minimum government, maximum freedom, economic prosperity, and global peace.

WHEREFORE, NOW COMES, the Libertarian Party seeking to: restore and maximize individual liberties and freedoms from government; restore the Constitution, the Republic and The Rule of Law; restore and maximize economic prosperity; and promote global peace, by adopting the following platform articles of MINIMUM GOVERNMENT, MAXIMUM FREEDOM, ECONOMIC PROSPERITY, and GLOBAL PEACE, each of which articles having a plurality of clauses for perfecting the same.

Article 1, MINIMUM GOVERNMENT. We Libertarians oppose:

1a) federal totalitarianism and concentrated political power;
1b) invasions of privacy and natural rights by government;
1c) unreasonable restrictions on individual conduct;
1d) oppressive and unnecessary government functions;
1e) judicial fiat concentrating federal totalitarianism;
1f) oligarchical monetary fascist corruption of government;
1g) an unlimited totalitarian socialistic federal government;
1h) federal government by mandates and executive orders;
1i) an opaque government with limited transparency;
1j) federal concentrated socialism and moral hazards thereof;
1k) a multitude of federal and state taxes and takings;
1l) oppressive and intrusive federal and state taxation regimes;
1m) federal and state insolvency and unlimited federal debt;
1n) habitual and systemic deficit federal and state spending; and
1o) harboring second class residents and undocumented aliens.

Article 2, MAXIMUM FREEDOM. We Libertarians support:

2a) maximum liberties and freedoms from Government;
2b) constitutional protected personal liberties;
2c) constitutional federal equal protections;
2d) constitutional natural rights and freedoms;
2e) tolerance and respect between all citizens;
2f) freedom of association and contract;
2g) freedom of speech and thought and creed;
2h) rights of privacy and to private property;
2i) private communications confidentiality;
2j) the right to bare arms and self defense;
2k) medical rights of privacy and confidentiality;
2l) domestic tranquility and social harmony;
2m) individual responsibility and work ethics;
2n) a limited federal government protecting liberties;
2o) a republic of states having reserved powers;
2p) a republic of sovereign states of states rights;
2q) the U.S.A. Constitution as written and amended;
2r) civil and honest electioneering and campaigning;
2s) fair ballet access by all political parties;
2t) eliminating systemic racism;
2u) eliminating systemic sexism; and
2v) depopulating prisons with offered rehabilitation;

Article 3, ECONOMIC PROSPERITY. We Libertarians support:

3a) minimal state social safety nets for the disadvantaged;
3b) capitalism and price-discovery goods and services;
3c) honest and fair price-discovery commercial markets;
3d) real honest money in circulation, free from debasement;
3e) balanced and fair international trade and commerce;
3f) maximized labor participation rates and full employment;
3g) competitive international money transfer systems;
3h) competitive international and domestic commerce and trade;
3i) an economically dominant middle class and robust economy;
3j) a wealth creation manufacturing base and rights to work;
3k) dominate private sector economy and commercial activity;
3l) simplified and minimal federal and state taxation;
3m) American culture of liberty, democracy, and capitalism;
3n) lawful immigration with paths to citizenship;
3o) lawful immigrant assimilation into domestic culture;
3p) green peace, conservation and biological reserves;
3q) free market education and state managed education;
3r) a sound national infrastructure for the common good; and
3s) cost-effective low-cost state medical clinics.

Article 4, GLOBAL PEACE. We Libertarians oppose:

4a) unnecessary global military interventions and wars;
4b) presidential unilateral military interventions and wars;
4c) unlimited and unnecessary military expenditures;
4d) military interventions unnecessary to national defense;
4e) unnecessary military confrontations, wars, and destruction;
4f) military domination of the world by the U.S.A. armed forces;
4g) oligarchical undue influence over federal foreign policy;
4h) ignoble foreign policy driven by fascist commercial greed; and
4i) international and domestic terrorism and military aggression;




This proposed platform appeals to the vast majority of democrats, excepting the far left totalitarian socialists, and appeals to the vast majority of republicans, excepting the far right war mongers, while generally appealing to all Americans and their innate belief in Liberty, Freedom, Democracy, Capitalism, Constitution, Republic, Prosperity and Peace.

The proposed platform intentionally avoids enumerating with specificity divisive issues. Individual libertarian candidates can of course have specific views for rallying specific sympathetic constituents for purposes of electioneering and campaigning.

This proposed platform enables the Libertarian Party to become, after 50 years of being a curiosity and a side show, a big tent party, having therein both passionate and moderate libertarian views, and thus, sets up the Libertarian Party to become a competitive national party, with an innate ability to sweep the nation in national elections, providing the American electorate with an enhanced choice in the voting booth between liberalism of liberal values, conservatism of conservative values, and libertarianism of liberty values.

The PRESIDENTIAL PLEDGE is consistent with the proposed Libertarian Party Platform that encompasses the Libertarian Party liberty values, yet has BROAD POLITICAL APPEAL to nearly all political groups, for implementing a COMPREHENSIVE SOLUTION SET, for solving SYSTEMIC NATIONAL PROBLEMS.


P01) National Insolvency 20T$ Debt
P02) Fiscal T$/yr Deficits
P03) Opaque Administration
P04) Decimated Middle Class
P05) Shrinking Economy
P06) Decimated Manufacturing Base
P07) Uncontrolled Immigration
P08) 50m enslaved on food welfare
P09) 100m unemployed enslaved on assistance
P10) Extremely Low Labor Participation
P11) 50B$/mo Trade Deficits suppressing wages
P12) Counterfeit Federal Reserve System Notes
P13) FED-Congress-Banks/Corps Systemic Corruption
P14) Infrastructure Deterioration
P15) Systemic Racism
P16) Federal Welfare Socialism
P17) Pandering Electioneering
P18) Currency Debasement
P19) FED Targeted Inflation Theft
P20) FED rigging of Bond Market
P21) FOMC rigging of Stock Market
P22) ESF rigging of Currency Market
P23) Unwarranted CIA Web Trolling
P24) Unwarranted FBI Cam Surveillance
P25) Unwarranted NSA Phone Tapping
P26) Unwarranted DHS Marshal Law Force
P27) Federal Totalitarianism
P28) Gov-Banks-Corps Fascism
P29) Taxation of Wages and Income
P30) Wealth Transfer Private to Government
P31) Wealth Transfer 99% to 1%
P32) Toxic Dumping
P33) Intolerance and Disrespect
P34) Ignoble Foreign Policy
P35) Judicial Fiat
P36) Totalitarian Tax Oppression
P37) Socialistic Moral Hazards
P38) Totalitarian New World Order
P39) Income Inequality
P40) Home unaffordability
P41) Monetary Inflation
P42) Price Inflation
P43) Stagnant Wages
P44) Stagnant Productivity
P45) Low Monetary Velocity
P46) Social Chaos and Anger
P47) Deforestation
P48) Nuclear Waste Disposal
P49) Specie Extinction
P50) IRS Bank Monitoring
P51) Geoengineering
P52) Unlimited Congressional Terms
P53) Deteriorating Republic States Rights
P54) Unconstitutional Executive Powers
P55) Financial Asymmetric Warfare
P55) Unconstitutional Congressional Acts
P56) Unconstitutional Bank Note Currency
P57) Depositor Bank Bail INs
P58) FED QE ZIRP and Bankster Bail OUTs
P59) FED Financed Stock Buy Backs
P60) FED Financed Bankster Reserves
P61) Regime Change Foreign Policy
P62) Banking Transnationals Government Control
P63) Global Petro-Dollar Hegemony
P64) Monopolistic Monetary Transfers
P65) Debt Based Currency
P66) Government Unfunded Liabilities
P67) Over Leveraged Private Debt
P68) High Medical Costs
P69) Travel limiting Toll Roads
P70) Unwarranted License Suspensions
P71) Excessive Payroll Takings
P72) Systemic Sexism
P73) Corporate Welfare & Bank Bail INs
P74) Imminent Economic Collapse
P75) Increasing Social Strife


S01) Nationalizing the Federal Reserve System (FED), preserving its market mechanics, as the Federal Reserve Bank (FRB), under the Department of the Treasury, with congressional oversight, yet, ending systemic fascist corruption between government and banks, ending 100 years of currency debasement, ending wealth transfers from private sector to Government sector, ending wealth transfers from 99% of Americans to top 1% money elites, reducing income inequality through wealth transfers to the top 1%, ending Bond market manipulations, ending currency manipulations, ending stock market manipulations, ending targeting inflation theft of purchasing power, restoring Capitalism, restoring honest price-discovery commercial markets, for restoring domestic economic activity, for preventing enslavement of the people, and for increasing wages and economic vitality.

S02) Eliminating the use of debt-base note currency as the medium of exchange, by reinstating constitution real honest money in circulation, free from currency debasement theft and wealth transfers, including the acquisition of necessary bullion stocks, and the use of universal minting for state and federal consistent national use and standards, the design of mint production lines necessary for such minting use has been complete, with the consistent use of FRB certificates for ease of wide spread circulation handling, and for compact storage in FRB regional district depositories.

S03) Eliminating the national debt by phasing out debt-based fiat currency while reinstating constitutional real honest money in circulation.

S04) Reducing the US military footprint about the globe, by friendly peaceful relations with Russia, China, and EU, for international dispute resolution reducing global wars, civilian destruction and unnecessary military intervention, while maintaining a strong and robust nation defense.

S05) Eliminating all taxes except one national sales-revenue percentage tax and one state property tax, for simplicity in taxation, for providing voters with easy understandable choices between increase or decreases taxes and government services for close loop voter direct control of taxation and service levels, with the federal income tax phased out over a short term period for remedial purposes of gross income inequality over the last 100 years, so as to spur growth back into the decimated middle class and small business, this simplified tax system freeing Americans from oppressive tax regimes while significantly furthering green peace by effectively replacing income taxation with consumption taxation.

S06) Downsizing the IRS to only a core function of monitoring large businesses and their respective sales-revenues, freeing Americans from oppressive taxation, intrusions into privacy, threats of imprisonments, tax filings, and the use of IRS auditing functions as a political tool.

S07) Restricting the ESF and FOMC market interventions for restoring capitalism and honest and fair price-discovery commercial markets.

S08) Restricting the BLS from propaganda and false statistics based upon fraudulent reporting and erroneous adjustments to national statistics and publications.

S09) Downsizing the Department of Education by eliminating student loans and educational institution loans, through direct forgiveness, to delevage private debt, to jump start the economy, by restricting the Department of Education only to direct Student Scholarships and direct research grants to state educational colleges and universities, relating only to vital national interests, to support students and educational institutions, but without debt enslavement, the scholarships and grants limited by federal balanced budgets, for restoring the Republic.

S10) Assisting the States in creating a network of in-rem state chartered banks, with conservative investing authorization to Glass-Steagall state controls, tied into the FRB for monetary assistance, for providing home loans, auto loans, student loans, and small business loans, for restoring the Republic, for assisting middle class America with banking and finance facilities free from major commercial bank Dodd-Frank takings, BAIL-INs and the gross speculation of private moneys, for the protection of middle and poor class America from the predatory nature of big banks and corporations, with personal accounts having access to private deposit insurance for eliminating the FDIC.

S11) Assisting the States in creating a network of in-rem state medical clinics for providing low-cost cost-effective medical services to the poor and middle classes, free from medical malpractice claims, ending medical malpractice federal subject matter jurisdiction, and initially financed through proximal state chartered banks through the FRB for federal initial assistance, for restoring the Republic and providing wide spread medical services.

S12) Creating a Green Corps as an irregular military formation, comprising military commanders, volunteer private citizens and volunteer prison inmates, for cleaning up toxic dumps and littering, for specie preservation, for nature conservation, for reforestation, for public parks rehabilitation, for preserving the environment, and for depopulating prisons through volunteer rehabilitating national work, for reducing sentences, and for cleaning up the environment through national conservation.

S13) Downsizing the Department of Housing and Urban Development, through the elimination of Fanny and Freddy, for transferring mortgages to state charter banks, reducing mortgage amounts and interest rates in so doing, for deleveraging private debt, for generating economic growth, and by restricting the Department of Housing to monitoring unfair rental and mortgage practices, and promoting Public Housing Projects only when in the National vital interest.

S14) Transferring the federal welfare social service complex to the states for restoring the Republic, ending federal sponsorship of systemic national-socialism, ending federal welfare fraud, ending the ruining peddling for moral hazards leading citizens into fraud and indignant life styles, by substitution with robust state safety nets, where senior, disabled, disadvantaged, and unemployed citizens can obtain state assistance through state-controlled monetary disbursements through state charter banks, with reduced-cost access to state medical clinics, and with reduced state property taxes, as the individual states deem appropriate in regulating social issues and necessary safety nets, funded exclusively by state in-rem property taxes.

S15) Eliminating from federal jurisdiction, provisions, and control of all social services and transferring them unto the states for restoring the Republic and state voter control of respective state social services, for enhancing liberties and freedoms from the federal government.

S16) Instituting noble foreign policy, for preventing banking, finance, corporate and transnational control over foreign policy, for purposes of foreign market penetration, greed and profiteering, by firstly establishing limited set of Red-Lines, of 1) Attacks upon the US, 2) WMD use, 3) Genocide, 4) territorial imperialism, and secondly, but a Red Line violation, submit to the US Senate authorization to use Military Force or asymmetric economic warfare, to prevent unilateral Presidential war and military interventions in on going senate resolutions, to enable Americans to control the use of Armed Forces, through political pressure upon the elected senators.

S17) Balancing international trade for preventing continued decimated of the domestic manufacturing base, preventing the suppression of low end wages, preventing market manipulations, preventing unfair international trade practices, for restoring domestic economic activity and revitalizing wealth-generating domestic manufacturing, for enhancing economic prosperity.

S18) Ending Judicial Fiat by submitting impeachment articles to congress whenever the Supreme Court renders decisions contrary to the plain language, purpose, object, scope and spirit of the US Constitution, for ending legislation from the bench, for ending political and ideological decisions, for restoring the US Constitution, and for restoring the Republic, for enhancing liberties and freedoms.

S19) Restoring Congressional oversight of Administration actions by engaging in regular White House conferences with and reports to Senators and Representatives to resolve foreign policies and domestic legislation issues, ending dictatorial Presidential rule by executive fiat through executive orders, for providing a unified cooperative federal government, cooperating to serve the people, and to restore the US Constitution, for enhancing liberties and freedoms.

S20) Restoring Administration transparency, for informing the public and congress, through extensive congressional oversight, robust FOIA disclosures, and regular conferences with conspiratorialists, for reducing conspiratorial theories and suspicions of government functions, for discovering information for public disclosure, for enhancing the democracy functioning with an exceedingly transparent federal government for improving intelligent public intercourse and discussion, for enhancing liberties and freedoms.

S21) Assisting the states in holding a convention of state for determining Senatorial term limits, eg 4 elected terms, and for determining Representative term limits, eg 12 elected terms, for providing anyone a long career in federal service, such as, 24 years as a Representative, 24 years as a Senator, and 8 years as a President, for a maximum of 56 years of service in congress and the administration, for reducing systemic corruption, for reducing influence peddling, for reducing fascist control by banking, corporate and transnational over government, so that government works for the people and not the financial elite or corporate predators.

S22) Consulting and Conferring with Congress for respecting and defending natural rights flowing from the 9th Amendment, including but not limited to: 1) Privacy, 2) Marriage, 3) Procreation, 4) Travel, 5) Work, 6) Enterprise, 7) Association, 8) Contract, and 9) Voting, for increasing the liberty and freedom of the people.

S23) Consulting and Conferring with Congress for reducing restrictions to the right to bare arms, for defending the 2nd Amendment, for defending liberty of all Americans from federal domination and totalitarianism, for enhancing liberties and freedoms.

S24) Consulting and Conferring with Congress for restoring the Republic by limiting the federal government to Constitution enumerate powers, reserving unto the many states, states rights, including but not limiting inherent state rights to perfect social policy by the respective states as the voters desire through state representatives, for enhancing liberties and freedoms.

S25) Obtaining an Administration Cabinet comprising all major political parties and groups for serving all Americans as one culture and one people, united as one for common good of all.

S26) Securing international borders for perfecting only lawful immigration, and eliminating sanctuary cities aiding and abetting illegal residents and illegal immigration.

S27) Providing paths to citizenship, without amnesty, with a a nominal fine and probationary period to: comply with all laws; learn rudimentary English; learn rudimentary US history; and obtain US citizenship, for documenting undocumented illegal aliens, with origin prospective immigration allocation adjustments, for a fair immigration solution, for eliminating the harboring of second class people in America, for rapid assimilation of aliens into the Americana Culture of Democracy, Freedom, Liberty, and Capitalism.

S28) Rehabilitating the national infrastructure for creating jobs providing value to all, for ending systemic racism, for ending systemic sexism, for providing employment and opportunity for the poor and unemployed, and for enhancing domestic communications, travel and enterprise, for enhancing liberties and freedoms.

S29) Ending the war on drugs, while protecting states rights to legislate in the area of personal consumption, prohibiting only drug interstate trafficking inconsistent with states rights and voter authorizations through state representatives, for restoring the Republic, for enhancing liberties and freedoms.

S30) Reserving unto the many states, states rights to legislate in the area of social conduct and social intercourse, for increasing liberties and freedoms from the federal government, and for restoring the Constitution and Republic for which the flag should stand.

S31) Eliminating federal deficit spending and accruing unfunded liabilities for freeing Americans from enslaving debt, from pandering electioneering, from national bankruptcy, from oppressive taxation, for enhancing liberties and freedoms.

S32) Restricting intelligence operations to probable cause for securing privacy from unwarranted government intrusions for enhancing liberties and freedoms.




My fellow Americans, as 2016 President, I PLEDGE to:

* Eliminate the National Debt and Federal Insolvency;
* Eliminate Illegal Immigration and Undocumented Residents;
* Eliminate Undue Influence over Governmental Functions;
* Eliminate Federal Income Taxes and FED Wealth Transfers;
* Eliminate Federal Fiscal Deficits and Federal Socialism;
* Restore Noble Peaceful Foreign Policy and Fair Trade;
* Restore Constitutional Honest Real Money in Circulation;
* Restore the Constitution, the Republic and the Rule of Law;
* Restore Constitutional Personal Liberties and Freedoms;
* Restore Peace ful US China Russian Foreign Relations;
* Restore Prosperity and Price-Discovery Commercial Markets;
* Restore Congressional Cooperation with the Administration;
* Restore Transparency over Administration Functions; and
* Restore our Pride in and the Image of being American.

Please kindly support this noble effort. I do not seek to cement political power, obtain riches, build a library, or obtain self glorification, but merely to serve God and Country.

Derrick Michael Reid
DMR President


The Proposed Libertarian Party Platform, Presidential Pledge and Comprehensive Solution Set will have significant broad political appeal to nearly all constituencies across the nation including the three most significant political parties and their respective ideologies and values, including but not limited to:

A01) Libertarian Moderates and Federalists;
A02) Libertarian Anarchists and Sovereigns;
A03) Republicans, Social Conservatives, and Believers;
A04) Republicans and Fiscal Conservatives;
A05) Democrats, Social Liberals, Feminists, and LGBT;
A06) Democrats, Socialists, and Compassionate Liberals;
A07) Independents and Moderates;
A08) Reformers and States Conventionalists;
A09) Plain Language Constitutionalists;
A10) Tea Party and Taxation Opponents;
A11) National Riflemen and Gun Owners;
A12) Green Party and Environmentalists;
A13) Globalizers and International Traders;
A14) Pacifists and Peace Activists;
A15) Isolationists and National Defenders;
A16) Global Democracy and Peace Promoters;
A17) Capitalists and Commercial Traders;
A18) Monetarists and Fair Traders;
A19) Entrepreneurs and Businessmen;
A20) Wall Street Occupiers and the 99% of Americans;
A21) Middle Class, Poor Class and Parents;
A22) Students and Educators;
A23) Seniors and Disabled ;
A24) Workers and Unionizers;
A25) Impoverished and Working Poor;
A26) Latino and Alien Immigrants;
A27) Black Brown Red Yellow White Minorities;
A28) Consumption Legalizers; and
A29) Police State and Incarcerated Prisoners

Political Summary


Political Summary, Derrick Michael Reid BS JD Candidate 2016 President, Engineer, Lawyer, Military Scientist, Market Analyst, Geopolitical Analyst. Twitter @DerrickMReid, Home of the Libereens! All May Come Join Us! This is a political blog for explaining comprehensive, integrated and sweeping actionable executable plans for restoring Americana Greatness, with Significant Political Writings Explaining Positions, Plans and Objectives, including real honest money and markets, personal liberty, & freedom from government.

Derrick Michael Reid 2016 Presidential Campaign Web Page TotalitarianDemocracy.com
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I have a YouTube channel up, with the facebook google twitter sites operational. I will now create a series of videos, so you all will get to know me real personal like, and I will take America through a journey, from the beginning of time, understanding innate human species (the drivers), the cycling of freedom/totalitarianism during the endless struggles of the ascent of man, the age of Kings, the age of empires, the revolution when freedom won the day, to the decay of capitalism and the rise socialism over the last 100 years, the concentration of totalitarian power in DC, the electronic information age, the QE fiat monetary end game, and the brink of collapse, but then, as if by magic, a U-turn, as UNLIKE all other doom-sayers, and UNLIKE all modern politicians, I will present the plans, rationales, and means, to RESTORE AMERICANA GREATNESS. I suppose 100s of videos will be made by me in my laguna beach bunker, designated LIBEREEN HQ, and they will be comprehensive and informative, and if they go viral, Im in the White House. This will be some journey to behold, so come all and walk with me, it will be a magic carpet ride, as there has been none like it before. Wish me luck, or pray for me, as is your want.

My fellow Americans, I know how to fix the problems plaguing our country, and to my knowledge, no one in the country knows how to put it all together with actionable executable plans. Domestic and global affairs, economies and governments are complex integrated interconnected close loop systems, and it is most difficult for nearly all to get the heads around it all, and understand fundamental problems and solutions. I do, as that is a specialty of my coming from effectively nearly 100 man-years of education and profession experience across five intellectual fields. But I of course can not fix these problems alone in my present day obscurity. I need all of you Americans, to rally to my banner, with all oars in the water pulling together as a united country for the long term benefit of the country. I love my country and want to pass to the next generation a better America by restoring Americana greatness. I can only ask for your unbiased objective understanding and support. Respectfully, Derrick Michael Reid

For 15 years I have read various financial and bullion market pundits describe problems and trajectories. One pundit, who smart and articulate indicated there is no way out of this mess, basically caused by global insolvency. These pundits, especially the gold bug heavy, exclaim there is no way out of this mess, and on the surface they are correct. But they are all wrong.

There is a way out of this mess. I have thought it through. It took me 15 years to get my head around this world, to understand it all, and think it through. There is a way out of this, the old tried and true way. Its actually very easy to do, and the problem is not that we cant get out of this. The problem is, the solution is political, and the political complex is locked up by the DEMs/REPs who are locked into pandering to cement political power, and dont think in terms of the big picture or the big problem, or put their potential of cementing political power at risk, by not taking novel and completely out-of-box approaches, and thus the DEMs/REPs offer America no solution.

There is a solution and there is a political route to that solution. Today, its highly improbable the route will be had to that solution, but it is there, and I’m on it, I really am. I have a concrete plan to win the White House in 2016 and perfect that solution.

Over the next 8 months especially, and the next 18 months as well, I will teach my fellow Americans about this route and this solution. I got the text blogs initial posts up, and a video studio is set up, and now will start teaching Americans where we’ve been, are now, and are headed, the problems and the solutions, while humiliating any DEM/REPs opponent as panderers are easy to destroy. This will be a satisfying time for me over the next 8 months. I figure by year end, clips will go viral, setting up an LP nomination and then the presidency.

At 60 years of age, I have nearly 100 man-years of relevant educational and work experience, from working since 15yo 12hr/day 365days/year. I have studied this problem for 15 years, devised the solution, and set forth the political game plan to win the White house. DEMs/REPs just make stupid noise day after day, pandering trying to seduce voting blocks. Question is, do Americans like their totalitarian socialistic fascism, and their slide into economic ruination, or will they go with an unknown reactionary and rediscover their constitutional roots, peace and prosperity? Time will tell. God help us all.

We need libertarians for insuring freedom. We need democrats for compassion. We need Republicans for fiscal responsibility. We need all 3 parties holding hands to restore Americana Greatness. I plan a LIB-DEM-REP administration, to restore Americana Greatness, if we can get all oars in the water. I have the plan. Its party neutral. Its for ALL Americans and all political parties, including Greens, Tea's, and occupy, etc. Stop the party political pandering, lets all unite, all of us, and make the USA great beyond measure. Prez-LIB VP-REP SoS-DEM and other dept secretaries split between all parties, with the Tea's in charge of IRS and Greens in charge of the EPA, etc. I have the plan. I have the smarts. But cant do it alone. Americans, join me, to restore Americana greatness.

For 100 years, the CAVE IN party (the enablers, the REPs) have utterly failed to stop the onslaught of totalitarian democracy. 18T$ debt, as the GOP NO SHAME. REPs failed Americans as the political check, as hence, on the DEM team effectively. DEMs and REPs have messed up the US, becoming mere panderers. The REPs will never be able to out pander DEM compassion, and should have shut it down and stand on principles. DEM compassion is admirable, but should be at the state level per constitution of limited government, and thus a fail. Te supreme court, let the DEMs and REPs get away with and furthered trashing US Constitution, which is simply appalling. It took 100 years, since the slide began, and we have arrived to Tocqueville's 1835 projection of totalitarian democracy. We should love DEM compassion at state level per the constitution. We should love REP fiscal responsibility at the federal level. These are two noble aspects of DEMs and REPs, but you all applied it wrong and trashed our constitutional law. The driver of wrong application of noble aspects is the sought after cementing of political power, selfishly. Now, the FED is painted into a corner, unpayable national debt, totalitarian socialism, both white washed by political pandering. The purpose of Constitution is domestic tranquility, bastardized causing societal strife. DEMs and REPs equally at fault. The DEMs and REPs are simply Americana failures, self-centered panderers. I am a neutral 3rd party LP candidate with the plan to fix it all and quick. I do seek to maintain political diversity, and serve to unite the country back to constitutional roots & tranquility. My objective and concrete plan is to restore Americana Greatness, constitution, peace & prosperity, liberty & freedom. UNITE AMERICA!

Libertarian Party Nomination

In Re: Libertarian nomination for the 2016 Presidency.

The time is approaching for the 2016 presidential election. I want the Libertarian Party nomination. I have prepared a set of writings that set forth what I can do as President of the US. At first, anyone who looks at it, would be taken back, and I am sure you would most certainly would be to. But please take this very seriously. This is no joke. I am a very unusual person, to say the least. I spent the last 15 years getting my head around this world, and can now explain it all to anyone who wants to learn. I have listened to DEM/REP tweets over the past couple of months, and frankly, I find their positions and their pandering approach to be absolutely pathetic if not fraudulent. I readily find devastating flaws in all of their positions without exception. I have come to the conclusion that I would be able to soundly defeat any DEM or REP opponent. The libertarians can take the White House in 2016, through me, if that is what the Libertarian Party wishes.

I am not here to waste my time, your time, or anyone's time. I am not interested in promoting vague platitudes, pie in the sky dreams, and wish lists, but making fundamental concrete changes to our government along the lines of libertarian views. I would need profession political handling, of course, during a run for the 2016 White House, and would need party advise and political direction. I have thought out all of the major issues, and can address anyone of them, with explicit rationales, changes desired, and means of perfecting the same. If the Libertarian Party wants the 2016 Presidency, I am offering it to you on a silver platter. I would like you to find someone with whom I can regularly communicate at LP HQ, who would like to hold my hand through this process.

I am a moderate (freedom oriented, liberty leaning, moderate social conservative) libertarian, positioned perfectly for a run at the White House. At the state level, with 50 different Libertarian Party platforms as the local libertarians choose, the LP political perspective offers competition between liberty, liberal, and conservative values that supports the republic and constitution, and that is a good thing, in 3D political space. One axis is the electorate count, the other axis is the Liberal-Conservative DEM-REP totalitarian socialistic fascist axis, and the other is a liberty axis, providing a necessary 3rd choice.

Please take this very seriously, and if anyone needs further explanation on exactly how I am going to accomplish these objectives desired, confidentially, I would be more than happy to explain it all, in detail. In my view, for me, its all now very simple and easy. I am not a politician by training, but an inherent problem solver with keen abilities to comprehend the whole in integrated complex systems. I am a highly intelligent and charismatic person who could rally legions to the libertarian banner. Having set forth these writings, I am now available to take to the field, and actively campaign, and can appear at any libertarian function as the party deems fit.

I kindly ask that you to take a very serious look at my writings. They are a first cut, but have all the basics. You will be most certainly and completely disbelieving and taken back at first, I am absolutely sure. But let me first get you aware of the comprehensive, integrated, and sweeping scope of changes deemed necessary. To start you off, in a wild trip down the rabbit hole, I kindly ask you to take a first special close read at these first four posts.

1) Government Heads
2) Major Objectives
3) The Reactionary Objectives
4) The Grand Slam Sweep

The please kindly get back to me with your impressions, suggestions, and advice, if you would be so kind.

Most Respectfully
Derrick Michael Reid BSEE JD, Engineer, Lawyer,
Military scientist, Bullion Market Analyst, Geopolitical Analyst,
2016 Presidential Candidate, Libertarian Party.

Twitter Home of the Libereens


Twitter @DerrickMReid home of the libereens, a coalition of support from all 10 major political segments (Libertarians, Greens, Teas, Monetarists, Constitutionalists, Riflemen, Occupiers, Latinos, Republicans, Democrats), with an eye toward sweeping the nation under the libertarian banner in the 2016 general presidential election. Please come follow me, and watch the live fire rebuttals through tweets on a daily basis, in response to various topics and for pointing out failed policies and duplicitous pandering of major DEM/REP political candidates, all of whom get the brutal truth, for all to see, real time.


The facebook blog is a duplicate of some information here and is made available for those wishing to message me through facebook and as a means to post in libertarians political facebook across the nation. The facebook is merely duplicative and encapsulates the platform, government organization, political campaign plan, positions and immediate objectives of a 2016 Presidency. The google site posted writings provide a comprehensive understand of our economic social complex for understanding problems and causes. While the language may be strong at times, it supports the comprehensive, integrated, and sweeping changes necessary to restore American Greatness with planning, calculated prospective actions and supported reasoning. It took decades, but I got my head around the US and the world, and its understandable and can be explained, and fair solutions to problems have been devised as a leader of the free world. I stand ready, willing and able, if so honored.

Most Respectfully
Derrick Michael Reid BSEE JD, Engineer, Lawyer,
Military scientist, Bullion Market Analyst, Geopolitical Analyst,
2016 Presidential Candidate, Libertarian Party.

Convention Opening Address


I, Derrick Michael Reid, stand for the Presidential Nomination of Libertarian Party for 2016 US President. I am the only LP candidate that can and absolutely will defeat, if not shame and humiliate, the Democrat Party and Republican Party nominees, in a resulting nation wide sweep, placing the LP 3rd party in national competition, as a competitive 3rd party, not seen in the US since 1912, thereby providing real choices in the voting booths.

I offer America a presidency not seen since the Lincoln administration, to free all Americans from bondage as tax mules, perpetual debtors and state dependents. I offer the Libertarian Party an opportunity to plant the Libertarian banner on the White House, creating a viable 3rd party choice, standing for maximum liberty and freedom from government, so as to lead all Americans and all political groups, together, united as one, for saving the country from social chaos if not anarchy and economic ruination if not devastation, by restoring the Constitution, Republic, Liberty, Freedom, Prosperity and Peace.

I do not seek to decimate any political party, as political diversity is essential in a free democracy, as I seek an administration representing all significant political groups, functioning together as one for common purpose, thereby uniting the whole country. I do not seek to social engineer, as social engineering is state rights under constitutional reserved powers, with the people of the individual states deciding for themselves how to fashion social constructs.

My business is focused entirely upon the US Presidency for the purpose of restoring Americana Greatness, restoring the Constitution and the Republic, providing maximum liberties and freedoms from the federal government, restoring economic prosperity, and furthering global peace, and thus, I seek to lead all Americans and all political groups, united as one, for common cause at the federal level, and seek to unite Russia, China, EU and US in cooperation with the UN for maximum global dispute resolution avoiding war and destruction.

The executive plan is comprehensive, integrated, and sweeping in scope, including 1) transferring all social programs to the states to stop national political pandering and restore our Constitution and Republic, 2) nationalizing the Federal Reserve to stop government corruption and wealth transfers from the 99% to the top 1%, 3) eliminating all taxes and government takings except state property taxes and pay-and-forget federal sales taxes, 4) solving immigration with fairness to US Nationalists and America yet providing paths to citizenship, 5) launching a robust economy thereby defeating the moral hazards of socialism, 6) curbing US military interventions presently based upon ignoble regime changes for enabling banking elitist and transnational market penetrations for profits and exploitation of foreign countries, 7) balancing international trade so as to resurrect our dead manufacturing base, 8) restoring honest real money in circulation that is free from currency debasement by the Federal Reserve and thereby stop government theft of wealth and the resulting concentration of totalitarian socialistic fascist power in DC, 9) stopping market interventions and manipulations for restoring honest price-discovery markets thereby resurrecting capitalism in the US, 10) depopulating prisons with real rehabilitation, 11) eliminating the national debt to stop banksters taking wealth from Americans through federal fiscal irresponsibility, 12) establishing a system of state charter banks for supporting state home and business loans free from wall street speculators, 13) deleveraging debts of poor and middle income families, students, and businesses to jump start robust and sustained economic main street growth and prosperity, the 13 stars of freedom, among many other precise and integrated plans.
I am the only presidential candidate in the country with the qualifications, skills, plans, and drive to free Americans enslaved by government as tax mules, perpetual debtors and state dependents, and save the nation from pending social anarchy and economic collapse.

The problem is equal in magnitude, translated from the slaves of 1860 into the tax mules and state dependents of 2015, being different but equally devastating in bondage, from 110 years of leftist proposing and rightIst enabling, bastardizing our constitution, corrupting our republic, destroying our money, markets and prosperity. If we Americans as a whole, can fully grasp the dangers imminent, we still have the vote to right the ship of state, and save the US from devastation, collapse, riots, and anarchy, if not civil war as public strife escalates, as the canary is fading fast.

As an engineer and patent attorney, I view America as a complex fabric of governmental, economic, social and cultural systems and subsystem, integrated into the whole, and then apply analytical analysis to determine what are the major problems, the causes of those problems, and then devise integrated, comprehensive, and sweeping solutions for Americans and America. There is absolutely no pander appeal, nor motivations to selfishly sustain political power, but only solving problems in a top-down analytical methodology that will appeal to voter logic, intellect, and patriotism. If the voters can get outside themselves, view the problems in an honest objective unbiased way, I will appeal to all segments of our society, and upon election as president, fix major problems with astounding quickness and rapidity, to right the ship of state before the country hits the breakers.

2016 presents the Libertarian Party with a truly historic opportunity, not seen in the US for over the last 150 years, to capture the White House and save the nation from social anarchy and economic collapse, caused by 110 years of Democrat Party leftist proposing and Republican Party rightist enabling, resulting in national bankruptcy, economic stagnation, social strife, bastardization of our Constitution, and the concentration of totalitarian socialistic fascist political power in DC, suppressing our liberties and freedoms from government. The two major pandering political machines have selfishly locked up the voting booth as two sides of the same coin, by corrupting our federalism, by unconstitutionally mixing social programs with federal responsibilities at the federal level, so as to enhance their political pandering abilities and increase their money elitist campaign contributions, causing wealth transfers from the 99% to the top 1%, income inequalities, destruction of the middle class, destruction of our manufacturing base, enslavement of all Americans as tax mules or state dependents, confused ineffectual government, destruction of our once real honest money, and destruction of our once honest price-discovery markets. The United States titters at the precipice of national ruination. The call is made to all my libertarian friends to unite and stand up together as one, for this noble purpose, to lead the nation and all Americans and all political groups, in Restoring Americana Greatness, Constitution, Republic, Liberties, Freedoms, Prosperity and Peace. Rarely in generations do confluences align offering national salvation by so few freedom lovers as now. Now is our time, our time to rise up and stand united for this noble purpose. Please join me. Now is our time in history to fulfill our destiny and restore our great nation.


Very Truly Yours, in Liberty and Freedom
Derrick Michael Reid B.S.E.E., J.D.,
2016 Presidential Candidate, Libertarian Party,
Engineer, Lawyer, Military Scientist, Market Analyst, Geopolitical Analyst.

The Grand Slam Sweep

The Political Reorientation, the Grand Slam Sweep of the US Political Complex, to Restore Americana Greatness, REPUBLIC and PROSPERITY.
Awake Bugs! I have most effective real money circulation Plan
At DerrickMReid I would be interested in hearing your plan.

The tooling company and mint would be in Utah, with the bullion source being JM out of Salt Lake City. I personally invented and designed the dimensions of the tooling, for bank compact storage, being universal to all 50 States. Concept is using 1960s style plastic tool injection methods with universal embossed plates, to put US mint & all 50 states minting of real honest money, consistently. I developed a transitory bi-currency regime for switching from Federal Reserve Notes to honest real money. In so doing, I can eliminate the national debt, but need to have the mint facilities on line, when US welfare state is transferred back to states, for restoring the REPUBLIC for which the flag should stand. So, the plan is comprehensive, integrated, sweeping, both in political reorientation, debt, deficits, REPUBLIC, and real money in circulation, but only way I can perfect the changes necessary, is to capture White House, & that plan is laid out. The mint production line is modular, expandable, universal so each state and US federal government can have its own seal on legal tender real money. The plan involves green peace and tax regime change, from income taxes, to federal sales taxes and state in rem property taxes, exclusivity. So, if I could find a licensee of my patentable mint design, to position before the change, then I can use the licensing dollar to launch a serious national campaign.

In this connection, FED is nationalized under dept of treasury, to prevent corruption by wall street over government functions, and perfect monetary changes back to constitutional real money. Concept involves the death of the FRNs, the irredeemable ponzi coupon used by the totalitarians to enslave us all, in transitory bi-currency regime, during transition to real money concurrently as federal welfare state is transferred to the states to restore the REPUBLIC. The efficiencies gained in transferring the welfare state back to the state are realized through interstate competition for the most effective delivery of safety nets for those retired or falling on hard time. We must remain noble and truly help the retired, disabled, poor, and hungry across our great country, but provide the safety nets in an intelligent fair cost-effective way. Under the new tax regime, there will also be the elimination of the national debt and all takings between employer and employee, as economy explodes, for economic fairness, raising hope, real wages, and jobs for the poor, and with that, a return to moral living, family, and love of country.

Plan appeals to Libertarians, Greens, Teas, in the first order, but also amended to include Latinos re a fair immigration solution, and to the Bugs re real money, constitutional parties re the REPUBLIC and constitutional federal enumerated powers. With FED nationalization, ending corruption, the plan appeals to wall street occupiers, for 7 political groups in support of the Libereen Americana Coalition. Also, the constitutionalists and 2nd amend go in lock step, and the appeal to NRA and the gun totting states, to defend personal liberties and freedoms from government, for coalescing eight large political segments, into the Libereen Americana Coalition. The Libereen Americana Coalition hopes to have Senator Diane Fienstein and Representative Loretta Sanchez rally California and the Latinos, as Donald Trump and William Black rallies New York and the Wall Street Occupiers, as Senator Rand Paul and Representative Ron Paul rally the center and the gold bugs and libertarians, with Karl Rove as campaign quarterback, to rally Libereen Americana Coalition to the banner of the 13 stars and stripes.

Then the united Libereen Americana Coalition goes directly after the DEM and REP bases, the DEMs and their compassion at the state welfare level, and the REPs and their compassion for sound budgets and Republic. Seniors will love me for liberating their children, grand children and great grand children from the enslavement of the national debt. Women will love me for equal respect as women are just as smart as men. Minorities will love me for the economic boom and employment opportunities for lifting the poor and hopeless out of poverty and hopelessness. Fair minded, objective, respectful, tolerant gays, feminists, believers, and anti-abortionists would love me for neutral positions based on our constitutional republic and rule of law. Fiscal conservatives and the Blue Dogs will love me, for restoring sound budgetary government finances. Evangelicals will love me, for public display of Christian faith. Peace activists will love me for restraining US military interventions that should only be used to defend US vital interests and international commerce, allowing isolated global intrastate rebellions and civil wars to play out as the locals confront on their own terms without the US forcing US foreign policy objectives and US desired regime changes through direct large scale US military interventions.

Thus, the Libereen Americana Coalition can sweep the field, LIBs, GREENS, TEAs, LATINOs, Constitution, Occupiers, BUGs, NRA, DEMs and REPs, and restore the REPUBLIC for which the flag should stand, and restore Americana Greatness for the grand slam in US history. But I am a no body, with a lighting fast brain, cross-dimensionally associating for comprehensive plan creation and execution. Thus, LIBs GREENs, TEAs, LATINOS, CONSTITUTION, BUGs, OCCUPIERS, NRA, DEMs and REPs in interlocking cross appeal, will all join hands, for the landslide victory. I do not have to pretend or spin, because I believe in all 10 of these core constituencies, their goals mapped upon my personal political orientation. The Libertarians are sought because I am hard core libertarian, a true reactionary, and the Libertarian party already has nation wide voter registration to get me on ticket in all 50 states.

ITS A GO, all systems are a go, for a better America!!

USA Federal Reserve Bank

The transition back to real money will be during a bi-currency period. During this bi-currency period, the US Mint will get up to speed producing real money coins and real money paper certificates. All real money paper certificates will be directly allocated between issued certificate serial numbers and actual respective bullion in the Federal Reserve Bank of the US Dept of the Treasury. The Federal Reserve System is actually a private bank, subject to undue influences of the Banksters and Greedsters, as another con job by the Government upon the people. That con job stops 2016.

The Federal Reserve System is a private bank system that has utterly failed the American people, and has lost 99% of the value of the paper dollar, and is in the process of utterly destroying the inherent value of the FRN currency, which is currently an irredeemable ponzie coupon, that is used to support the fascists in DC with their national debts and fiscal deficits, collectively used to sustain their self-centered power lock on American politics, offering no real choice in the voting booth, and to buy votes through the nanny granny state, so as to enslave all Americans as tax mules and state dependents. The FRN receives inherent value through the use of IRS income taxes under threat of imprisonment for tax evasion. Our FRN currency value is based upon state threats of imprisonment, how quaint. The FRN and IRS income taxes are the two tools used by the totalitarians in control of the nation to enslave the people. The Federal Reserve System as used today shall be abolished. Its carcass shall be nationalized and placed under the US Treasury Dept as the Federal Reserve Bank (FRB), and it shall have a chairman reporting to the Secretary of the Treasury. The chairman shall have a board of governors. The Federal Reserve Banks shall adopt existing Federal Reserve Districts, each with a satellite Branch Federal Reserve Bank with respective vault depositories. Thus, the US Dept of Treasury shall have the Federal Reserve Bank located in DC, with branch Federal Reserve Banks located in Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Cleveland, Richmond, Atlanta, Chicago, St. Louis, Minneapolis, Kansas City, Dallas, and San Francisco, with a central Federal Reserve Bank located DC having a FRB chairman and a Board of Governors.

The entire Federal Reserve System will be nationalized by the US Government and placed in the Dept of the Treasury as the US Federal Reserve Bank FRB. The US Federal Reserve Bank will be used for vault depository storing of Real Money and transitional temporarily FRN currency. The US Dept of Treasury Federal Reserve Bank will be an administration post in the executive branch of Government no longer under the influence of the Banksters and Greedsters. Congress shall enact laws regarding the nationalization of the Federal Reserve System. The US Dept of Treasury Federal Reserve Bank will be responsible for vault depository storage of allocated real money coinage and bars and respective certificates. The FRB shall have stated interest rates for real money saved at the FRB and loans from the FRB. State and private banks can easily adopt the FRB money system and FRB interest rates. The FRB shall set the rate of exchange between Silver Dollars and Gold Dollars.

Derrick Michael Reid, being an engineer, inter alia, and having a long standing family history in the tool and die industry dating back to the 1950s, understands the money making processes, and has heretofore actually designed tools for tool and die shops going back 40 years. Derrick Michael Reid, as a political and monetary visionary and a monetarist, has personally designed exactly real money bar specifications with patentable proprietary process methods of manufacturing US Minted Bars at the US Mint for storage at the US Dept of Treasure, Federal Reserve Bank.

The US Dept of Treasury Federal Reserve Bank shall be responsible for redeeming FRN notes at stated rates of redemption during a redemption period. A holder of a FRN can finally redeem a FRN at any of the Branch US Federal Reserve Banks and obtain immediately redemption thereat, that is, to be paid gold and silver real money on the FRN, the redemption being real money gold and silver coinage, bars, and certificates during the redemption period at a lawful rate. Silver coinage, bars and certificates shall be used as the American currency in circulation and shall be commonly used for commercial prices and common exchange. Gold coinage, bars and certificates can be used commonly for exchange into silver coins, bars and certificates, but generally in larger denominations for long term savings. The individual states can adopt the bar manufacturing process for minting 5oz 10oz 20oz 100oz 1000oz Silver and 2oz 10oz 20oz 100oz 400oz Gold bars as the bar minting process is a universal process design adapted for any unique state. State minted 5oz 10oz 20oz 100oz 1000oz Silver and 2oz 10oz 20oz 100oz 400oz gold bars can be exchanged at the FRB for US coinage, bars and certificates. Thus, the Federal and State money complex shall be effectively the same, with no limitations as to state minted production of qualified 5oz 10oz 20oz 100oz 1000oz Silver and 2oz 10oz 20oz 100oz 400oz Gold bars using the bar minting process, for exchange at the FRB for US Minted coinage, bars and US printed certificates, so that the individual states can produce real money and acquire US minted real money in quantity as desired.

The US Mint already currently produces 1 oz Silver Coins, the American Silver Eagle (ASE). The US Mint already currently produces 1 oz Gold Coins, called the American Gold Eagle (AGE). The US Mint will transition from current coinage production complex, to a new coinage production complex during the transition period. The AGE, ASE and lesser denomination of 1/10, 1/4 and 1/2 oz can be minted in quantity now at the US Mint, so that the US Mint can immediately support now real money in circulation for economic uses. Thus, the US mint is already set up to produce much of the coinage desired to start the usage of real money in circulation, and will have time to expand the production lines to include a few new real money coinage types. As used herein, US Minted real money bars are considered coinage, and such bars are specifically designed for optimum space stacking in US Dept of Treasury, Federal Reserve Bank vault depositories, or at any state or private bank. There shall be no prohibition against private persons exchanging US Minted gold and silver coinage, bars, and certificates. It shall be a federal crime to intentionally destroy a US Minted coin, or bar, or printed certificate as enacted by Congress.

The US Mint will stop producing useless coinage and paper scripts and commemorative coins, such as, the $1 copper dollar, the 2$ bill, Buffalo gold coins, and like unnecessary money coins and notes, for maximum cost effectiveness.

Private and State minters can make coins and bars having the same outer dimensions, purity, and weight of US Mint silver and gold coins and bars, and hence be stacked with and like US Mint official Silver and Gold coins and bars, provided such private and state minted coins and bars have the same silver and gold content and clearly embossed with distinctive private minter trademarks or state emblems, so as to avoid confusion in the market place and in private and public banking and in private depositories, so as to allow private and state minters to support the creation and promote the use of standardized real money gold and silver coinage and bars in the United States.

The FRB shall accept State qualified minted 5oz 10oz 20oz 100oz 1000oz silver and 2oz 10oz 20oz 100oz 400oz gold bars as part of the FRB vault depositories. US Mint, Bureau of engraving can issue silver and gold certificates on State 5oz 10oz 20oz 100oz 1000oz silver and 2oz 10oz 20oz 100oz 400oz gold bars deposited with the FRB. All silver and gold certificates shall be 100% and respectively backed by deposited gold and silver coins and bars in FRB vault depositories. US Mint, bureau of graving, issued certificates and US Minted coins, bars and certificates shall be legal tender in the United States. The FRB may exchange US Mint and state 5oz 10oz 20oz 1000oz silver and 2oz 10oz 20oz 400oz gold bars with gold and silver US Mint, Bureau of engraving certificates, as fungible legal tender. States may make 5oz 10oz 20oz 100oz 1000oz silver and 2oz 10oz 20oz 100oz 400oz bar with state emblems embossed thereon with the term "dollar" embossed on them, but not private minters. States may make 1/10 1/4 1/2 1oz silver and 1/10 1/4 1/2 1oz gold qualified coins of the same dimension, purity and weight as US Minted coins with state emblems emboss thereon and the term "dollar" embossed on them, but not private minters.

States and US Mint may emboss Comex Deliverable 1000oz Silver and 400oz Gold bars with Federal Reserve Bank Seals and State Seals, using the term "dollar", and exchange them for respective $1000 Silver certificates and $20000 Gold Certificates, where such Comex deliverable bars may be stored in depositories at the Federal Reserve Bank of the US Department of the Treasury.

Each certificate would have a stated time duration for redemption into FSB coinage or exchange to new certificates, to keep effective track of any lost, and innocently destroyed certificates, so that bullion stored at the FSB matches certificates in circulation, and so that US paper certificates can not be stored over seas indefinitely in foreign powers, by oligarchsters, and by banksters possession to prevent nefarious usage of US money, but such certificates must be or would be repatriated in the US, so that, US bullion, that is US real money and coinage, is kept within the US and used to power the US economy, and as such, exports for bullion and US minted real coinage would be likewise prohibited to leave the country, so that real money in the US can not be accumulated by foreign powers to manipulate US currency, the US economy, enslave the US people, and bullion money stores of the US. Thus, at points of entry into and exit from the US states, all bullion and coinage can be exchanged for certificates used as foreign currency, but all bullion and US minted real coinage stays within the US. As the US moves to real money, so will the rest of the world, over time, as hot wars are replaced by competitive trade wars, as it should be, and as fiat money is replaced by real money world wide, so as to keep the US strong and financially secured, during the continued ascent of man world wide.

The Federal Reserve Banks shall function as a secure depository of federal and state bullion with respective seals and "dollar" printing, by way of 100% fully allocated gold and silver certificates, which gold and silver can not be encumbered in anyway by the Federal Reserve Bank. US sales taxes can be used to purchase private supplies for manufacturing gold and silver bars and coins. Federal Reserve bank can loan excess gold and silver bar and coins, for procure physical assets, or pay federal employees, by way of certificate, providing such loans, procurement, and pay are only for supporting vital federal interests.

The Bi-Currency Transition from FRN to Real Money
================== Silver Money In Circulation ================
0.01oz Silver Clad Coin, Zinc body Silver Clad Penney
0.05oz Silver Clad Coin, Zinc body Silver Clad Nickel
0.1oz Silver Coin, American Silver Eagle, 1/10 oz Coin Dime
0.25oz Silver Coin, American Silver Eagle, 1/4 oz Coin Quarter
0.50oz Silver Coin, American Silver Eagle, 1/2 oz Coin Halves
1oz Silver Coin, American Silver Eagle, $1 Silver Certificate
5oz Silver Bar, DMR Proprietary Design, $5 Silver Certificate
10oz Silver Bar, DMR Proprietary Design, $10 Silver Certificate
20oz Silver Bar, DMR Proprietary Design, $20 Silver Certificate
100oz Silver Bar, DMR Proprietary Design, $100 Silver Certificate
1000oz Silver Bar, Comex Deliverable, $1000 Silver Certificate
============ Gold Coin, Bars, Certificate Exchanges ==========
0.1oz, Gold Coin, American Gold Eagle, 5$ Gold Certificate
0.25oz, Gold Coin, American Gold Eagle, $12.5 Gold Certificate
0.50oz Gold Coin, American Gold Eagle, $25 Gold Certificate
1oz Gold Coin, American Gold Eagle, $50 Gold Certificate
2oz Gold Bar, DMR Proprietary Design, $100 Gold Certificate
10oz Gold Bar, DMR Proprietary Design, $500 Gold Certificate
20oz Gold Bar, DMR Proprietary Design, $1000 Gold Certificate
100oz Gold Bar, DMR Proprietary Design $5000 Gold Certificate
400oz Gold Bar, Comex Deliverable, $20,000 Gold Certificate
========== FRN Irredeemable Coupons and Tokens Currency ======
Penny Copper Clad Zinc Coins, Irredeemable FRS Tokens
Nickel, Nickel Clad Zinc Coins, Irredeemable FRS Tokens
Dime Silver clad Copper Coins, Irredeemable FRS Tokens
Quarter Silver clad Copper Coins, Irredeemable FRS Tokens
Halves Silver clad Copper Coins, Irredeemable FRS Tokens
1$ Federal Reserve Notes, Irredeemable FRS Coupons
5$ Federal Reserve Notes, Irredeemable FRS Coupons
10$ Federal Reserve Notes, Irredeemable FRS Coupons
20$ Federal Reserve Notes, Irredeemable FRS Coupons
50$ Federal Reserve Notes, Irredeemable FRS Coupons
100$ Federal Reserve Notes, Irredeemable FRS Coupons

USA Free Silver

The Federal Reserve System was created 100 years ago, and first duped the people into certificates, to get the feel of paper, and then printed notes, which became irredeemable, and thus ended with the con job on the American People, with the FRN aka, the irredeemable ponzie coupon, which must be printed in exponential amount to feed the totalitarian socialists in DC. The Federal Reserve System has managed to lose 99% of the value of the paper dollar, to perfect a scam upon the American People, to enslave us Americans with a National Debt and Fiscal Deficits and Income Taxes and Income Tax Filings. IT STOPS 2016. The national debt will be eliminated. The totalitarian tools of income taxes and the FRN will be abolished. The Federal Reserve will be abolished. The FRN will be abolished with a return to real and honest money. Real and honest money will return to the USA. The nation will be debt free, and the people will no longer be enslaved to Government and no longer indebted to the Banksters and Greedsters. This 100 year con job has gone on long enough.


The states created the federal government for the collective benefits of the states and the republic was born with liberty and freedom won the day. The republic has at it core, a limited federal government of enumerated powers, all else reserved unto the states. The enumerate power of the federal government concentrate in regulating interstate commerce, minting of real money, and defending the homeland with armed forces supported by state militias. The proposed, mutually exclusive tax regime furthers the republic, by having a federal sales tax and states in re property taxes. The many states are by and large already set up to collect sales taxes for transfer to the federal government and property taxes to be used in large measure to support necessary safety nets for the citizens of the respective states.

Sales taxes would follow a uniform federal code that might allow sales tax exemptions for the necessities of life, particularly food stuffs. State property taxes can be progressive to assist the poor, retired, disabled, and disadvantaged. The IRS function would be more along monitoring state sales tax collection for transfer to and support of the limited federal government. Foreign and domestic ownership of US lands would favor US citizens as property taxes are collected by the states and return to the citizens by way of state safety nets. Inheritance taxes, income taxes, and corporation taxes would be abolished. All tax and fee takings between contractor to contractee, and employer to employee would be abolished, under federal plenary power, to further societal efficiencies and economic growth. State and Federal seizures of property and accounts for unpaid taxes, court judgements and child support, and the like, would be limited to seizures of personal and real property located.

Federal sales taxes and state property taxes would not be used to incentivize social behavior as the federal government has no business social engineering and centivizing the people, but rather rely on laws of economics to control using negative feedback inherent in economics. The federal sales tax punishes consumption as a direct means to encourage green peace, a legitimate federal interest. Foreign and domestic ownership of land and corporations would generally be allowed, but as corporations with real property located in the US and sales operations in the US would pay property taxes and sales taxes that are in turn used to support US citizens, state governments, and the federal government, place foreign ownership of real property and corporations at a disadvantage to US citizen ownership for preserving America for the benefit of Americans.

During the transition bi-currency phase, the federal government would use QE in many ways to rebuild the economic fortunes of main street and the poor and middle classes. For example, the department of education would be down sized with the elimination of the student loans, reducing pressure on tuition increases, liberating graduating student from debt burdens, while placing state university back under the exclusive management of state governments per the republic, while providing direct aid grants in support of legitimate federal interests. For another example, long standing, low value, home mortgages would be paid off through federal QE, to support a rebirth of the middle class. Large to-big-to-fail banks would be allowed to failed, sized by the US government, and partition for sale back to the finance world, similar to an anti-trust break up of monopolies. There may be a one-time tax on the super rich who have profited from FED led QE resulting in wealth transfers from the middle and poor classes to the top 1%, used as a remedial one-action to restock gold and silver bullion in the Federal Reserve Bank (FRB) of the US Treasury. The purpose is remedial, without destroying industrial chieftains, who power through investments, the US economy. The FED would be nationalized to end corruption, provide domestic nation-wide interest rates, and coordinate with the ESF, for controlling forex exchange rates and securing gold and silver mine supplies for enabling a return to real money in circulation. The FRB would also engage in the acquisition of state and muni bonds to lessen the debt burdens and insolvency of the state and municipal governments during this transitory bi-currency phase, with state and municipality subject to protection of federal bankruptcy laws. The state would compete for the most cost effective delivery of safety nets, and the free loaders.

The massive QE used by the federal government in support of the middle and poor classes would by design monetarily to inflate the FRN and collapse its value intentionally, and when bullion prices have reached a high enough level, call in FRNs at a very high exchange rate to bullion coinage on deposit with the FRB, thereby ending paper fiat currency in a massive reboot back to real money, thereby eliminating all US Treasury notes, US Treasury bonds, US interest rate payments, placing the federal, state, and municipal government on pay-go status, thus replacing the FRN as the world reserve currency with bullion as the world reserve currency, for international trade fairness, for honest domestic money, and for honest markets. Export controls would be had to prevent bullion from being exported and to maintain balance of international trade.

The US government, through the FED, has defaulted repeatedly, by destroying the value of the dollar over the last 100 years, losing 99% of its value, and continues to intentionally default through targeted inflation, resulting at last to a US government bond downgrade in view of 250T$ of unfunded liabilities, 18T$ in national debt, and 1T$ fiscal deficits, years after year after year, with no plan to recovery the Good Faith and Credit of the US Government. That will quickly change.

All 600 prior fiat currencies during the ascent of man have failed, lasting an average of 40 years, and Nixon did close the gold window in 1971, as politicians over spend, and bullion has always come to the rescue, having a 5000 year history of intrinsic value, to reboot an economy with real honest money upon fiat currency collapses due to deficit over spending. The bi-currency phase plan is nothing less than historical tried-and-true means to recover from a failed fiat currency regime, that modernly has been used by the US government to dominate the world money flows and unfairly project ignoble US government foreign policies world wide.

A fiat dollar has inherent value based upon threat of imprisonment for tax evasion. A real dollar has intrinsic value per se. A fiat dollar is a counterfeit constitutional dollar. The fiat dollar losing 98% of value compared to a constitution dollar. A constitutional dollar is real money having intrinsic value with no counter party risk. A fiat dollar is debt based currency note used as a medium of exchange, printed in trillions as irredeemable ponzi coupons.

Lets do a running recap on the FED, the Federal Reserve System that was created 1913. Coupled taxes, fiat money enables enslavement of the people. FED printing presses led to roaring 20s, and collapse in 1930s, leading to war, and 40 million dead. Thanks FED! Over the last 100 years FED has lost 98% of the value of the dollar. Through TARP TWIST ZIRP QE1 QE2 Q3 has painted intself into a corner, raise rates or stop easing, and the economy implodes. FED targets inflation at 2%, which is 2% intentional theft of saving values, taxation without representation. FED is a channel through which corruption of wall street flows onto taxpayers. FED printing enables massive unconstitutional welfare state. FED printing enables the leftist pandering political machine to promise goodies for cementing leftist political power. The FED in combination with bullion banks suppress bullion prices to maintain illusion of a strong fiat dollar, the con game. The FED in combination ESF rigs all markets. There are no more free markets, just interventions. Through ZIRP, CEO's can borrow cheap, buy back stocks, pocket profits, and raise stock values to make the FED look good. Through FED ZIRP, banks can borrow money, manipulate markets for profits. Through ZIRP, stock prices rise at all time highs, yet labor participation at decade lows, with stagnant growth, yet 4.8T$ of "stimulus". The FED note is an irredeemable ponzie coupon that aint worth a continental. Just now the FED balance sheet in exponentiating, the hallmark of a ponzi scheme. In a 1930s replay of "beggar thy neighbor", UK Japan US Russia China EU are now engaged in currency wars, a race to bottom in fiat value. There is a pending FED-led global econo-fiat crash pending, usually leading to world war, and Ukraine is heating up, thanks to HRC. The FED is a private bank, owned by banks, and hence owned by the financial elite and world oligarchs, who are in fact the FED's master. FED policy rewards wall street, at the expense of middle and poor classes, in a great transfer of wealth to top 1% at tax payer expense. The FED is a conduit for corruption, Banker campaign contributions, pandering politicians to cement political power, and to bankster reward by the FED policy. The FED has destroyed our money, corrupted politicians, enriched top 1% at taxpayer expense to detriment of middle and poor classes. The FED is a conspirator in the greatest crime racket of all RICO racketeering, and right under the nose of the American people. Bernake and Yellen know exactly what is going on. Greenspan, getting ready to pass, is finally coming clean with the truth. This FED led ponzi scheme is playing out. FED insults our heroes by printing their faces on ponzi coupons. Mint 1$ Ag has "dollar" as does FRN, which one is the fraud? The Economy is dying, with velocity near nil, with the FED in a corner with no way out. I, and to my knowledge, only I, have a plan to fix it all, but its comprehensive, integrated and sweeping.

By nationalizing the FED and returning to real money in circulation, the collapse of US banking system can be protected. Kicking the Can, is an american slang phrase, meaning to postpone something. Here, the US central bank, the FED, (Federal Reserve System) prints paper money, that is going exponential as indicated on their balance sheet. This is a clear sign of a "Ponzi Scheme" named after a guy who created a scheme, to lure in investors in his scheme, paying off early entrants into the scheme, taking a cut each time, and scheme continues as long as more inventors join at a rapid pace. It is a pyramid scheme, and it goes exponential, until it collapses. The FED money printing is going exponential, and will collapse as do all Ponzi Schemes. Derivatives, are contracts having terms derived from the price of something else, for example, a futures contract, to be paid in future, derived on price of something else. Gold futures are an example. In the BOND market, there are CDS (Credit Default Swaps) which are derivatives of interest rates. If one BOND defaults, that activates CDS contracts. All of the major banks globally are LINKED together by CDS contracts. Banks are under capitalized and present counter party risks. If one BOND fails, it triggers CDS obligations, but the obligated BANK can not pay on the CDS, and the bank is bankrupt. A CDS linked bank does not get paid, and so it fails also, and the linked bank can not pay the next bank in line of CDS chain of obligations, thus a chain reaction of bank failures, like a string of standing dominoes, all standing in line next to each other, and when the first one fails, a chain reaction occurs, and, one by one, all the banks fail. This is why GREECE is such a big problem, even though, the amount, 300 billion $ is small, it will set off a chain reaction, and entire global banking system fails. So, the ECB EU central bank is trying to KICK THE CAN, by giving GREECE another bail out, to loan Greece more money, to put off the inevitable failure of systemic bank failures. Western central banks are kicking the can by QE quantitative easing, by buying bonds, and thus providing money into the system. But this QE has caused central bank balance sheets to go exponential, and like all Ponze schemes, will eventually fail and collapse. But the CBs (central banks) are trapped. If CBs stop QE and the money injections, the economies immediately implode being addicted to liquidity injections, and the global banks implode, but, if they continue QE, the paper fiat currencies go into hyper-inflation mode, and the economies implode from hyper-inflation. So the banks are trapped, and there is no way out, with the risk that all the banks failing like dominoes, and so, the central banks, kick the can, by printing more money through QE bond purchases. Corporation can borrow money at near zero interest rates, for stock buybacks and for manipulating markets, for profits, whereas savers are denied a fair interest rates on saving. Thus a huge wealth transfer to the top 1% at taxpayer expense. Because the wealthy have tangible assets, and the poor do not, inflation from QE robs the poor and gives to the rich. The inequity at tax payer expense is appalling. Thus, the imperative reasons for nationalizing the FED, to save the banking system, to restore honest money, restore honest markets, and stop wealth transfers from the middle and poor classes to the top 1%. I am most capable of managing experts to implement the plan.

There then will be the Federal Reserve Bank that supports state chartered banks covering state in rem property mortgages and conservative investments with state deposit insurance. This core Federal-State banking system will serve the needs of most Americans, and will be regulated for the protection of the people. Wall Street banks and hedge funds will be under less control where banking and investment risks are higher for highly sophisticated investors.
Restructured Taxing, Banking, Education, Justice & Welfare Systems
Constitutional Federalism, Limited Federal Powers, Reserved States Rights

Dept of Treasury
IRS National Sales Tax Exclusivity
IRS Collections of Sales & Corporate Revenue Tax
Criminal Justice Penitentiaries
Green Corp Peace Corp Army Rehabilitation

Federal Reserve Bank
*Commercial Bank Support
*Bail In Confiscation Prohibition
*Credit Card Bankruptcy (Charter Banks)
*Auto Loan Bankruptcy (Charter Banks)
*Student Loan Bankruptcy (Charter Banks)
*State County City Bankruptcy
*Personal Bankruptcy
*Federal Administration Fees
*Federal Education Grants

State Chartered Banks
*Glass-Steagall Act Limited Tier 1
* In Rem Locations & Operations
*Deposit Insurance (Charter Banks)
*Property Mortgages (In Rem Charter Banks)
*Auto Loans
*Student Loans
*Credit Cards

State Property Taxes Exclusivity (or a sales tax)
*State Administration Fees
*Utilities Fees
*Parking Fees
*Bus Train Fairs
*Criminal Justice Prisons

*State Education
*State Militia
*State Emergency Clinics (O-Care)
*State Emergency Kitchens (Stipend)
*State Emergency Shelters (Stipend)

State Welfare
*Retirement 65
*Children 0-18

Federal Social Complex Abolished and Transferred to States
States Decide how much safety nets
(Social Engineering States Rights)
All Net Social Security/Medicad Payments returned,
Abolishing federal Social Security Medicad
Fanny/Freddy Abolished, mortgages discounted to Charter Banks.
All Student Loans forgiven ending federal student loans.

Totalitarianism, We Asked For It

In ancient history, like May this year, there was increasing prices (e.g. common price inflation), and the FEDs and writers were all concerned about inflation getting to high and sustained, because that would embed inflationary expectations, and would, cement sentiment that would then actually accelerate inflation, where buyers buy as soon as the pay check hits the banks, which reinforces the inflationary trend. The FEDs target inflation at a modest rate, say about 2%, so as to allow decreasing debt burdens, and more deficit spending, and hence, more power projection, but without the accelerating inflation, due to controlled sentiment of inflationary expectations. However, once you cross the line of embedded inflationary expectations, severe restrain measures are needed to ring out those inflationary expectations. Hence, Volker in 1980 with his 18% interest rates. We had modest GDP growth between 2001-3 when inflation was considered contained, only to have inflation rear its ugly head beginning in early 08. But that has changed in October with the CPI recently going to -1%.

Now comes the mortgage bubble, a pop goes the weasel, the financial weapons of mass destruction, the OTC derivatives, and then the financials fall apart, and now the hedge funds are throwing in the towel, and many others, in a total international meltdown. Prices are dropping fast, (eg common deflation), and if that deflation continues for long, therein lays the basis for deflationary expectations, where buyers hold off buying, and hence, save their dollars, which then reinforces the deflationary expectations, in a vicious cycle, just inversely like inflation, and if the deflationary cycle is allowed to continue, it leads to a depression, a very bad thing in deed. Deflation serves to increase debt burden, a very bad thing, and that is why deflation is more feared than inflation. To ring out the deflationary expectations, money rates are dropped, easy money is given out, government provides hand outs and work programs, and more deficits, etc., to reflate.

Deflation and Inflation are mirror to some extent. Inflation leads to inflationary expectations that leads to hyperinflation-stagnation. Expensive money has been the traditional solution, ala Volker 1980. Deflation leads to deflationary expectations that leads to hyper-deflation-stagnation, aka depression. Cheap money has been the traditional solution, ala FDR 1933-42.

While the government always tries to put lip stick on a pig, to make things always appear rosy, to the voters, by and large, they have it right, expensive money to cure inflation and cheap money to cure deflation. With a target of 2% inflation, the government can project power through modest deficits, yet not let the inflation get out of hand. Hence, the FED targeting of very low inflation rates.

Now, in 1980 the government played the traditional remedy, expensive money to cure inflation, but that cause allot of pain. I remember it well. But modernly, Americans are just not capable of pain any more, without most in congress and the people getting all upset, so, in the 21st century, pain is out, yet, these same tax and spend types want more than the tax burden can support without destroying the economy. So, Americans collectively can not now endure any pain to correct things. Americans collectively must also spend more to feed, care for, and support many on the government take, but with moderate taxes, and hence, increases in deficit spending. The government is thus in a political box, without the will do to the right things. Politically it cannot have 1) balanced budgets (as there are those who always wants more social spending), 2) cannot raise rates to high to curb inflation, (as Americans cant bear the pain), 3) cannot raise taxes, (as the whole economy will tank leading to less revenues, not more, and less hand outs). So, balanced budgets, high rates, and high taxes are out. So what can the government do, in stead? What possible other choices does the government have in doing the balancing act between the demands of the people, perfected through congressional actions, and maintaining the inflation targets?

The government can:
1) Lie about inflation to defeat inflationary expectations;
2) Suppress gold to defeat inflationary expectations;
3) Support markets to defeat deflationary expectations; and
4) Bail out everyone and anyone to reflate and defeat deflationary expectations.

While Mr. Bill Murphy and the GATA following can rightfully claim that the markets are rigged, and that gold is suppressed, quite honestly, the pandered weak-minded its-all-about-me Americans have given the US government very little choice. Are the manipulations, lies, and rigging wrong? Well yes, if you believe in fair and free markets and are a true jungle capitalist, but no, if you are a socialists who believes in "intervention" "economic appeasement" and "totalitarian control", which are really code words for, well, you guessed it, manipulations, lies, and rigging. Are the manipulations, lies, and rigging evil? Well no, given the choices the American people have placed upon government. The manipulations, lies, and market rigging are wrong, but not inherently evil, effectively serving the will of the people. I will submit that GATA's complaints result from the American people losing their self-reliant capitalistic roots. The government employees are not the devils, but misguided by the demands of the American people, as the American people effectively demand manipulations, lies, and rigging. We got manipulations, lies, and market rigging from the government, because we asked for it.
Side Note:
Inflation historically means expansion of the money supply. Modernly it is commonly used to indicate price increasing, that is, price inflation, as distinct from monetary inflation. But real inflation has do to with expanding money supplies. The Federal Government is trying to convince the public, that effective taxation without representation, intentional price inflation is desirable, a means of wealth transfer from middle and poor classes to the banking elite. The FED now targets inflation to intentionally rob from the middle and poor classes in a wealth transfer, as the financial elite own real hard assets, immune from price inflation, in order to rob the people, day after day, like a thief in the night, to concentrate more totalitarian centralized power in DC and feed riches to the financial elite.

Domestic Tranquility

We the people of the United States, in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

The concept of insuring domestic tranquility comes from the Preamble to the U.S. Constitution. It means that the Federal Government owes a duty to maintenance law and peace within the country with the help of the executive branch. It aims at avoiding chaos and rebellion against the public and helps preserve family life and its attendant rights. Police, Fire department, the FBI, hospital, doctors office, and the three branches of government, they all keep us safe, so no soldiers or anyone one can come in our houses and take and look at personal belongings.

It is the duty of the Federal Government to ensure protection within the country from outside invasion and maintain peace and harmony between the different branches and levels of domestic and national governments.

The two pandering political machines intentionally create divisiveness to rally bases to selfishly cement political power, unmotivated to solve problems, and thus function counter productively to the entire purpose of the US Constitution.

The preamble states that an object is the promote the general welfare by providing a federal constitution, and no where in that constitution is there an enumerated power for the federal government to create a debilitating massive welfare state, enslaving Americans as tax mules and state dependents through moral hazards. Only the states have the reserved power to create a welfare state.

Instead, what we have today, are two pandering political machines insuring domestic strife and conflict through respective self-centered political pandering for cementing voting blocks, locking up the voting booth as there is no real difference between the two, one the proposer, and the other the enabler, and a federal government totally OUT OF CONTROL, cementing that strife and conflict.

Over the last 100 years, the EVIL EMPIRE, comprising the two pandering political machines, judicial fiat of the Supreme Court, and the government controlling campaign contributing wall street banksters, have defiled and bastardized the US Constitution, to where, now, effectively, for all intents and purposes, the preamble to the constitution now effectively reads: We the people of the United States, in order to form a more perfect a more corrupt government and enslavement of the people as tax mules and state dependents, establish injustice for rewarding wall street banksters, insure domestic strife and conflict, provide for world military domination, promote moral hazards and environmental destruction, and diminish personal liberties and freedoms from government for ourselves and our posterity, do ordain and establish this re-interpreted bastardized defiled Constitution for the United States of America.

The two pandering political machines, DEMs and REPs, do not serve the US nobly, but rather from the gutter, selfishly seeking to cement political power while destroying the meaning and effect of the US Constitution and belittling founding father principles.

The US has many problems to solve, and I can solve them all. The problems include Green Peace, IRS oppression, totalitarian tax increases, toxic dumping, international terrorism, 2nd class Latino peoples, National Debt, fiat paper money debasement, 50 million enslaved on hand-outs, decade low labor participation rate, stagnant economy, massive welfare state, FED transfers of wealth from middle poor classes to top 1%, Wall Street corruption with control over and undue influence upon government, US causing rebellion in Ukraine, excessive taxes and takings, Iranian no real deal, Wall Street corruption through FED and campaign contributions buying government officials, trapped FED with QE and ZIRP otherwise economy implodes, lock up of the vote by two pandering political machines, market rigging and interventions, real money bullion suppression, real money gold transfers to China, manufacturing base destruction, fiscal deficits, trade deficits, inter alia. Its a mess, and the evolution is clear, national socialism evolves into totalitarian fascism (3rd Reich) or totalitarian communism (Soviet empire). The USA needs a reboot and reorientation back to founding father principles, and as US President, I will make that happen, happen quick, and restore the US Constitution and Americana Greatness.

The Southern Rebellion

Yeah baby, its called rebellion to the "vile yankee race" centered at yankee bullion stadium where the NY CRIMEX pits shut out, take down, and cap bullion prices time and time again, with their illegal manipulative naked monstrous short bullion futures positions, paper pushing down the price of bullion in a long standing concerted effort to maintain the illusion and appearance of a strong dollar under the strong dollar policy as criminally enabled by the blind sighted CFTC and inactive US attorney generals.

But that is not the only thing that is up. The dollar index is up again to 87.25 nears it 88+ top on the last dollar surge in a second round of knee-jerk responses the to global financial fiasco, spiraling out of control, accelerating so, forming a grandiose mother of all double tops in the dollar index, looking forward to a monster fall, as Obama's stimulus bill ignites hyperinflation in the months to come, and in the predicted death throws of the global fiat complex, which will eventually lead to a global return to the exclusive use of real constitutional gold and silver money as the international medium of exchange. US Bonds and the dollar are up, for now, as a perceived safety raft on a global sea of red ink, but both are headed for a huge fall.

With bullion prices decoupling of late from the dollar, it may matter not what the dollar does, as bullion is on an upward romp of its own, propelled by over whelming investment demand, as the GOLD CARTEL runs out of bullion to maintain the illegal suppression game, and as an in your face repudiation of twenty years of active criminal bullion suppression. But lets be clear, a monster fall of the dollar from 88 to 50 on the dollar index would have a global affect on all fiat moneys, with a resulting upward surge affect upon bullion prices world wide, launching gold and silver prices to the moon if not to mars, and finally finally finally busting the criminals on station in the yankee NY Crimex pits, leading to the MOTHER OF ALL SHORT SQUEEZES of the huge short positions in bullion built up over the many years, which are now under water, looking to pop up bullion prices at any time, maybe 100% or more, and soon. The triggers to that monster short squeeze are all perfectly in place, from every corner of the globe. The people are simply tired of the fiat paper game, that secretly robs them of their little wealth slowly over time, like a regularly visiting thief in the night.

Oh, and guess what? Something else is up as well, as least from a recent low, and that is bullion itself. Yep, despite the machinations of the GOLD CARTEL, gold has made all time highs in foreign currencies of late, such as in pound-gold and euro-gold, and here in the states, gold is approaching all time highs as well, before launching from $1000/oz upwards to $2000/oz this year. Silver is no sleeper and has come back from one of the most obvious and blatant silver manipulative take downs in recent history, as in August 2008, reaching a low 8.60/oz from its high of 21$/oz, for a one month 60% criminal take down of the silver price. But guess who decided not to play ball at yankee stadium? Silver now stands at 13.65$/oz, which is a whapping 60% increase in price since that criminal take down a few months back, with much much more up side to come, and soon. And lets not forget that today prices for a silver Eagle on ebay is closer to 18$/oz than 14$/oz, and private sellers and buyers set the real retail prices of bullion.

Ted Butler, the well known silver hero, is in absolute disgust of course, these days, with the blind-sighted intentionally-unenforcing CFTC, as now it appears that the rebellion is spreading into the ranks of the GOLD CARTEL itself and the SILVER PRICE MANGERS, as the rats bail out of a sinking ship, in that, there now only remains one or possibly two banks that are actively suppressing bullion, with many of the commercial bullion banks breaking ranks, and, if you can believe this, the turn coat commercial bullion banks are now going long of gold and silver, as well as joining all foreign national banks, that use to be net bullion sellers of WAG2. The bullion suppression rebellion is spreading through the yankee lands with deserters fleeing the criminal bullion suppression conspiracy that has held bullion prices in lock down mode for over twenty years to support the illusionary and intrinsically worthless fiat paper dollar and the global fiat complex having the dollar as the world reserve currency.

The southern rebellion to the NY CRIMEX "vile yankee race" did not start in the southern hemisphere, however, nor did it start in the NY CRIMEX pits itself with the deserting bullion banks, it actually started here in the states, first with the people buying bullion, and then with the states, NH, IN, CO, and now MO of late, authoring real money bills to enable states to mint silver coinage to bypass the NY Crimex pits and the conspiratorial DC dollar printers, who have collectively destroyed the country's sound money, over the last 100 years since the FED creation, with the US money now mere toilet paper and junk metal, a shadow of their former bullion based strength and national pride. With all global fiat paper moneys now finally suspect for the inherent frauds they are, and as used by banks to maintain inflation targets and interest rate enslavement of the people, the world peoples have had enough of the criminal suppression of bullion prices perfected at the US NY Crimex division of the FED bank, under the SEC and CFTC noses and congressional enabling supervision.

With foreign mints now divorcing themselves from the fake suppressed bullion prices, official recognition of the bullion price suppression becomes mainstream, finally. THE GOLD CON GAME IS UP! Pressure will be on private mints, dealers, and wholesalers to maintain suitable margins above the mint prices, which are above the suppressed CRIMEX prices. At nearly 14$/oz for silver, 3$/oz mint premium, plus a 3$/oz dealer premium, silver could launch to 20$/oz right here, right now, in an IN YOUR FACE price push that could well bury the naked short sellers (now probably singular) on the NY Crimex, and we all know who that one seller is, and that is, "the FED's bank in drag", as Rob Kirby correctly phrases it. The bullion price suppression rebellion is gaining momentum, as Midas leads his GATA army to destroy the "vile yankee race" at the NY CRIMEX and their bullion price suppressors operating in direct violation of constitutional definitions of money that is suppose to be of silver and gold, that is, real money that all can trust, and who all have trusted for the last 5000 years, and particularly in 1776, as well as in 1861.

The global bullion rebellion to the "vile yankee race" centered at Yankee NY Crimex pits is spreading fast, from desertion of the bullion suppressive cabal commercial banks now bullion buyers, from WAG2 central bank bullion sellers now turn coat buyers, from private buyers and sellers on web auction sites, from US States with real money statutory bills, to the purchasing public buying bullion is record amounts tightening bullion supplies to choking levels, and now to official foreign Mints and Governments raising premiums above the farcical NY Crimex prices.

I love the smell of napalm in the mornings, it smells of VICTORY against an evil, an obscene evil that robs us all. Its time to break out and wave the Bonnie Blue flags for independence, for real honest constitutional money, for free and fair bullion prices, and for victory over the vile GOLD CARTEL and unscrupulous manipulative SILVER PRICE MANAGERS on station at the yankee NY CRIMEX pits, as the global people surge together in collective revolt in disgust to the criminal bullion manipulation that will no longer be tolerated in the southern rebellion.

(States Seeking Protection from DC under 10th amendment rights to coinage and state sovereignty)

Sound Money is what we need. I have thought long and hard about what the states should do, in response to being FIAT PAPERED TO DEATH by the FEDs, and have development a comprehensive minting strategy. Does anyone want a confidential explanation? I have developed a confidential sound money minting strategy, adoptable by the several states, in a universal standard way. I am looking for funding to start this mint so it can serve the states, as needed. Here is a collection of writings over the past 5 years, analyzing our world, our money, and our US Totalitarian Democracy. One man's opinion, of course, but, I could be right. (Like so far right, its reactionary in many ways, yet progressive in world relations) If anyone knows a publisher and ghost writer to put this collection into a book for profit, a good chunk of that would go to your favorite charity. I am looking for funding, and this might be a source, to start a Mint to put bullion in the hands of the folks in case the financial meltdown become catastrophic, to support the Real-Money bills and state minting in MT, IN, CO, NH and MO of late, to have ready cash real money in the hands of the folks to prevent possible (if not now probable) anarchy throughout our country.

New World Financial Order

Putin of Russia, China, EU, and Central Banks (CBs) have a profound FOREX dilemma. Putin was in Davos Switzerland crying to the G20 that the world must dump the US Dollar as the world reserve currency, that is, the Federal Reserve Note (FRN), that is not a constitutional silver dollar, but rather fiat paper money having an artificial inherent value based upon required IRS tax payments, and that has an intrinsic value of absolute zero. The US, once on the gold and silver standard, suckered the rest of the world into accepting these valueless paper notes for goods and services, who have all done so at their own peril. US citizens gave up the ghost in 1913 when President Wilson signed off on creation of the FED banks, and hence, stuck US citizens with that paper trash and surrender economic freedom to the Federal Reserve Bank, a privately owned bank, controlled not by the US government, but by domestic and foreign banks, the seeds and route of undue influence over the US Government.

In the mean time, back in the Moscow, the Russian stock index is off a huge 70%, the Russian Ruble is in the tank at 36.1r/$, the Russian economy is slowing with rising inflation, with Putin's energy empire groping along at a mere 40$/barrow for oil, and now with riots breaking out, as in Moscow over super bowl weekend. In China, reverberations are had with charges and counter charges of currency manipulation as Obama's bullion hit man and new treasury chief Geithner fumbles the super power play and tics off the Chinese, the world largest foreign holder of US debt.

The world is plunging into depression (Baltic Dry Ice Indicator) as hot rhetoric flies back and forth, as the world economy spirals out of the control, with charges and counter charges of fault, and with banking defaults, as most nations attempt to devalue their fiat currencies attempting to maintain market share of foreign exports. One sad mess, all created by the use of inherently worthless fiat money, that put power in the hands of the banksters. Consequently, gold and silver bullion prices are on the rise during the financial turmoil and the panic now accelerating world wide, and bullion prices are likely to go ballistic in the near term, upward of $6000/oz by the end of Obama's presidential term.

Russia's Putin, China's Hu, and the EU's banksters apparently seek the demise of the US fiat dollar dominance as the world reserve currency. With Russia in the grip of strong-man rule, with Hu's communist party in totalitarian political control, and with the EU dominated by their left leaning socialists, they all had better be careful. They all might just get what they are asking for.

The global confluence of increasing interconnectiveness of all nations is continually increasing as human cultural evolution drives countries into more and more civil global cooperation leading to less war and no fiat money, being replaced by trade wars and bullion as the international medium of exchange. With calls of abandoning the US FRN as the world reserve currency, and with fiat money being devalued on a daily basis, there is only one practical alternative to the global fiat complex and currency mess facing the globe, and that is the long awaited return to real and honest money of gold and silver as the only global currency allowed and functioning as the only trusted medium of exchange between nations, businesses and persons, which would require a global UN world-wide treaty to perfect the reinstatement of the global gold/silver standard.

In Russia, commoners buy paper gold at the bank, having a counter party risk. Putin likes gold, but only for the Russian central banks. Not so in China, people can buy real gold and take physical possession. In the US, the US Mint is pumping out eagle coinage with demand skyrocketing of late, in the presence of bullion shortages at the local coin shops. In the EU, with Euro-gold and Pound-gold at all time highs, small bullion coins and wafers are practically all sold out.

The US FRN, the dollar, is only a note that is only redeemable in, (well you guessed it), more FRNs, the ultimate currency racket. There is no longer a promise to pay in any thing other than more of the same paper fiat money of zero intrinsic value. The US, in civilizing the world over the last century, has run an impressive national debt, essentially funded of late by foreign forex reserves, with social programs expected to multiply that debt in the coming years. Maybe its finally time to redeem those FRNs, such as at a redeeming rate of say, 1B$/oz of gold, to wipe out the US national debt over night, and stiff the foreigners, and thereby make them pony up for the cost of using free and safe trade lanes made safe by the US global military police actions over the last century. This of course would have bullion winners and FRN losers in the US.

In forcing all countries to redeem fiat money in bullion, those with notes and bonds denominated in fiat would be the big losers, while those holding physical assets, such as bullion, would be the big winners, yet economies world wide would be free of national debts, banker enslaving rate-controlling racketeering, with payments of a relatively small amount of gold to redeem the notes, and hence, the global currency and economic global reboot, back to lawful constitutional money.

Bullion as the medium of exchange prevents international unfair trade practices. Bullion in the hands of the folk places economic, and in turn political power, in the hands of the people. By moving away from targeted inflationary fiat use, used to sustain an every increasing welfare state, socialistic economies, military projections, and bankster control over our lives, government and the people will have to live within their means, and hence, jungle capitalism will resurface as socialistic programs become untenable. There would be a global rebirth towards smaller governments, toward more pure capitalistic economies, toward less banking enslaving control over the lives of the people. There would be, (for the first time) real and honest politicians, real and honest budgets, real and honest international trade practices, as political and economical power shifts from the governments and the banks to people holding real and honest money.

Those countries with large gold and silver mines (China, US, Russia, Australia, Canada), with huge domestic fiat debts (US), with low forex holdings and exposure (US), with sound infrastructures (US, Australia), with relatively going economies (US, China and Australia), and with a culture of free enterprise (US and Australia and Canada) will do the best. The US and Australia will be best situated for the transition. Russia's oil empire will keep Russia afloat. Russia's strong man rule would move toward free and fair press and democratic elections. EU would move away from socialistic spending in a continental rebirth of raw capitalism. China would get a boost to their economy, only after the FOREX shock, and will have growing economic free speech that always leads to political free speech that in turn would lead to democratization of mainland China over the out years.

Putin, Hu, EU, and the foreign central banksters had all better be careful here, they all may just get his wish, the demise of the US FRN global dominance, and with it, the demise of strong-man rule, totalitarian control, bankster money economic controls, and socialistic influences in market economies, as they pay back, through their forex collapse, the US for the costs of civilizing the world, while the people of the world, using real and honest money become the new power brokers of the new world order.
FED head Yellen siad that a rate hike is coming but the economy is not there yet. This is FELON jawboning one year anticipated 0.1% rate hike, which is insignificant, but used as psych warfare market intervention, while admitting the economy is rolling over. What is so pathetic is that Congress and Market Watchers actually think this BERNAKE-FELON charade, going on years now, has some merit. YOU DONT CREATE WEALTH printing money, and despite 7T$, since 09, economy has gone now where, as a total absolute fail and total farce. The evidence is clear, as the labor participation rate crashes. Mean while, at the FED FRN ponzi scheme going exponential as all ponzi schemes do, as indicated by the national debt and the fed balance sheet. FED led QE ZIRP policy is part of the corruption conduit from wall street to undue influence over congress. The result of FED polices has produce stagnant wages, stagnant economy, while the top 1% are enriched at expense of middle class, as the con game continues, with the JOKE on the workers at taxpayer expense. Lets be honest, the FED is a bankster corruption conduit, enriching the top 1%, as wall street campaign money flows two bought government,keeping the FED con alive. Commie totalitarians devise five year fiscal plans two balance budgets. Capitalists dont, but rather rely on closed loop economic laws, free markets, and honest price discovery for maintaining a healthy operating economy. Now, the FED is trapped. If the FED raises rates the economy implode, and if QE to kick the can even more, the world 100T$ bond market implodes, causing hyperinflation, and ecomony implosion. There is no way out, but to inflate debt away on the backs of the middle class. I have a solid total plan to fix it all.

WE CAN DO. We are AMERICANS. We can do it. Please join the libereens. My friends, the evil powers corrupting this country can be defeated through strong presidental leadership perfecting solid long term solutions. Americans, please rally to my banner.

Devils and Angles, America's National Birth Rights

Our nation was born of little devils and angles. Over here on our right shoulders are still those little imaginary devils that are actually inside all of us, not just the right wingers. Over there on our left shoulders are still those little imaginary angles, that are actually inside all of us, not just the left wingers. These little devils and angles are the ying yang of human nature, born from human individualism, and sustained throughout the ages, as the human balance within us all. It is what make us who we are as human beings, it defines mankind, that makes us what we innately are.

It has been the devils inside that has led to personal aggression to achieve, to fight wickedness bravely, to hunt successfully for survival, to provide individual motivation to conquer all in our individual ways, to not be our brother's keeper, but our own keeper, that is the spirit of self reliance, that generates self respect, and personal determination, and is really centered in greed and selfishness. It is an indispensable part of us all. The devils inside are what makes us strong and productive especially when rewarded for our own individual efforts. Without our little devils, we would have no back bone, no muscle, no stomach, to accomplish anything. We need our little devils inside.

It has been the angles inside that has led to personal compassion to help others, to praise god almighty, to provide compassionate charity, to be our brother's keeper, to voluntarily give up our riches for the survival and needs of others, providing individual motivations to seek peace with our maker and others, that is the spirit of charity, that generates pride in helping others in need, and is really centered in selflessness. It is an indispensable part of us all. The angles inside are what makes us collectively good and noble people when giving the fruits of our efforts to others in need. Without our little angles, mass murder, corruption, and utter decadent failure would result. We need our little angles inside.

You cant change the intrinsic human being. God and mother nature has made us what we are. We are what we are. You can legislate, imprison, control, dominate, tax, and suppress a society, but you cant change our individual human nature, our little devils and angles. Our human nature is to do godly deeds yet also to seek riches as well, and this duality as been with us forever. Its has been with us for the eons before and will remain with us for the eons to come. Its apparently God's and mother nature's way, to have within us, the inherent conflict, to be sorted out individually, to generate riches and conquer all, yet, to provide charity and compassion to all, in individual life long struggles for each and every one of us. As individuals, some become consumed by the devils into mass deceit, corruption, and pure evil, and, others are consumed by the angles leading to an unmanageable, self-defeating, and bankrupting welfare states that enslaves and imprisons many into life long governmental dependency, but, by and large, most of us find a suitable balance between our devils and angles, and are positioned in the center of an individualized bell curve continuum of the devil angle ratio that is within each and every one of us.

Governments around the world habitually seek to control the people according to their dictates, to seek order from the apparent chaos of individualism, as no two human beings are exactly alike, and no two humans will react to the same government laws, dictates and regulations, and hence, most controlling governments are inherent failures. Governments seek precision, order, and control. Governments seek a perfectly operating societal machine in utopia out from the chaos of millions and millions of individuals in internal conflict between their devils and angels, to force us all into a state of absolute equality, contrary to our liberty and nature, where our own devils and angels are suppressed and imprisoned, as government is made the big brother nanny state enslaving us to pay homage to the capital monuments, as recently exhibited by the our new president.

Governments make the mistake, time and time again, in trying to sedate our human nature, being it the devils or angles operating within all of us. As such, governments time and time again fail, and will continue to ultimately fail, when they seek to unnecessary control the people with enslaving excessive taxes and compassionate societal welfare. Human beings innately desire freedom to be the devils and the angles in each individual way. Many are tempted by the gifts of state checks to loose their freedom to perpetual governmental dependency. Many are tempted by the lure of taxes thinking government can solve their problems. Don’t be lured and tempted, as big governments are inherently perverted and enslaving, with their singing sirens pandering us all to vote for more and more governmental control over our lives.

The forms of governments that thrive, are very few, really, in terms of maximizing productivity with increasing standards of living, and in terms of maximizing personal charity of increasing voluntary compassion. The best governments are those which actually seek to fully exploit, not contain, the devils and angles within each of us, without governmental laws and mandates well beyond that minimal necessary for the healthy and thriving society. Over the ages, monarchies have fallen, fascist states have fallen, socialized states have fallen, communist states have fallen, and repeatedly so, and will ultimately continue to repeatedly fail in perpetuity, as these highly regulating governments fail time and time again to fully exploit those devils and angles within us all.

The best form of government to exploit our devils and angles is a democratic capitalistic government, limited in scope in its control over the people, yet, set up to fully exploit those natural devils and angles within us all. We Americans have our roots in such a limited government, in a free capitalistic economy, feeding those little devils, and with freedom of religion, leading repeatedly to revivals in God, personal compassion, and robust charity. We Americans have been bless with 225 years with a government based upon the principles of individual liberty, to be those little devils and angles, that we are and as we choose to be, to seek riches beyond measure, driven by the devils of greed, yet, compassionate enough to also seek the building of churches, temples, and charities throughout our national existence. As such, riches and charity knew no bounds in the good old USA, where even captains of industry with riches, knell down to others, voluntarily turned to charity to help their fellow citizens, without the encouragement of a penalizing progressive tax rates. It has worked very well. It made us strong, prosperous, and righteous, to where, the United States of America has become the only remaining super power on this earth, for those very same reasons, as the USA has historically and traditionally exploited those little devils and angles in us all.

There is a dark cloud accumulating over the land of the free and brave. This ominous approach seeks to destroy our godly churches and temples and individual compassion. It seeks to remove from public view godly symbols of the most efficient means of providing voluntary charity to those in real need. It seeks ever increasing taxes to control business and cultural decisions rather than free market forces and freedom of choice, to control our behavior in every way, well beyond containing mere criminal acts, but to control every aspect of our lives. It effectively seeks to destroy the entrepreneurial spirit and individual effort to gain and achieve with its debilitating taxes and income redistribution, stealing the hard earn money from the productive to support the life style of the unproductive, then depleting our capabilities for personal charity, in a double blow to our hearts, through excessive tax collections backed up by threats of tax evasion crime and imprisonment, to bring out generational class warfare among the citizens, now at each others' throats in political fascist debates, where opposing views are not tolerated, where civility of the citizens is swooning, and all done so under the guise of patriotic taxes, which are nothing more than paying forced homage to the DC elitists pandering the people of this great country toward more and more and more democratic totalitarianism, and control over our lives, where the government now imprisons our little devils and angles, and hence, all of us as well.

We are still a free people, as we still have left, the vote, but are being destroyed by ourselves, seduced by the dark side of patriotic taxes and governmental compassion, wrongly persuaded that government can do a better job than the aggregate charity of individual giving, and in so doing, raising taxes and the destruction of our little devils. If we are not careful, and reverse the tide of governmental expansion and control over our lives, we may just have to bury our little friends, where, the devils now do not work nor invent nor thrive, because it just doesn’t pay to do so, and where, we all avoid personal charity and compassion, relying on the state to do it for us, while creating mass government dependency in shame and indignity.

My fellow Americans, will you not join my hue&cry, and always vote for restorations of our traditional freedoms, to always vote to abolish forever the federal reserve system, the FED, a private bank, and their federal reserve notes, and their private controlling interest rates?, as, how dare they disgrace the father of our country, by placing George Washington's picture on a intrinsically worthless bank notes, only having value through the use of the IRS thugs requiring payment in those notes?; to always vote to abolish forever income taxes and repeal the 16th amendment, which taxes are used to create decadent godless socialism, enslaving all to either government care dependency or financial ruination?; to always vote to abolish fiat paper money, and return our currency to its former glory of real gold and silver, trusted by all, any where, any time, as prescribed by our constitution?; to always vote for limited government to stop the DC elitist enslavement of our lives to their vote pandering decadent godless socialism, disgracing the name of Washington DC?; to always vote no against short sales and naked short sales 1/ to keep the momentum hedge fund mob bosses from manipulating and destroying our corporations and markets for their own riches; to always vote no against the use of those 1000T$ of OTC derivatives 2/ that enable the banksters and bullion banksters to intervene, control, and destroy our free markets and economy; to always vote no against GWB-BHO's bankster bail outs, rewarding those crooks who profit upon the enslavement of the citizenry; and to always vote no, where it really counts, to bring back our traditional values, our heritage, and our national birth rights. Its our democracy, and we can enslave ourselves as predicted by Tocqueville in 1835, or free ourselves from the wicked lures and temptations of the DC elitists.

The DC elitists are destroying four of the high-five of American's freedom, GOD, GOLD, GUNS, LAND but not the VOTE, as the DC elitists and the pandering decadent socialists seek to remove symbols of charity and god from public view, to destroy our currency with their worthless manipulating and enslaving fiat paper money, to restrict our guns possession and land use with law innumerable, but, we still have the vote, and can take back our freedoms, if we are truly the land of the free and brave, to face all, courageously, without the big brother nanny state, holding our hands with leg irons on our feet. We can take back our traditional heritage, if we are strong and have courage to face the future. My friends, I have traveled a bit and have considered much of this small world in which we live, and I have walked in serious observation for eight years now, to up on high the mountain top, and have looked out over this great country of ours, and I have seen the future, and from every hamlet to every mountain top, from sea to shinny sea, I can assure you, we all will be freed again, freed again, praise God Almighty, we will be freed again.

I call upon all my fellow Americans, to join me, to always vote and voice our agreement in democracy, limited government, real and honest money, balanced budgets, and real capitalism, to throw off the yoke of DC elitism and totalitarian democratic controls over every aspect of our lives, to release our devils and angles from prison, to live free again, to provide the productivity and riches we can all strive for, to provide for the most efficient charitable giving society of all on earth, and, to recapture our national birth rights.

Derrick Michael Reid
Laguna Beach CA
2/ "Over the Counter derivative", are 1000T$ quintillion dollars of transactions that are not traded on exchanges, eg DOW NY, but are privately exchanged financial instruments, and derivatives are financial contracts derived from the price of something else, such as "Credit Default Swaps", which are interest rate hedge insurance contracts derived from interest rates to hedge against wild interest rate swings, with the derivatives having counter-party risks, and having no ready market for fair market value determine, and hence, mark (accounting book value)-to-model (and not to market price) accounting, and hence, false or fraudulent accounting on the books, hiding losses from investors, and, if the counter-party goes bankrupt, and one need to be paid off on the derivative, but cant collect, then one also goes bankrupt, and hence, the domino melt down in the finacials, and with 1000T$ of derivatives infecting the world like a pandemic virus, as the whole world banking system is collapsing in the domino meltdown triggered by the sub-prime mortgage crisis.

1/ "Short sales" (selling of something to be borrowed) and naked short sales (selling something without ever intending to borrow or buy) allows one to sell something they dont even own as an inherent fraud upon the markets, that is going short naked, selling without even owning the underlying commodity or shares that puts downward selling pressure on prices, and hence, one can manipulate down any market, for profit, by merely papering down the markets with naked short sale positions, and hence, the US Banks through 1000T$ of derivatives can control any market anywhere, short term, and hedge funds Managers, can then gang pile on a commodity or corporate shares, and drive them into the ground for short side profits, destroying commodities markets and corporation's capitalization in the process.

My Dad has a Gun On The Mexican Border

I look back these days, at 50 years of age, and think that I did have a happy childhood. I remember so well playing with building blocks and toy soldiers with Billy and Bobby across the street, and I played slot-cars at my home, while the TV aired the Beatles on the Ed Sulivan Show, with pooky, our dog, running about barking. It was a good time for me, warm and secure. But one day, my dad came home with a weapon, a long big shinny rifle, with boxes of ammo. I recall how he would point it out the window, in mock shooting of anyone coming uninvited. Then at night, the TV showed burning buildings, the city of Watts had exploded in flames, in race riots, and the riots were spreading across the nation. I distinctly recall viewing three national guardsmen on TV, in blood-spattered battle fatigues on the streets of Watts, pointing rifles in the air, standing next to a large sign, reading, "turn left or get shot". I ran across the street the next day, and exclaimed to Billy and Bobby, "MY DAD HAS A GUN!!!". My happy little home was now Fortress 238th Street, in Torrance California.

My grandparents and parents came to California in the 1950s, from on the demilitarized zone in Cleveland Ohio, separating the white and black communities. My grandpa would not watch NBA basketball because it had too many blacks playing. My parents did watch the NBA, but were not much better. I recall one time, while at a newspaper boys' rally, where I called a white boy the N-word, and a black boy looked at me in surprise. I immediately apologized, but in thinking about, I became ashamed of myself. I grew to hate my grandparent's bigotry, for contaminating my childhood parlance. My parents, now much guarded in their speech, still retain to this day residual bias, but at least conduct themselves civilly these days. I will certainly teach my children to judge people by the content of character and not the color of skin. It takes generations of social unrest, violence, and divisiveness to over come deep seated prejudices resulting from a mass immigration of peoples who are not readily assimilate into American culture.

The last slave ship, the Nightingale, destined for the slave market in the USA, was captured by Yankee cruisers off the west coast of Africa in 1861, yet it really took hundreds of blockading gunboats plying off the southern ports to finally shut down the slave trade. In 1863, when New York threaten to secede from the union, the large Irish population, from the migration from the Ireland potato famine, went on a draft riot, mostly sparked by fears of dying for freed blacks that would take their jobs, as poor blacks were then publicly lynched in the streets of New York. Our heroes from the battle of Gettysburg were called into New York to baby-sit the Irish as the blacks coward in fear for their lives.

North America effectively imported slaves until there were millions of blacks vastly outnumbering their white southern task masters. As a result, it has taken a civil war, and race riots, and 150 years hence of social unrest to substantially rid our society of that problem of importing, in mass, a race of peoples who were not immediately assimilated into the American culture. That mass importation of slaves directly lead to a devastating civil war and almost a divided nation. We can only absorb so many immigrants within a given span of time, without devastating consequences. We have been there and done that. And now, there are growing race tensions between blacks and Hispanics in Los Angeles when eyeing limited employment opportunities. The minute men on the southern border are getting close to armed vigilantism, and John Brown's treason of 1859. Have we not learned anything? Are we blind?

These days, we have a porous southern border where millions of uneducated, unskilled, illegal immigrates are invading the US homeland, with no end in sight. While the compassion for the low income people is admirable, the present expansion of the welfare state, creating huge deficits, is merely laying out more bait for continued illegal immigration. The US constitution, that directly authorizes a standing army to prevent invasion, is being ignored, in contradiction of sworn oaths by law makers to uphold the constitution, another national disgrace, tantamount to treason.

I was channel flipping TV the other day and came across channel 7, KABC in Los Angeles, and heard a commercial in Spanish, first one I have ever heard on mainstream network prime time broadcast. I cannot channel flip the AM radio at all any more, as at least 50% of the stations are Latino, so the Latinos have effectively captured one entire media outlet in the Los Angeles market, that I do not visit any longer. Maybe KABC, a major network is going Mexican as well. I can just see the KABC nightly news anchors all wearing sombreros, backed-up by the TJ brass. I hope Mr. Bill OReilly does not speak Spanish, I would not want to turn him off as well, though I bet he would look good in a sombrero. I can not eat the cafeteria work food any longer, as all of it is now saturated with salsa, despite recurring objections, and so I have to bring my sandwiches and fruit to work each day. The cashier does speak English very well, and communicating over charge errors creates complications, so in stead, I have to use my broken Spanish to make up for the lack of communication. In my liberal state, California is now publishing, under state imposed directives, multilingual literature, to the deprivations of poor Americans needing assistance or tax relief. We should spend our US tax dollars to only support Americans furthering American culture, while encouraging the display of various other ethics cultures only within moderation, to have a wide diverse mix furthering tolerance.

Yet, in spite of it all, I don't have a prejudicial bone in my body, but you know, every time I see a head scarf on the streets, I think of 3000 dead in NY, and get outraged. And now, there are riots in Paris, and I am shocked. An open border with a generous welfare state spells doom in the long run. There is little from the Muslim leaders condemning this outrage as 400 towns burn in France, and spreading to England, Denmark, Belgium, and Germany, all with the same immigration problem. What a mess that I don't want here in the US, yet Muslim immigration is also on the rise as well, and they to do not readily assimilate with their jihadist mentality, and their cultural disdain for the infidels. I see and hear it all clearly, now, the deafening blaring of Jihad singing coming from the local mosque in downtown Laguna Beach California, signaling all to join in state imposed mandatory mid-day four-hour siestas.

Mexicans are not coming here for all the right reasons. Sure, I respect the dignity of work, but vast uncontrolled illegal immigration goes way beyond that sympathetic view. The illegal immigrants come here in the first instance to violate immigration laws. Crime is not one of the right reasons to come here. The illegal immigrants come here, not to readily assimilate but to promote their mexicanism in this country with their special studies, their bilingual education, their salsa food, their bilingual literature, their capture of AM radio, their capture of weak minded politicians, their Mexican flags in downtown LA or in Georgia, and their Cinco De Mayo, inter alia. Sure I like a little foreign culture in the mix, but not one that dominate over US culture. The illegal immigrants come here to peddle their drugs, to join gangs, degrade property values, and effectively to generate resentment, that will ultimately result to racial riots in the out years, when the US cuts back the hand outs. The illegal worker immigrants come here to simply earn money, not generally with their families to relocate and assimilate and waive the US flag, but to send their money back to Mexico, damaging increased trade. President Fox should build industry in Mexico with cheap labor for the US to exploit, so as to lift their economy, as the way it has been done for centuries. The border must be closed, with a US offer of generous recurring temporary work visas, without any amnesty.

I do not want East Los Angeles, Santa Ana, San Diego, or other southern US cities, from El Paso TX, to Denver CO, to Albuquerque NM, to Phoenix AZ, to go up in flames in the out years. I am tired of the poor-me victimization political card, or race based affirmative action, or the ruination of Americanism, or the political race card, or the weak-minded political pandering, or the eventual bigotry leading to violence and destruction and deaths that necessarily flows from an unrestrained importation of a vast number foreigners that are not readily assimilated into American culture, to only then leave that problem to my children to solve.

The GOP is destined to be marginalized by the inaction on the southern border. For the next decade, the issues that drive US politics will be WEDMI (Wed-Me), that is War, Economy, Deficit, Marriage, and Invasion. A recent FoxNews OReilly survey indicates that Americans, including the conservative base, do not believe that the current administration will get tuff on the US southern border. There is a lack of confidence that is building in the conservative circles. However, most Americans still believed that the Republicans have better leadership and vision over the Democrats who have no vision whatsoever, and simply spew their hate, while pandering any fringe group having a receptive ear.

We Americans deserve better than the lesser of two incompetent political parties. As in Raider Football, the cry seems to be, JUST WIN BABY, while the team is repetitively penalized for unsportman like conduct. I will not vote for the Republicans merely because they are the lesser of two incompetent evils, as does a vast numbers of Americans who simply choose not to vote at all. I recently received a request to contribute to the GOP again, but wrote back, only if President Bush closes the southern border. I will not support dereliction of duty, perceived as nearly treason.

As to WEDMI, the -E-conomy is miraculously holding strong but interest rates and inflation are rising spelling immanent stagnation, the -D-eficits remain unacceptably high, the -W-ar is not perceived as going well, the US government has failed to utterly stop the southern -I-nvasion, and has failed to pass a constitution amendment defining -M-arriage as between a man an a woman, though there is some good to come in the out years in packing the supreme court with conservatives. So as I see it, that is two marginal positives, and three bad negatives. That is simply an unacceptable report card for the current administration. I had not voted since President Reagan, and did not vote in the Gore v Bush election, as well, but when I saw the BOLD leadership of president Bush in Iraq, I crawled out of my hole, cut the check to the GOP, and pounded the payment on the streets three days a week for three months prior to the election Bush v Kerry, all by myself, in a sea of liberals, relearning childhood dodgeball skills from bottles being regularly thrown at me. The southern border needs to be shut down, and if it is not, and done soon, I will merely buy a gun, barricade the front door, defend my fortress, and crawl back into my happy little world, and leave you all to your pathetic selves.
Fast Forward to 2015. The BHO fails to get an immigration solution, yet another utter failure. The reason is very simple, to wit, the DEMs and REPs are not interested in solving the immigration problem, because, in so doing, they would loose powerful voting blocks which respectively cement their political power, akin to the Black Caucus race baiting and preaching victimization to the black community, to cement a powerful voting block to selfishly hang onto political power, collectively creating divisiveness and conflict in America.

The problem with immigration is not illegals, but DEMs & REPs clutching to power bases at all costs to cement political power. So, let me ask the REPs, how does an illegal immigrant get to the back of the line when they are already here? So, let me ask the DEMs, how does one solve the immigration problem with an open border fueling more illegal immigration. In the mean time, we have a generation of second class people living right in America, which is absolutely appalling, unless of course you are a DNC or RNC political head, race baiting Latinos or rallying anti DEM vigilante fervor. The DEMs and REPs are not the friends of our second class people or the Latino community. I am their only true friend, and will fix the immigration problem real fast if elected US President.
====== Low Wages ============
So, they leave the border open, millions of aliens come here, put downward pressure on wages, & then protest low wages? I tend to think economic laws set the wage price, supply and demand, over the long term, but then I'm a capitalist. Got it, lets give 100m Chinese dream tickets2US,& really tank low end wages, so DEMs will enact a wage law regime. Thus, we can really empower DC with even more totalitarian socialistic fascist enslaving control over American lives. The communist dream lives on the good old USSA!
====== THEY AINT GETTING IT BACK==================
Siberian tribe men came here 26K years ago. They aint getting it back.
American Indians were here 16K years ago. They aint getting it back.
Leaf Ericson and the Vikings came here. They aint getting it back.
Columbus discovered America for Spain. They aint getting it back.
France was here in the LA purchase. They aint getting it back.
Spain was here in FL. They aint getting it back.
Cortez was here for Spain in the Southwest. They aint getting it back
England was here in New England. They aint getting it back.
England was here on the Eastern Seaboard. They aint getting it back.
The Russian were in Alaska. They aint getting it back.
Polynesians were in Hawaii. They aint getting it back.
Mexicans were here in the Southwest. They aint getting it back

Donald Trumps wants to build a wall. He apparently has had enough. But why the divergence of low pay to productivity over the last 30 years? Bueno Dias Amigos! Its the immigration problem. Now, throw in some good old foreign aid of massive trade deficits, and the low wage problem is compounded. And so, the labor participation rate is crashing, and there you go, its called economics 101. The low wage problem is open borders and trade imbalance crashing wages, labor participation rates and the economy, as the national debt exponentiates. DEM led compassion, the hand outs, as the US is busted flat, totally insolvent, with fiscal balance nonsensical plans. FED did all they could to stimulate the economy, but are a total failure, and are now trapped in QE to infinity and ZIRP, with no recovery. So now, the FED and ESF through banks are is rigging all markets, with no price discovery, with no free markets, with zirp wind fall to the banksters, with CEO share buy backs. I can fix it all.

The Third Immigration wave, wont we ever learn?

The American Indians fully understand the consequences of the importation of a white race of people, the Europeans, who did not readily assimilate into the Indian culture. One need only look at what happened to the American Indians, imprisoned and destitute on reservations. Say no more. The American Europeans also once fully understood the consequences of importing a black race that was not readily assimilated into American culture, resulting in slavery, a civil war, 100 years of suppression in freedom with lynchings and harassment and denials of full liberty, to the race riots of the 1960s and the social unrest, to finally, we, as a mixed people are coming together, in this new century, 300 years after that slave immigration. I suppose if the American Indians can learn "you bet", I can learn the Mexican hat dance, but I prefer the twist, so no thank you. Yet, now, we forget these lessons, and allow millions and millions of brown Spanish speaking aliens to enter this country in violation of immigration laws that temper the alien flow to reduce the social conflict resulting, including narco trafficking, unhealthful over-occupied housing, and disrespect of American laws and culture, with their in your face cinco de mayo and waving of Mexican flags on US soil, and special studies, the spicy food, etc, as they seek the southwest back from the gringos, all the while suppressing low end wages to the great harm and injustice to many American citizens in need of higher pay and jobs. Waving a Mexican flag wont save us either, just ask Black Kettle of Sand Creek CO fame. I am proud of those Americans now on the southern border, who have learned the lesson and consequences of mass immigration. McCain cant stand on principle any longer, and has been reduced to a political panderer. McCain should be taken to the southern border wall that is to be erected and be required to bow his head in shame for surrendering the southern border.

Over the last 40 years, Americans not born in the US has gone from 12:1 to 7:1. This influx of immigrants is now over whelming social services, justice systems, border control, causing strife, with an inability to assimilate large numbers of immigrants. Immigration needs to slow down a bit to prevent social strife.

Illegal Alien Immigration Plan (Tentative Plan)

I) Any Illegal Alien may apply for permanent residence.

1) Register with Federal government, ID temporary residence card, Plead guilty to violation immigration law. Not available to violent crime convictions.
2) Pay a small fine
3) Be placed on probation 3 years
4) Agree to take English and history when applying for citizenship
5) May not apply for parents sibling relative immigration
6) May have natural children immigrate
as temporary residents, and spouse of said of natural children immigrate as temporary residents, but not parents and siblings.
7) At end of probation 3 year period, Permanent residents may apply for citizens showing aptitude for English and us history.
8) Unregistered Illegal Aliens are summarily deported.
9) Temporary residents convicted of violent crime summarily deported.
10) Probation period and time of temporary residence reduced by clear and convincing shown time of actual uninterrupted residence.

II) Limitation of immigration from country of origin

1) Seasonal Immigrant workers are prohibited entry from all countries, unless proven specialty skilled workers with a particular job offered, and apply for 6mo visa, and may reapply. General upward push of farm labor wages for attracting US residents and US citizen farm workers.
2) Students visa are prohibited until origin immigration zeroed.
3) Immigration prohibited until origin immigration zeroed.
4) Parents Siblings Relatives of permanent residences and citizen prohibited from immigration until origin immigration is zerored.
5) Borders closed except screened entry points to prevent illegal entry.

III) Illegal Immigration Summary

1) Illegal immigrants are allowed to apply for permanent residents.
2) Illegal immigrants may have children and common-child spouses immigrate.
3) Illegal immigrants have a pathway to citizenship
4) Illegal immigrants Parent Siblings Relatives are denied immigration until after origin immigration is zero.
5) Children born in US with foreign parents and full blood siblings may immigrate after immigration origin is zeroed.
6) Child with foreign parents should join parents in origin

IV) Accumulative residents and Accumulative origin Immigration

1) Each country has immigration origin yearly limit quota.
2) Illegal aliens applying and becoming residents deduct from the accumulative immigration origin limit quota.
3) No immigration from origin if accumulative sum of residents is greater than accumulative immigration origin yearly limit quota.
4) immigration from origin only when accumulative immigration origin is zeroed.
5) General number of hard luck immigrants allowed from all countries.
6) Children citizens with foreign parents may apply for state assistance to guardians for supporting children with foreign parents as permitted by state law.

Generally, plan allows non-violent illegal aliens a path way to permanent residence or citizenship with joined children and common-child spouses, deducting such from future immigration quotas from country of origin.

Two Simple Questions

My fellow Americans, I have two simple questions to ask you all. If the founding fathers knew that script aint worth a continental, and the US constitution defines gold and silver coinage as money, if the US Mint is required by law to mint gold and silver eagle coins, If IRAs can treat gold as a tier 1 asset and may contain gold in the IRA portfolios, and FED Chairman Bernake testifies before congress that gold is not money, where is the perjury indictment, Mr Holder, US Attorney General?

Naked-Short Comex selling by JPM, enables China gold accumulation, destroys US defense to anarchy on FRN collapse, AND ITS TREASON! The Gold cartel of 15 bullion banks, with JPM the mob boss, aided by world central banks, know exactly what is happening, JPM GS HSBC et al dont care, its all about $ in their pocket by market rigging, treason, and undue influence over government.

If JPM and the gold cartel regularly naked-short sell gold on the COMEX,
and thereby cap and suppress bullion prices use around the world,
and if China is buying the entire world's gold production year after year,
and if all the central banks around the world know that the fiat paper money,
is going to implode eventually and are trying to QE kick the can,
as all 600 fiat currencies used throughout man kind have collapsed,
and bullion is only known money that can reboot a monetary system,
thereby preventing total anarchy on the streets for economic use,
is not JPM QS HBSC et al, committing TREASON against the USA?

The FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM BANK is planning to own the USA, meaning that the banksters in charge, the banking elite, and their shareholders, other banks, seek to OWN the US, but for what purpose? Lets run it down, as best we can.

The US is insolvent. In order to service 16T$ in debt and fund 1T$ in deficits, the FED BANK must keep interest rates artificially low, and QEIII ZIRP TWIST does that, otherwise the IN YOUR FACE fiscal cliff. We get that. The FED BANK is going to buy toxic mortgage back securities, (MBS), thus taking a real estate position in our homes and business on a massive scale. The many banks, government agency, Fanny/Freddy which are also insolvent are happy to do so, to get that "junk" off their books. However, there is a catch, its called financial repression, forcing or limiting market alternatives to other investments, so as to forceably channel money into instruments which serve that purpose. Odds are that these banks, being bailed out of their toxic MBSs will use the proceeds to buy US Treasuries, thus artificially suppressing yield curve, preventing the fiscal cliff, as some is bled off to pump up the stock market, artificially, as well as criminal activity of suppressing bullion prices on the COMEX for using monstrous naked short selling, eg JPManipulator, getting a pass by the CTFC, to give the appearance that the dollar is sound. That is the game, we know it well, nothing new there.

In order to get to this stage, as no crisis should go unexploited, one must first bankrupt the country through legitimate political processes, and pandering people for 100 years, (vote for me and I will give you the goodies), serves that end, and has been immanently successful supported by the fraudulent MSM. If we dont bail out the banks, the system collapses. We all get that ploy.

We ALL know that debasing a currency is the beginning of the end for any power, that printing money, to infinity creates hyper-inflation, and eventually the collapse of the economy. They know that, we know that, history knows that. Nuff said.

So, the banking elite contributes to both political parties. They insert their markers into the pants of the politicians. We all get that. One of the surest ways to become a millionaire is to be elected to the senate, and H Reid, the land swindler guy, knows it well. We all get that.

So let do a little time line recap.

A) Create a FED bank that can print paper money to eliminate gold and silver discipline in honest money, and rant about bullion being barbaric relics of no modern use, (but note that all central banks hoard bullion),
B) Create a suppressive income tax regime, so as to enable enslavement of the people,
C) Promote Socialism, which is inherently a failed economic policy, and the current administration is all over that as was WW FDR LBJ, so as to
D) over the very long time and in tiny steps, bankrupt the country, (create and throw in a few wars as the misdirective), so as to
E) create a financial economic crisis, particularly with financial bubbles, 1920s WWII, 2010s WWIII, that can not be solved but through normal depresssionary deleveraging through normal business cycles, and destroy capitalism and freedom, along with
F) creating interlocking CDSs so as to make sure the threat of implosion is real, (and GW Bush bought that in spades),
G) so at to put unlimited power in a private FED bank, that can then
H) through Financial Repression, require purchase of US treasuries, (as foreigners become increasingly unwilling to buy our debt based upon a debauched currency, and coerce Commercial Bank purchases into treasuries, to keep the game afloat, while the MBS are concentrated on the FED balance sheets,
I) implode the economy as a natural result of debasing the currency, wiping out the middle class, (them dirty freedom lovers) and their incomes and property,
J) maintain a police state, of IRS thugs, homeland security, and rant about anti-government extremists as another political misdirective, who are not anti-government, but anti totalitarian socialistic fascist government, the fascism coming into play with the devil's marriage of the banking arm and the political arm, controlling the people,
K) to end up with a for-sure economic implosion, under the guise of trying to revive the housing market,
L) leading to the default by millions upon millions of homeowners, so that
M) the FED bank and their henchmen can foreclose upon the masses, concentrating ownership of the US in the FED bank, owned by member banks and the monied interests,
N) to put the people under enslavement of either lifelong mortgages or rents to the FED bank,
O) to put the banksters in ownership of the country and in financial control of all markets,
to lock in political power,
P) owning all the real property and all the gold and silver.

But for what purpose?

My only conclusion is THE NEW WORLD ORDER, where the banking elite control the world. Defeat these pigs, pick up some freedom from the printing presses, and buy some gold and silver. Vote out the totalitarian pigs enslaving us with their socialism and paper money and taxes. My fellow Americans, its time we consider revolt and rebellion against the fascist pigs in DC. My vision of the new USA world order, is freedom based, for all the people. Give it a look see.
Just one man's opinion, I could be right, way-right, reactionary, to days of our old glory and Americana Greatness.

War & Fiat Dollar replaced by Gold & Trade

"It cost about 75 cents to kill a man in Caesar's time. The price rose to about $3,000 per man during the Napoleonic wars; to $5,000 in the American Civil War; and then to $21,000 per man in World War I. Estimates for the future wars indicate that it may cost the warring countries not less than $50,000 for each man killed." Senator Homer T. Bone. I was particularly intrigued by this quote from Senator Homer T. Bone, that the cost per death in war has increased. May I take that analysis a step further? Conclusion: He does not tell the whole story.

In the good old days, say, pre 1500s, when tribal kingdoms engaged in war, they took no prisoners, except women as concubines and slaves, and hence, the causality rate for the loser was 100%, the victor's rate was not much less, and one-on-one battles usually meant equal rates of causalities. Then came the middle ages, and chivalry, and if a besieged defender surrendered early, the garrison was spared with honor, otherwise the black flag. Then came the guns, but still, the ratios of deaths were even, with casualty rates of say 20%. Then came long range rifles and smoothbores, with many battles having 10-15% casualty rates, and garrisons were not slaughtered, but imprisoned or even exchanged or paroled. In the WWI and WWII the casualty rates continued to drop as a percentage to those engaged. In Korea and Vietnam, the technology differences became apparent, with kill ratios of 5:1 to 10:1 or more in many battles, but US death rates per battles were down to less than 5% for the stand up fight. The cold war provided a dry spell, but then emerge Gulf I and Gulf II, with advanced technology.

The military technology is exponentiating, and it seems that the bend in the curve seems to have occurred in the mid 1900s. Each day, our military technology advances and increases our differential effectiveness over our opponents who have like curves, but delayed in time, until we have reached a point these days, that in a stand up fight, we have less than 1% casualty rates. This is astounding! Of the 200K troops that have been cycled through mid-middle east, the casualty rate is about 1%. Along side these trends is the endless printing of fiat paper money to fund these military expenditures.

So, it seems that, over the last two millennia, the costs per death has increased, as the casualty rate has decreased, making a relative, net sum zero, in the cost of war, generally. War, in terms of the US perspective, has become more expensive but more safe for the US fighting man/woman, which supports the contention that the administration is providing fighting Joe with the best chances he ever had of surviving a battle or a war. Our armies and navies are all volunteer, and this should not change in the foreseeable future. The fighting Joe knows he has the best chances in history to survive. Along side this trend, is the trend toward fewer and less deadly wars, in terms of US battle casualties, but more expensive, the quid pro quo.

The cost of war will change in kind. The proclaimed demise of the almighty dollar, projected to start in mid summer 2006, is already upon us, and the dollar is expected to collapse around 2010-11. As trade wars become more popular over military wars, governments will be more keen to keep cheating banks from printing fiat money and from hiding state sponsored subsidies, and will seek to spend their military dollars on trade war productivity rather than unnecessary military hardware and personnel. The fights will be in trade wars, that will necessarily required a monetary standard of money that all can unequivocally agree upon as to value. Gold and Silver are the only real alternatives. Hence, as military war become disfavored over monetary trade war, additional pressures will come upon and to the end of fiat paper money, with the resulting use of paper money certificates that are backed up by Gold and Silver in bank and corporate vaults. Gold and Silver mines will be the real banks of mid 21st century. By 2025, there will be a boom in Gold and Silver prices and mining stock values the world has never seen in 5000 years of mining precious metals, which boom will make $20,000/oz Gold and $1,000/oz Silver seem a great bargain.

So, lets now do something positive, and project these concepts into this century. There will be fewer wars, fewer battle casualties, but it will cost allot more to wage or be prepared for war, until such time, that globalization become substantially complete (with the N. Korean or Iranian resolutions for examples) and cements the functional geo-economical-political rules sets that render military expenditures largely unnecessary for dispute resolutions. The inevitable globalization and confluence will in time render military expenditures largely unnecessary as world powers seek domination by trade and not by guns, as one does not wage war on one's customers, and all will seek to avoid perturbation shocks, such as 9/11. Contrary to popular belief, the Russians and Chinese have the most to loose in an Iranian war, and will seek to get Tehran to compromise with the "Great Satin" on the nuke issue.

The later half of this century will wage war, not by guns, but by trade, and the major issues then will be fair free trade war which in fact has begun in earnest, as well as over population, and environmental issues and resolutions. I wont be around to enjoy the fruits of 5000 years of cultural evolution of man-kind, in this regard of the inevitable global confluence, but it seems, that we as a specie are moving to a better plane of intercourse. With endless fiat money printing, paper currency will become history as well to prevent cheating banks from destroying the value of hard earned savings and wealth in order to sustain the trade wars. The world banks' and governments' only solution to fair trade, is the necessary use of a standard medium, Gold and Silver. As governments learn that expenditures of real money on military hardware and personnel diminishes their returns and limits their abilities to invest in trade productivity in trade wars, expenditures will shift away from war materials and fiat money to trade capital assets and real money for improved global trade competition. The ultimate projection is that the Dollar and War are completely replaced by Gold and Trade, say by 2020!

Decadent Godless Socialism, An Inherent Duplicitous Fraud

The United Socialistic States of America is the new term of art. There are many who say that we judge a society by the extent to which we care for the poor and aged. That is true. But it is not the intent or effect, its the means of accomplishing this noble deed of caring for the unfortunates of a society, that is at issue. These are very noble thoughts, but of course, it comes down to how a society achieves those noble compassionate goals. Many liberals fail to understand the corrupting dependency that necessarily comes with an all powerful so-called compassionate state, which must in the first instance punish and destroy the productive class into financial ruin, to then only corrupt the souls of an irresponsible class into life long decadent state dependency.

If any one feels compassion for the poor or the aged, might it be suggested that you simply give voluntarily, and stop trying to force others to share your propensity to have the NANNY STATE do your godly giving for you, which somehow allows the liberals to vicariously feel good when living in their own personal shame for not personally giving a good share of their gains. Just simply give, and stop trying to make others, through criminal enforcement, live up to your vision of the NANNY STATE to some how repent for your own personal guilt, shame, and failure for not personally helping the poor or aged.

It is ironic, is it not, that the decadent liberal left, which seeks to remove GOD, CHRIST, and symbols of the same from public view, such as trying to remove all crosses from national cemeteries, with intended banishment of religion and religious symbols from public view, which religions are and have always been the corner stone to compassion giving, would then, in their so-called group aggregate collective compassion, seek to have the NANNY STATE do their compassionate giving for them. In other words, they actively attempt to destroy churches and temples, those organizations best suited for compassionate giving, yet, then seek to have the state replace those churches and temples, through ruinous taxation and godless decadent dependency upon the state.

Lets be clear, this is NOT ABOUT societal compassion, as the liberals do actually seek to destroy, not maintain, compassionate churches and temples. Its about US power politics, with no holds barred, where voters are mere pons and obscene pandering is the game through unattainable campaign promises for political control in Washington DC. These decadent liberals actively seek the destruction of churches and temples that provide support to the poor and aged, and, they seek to punish the productive class through an absolutely obscene tax regime, which is used to further political control for the liberal socialists, who further seek to have the almighty big brother NANNY state control and ENSLAVE all through the long arm reach of the federal government using criminal penalties and taxes.

The tax system needs to be completely over hauled. The state must not, under any circumstances tax earned income, payrolls, or capital gains, the engines for growth and prosperity, that is, the means to provide voluntary personal giving in the first place, nor tax personal charity as reflection of personal morality and personal voluntary giving. The state should flat tax all consumption for gluttony, and should FMV property tax for services rendered by the state such as for fire, police, schools, and trash, and then should progressively tax inheritances, interest income, dividends, and personal gifts, which are passive forms of incomes. The state needs to reduce the welfare state to an absolute bare minimum, to only public shelters, clinics, and kitchens, while promoting, or at least stop attempting to, destroy god in the lives of the people. These protected engines of growth provide the best way to an over all productive society with the highest possible standard of living for all and providing the highest personal means to voluntarily help others who are not so fortunate in life. Love thy neighbor, what a concept, may actually come back in vogue from the dust bin of modern liberalism. Human beings do feel good about themselves when they give voluntarily, as a rewarding slice of real compassionate humanism. Modernly, we no longer love our neighbor, voluntarily, we just let the state do that, thereby forcing us to vicariously love thy neighbor, building class warfare and resentment of others. However, when pockets are full of cash through the engines of growth, when savings are grown because one can not rely upon the state, and when motivated by innate personal compassion, in an opening righteous culture, the generosity of Americans has proven to be exceedingly robust, with the compassionate coffers over flowing in abundant giving, with individual hearts rewarded, happy, and satisfied through personal abundant giving, and all of this is without the need for an army of IRS and tax collecting thugs invading our privacy in an annual state mandated shake down under threats of imprisonment, and without the need for an army of unnecessary tax attorneys, sharks, and accountants in support, all collectively better employed elsewhere than being an unnecessary unproductive overhead drag on the economy.

We Americans, now in the land of the taxing corrupt and the welfare enslaved, have allowed misplaced aggregate compassion to destroy our hearts into decadent dependent irresponsibility and shame, to further the socialistic NANNY state political control by the DC liberal elitists. It is a power play, and no more, and has nothing to do with compassion whatsoever for the poor and aged. USA President Wilson's FED bank and fiat paper money, FDR's raw deal, and LBJ's corrupt society, have destroyed our freedoms and enslaved our minds and lives into a corrupt godless nation. Though they were well intentioned and honorable men, the means selected to relieve their compassion has been and will always be a failed policy. Any society which does not fully exploit human greed by individual reward and human personal compassion at the individual personal level, is doomed to failure, bankruptcies and perpetual misery of the whole.

And now, with the always purportedly deficient tax base to support an ever increasing clamor for more of VP Biden's "patriotic" taxes and the ever increasing welfare state, destroying any financial margins in time of recession, like now, thereby bankrupting the state and federal treasuries, there are now insufficient savings by the people who have now depended upon and look only upon the state for survival, and there are no financial margins or savings by the people and state, and consequently, deficits reign throughout the land, destroying our money and economy in the process, and throwing this great country into financial depression and perpetual ruin of both wealth and heart.

Forced group aggregate compassion by the state, though admirable in principle, is an inherently flawed and terribly inefficient concept, that is merely politically used to concentrate power into the pandering socialistic elitists in DC who necessarily destroy the productive class and reward the irresponsible class. This must stop and be completely reversed. It must be just the opposite, if the highest standard of living and the maximum personal charity is the sought after objective. That is, reward productivity through a low tax regime, stop destroying GOD and morals in the lives of the people, for promoting person compassionate giving that has always been the most effective means for providing abundance and in turn the voluntary social safety nets, that do not take down the whole system by destroying the value of money, savings, businesses, property, and ultimately, the human spirit, where the poor and aged actually get less over all, especially during times of recessions that are absolutely cyclically necessary to cull ineffective businesses to perpetually strengthen and maintain the economy, to remain flexible and adaptable as the world evolves.

It is yet again ironic, is it not, that these same decadent godless immoral socialistic liberals believe in biological Darwinism, over the eons, yet, modernly, for the sake of political control to enslave the people, throw out financial Darwinism, in a supreme act of cultural duplicity. From survival of the fitness, to human compassion, the liberal left is an inherent immoral duplicitous FRAUD.

Decadent godless socialism is a failed policy, has always been a failed policy, that will never work over the long term, and only serves to corrupt the people and enslave the citizenry, ultimately providing less to those in need. Moral capitalism frees the people, reduces government waste, and provides the best overall standard of living for the people with maximum potential for personal charity. But then, it could be supposed, all of this is not all about freedom, (god gold guns land and vote), its not about productivity, its not about charity, its not about helping the poor and the aged, its really all about the decadent DC socialists enslaving us all under an evil power trip.

A Free Lunch

There was a chemistry professor in a large college that had some exchange students in the class. One day while the class was in the lab the Prof noticed one young man (exchange student) who kept rubbing his back and stretching as if his back hurt. The professor asked the young man what was the matter. The student Told him he had a bullet lodged in his back. He had been shot while fighting communists in his native country, who were trying to overthrow his country's government and install a new communist government. In the midst of his story he looked at the professor and asked a strange question: 'Do you know how to catch wild pigs?'

The professor thought it was a joke and asked for the punch line. The young man said this was no joke. 'You catch wild pigs by finding a suitable place in the woods and putting corn on the ground. The pigs find it and begin to come everyday to eat the free corn. When they are used to coming every day, you put a fence down one side of the place where they are used to coming. When they get used to the fence, they begin to eat the corn again and you put up another side of the fence They get used to that and start to eat again. You continue until you have all four sides of the fence up with a gate in the last side. The pigs, who are used to the free corn, start to come through the gate to eat, you slam the gate on them and catch the whole herd.

Suddenly the wild pigs have lost their freedom. They run around and around inside the fence, but they are caught. Soon they go back to eating the free corn. They are so used to it that they have forgotten how to forage in the woods for themselves, so they accept their captivity.

The young man then told the professor that is exactly what he sees happening to America . The government keeps pushing us toward Communism/Socialism enforced by an increasing police state, and keeps spreading the free corn out in the form of programs such as supplemental income, tax credit for unearned income, tobacco subsidies, dairy subsidies, payments not to plant crops, welfare, medicine, drugs, etc. While we continually lose our freedoms - a little at a time.

One should always remember 'There is no such thing as a free lunch". Also, if you see that all of this wonderful federal government 'help' is a problem confronting the future of democracy in America , you might want to consider voting for liberty and freedom. If you think the free ride is essential to your way of life, then you are probably trapped in state dependency and may God help you when the gate slams shut! Pigs have no clue, as Pigs are Pigs, and the DEMs want to feed Pigs, Can you say Oink Oink, and vote them in? Every American is entitled to a free lunch, a job, health care, a retirement, is the Pig Mantra. So lets fatten up the pigs for the slaughter in the inevitable economic collapse of the necessary exponentiating national debt, fiscal deficits, and destruction of our social society and economy generally, as the police state and DHS enforces "from each their ability, to each their own", to throw out the bread, and enslave the productive as tax mules, with federal socialistic mandates and income taxes..
50 millions of my countrymen on food assistance, absolutely appalling.
40 year low for the Labor Participation Rate, absolutely appalling.

One Nation Under God

To my atheist and agnostic friends, please take a moment and consider your relation to those of faith. Of the major faiths on earth, Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, Islamism, and Hinduism, Atheists are a minority. In the USA we have separation of church and state, for many good reasons. Though I may be a Christian, it is unamerican to impose my moral code and religious teachings upon my fellow citizens, so that my fellow citizens do not impose their moral code and religious teachings on me. The founding father were very smart is establishing freedom of religion and separation of church and state, so that, we as Americans could live together in peace and harmony. These founding father principles serve the country as a whole very well and have done so for 250 years. We have been blessed by our founding fathers and our national birth rights.

Another thing that our glorious and insightful founding fathers did was set up a REPUBLIC of sovereign state, vesting in the many states right to social engineer as the local community voters deem fit. If my city of Laguna Beach voters may erect a cross honoring Jesus, or a same sex statue honoring gays, or a solar system honoring atheists, and so on, as they deem fit and should be permitted to do so, without ranker and violence. It is not the federal government business to dictate to states and local communities on how to conduct their local constitutional vested rights. There is unfortunately much ill will across the land because people, with fervent views, want all according to their self-centered views, contrary to our freedoms as a people under our constitutional and founding father principles, wrongfully attempting to deny others personal liberties and freedoms from government.

Many atheists and agnostics object to the pledge of allegiance because of the relatively harmless phrase "One Nation Under God". Atheists, in their self-centered view, take this to strictly mean a God of creationism. There are many Gods worshiped about the globe, and no one has the exclusive right to the term or to interpret what "God" means. The question becomes which "GOD" does the that phrase mean. The answer lies in the heart of one repeating that phrase. To satanist, the word "God" means the devil himself, to Pegan Druids it means a collection of deities, to the ancient Greeks, Romans and Egyptians, it means a collection of Gods. The phase "God" can mean whatever the speaker wishes it to mean in their hearts according to their beliefs and practices. Since the word "God" is but a word, meaning anything to any person, as that person decides for his individual self, atheists may define "God" as used in the pledge of allegiance as they deem fit. Likewise, in public prayer, you can interpret the words as each individual deems fit. It is merely an attitude adjustment, and no more.

My fellow Atheists, Mother Nature is your God, and the Physic Book is your bible. With that definition in your hearts, you can join all of Americans, in proudly saying, "One Nation Under God". You need not waste your treasure in the courts. You need not spill your contempt at your fellow countrymen. You can join all of us Americans in proudly reciting the Pledge of Allegiance, and we as a proud country, respecting all "faiths", can move forward, without discourse and conflict. Will you not join me, for a better inclusive America?

Progressives and the belittling of Faith

GO BEARS! but the progressives are more than counter productive. Here is why.

So, Im 19 yo, in the Cal Berkeley labs, diffusing my first piece of silicon, 1974, silver was vaporized, no not on the crimex, but in the bowels of that Marxist-Lenenist "Zoo", patterned metals runs disposed over a MOSFET, and it actually had a gain, greater than one. It was easy. I started feeling like a GOD, the brain, ITS ALIVE, ITS ALIVE!!! Jump back to 1968, uncle regularly picking up, to go to church. The indoctrination had its affects. There was good news for modern man. But it was the zoo, that cemented faith. Fast Forward, 1976, two bro's and I cruising to Mammoth on a snow bunny run, Im in the back, a PhD in physics shotgun, my high school bro driving. The PhD guy goes, Derrick do you honestly believe that Christ rose from the dead. It was one of those infinitely long, awkward silences, the driver quiet, waiting in suspense. The answer rang out, loud and clear. YES The driver, followed exclaiming. YES! When I started realizing the scope of the universe, at the zoo, it was humbling, the miracle before our telescopic eyes, the product of "something". Physics is based on the physical world, the calculus. Religion is based on faith. You cant prove it. You cant touch it. Its a freakin head trip.

I am a sinner. who would have ever guessed. Hanging up the christmas lights this year, a neighbor saw me, and asked. Derrick, I thought you were not religious. I go, you cant be a real sinner, unless you are religious. I do not know why, a wretch like me, would be so blessed. I walk with the lord, pray every day, in my own way. Who would have thunk it. But I tell you all, there is glow inside, the spirit working me, a spark of happiness, ever lasting, and why me o'lord, why me?

I do not demean the unbelievers. I pray for them. They are missing it, in my view. I do not condemn their non-belief, though I question, why they would not want to promote healthy life styles, why THEY would demean a belief system that has good teachings on how we should relate to others, give to needy, help thy neighbor, not covet thy neighbor's wife, dont corn-hole your bro, be honest, dont lie, etc. It seems to me, WE ALL CAN AGREE, by and large, these teachings are inherently good for any society, and should not be callously demeaned, even if based upon ancient teachings, and the incalculable. The religious core, coupled with the nuclear family, providing the next generation, of morally strong tax-paying citizens, I think should be encouraged by all, notwithstanding a basis upon a pillar of faith. I walk in happiness and am kind to others, and that is a good thing.

The progressives of course want to destroy the focus of religion, to worship the DC marble statues, the false prophets in DC, saying its Christian to pay taxes, the collective tax receipts being acceptable tithing credits. There is block in our society, purposefully destroying faith, so that we instead, place our faith in kings and princes, and many an unbeliever jumps on the band wagon to bash those of faith. Evil is everywhere, even here in turdville. It has been our devils and angles inside, that has made us, as a whole, a strong people. Rather than demean and imprison our devils and angles, the innate global driver, as is the want of the progressives, if truly interested in helping our society, they should promote faith, unleashing the angles, within us all. No one has to believe. For me, it just simply works, and for society, it just simply works. And from a practical perspective, it should be respected, and not belittled.

Ukraine, Open Public Proposal

I am offering my services to the US or Russian Federation, or both, as a private intermediary for reducing tensions in Ukraine while improving USA and Russia relations. To perfect this end, I would require, modest residences in Moscow and Vladivostok, language translation secretarial support, a diplomatic passport, and a modest salary, primarily for expenses.

Posts in the NY Times from the Kremlin are mostly deemed self-serving, and summarily dismissed by and large by most Americans and US political leaders. If Mr. Putin really wants peace and prosperity, really wants to communicate with the American people, really wants reduced tensions in the Ukraine, really wants fairness in international trade, really wants friendly relations with US, maybe I can help. It would be an honor to serve the world.

Derrick Michael Reid BS JD, engineer, lawyer, military scientist, bullion market analyst, geopolitical analyst, 2016 presidential candidate.

Supporting Discussion:


I Derrick Michael Reid possess no state secrets. I am not employed by any government in any way. I am a private person expressing my opinions as a private citizen of the US, expressing in some regards, my loyal dissent, as free thought, speech, and press, as protected by the US Constitution. The following is my best fair objective evaluation of the state of global affairs as best understood relying on 50 years of awareness and public information consumed mostly relating to US and Russian tensions of late. There is no agenda here, other than to state my perceptions as I fairly see them from the perspective of a loyal American with some understanding of global affairs. I am certainly not a pacifist, but would like tensions eased between Russia and the US. The main subject here is the civil war occurring in Ukraine, and the possibly of an east-west military confrontation, as the potential for a US/RUSSIAN proxy war presently unfortunately exists in the Ukraine.

Global Confluence

Problems associated with the middle east will be much easier to deal with, as the Russia-China-US-EU, the big four CORE, coalesces into a cohesive moving force in the UN, and remedial action could be much more easily obtained. Under current military spending, the USA will remain the dominate superpower having conventional heavy invasion forces capable of being projected worldwide. The UN and the big four could restructure force capabilities with more system administration forces, that is, peace keeping forces and support logistics, such that, these forces can be effective in action and quickly deployed for rapid resolution, with the USA taking down real bad guys, with the rest of the big four and others following up with massive peace keeping and humanitarian aid for immediate nation building after a UN action. Under this combination of power, global bad boys can be taken down, converted, and integrated into the CORE of the big four, so as to economically and politically connect rouge GAP countries to the CORE, and improve GAP countries with prosperity and civility, in so doing, with sought after international trade, globalized cooperation, and mutual defense. The Big Four could cooperate in many ways to reduce international tensions. The USA has used its material logistics resources abroad in time of regional devastation. Be it direct money grants, direct aid in food stores and materials, protection of others and international trade routes through vast military expenditures, and capital investments, the USA stands tall in its unilateral compassion for others, the vast majority of whom are GAP recipients, notwithstanding a lack of global appreciation. The US has done much good about the world, but at times over reach noble means of achieving good results. The global confluence is supported by a worldwide collective battle against all terrorists, and over time, acts of terrorism should substantially decease. The untold benefit of a collective worldwide fight against terrorists in the war on terror is the increased intelligence sharing that may have a direct consequence in lowering international crime including drug smuggling, currency counterfeiting, organized crime, and the trade in human slaves, children and women.

To support this global confluence, the budding democracies in Iraq and Afghanistan may have a spill over effect in the region, as set in motion by the last conservative USA Bush administration. The USA should not seek to destroy Islam, having at its core, a moral foundation, that provides the social glue in the region. Like responses to abortion clinic bombings here in the USA, Americans seek to contain extreme elements of Islam, that is, the terrorizing Islamic fascists, and this will eventually be fully understood by Islamic countries in the Middle East, resulting in lower hostilities. Iran, as well as Syria and Saudi Arabia, may move toward more democratic principles, with Syria and Saudi Arabia instituting fair regional elections, and moving to give women the right to vote and equal rights, which will have a positive affect in geopolitical interaction with the CORE of the big four. In so doing, hard line Islamic countries may finally turn away from centuries social stagnation caused by intolerance and the conquer-the-by-sword mentality reflected by the iconic flag of Saudi Arabia, towards new found prosperity and cooperative civility.

Human Cultural Evolution

France and England are the classical historical teachings of prior confluence. For 1000 years, England and France were going at it in war, empire building filling the vacuum as new lands were discovered. But eventually, those new areas of empire building eventually became full with occupation and new entrants, such as the USA. As the ability to expand empire became more limited, France and England eventually became to be cooperative allies, and have effectively remain so, for the last 150 years. Here, the big four and others have exhausted expansion tendencies, by and large, and now seek cooperative interaction as it has so become in their collective and individual interests. But it will take more time to get the global house in substantial good order, and the second half of the 21st century will focus more on environmental issues to support the peace of the world, without the recurring war culling of humans and consequential property devastation.

The global confluence has its roots in God. Here, the USA morality has led the world through its exceptionalism. No one can honesty believe, the USA was in Iraq to take their oil from them. The USA can buy as much oil as needed, as oil is a fungible commodity. The USA has not sought empire building in a fully occupied world, though that only stopped after completing of our manifest destiny, the expansion to the west coast of the USA, just as the Russians expanded through their far east to the coast of North America. Nazi Germany, Imperial Japan, and Soviet Imperialism are the modern exceptions of course, operating from selfish desires for global dominance. But with cooperative interactions, coupled with mutual defense, with globalization of trade, and with functioning rule sets for dispute resolution, it seems that these exceptions will be contained, by the remaining partners, in the out years. It is the USA morality that has lead the way in modern times. The rise of Christian-Judeo GOD rejection of evil war lords and tyrants, starting at about 300 BC, has been the primary moving force toward civility over the centuries worldwide.

I believe we are reaching a tipping point, as the wealth, population, and interaction of the CORE of cooperative countries (Russia-China-EU-US) exceeds that of the non-functioning GAP of disconnected countries, (Africa, Middle East, and South Pacific, and of course, the cold-war hold-over in North Korea). Of the 6 Billion on earth, 4 Billion live in the CORE in relative peace as war breaks out from time to time in the GAP. As the CORE becomes more dominate over the GAP, at some point, there is the bend in an exponential, and rouge militant countries will fall like dominoes and connect with the CORE, as global peace breaks out. A collective fight against terrorism may have put into motion a last and inevitable collapse of social global militancy, as we as a global people will eventually find over-all functioning peace. We Americans are culturally eternal optimists, and I plead guilty.

There is a natural course of human cultural evolution, in that, there was first the creation of kings with tribal rule sets from the cultivation age to the iron age, then there were great empires battling for remaining lands and conquest over others from the iron age to the industrial age, but as the great geopolitical CORE of the big four abut each other, with no more room for expansion, and the eventual learning of the draw backs of global war and the benefits of collective cooperation, human kind and geopolitical functional rule sets finally culturally evolve from the empires of the industrial age into civilized partners in the information age, and that is a very good thing.

The Big Four

The global confluence speaks to the age of empire, and as the world was discovered and populated, the age of empire expansion is or should be a long past global experience, of human cultural evolution, during the continued ascent of man. I had hoped that we as a global people, through increased interconnectedness, would reject the age of empires. Iraq is not the 51st state of the USA, but Crimea is a Russian Federation state now, as Putin parlays and consolidates his N.Georgia gains. While certainly, the US foreign policy is one of subversive political, financial, economical, and military controls, it does not reach the level of territorial expansion of the age of empire.

Mr. Putin has done a remarkably good job for Russia, keeping the federation intact, building an energy empire rivaling OPEC, and opening up Russia to international trade. However, there appears to be dark ominous imperialistic clouds forming over the Kremlin. When Russia plants flags in the arctic, invades Ossetia, annexes Crimea, Russia lives in the past of the age of empires, and for that, in all fairness, those collective moves may be seen as empire building in the information age, even though there are legitimate concerns for ethnic Russians in foreign lands. The US, through political subversion, economic sanctions, and military interventions, is trying to influence the world through its democracy century under American exceptionalism, be it with good intent, though failing to do so nobly, tarnishing America's image world wide. China is smart out buying up all the gold it can and all the possible commodity resources it can knowing full well that the US fiat dollar reserve currency status is destined to fail, as Russia and China implement international payment systems, as parallel to the US SWIFT system, to avoid the US use of the fiat dollar and bond stack as an diplomatic tool of US foreign policy. The EU remains stagnant with its EU-wide socialism and undemocratic continental eurozone control using its fiat Euro, as it bids to out print Japan and US with its own version of quantitative easing, in a global wide race to the bottom of fiat currency values and global economic destruction.


I have witnessed, during my lifetime, in real time, the migration of Ronald Reagan's "Evil Empire" from the Soviet-KGB empire to the totalitarian socialistic fascist DC-DHS-CIA empire. As an American, with 1000s of armor tanks and billions of rounds of ammo of the DHS, pointed directed at the American people, as the constitution right to bare arms, as a protection of freedoms from government, is dismembered slowly, by weak minded totalitarian politicians, it is my duty, and historical American tradition, to lambast the US President and Government officials for destroying our freedoms day by day, and enslaving us Americans, with increasing amount of federal mandates (IRS, FED Financial Repression, Obamacare), as tax mules, perpetual debtors, and state dependents, to feed the banking elitists through wealth transfers from the middle and poor classes, through control over and undue influence upon governmental entities, and this loyal dissent is done so, under freedoms of thought, speech, and press, where perceives wrongs are committed by government officials, as necessary public feedback, to preserve our personal liberties, our freedoms from government, our Constitution, and our Republic for which the flag should stand.

The DHS has become the armor spear point for the American Police State. The medical profession is now part of the state internal spy network feeding private information to social services becoming increasingly in control over our daily private lives. The legal profession is enabling totalitarian controls, while profiting from the system, self-serving, and in bed with government entities, getting rich by it, turning medical malpractice into court lotto games, rocketing higher the cost of medical insurance, while profiteering from criminal law enforcement during extended modest vacations of violent hardened criminals, while not protecting us Americans from the totalitarian socialistic fascist abuses of the federal government. DHS and local police state authorities are mobilized to muzzle free speech were free speech expressed views are viewed as dangerous to the continue rise of American totalitarianism, in unwarranted fear of domestic discourse, as the FBI and CIA routinely spies on law abiding Americans.

The US political complex is dominated by the Democratic party and the Republican party, the former being the totalitarian socialist fascist proposer, the later being the totalitarian socialist fascist enabler, the cave-in party unable to defeat 100 years of leftist pandering, on the march to increasing totalitarian socialistic fascist control over the people in the US, collectively providing no real choice in the voting booth, while destroying personal liberties and freedoms from government, as permitted by the US Supreme Court which most certainly dose not up hold the US Constitution of honest real money and limited enumerated federal powers, collectively defiling our Constitution, corrupting the people with moral hazards of totalitarian socialism, enabling the manipulation of and interventions into all markets, mostly through the ESF and the Federal Reserve System (FED), as puppets of hidden hands of the banker-financial elite through undue influence upon and control over government functions, feed a banking cabal untold riches, primarily through TARP TWIST ZIRP Quantitative Easing I, II and III (QEI QEII QEII) so that the Wall Street bankers and the financial elite destroy the our middle and poor classes forcing 50 million Americans on food welfare, while the labor participation rate falls year after year, destroying the best economy in the world, while destroying the last vestiges of states rights under our constitutional Republic of sovereign states. The significance of these US domestic changes is reflected in US foreign policy. In order to fund domestic totalitarian socialistic fascism, the US has over the last 100 years created a huge bond stack with 18T$ in national debt, that enables the FRN dollar to become the world's reserve currency, supported by SWIFT international trade settlements and the IMF controlled by the US. The political reorientation of the US as a socialistic state has enabled the use of international payment system and funding bank as a tool of US foreign policy. This foreign policy, while having good intent, has been executed ignobly, tarnishing the American image about the globe.

The current US President is viewed by some as an incompetent totalitarian socialistic fascist, and is determined to further destroy the good values of the American government, traditions and culture. The US government has in its inner circles, a hard-core neo-con contingent who project American militarism under the guise of American Exceptionalism, which is little more than, My Way or The Highway, in international affairs. They do not know how to properly and fairly achieve noble results in a noble way, in their zeal to project that exceptionalism. I generally approved of US President Bush, though he committed two exceptional blunders, TARP and the IRAQ land invasion.

Wolves cull the heard of the sick and impaired so that the heard remains viable and sustainable. Through the TARP initiation, GWB set into motion totalitarian socialist fascist monetary policies that led to ZIRP TWIST QE1 QE2 QE3, going to QE-to-infinity, and obscene financial repression by the FED, as the US fiat dollar printing exponentiates, exporting inflation world wide, as the dollar presently strengthen in a desperate safe haven reaction, but ultimately destroying the US fiat currency and US economy and the middle and poor classes, while maintaining banker-elitist fascist control over and undue influence upon the US Government. The current US administration is more than happy with this TARP initiation, as it panders the US electorate with "vote for me, I'll give you goodies" and the moral hazards appended, and of course, the 50 million on food welfare, with rigged manipulated markets, and a falling labor participation rate. This TARP set into motion the current global currency wars, as Japan and EU counter with quantitative easing as well, forcing rival world trading countries to engage also in monetary easing, as the 1930s beggar thy neighbor and economic depression repeats. The western global monetary ponzi scheme must necessarily collapse upon its own absurdity, hoping that, from the ashes of failed monetary policy, real money, gold and silver, reinstates itself as the only true fair monetary medium of exchange in domestic circulation and for international trade settlement. Russia and China know full well this end game and are buying gold to protect against total anarchy.

The liberation of Kuwait and the defense of Saudi Arabia were noble uses of US military might as sought by those two Middle Eastern Countries. The land invasion of Iraq proper was less than intelligent. Saddam did use WMD against Kurdish women and children, and violated UN resolutions and sanctions for 15 years. The childish slogan "Bush lied, soldier die" comes from biased minds with a political agenda, and are summarily dismissed accordingly. The proper course would have been for the US Senate to properly to declare war on Iraq, thereby placing the Saddam regime heads as legitimate war target, and use long range stand-off weapons to take out Saddam and his cronies at the head of the Iraq government, and then let the Iraqi people find their own way toward whatever form of government and culture they choose, with the US taking the noble high road. Instead many Iraqi and American lives were unnecessarily lost, and America's image was tarnished world wide.

The concept that President Bush acting through the CIA was instrumental in the twin tower WTC Airplane attacks also comes from biased minds with a political agenda, and are summarily dismissed accordingly. Taking the fight to Islamic jihadists into Afghanistan was a legitimate act of self defense, but here again, the fight was done intelligently. The US Senate failed yet again to declare war on Al Quida, with the exclusive use long range stand-off weapons and or special operations to selectively and repetitively strike Muslim fanatics in any country in which they seek safe haven. Mistakes at the highest level were made by the US. It is also shameful that the 95% of Muslims, by and large, in probable cowardice, being peaceful, do not restrain their own.

We informed Americans know exactly what these US totalitarian socialist fascists in control of government are up to. The problem is that Americans have been pandered for 100 years by leftist ideology, losing our way of freedom from government, honest money, honest markets, and our republic for which the Flag should stand, with nearly all having no living memory of freedom from government, hard money currency, and states rights, and now, most accept willingly our enslavement by government as tax mules, perpetual debtors and state dependents. Currently, the US Government is nearly completely dysfunctional, without proper direction and noble leadership, having lost its roots decades ago, and now, with an incompetent totalitarian socialist fascist in the White House, and increasing governmental enslavement of the people. This lost of noble way by the US is a direct result of political pandering leading to moral hazard extended into international politics.

Totalitarian socialism leads to inefficiencies, moral hazards, and a collapse of society as a whole, based upon its own absurdities. It is simply immoral for any government to take the hard earn wages of one man and give it to another, under the communist slogan of, from all according to their ability and to all according to their need. It has taken 100 years to pander the US citizen into believing wrongfully in a massive federal welfare state, that indirectly encourages US external interventions.


I have been to Ukraine, specifically Kharkov, Kiev, Chernivtsi and have been to Russia, Vladivostok a dozen times and have an understanding of Russian history and culture, as well as western and eastern Ukrainian culture. I once gave a lecture to military cadets on military science in Kharkov. I also gave lectures at DVGU Vladivostok on intellectual property rights as Russia enters fully world trade, and I have actually campaign on the streets of Vladivostok encouraging friendly US-Russian relations. About 1997, when Chechnia exploded, I was in Kharkov at the time, and understood very well ethnic Russians disgust with the violence in Chechnia. I recall the outrageous downing of airlines in Russia and the despicable slaughter of children in a Russian school. These acts of terrorism and rebellion are simply inexcusable of course. At that time, I recall sending the Kremlin a message, encouraging the Russian Military to go into Chechnia with a "Black Flag", taking no prisoners and putting down the rebellion and its Islamic terrorism, and six hours later, a news ticker on US FOX NEWS, indicated that President Putin said he would go into Chechnia with a "Black Flag", my message to the Kremlin apparently having been received and recited. Both the US and Russia have responded to acts of terrorism. In 1860, Russia was a dear friend of the US, and that relationship can and should be reinstated.

A Russian critic has been recently shot in Moscow. I recall a reporter some time back being murdered as well purportedly by the Russian government. Be it the annexation of Crimea, the MAL shoot down over Donetsk, critic assassinations, the perception by Americans of Russia is tarnished, emboldening US foreign policy to over reach with less than noble international means. Acting Ukrainian President has ordered security operation to resume, heating up cold war style spying and assassination. It appears that political assassinations are back in vogue. 1930s may repeat in more than one way with political assassinations, economic depression, currency wars, annexations, and military alignments.

On behalf of peace and freedom loving Americans, an apology is extended to Mr. Putin for the US President's exceedingly rude remarks of late. But, lets be fair, and recall the statement about US President Bush being a "maniac with razorblades". Exchanging childish insults has no place at the highest levels of government in international affairs. In such a state of international affairs, name calling is counter-productive, war may be immanent, people are dying in the Ukraine, and focus must be redirected towards civil solutions.

Common Russians, of course, blame the US for Russian economic problems of the late 20th century, rather than the economic inefficiencies and moral hazards innate in state controlled economies and socialism. The Kremlin can exploit these incorrect perception for popular support to feed war aims in Ukraine.


China has moved over the last several decades toward capitalistic markets even if now still largely controlled. The protests in Hong Kong is the rebellious nature of youth impatience for rapid democratic change. But, in time, much time, it will happen. China has opened up markets, enabling some economic free speech, and where there is some economic free speech, it will naturally grow leading eventually to political free speech. As China enters more commercial trade, it has acquired trillions of dollars of US bonds in its Foreign Exchange reserves. Hedging such bonds, in view of massive US QE, it is natural for China to procure gold bullion, now taking up the entire world gold production, with an estimated 5-10K tons of gold accumulated. The collapse of the US reserve currency status is a fore gone conclusion, and China is smartly positioning itself to survive the economic consequences. The Chinese RMB, presently, is unsuitable for becoming the world reserve currency, as it lacks a sufficient bond stack to absorb global wealth. There is only one other currency that can replace the FRN as the global reserve currency, the ultimate currency, and that is gold, repriced much higher upon a monetary reset, as the US FRN collapses in value through over printing through QE required to sustain the federal socialistic welfare state. There is nothing inherently wrong with China and Russia establishing international payment systems for trade settlement and regional currency swap facilities to facilitate international trade, as well as international funding banks. Until such collapse, Russia and China may engage currency war, by printing RMBs and Rubles, to counter US, EU and Japan QE.

There are growing number of peoples about the world understanding the dangers of global currency collapses of the currency wars, the 1930's version of the beggar thy neighbor. China and India cultures have a natural affinity toward bullion, but the Russians have entered gold buying as means to hedge against the FRN collapse as a protection against total anarchy as the fiat currencies collapse. This gold buying is a natural response to infinite QE required by massive deficits to fund the every growing federal welfare state. When the fiat currencies collapse, peoples will not trust IMF SDRs, another ponzi coupon, and thus gold is the only possible alternative to the collapsing FRN reserve currency. The basic problem is insolvency caused by funding requirements of the massive welfare state at the federal level as pandered by leftist political parties over the last 100 years.

European Union

Europe remains basically stagnant with its inherent inefficient socialism, and has compounded its problem through the established political and economic controls by a centralized unelected body. Due to insolvency, funding requirements of socialism, QE and monetary easing runs wild. Greece is now subject to additional bailouts, kicking-the-can to bond defaults as the interconnected banking domino risk banking derivative counter-party defaults that could collapse the global banking system. The EU is also bent on kicking-the-can as long as possible until all major paper currencies and international banking collapse as derivative losses explode, during a necessary bullion price reset.

Super Powers

The Russians are concerned with American military bases around the world and US control of the world money flows as a means to force Russia into complying with US foreign objectives, as the US is concerned with Russian support of militant nations and concerned with soviet-style territorial expansion. The dipole between the US and Russia, given the legacy of the cold war, is natural. China is more inwardly looking and generally avoids creating tensions more so than the Russians and US between themselves.


If Iran wants to pick a fight with the US, its easy, and here is how they can do exactly that. Tehran can get a couple hundred college girls in black uniforms lined up in parade in a military formation, and have them, in unison, swing their fists while screeching "Death to America", while supporting Muslim nations, for example Afghanistan, harboring terrorists, while recruiting a division of Iranian suicide bombers at the ready, concurrently having political heads of state proclaim wiping Israel off the Map and that the US is the Great Satan, while developing enriched uranium technology, while procuring advanced cruise missile technology, while developing intermediate range missile technology, and trust me, the neo-con core of the US Government will go super-nova with naval blockades and MOAB strikes on Iranian nuclear facilities and drone strikes on Iranian political heads of state. There is a loose screw in Tehran, as one should expect from any infantile democracy.

Teheran is much closer to Moscow than DC, and Russian support for Iran would seem foolish, until one recognizes the confrontational acts of US foreign policy world wide and the Russian perception of it. There is room for a peaceful resolution of the Iranian issue, and I have the plan, though the US state department seems to rely on its reserve currency tools and economic sanctions to perfect change, which encourages others to leave the SWIFT system all together. Hence, US foreign policy is self-defeating when economic sanctions are applied over the long term.


Syria has effectively a dictator that is sympathetic to terror groups, and thus a natural target of US interventions, as the US neo-cons seek to help liberate the Syrian people, whether they want it or not, now engaged in a rebellion. As Russia is a long time Syrian supporter, it is natural that Syria would raise tensions between the Russia and US during this rebellion that may increasingly turn into yet another proxy war. The use of WMD is inexcusable, and the WMD in Syria should have been destroyed in response to the phantom red line of BHO. If the WMD have been destroyed, the US should let the insurgents fight it out, without Russian support of the Syrian regime. Let Syria find its own way. To the extent that ISIS is in Syria, stand off strikes would seem a reasonable response by the US.


There is no Geneva convention protection for fighters out of uniform fighting for private international terrorist groups. Advanced nonlethal interrogation methods are suitable upon such individuals to reasonably fit the international outlaw circumstance. The US Senate should have declared war on international jihadist terrorists upon the WTC strike, but failed the US people. The jihadists imprisoned in Guantanamo should have tried for war crimes by military tribunal and if found guilty, hung or sentenced to hard labor, and if not found guilty, released, long ago. But when you have political correctness, of totalitarian socialism, cowardice mentalities run ramped in various disjointed quarters of the US Government, created in part by socialistic moral hazards, so that, there is no solution, and no progress in defeating international terrorism.

International Trade Settlements, IMF, BRICS Development Bank

The globe is dominated by the FRN dollar hegemony and its reserve currency status. The US uses its dollar reserve status modernly as an asymmetric tool in its foreign policy. In so doing, it relies upon its monstrous bond stack, supporting domestic socialism, and uses the SWIFT system as a sanction weapon against other nations who do not conduct themselves according to US desires. Iran is sanctioned for nuclear development and Russia is sanctioned for annexing Crimea. International powers who acquire US Bonds and use the dollar in their international trade place themselves in the cross-hairs of US foreign policy. The US controls the SWIFT system for international trade settlements and payments. The SWIFT system is combined with the IMF by the US to perfect not only their intended financial functions but to also perfect US foreign policy, thus the placement of foreign powers under US geopolitical pressure. Russia and China, in response, are developing respective trade settlement systems and the BRIC development bank so as to avoid being pressured by the US into US foreign policy objectives. The US controls the IMF in part to perfect US foreign policy. The BRIC development is becoming a modern alternative mostly supported by China and Russia as an international funding means and to avoid pressure from the US perfecting US foreign policy. There should be no inherent objection to Russia and China developing their own payment systems, currency swap facilities, and funding banks.


The US is fearful of the Russian bear expanding soviet style domination over territories and support of terror sponsoring nations, as the Russians are fearful of US global military might in every corner of the globe and US financial asymmetric warfare sanctions, and hence seeds of the modern post cold war tensions. The western Ukrainians, after a history of soviet domination, obviously started the conflict in Ukraine by ousting an elected president, rather than through civil impeachment for wrong doing if any. The US and Russian diplomatic corps did not seek jointly together to keep the elected president in power per noble democratic principles. The US foreign corps through malfeasance or nonfeasance did not seek to maintain democratic principles in Ukraine. The US did not act nobly. The Western Ukrainians took the law into their own hands.

The US had a civil war, where a portion of country up and left. That succession was not overwhelming approved by the US population as a whole. The Crimea vote, was not a vote of the whole Ukraine, by an overwhelming majority. I find fault with the Western Ukrainians for not following law, by over throwing an elected president, notwithstanding old resentments of soviet domination. Western Ukrainians should have had impeachment proceedings, and impeach the president civilly, and not at gun point. Donetsk, encouraged by Russia should not have engage in armed revolt. The US should not have been encouraging the Western Ukrainians. Crimea should not have had a vote for leaving Ukraine, unsanctioned by the whole. Russia should not have annexed Crimea into Russia.

Western Ukrainians started the mess in Ukraine and sowed the seed of rebellion, and Russia exploited that to annex the Crimea. What Russia did was not an international norm, and Russia sowed the seeds of intractable rebellion and long lived civil war in Ukraine. Russia should have known that annexing Crimea touched a US old sore spot of Soviet Expansion, and set into motion a counter sanction move by the US. There is plenty of blame to go around. US, Russia, Kiev, Crimea, Donetsk all made mistakes, and now, people die in the Ukraine. Now that all these players have got Ukraine into a mess, the question is what to do. Some creating thinking is needed, which I doubt will come from the US State Department. I believe I have a fair objective mind and skills, and can propose possible diplomatic solutions, if ask to do so by either the US or Russia. I stand ready, willing, and able.


There are reports surfacing that then Secretary of State H. Clinton had received money from a Ukrainian Oligarch. Ukrainian national treasure of 36 tons of gold mysteriously vanished, believed transported to the US by plane. The USA did nothing to prevent the outing of an elected president in Ukraine. Crimea voted for succession without a general Ukrainian election approving that succession. The US Senate has voted to provide arms to the Western Ukrainians in control of Kiev to put down the Eastern Ukrainian rebellion. Ukraine is now in civil war with Eastern Ukraine in rebellion to the regime in Kiev. Russia has annexed Crimea into the Russian Federation. Russia has threatened the placing of nuclear weapons in Crimea. President Obama has mobilized NATO armor racing to Eastern Europe in support of the Kiev Regime. The prospect of a NATO/Russian proxy war exists in the Ukraine. The situation in Ukraine is getting completely out of control.


Big Four Political Cultural Orientation

The US EU Russia China, the Big Four, have respective political and cultural Orientations that when understand can be engaged effectively for resolving world problems. But its first starts with understanding the respective people, their respective cultures and their respective government functions. When one understands these civil aspects, mutual respect, mutual cooperation and civil intercourse can be had. The political complex of the United States by and large does not understanding these civil aspect, and remains steadfastly US centric, under the self proclaim US exceptionalism, leading to military interventions and war, unfair international trade practices and asymmetric sanctioned warfare, disrespecting personal insults, international stalemates, and diminished global economic growth. I have such an understanding of global civil aspects, and would bring a new perspective the White House, one based upon unbiased, objective, fair and mutual respect in international intercourse and diplomacy, leading directly to reduced tensions and increase economic growth. Currently, there is a global currency war as nations print paper currency trying to stave off economic collapse. As the currency wars heat up, inflation is ravaging emerging market economies leading to the move of currencies to the US dollar strengthening consequently.


The US political complex is driven by two pandering political machines, one the totalitarian socialistic fascist proposer and the other the enabler. These parties have by and large locked up the voting booth. For all practical long term consideration, they are effectively one. American are culturally eternal optimists, believing in, yet not modernly practicing founding father principles and capitalism supported by a moral culture. Some tend to think that the US is exceptional among nations and project this exceptionalism into foreign affairs, with military interventions if necessary, attempting to change the world according to American ideals long lost over the last 100 years. With open and free trade without a balance trade and destroyed the American manufacturing base, which is the real engine of wealth creation. The US has suffered years of economic stagnation, brought on in part by FED led transfers of wealth from the middle and poor classes to the top 1% through TARP TWIST ZIRP QE FED policies, trade imbalances, and the massive unconstitutional welfare state. The national debt is unserviceable. FED money printing attempt to forestall the inevitable economic collapse. The US government is insolvent. The FED is insolvent. The major US banks are insolvent. Wall Street through corruption controls the US government and the FED.


The European Zone is primarily lead by unelected totalitarian socialistic fascists. The Troika (EU ECB IMF) is extending QE and bail out management trying to forestall an inevitable economic collapse. For example, Greece is now at the limit of its insolvency, with a GREXIT now pending. Political shifts are occurring in the UK and France more particularly away from the EU, as the PIIGS nations suffer from overwhelming insolvency. The Eurozone financial state is inherently flawed without central control over the finances of the individual member states. The EU seeks expanded trade, particularly Germany with attractions toward the Euraisazone for sustained commerce with Russia and China, though being restrained by the US foreign policy, brought to the forefront by the civil war in Ukraine and the economic sanctions on Russia for annexting the Crimea. The EU comprise socialistic leaning populations through centuries of social class economic immobility.


Russia internal culture is well use to strong man rule, from the days of Ivan the Terrible to the modern Soviet Politburo. Russians generally feel comfortable with President Putin's strong man rule. Russia's government suffers from a legacy of the Soviet imperial territorial imperialism, and evinced by territorial gains in Georgia and Ukraine, as indicated by planting a Russian flag in the Arctic. Russia has become more democratic over the last few decades, though till has problems with free speech and press, as indicated by reports of anti-government reporter and politician deaths. Russian oligarchs play a role in assisting the Russian government. Russia is becoming more capitalistic and free, and has fully engaged in world trade particularly having an energy empire rivaling OPEC. Currently, Russia is attempting to avoid US sanction through AIIB BRICS banks fund and development and the use of alternative currency transfer and swap facilities in international trade. Russia clearly understand the FED lead debasement of the US dollar global hegemony and petro dollar, and is selling forex reserve US Treasuries and is buying gold in preparation for the inevitable collapse of the US dollar.


Culturally, China is an inwardly looking country with large areas of distinct ethnics groups, for example the Tibetans in the south the Muslim in the west, and are focused on keeping China integrated, and thus the political moves in Tibet. China seek control over its people through communications censorship and totalitarian political controls. China has a one party system, the communist party. There is debate within the communist party providing new approaches to modern governance. China has over recent decades become capitalistic in domestic and foreign commerce, aided in large measure by US open trade and trade imbalances. China is generally not imperialistic, but did respond to foreign entanglement in the Korean War and the Vietnam war, both juxtaposed China. China is out circumnavigating the globe looking to buy resources to fuel its growing economy. China is generally not a driver in international politics, looking more inward than outward.


By and large there is little difference in practical effect of the Big Four, be it the US political lock up of the two pandering political machines, Russia strong man rule with open political dissent, EU totalitarian dictates with political free expression, or debates within the core of the China's communist party. The US is generally apprehensive the territorial imperialism of Russia and the communist title of China's communist party, stemming from the era of Soviet domination of Eastern Europe and China support of North Korea and Vietnam, both age old, but lingering in minds of Americans, with some residual justification, but by and large, the BIG FOUR has respective governments matching their respective cultures. Russia and China are apprehensive of US global military might. The US is apprehensive of Russian territorial imperialism. All four are now engaged in currency war, with the Japanese going all in with its brand of QE. All of the four seek improved prosperity from a self-centered perspective. The currency war is destroying international trade as evinced by the Baltic Dry Ice Index. Russia and China are selling US Treasuries and buying gold in preparation for the global collapse of fiat currencies. With all print fiat currency with abandon, only Russia, China and India are serious buyers of gold bullion in preparation for the coming global collapse of fiat currencies.

With each of the BIG FOUR having respective governments and cultures, and all seeking improved international trade, there is room for cooperation by the BIG FOUR to resolve disputes about the globe. Trust is a difficult thing to build when there are self-centered governments. The main opposition today is between the US and Russia. The US needs to relax from it exceptionalistic military interventions. Russia needs to relax from its territorial imperialism. All four need to stop the currency war and become fiscally sound with pay go fiscal budgets.

The big four can cooperate together to solve world problems. The US can take the lead fighting terrorist and keeping the air and sea lanes open for international trade. Russia can extent energy delivery into the EU and China and can lead in resolving middle east tensions. China can lead in resolving territorial disputes, reunification of Korea, and setting up competitive global funding and development banks. The EU can cement the Eurasia trade zone and work with US, Russia and China for increase global free, fair and balanced trade. There is plenty of opportunity for the BIG FOUR to cooperate together and resolve global disputes and tension. The US could go along way in reaching the end by dismissing age old fear of Russian Imperialism and Chinese Communism and work with these two primarily for a much better global community for improved international peace and prosperity.

World Peace Tour

Russian Consulate,
San Francisco, California, USA
Drazyuviecha, moya drookie.

I am running for US President 2016, though my chances now are nearly nil. A formal trip now to visit the Kremlin may jump start my campaign. I have been to Russia 12 times, and Ukraine a few times. I believe my presidency would serve world peace, and greatly improve US-Russian relations. The Kremlin would enjoy an unbiased fair American at the US Presidency , who understands the world, to serve world peace, and improve international relations. I have ideas and rationales for resolving the conflict in Ukraine. I would be most receptive to Russian financial assistance, a Russian diplomatic passport, and an invitation at this time to visit Mr Putin in Moscow to further these objectives.

Very Truly Yours
Derrick Michael Reid BS JD, engineer, lawyer, military scientist,
bullion market analyst, geopolitical analyst, 2016 presidential candidate.

Strategic Political Assault Plan

Set of writings have been posted in this face book political blog.
Peace world tour, Putin/Kremlin Keqiang/Bejing Farage/England

@hujintao China!! help me please, peace world tour, Putin/Kremlin, Keqiang/Bejing Farage/England

@KremlinRussia_E ROOSIA help me please, peace world tour, Putin/Kremlin, Keqiang/Bejing Farage/England

@ukip, IP help me please, peace world tour, Putin/Kremlin, Keqiang/Bejing Farage/England

Libereens, before we take down the DEMs and REPs, and position ourselves at the head of the Libertarians, we 1st rally the foreign legions. The libereen foreign legions include EU Russia and China strategic political supports. Libereens, after capturing the libertarian ticket, we then take down the DEMs and REPs in a grand slam sweep. So, the Presidential assault plan is 1) obtain global recognition, 2) capture libertarian ticket, and 3) take down the DEMs/REPs winning the Presidency, ending 100 years of domestic strife, political pandering, bastardization of the US constitution, and exceptionalism foreign wars.


World Peace Tour

President Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin
Prime Minister Dmitry Anatolyevich Medvedev
Russian Federation, Moscow, Kremlin

Foreign Minister Sergey Viktorovich Lavrov
USA Russian Embassy, Washington DC

Russian Consulate
Consulate General Sergey V. Petrov
San Francisco California USA

Premier Li Keqiang
Ambassador Zhang Qiyue
Peoples Republic of China
New York New York USA Embassy

Candidate Nigel Paul Farage
United Kingdom Independent Party
United Kingdom, England, London

President Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin

In Re: Request for an Invitation to Visit Moscow


Rarely in a life time does an opportunity come to a world leader to rise atop a mountain of world leaders and become immortal for all time. I herein offer you such an opportunity, to step outside yourself and become remembered for all time during the ascent of man, as a world class leader promoting world peace, mutual respect, and economic growth, in these current days of international mistrust, global conflicts and economic failures.

When the US Attorney General indicated that the criminal banking elite of Wall Street New York were To-Big-To-Fail and To-Big-To-Jail in combination with rebellion in Ukraine, I was stirred out of five years of retirement to do my duty. First, I wrote a legal plan to enjoin criminal activity by the Bullion Banks in the COMEX bullion space, and then, I devised a plan to become president of the USA to fix problems here in the US. I am an announced candidate for the US Presidency in 2016 hoping to be nominated next year by the US Libertarian Party. This is why I am writing you now.

I am politically an unknown, though known, a little, in some circles. I have been published around the world, writing hundreds of bullion, financial markets, and political memorandum. I have been to Russia twelve times and to Ukraine a couple of times. My wife and two boys were born in Russia and carry US and Russian passports and dual citizenship, and I have a distant cousin in law who is a colonel in the Russian Military. Jesus does not care about money, and neither do I, as I have lived very poorly over the last five years, in a quiet obscure life style, as that has been preferred, but now is the time for me to take command of US domestic affairs with an eye toward civil intercourse among all nations.

The US Democrat Party and US Republican Party have locked up the US political complex for a hundred years, and have devolved into selfish pandering political machines for purely cementing political power, failing the country and us Americans time and again. I possess the qualifications and capabilities to intellectually ruin in civil debate any of their candidates, in no uncertain terms, with solid plans to recover the US and world economies. Please note the Baltic Dry Ice Index, the US labor participation rate, and the use of US dollar hegemony as an asymmetric warfare weapon. I do not believe in the neoconservative exceptionism that motivates US military interventions and unfair trade practices, but rather seek world mutual respect and understanding with the primary objective of resolving disputes such as in Ukraine now, and others globally. If you, President Putin, seek world peace, mutual respect among nations, cooperative fair international trade, and increased global economic wealth creation, you would have a friend in me in the US White House.

I have no fear of the Russian Bear or the Chinese Communists, and respect their cultures, and regret that there has been confrontations with the US. The EU to this day follows by and large the US lead in international affairs and the two are designated as the West, whereas, Russia and China, designated as the East, have become much closer friends in trade and mutual respect. At times, there is much East-West confrontation, led in part by US interventions. I seek to unite the BIG FOUR, Russia, China, EU and USA as a solitary core, uniting East and West for common cause for furthering world peace, mutual respect, increased trade and global economic growth. This could be a new day for the world, and, you, President Putin, are the indispensable key to that world vision.

The US Libertarian Party is registered in all fifty US states suitable for fielding a viable candidate for the US presidency, and I am politically aligned as registered Libertarian in California USA. The Libertarian Party is based on empty platitudes with no real plans of fixing problems in the US or solid plans for politically capturing the White House, whereas, I have specific political plans, defined objectives with particular operational plans. If I could become known, I would be invited to address Libertarian conventions, and would most certainly secure the nomination for the US presidency for the Libertarian Party, and then most assuredly defeat Democrat and Republican party opponents. Thus, once becoming publicly known, the White House presidency would be easily captured. In planning and thinking things through, in view of my personal financial limitations and obscurity, the easiest and most effective route would be for me to take a "Peace World Tour" to become publicly known. This is where you, Mr. Li of China, and Mr. Farage of the United Kingdom come into view. You, President Putin would be the first stop, and if you agreed to meet me, that would in advance, encourage Mr. Li and Mr. Farage to meet me as well. Thus, President Putin, you are key, to that world vision. No one in this world could immediately provide me such exposure, and frankly, it is the only practicable way I could gain such exposure, and thus capture the White House, to further that world vision.

Traditionally, candidates for the US presidency, during campaigns, have visited Western European heads of state, playing it politically safe. I am a bold person and think always outside the norm. As a US presidential candidate, I would seek to visit Russia and China. I am politically aligned with Mr. Farage of the UKIP party, and visiting him would be a third sought after meeting. Each of these meetings would be very short in duration, and one hour seems sufficient. A short 15 minute formal press conference would be desired, where a few minute motion camera clip would be generated for world wide release. I of course would be humble, respectful, and only say polite things, and such a clip would be released to the public only upon approval of the inviting host. A short news reporter interview outside the Kremlin Moscow, Tienanmen Square Beijing, and Big Ben London would be also desirable. The news releases and interviews would go public and that would be a great surprise to Americans in the USA, and hence, the sought after publicity secured.

So, that is the plan, and the proposal. World peace, mutual understanding, international respect, and increased economic trade and prosperity hangs precariously in the balance. You, President Putin, are key to this plan. It is your decision of course, I can only humbly ask. Please kindly advise.

Most Respectfully,

Derrick Michael Reid BS JD, engineer, lawyer, military scientist, bullion market analyst, geopolitical analyst, 2016 presidential candidate.

BRICS Bank, AIIB Bank, Currency Transfers and Swap Facilities

There is absolutely nothing inherently wrong with competition in global funding and international currency flows. The US government don't get that being US centric and desperately holds on to monopolistic controls of international currency flows that are use as asymmetric trade warfare tools applied to those countries who do not submit to US foreign policy objectives as unfair international trade practices, under the pretense of US exceptionalism and the neoconservative my-way-or-the-highway style of US international diplomacy, which is nothing less than international trade extortion.

Russia and China now lead a global consortium of 140 nations trying to avoid US-centric "petro-dollar" world reserve currency based sanctions employed by the US as an asymmetric warfare means to force other nations into compliance with US foreign policy objectives. US has already lost the sanctions war, deals in Ukriane, and in Iran, and the state department dont even know it, as they have NO CLUE.

This directly relates to the Ukraine rebellion and Iran newk negotiations. What’s so great about the new Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank? Fairness in international funding, currency xfers, currency swaps, competition in finance. The US should join AIIB and have influence there, rather than stifle international funding with exclusive US financial systems, including IMF, World Bank and SWIFT. And the demise of using dollar hegemony & US bond stacks in forex, as an unfair asymmetric tool extending US foreign policy. Russia and China have a legitimate complaint, as sanctions are employed using dollar hegemony and /treasuries through sanctions to force them to comply with US unilateral foreign policies.

But sanctions are counter-productive, hence the BRICS bank, AIIB, chinese currency xfers EU hubs, chinese swap facilities. The knucklehead at state have no clue of course. So, AIIB is created from push back against Kissinger so-called "petro-dollar" and US asymmetric sanction tool,natural result. Combine Kissenger's petro-dollar, financial sanctions at state, and US welfare state created bond stack, and AIIB result. State dept working on the Iran deal, when the most indispensable party aint even at the table, so, it go no where, or a cave in, and with political needs for a deal, any kind of deal, to save face, odds are we get a cave in deal, if any. Why would Russia help the US when HRC started war in Ukrain and the US then applied sanctions?

Bond stack is a stack of government bonds. To absorb the world wealth in a financial instrument, many countries buy US treasuries, that is, US bonds, and these US bonds are recorded in a country's forex (foreign exchange account). The US, with a national debt of 18 trillion dollars has the largest bond stack, and can absorb wealth from around the world. This huge number of bonds is called a bond stack. It places other countries who buy US bond at the mercy of the FED policy, because as the FED prints money by QE, it weaken the dollar, and thereby weakens the bond value. To hedge against this deterioration of the bond value, countries like China and Russia are buying gold, they are also selling their US bonds in their bond stack. The US uses it control of the swift system for money transfers and its bond stack to apply sanctions against countries, such as Iran and Russia. This is why China and Russia are creating their own currency transfer systems, currency swap facilities, funding bank and development bank, to get out from under US control of money flows to avoid using their wealth as an instrument of US foreign policy, that they may not agree with. Thus, the US uses the "petro dollar" (dollar use to buy oil), its SWIFT money transfer system, and it bond stack to collect wealth from around the world, and then unfairly uses it "reserve currency status" as an asymmetric warfare tool to force other nations, eg Russia Iran, to comply with US foreign objectives.

Pandering Political Machines

The political panderers know a voting block when they see one. Both the DEMs and REPs have devolved into pandering political machines, enticing people to vote for their respective political party, consistent with voters' predisposed bias, or examples, through the lure of promised government largess for the DEMs or the promise of minimal taxation by the REPs, and not for the good of the country, to selfishly cement political power. Its all about cementing political power, of the party, by the party, and for the party. Gay activists, women activists, socialists, collectivists, progressives, fiat monetarists, isolationists and doves are generally pandered by the DEMs, and, believers, gun owners, capitalists, individualists, conservatives, real monetarists, globalizers, and hawks are generally pandered by the REPs, by and large. Lets be honest and call it like it really is. In so pandering, by vociferous demagoguery, in desperate search of votes for cementing political power, the DEMs and REPs stir up public contempt and strife between opposing groups, contrary to the purpose of the US Constitution to promote domestic tranquility.

DNC/RNC political pandering machines destroy "Domestic Tranquility". Some denounce Indiana religious freedom law and stir up a frenzy. This frenzy is by those seeking tolerance intolerantly? You earn respect and tolerance by respecting & tolerating others, not by taking it, not by demanding, and not by pandering it. Carly needs to get it, that is the DEM/REP political pandering machines that cause contempt in citizens, not domestic tranquility. But then what do you expect from just another political panderer, out selfishly for cementing political power? You don't pander for selfish political power "rallying bases", you rally votes for good of country by the numbers, constitution and republic.

Over last 100 years, the US political complex has morphed into binary political pandering machines, for cementing political power, and not the good of country. One hundred years of DNC/RNC selfish political pandering has had accumulative effects. If democracy and rights are to be respected, gays should support IN law, because in so doing, they protect their rights to be respected. Americans have lost founding father roots, now whipped sawed by the two pandering political machines, causing conflict and contempt, nation wide.

Respect and tolerance is earned, not taken, not demanded, and not achieved through clear duplicity of the pandered seeking tolerance. The IN right to fire right to refuse draws in the pandered. Protesters dont respect constitution, states rights, republic, the vote, or others. Its all about them as politically pandered. They screech Bigotry,! disrespecting others, while seeking respect. THE DUPLICITY of it all. Protestors apparently in front of staged federal building are tools of the political pandering machine cementing political power. It is so damn queer, demanding tolerance and respect, intolerantly and disrespectfully of others. Gays should be allow to enter any establish, and shop, without pushing their life styles intolerantly on shop keeps and workers. Pandered people are most confused. They dont get it. They are stirred by political panderers to be intolerant and disrespectful of others purportedly seeking tolerance and respect.

State Law and States Rights v Constitution and Republic

States rights allow local voters to decide. IN and AR have spoken. If state law prohibits refusal to serve, religious people should respect law. Freedom of religion does not extend into work place or restaurant services rather, states rights may social engineer in the work place and restaurants. It is not really a religious freedom to serve, refuse, hire or fire, but more republic states rights.

Panderers call it a religious right to pander the religious voting block. Supreme court should read the amendments again, and stop making stuff up through judicial fiat. People are defined by gender, race, creed, origin per constitutional amendment. We all might be more pleased than, pandering DEMs, if gays respect those of faith. God might be more pleased than pandering REPs for Christian tolerance. It is political DEMs pandering of gays and REPs pandering those of faith, that causes conflict and diminishes domestic tranquility.

Some states have work place gay equal protection, under states rights. If states vote for gay equal protection, it should be respected by those of faith. If states voters approve of right to serve or fire, it should be respected by gays. States may social engineer, but not the federal government. States may extend equal protection to gays, or may codify rights to fire and serve, but not at the federal level, as the constitution prohibits RACE-CREED-ORIGIN-GENDER discrimination, and that is all. Panderers seek to change law for protecting gay homosexual preference. The supreme court just makes up equal protection extension. The elitists make up new justifications when gay activism is the root of intolerance and disrespect, and counter productive to acceptance, but don't tell the political panderers.

Service providers can refuse service, its a right to be respected. Conflict results more from pandering political machines to secure voting blocks. Tolerance and acceptance dose not mean Christians must abandon faith either. Freedom to boycott, shop, fire, quit, hire and fire is freedom of choice, as states decides, and state laws of states rights should be respected.

Right to fire or serve is freedom of associate-religion-contract under states rights. If gays can respect others rights, they gain tolerance and acceptance. States rights can social engineer under the republic as reserved under the constitution. The federal government dose not have right to social engineer. The two pandering political machines pander voting blocks to selfishly cement political power, as such, gays are tools, and are played, and Christians are tools, and are played. Rights to boycott, shop, hire, fire, serve, refuse, apply, quit are all personal economic rights that may be altered at the state level for social engineering under states rights reserved constitution powers, but not at the federal government level in the republic.

How do gays expect to gain respect and tolerance when they target children who's parents are charged with responsibility of raising their children, when they try to push gay teachings onto children, such as promoting unisex bathrooms in elementary schools, or, such as, trying to push overtly gays in the Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts? If you can not define reasonable practicable outer bounds to liberty, then there is no such thing as liberty.

Federal Constitution equal protection is defined by amendments and is limited to Gender-Race-Origin-Creed, all else is political pandering at the federal level. When pandering political machines rally their respective bases, societal conflict and contempt results, as "domestic-tranquility" is destroyed by two pandering political machines. Americans have lost founding father roots, now whipped sawed by the two pandering political machines, causing nation wide conflict and contempt.

If democracy rights are two be respected, gays and Christina should support IN law, as well as CA law, because in so doing, they protect their rights and earn respect and tolerance. One hundred years of DNC/RNC selfish political pandering has had accumulative effects. Over last 100 years, US political complex has morphed into binary political pandering machines, for selfishly cementing power, irrespective of being good of country. People vote for the good of themselves, and not for the good of the country. Political parties should not pander for selfish political power by "rallying bases", but should rally votes for the good of country and done so by the numbers, constitution and republic. When folks are locked into positions, as pandered, their bias permeates their thought and speech, and are easy to identify. One means for the DEMs and REPs to cement political power is, is to pander voting blocks, that is, to rally their bases. Liberty is great, but there is always a responsible outer bound event horizon reasonably containing.

What this IN boycott is, is push back, stirred up by a pandering political machine to excite pandered zealots seeking rights through intolerance. If intolerant gays have right to boycott and quit, employers and providers should have right to fire and refuse. In order for gays to gain respect and tolerance, its starts off with respect and tolerance for others. Contempt resides in the citizenry. Disrespectful and intolerant unilateral perspectives unfortunately cause social conflict, and gay and religious zealots concerned about rights are stirred up and promoted by the two pandering political machines.

Employers and providers have decreased freedoms when rights to refuse or fire are diminished by gays seeking tolerance intolerantly. And instead of respecting others rights, the gay activist try to shut down business, seeking tolerance intolerantly. Service providers have long used "We reserve right to refuse service to anyone". When gays cant respect others rights, they deserve no respect in return. Its damn queer those seeking tolerance intolerantly. Providers could post a sign, "We retain the right to refuse service to anyone, including those seeking tolerance intolerantly."

Gay and religious expectations as stirred up by the two political pandering machines. Providers have right to refuse service, except when gays activists are involved, apparently. So how did gays get such special treatment, under law? Exercising rights to fire, refuse, employ, quit, boycott and shop are economic decisions, liberties and freedoms that all employers, providers, workers, and buyers should have for increased personal liberty and freedoms from government. Thus, libertarians should naturally support states rights accordingly.

Panderers and the Pandered

What does medicare have to do with constitution and and republic for which the flag should stand? Answer is none, its a product of political pandering.

Definition. Pandering: Promising unlawful goodies by DEMs/REPs to secure voting blocks for selfishly cementing political power.

And yes, I view DEMs/REPs political leaders as selfish children, if you can see the big picture for what it really is. The DNC/RNC are pandering political machines. DEMs and REPs need each other, to create divisive political dipoles for securing pandered voting blocks, the US political ying/yang.

The supreme courts with its judicial fiat, DNC/RNC with their political pandering locking up the voting process and political power, and the wall street banksters and the undue influence combine as an evil empire slowly concentrating totalitarian socialistic fascist power in DC enslaving us Americans as tax mules, perpetual debtors or state dependents with 50millons on food assistance, with 100m on government assistance, with a falling labor participation rate.

Pandering has three shades, take-away, recapture, adding of rights, the later by Judicial fiat violating the constitution, with Make It Up stuff. Black, Brown, White, Gay, Guns, we want our rights, say the screeching mobs, rallied by political heads, divisiveness glorified. Some go to far: smear merchants, hatchetmen, gotcha pundits, hackers, move-on extortionists, slime balls, rallied by the political dipole. Glorification of divisiveness is code speak for rallying the base, as the panderers marshal their troops for country wide conflict and confrontation. Affirmative Action NAACP, race baiting black caucus DEMs, get to the back of the line REPs, they are so easy to spot, the panderers in public. Its not about securing Domestic Tranquility per constitution, its about selfish cementing of political power, panderers worshiped by hypnotized zealots. Panderers dare not resolve significant issues, less they loose their base, immigration unsolved, US with 2nd class peoples, simply appalling in USA.

Manipulated and Pandered electorate generally clueless, as to basis, but, "we want our rights", screech the fervent throngs and political hacks. But the pandered, incited for selfish political gain, fervent throngs, street screechers, egg throwers, are easily identified. The pandered electorate are identified by street parlance, words as "advancement" and "compassion" and "Line in the Sand" politics. You can spot them easy, panderers and the pandered. I will have any DEM/REP for lunch, I know what they truly are, inherently selfish. The pandering political machines, rally their bases. Knowing what they are, and how they operation, I will rip their lungs out in debate.

The Voting Booth has substantially effectively been in a 100 year lock down.
When will the 100 years of bickering rancor and political pandering end?

You can pin a trunk on a donkey, but its still an ass.

The DEMs and REPs are effectively on the same side using the same method to cement political power, thereby locking up the voting booth, and have done so for the last 100 years.

The DEMS are the totalitarian socialistic fascist proposers and the REPS are the totalitarian socialistic fascit enablers, the cave in party, both pandering the voters, to rally respective voting blocks, to vote, not for the good of country, but for the good of the polical party.

The consequence of this is not only locking up the voting booth, but also creating contempt and conflict in the citizens, contrary to insuring "domestic tranquility".

DEMs: Republican presidential candidate Carly Fiorina laid off 30,000 employees as CEO of HP. DEMs, heads up, laying off will be bigger than ever, with BHO's economy collapsing and failed policies. So, where is the blame, a CEO doing the job, or government policies? Are you democrats really that ignorant, or is it just political pandering to cement political power? That is not a difficult question. Any DEM who wants a female president, rather than the best president, exhibits the height of sexism. DUPLICITY ANY ONE? But dont feel bad DEMs, the REP pandering is just as obscene, to (you guessed it) cement political power. For the political complex, its not about the USA, prosperity, or freedoms, its all about pandering for political power.

Americana Liberalism

The liberal complex, including politicians, media, and banker corporate campaign funding spreads corruption, economic devastation, and war nationally and globally. It has to do with nested feedback loops through compassionate pandering to means for sustaining. This will be done, turning the most complex into the simplicity, so that all may follow sound reasoning, a Derrick strength.

Kissinger did more to further the cause of Totalitarian Socialistic Fascism in the US than 10,000 leftist political panderers. Now, connect the dots.

As one person said in about 1972, "follow the money".

So, in 1971 US President Nixon "closed the gold window", meaning that, foreign Central Banks could no longer bring their fiat FRNs to the Treasury and exchange their FRNs for US gold bullion, thereby making the FRNs a floating fiat currency, that are now completely irredeemable ponzi coupons, while knowing that all 600 fiat currency throughout mankind have failed, with an average of lasting a mere 40, the US FRN as survived longer than it should because of three main reasons, 1) the US military dominance as only super power, 2) the monstrous US treasury BOND STACK, and 3) SWIFT control over international money flows.

Modernly, there are two primary means for foreign countries to conveniently place US treasury bonds, as wealth holdings, in their central bank forex reserves, and they are 1) the sell of oil, primarily the Saudies, and 2) cheap labor goods out of China. The use of the term "PETRO DOLLAR" is inaccurate, because it really has to do generally with foreign goods/services balance of trade deficits, but oil was first realized as the primary initial driver to global foreign forex reserves of US bonds accumulations, eg, China 1.2T$, Japan 1.1T$, Russia 0.5T$.

So, in the early 1970s, Kissinger may a pact with the Saudies, that the US gunboats would protect Saudi Arabia if Saudi Arabia would price their oil in US dollars, hence, The Petro Dollar. With the establishment of the SWIFT money transfers, foreigner, could take their dollar buy oil as needed, and those with current account surpluses could take their dollar and buy US Treasuries, US BONDS. The US totalitarian socialistic state expanded over the years, particularly with LBJ's corrupt society, creating fiscal deficits, to where, modernly there is an 18T$ national debt, creating a huge monstrous bond stack, for parking cash in foreign forex reserves. Thus, the Petro Dollar and SWIFT currency transfer system, enables foreigners to fund the US federal welfare state and US industrial military complex. With the SWIFT system being the primary means for international money flow, the SWIFT system is now used as a means for imposing sanctions on countries who do not comply with US foreign policy objective. Thus, an asymmetric warfare weapon and used. The US seeks to maintain dollar reserve currency status, the petrol dollar, and its asymmetric financial warfare tools to project US influence and for funding the massive US Welfare state. Those who seek to break this unfair means of projecting US influence, by using another currency for international trade settlement, place themselves in the cross-hairs of US foreign policy, hence, the blow back from Russia and China of late, and the creation of alternative money transfer systems (Ruble & RMB), currency swap facilities (RMB) and development banks, AIIB & BRICS.

The procurement of foreigners of US treasuries, through dollar global hegemony, SWIFT currency transfer system, and monstrous US bond stack, has enable the US to deficit spend and thereby fund the obscene US federal welfare state. Kissinger's play on the Saudies in the early 1970s, creating the Petro Dollar, has directly lead to the obscene federal welfare state, promoted by leftist political ideology, as a totalitarian means of enslaving Americans as state dependents through moral hazards innate, to where 50 millions of my countrymen are on federal food assistance, and that is nothing less than appalling.

Richard Nixon in 1971 closed the gold window in that foreign countries could no longer exchange their paper dollars (FRNs) for gold. US had 20,000 tons of gold by the end of WWII and the US sat alone atop the global economic and financial pyramid. Of course, FDR stole the peoples gold and made it illegal to own the stuff, in one of the earliest examples of government Financial Repression. WE ALL GET THAT!

A purported conservative, why would TrickyDick take the US off the gold standard, moving the US to a floating paper currency, (that aint worth a continental) exporting inflation abroad and at home leading to the inflation rise of the 1970s that was terminated in 1980 with draconian super high interest rates? The US purports to currently have about 8,000 tons left, and realizing the drain of THE ULTIMATE STORE OF WEALTH, and the ULTIMATE EXTINGUISHER OF DEBT, perhaps TrickyDick was simply just afraid of the US losing its last financial treasure. We just don’t know, or at least I don’t. But we can have fun with speculation. He may have been just that, TrickyDick. Lets run it down.

Bill Murphy and Chris Powell, of GATA, the Gold Anti-trust Action Committee claims that 2/3 of the US gold reserve has been sold, leased, loaned out, through accounting trickery, as part of the US government attempt to keep the dollar appearing strong, and yet, Rep Ron Paul, TX can not force an audit of the US gold reserves. GATA seek freedom of information, but gets stiffed by the Federalies all the time. That audit wont happen, less panic set in immediately, and in these days of Management of Perspective Economics (MOPE), both political parties wont go there and be honest with the people. But for the sake of discussion, let just buy it, that the US actually does have 8000 tons of gold. Using fractional gold banking, the gold reserves can be leased out with a leverage of 100 to 1, thereby providing means for JPM et al of the Gold Cartel to short bullion criminally on the NY COMEX exchange, in addition to using Naked Short futures to manipulate bullion prices in conspiracy with the FED and ESF, to maintain the illusion of a strong dollar, to keep the FRN ponzi scheme alive.

The US nation debt was growing then as now, and is on the exponential curve up. With recent QE to insanity, the fiscal cliff, the insatiable deficits, the path to economic collapse has been laid. Don’t fight the FED, they are bent on destroying the last 1% left of value of the US dollar since the creation of the FED. They target inflation, so as to reduce the real value of debt, a fool's errant when the deficit grow each year by leaps and bounds.

I am habitually amused by all these scardy cats saying that we have left this debt to our grandchildren to pay. The folly there is that it suggests that the national debt will be paid back. It aint going to happen, the national debt will never be paid off, so stop the blather. The national debt is used by the banksters to keep the Nation enslaved, just like the 30 year mortgage that we all are so eager to refinance time and again. The politicians, both REP and DEM, will see to it that deficits are maintained as part of the federalies' power grab, to tax and spend, take and give, inflate and rob, incentivize and control, and socialize and corrupt. It wont stop either, in our totalitarian democracy, where plenary power is concentrated in DC.

QE3 has to be one of the most irresponsible things I have ever witnessed in my life!! Our future generations have just been sold out! Some know where QE to insanity will take us all, ruination and economic implosion. Sure, many flunk history, and have to repeat, as does history, and but that does not mean we give up on the whole, to re-learn the lessons of 1) Limited Federal Government, 2) Gold and Silver Legal Tender, 3) A republic of sovereign states, 4) Free markets, and 5) personal liberties and freedoms from government.

When past the point of no return, be done with it, already. Have faith, my new friends, that the US government will continue to do the same wrong stupid things, enslaving us all as tax mules or dependents, for the phoenix WILL RISE to right wrongs of 110 years of leftist political pandering, judicial corruption, and legislative impracticalities. The system needs flushing. Sorry turds, but hanging in there expecting a different result from minor 4 years presidential adjustments, is near insanity. Im just more realistic than most and want to accelerate the rise from the ashes, and will surely vote BHO to get us back to the promise land just a tad quicker.

We can wipe out the national debt TOMORROW, and regain freedom from government. We can transfer all federal social programs at the Federal level to the states, TOMORROW, and restore the republic. We can abolish the FED and fiat paper money, TOMORROW, and restore honest money.

We CAN do these things overnight. We collectively simply lack the political will to do so, and just need a huge kick in the pants. Human nature, our individual greedy devils and compassionate angels, and market forces will regressively return us all to the day of our past glory where the republic and self reliant hearts were strong. Have Faith. I thought phoenix would come by 2035, but now believe this decade may see long sought after changes. Keep the faith.

I for one, want my freedom back from the federalies, but realize the cementing of totalitarian rule in DC, through 110 years of leftist political pandering in the US, vote for me and I'll give you goodies, that change will not occur, until an implosion requires us all to rethink the folly of centralize government control, again. Unless there is an monstrous economic implosion, and one is now certain, to where the US pumps out worthless paper money to the 47% on the government take, the system is locked. That is the simple truth and plain reality of our day, as we live in lock down by the federalies, enslaved as tax mules or dependents.

But we can and WILL rise from the ashes. Just have faith that the US Government will continue its insanity until the phoenix rises again, and we all can be free again, free again, praise GOD Almighty, we all will be free again.

Eliminating the National Debt is easy to do, but beware, the Banksters, enabling the fascist lock on DC politics will oppose it, until riots erupt, and many of them are simply hanged in the street as the selfish pigs they, and their Wall Street goons, GoldmanSucks and JPManipulators truly are.

Back to Nixon. The national debt can be wiped out tomorrow. Of the 600 fiat currencies used heretofore throughout the ascent of the man, ALL have eventually failed due to governments attempt to control, by debasing the currency employed. There is nothing really new here. The tried and true means to recover from a fiat currency collapse is a reboot through the use of real money, gold and silver.

By retaining a gold hoard, and inflating the paper dollar away, the US can become back on top. China knows this. If GATA is correct that the US does not have all the gold it claims, then James G Rickards may not be correct, that US will be financial rulers based upon its gold hoard, China and the US will be on par, with papa bear peddling to catch up as fast as he can.

"In the event of an intentional or unintentional collapse of fiat moneys, the USA and her Anglo sisters would certainly survive a global fiat collapse better than most. While wars are often used to place an aggressor nation above others in power, control, influence, and wealth, the current progress of human cultural evolution is to avoid wars were possible and cooperate together for the common good. It seems then, that an alternative to war has been found, this time around, as the Anglo world could do the same by placing itself as the financial rulers of the world in a globalized world economy, in a war free global community, without firing a shot, by simply collapsing the FRN through uncontrolled fiat money printing while retaining backup real gold and silver coinage sustained production."

As hot wars and paper money transit to trade wars and gold, in this century, a viable gold hoard is mandatory, to rise from the ashes of leftist pandering, and the enabling IRS taxes and paper money, to regain our freedom from government, with a viable hoard of gold to back new gold/silver certificates and bullion, and a return to honest money, and the fiscal discipline it imposes on government. I have worked out a bi-currency regime during the transition from fiat currency to real money. Nixon, nor any Republican, cant defeat the current US socialistic mind set, being pandered for over 100 years, of socialism at the federal level. Nixon may have admitted this to himself, and in a grand act, of national preservation, from its own folly, preserved the last of the US gold hoard, and in the out years, Nixon may be deemed by some, as a true patriot, for just being himself, Tricky Dick.

The USA Green Corps

USA Citizen Volunteers for Repairing Environmental Disasters

President, General ---- FEMA / EPA / Green Corps Command
Vice President, Lieutenant General
State Governors, Major Generals
State Lieutenant Governors, Brigadier Generals
County Supervisors, Colonels
City Mayors, Lieutenant Colonels
City Councilmen, Majors
Borough Civic Leaders, Captains
Neighborhood Organizers, First Lieutenants
Association Organizers, Second Lieutenants
Street Company Civic Team Leaders, Sergeants
Street Squad Civic Team Leaders, Corporals
Individual Home Citizen Volunteers, Privates

When an environmental disaster strikes, the chain of command issues orders, top down, to rally the Green Corps of green peace troops, supported by FEMA and EPA with federal, state and county logistics and resources dispensed to repair the environmental damage.

Beside a volunteer green corps of private citizens, the green corps will also be used as convict rehabilitation organization, to depopulate prisons, to teach work ethics, accumulate release money, to start a new beginning after release, most suitable in remote areas.

Department of Education will stop all student loans and let states manage their own universities. Department of Education uses research grants to state universities for vital federal interests including ways to minimize environmental damage, such as bio breeding of micro organisms to eat spilled oil in ocean waters. Commodity exploitation will not stop, but measures can be taken to reduce damage and repair, caused by clear cutting, mine digging, oil pumping, etc.

We have a huge prison problem in the US. Criminals are not being rehabilitated, losing man power as they rot in prisons. The prison population is exponentiating with no end sight. Something must be done about that.

So, I will rally the prison population to the stars and stripes, rehabilitate them into respectable citizens, with honor and dignity, to turn them away from a life of crime, rot and decay. ALL prisoners will be deprived of all the goodies, save a cell, 3 hots and cot, books, paper, pencil and a toilet, AND THATs IT, and they can rot there IF THEY CHOOSE. As president I will offer all inmates two alternatives, volunteer for the GREEN CORPS or the US ARMY Bad-Boy Battalions, under condition they agree to military tribunal jurisdiction, and if they run, they will be hung. No messing around. They will learn the work ethic, work for the US as two times time served, with stipend for release entry back into society. They will clean up toxic dumps, plant trees, in the GREEN CORPS, or be armed privates in the US Army under close supervision of course, and man and defend the southern border from the invading hoards. The idea is to get them working, while building pride in their service to and for the US, to become respectable citizens welcomed back into the fold, with earned dignity, respect, and honor. The path will be there, and if they agree to it, the path back to the community is thier's. But make no mistake, if they run, and are caught, they will be tried by a military tribunal, having the only issue "did they intentionally run" and if found guilty, hung quickly without appellate review. Sure it will be a brutal penalty, but we need to give our prisoners a real chance to make it back into society with honor and dignity, and stop exponentiating the prison populations.

Mixed Government Heads

President Derrick Michael Reid Libertarian
Vice President Rand Paul Republican (Nickolas Sarwark Libertarian)
Secretary of State Diane Feinstein Democrat
==== Chief of Staff Karl Rove Conservative
==== Press Secretary Laura Ingraham Conservative
Attorney General William K Black Independent
Inspector General Libertarian
Secretary of Dept of Commerce Donald Trump Republican
Secretary of Dept of Treasury Loretta Sanchez Democrat
Secretary of Dept of Education Democrat-Minority
Secretary of Dept of Transportation Republican-Minority
Secretary of Dept of Housing & Urban Development Democrat-Minority
Secretary of Dept of Labor Republican-Minority
Secretary of Dept of Homeland Security Libertarian
Secretary of Dept of the Interior Green Peace
Secretary of Dept of Defense Martin Dempsey Military
Secretary of Dept of Veterans Affairs Military MD Administrator
Chairman Joint Chief of Staff Johathan Greenert Independent
Chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank Occupier
Director Federal Bureau of Investigation Libertarian
Director Internal Revenue Service Tea Party
Director Central Intelligence Agency Libertarian
Director National Intelligence Libertarian
Administrator Environmental Protection Agency Green Peace
Administrative Committee of the Federal Register
American Battle Monuments Commission
Appalachian Regional Commission
Architectural and Transportation Barriers Compliance Board
Arctic Research Commission
Arthritis and Musculoskeletal Interagency Coordinating Committee
Barry M. Goldwater Scholarship and Excellence in Education Broadcasting Board of Governors (Voice of America)
Chemical Safety and Hazard Investigation Board
Chief Acquisition Officers Council
Chief Financial Officers Council
Chief Human Capital Officers Council
Chief Information Officers Council
Citizens' Stamp Advisory Committee
Commission of Fine Arts
Commission on International Religious Freedom
Commission on Security and Cooperation in Europe
Committee for the Implementation of Textile Agreements
Committee on Foreign Investments in the United States
Coordinating Council on Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention
Delaware River Basin Commission
Denali Commission
Endangered Species Committee
Federal Accounting Standards Advisory Board
Federal Advisory Committees
Federal Executive Boards
Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council
Federal Financing Bank
Federal Geographic Data Committee
Federal Interagency Committee for the Management of Noxious and Exotic Weeds
Federal Interagency Committee on Education
Federal Interagency Council on Statistical Policy
Federal Laboratory Consortium for Technology Transfer
Federal Library and Information Center Committee
Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission
Harry S. Truman Scholarship Foundation
Illinois and Michigan Canal National Heritage Corridor Commission
Indian Arts and Crafts Board
Interagency Alternative Dispute Resolution Working Group
Interagency Council on Homelessness
Interstate Commission on the Potomac River Basin
J. William Fulbright Foreign Scholarship Board
James Madison Memorial Fellowship Foundation
Japan-United States Friendship Commission
Joint Board for the Enrollment of Actuaries
Joint Fire Science Program
Marine Mammal Commission
Migratory Bird Conservation Commission
Millennium Challenge Corporation
Mississippi River Commission
Morris K. Udall Foundation: Scholarship and Environmental
National Bipartisan Commission on the Future of Medicare
National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform
National Indian Gaming Commission
National Park Foundation
Northwest Power Planning Council
Nuclear Waste Technical Review Board
Presidio Trust
Regulatory Information Service Center
Social Security Advisory Board
Susquehanna River Basin Commission
Taxpayer Advocacy Panel
U.S. AbilityOne Commission
United States Election Assistance Commission
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum
Veterans Day National Committee
Vietnam Educational Foundation
White House Commission on Presidential Scholars
Administrative Conference of the United States
Advisory Council on Historic Preservation
African Development Foundation
National Railroad Passenger Corporation (AMTRAK)
Director of Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)
Commission on Civil Rights
Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC)
Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC)
Corporation for National and Community Service
Court Services and Offender Supervision Agency for the DC
Defense Nuclear Facilities Safety Board
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC)
Export-Import Bank of the United States
Farm Credit System Insurance Corporation
Federal Communications Commission (FCC)
Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC)
Federal Election Commission (FEC)
Federal Energy Regulatory Commission
Federal Housing Finance Agency
Federal Labor Relations Authority
Federal Maritime Commission
Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service
Federal Mine Safety and Health Review Commission
Federal Reserve System
Federal Retirement Thrift Investment Board
Federal Trade Commission (FTC)
General Services Administration (GSA)
Institute of Museum and Library Services
Inter-American Foundation
International Broadcasting Bureau (IBB)
Merit Systems Protection Board
Millennium Challenge Corporation
National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)
National Archives and Records Administration (NARA)
National Capital Planning Commission
National Council on Disability
National Credit Union Administration (NCUA)
National Endowment for the Arts
National Endowment for the Humanities
National Labor Relations Board (NLRB)
National Mediation Board
National Railroad Passenger Corporation (AMTRAK)
National Science Foundation (NSF)
National Transportation Safety Board
Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC)
Occupational Safety and Health Review Commission
Office of Compliance
Office of Government Ethics
Office of Personnel Management
Office of Special Counsel
Office of the Director of National Intelligence
Office of the National Counterintelligence Executive
Overseas Private Investment Corporation
Panama Canal Commission
Peace Corps
Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation
Postal Regulatory Commission
Railroad Retirement Board
Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)
Selective Service System
Small Business Administration (SBA)
Social Security Administration (SSA)
Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA)
U.S. Trade and Development Agency
United States Agency for International Development
United States International Trade Commission
United States Postal Service (USPS)
Legal Services Corporation
Smithsonian Institution
State Justice Institute
United States Institute of Peace
ADF African Development Foundation Advisory Council
ATBCB Americans with Disabilities Act Accessibility
Guidelines (ADAAG) Review Advisory Committee
ATBCB Accessibility Guidelines for Play Facilities
Negotiated Rulemaking Advisory Committee
ATBCB Telecommunications Access Advisory Committee
CCR Alabama Advisory Committee
CCR Alaska Advisory Committee
CCR Arizona Advisory Committee
CCR Arkansas Advisory Committee
CCR California Advisory Committee
CCR Colorado Advisory Committee
CCR Connecticut Advisory Committee
CCR Delaware Advisory Committee
CCR District of Columbia Advisory Committee
CCR Florida Advisory Committee
CCR Georgia Advisory Committee
CCR Hawaii Advisory Committee
CCR Idaho Advisory Committee
CCR Illinois Advisory Committee
CCR Indiana Advisory Committee
CCR Iowa Advisory Committee
CCR Kansas Advisory Committee
CCR Kentucky Advisory Committee
CCR Louisiana Advisory Committee
CCR Maine Advisory Committee
CCR Maryland Advisory Committee
CCR Massachusetts Advisory Committee
CCR Michigan Advisory Committee
CCR Minnesota Advisory Committee
CCR Mississippi Advisory Committee
CCR Montana Advisory Committee
CCR Nebraska Advisory Committee
CCR Nevada Advisory Committee
CCR New Hampshire Advisory Committee
CCR New Jersey Advisory Committee
CCR New Mexico Advisory Committee
CCR New York Advisory Committee
CCR North Carolina Advisory Committee
CCR North Dakota Advisory Committee
CCR Ohio Advisory Committee
CCR Oklahoma Advisory Committee
CCR Oregon Advisory Committee
CCR Pennsylvania Advisory Committee
CCR Rhode Island Advisory Committee
CCR South Carolina Advisory Committee
CCR South Dakota Advisory Committee
CCR Tennessee Advisory Committee
CCR Texas Advisory Committee
CCR Utah Advisory Committee
CCR Vermont Advisory Committee
CCR Virginia Advisory Committee
CCR Washington Advisory Committee
CCR West Virginia Advisory Committee
CCR Wisconsin Advisory Committee
CCR Wyoming Advisory Committee
CCR Missouri Advisory Committee
CFTC Advisory Committee on CFTC-State Cooperation
CFTC Agricultural Advisory Committee
CFTC Financial Products Advisory Committee
CNCS Civilian Community Corps Advisory Board
CPC Competitiveness Policy Council
DOC National Acid Precipitation Assessment Program
Oversight Review Board
DOC Sea Grant Review Panel
DOC Travel and Tourism Advisory Board
DOC Transportation and Related Equipment Technical
Advisory Committee
DOC Biotechnology Technical Advisory Committee
DOC Regulations and Procedures Technical
Advisory Committee
DOC 2000 Census Advisory Committee
DOC Advisory Council on Children's
Educational Television
DOC Board of Overseers of the Malcolm Baldrige
National Quality Award
DOC Census Advisory Committee on
Agriculture Statistics
DOC Census Advisory Committee on the
American Indian and Alaska Native Populations
DOC Census Advisory Committee on the
African-American Population
DOC Committee of Chairs of Industry Advisory
Committees for Trade Policy Matters
DOC Computer System Security and Privacy
Advisory Board
DOC Exporters' Textile Advisory Committee
DOC Fastener Advisory Committee
DOC Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary
Advisory Council
DOC Industry Functional Advisory Committee
on Customs Matters for Trade Policy Matters
DOC Industry Functional AC on Intellectual Property
Rights for Trade Policy Matters
DOC Industry Functional Advisory Committee on
Standards for Trade Policy Matters
DOC Industry Policy Advisory Committee for
Trade Policy Matters
DOC Industry Sector Advisory Cmte on Aerospace
Equipment for Trade Policy Matters (ISAC 1)
DOC ISAC on Capital Goods for Trade Policy
Matters (ISAC 2)
DOC ISAC on Chemicals and Allied Products for
Trade Policy Matters (ISAC 3)
DOC ISAC on Consumer Goods for Trade Policy
Matters (ISAC 4)
DOC ISAC on Electronics and Instrumentation for
Trade Policy Matters (ISAC 5)
DOC ISAC on Energy for Trade Policy Matters
DOC ISAC on Ferrous Ores and Metals for
Trade Policy Matters (ISAC 7)
DOC ISAC on Footwear Leather and Leather Products
for Trade Policy Matters (ISAC 8)
DOC ISAC on Building Products and Other Materials
for Trade Policy Matters (ISAC 9)
DOC ISAC on Lumber and Wood Products for
Trade Policy Matters (ISAC 10)
DOC ISAC on Nonferrous Ores and Metal for
Trade Policy Matters (ISAC 11)
DOC ISAC on Paper and Paper Products for
Trade Policy Matters (ISAC 12)
DOC ISAC on Services for
Trade Policy Matters (ISAC 13)
DOC ISAC on Small and Minority Business for
Trade Policy Matters (ISAC 14)
DOC ISAC on Textiles and Apparel for
Trade Policy Matters (ISAC 15)
DOC ISAC on Transportation Construction
and Agricultural Equipment for
Trade Policy Matters (ISAC 16)
DOC ISAC on Wholesaling and Retailing for
Trade Policy Matters (ISAC 17)
DOC Judges Panel of the Malcolm Baldrige
National Quality Award
DOC Marine Fisheries Advisory Committee
DOC Materials Technical Advisory Committee
DOC Materials Processing Equipment
Technical Advisory Committee
DOC National Medal of Technology Nomination
Evaluation Committee
DOC National Technical Information Service
Advisory Board
DOC President's Export Council
DOC President's Export Council
Subcommittee on Export Administration
DOC Public Advisory Committee for Trademark Affairs
DOC Sensors Technical Advisory Committee
DOC U.S. Automotive Parts Advisory Committee
DOC Visiting Committee on Advanced Technology
DOC Spectrum Planning and Policy Advisory Committee
DOC Census Advisory Committee on the Asian and
Pacific Islander Populations
DOC Census Advisory Committee on the
Hispanic Population
DOC Modernization Transition Committee
DOC Census Advisory Committee of
Professional Associations
DOC Environmental Technologies Trade
Advisory Committee
DOC Information Systems Technical Advisory Committee
DOD Defense Intelligence Agency Scientific
Advisory Board
DOD Joint Advisory Committee on
Nuclear Weapons Surety
DOD Board of Visitors United States Military Academy
DOD National Board for the Promotion of
Rifle Practice
DOD U.S. Army Coastal Engineering Research Board
DOD Navy Planning and Steering Advisory Committee
DOD Telecommunications Service Priority System
Oversight Committee
DOD Defense Environmental Response Task Force
DOD Board of Visitors, National Defense University
DOD Advisory Council on Dependents' Education
DOD Advisory Group on Electron Devices
DOD Armed Forces Epidemiological Board
DOD U.S. Army Science Board
DOD Board of Advisors to the President
Naval War College
DOD Board of Advisors to the Superintendent
Naval Postgraduate School
DOD Board of Regents Uniformed Services
University of the Health Sciences
DOD Board of Visitors Air University
DOD Board of Visitors Community College
of the Air Force
DOD Board of Visitors Defense Information School
DOD Board of Visitors Joint Military Intelligence lege
DOD Board of Visitors U.S. Air Force Academy
DOD Board of Visitors U.S. Naval Academy
DOD Chief of Engineers Environmental Advisory Board
DOD Chief of Naval Operations Executive Panel
DOD Command and General Staff
College Advisory Committee
DOD Department of Defense Wage Committee
DOD Defense Advisory Committee on
Military Personnel Testing
DOD Defense Advisory Committee on
Women in the Services
DOD Defense Policy Advisory Committee for Trade
DOD Defense Policy Board Advisory Committee
DOD Defense Science Board
DOD Department of Defense Education Benefits
Board of Actuaries
DOD Department of Defense Retirement
Board of Actuaries
DOD Inland Waterways Users Board
DOD National Security Agency Scientific
Advisory Board
DOD National Security Education Board
DOD Naval Research Advisory Committee
DOD Overseas Dependents Schools National
Advisory Panel on the Education of
Handicapped Dependents
DOD President's National Security
Telecommunications Advisory Committee
DOD Scientific Advisory Board of the
Armed Forces Institute of Pathology
DOD Special Operations Policy Advisory Group
DOD Strategic Environmental Research and
Development Program Scientific Advisory Board
DOD Technical Advisory Committee for
Water Management at Army Corps of Engineers
DOD U.S. Air Force Scientific Advisory Board
DOD U.S. Strategic Command Strategic Advisory Group
DOD Department of Defense Government-Industry AC
on the Operation and Modernization of the
National Defense Stockpile
DOD Armament Retooling and Manufacturing
Support Executive Advisory Committee
DOD Cultural and Natural Resources Committee
for the Yakima Training Center and
Expansion Area
DOD Department of Defense Historical
Advisory Committee
DOD Defense Labor-Management Partnership Council
DOD Semiconductor Technology Council
DOD President's Advisory Board on Arms Proliferation
DOD Military Health Care Advisory Committee
DOD Ballistic Missile Defense Advisory Committee
DOD Presidential Advisory Committee on
Gulf War Veterans Illnesses
DOD Marshall Center Board of Visitors
DOD Defense Acquisition University Board of Visitors

Space-Time Event Horizon Detection

Before the big bang, there were no mass particles or light photons, and hence no gravity fields, no light, no space-time dimensions, it was a void. Then comes the big bang, from an infinitely small singularity, and creation of mass ejections, and light waves that started therefrom, propagating spherically outward, and as the mass and light propagated, it transformed the dimensionless void into space that is, having the space-time dimensions, having an outer space-time event horizon that propagated outward at light speed. Thus, the universe as we know it, but some where out there, beyond the stars, is the timeless dimensionless void.

Question pondered was how do we detect the void or that void space-time event horizon moving away from us at light speed?

And if aggregate gravity fields sufficient, and the universe expansion slows down and stops expanding and begins to implode, it would necessarily bring the space-time void event horizon towards that singularity formed again, in the Big Crunch, before which man has endless struggles, and hence, only during the implosion, could the space-time event horizon be detected. Time will tell.

The most of all fundamental questions facing the USA today.

Question to all, will A Lincoln's December 2nd 1862, last hope on earth implode into ruination ala Alex de Toucqueville, or do we see the light and implement the solutions now presented before your eyes. Only time will tell. God help us all.


Occupy Wall Street USA

Corruption in the US political complex is wide spread and inherently corrosive. There are three main channels through which this corruption spreads and permeates all governmental functions, and they are 1) campaign contributions to buy government officials, 2) The Federal Reserve System to place wall street and international oligarchs in control of money flows getting rich and sucking the middle and poor classes dry in mass wealth transfer to the top 1% at taxpayer expense, and 3) lobbying to cement undue influence and bribery of government officials. These three corruption channels are enhanced by bankster and oligarchical propaganda through the media complex.

The first channel can be constricted by prohibiting corporations, private organization, and state organizations such as the University of California, from directly contributing to campaigns of individuals for public federal office.

Corporations and Organization do not vote, and hence are limited to contributing money to PACs, political parties, and lobbyists. Private persons who can vote can contribute to private campaigns for federal public office, as well as PACs, political parties, and lobbyists. There should be no dollar limits on contribution only reasonable reporting requirements of large sums.

The second channel can be constricted by nationalizing the Federal Reserve System, a private bank controlled not by congress but by profiteering and racketeering banks and oligarchs, into the Federal Reserve Bank and disposed in the Department of the Treasury, thereby placing the Federal Reserve Bank under executive authority and congressional oversight.

The third channel can be restricted by prohibiting federal employment in high level positions of individuals who have worked directly for international large banks and who have paid fines for or engaged in manipulating markets, such as COMEX bullion suppression, London Whale, HSBC money laundering, inter alia, including 1. J P Morgan Chase 2. HSBC 3. Deutsche Bank 4. Citi Corp 5. Bank of International Settlement, 6. Bank of Nova Sciotia, 7. Barclays Bank, 8. Wells Fargo, 9. Bank of America, 10. Goldman Saks, 11. Societe General, 12. USB, 13. Credit Argicole, 14. Mellon Bank, inter alia.

This three prong drive at campaign reform and government cleaning will serve Americans to restore an honest government back to the citizens of the USA

The Freedom Platform

Libertarians awake! The people need freedom and liberation! Greens awake! The national natural resources need conservation!
Tea Partiers awake! The income taxes and filings need to be abolished! Riflemen awake! The country needs defending from totalitarianism! Constitutionalists awake! The US Constitution needs real defending! Democrats awake! The country needs compassion in the many States! Republicans awake! The country needs a responsible republic restored! Occupiers awake! The FED needs nationalization with honest markets! Monetarists awake! The economy needs real money in circulation!

Unite America! Damn the Totalitarians, Full Liberty Ahead!

1) Free the people as tax payers, and abolish income taxes, capital gain taxes, inheritance taxes and eliminate the need to file income tax returns.
2) Free the people as state dependents, and abolish all social programs at the federal level, and vest them with the many states to restore the republic.
3) Free the people from earth exploitations and environmental contamination, by adopting a national federal sales tax for generating a federal revenue stream that rewards income and penalizes consumption of natural resources, with strong EPA enforcement, so that all share in the burden and necessities of federal government.
4) Free the people from economic control and ruination, through the use of federal plenary occupation of the tax complex by abolishing all garnishments, taxes, fees, and other governmental takings of pay and income money between employer and contractor sources of income to individual and corporate recipients, after which, state and federal government can pursue just economic remedies.
5) Free the people of the States from a various types of destructive takings, so as to use only annual property taxes of all property located in rem within the many states, as exclusive state revenues, so that all equally share the burden and necessities of state government, to restore the republic for which the flag should stand.
6) Free the people of the States so as to allow the states to set and control desired amount of social services and safety nets for the people, so as to restore the republic.
7) Free the people of the country from bankster and greedster undue influences and corruption of and over the federal government agencies, by nationalizing the Federal Reserve System as and into the Federal Reserve Bank in the Department of the Treasury.
8) Free the people from inflate and rob by using real and honest money of gold and silver money with silver in circulation and gold in Federal Reserve Bank depositories, while redeeming and eliminating all Federal Reserve Notes, with the US Federal Reserve Bank as real gold and silver depositories for public and private money, kept safe and allocated for the people.
9) Free the people to have honest and fair markets, free from market interventions and manipulations, through federal seizures, forfeitures, and anti-trust break up of TBTF TBTJ Banksters and Greedsters who manipulate, intervene and control commercial markets.
10) Free the people from selfish political party controls that lock up congress and the presidency, so that the senate can control presidential authority and so that the house can free the people from socialized totalitarian rule.
11) Free the people from totalitarian rule that creates second class citizens, by adopting tiered immigration of stepping stones, with real fair paths to citizenship, with Americana assimilation but without amnesty.
12) Free the people from habitual racist political pandering by the political totalitarians causing conflict within and between the citizenry.
13) Free the people of the states from the federal reserve paper money printing presses, through the adoption of real and honest gold and silver money respectively in circulation and storage.
14) Free the people from insidious two tiered citizenry, suppressing a second class of residents, through full assimilation for all residents into American Culture, History, and Language.
15) Free the people from dysfunctional government, Yankee serfdom, political lock up, and totalitarian enslavement.
16) Free the people of the states to conduct their own affairs so that the many states of the republic are free from federal totalitarian government control and interference.
17) Free the people and the states with unencumbered rights to bear arms and state guards to defend their own private and state lands and borders from any invader or totalitarian federal government.
18) Free the people of the many creeds so as to be able to recite the pledge without any shame, internal conflict, or ridicule.
19) Free the people of judicial fiat that enables totalitarian control and enslavement of the people.
20) Free the people from judicial fiat vacating public state votes so as to ensure equal protection of the voters and the will of the people of the many states, so as to restore the republic for which the flag should stand.
21) Free the people from real race, origin and gender discrimination using the federal police state as necessary.
22) Free the people to associate under freedom of association.
23) Free the people from conflict allowing early choice while protecting all persons, protecting women rights to choose in early terms and protecting persons in late terms, between which the states may decide the extent of women rights, for perfecting states rights of exclusive jurisdiction over social issues, to restore the republic for which the flag should stand.
24) Free the people and their progeny in perpetuity from enslaving national debt and compounding federal fiscal deficits.
25) Free the people and their progeny in perpetuity from bankrupting state debt and compounding state fiscal deficits.
26) Free the people from family destruction, marital status uncertainty and false attacks upon man and women marriages and families and their right to raise children under the exclusive jurisdiction of state family law courts, where the states have legitimate state interests in preserving the nuclear family for procreating the next generation of tax payers, where the states can perfect civil unions and rights in general civil courts, fully granting unto the states the exclusive jurisdiction over state social issues, so as to restore the republic for which the flag should stand.
27) Free the people from intolerance and disrespect for others' personal creeds, origins and races.
28) Free the people from the corrupting socialists and their enforced totalitarian federal sharing.
29) Free the people from federal totalitarian control while restoring the republic for which the US flag should stand.
30) Free the people of the USA from an unleveled playing field so as to allow all equally to pursue real happiness.
31) Free the people from Guns and Butter endless domestic debates and wasted time and energy at the national level, and install standoff guns and cooperative roses as the US foreign policy for the international win win play serving US long term interests, the many States buying butter using in rem property taxes as the federal government buys guns using a national sales tax on all imported items and new items, not but not second hand used items and not on services.
32) Free the people from Government Totalitarianism.
33) Free the people.

Anyone of any Creed, Race, National Origin, or Gender who believes in the USA Republic, Revolutionary Freedoms, Founding Father Principles, and the US Constitution can join the Libereen freedom movement.

Open Loop Totalitarianism

There are many systems that can become inherently unstable. The Space Shuttle disaster enabled many mortals to witness the reentry catastrophe before their very eyes. It started simply enough, in some loose heat shields tiles on the outer surface, but they got hot coming in, and the heat burn its way through the outer vehicular shell, and eventually caused loss of life and vehicular destruction. There was no negative feedback involved really, as once the bird entered, there was no turning back, and there was no way of preventing that disaster once the heat took root and spread. The US is heading toward ruination, if not civil war between totalitarians and freedom lovers, because currently there are insufficient political feedback controls. In fact, the political complex overtly tries to stifle loyal dissent, be it the DNC using terms like "extremist" to marginalize free speech, or the CIA trolling so called extremist web sites. Loyal dissent expressed through free speech is an indispensable component in any thriving democracy for robust debate and evaluation by the electorate as a necessary feedback control communications system.

Control of systems is very important to maintain integrity during sustained operations. In control systems, there are control features usually within subsystems that are nested and contain many negative feedback loops that provide stable operations of over all system performance through bandwidths of operation. Take for example, a simple operational amplifier having positive and negative inputs, and an output, and having a gain of the differential between the two inputs. Internal to the amplifier are typical compensation networks to maintain high performance gain over wide bands of operations of interests, as phases shifts reaching 180 degrees can cause unstable positive internal feedback. The amplifier output is fed back to the negative input for providing negative feedback control. If the output swings wildly one way, the output is fed back to the negative input so that the output swings back the other way, so as to maintain a stable output function using negative feedback. Negative feedback controls work to provide a stable output over wide bandwidths of operations. However, if the output runs open loop as not connected back or even worse is positively fed back to the positive input, for providing positive feedback, that subsystem quickly explodes in a failure and lock up of control and stable operations leading to failures over wide bandwidths of operation. This simple feedback control is also indispensable in government operations having a wide bandwidth over various political segments.

To understand the concept of open loop totalitarian destructive positive feedback control, lets look at, for example, the Department of Education and student loans. In the first order of simple thinking, the intent is a good one, along the payed road, to provide students at the federal level with assistance for attending college, and this is pandered by politicians, to cement the student voting block, as pandering is "Vote for me, and I will give you the goodies", but dont vote for the good of the country, to selfishly cement political power. But in the first order, the voters buy into the pandering, as most think in the first order. But now lets jump to the intellectual second order and third order in a critical analysis. In providing student loans, in the second order, tuition costs increase simply due to supply and demand economic laws. In the second order, students desire more student loans to cope with increasing tuition costs, and school administrators seek more student loans to assist the students in paying for ever increasing tuition costs by student loans, thereby providing the positive feedback as universities contribute to that political party most likely to increase federal student loans. In the third order of open loop unstable positive feedback control analysis, students are left with debilitating monstrous debt upon graduation, universities administrators lean toward more marxist-lenninist government controls, as the politicians pander as always for the student vote, as that pandering increases the student loan program, with rocketing sky-high tuition costs. So, what started out as a good intent, explodes the federal subsystem and leads to collective communism. The US constitution limited the federal powers to prevent such failures, reserving unto the states all powers not enumerated, such that States should manage their own universities. The supreme court, through judicial fiat, has wrongfully enabled the growth of the federal welfare complex, and the resulting failures, of graduating student debilitating debt, high tuition costs, through socialistic political pandering. Just look at the massive federal welfare state, where there should be none at the federal level, and the 50 million on food assistance, which nothing less than simply appalling.

In the case of government, there is currently system wide lock up in a totalitarian state of supreme governmental control over the people. There are many noteworthy unstable and out of control subsystems now in government play. A major uncontrolled subsystem is directed to the Wall Street Banksters and Greedsters. The second one is directed to campaign contributing government entities. Both of which, are presently totally out of control lacking necessary feedback so as to be unable to provide stable government functions over wide bands of political interests. One need only look at the regular parade in congress, where many stand to be heard, pounding their chest, but really only chopping trees, rather than addressing the more important issues of providing stable government over wide bands of political interest. It is Management of Prospective Economic (MOPE) pandering and propaganda shown regularly and displayed for the people from DC, as the politicians and political machines run the MOPE pandering play time and again, allegedly against each other, which regular pandering shows, the media and people just love to watch, in between episodes of Orange County Housewives, as there is little difference in practice, each having staring roles and specific talents used.

But there is a fundamental difference between these two forms of unstable government subsystems, undue influence and pandering politics. The Banksters and Greedsters are generally private companies having US Justice and US Agency regulations of interstate commerce in their pockets, as the positive feedback with massive campaign contributions to lock in their undue influences. With the US Attorney General proclaiming that the Wall Street Banksters and Greedsters are now to-big-to-fail (TBTF) to-big-to-jail (TBTJ), and with convenient market loop hole laws, where applying the rules allow Mala en Se to fester, as now the US Justice and US Agencies are unable to effectively regulate the markets, as governmental positive feedback has now totally failed the people. The Banksters and Greedster are presently operating open loop, looting and robbing the public at will with impunity. Campaign contributing government entities further lack necessary feedback control and are generally operating in positive feedback resulting in totalitarian lock up of the government and lock down of the people, as the campaign contributions are directed mostly to the DNC and RNC pandering political machines both having self centered vested interests in locking up political futures, cementing political power, to rig the election process so as to provide the people effectively no vote at all, another triumph of the United Socialistic States of America (USSA).

In 1776, our founding fathers were faced with a simple type of information flow, the printed news papers, and provided one man one vote, during simple and short electioneering processes, relying on a free press and the aggregate intelligence of the electorate to control a very limited federal government, as set forth in the US Constitution, to provide the people with personal liberties. Fast forward to the information age, where the unwieldy vast federal complex, the MSM political MOPE and pandering, the use of government funded entities to run open loop in their campaign contributions, the TBTF TBTJ Banksters and Greedsters robbing the people blind, the demise of short electioneering processes enabling year round pandering MOPE, the year round MOPE of the dopes pandering of the DNC and RNC political machines, have collectively, locked up significant political choices, while the people are led to believe there is actually a choice in the voting booths. The 110 year game has been played to perfection, to sucker the people into willingly walk and vote themselves into the imprisonment of totalitarian rule and political stalemate.

Both major political machines comprise apparatchiks rapping themselves up in the US Flag, as farcical, with lapel pins showing everywhere, showboating founding father principles and the US Constitution. How noble it is. How honorable it is. How patriotic it is. What a farce it really is. It it is really a con game played upon the American people, who still have some lingering patriotic notions of our founding father principles, such as, the concepts of one man one vote, the use of honest real money, and the US Constitution of personal liberties, for the people, and by the people, under a republic of limited federal power. My how patriotic the people still think they are, yet they are conditioned by political MOPE, pandering, and propaganda by the major political parties, such as, through thousands of balloons falling at conventions and bands playing patriotic hymns with the double-dutch bold proclamations made time and again, which all sounds good at first, following years of grand standing patriotic speeches and MSM pandering broadcasts, while the US Courts effectively throw out the plain language of the US constitution, while campaign contributing governmental entities effective destroy one man one vote, while the DNC and RNC both MOPE, pander, and propagandize the people, to lock up the voting booth and political power. The people are now willing suckers to that grand farce, but who innately want to keep the founding fathers' dreams alive, as the political con game is played upon the people for all its worth. We can call these days, the totalitarian dream time, as Americans are reduced to wondering Aborigines, stuck in perpetuity, out in a desert waste land, effectively in locked down and self enslaved on dry sands of ruinations and totalitarian controls, yet the people are still clutching US Flags of fifty stars standing for a republic trashed long ago, with copies of that old rag, the US Constitution, and some of those US Minted real money gold and silver coins in their pockets, of days gone by. How patriotic the people still are, well just a little.

But my friends, the good news is that the solutions are easy to have so as to restore and recapture our founding father principles and freedoms from government. In so doing, we all can waive again without inherent duplicity, the US Flag and live by that cherished US Constitution, using honest real money, without being suckers of the political MOPE, pandering and propaganda of the DNC and RNC machines now in lock step and securely in place. We can, as a people, break the bondage of totalitarian political stalemate, political usury and economic ruination. It can be done, and it can be done now. We can restore this nation, to its founding principles, and have once again, an honest Government and a truly great society, in restoring Americana greatness.

Dismantling the MOPE, pandering, and propaganda of the DNC and RNC political machines can be perfected in large measure, by simply eliminating all federal government social services under Constitutional Limited Government, eliminate the national debt, and replace the FRN with honest real money, which federal social services are used by both major political machines as part of their totalitarian enslavement of the people. The DNC and RNC apply a full court press upon the people, that can only be defeated when the people rise up to change direction and save the ship of state. I offer the country such a change. The federal government can then unleash resources and man power for an economic boom, and sit upon the Wall Street Banksters and Greedsters by fully regulating interstate commerce, limiting campaign contribution to only PACs and lobbyist, and to fully prosecute the market bandits, thereby destroying TBTF TBTJ undue influences over our government, and thus rendering our markets fair for all while government functions and the people are freed again, freed again, praise God almighty, we all can be freed again. I know how to do just that.

The federal government can quickly repeal enabling laws that prohibit contributions from campaign contributing public entities and private corporate entities, to restore our founding fathers' principles of one man one vote and honest government. State colleges and university professors and students are generally leftist, naturally so, as self interest is an innate human trait, and is perfected through grants, salaries, and loans from the federal government. So, what did you expect? The colleges and universities are campaign contributing public entities and the student populations represent voting power blocks which are now used as part of the lock up of political stalemate and the enslavement of all of us. All federal, state, county, and municipal publicly funded entities or those private entities receiving significant government funds, and private corporation should be prohibited from contributing campaign money directly to any individual running of federal office, so as to restore one man one vote. Student loans should be vested with the state governments and let the state manage their own internal affairs. General federal grants to state colleges and universities should be limited to only vital federal interests, and let the states manage their own universities, cost effectively so, while removing the debt enslavement of our graduating seniors, so they may enter the work force free from the shackles of government and bankster debt enslavement. In modern America, the evil empire in centered in DEM and REP political pandering for selfish cementing of political power, judicial fiat by the Supreme Court enabling unlimited federal government, and undue influence and control over government functions by Banksters and Greedsters using campaign contributions directly to office seekers, the Federal Reserve System, and employment of bankers at high levels of government. Negative controls systems can be implemented quickly.

As it currently stands, the political and government systems run open loop with positive feedback, without the necessary stable control in negative feedback. The federal government, through MOPE, pandering and propaganda of the political machines, feeds the state colleges, universities, professors and students, who in turn seek even more government, which in turn feeds even more to the state colleges, universities, professors and students, which in turn, support even more government, and so on, in an uncontrolled positive feedback loop, that is simply and totally out of control. The system needs to be re-engineered with proper feedback for stable control and operations over a wide band of diverse interests, and that is simply done by following the plain language of the constitution.

In the context of labor, private entities that do not receive federal funding, and hence, are truly private, freedom of contract enables collectivize labor unions, as a push-pull on managements, providing nested negative feedback controls. Currently, however, the labor unions with campaign contributions provide more power to lock up the totalitarian governmental complex. Unions contribute campaign funds and force members to contribute campaign funds. Unions are private entities and can contribute to PACs and lobbyist, but should not be allowed to contribute to individual candidates for federal office. The work place must be a free and not used to support a political agenda for undue control over government. There is nothing inherently wrong with labor unions, as they are good for confronting management, but not for controlling elected official and thereby government. All employees have the right to work or not work for a private entity having collectivized unions, and hence, thereby, the right not to contribute through unions, nor have forced contributions of workers, as workers should be free to choose who they will or will not work for, or support those who they chose. An outer loop of feedback control is the higher costs associated with all the goodies offered to working union members from the labor union. The labor unions can well bankrupt a private company or render a private company cost inefficient and more poorly able to compete in the market place, as a control negative feedback. Management should be able to fire employees at will and or move to new locations where workers are not so prone to collectivize to control political machines. There are feedback mechanisms in place if union laws do not force or enable totalitarian rules upon the labor unions and workers and the people.

In an recent commentary by O'Reilly, in a talking points, he indicated that the supreme court has become a political body, reaching a conclusion yours reached many years ago in the missive America's Corrupt Judiciary, where the judiciary has not held firm to their oaths, to the US Constitution, that last vestige of judicial control, thrown out by the high court responsive to the accumulative affects of leftist panderers over the last 110 years. The presidency has been locked up by the RNC and DNC for the same time. How coincidental it is. The three branches of government are now totally out of control, with no real sense of direction, as the country is staring ruination and collapse in the face of the all the people, yet the people are still waving the US Flag, are still believing in the US Constitution, and are still attending July 4 Freedom celebrations, all in vain.

Walls street bankster and greedster can be contained. TBTF and TBTJ banksters and greedsters can be controlled to provide fair markets. The federal government can be limited. The republic can be restored. Campaign contributing public entities can be contained to restore one man one vote. Collectivized work forces can be contained yet free. But it all starts with founding father principles and the plain language of the US Constitution, and then re-engineering existing governmental systems toward those founding father roots, and reinstating negative feedback controls. I can do that, and do it quick, with your collective support.

The real dark pools exist. There is a dark force at work in DC. An obvious aspect is the banksters control over and undue influence upon government. But that is only one aspect. A reason for 18T$ unconstitutional fed welfare state, is so that politicians get contributions bribes and kickbacks. A reason for a T$ in military spending by federals, is so that, politicians get contributions bribes kickbacks. A reason excessive regulations and laws, is so that politicians get contributions bribes kickbacks. A reason for FED, is to reward banksters, so that politicians get contributions bribes kickbacks. A reason the US Constitution has been trashed over the last 100 years, is so that politicians get contributions bribes kickbacks. During 1st 100 years of the USA, politicians honorably served, but today its for contributions bribes kickbacks. How do these politicians become millionaires while working for the government? Its all messed up.

America's Corrupt Judiciary

USA's Judiciary has been corrupted by the aggregate affects from 100 years of leftist political pandering, to such an extent, that they contend, as they teach in law school, that the constitution is a living breathing instrument subject to reinterpretation, meaning of course, that they can interpret it any way they want, through judicial fiat. Judges swear to uphold and defend the constitution, yet will inject their personal political belief systems into their interpretations, to such an extent, that in the US, there is in reality, no real rule of law, just whatever they want to make up. The constitution is not a breathing creature from the underworld. It is a piece of paper with plain language words written in permanent ink. Is it merely convenient that the judiciary grants unto itself the right to make up practically any law they want by new and novel interpretations. There is no rule of law in the USA.

On the main, the constitution prescribed a limited federal government, as the founding fathers, from their respective states, "their own countries", feared a totalitarian fascist centralized government in DC denying the states their freedoms and innate sovereign rights. Federal power was not prescribed as plenary, which is made-up judicial code speak, for "totalitarianism" as modernly practiced, but prescribed a limited federal government of enumerated powers. All powers not enumerated were reserved to the states, or so, it was suppose to be, by plain clear constitutional language.

The constitution prescribed silver coinage in weights as the only lawful tender in the country, because of the experience during the revolutionary war, where the government kept printing more and more Continental Notes, to such an extent, that they became worthless, and hence, the saying then was, "it ain't worth a continental". But in modern totalitarian socialistic fascist American, gold and silver coinage is not used to keep government, money, and markets honest, but instead print trillions and trillions of "Irredeemable Ponzi Coupons" facilitated by a private bank, the Federal Reserve System, which issues federal reserve notes, the paper fiat dollar, a debt based paper currency used as a medium of exchange, which are in fact irredeemable ponzi coupons, of which, more and more must be printed to keep the federal socialistic ponzi scheme going, by kicking the can down the road, which ponzi scheme is the systematic fleecing of all holders of "federal reserve notes", through the resulting monetary inflation, which robs the middle class and poor most of all, every day of their lives, by transferring wealth to the top 1%. A note is a contract to pay, which must be redeemed at some point. Redeem means to pay in constitutional money, the silver dollar. To make this point clear, you can not go into a Federal Reserve System bank, and "redeem" your note. Use of the term "note" of the US paper dollar, is of course a fraud, perpetrated by government upon holders of these modern "continentals". The US Mint mints a silver coin, and on its face, it says one dollar. The Federal Reserve Note, also uses the term "Dollar". A piece of paper and a bullion coin are two totally different things, yet both are called a "dollar", as clearly indicating, one is a fraud and the other is not. The judiciary, through its "interpretation" of the constitution have allowed soft-money Kensyians to rule with fiat and the use fiat paper currency, contrary to the spirit of the constitution, to enslave us all.

The constitution prohibits, by its simple plain clear language of enumerated power, any kind of social program at the federal level, such as Social Security, for example, which was not "enumerated", as those social service powers were reserved unto the many states. But the judiciary allowed the federal government to become totalitarian, socialistic, and fascist, by allowing the Federal Government to invade and pervade the social service complex, to such an extent, that the country is now bankrupt, and now over 100 million American are dependents on some kind of federal assistance, the moral hazards perfected.

There are of course many examples where the judiciary reserves unto itself the power to sanction any law it wants, or make up any law it wants, through convenient interpretations, regardless of the plain language of the Constitution, and slowly but surely, the judiciary is used to perfect the pandering political purposes of more government and control over the people, contrary to the constitution, to perfect totalitarian socialistic fascism, enslaving the people as either tax mules, perpetual debtors, or state dependents.

While the Legal Bars and political branches have joined in the judicial conspiracy to enslave us all surreptitiously, the origins of it are not hard to find, as the laws created, like the irredeemable ponzi coupon, are increasing at an ever exponential rate, until, as always what happens to any ponzi scheme, they implode under the weight of their own absurdity, such as tax-penalizing all productive acts, and hand-out-rewarding all unproductive acts, to where the Americana strength is utterly destroyed.

The socialistic movement, or "progressiveness" of judicial-political liberalization was slow in its progress during the 19th century, but really took off, with WW's fiat paper money, income taxes, and the Federal Reserve System, to FDR's raw deal and confiscation of private gold coins to rob the people and saddle Americans with yet more taxes and dependent assistance, in social engineering, to LBJ's corrupt society feeding the moral hazards of reliance and dependency upon and enslavement by the Federal Government, to BHO's bankster socialism and even enforced health care, to where Wall Street's bad bets on their wild gambles are now effectively back-stopped by the American tax payer, under the "to-big-to-fail" doctrine, to where now, we are all effectively forced by the federal government to keep the 40 million dollar bonuses rolling into the bankster private hands, as they are just to big to fail, while the middle and poor classes are financially raped.

And these totalitarian socialistic fascists will not ever stop, as they seek more and more control, such as the recent BHO, DNC and RNC ploys that effectively have outlawed the national debt limit, so that they can enslave us all even more with their unlimited spending that now renders 45 million of my countrymen as enslaved as food-stamp welfare dependents through the moral hazards forced upon us Americans.

The American Judiciary is a corrupt RICO crime organization used in conspiracy with the legal bars and political machines to enslave us all as tax mules, perpetual debtors, or state dependents by the Federal Government, contrary to founding father principles, the plain language of the constitution, enabled by the judiciary, in violation of their explicit oaths and plain language of the constitution. Federalism is dead in the US, the republic long ago buried. There are no real states' rights. The US flag of fifty stars is a fraud, and a farce, as the fifty stars should be replaced with one big soviet red star in the field of blue. Our corrupted and pandered Judiciary has destroyed our freedoms from the Federal Government.

The US federal government should strive at ending the absurdities. Americans spent a record $35.3 billion on healthcare in Q4, so, Obama care rockets health care costs, just like federal student loans rocket tuition costs. Anyone seeing the pattern? Increase the hand-outs, and 50 million on food assistance. Anyone seeing the pattern? Hire more IRS employees, and the labor participation rate falls. Anyone seeing the pattern? FED enables Gold cartel to suppress bullion prices, and mines are closed. Anyone seeing the pattern? FED prints QE to infinity, with ZIRP, as deficits and national debt rocket. Anyone seeing the pattern? FOMC goes beyond Reagan's intend, controlling all market, and DOW over priced and markets go from boom to bust with dislocated capital. Anyone seeing the pattern? Market interventions and manipulations in all markets results in Financial repression. Anyone seeing the pattern? Increase taxes, and punish the productive and you get productivity. Anyone seeing the pattern? Hand out more to the unproductive, and you get unproductivity. Anyone seeing the pattern? The pattern is of course the proliferation of absurd policies doomed to fail, but used to pander votes to selfishly cement political power by the two pandering political machines. My friends, I have a comprehensive, integrated, sweeping plan to restore Americana Greatness, and end the absurdities.

The supreme court is in an effective conspiracy with the congress, the political machines, and the wall street bankster, to enslave us Americans. The only way to break this enslaving evil empire is to elect a strong president who will to take all of them on, and end the enslavement. I know how. I am ready for the job.
The Dems have 4 Aces and Jack kicker. The REPs always fold. DEMS open loop vote pandering the winning hand. DEM open borders suppress low end wages, a pair of aces for openers, securing Latino and low wage earners votes. Erect gay tools jerking off marriage, religion, parents, causing gay bashing ripe for pandering gay vote for a 3rd Ace draw. Pander aged by Social Security while devaluing dollar value with deficits, pandering aged vote for even more gov spending for 4th ace. Fair Market Value wages pandering code pink, its never enough, promoting baby killing enable women work as the Jack Kicker. The DEMs open loop vote pandering has the REPs on the MAT, but cyclic econo implosion save the REPs, DEM-REP presidential cycle. God bless American and the selfish stupidity of two pandering political machines.
Out of Control? Nanny State, Granny State, National Debt, totalitarianism, socialism, spying, financial repression

Out of Control? Political pandering, Bankster influence, FED QE ZIRP, printing press, DoEd, DoH, DoD, IRS,

Out of Control? Gov regulations, Gov Laws, Centralized DC power, Republic death, dollar death, market rigging, market manipulations

Out of Control? DEM/REP voting booth lock up, social issued controlled at federal level, unlimited federal gov

Out of control? gov larges, federal mandates, immigration, voter discontent, tax mule enslavement, fed dependency

Out of Control? Supreme court, gun licensing, trade imbalance, consumer debt, decimated cap ex, DOW reality

Out of Control? Gov size relative to private commerce, wealth transfer from middle class to top 1%, gov corruption

Out of Control? Currency debasement,asset bubbles, future earnings presently realized, COMEXcommodities manipulation

Out of Control? DEM pandering,REP capitulations,domestic strife, lack of leadership,HRCfoundation bribe accumulation

Out of Control? Military interventions, dissatisfied americans, poor americans, labor non participation, mfg decimation

Out of Control? Electioneering time periods, pandering, pandering, pandering, propaganda, false gov statistics, 2nd class immigrants

Out of Control? Gov-bankster fascism, Banksters enrichment at tax payer expense, Corporate campaign contributions

Out of Control? Sexist Racist Extremist demonizations, politician spins, politician corruption, jobs exportations

Out of Control? founding father principle debasement, supreme court enablement of plenary federal power

Out of Control? Demise of the Republic, Growth of federal centralized totalitarian socialistic fascism

Out of Control? Socialistic spread of moral decay, Socialistic spread of moral hazards, Federal permanent insolvency

Out of Control? Demise of full faith and credit,Demise of US bond ratings, farcical focus on deficits,fed insolvency

Out of Control? Market interventions, demise of free and fair markets, demise of cash usage for fed spying

Out of Control? Global currency wars, unfair global competition, US centric asymmetric financial warfare,

Out of Control? US centric foreign policy, HRC Ukranian bribes leading to Ukraine war, lack of moral leadership

Out of Control? 50m on food assistance, 50% on government assistance, political pandering, pandering, more pandering

Out of Control? American's disinterest in corrupt political complex, American's disgust of congress,

Out of Control? Americans' disgust of supreme court judicial fiat, concentration of wealth in top 1%,

Out of Control? Corporate toxic dumping, deforestation, tax regime promotioning environmental destruction,

Out of Control? Gay intolerance, Feminist intolerance, Minority intolerance,

Out of Control? Black Caucus BHO race baiting, victimization preaching, cementing pandered voting blocks

Out of Control? Crony Capitalism, Undue influence, bribes, kickback, Pork, Congressional millionaires

Out of Control? Moral Decay, Economic Decay, Liberty Decay, Freedom Decay, Constitution decay, Lack of leadership

Out of Control? USSA evil empire comprising Judicial fiat, pandering political machines, bankster undue influence

Out of Control? DEM pandering civil rights while enslaving to larges, REP pandering responsibility while caving in

Out of Control? 100 years of DEM/REP destruction of American Greatness, 100 years of currency debasement

Out of Control? My never ending love of country, My never ending dissatisfaction of the federal government DEM/REPs

The federal government and political complex is TOTALLY OUT OF CONTROL, in "Open Loop Totalitarianism".

I know how to fix it all, restore Americana Greatness, real fast, and easy as pie.

The Reactionary Objectives

1) Resolve the immigration problem by closing the border to illegal immigration, enabling federal registration of illegal immigrants, with paths to citizenship as law abiding temporary residences, and then restrict immigration from countries by equal numbers of illegal immigrants who stay in the United States, as a fair and just solution, while forcibly deporting all illegal immigrants who do not register with the federal government providing federal identifications and permanent visas or violent illegal criminals, for reducing racial conflicts within the borders of the USA, while encouraging assimilation into Americana.
2) Nationalize the FED, the Federal Reserve System, as the Federal Reserve Bank of the Department of the Treasury, to eliminate undue influence over the US Government and eliminate massive wealth transfer from the middle class to the top one percent, to eliminate continued destruction of our money supply, and to eliminate inflationary taxation without representation, to restore honest money and honest markets.
3) Deploy EPA officials and US military into areas of mass toxic devastation to stop massive unspeakable destruction of wild areas. forests, wetlands and preserves to prevent catastrophic ruination of continental US lands, and diligently protect America the Beautiful for generations to come, creating the "Green Corps" to employ the unemployed in vital federal interests in cleaning up environment, rather than just handing out to unemployed, while our lands are abused. Federal sales tax can be adjusted state by state to pay for federal clean up of state lands abused by state businesses enabled by state governments and state peoples as fair means to defray federal expenditures for cleaning up state lands, thereby breaking positive feedback between stock holders and toxic dumping, to negative feedback to reduce corporate defiling of beautiful lands and waters.
4) Abolish Income Taxes, eliminate the national debt, Abolish Income Tax Filings, Obamacare and unnecessary federal mandates.
5) Change federal tax collection only on consumptive sales taxes, while under plenary power, restrict states to only in rem property taxes, as a permanent bi-taxation mutually exclusive regime to further minimal state and federal taxation, and in so doing, use the federal power of taxation on consumption to reduce depletion of natural resources for improved green peace.
6) Acquire federal market interest in major US producing bullion mines with adequate compensation for securing bullion supplies to enable the switch from FRNs to constitutional money in circulation.
7) Increase Eagle coinage US Mint production to fuel the economy, using specially designed mint tooling to accommodate a switch from FRN irredeemable ponzi coupons and US fake coin tokens back to real money in circulation and Treasury certificates fully allocated to real bullion stored in the Federal Reserve BANK of the US department of treasury.
8) Abolish national bond issuance, with balanced budgets at the federal level and allow federal bankruptcies on state bond defaults.
9) Limit federal court jurisdiction, excluding medical malpractice claims, for reducing health care costs and federal court lotto games.
10) Encourage immunization of all licensed doctors from malpractice suits at the federal level.
11) Abolish all income and payroll taxes and other state and federal takings between employer and employee to fuel economic expansion within a Federal and State mutually exclusive taxation regime, promoting green peace through the power of the US economy and a supporting federal-state tax regime.
12) Abolish all federal social programs and return them to the states under a republic of states, and encourage at least minimal state safety nets including at a minimum clinics, shelters and kitchens.
13) Limit federal gun licensing laws and fully support the second amendment to protect citizens' freedom from government.
14) Encourage death penalty executions for Murder, Rape, Arson, Bank Robbery and Child Predation.
15) Encourage the execution of repeat violent criminals, in the public square, to teach our children there are consequences to repeated violent armed crimes.
16) Implement bi-currency FRN or Au-Ag legal tender laws during a transition period back to real money in circulation.
17) Seek the presidential line item veto.
18) Abolish deficit spending at the federal level and enforce balanced international trade settlements.
19) Encourage federal jobs serving vital federal interests, particularly for the habitually unemployed and the poor, improving race relations in the USA.
20) Encourage hard labor imprisonment on hardened criminals, and yet offer a rehabilitation path to prisoners through membership through work release into the Green Corps and US Army, for instilling pride in America, self respect, work ethic to depopulation the prison system while benefiting America.
21) Abolish all direct federal campaign funding from corporations to personal political office campaigns, allowing corporations to fund and contribute to PACs and Lobbyists.
22) Order the US Army to control the southern borders to stop invasion of illegal immigration, while concurrently solving the immigration problem.
23) Seek work renewable six month visas for migrant workers.
24) Encourage citizenship of illegal immigrants who have been in the US for years and who are not violent criminals.
25) Reduce federal subsidies not serving vital federal interests, and reduce where practicable federal regulations.
26) Encourage gays to respect parental rights to raise their children without indoctrinations by the gay community.
27) Encourage the execution of child sex predators.
28) Encourage states authorization of after hour volunteer faith base services in public buildings and facilities as the state voters deem fit.
29) Encourage child school room participation in the national anthem and national pledge of allegiance.
30) Encourage state control over social engineering to the extent that state voters deem fit.
31) Encourage state control over public faith base monuments to the extent that state voters deem fit.
32) Encourage state control over gay civil unions as state enforceable contracts in state courts as the state voters deem fit.
33) Restrict federal equal protection to Race, Gender, Origin, and Creed, allowing the states to extend equal protection as the state voters deem fit.
34) Resolve the abortion issue by protecting gender equal protection during the 1st trimester and by protecting equal protection of viable human beings during the 3rd trimester, allowing the states to control abortions during the 2nd trimester, while abolishing all federal abortion support.
35) Restrict Federal intervention into the bedroom between consenting adults.
36) Instill pride in America and respect from abroad using noble international diplomacy, destroying international terrorism using smart stand off weapon to the extent necessary to defend the USA homeland from terror strikes, without foreign land invasions, while protecting international sea lanes for commerce, while permitting foreign countries to develop their own cultures and democracies without undue US diplomatic and military interventions.
37) Smartly resolve the Iran problem through brokered diplomacy.
38) Improve foreign relations, particularly with Russia and China, resolving the rebellion in Ukraine without a NATO-Russian proxy war, and further fair international money flows, currency swaps, currency swap facilities, and international trade settlements, without asymmetric economic sanctions.
39) Prevent National Socialism from turning into Totalitarian Fascism as did the Third Reich.
40) Prevent National Socialism from turning into Collective Communism as did the Soviet Empire.

There are many other actions that would be taken as a comprehensive plan for reorienting America back to personal liberties and freedoms from government consistent with the US Constitution and founding father principles. Fortunately, I am a work alcoholic, who can focus intensely, size up people and delegate responsibilities, being highly motivated, being inherently a problem solver, with the right skill set and psychological profile necessary, while having no interest in habitual golf games and campaign rallies, and will get it all done, and rapidly so. I have no desire to work in a think tank or in the bowels of a political organization. I have no desire to accumulate riches or be a career politicians, but if the country wants an incorruptible commander, a leader, a take charge and get it done type, and wants to recapture our founding father principles, our republic, our national birth rights, Im your guy.

Systemic Currency Debasement

Charge Boys, and Give'em the Cold Steel. Grandpa, in the late 50s, as I recall well, would each day visit the banks, and get bangs of coins, and he would methodically go through them all, one by one, with a magnified glass, whereat, I learned of little markings like "D" "S" minted on the coins, as they were neatly placed in the blue socketed coin books. But there was one coin of which I will always remember, the 1943 steel penny. I suppose many people today have never even seen one. I have. They are real and do exist. Mostly made of Iron, they are literally dirt cheap to produce, despite a tad of zinc. When base metal prices were high then during WWII and supplies were limited, yet needed for the war effort, the government simply starting minting steel pennies. The government can do and has done whatever it wants to our USA money.

The copper penny came back, and had relative real value to monetized silver. Our coinage money was in intrinsic balanced. We all knew what we had in our pockets and wallets. But then came the 60s, the cost of the Vietnam War and the Great Society and trips to the Moon, and the government stopped minting silver dimes and quarters and halves as the government moved toward decoupling the dollar from silver and gold, violating the constitution and debasing our money, to wage war, social engineer, and impress the Russkies. The government has over spent and debased the dollar, on a power trip extending around the globe. To continue the power trip, the deficits continue and that means continuously debasing the dollar, resulting in staggering inflation at times, with moderate inflation now becoming systemic in the US economy. The systematic debasing of monetized silver and gold through 100 years of inflationary practices for more government control seems as though it will last forever, or until a fatal global collapse of all fiat money. Is there really a zero value of anything? May be not. General Sherman burnt CSA script to keep warm at night as Georgia howled using worthless fiat. Keeping warm on a cold night does has some monetary value, does it not?

The government may not have counted on base metals rising to the highs of late. The copper penny and nickel nickel have survived to this day, but with base metal prices increasing relative to the fiat dollar, the penny and nickel are becoming way over valued to where it may become profitable to hoard pennies and nickels, and effectively take them out of circulation. Something needs to be done now so as to be able to replace these prospective vanishing pennies and nickels which will most certainly vanish from circulation in the near future, simply because they are worth more than 1/100 and 1/20 of a fiat dollar, respectively. Its common "cents".

As the government continues its undisciplined monetary policies, void of monetized silver and gold in circulation, the penny and nickel will go by way of that dinosaur, the silver dime. Sure copper pennies and nickel nickels will be around, if you care to buy them by the bag full for capital gains. It seems clear in the short term, the government will continue to use its no-limit credit card of the bond market to charge more and more debt and continue to debase the dollar, in so doing, shrinking its real value, each day. The penny and nickel in circulation will be history, and very soon, I suspect, and you will know exactly when to start hoarding the penny and nickel, just listen for a treasury hue&cry, "charge boys, and give'em the cold steel".
The debasement of our money goes hand in hand with the debasement of our collective morality, in the dumpster of decadent godless socialism.

Actually, the penny and nickle do not contain historical amounts of copper and nickle being debased already by zinc, as the penny and nickle are going by way of the silver dime quarter and halves. But even the tiny amount of silver, copper and nickle left in our coinage, all of that intrinsic worth will be gone as well, as all coinages is reduced to steel, the cheapest metal of durability.

They are no pennies, nickles, dimes, quarters and dollars, our coinage is a absolute fraud upon the American people, who have voted for socialistic DC controls used to support our TOTALITARIAN DEMOCRACY and the DC elitists vote-pandering power trips, that has ruined our money, since the creation of the FED-IRS-FIAT complex that has ENSLAVED us all.

The US penny to now copper clad zinc. Just like the Romans, debase the currency, and ruination awaits. The debasement of the currency, the of use of fiat money, enables national socialism. Fiat currency debasement enables pandering cementing of political power. National Socialism evolves into Totalitarian Fascism or Totalitarian Communism.

The US House approves GOP budget that boosts defense spending and balances in 9 years. Balances in 9 years? These rambo commies and their 5 year plan, after plan, and in 9 years, we get another plan. Its absolutely ridiculous. There will be no balance in 9 years, just pandering for here and now. The FED is trapped, as it cant raise rates or really end QE. If the FED raises rates, or stops QE, the economy implodes, deficits explode, and that is sad truth, and FED knows it and will not be honest, as the,monkey show just keeps on going. Did you notice Yellen back peddling on rate increases? It was just all jawbowing from the get go, deceit and lies, and she knows it. As as long as ZIRP is maintained, wealth transfer occurs from middle and poor classes to top 1%, so Yellen can feed her real masters, the banksters and greedsters of wall street.

ZIRP, zero interest policy, enables the banksters to borrow free and manipulate markets for criminal profits, and enables CEO stock buy backs, as CEO obscene compensation, elevating stock prices making the FED appear as doing a good job, when, in reality the economy is tanking as evinced by the labor participation rate, thus, over pricing the dow jones propaganda average.

A zero interest rate indicates the true value of the FRN, an irredeemable ponzi coupon having zero intrinsic value, but only inherent value based upon threat of imprisonment if federal taxes are not paid in FRNs (Federal Reserve Notes, US paper dollars). The US mint mints a 1$ silver eagle having "One Dollar" embossed on it, and the one dollar FRN also has "One Dollar" printed on it. They are not the same, one is a con job, the other is real. Can you guess which one is the con job? My 10 year old, guessed correctly, he gets it. Gold and Silver coinage are "Money", the FRN is a debt based currency used as a medium of exchange. Occupiers have a legitimate beef, corruption runs wild, the FED and politicians bought, and wall street making out like the bandits they are.

Global currency wars are heating up. Russia is now ready print 3T rubles in deficit, as currency war heating up globally. US EU JAPAN with gross QE, and right on Que, Russia to print 3T rubles, as the currency wars heat up, with China now engaging, in a global race. The global currency war is, in a race to the bottom value, inevitable global fiat currency implosion, and the world's central bankers KNOW IT, but hide the truth, and global economic destruction is certain.

Americans Perpetually Enslaved

Freedom is inherently based upon the high five, to wit, God, Gold, Guns, Land and Vote, respectively, to believe as we choose, to have our money free from the degrading printing presses of the DC elitists, to defend ourselves from criminals and government oppression, to live as we choose, and to control the necessary local, state and federal governments from enslaving our lives. But as we enter the 21st century, we Americans can hardly be considered free. There is no doubt about it, we are enslaved, voluntarily so.

The enslavement of America started in earnest in 1913, with President Wilson's creation of the FED bank, with their controlling interest rates, and fiat money of intrinsic worthlessness being printable at any quantity as desired, and with the adoption of the 16th Amendment creating income taxes giving rise to an army of necessary IRS thugs to enforce collections of the people's hard earned money through threats of imprisonment during the annual April shake down of the citizenry, providing fiat money an artificial inherent worth as taxes must be paid in federal reserve notes, that is, fiat dollars, having absolutely no intrinsic worth.

The enslavement of Americans then proceeded to FDR's with his socialistic raw deal and the confiscation of the Americans' gold coins, which enslavement then proceeding to LBJ's socialistic corrupt society, and then finally to the strong dollar policy, which collectively has resulted in centralized money control emanating out of DC with the necessary collateral suppression of bullion prices, so that, the people would not look to any other monetary unit, such as real honest money, that is free from the ravages of the DC fiat printing presses, so that, the people would be forced to depend exclusively upon the fiat dollar and the fiat controlling regime of DC.

The enslavement propaganda out of Washington DC has worked exceptionally well over the last century, since 1913, and continues to this day, with VP's Biden "patriotic taxes", and the obscene deficits running amuck in DC created by both the liberals and the compassionate so-called conservative elitists embedded in DC corruption and power politics, that has, over the last 100 years, conditioned us Americans to accept FED controlling interest rates, ruinous counter-productive taxes, unwarranted gun controls, land use restrictions innumerable, secular progressive demeaning of god's churches and temples compassionately giving to those in need, and finally to the pandering of votes through unattainable campaign promises, both left and right, for perpetual cementing of socialistic controls by the elected DC elitists and their appointed agency henchmen.

Even as President Obama gave an ostensibly up-lifting speech before both houses of congress, with no less that 65 raucous ovations, from both the left and right, in response to yet more promises of utopia, under DC control, some whispers are heard by some reading between the lines, for those who can hear the spin and lies, of more government control over and central socialistic planing of our lives, as the government runs up well over a 10T$ national debt with additional spending of yet another 10T$ in bank bailouts under socialistic control, to enrich the banksters, throwing efficient capital Darwinism to the dust bin of forsaken founding capitalistic principles of this great country. You just know that we Americans as a people are absolutely screwed when both parties wildly applaud more social programs, spending, and controls from DC. The current financial enslavement of us Americans stems from the combinatory effects of an obscene tax regime, an intrinsically worthless fiat money, and the suppression of the alternative bullion prices through the use of manipulative naked short futures contracts on the NY CRIMEX exchanges, held by agents and conspiratorial monetary thugs of the government, including and certainly not limited to JPM with their monstrously criminal derivative short positions.

Astoundingly, we Americans don’t complain. There is no just outrage by the people. There is hardly a peep from the people, as the government bailouts the banks, and their greedy bosses with their performance bonuses based apparently upon bankrupting all of the banks. The bank failures are well deserved as the banks did serve to do the government's bidding in controlling the monetary markets and our lives, as the banksters perfect their greed perpetrated upon the American economy through the use of 1000T$ worth of over the counter derivatives. We are not brave nor free. We Americans have been conditioned to live in economic slavery, to salute the DC elitists at the drop of another fake promise and offered program, that only serves to perpetually enslave our lives. Even Mr. Bill OReilly of Foxnews, thinks a 30% tax is just fine, where actually, anything over a 6% rate, a reasonable patent royalty, should be considered inherently destructive and evil. Well, even a pig when fed his daily slop, Mr. OReilly, will live happily in a pig sty, with freedom abandoned. People are no different, and neither is Mr. OReilly. We have been conditioned to accept the elitists' dictates from DC, their controls over our lives, and the April singing sirens.

But we Americans have been here before. We took action once against London's fiat money and their controlling taxes, starting with a small Indian raid in Boston, as we Americans then threw off the yoke of VP Biden's "patriotic taxes" and the obscene dictatorial control over our lives from absolute power concentrated in the English crown. And, we Americans can do it again, provided that we first can understand what has been done to us, our country, our collective minds, and our freedoms, and we can again show the outrage necessary, and act, if we have not been so propagandized into accepting the elitists' dictates and socialistic DC controls over our lives. We Americans now accept without any protest, a 30 year mortgage based upon enslaving interest rates dictated by the FED's monetary controls and the use targeted inflation rates and the interest rates made necessary through the use of fiat money. We accept enslavement for 30 years of our adult productive lives, without a peep. This is simply amazing, in the land of the so-called free and so-called brave. We are no longer free and we are no longer brave. We have become enslaved cowards.

We have all become cowards because we do not stand up to tyranny over our lives. We just continue to simply walk dispassionately like monotones toward the warlock caverns upon the blaring sirens signaling the annual April sacrificial tax shake down to tyrannical concentrated power in DC. We simply accept unlimited printing of fiat money. We simply accept an obscene tax regime. We simply accept controlling interest rates. We simply accept the degradation of godly symbols in our lives. We have been conditioned, through patriotic tax speeches, to empower the big brother Nanny state, to wipe our butts and feed our faces as only the DC elitists think best. We are now imprisoned. We even will not publicly recognize bullion manipulation in the commodities markets, which manipulation is blatant, but which manipulation supports the intrinsically worthless fiat money that enables our enslavement by big brother in the first instance.

Mr. Bill Murphy of GATA can scream bloody murder all he wants about gold bullion manipulation, and Mr. Ted Butler of IRI can rant and rave all he wants about silver bullion manipulation, but as long as we Americans remain cowards to the DC elitists controlling our lives, the CFTC, and the conspiratorial congressional oversight enablers, we will simply ignore the blatant criminal manipulation on the NY CRIMEX exchanges, and accept our enslavement. Give it up, Bill and Ted, it’s a losing battle, because, unless you integrate your outrage into an aggregate demonstration of lost freedoms, and convince the people at large to over throw the power complex in DC, the government will continue to protect the power projecting fiat money system in perpetuity thereby enabling and encouraging the suppression of bullion and real honest money, the only real alternative to their worthless fiat. Your only hope to free bullion from criminal government led manipulation, actually enabled by the CFTC and congress, is to rally all Americans to throw off the tyrannical yoke that is the Washington DC elitists.

But how can we now possibly collectively even rebel? The people are now weak minded, conditioned by a century of DC propaganda and pandering to not aggressively act against any tyranny. So, armed rebellion against the enslaving DC elitists is modernly not a viable option. The only other effective means to take down the monarchs of DC, and free bullion and concurrently ourselves, is through the vote. But, we freedom lovers would not be on a level playing field, as American politics is now centered in only two viable political parties, the liberal democrats who always seek more taxes, more spending, and thus more control over our lives, and the "compassionate" republicans, who have of late all ready thrown in the towel to concentrated socialism in DC, and hence, we have abandoned Darwinian capitalism to scrap heap of lost individual freedoms and personal responsibility, and hence, making ourselves and both parties conspirators to the enslavement and control of all of the people. So how possibly can the system be changed, and free bullion, and free ourselves, when our American minds have been propagandized into accepting financial slavery and centralized control, living in a national pig sty, when the only voting option available is between two inherent look a-likes promoting more, not less, DC controls over our lives? We simply cant. We are hopelessly imprisoned by our own conditioned pandered minds by socialistic elitists of the two controlling political parties. We are freaking doomed to perpetual enslavement by big brother and the nanny state, as we get up each April 15th and march off to singing sirens toward the warlock caverns to be devoured into economical ruin, presently, however, accelerating on a global scale.

There possibly could be one hope, for a return of our freedoms, and liberation of bullion from manipulation, but it’s a very long shot, a 300 million to one long shot, actually, to be nearly exact, and that possibility would the coming of a second economical political messiah, a populous, running for the presidency, outside of the two main political parties, with an articulated agenda, and with a plan to perfect reinstatement of our freedoms from the DC elitists. But, as of yet, there is no such person who has come forward with the agenda, with the plan, and with the ability to passionately and convincingly persuade the people that they have in fact firstly lost their freedoms, and secondly, that such freedoms can be reinstated. Dr. Ron Paul came close, but he remained locked into the corruption of the two political parties, and did not explain why our freedoms have been lost, nor did he offer a credible comprehensive plan to free us all. While well intentioned in some points, he did not put it all together, in a comprehensive way. Maybe a great populous champion will emerge before 2012 and offer what we American so dearly need and deserve, our freedoms back.

Any populous running for president, to take down the DC elitist power structure, to free us Americans, must have a plan as to national money, deficits, debt, taxes, and welfare. This populous candidate would need to have a comprehensive vision, both retrospectively and prospectively, and must be able articulately explain why we are enslaved, and why the tyrannical power structure in DC has enslaved us all through fiat money, the FED, the IRS, income taxes, and bullion suppression, as a collective regime and power play, so as to educate the people, and reverse 100 years of pandering DC propaganda, which, of course, would be no small task, as many Americans are in fear, and will naturally cling to their government hands outs in cowardly dependency. Breaking a propagandized dependency and the cowardly mind set of the American people through mere words would be one difficult task.

This populous messiah would need a plan. The plan would necessarily include abolishment of the FED, fiat money, the IRS, income taxes, and bullion suppression. The plan would include the reinstatement the gold and silver money standard. The plan would seek the repeal the 16th amendment authorizing income taxes and the adoption of a new amendment requiring local, state, and federal balanced budgets. This plan would necessarily destroy socialism in American, and would severely limit the welfare states, a good thing, such as to only public shelters, clinics, and kitchens, while supporting, in turn, compassionate free charitable personal giving through charities, churches, and temples, thereby exploiting individual personal compassion that is the most effective and efficient means of securing a minimal safety net for the poor and aged. This populous should propose eliminating the national debt, virtually over night, by requiring all Fiat FRN dollars be redeemed at the treasury at a rate of about 1B$/oz. Fiat redemption in bullion would force many, if not all, other countries to likewise abandon fiat money in a global rebirth of the exclusive international use of gold and silver money as the only real honest medium of exchange between countries, business, and persons, as the global community replaces war and fiat with trade wars and real honest money, and while outlawing global protectionism and, of course, the internationally sought after elimination of the US dollar as the global reserve currency.

The tax system should be changed comprehensively. There should be absolutely no taxes on earned income, payrolls, or capital gains, which are the engines of growth, that must necessarily and fully exploit human greed for maximum productivity and prosperity leading to increased personal tax free charity. There should be a flat tax on all consumption in a resource limited world thereby punishing gluttony and conserving the world limited resources. There should be market value real property taxes to pay for police, fire, schools and trash. Finally, there should be extremely progressive taxes on passive incomes including inheritances, interest, dividends and personal gifts, so that all have an equal opportunity. This tax regime would collectively together encourage economical growth, resource conservation, dissipation of obscenely corrupting concentrated wealth in a few, and the dismantling of socialism and the welfare state to free the people of dependent slavery by the government.

It is doubtful that such a populous would rise up, however, and come freedom's way any time soon. There is, possibly, one small hope. If the global economic community continues to spiral out of the control toward the downside into a global depression, and it is accelerating just now to the downside, and the global fiat complex concomitantly collapses as well relative to commodities and bullion, rendering all fiat money suspect in the eyes of the common people, and if the unemployment rate rises to depression levels, the citizens may just get a little upset, and even demonstrate, and possibly politically revolt around the world as well as in the US from all of the monetary enslavement. We Americans actually might just rethink a century of pandering propaganda, and actually listen to a populous candidate for president of the USA and leader of the free world.

It is a dreadful choice, however, to wish for monetary, economic, and financial global ruination, but with it is also the ruination of the enslaving fiat money, bullion manipulation, and government enforced corrupting socialism and control over our lives. It would be worth it, though. We Americans, if truly brave, should bite the short term economic bullet rather than perpetuate tyrannical slavery from DC over our lives. We may just become again the land of the free and brave. But, until such global financial ruination is achieved, and until some populous take the soap box station in earnest, with the plan for the return of our freedoms, the American economic political system will not change, and the status quo will remain in effect, as until such a populous messiah comes forth to liberate us all from DC tyranny, nothing will change, with all Americans perpetually enslaved.
I offer Americans a new route to recapture lost freedoms.You want our freedoms back? Go for it, all out. Many Freedoms have been taken. Freedom from income taxes and filings. Freedom from national debt. Freedom from wall street campaign corruption and undo influence over government. Freedom from enslaving federal welfare complex. Freedom from income, inheritance, capital gain taxes. Freedom of states rights to boycott, shop, hire, fire, serve, refuse, apply and quit under a republic of states. Freedom from IRS spying on bank accounts. Freedom from CIA wire tapping of US citizens in a nation wide drag net. Freedom from wall street occupation of federal government. Freedom from mid/poor class wealth transfers2 top 1%. Freedom to responsibly own a gun. Freedom from extreme gun licensing laws. Freedom of association, for boys and girl clubs free from pandering activists. Freedom to parent children. Freedom from enslaving federal student loans, jacking up tuition costs. Freedom from Fanny/Freddy housing loans, subprime banking corruption loans, & federally rigged property values. Freedom of a real choice in voting booth, from 100 years totalitarian lock down by two pandering political machines. Freedom of states under a republic to prevent unlawful invasion by terrorists and illegal immigrants. Freedom from federal totalitarianism and police state.Freedom from fiat debt-based irredeemable ponzie coupons used as a medium of exchange to control the people. Freedom from national socialism leading evolving into either totalitarian fascism or collective communism. Freedom from low end wage stagflation and loss of wage purchasing power, through economic laws & explosion. Freedom from tax attorneys and IRS spies. Freedom from states using license suspensions for enforced debt collections. Freedom from US passport suspensions for enforcing state debt collections. Freedom of travel. Freedom from federal incarceration for benign non-threatening private pot use regulated under states rights. Freedom of association and contract of civil unions enforceable in states court under states rights. Freedom for parents charged with responsibility for parenting children. Freedom from interstate and international drug, gun, children, salves smugglers. Platitudes and idealistic dreams are great, but unless there is a real plan, they have no real credibility. Freedoms & Liberty always must have outer permissible reasonable bounds, or they are not Freedoms and Liberty in practice.

We can recapture our freedoms and liberties lost, and provide an economic explosion for improved standards of living liberating most from economic stagnation, poverty enslavement, with maximum liberty and freedoms practicable. I have a plan. I know how to perfect it. I stand ready willing and most able.

Derrick Michael Reid BS JD, engineer, lawyer, military scientist, bullion market analyst, geopolitical analyst, 2016 presidential candidate.

Judicial Fiat

The founding fathers wrote what they meant, and meant what they wrote. First thing law students are taught in law school is that the constitution is a living breathing creature from the underworld. Its not. The constitution is a piece of paper, with word writing in plain English in permanent ink, that most anyone can understand. In order to facilitate increased totalitarian socialistic fascism, concentrating power in DC, the Supreme Court Justices have failed many times to uphold their sworn oaths. In interpreting the plain language of the constitution, which is in and of self a violation of sworn oaths to defend the constitution, violate and bastardize the comprehensive unequivocal spirit of the constitution and founding father principles. The Supreme Court was suppose to be a check on Congressional and Presidential powers, but has evolved into a driving force toward concentrated totalitarian socialistic fascist enslaving power in DC, and that is the most devastating corruption of the federal government. One may expect the two pandering political machines, in their zeal for cementing political power to over reach led by the politician in chief, but it was the Supreme Court that was to check their lust for power over Americans, and as such, the Supreme Court is the most back-stabbing disheartening aspect of modern United Socialistic States of America.

The preamble to the Constitution sets forth the purpose of the Constitution.

We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

Over the last 200 years, and mostly during the last 100 years, the supreme court has rewritten the preamble to where it now effectively reads.

We the Justices of the Supreme Court of the United States, in order to form a more enslaving and corrupt federal government, establish injustice, insure civil conflict and strife, provide for open borders and trade imbalances and destruction of the republic for which the flag use to stand, fiat debt-base irredeemable coupon currency, a massive federal welfare state, promote class warfare, and secure totalitarian socialistic fascism, minimal personal liberties and minimal freedoms from federal government, for generations to come, habitually reinterpret the clear and plain language of the original Constitution by just making stuff up and violating sworn oaths for concentrating power in the Supreme Court and federal government for the United Socialistic States of America.

IN passed law giving employers right to fire gays on religious grounds.
The extent equal protection is outside federal legit business, and ya get blow back. pandering creates conflict, Federal gov has no business in the bedroom, states do. States have local reserved power to control and social engineer as wished by local people vote. Fed government has no business promoting gay life styles. So, politicians pander gay vote for federal rights, which is not good of country, putting groups at each other at federal level. If one respect constitution/founding fathers, let states social engineer as they deem fit, and keep federals out of the bedroom. If IN wants civil unions, sparkling parades, or religious freedom to fire, its IN's business, not panderers business at the federal level. But its not about constitution, republic, enumerated powers, its all about pandering segments for cementing political power. This is not about gay rights, or religious rights, its about a REPUBLIC, and a constitution getting defiled by political panderers and the supreme court.

States can enact equal protection for "preferences", but the supreme did the country a mighty disservice, as totalitarians that they are. If California votes for Civil Unions and Sparkling Parades then OK, but to jam phallic symbols down other states using the federal government is wrong and contrary to spirit of constitution. If gays cant respect others, they got no self respect to begin with. You gain respect by respecting others and the constitution. Gays dont respect employer parent rights to employ/parent, as being pandered, as they are going jam phallic symbols down throats, defiling the constitution, the republic and states reserved powers. Now IN law maybe challenged in supreme court, and down again goes states' rights, a defeat for the republic, as that cesspool in DC usurped more centralized commie totalitarian power.

Over the last 100 years, the supreme court has 1) enabled fiat paper, 2) federal welfare state, and 3) political divisiveness by not complying with their sworn oaths to defend the constitution, and should not only be impeached by the senate in mass, but also jailed for treason.

And when the panderers dont follow spirit of constitution, the country slides deeper into totalitarian socialistic fascism and conflict. So, politicians pander gay vote for federal rights, which is not good for the country, putting groups at each other at the federal level. But its not about constitution, republic, enumerated powers, its all about pandering segments for cementing political power. Federal equal protection extends by amendment to, RACE CREED ORIGIN GENDER, and no other, with separation of church and state. Religious monuments, gay rights, employer rights of association are social matters for the each state to decide, not the DC fascists in charge. Employer right to fire is totally consistent with federal freedom of association, and equal protection for race-creed-gender-origin which are federal concerns.

Well why dont an employer run their company the way they wants, and let other employers run their business as they want? The DUPLICITY of employing gay activists, as the social fascist they most certainly are. The fascist part, for example, is Mr Crook's coupling of Apple's business and government policy, and here, Mr. Crook is using his business position to further pandering political objectives, for cementing leftist political power contrary to the constitution, the republic, and founding father principles. The word despicable comes to mind.
California Court ruled that incarcerated prisoners are entitled to sex change operations. The court just made it up. Ridiculous. Supreme Court has ruled that equal protection extends to sexual preferences. The court just made it up. Ridiculous. Supreme Court has enabled the use of fiat money as opposed to constitutional real money. Supreme Court has enabled the creation of a massive federal welfare state as opposed to constitutional limited enumerated powers of the federal government.

The court operates OPEN LOOP without any feedback control, as the Senate asleep at the switch, gives them a pass, and just lets the court get away with destroying, bit by bit, the republic, personal liberties, and freedoms from government.

I can restore the spirit of the constitution. My friends, let me explain the REAL CONSTITUTIONAL problem. Though many sense something is very wrong, they can not articulate the problem. I can. Over the last 100 years, mostly, congress and the presidents have had PANDERING agenda, that is the driver, two cement political power through mostly promises of LAGRES. The Supreme Court is also being "pandered" and politically appointed, tending to accommodate their congressional and presidential heads. Supreme Court Justices swear an oath to defend the constitution, and are rightfully empowered to "interpret" the constitution. Accordingly, in law school they teach the constitution is a living breathing instrument subject to high court interpretations. The constitution is not a living breathing creature from the underworld, but is a written document in PLAIN WORDS in PERMANENT INK. There is the differentiation between the written LETTER OF THE LAW and the intent of the "SPIRIT OF THE LAW". Since 1780s, things have changed, such as, globalization, medicine, technology, contracts, in complexity, far beyond the vision of 1780s. The supreme court has a necessary and proper function to interpret the constitution as applied to new and changing conditions. So, the supreme court should interpret the constitution in application to changing conditions, and that is done with their inherent political biases. However, such intrepretations must not do VIOLENCE to the SPIRIT OF THE LAW, & that is where the Supreme Court has failed the US. Highly intelligent, intellectually creative JUSTICES can MAKE UP ANY LAW THEY WANT, its their constitutional power. In making up laws, justices must not do violence to the LETTER OF THE LAW or the SPIRIT OF THE LAW. Through creative intellect and political biases, justices MAKE STUFF UP, and will rationally support findings within the LETTER OF THE LAW. However, where the COURT fails, is interpreting the constitution in such a way that they violate THE SPIRIT OF THE LAW. For examples, the Constitution set forth REAL MONEY, LIMITED FEDERAL ENUMERATED POWER, RESERVE POWERS of the states in a REPUBLIC. Today, the US has a debt-based currency, an UNLIMITED federal government with a massive welfare state, and a federal government that has usurped social engineering reserve powers from the states. Thus, the interpretations have violated THE SPIRIT OF CONSTITUTION, as the justices fail repeatedly to defend the Constitution as they swore they would. That is an impeachable high crime. People, congress, and presidents place justices on pedestals. There has been no impeached justice. It has been nearly 200 years from the last impeachment trial in the senate. The senate has utterly failed the people as well, by not keeping the justices in line, because of POLITICAL PANDERING TO CEMENT POLITICAL POWER. The ONLY SOLUTION is to bust the REP/DEM lock on power, and take on the COURT directly. A strong president is absolutely needed for this job to restore our constitutional freedoms. I am supremely confident, a strong leader, an intelligent commander, and immenantly qualified and would be such a strong president. I know what are the problems and the solutions. Please help me Restore Americana Greatness.

InJustice treasonous Ginsburg isn’t Even Pretending to Be Impartial or upholding the spirit of the constitution. Its a shame black robe reapers get a pass trashing the constitution. When last time justice impeached? Its all about totalitarians concentrating power in DC. Supreme Court judicial fiat, is part of the Evil Empire. People treat justices as devine, when they are the most dastardly of all in failing to check congress, protect constitution, and violating their oaths. The Constitution is not living breathing creature from underworld, but a document in plain english, in permanent ink, with a clearly stated republic defiled by the supreme court. Congress should impeach the supreme court for trashing our constitution. The people should rise up and throw the bums out. The gross deleltion is clear, for examples, irredeemable ponzi coupon currency, unlimited totalitarian federal government, obscene federal welfare state, equal protection for anything, enabled by the black robe reapers of the high bench. The REPUBLIC is dead, died of theory embedded in constitution, the high court has effectively trashed Americana, US heritage, and citizens freedoms from government. The supreme court has enabled the federal government to enslave us all as tax mules and dependents, and our fascist controller have no limit, under supreme court created plenary power. The Supreme court has enabled the bankrupting of the US treasury, and corrupted the people through enabling moral hazards of national socialism of the USSA. The supreme is pure corrupt, failing to check congress, destroying US strength of self-reliance, dignity, and productivity. US does will not fall from external enemy, but from internal rot, decay and corruption from within, with the supreme court being the heart of the USSA evil empire. InJustice Ginsburg is typical of justices trashing our constitution, as they can intellectually dance around the plain words of constitution, while utterly trashing the spirit of constitutional law. The supreme court has trashed the republic and states rights, as they just make it up, defiling states rights of social engineering while concentrating power in DC. The purpose of constitution to insure domestic tranquility, instead, supreme court has trashed constitution, and domestic strife is out of control.

Paved Road and Pot Heads

My friends, please do remember at all times, that, Politicians, Judges, Lawyers, Socialists, Police, Military, Intelligentsia, etc. are not inherently evil people, but at times horribly misguided as to government's relationship to the citizens in the context of our Constitution and Founding Fathers Principles.

Politicians promise. Toucquiville in 1835 indicated that as soon as the people learn they can vote themselves the goodies, the US will enter a state of totalitarian democracy. We have arrived. Toucquiville understood the drivers of the innate human being.

Politicians pander for votes to cement political power. In so doing, have taught American to vote for themselves, and not the good of the country. Many politician believe that what they are doing to the right thing, and government larges continues to increase. It is not that they are evil, but misguided as what the constitution really means in maintaining a republic.

The moral hazards of national socialism corrupt all that it touches.

WW FDR LBJ BHO are not evil in a sense of doing something they know is wrong, but rather are misguided in the proper relationship between government and the people, for optimizing "domestic tranquility".

Reefer Madness

POT is a low level intoxicant, destroying motivation, better pot vegetate in a house, than wild drunks on road killing. POT or alcohol under state rights to control in a REPUBLIC, while the federal government regulates interstate transport/sells, per constitution. Federal government controls uppers, downers, opiates, hallucinogens that really screw people up into ZOMBIES. POT use is absolutely devastating to one's motivation to achieve, that the real evil of POT. You teach your kids to just say no, teach consequences, and hope they choose wisely, and if taught well, they will. As a parent, under right of parenting, I teach mind preservation, not rot, and hope when 18, they choose wisely. I dont approve of POT SHOPS, but by law and the numbers, and damage caused, should be a states right issue. For personal use of barbiturates amphetamines opiates hallucinogens the punishment should be fines, confiscation, and community work, and not incarceration.

Perhaps a reasonable balance would be for cultivation, and trafficking of Pot to remain illegal, but all confiscated Pot would be put on sale by the state, and registered smokers of age and of public record, can procure one ounce every month but only from the state, and such registered smokers would not be prosecuted under prosecutorial discretion for transportation and possession within one hour of procurement from the state and the smokers must consume the state purchased pot in their private residences. The state would get tax money, and non-violent smokers could smoke in their own homes, and pot smoking be kept out of the public without the state legalizing it and thus not encourage consumption. The problem with Pot is that it destroys motivations to achieve, the smokers are aligned to socialists of the nanny-state.

Let me give you all a heads up. POT destroys one's motivation to achieve, as its number one detriment, bar none. But then, I would rather a pot head veg out on a couch, than drink booze and drive and kill. One might do a mathematical correlation between regular POT use and college graduations. If you want to be an over-achiever, its impossible with a 24/7 fussed brain and lazy work ethic. A lifetime of proximal observation says motivation is destroyed. For those who think Im wrong, here is the question. Would a person achieve more in life without pot use?

Tobacco Alcohol Drugs Firearms

Legalization depends on detriment to society, states rights, constitution

Firearms under the 2nd are authorized and possession protected.
When a person reaches 21 years, the right to bear arms must be protected under the 2nd Amendment.

Tobacco Alcohol Drugs consumption goes to states rights and federal regulation of interstate commerce. Tobacco is addictive and leads to health impairment, but calms personalities. There is a trade off of benefits and detriments and society has decided to limit tobacco use by age and environs.

Alcohol has been debated and deemed available to adults. During prohibition, the US learned that the detriments of prohibition out weighed the benefits of legalization. Alcohol use rots the brain and produces aggressive behaviors combined with physical dexterity impairment leading to death and destruction by automobiles and personal actions, but also provide enhance personal socialization. Society limits consumption to adults with laws prohibiting drunk driving, and thus the trade off balance.

Drugs have a scale in detriments and benefits, from sleep-aids, anti-depressants, marijuana, barbiturates, amphetamines, opiates and hallucinogens and respective societal trade offs are made. The quality of life is enhanced when drug free. Sleep-aids, anti-depressants, marijuana have small benefits and detriments and should be left to the individual states to decide with the federal government regulating interstate trafficking. Barbiturates, amphetamines, opiates and hallucinogens have tremendous detriments and little benefits, and should be highly regulated by congress with the federal government regulating interstate trafficking. Civil liberties are important and maximum civil liberties should be provided to the people, where practicable and reasonable for the over all enhancement of the citizenry, but the people, state officials, federal public authorities and resulting laws should be concerned with pervasive rot of human beings consuming intoxicants, which should have no place in school, and limited on college campuses, tempting the young into a life of intoxication and rot.

Corrupt Panderers and Riots

Protests are in the Streets, from Ferguson MO to Baltimore MD. One variety is "Black Lives Matter" and another is "Higher Wages". Any death is a tragedy. We have political panderers add fuel to the fire. Even BHO commented on Ferguson. If we still hung murderers in the public square, kids would get a real education, learn better to respect parents and authorities, police would not be so trigger happy, because, BLACK LIVES REALLY DO MATTER.

We have on one side political panderer teach blacks that they are victims. Our criminal justice system does not provide sufficient instruction. Occupy group join in the protests over a shooting, and get right in the officers noses. Just a matter of time, in the street standoff, until someone looses and bodily harms comes. But this problem is deeper than minority pandering, trigger happy cops, a criminal injustice system, or occupy groups upset at the bankster control and influence over DC. The economy is tanking. These aspects, pandering, injustice, influence are only the sparks, the real fuel to riots across the US is youth unemployment is high. The kids are not happy, having been sold a bill of goods for Hope and Change, and instead got business as usual, with the FED transferring wealth from the middle and poor classes to the top 1%, causing economic destruction while the financial elite make allot of money. The economy is not going to improve anything soon, and riots are predicted, with increase intensity. They were pandered, voted, and got hugely burned, and dont even know it.

Time for the thinking cap. Why did DHS find it necessary to buy 1000s of tanks and Bs of rounds? Hint: Ferguson-Baltimore. Occupy-Bankster Influence, Pandering Politicians to "rally" the bases, Black-lives-matter, trigger happy cops, are the sparks. But what is the driver? FED policy xfers wealth from mid/poor classes to top1%, economy tanking, youth unemployment high, and RIOTs will start. I have been watching twitter closely over the last monty. Politicians have no clue. The kids are pissed, and any spark will do to start rioting in cities coast to coast.

Oakland PD declared unlawful assembly. deaths, riots (summer watts 50yr) When these kids are out for summer, with no job, and hear about a shooting, mob violence, riots, deaths. Occupy was better when focus going after banksters, but this cop shooting only a symptom, as both flow from leftist moral hazards. 100 Baltimore Cops Injured in Riots. I predicted by September we will have RIOTS,
Of course, Occupy does not understand the driver, with a limited field of vision, and it same with the cops and politicians.
Fire up DHS, occupy wont stop, and there may be riots coast to coast, in full flower, 50 years later after Watts. This summer is going to be hot, allot of protests turning into riots. It has begun already with 100 Baltimore Cops Injured in Riots.

People power
DEFCON 5) vote
DEFCON 4) Demonstrations
DEFCON 3) Protests
DEFCON 2) Riots <-Summer 15'
DEFCON 1) Rebellion

THIS SUMMER, DEFCON 2, in US cites, as the cops call in DHS, and govenors call in the national guard. So, exactly why is this happening? The source of the problem, the driver, is totalitarian socialistic fascist USA. Cops are basically good folks. Occupy was better focus going after banksters,but this cop shooting symptom,R both from leftist moral hazards. When these kids are out for summer, with no jobs, and hear about a shooting, mob violence, riots, and deaths occur, and DHS moves out & escalates the situation. BHO will have no solution, because he dont even understand that he and his leftist pals are the problem. BHO FED led policies have decimated the middle/poor classes in wealth xfers to top1%. Young adults and late teens are not working. So, the tinderbox is there, and is starting to go SUPER NOVA, (100 police injured in Baltimore) Fed Gov will have no real solution. Young adults dont respect law, cops are on edge, in your face protest turn into riots, more deaths more destruction. A study was done, about 8 years ago, of this very thing happening. That is why DHS stocked up with tanks and ammo. This does not look good in the USA.

The DEMs really have the Latino and poor vote in on the same team, yet these two groups are opposed to each other, in that, as long as the border remains open, there will be increased immigration, pressuring downward wages. But dont tell the poor that, the DEMs need the Latino vote. But dont worry, DEMs will pander both groups with success, because the REPs, to this day, still have no clue, but will rally the "GET-IN-THE-BACK-OF-THE-LINE" crowd.

The two pandering political machines are so predictable and repetitive that its almost unbearable. Their illogic and pandering is immediately understood. The DEMs and REPs can not defeat my logic, the constitution, the republic, and founding father principles, but can only pander voting blocks for votes.
They will have a religious experience. Libertarians, WE CAN WIN!!

Gov. Mike Huckabee: "You don’t punish people for living by the rules". I agree mike, but TBTF banks violate law, market manipulation, but the government is so bought and paid for, that the 1% continue. Our totalitarian socialistic fascist government permeates all with corrupt governance, that then spread through our society. Before you can clean up wall street, the heart of the USSA evil empire, you first have to clean up government and enforce laws. But where you have a COWARD of an attorney general, unwilling to enforce law, eg Holter, government spreads its corruption. If the banks are given a pass to rob, starting with the FED and its QE ZIRP policy, you teach the banks to fraud as well. Your nice pandering sound bite sounds great mike, but you must first clean up DC, but you cant, and here is why. The migration of social services, unconstitutionally, to the federal level, creates a totalitarian socialistic fascist government. Our totalitarian socialist fascist government breeds and cements moral hazards in all Americans. These moral hazards of socialism extends to all in various degree, and the moral hazards are at heart of decay and corruption. You can not remove the moral hazard contagion, unless you TEAR DOWN THIS WALL, of DC corruption. You tear down the wall of federal level corruption by transferring all social programs from the federal government to the states. Social Service transfer to the state IS constitutional per limited government and the REPUBLIC for witch the flag SHOULD stand. The republicans can not OUT PANDER the compassion of the democrats, and thus the REPs are the cave in party, the DEMs being the proposer and the REPs being the enabler. The reason why REPs get elected from time to time, is because of the inherent economic failure of DEM led socialism. Thus, the DEMs and REPs are effectively on the same team, to enslave us Americans to that totalitarian socialistic fascist regime in DC. As the REPs are unable to defeat the DEMs at compassionate pandering, there is no way to eliminate federal social services. The truth is that it was the Supreme Court that was supposed to enforce the Constitution, but also failed the country. As you offer no solution, mike, and just spew your pandering sound bites, you provide no direction or leadership, simple. Pentagon using tax payer money on pron? Mike are you getting it? You might. But I know you are a stand up guy. I also know that you are playing it safe within political realities. Not to worry though, DEMs and REPs are full of cowards.

Black Lives do matter. Does any know ratio of BlackOnBlack / copOnBlack kill ratio? Explain that. If we are going to protest black killings, lets to it TOTALLY. What is ratio of BlackOnWhite / WhiteOnBlack / NoOfWhites / NoOfBlacks normalized to population demographics. If black lives REALLY do matter, get to the heart of the problem, and explain it FULLY. Problem No 1, is black caucus preaching victimization instead of work-ethic and responsibility.
Problem No.2 BHO FED-led policy of xfer of wealth from poor to rich. Because black lives do matter, the problem is a combination of lack of Jobs, Opportunity, Ethics, Morality, Civility. Surely some cops have stepped over the line, BUT WHY the propensity? What's the DRIVER? surely not to get fired/jailed. Protests Black Lives Matter directed at Cops, and White, implies political pandering and race baiting at highest level. Black Lives Do Matter, and we need to refocus black leadership for improving black lives through proper societal coexistence. BHO's economic policies has done more damage to the black community than 10,000 Baltimores.
Tank Labor Participation, Increase moral hazard of socialism, spread dependence and hopelessness, and look out, there will be riots. Protesting about symptoms (cop shooting, poverty) is publicity. Knowing the drivers and perfecting solutions IS THE KEY.

Cops are killing. Blacks are killing. I want to make the point that the driver is econo-political as is the solution. Cops go out. Gang bangers and criminals about. Cops are on edge. Excessive force used. Its horrific, but why? I know from personal experience that "government apparatchiks" go beyond constitutional limits. My personal experimentation showed what happens all the time. Government employees are generally 1st order thinkers, by and large, trying to do a good job, as they view it. The use of excessive force must be driven beyond simple racism. I have tentative conclusions. So, lets take a mythical city, in a core black area and poverty abounds. Black leaders pander victimization. Black leaders pander whities' racism, as reason for Black poverty and suppression by whites. Black political leaders want to hold onto the black voting block to selfishly cement political power, as do the DEMs and REPs generally. The black community, especially the young, are taught that they must live in racist poverty oppressed by the man and whitie. Police are charged with law and order. The situation is ripe for conflict, as the cops live in daily fear, and are surely frustrated. You cant excuse cops using excessive force, nor black inner city lawlessness. What is the solution? BHO has devastated the working poor in this country over last six years, as clearly shown by the labor participation rate. DC politicians and the FED have effectively engaged in wealth transfers from middle and poor classes to the top 1%. So, it seems that DC faulty leadership has more to do with the cops excessive force and black crime than any other factor. Cops, by and large, operate from "good intent", and are not inherently evil. But to much excessive force is being used. If cops are not routinely placed in area of high crime, the excessive force would naturally decrease. At the turn of 20th century, black families stayed together, poor, but moral and honorable, even with blatant racism. Its seem that both the police state and the black leadership are at fault in large measure, causing crime and excessive force. What is the solution? I always look for the solutions. We need Trickle UP of jobs and prosperity in the inner cities. We need black leaders to teach self-reliance. We need to also of course, punish cops crossing the line. But that is not the driver. The driver is poverty, lack of jobs, lack of opportunity, and political pandering to cement the black vote. DEM or REP led economic policies are not going to substantially help the inner city prosperity. So, that is the real problem, in my eyes, and the DEMs and REPs have damned the black community to poverty, crime, and police state force. What is the solution? The solution is jobs, opportunity, and moral leadership from black leaders. I offer these solutions. As president I would start the US on the way to those solutions. I preferred it when occupiers were going after the banksters, because I know better how the banksters are transferring wealth from poor to the top 1%. I have the solutions. The DEMs and REPs dont have solutions. The two pandering political machines are the problem, not the solution. Unemployment is caused by Robotics, Immigration, Socialistic Moral Hazards, CEO self-enrichment, and a stifling Totalitarian Economy. To really help the inner cities, we need both trickle UP & and Tricle DOWN econo-drivers, but that is politically prohibited by DEM and REP pandering political machines. I offer a new way for the US, to substantially help the inner city, not by hand outs, but by generating jobs, opportunities, and moral leadership. DEMs and REPs with their political pandering and fascist combination with the FED and banksters are the major problems we face. I can fix it all, and quick, if asked to do so.

Drugs should be used to execute convicted murderers. Convicted murderers should be hanged in the public square, to teach kids consequences to violent crime, and resulting respect for law, so as to decrease trigger happy cops, because black lives matter. Children watching legs twitch is unforgettable. Why waste a convicted murderer. All assets should be in play. Violent crime is out of control. Lawlessness must stop. We have not effectively had the death penalty in the US for a century. The alternative is life in prison, bankrupting government treasury, while attorneys milk the system, and prison populations explode with no rehabilitation. I would want parents and civil leaders teach that good morals. In any criminal justice system, mistakes will be made, and that is tragic. The costs of crime is also tragic. From a policy consideration, the death penalty is practical. The country was founded on freedom with responsibility. There is no freedom for the people, unless there is responsibility. Those to contend the death penalty dont work, offer no solution, while crime escalates, and prison populations explode. Incarceration without serious rehabilitation is also impractical. My plan is death penalty for murderers, non-violent criminals sentenced to work in the "green corps", out of prison, for rehabilitation serving the country. Prisons should not be effectively life long paid vacations. The concept of imprisoning in mass, just dosent work. My solution is the Death penalty plus Green Corps rehabilitation work. Prison terms should be solitary confinement unless agreed to work in the Green Corps. Death penalty is not desired, but practical. There must be serious consequences to crime or crime impunity. The solution is moral leadership, death penalty for murderers, Green-Corp work for rehabilitation, so as to depopulate prisons.

So, a criminal is sentenced to prison. First stop, solitary confinement, a couple of months, exercising in place, served food, with access to books, pencil and paper. Then convicts are offered work in the Green Corps, to teach work ethic, and service to country, pride in work, with agreement that violating work release in the Green Corps is the death penalty, but with time off and reduced sentence for Green Corps work. If they run and will be caught, hung in the public square. Sure it is harsh, and no convict will be forced into Green Corp work. For such work, a pay is accumulated for when convicts are finally released, time served, and work ethic rehabilitation, with some money to make a fresh start. The country needs death penalty examples, paths to serious rehabilitation of convicted criminals, and depopulated prisons. Concept of throwing away the keys, for a paid vacation in prison, just doesn't work. Criminals must have rehabilitation and a path back to integration into society.

The latest estimates put LGBT population at about 3.8%, Americans on average put that number at 23%, REALLY?? So next question, is why would average Americans be 600% off estimating gay population? The answer is that DEMs have successfully panderer bases, to lock in voting blocks, into believing that gays are totally abused. Homophobes bash gays demeaning religion condemning gays disrespecting parent rights. The DEMs are the pandering root cause for cementing political power. Gays and their sympathetically induced DEM allies have created over blown civil strife, for purpose of cementing votes and DEM political power. The gay community is and are a tool of DEM self-centered political pandering. Next time you see a gay bashed by a chair, blame the DEMs for stirring it up, causing out-of-control hate, strife and conflict. The key to chill gay related hate and conflict is mutual respect for others under state rights laws of republic. Gay should leave marriage, religion, kids alone, and earn respect and civility, and damn the DEMs for all the hate and gay bashing and violent street protests, insuring under our bastardized constitution, destroying "domestic tranquility".

Los Angeles votes to up minimum wage, and under the republic, have the constitutional right. Low wage earners march in protest to low wages. Solution long term lies in both trickle up and trickle down. The trickle up has to do with closing borders, balance trade, ending the FED, but dont tell that to the DEMs panderers, or the neocon globalizers, or wall street campaign contributors. DEM need the low end to pander votes, REPs need the globalizers for Corps traders, and both want the wall street contributions, to cement political power. So, low end, you stay put, dont climb the latter, because the DEM values any voting block. The USSA evil empire comprises, SCourt judicial fiat destroying the republic and states rights concentrating centralized DC power, wall street undue influence through the FED, and 2 pandering political machines, neither one serving best interest of US. FOR THE PARTY, BY THE PARTY, OF THE PARTY.

People Freedoms v Government Totalitarianism

It is natural in the course of government evolution for political heads to seek ever more control over people, in fear of freedom of people. It is natural in the course of human evolution for people to seek personal liberties and freedoms from government. It is thus natural during the ascent of man that totalitarianism and freedom would cycle 180 degrees out of phase from each other. In the USA, in 1776, Freedom won the day, but over the last 200 years, totalitarianism has grown as freedoms have been lost. Political parties are self centered, doing all to get their candidates elected, and when in power create laws to control people thinking that that is their job.

The US during the 20th century went from a free capitalist society to a national socialistic society, primarily through political pandering while bastardizing the US Constitution. National socialism evolves into either Totalitarian Fascism as in the failed Third Reich or into Totalitiarian Communism as in the fail Soviet Union. Currently, the FED is debasing the FRN leading to economic collapse and ruination as in the fall of the Roman Empire. It dont look good. Change is needed to restore Constitution, State Rights, Republic, Personal Liberties, Freedoms from Government, Honest Money and Honest Markets.

December 22, 2010 11:29:31 PM, VP J Biden announced US tax payments are now acceptable tithing credits at the pearly gates, as continued propaganda to cement more unconstitutional totalitarian socialistic fascist enslaving taxes to enslave us all as tax mules or dependents. The VP in the biggest spin over 2000 years, says that paying taxes is moral, Christian, and patriotic, as his spin is a perverted sense of founding father and Christian principles. Biden said "Boston Tea Party Indians, Freedom Lovers, US Churches, and the Pearly Gates, be damned, we socialistic fascists are in control. Pay up or go to jail", in the spirit of Christmas, of course.


GOD, To believe as you choose, of any faith or creed including agnostic and atheist;

GOLD, For real money of intrinsic value without counter party risk;

GUNS, For defending self and home and constitutional freedoms from government;

LAND, To live as you choose free from government invasions of use and privacy; and

VOTE, To constrain political usurpation of constitutional rights, personal liberties, and freedoms from government.

The lure of money from wall street to finance campaigns is attractive, but therein lies the problem of allowing banksters and greedster undue influence upon and control over government functions. Political parties are self centered, pandering the electorate, to vote for their candidates, rather than voting for the good of the country. Thus, when rallying bases, they pander constituents to vote for themselves or for their political orientations and not the good of country.

You want our freedoms back? Freedoms, many of them taken. How about free from income taxes and filings. Freedom from national debt? Freedom from wall street campaign corruption and undo influence over government. Freedom from gun licensing laws. Freedom from pay check takings. Freedom from totalitarian DC. Freedom from enslaving federal welfare complex. Freedom from income, inheritance, capital gain taxes. Freedom of states rights to boycott, shop, hire, fire, serve, refuse, apply and quit under a republic of states. Freedom from IRS spying on bank account. Freedom from CIA wire tapping of US citizens in a drag net. Freedom from wall street occupation of federal government. Freedom from mid/poor class wealth transfers2 top 1%. Freedom from 1000 tanks and billions of rounds of the DHS. Freedom from the federal police state. Freedom to responsibly own a gun. Freedom from extreme gun licensing laws. Freedom of association,4 boys and girl clubs free from pandering gays activists. Freedom to parent children. Freedom from wall street manipulations of MBS and creation of frauds on financial industry. Freedoms from financial elites and DC totalitarians. Freedom from TBTF TBTF banks rigging manipulated markets. Freedom from corrupt markets. Freedom from enslaving federal student loans, jacking up tuition costs. Freedom from Fanny/Freddy housing loans, subprime banking corruption loans, & federally rigged property values. Freedom from FED targeted inflation as taxation without representation. Freedom from debased currency. Freedom of a real choice in voting booth, from 100 years totalitarian lock down by the two pandering political machines. Freedom from Federal Government social engineering violating constitution and republic and states rights. Freedom from two pandering political machines pandering for political power and not good of country. Freedom from social conflict and contempt caused by 2 political pandering machines selfishly cementing power. Freedom from forward subservise aggression and war and financial war in attempts to conquer the world. Freedom of states under a republic to prevent unlawful invasion by terrorists and illegal immigrants. Freedom of our 2nd class people from living in fear, indignity, and hopelessness. Freedom to live in clean beautiful nature, free from unwarranted human contamination, from sea to shinning sea. Freedom of personal liberties to boycott, shop, hire, fire, serve, refuse, apply and quit under states rights. Freedom from Federal Government unconstitutional equal protection extension beyond Race, Creed, Origin, Gender. Freedom from federal totalitarianism and police state. Freedom from fiat debt-based irredeemable ponzie coupons used as a medium of exchange to control the people. Freedom from national socialism leading evolving into either totalitarian fascism or collective communism. Freedom from Roman Empire era debased currency leading to economic collapse, financial & societal ruination. Freedom for bottom 50% trapped in poverty and enslaved by moral hazards of the socialistic totalitarians. Freedom from state incarceration and encumbrances for private debts. Freedom from federal and state incarcerations for working with dignity as second class peoples. Freedom for the poverty stricken enslaved poor and 2nd class peoples residing in the US. Freedom from invasion and social conflict and enslaved peoples caused by a porous border. Freedom of association and contract of civil union enforceable in states court under states rights. Freedom from socialistic induced economic stagnation for economic explosion. Freedom from low end wage stagflation and loss of wage purchasing power, through economic laws & explosion. Freedom from tax attorneys and IRS spies. Freedom from states using license suspensions for enforced debt collections. Freedom from US passport suspensions for enforcing state debt collections. Freedom of travel. Freedom from property seizures for drug smuggling without due process of law. Freedom from federal incarceration for benign non-threatening private pot use regulated under states rights. Freedom for parents charged with responsibility for parenting children. Freedom from interstate and international drug, gun, children, salves smugglers. The freedom to vote for a comprehensive, integrated, sweeping plan to restore Americana greatness and freedoms.

USA & the End of Days

If you dont want the scary version, dont read this, if you want to be forewarned, take a deep breath.

Physical stackers, don’t do random, and don’t make mistakes.
Today at the Turd Luncheon, CA Lawyer gave me the real scary version. So lets run it down. The conversation headed into the direction of the end of days, when the great kensysian experiment fails.

My scary version was, the year 2020, tanks on Wilshire Blvd, foods and transportation locked up by commercial failures, hyperinflation taking hold in the 25% range, black markets and barter running open loop, when the federal fiat money machinery collapses, and gold and silver are used on the streets, when the government prints its last 10 trillion, with a federal debt over 100T$, to pay off all states and federal debts in one go, with gold ending at $35,000/oz and Silver at $1000/oz, and the reboot to gold and silver coinage, a federal government then with no debt, no social service complex, where a simple federal sales tax is applied to the black market, simple 10% confiscation on the streets, any time, anywhere, and states tax upon in-rem property taxes, when we are all free of the fiat money, the IRS thugs, and the enslaving and corrupting welfare state.

CA LAWYER out did me, saying that it would not end like that, that we would turn into a Stalin like state, where the majority of people seek the security by, and not freedom from, government, indicating culturally that the people are so weak, like in the Matrix, and will support a Stalin like state, preferring the simplicity the Matrix than real life. I counter with the devils and angles in us all, the global cultural driving force, will not allow that. And so the debate raged on. Nonetheless, my time table has been way off before, but the direction seems clear. We know that as soon as the market stop buying US debt completely, because of the negative real returns, the dollars come back home, and we jump into light speed, hyperinflation ravages all. And in those end days, something very new might just occur.

So, let jump over to goldseekradio, with ChrisWaltzak, interviewing Bill Murphy, the one issue guy, The Cartel sold loaned leased swapped out all the US bullion, ITS ALL GONE!

He made a comment that was particularly peculiar. Venezuela, Germany, et al, are getting their gold back. The US bullion hoard is loaned out and gone. The US knows it must put real money back in circulation, and will become the bullion buyer of last resort, buying it all up, making the Chinese look like trinket buyers. I like that as well, and fit in my scary version. Now adopted as such. But, cant we do better? Cant we try to more precisely predict the end of days? There is a guy I like, who coined the phrase, counterfeiter-in-chief, referring to Bernake, of course. Michael Pento, a regular on KingWorldNews. Pento made the call, and really, it seems to fit.

Iran and the Bomb Negotiations

1) We must go back to 2013 when HRC was Secretary of Sate. As secretary of state, HRC accepted money from Ukrainian Oligarchs, and soon thereafter, Ukraine explodes, with ignoble outing of an elected president, rebellion, Crimea succession, civil war, Crimea annexation, US sanctions, Senate voting to arm W. Ukrainians, Putin threatening Newks in Crimea, and Nato Armor racing to the Ukrainian border. Hillary gets money from Ukrainian oligarchs, and did not preach noble democracy principles in Ukraine, leading to the violent over throw of an elected president, resulting in civil war, Crimea succession, annexation of Crimea by Russia, Mr.Putin threatening of Newks in Crimea, and US-Nato/Russian proxy war in Ukraine. Whether of not one considers the Ukrainian money a bribe or not, the taking of money from foreigners in a political hot spot, while Secretary of Stat certainly does not avoid the appearance of impropriety, and smacks of corruption, greed, and selfishness.

2) We must go back to 2014, and BHO publicly insulting Mr. Putin.

3) We must go back to Iranian financial sanctions for developing newks and long range missiles, and their dodge of gold bullion money transfers through Turkey and building of an oil pipeline to India, the economic sanctions being counter productive over the long term.

4), Russia has been a supporter of Iran, mostly because of the perceived threat of the US surrounding Russia with military bases and might. Iran is closer to Moscow than DC, and Russian support would in the first order seemingly be foolish, until the geopolitical-military state is viewed in total.

5) Russian and China view US dollar hegemony as unfair. There should be noble fairness in international funding, currency transfers, currency swaps, and competition in finance. The US is using dollar hegemony and the US bond stacks in foreign forex, as an unfair asymmetric tool extending US foreign policy. Russia and China have a legitimate beef, when sanctions are employed using dollar hegemony and treasuries bonds through sanctions to force them to comply with US foreign policy objectives. But sanctions are counter-productive, hence the BRICS bank, AIIB, Chinese currency transfers, EU Hubs, and Chinese swap facilities. So, AIIB is created from push back against Kissinger's so-called "petro-dollar" and US asymmetric sanction tools, as a natural result. Combine Kissenger's petro-dollar, US imposed sanctions at state department, and US welfare state created bond stack, and AIIB bank results. Sanctions are a failed policy, and counter productive long term.

6) Iranian talks go no where without Russia at the table, and HRC/BHO burned that bridge in Ukraine. US has sufficient means to get Iranian attention to encourage negotiations, directed at limiting Iranian development of long rang missiles and nuclear bombs. But monitoring their development is Reagan's "Trust but Verify" during the cold war. Currently, Kerry is working a poor deal for the US so that the BHO administration can claim victory and save face.

7) In order to solve Iran, Russia must be involved, and to get Russia involved in good faith, the entire US-Russia current international relations must be addressed and resolved favorably, including an end to hostilities in Ukraine. With the current mind set of the REPs re Ukraine, and the HRC/BHO burning of the friendly bridge to Russia, the US government is without tools necessary to obtain a long term solution with Iranian Newk development.

8) Geopolitical damage between the US and Russia can be repaired, and through that obtain a workable solution to the Iranian Issue.

9) The current so-called Iranian deal appears to be nothing more than vague intents, with ample wiggle room, with no verification monitoring, with no enforceability, as expected. Curiously, Saudi Arabia came out in favor of the deal, when sunnies and shia have be at each other for 100s of years, with Iran in strategic control of the Persian gulf, and supporting Shia groups. I suspect HRC has something to do with it. Maybe any deal is better than no deal. But this makes no sense at all. Saudi Arabia is no friend of Iran. Something else is going on, or so common sense dictates. Clintons "has raised nearly $2 billion since its creation in 2001". Including gulf states. Now Saudis support the Iran deal.

"Think about how completely creepy all of this is."


10) The deal is actually intended to make Iran a nuke power.



11) So important that HBO have something accomplished, he caved.


I understand the Russians, been there 12 times, and am capable of repairing that relationship damage, and then use Russia as driving force in securing a peaceful resolution to the Iranian issue. Yes, I know that Russia was there, keeping a seat warm.

Iran with oil is OBVIOUSLY trying to build the bomb, while screeching Death to America, we have been warned, now the solution. The key to solving Iran, is Donestk, in that, the RUSSIANS must be brought fully on board in cooperative way. So, alienated Russians, botched BHO/HRC diplomacy, and a my-war-or-high-way approach to US centric global reorientation, are road blocks. The problem with bringing the RUSSIANS on board is BHO/HRC burning that bridge, and complicated with the neocon intervention propensity. Then force the Iranians to the negotiating table, not by a kiss and promise, but to deployment of formidable US forces, so threat is real. Then get the RUSSIAN fully on board, Iran is much closer to moscow than DC, and if you know Russian culture, its easy to get them in play. As in the bullion manipulation memo, the trick is to understand the systems at work, precisely, and devised no wiggle room injunctions. So, the job will be to restore friendly US-RUSSIAN relations, my specialty, and solve Ukraine. I have good ideas on that. Two major problems, State department dont know how to conduct foreign policy, and neocons are trigger happy, NOT A GOOD MIX my friends. If foreign power dont follow in US foot steps, blow them up, unless to big, then use counter-productive economic sanctions. BHO/HRC really butt hurt the US starting war in Ukraine, putting on sanctions. Then, Russia-Iran-US mostly devise RUSSIAN monitoring regime that provides IRAN no wiggle room, under treaty. So, Iran would be monitored closely, with absolutely no wiggle room, and Israel would chill out, and US can relax. Such a treaty would enable devastating stikes, MOAB/tactical newks, for failure to comply.

Current US foreign policy is: if any foreign country dont mirror US exceptionalism, the US will bomb them, sanction them, and force them into the American Way, that is, only the American Culture, of currency debasement, market interventions, military interventions, DC totalitarianism, will do. The neocon dont get it. The US declared itself GOD and will remake all countries in its image, whether they like it or not. If the US is attacked, TAKE OFF THE GLOVES, but otherwise, let global people find their way, sure some help, but not by force. Without firing a shot, China went capitalist on us. Sure, it takes generations, movement is slow, but you dont have to bomb them. Russia's infant democracy, China residual commie government, are concerns, but they are improving. Let them improve at their own pace and culture, IT WILL HAPPEN. Russia (Putin) still has some territorial imperialism tendencies (eg Crimea). China central control is NO BETTER THAN DC totalitarism. But over the ascent of man, cultural evolution is slow, but moving in right direction. Sure, preach democratic principles, and give aid, but dont force cultural evolution. This bankrupting, immoral, igniting neocon cowboy mentality is simply the wrong play for a NOBLE COUNTRY. The US should help them improve, but dont push them hard through military interventions. In Ukraine, for example, elected president was outed at gun point. There was no US preaching of democratic principles, that is, removal by civil impeachment. Shame on the US. The US can do better in foreign affairs. It starts with Nobility and Aid, not with bombs or sanctions upon the non compliant.

The US can do better, nobly, to help the world civilize.

Neuclear Standoff with Iran

This memo is in response regarding Iran and PNAC. This response to the topic of Iran being in the cross-hairs of the US military and that PNAC (project for the new American Century) is a motive force, is provided herein, by one who is very much politically aligned, for very good reasons, with the so-called PNAC view, the neocon mantra, and the inevitable confluence of the world where all countries are moving toward increased interconnectedness, which leads to profound long term ultimate peace world wide, as GAP nations such as Iran, are encouraged or forced, if necessary, into joining the CORE (Russia, US, EU, Canada, Australia, Japan, China, etc) of trading and political interconnected country.

The movement globally toward this "interconnectedness" or, if you will, The NEW WORLD ORDER (NWO), has been going on in earnest for over 100 years. Through aggressive US military actions over the last 100 years, the CORE is solidifying into peaceful trading partners. The CORE is winning and becoming more powerful over the GAP, every day, in this "Democracy Century", through continued US military actions, when necessary. Simply put, when all are interconnected, dispute resolution is had through global organization, UN, WTO, for examples, as one does not seek to bomb their trading partners, as war and FRNs are replaced by trade wars and real money in the out years.

Some want to play the WWII British PM Chamberlain "peace in our time" game, a fail policy based upon false hope that an enemy or aggressor will simply stop the aggression, upon mere words and promises. Iran with its support of Hezballah, Hamas, Iranian Iraq-based operatives, and general sympathy for Islamofascism, is an aggressor, with no end in sight. Simplistic views fail to recognize the non-democratic theocracy of the Mullah power control in Iran, as the driving force. And yes, Americans must be made aware of that growing threat, as nuke material processing and procurement of long range missile technology, are the precursors to nuke missile regional intimidation, a condition suppose favorable to some. I suppose some ignore the "death to America" cries, while Iran is loading its guns, to preferring to preemptively strike, the inevitable growing threat.

Some are crying apocalyptic outcomes, as the solution is a simple one, blockade Iran until they agree to strict IAEA. Nuke processing is a fact. Long range missiles are a fact. Cries of death to America are a fact. Cries to wipe Israel off the map are a fact. Support of terror groups such as Hezballah and Hamas are a fact.

Fiat money printing has been the primary tool used to procure over the decades military means for civilizing this world, led by the USA, a very good thing, of which many are very proud. But cut-and-run emboldens and bombs away radicalizes, so foreign politcy, if smart, is a delicate balance.

PNAC called for "the direct imposition of U.S. 'forward bases' throughout Central Asia and the Middle East, with a view to ensuring economic domination of the world, while strangling any potential 'rival' or any viable alternative to America's vision of a 'free market' economy. This cultural imperialism needs to be contained. Until perceived threats, GAP nations such as Iran, join the CORE, a forward defense is preferred, but with limits.

Peace will ultimately come in this last global struggle against Islamic domination and aggression to civilize them through imposition and use of noble principals

It's important for the people in the region know that while all options remain on the table, that I believe we can solve this problem diplomatically, and the way to do that is to continue to isolate Iran in the international community. Isolate Iran from whom? Isolation is something that is done to prevent contagion. The contagion to be contained may be the creation of an Islamic State pursuing the principles of Sharia law, something that is now the rallying cry for many Muslims around the world.

The Islamic world propagates its die by the sword mentality, that is, join Islam, or your head rolls. Thats a contagion that should be isolated and controlled. Diplomatic resolution is always preferred, but Iran has stiffed the international community on nuke development negotiations for over a decade, lying, hiding, temporarily stopping, for purposes of sustaining bad faith negotiations. We've been there long enough. The Iranian game is so obvious, as with Saddam's Iraq, and we been there and done that with the hide-and-seek WMD, the bad-faith negotiations, etc. Simply put, Iran wants nuke missiles coupled with an aggressive theocratic posture, to control the areas extending from Spain to Indonesia, the old Islamic empire, and Iran aggression must be contained, less may lead to catastrophies.

Surely no wants war, but diplomacy has run its course in failure again and again, apparently unrecognized by then PM Chamberlain. They think all things can be just nice and dandy, if we simply look the other way, as Iran builds a nuke capability, and threaten the region in a power grab. We spent trillions confronting the soviets with nuke missiles pointed at each other for decades in a tense stand off, and put the world in a constant state of potential annihilation, and I suppose, as logic would undeniably dictate, that this is the perpetual stand off desired apparently by some, as an apparent sought after nuclear stand off.

Women and Gays, the Perpetual Conflicts

Abortion has long been a troubling spot for Americans. Founded on One Nation under God, religion has had a major influence. Poverty trap mother hubbards in a life of poverty. As society turns away from God and family, pressure mounts to liberalize abortions. Since Roe v Wade, the country remains in conflict over the abortion issue, its lingers, creating divisiveness. Its time the abortion issue be resolved. If you want to ban abortions in the USA, a constitutional amendment is the proper legal course, but unlikely. Surely, those of faith can pray for women to make the right life choice, but civil law is what a president is sworn to. Some claim that the abortions are so many, its genocide.

God is great for personal mental stability, and divine worship in church furthers peaceable interactions while schooling the folks about proper and righteous codes of conducts. Attempt to abolish religion generally, is wrong, as societal interests are promoted, and equal protection for creeds and religious freedom is a must. Religious zealots, such as, clinic bombers, take their belief systems to far. It is one thing to believe abortion is sin, pray for lost souls, peaceable preach, and support orphanages, as one may choose, but another thing to take law into your own hands, and spew hate and violence, contrary to loving religious tenants and law.

Women are different from men. Women and men have respective different reproduction biology for procreating the species. Women have wider hips than men for child birth. Men have wider shoulder for hunting and bringing home the bacon for supporting child bearing wives and families. Women have breasts for feeding infants, while men have massive muscle structures for heavy work and hunting. Men have facial hair to weather the hunts in extended cold weather, whereas women do not. The origins are clear. Men and women were ancient hunter-gatherers, paired for procreating the specie, but with respective roles in food collection and procreation. In examining men and women, the physical differences are obvious. From hips to tits, from muscles to facial hair, both men and women are different and well suited as mates for their ancient roles, as hunter-gatherers. The physical differences are clear, but those difference do not stop at the neck line. Why would it? So, then, there is the brain, and here to there are very slight differences. Women, consistent with home location for gathering and child raising, operated in nested gathering groups, and tend to be more communicative, whereas men out on the hunt, tend to be more focused and aggressive. Girls with tendency toward communications tend to do better in elementary school than boys, but the boys catch up quick in high school with innate aggression to achieve. Men and women have differently wired brains. It is the way it is, and you cant change the innate differences between men and women.

As the great religions took root over the last 5000 years, certain conduct became taboo, such has incest, adultery, abortion, murder, cannibalism, and homosexuality, for examples, generally consistent with spreading the biological seeds, with integrity, which is also one reason why youth tend to be rebellious in nature, to fly the nest, and spread the seed. From the beginning of the 20th century, by and large, with ample food stores from American farms, with public education for children, women started in earnest to leave the family home, and became more involved with a male dominated society. Having super awesome intellect, rivaling their male companions, women sought and obtained the right to vote and gender equal protections, in recognition that insignificant difference with their wired brains, should not be the basis to deprive women of equal access to governmental affairs and societal contribution, and half the population was liberated from the home, to take their rightful place, side by side, with their male counterparts, unleashing a wealth of added intellectual power upon the nation, in a glorious addition to improving government and the economy. Along these lines, the abortion issue became a paramount concern to many, to pit the liberation of women and their contributions to society against ancient taboo set to respect life on religious and biological grounds. Thus, the modern abortion conflict, which relates in large measure to gay rights, and the general political alignment between gays and women liberators, opposing religious and conservative push back.

Ancient taboo and the religious tenants against homosexuality surfaced in the late 20th century, as society marched toward more liberalization. There were legitimate reasons why government sanctioned homosexual behavior, one of which is the break down of nuclear families and procreating the next generation of tax payers, and another is the spreading of disease. The male and female human bodies were not configured for homosexual behavior, the logical extension being the demise of all human beings. But as the world over populates, the concern of the demise of human beings is diminished. Patient Zero has long ago, globe trotted, spreading an epidemic causing millions of deaths and an infected society. But the medical profession rallied to combat the spread of AIDS, which is now somewhat contained. Group sex and illicit fornication also spreads communicative deceases as well, as adultery has been an ancient taboo. Lets not forget that the American Indians were nearly annihilated when Spanish white men brought to the shores of America their diseases from illicit fornication. But with medical advancements particularly over the last 100 years, the debilitating affects from illicit fornication and homosexuality have been significantly diminished. As we enter the 21st century, with an over populated earth, with advancements in medicines, the focus turns toward personal liberties and freedoms from government intrusion into the private lives of our citizens.

Modernly, in the 21st century, the government substantially no longer has significant business in the bedroom or in the doctor's office, regulating the intimate affairs of free human beings. It is not the federal government's business to social engineer, as that power is reserved unto the many states as the local voters desire, per the US Constitution defining a republic of sovereign states. This republic relationship between the states and the federal government properly focuses the issues of women rights and gay rights. I personally have known to many women of awesome intellectual power and to many gays having upstanding respect for others, to be characterized as a sexist or a homophobe. In school, in town, and at work, for decades, women has shown me awesome mental powers, and gays have shown a great ability to respect others. My best friend of the last three decades is an upstanding black man, so don't play the race card on me, as that would be a false ploy as well, and exposed as such.

In my town of Laguna Beach California, for the last 30 years, I have met many upstanding and respectable gays who respect others, who are not fanatical zealots, such as respecting parents' right to parent, and who do not prey upon children with indoctrinating gay life style teachings, or who not try to force by government edict unisex bathrooms in elementary schools. So, let me share a little story if I may. I am cruising in my black limousine down Ocean Avenue, and spot a dear friend, an upstanding black gay guy, nursing a beer at the Brewery. I stop the limousine and jump out, in my nice black suit, and run to "Mr.T", at the bar. He is dressed in faded jeans and blue jean jacket, rhinestone studded, and he is wearing Elton John type sunglasses. You get the picture. I grab Mr.T by the lapels, and forceably bring him close, nose to nose, and say, "Baby, Let Me Rock Your World". Of course it was just being fun. Mr.T is a dear friend. But Mr.T earned my respect by respecting me, and my right to raise my two boys as I deem fit. He does not try to push his homosexuality on my kids, he does not prey on children. He does not believe in public displays of homosexuality. He does not believe in sparkling parades. He respects me, and I respect him, it is as simple as that, we are friends. This world is very complex and confusing to kids, who, under parents' right to parent, should be allow to sink their roots, firmly so, knowing dad is male, mom is female, billy is a boy, sally is a girl, to get their heads on straight, before they reach 18 years of age, when and only when, gay life style teachings may be addressed by them in a mature way.

In Indiana just now, there is a controversy over Indiana's new law, Right To Fire. This is not really a gay issue. It is more of contest between Religious-Association-Contact freedoms, states' rights, constitution, and republic against the DC totalitarian forces and gay political pandering for cementing political power. Gay zealots get all excited, as the pandered children they are, and focus only on the gay employment impact, selfishly, as its always about just them, as HRC stirs them up through pandering with her support of gay marriages. Gay couplings is more of a state concern than a federal concern, as the states properly have reserved powers under the constitution to social engineer as the voters deem fit. Indiana voters have spoken, and Governor Pence is correctly defending the voters' choice. Gays in the work force is simply a great thing to have as we need all oars in the water pulling for a robust economy. But when gays flame at work, offending the sensibilities of coworkers, causing internal resentments and conflict, and thereby disrespecting an employer, that employer should have the right to fire the flaming gay. Rights to boycott, shop, hire, fire, apply, quit, serve, refuse, are basic commercial liberties worth defending from intolerant disrespecting zealots stirred up by political pandering from the two pandering political machines pandering voting blocks to selfishly cement political power destroying "domestic tranquility", rather than for the good of country.

Yes, I clearly understand well that some are locked in their own biases. The DEMs usually call those with whom they disagree as extremists, attempting to marginalize opposing views. I find it queer those seeking tolerance intolerantly. You earn respect, you don't demand it. It is unfortunate that political panderers seek to rally bases, causing conflict and strife nationwide. The whole purpose of US constitution is to promote "domestic tranquility" through a republic of states having reserved powers. The states have reserved powers to regulate social intercourse, not the federal government. States may control rights to boycott, shop, hire, fire, apply, quit, refuse, as the state voters deem fit, not the federal government. When one becomes so biased in their perspective, they become intolerant of others and their views. Libertarians preach liberty, but then some libertarians turn right around, and seek to deny others their liberties. I am not hostile to gays at all, but civil discussion should and can be had. If one discusses patient zero, or religion, and opposing views, gay activists go nuts, intolerantly. That is unfortunate, but it is the way it is, in some circles, whipped by political panderers. Some Gay dominated circles generally have no concept of practical outer bounds or mutual respect or mutual tolerance. Some gay dominated circles have a my-way-high-way attitude, and that is very regrettable. But it is the way it is in some circles. I have many gay friends, who respect my parental rights and respect others of religion. We, my gay friend, and I being Christian and a protective parent, respect each other, and are friends. We are tolerant of each others views through mutual respect. People of religion and gays confront each other. How to resolve that confrontation is the desired goal. Each state has the reserve power to set laws as the state voters deem fit, and all should respect those laws. I did not carry the gay banner and jam a gay life style down all others throats as gay activist do. Rather, I take the constitutional road, of the republic, and lawful way of resolving social issues at the state level. I may not in anyone's biased self-centered camp. I have long ago risen far above such self-centered biases. I view the whole, under constitution, and seek to resolve problems, and not draw intolerant lines in the sand. No one can offend me, as I'm to far above that. I can only try to teach were permitted. Intolerant gay activists or religious zealots may continue to marginalize themselves if they wish, but there is a higher nobler plain upon which respect can be earned. We all must live together, and tolerance and respect is key to that, to promote "domestic tranquility" as intended by constitution. Gay activists and religious zealots should run down anyone who does not believe the way they do. I do not take either side actually. What I promote is civility, mutual respect, and mutual tolerance, by law, and by the numbers. Surely, what I am proposing is comprehensive, integrated and sweeping for federal government reorientation of the federal government to fix problems plaguing the nation. Any fair minded, and objective person, reading this blog would or should get that. Gay activist and religious zealots may also get that one day. I sincerely wish all gay activists and religious zealots all the best of luck in maturing and rising to a higher civil plain of mutual tolerance and respect, promoting domestic tranquility.

So vehement are gay activists that they challenge basic understandings of men and women biology. They suggest that gay brains are born that way, in attempt to reach the status of men and women generally for federal equal protection. Try this experiment. Get 100 high school boys and place them in front of dancing naked adult females, and count the number stimulated. Wait ten years, and repeat the experiment. Check if the number of males are still stimulated. I suggest that the number would decrease. The brains did not physically change being hard wired from birth. Ask the question, what happened? One might think that the gay life style preference is a learned behavior, and not an innate characteristic, but don't dare suggest that to a gay activist, or you might be called a homophobe in an attempt to demean, marginalize, and chill freedom of thought and speech. As a parent, I want to anchor my children, and not confuse them with gay indoctrinations. Will the courts protect my rights? State court enforceable civil unions, societal mutual respect, and gay indoctrinations only post 18 years of age, and I am with the gays on that. Respect my rights and I will respect your rights. Simple.

So vehement are women activists and feminists that they discard economic laws and seek quotas and totalitarian controls in the work place for so called equal pay. Businesses seek profits and economic laws, over the long term, are excellent drivers toward equal pay for equal work, as the best practical means of reaching equal pay for equal work for anyone. But don't try to suggest that economic laws are the most practical means to a feminist, or you might be marginalized as being called a sexist in an attempt to demean, marginalize, and chill freedom of thought and speech.

The feminists screech Equal Pay for Equal Work, whipped up through pandering by the DEMs, who don't hesitate to call any male REP candidate a sexist rather they are one or not. That is typical and right out of the DEM playbook, and we all get that. But the question is, do they really mean it? The focus is not on work done, but the title of the positions, that a female manager of one company should be paid the same as male manager of another company. One may first ask if the political pressure of the feminists have rapidly advanced many women beyond their capacities and are placed in jobs that they can not really handle, but done so as to advance women in the work force. There is probably allot of sexist bias in the work force, dominated by males who prefer working with males, rather than be distracted by tight skirts in close proximity, as one can not change the innate male brain. In objectively viewing the situation, personally, I have known to many women of awesome capability to belittle women in any way. And there is probably some legitimate complaints in the work force of keeping women from higher pay and advancement. Question is really what do practically about that. Federal equal protection extends to gender as it should. Systematic hiring and paying through gender prejudices, without good cause, should be remedially corrected in the courts. This apparently is not enough for the DEM pandered feminists, they want higher pay and advancement, deserved or not. How do you practically enforce against gender prejudices in the work force outside clear proven systematic prejudices shown in court? The DEM would no doubt want a federally mandated, read totalitarian solution, where all workers in the US are placed on a pay grade, like the military, that is, all workers are assigned a job title, and are to paid according to that job title, and companies that do not have equal numbers of male and female working at the same job title are taxed more heavily, read incentivize-and-control totalitarianism. Any objective unbiased person would realize that this end solution would be economically stifling and impractical. It seems that the old tried and true methods of compensation according to age old economic laws are the best without government totalitarian mandates. If any person produces, they are sought, not because of their gender, but for the addition to the bottom line profits, and let the natural economic laws level out the pay rates, as all are free to quit and apply elsewhere. Through education, on the job performance, and economics laws, the most practical solution is had to the gender problem, but don't tell the DEMs of this most efficient practical solution, they want that feminist voting block to selfishly cement political power, at all costs, be they at equal pay, rather than fair pay.

A marriage is the solemn coupling between a man and women who have, by and large, the innate capability of procreating the next generation of tax payers, the legitimate state interest. A constitutional amendment defining the term "marriage" as a solemn union between a man and women, is a fitting definition, but largely an unnecessary amendment. There is nothing inherently wrong with unisex cohabitation, as the sororities and fraternities have done for 100s of years. What intimately goes on behind closed doors between consenting adults should not be regulated by the federal government. The states under states' right have the reserved power to enforce civil union contracts in state courts under federal freedoms of contract and association. Gay couples can be united under contract, and can be intimate behind closed doors under federal rights of privacy. It is when gays enter the work force or the public view, and push their gay agenda, onto the boy scouts and girl scouts, and others, disrespecting other people, is when trouble and societal conflict occurs. Gays are not going to stop marriages between men and women desiring a family, boy and girl clubs under freedom of association, stop parents from parenting their own children, or stop employers from hiring from the general population, and trying to intentionally offend spouses, parents, private clubs, and workers is nothing less than intolerant totalitarianism, as pandered nationally by a pandering political machine trying to cement political power. It is so damn queer those seeking tolerance intolerantly. The gays have been played by a pandering political machine. Equal protection by constitutional amendments, includes: 1) gender 2) race 3) origin 4) creed, all else is pandering for cementing political power,

Similarly, women have been played by a leftist pandering political machine to selfishly cement political power. Under gender equal protection, systematic work place economic discrimination of women is wrong. The right to an abortion is not an amendment to the constitution. Conservatives are likewise pandered by a rightist pandering political machine, again, for selfishly cementing political power. Christie of NJ, basis his anti-abortion campaign on GOD, pandering the religious right. God has no business in enforcing the constitution, except collaterally as ensuring rights to religious freedom under amendment, and equal protection under amendment, as to creed allowing all to believe as they chose. The abortion issue touches many federal concerns as to rights of privacy, gender equal protection, and due process equal protections. The abortion issue should be resolved once and forever, and eliminate that scourge from the public vortex, to promote "Domestic Tranquility".

The right of privacy goes to the doctor office and what forms of treatment a patient may desire. Gender equal protection goes to women rights to control their own bodies. Due process and general equal protection goes to in vitro viable fetuses' right to live. These are competing interests. Adults should have the right to engage in sex provided they are responsible for their conduct, including supporting their children. The supreme court started the abortion issue off in full flower with Roe v Wade. In gestate termination touches religious and political concerns. Its a hot button for sure, but should be solved once and for all, to reasonably restore to the nation's "domestic tranquility".

As practical solution to the abortion issue, a reasonable regime would be, at the federal level:
1) No state shall prohibit a woman from having an abortion during the 1st trimester.
2) No woman shall murder a viable fetus during the 3rd trimester.
3) Federal funds may not be used to encourage or discourage abortions.
4) Under states rights of the republic, any states may control abortions during the 2nd trimester, may encourage or discourage abortions, may engage in childhood sex education, and may provide birth controls, as local social engineering rights of the many states, under voter approval.

As a practical solution to gay rights, the constitution by amendment should be followed.
1) Federal equal protection should be limited to race, creed, origin, and gender.
2) States under reserved powers of the constitution have the states rights under freedom of religion-association, to legislate in economic areas of boycott, shop, hire, fire, apply, quit, serve and refuse.
3) All groups, gays and religion in particular, should respect others' rights under state rights to social engineer has the state voters deem fit.

Pandered Activists

Indiana Gov. Mike Pence: "Hoosiers don’t believe in discrimination"
IN has a right to fire, employers can fire who ever they choose.

Stand your ground Governor Pence, its a republic, until supreme court totalitarians trash IN's sovereign state rights to fire. Go Down Fighting Mike! Equal protection for preferences at the federal level was a supreme court huge mistake, defiling the constitution and the republic for which the flag should stand. IN governor, is standing on firm constitution grounds, trashed by the supreme court, time and again. ZEIG HEIL to all the black robed reapers on the high bench.

Over the last 50 years, I have watch in real time, migration of the evil empire from soviet Moscow to totalitarian socialistic fascist DC. The republic is all but dead, killed by DC totalitarians, that is, the evil empire comprising the supreme court, DNC/RNC pandering political machines, and the wall street banksters and greedsters controlling and unduly influencing elected and appointing government officials. The natural political evolution is from National Socialism to Totalitarian Fascism (3rd Reich) or Totalitarian Communism (Soviet Empire) as now US Panzer Amour under NATO flags roll into Eastern Europe.

IN law is not federal discrimination RACE-CREED-ORIGIN-GENDER, but states' right to social engineer as state voters deem fit. States have reserve power under constitution to social engineer, be it CA's civil union or IN's right to fire. The conflicts mostly stem from political panderers of the two pandering political machines stirring up voting blocks for selfishly cementing political power by rally bases, which is not good for the country generally destroying domestic tranquilly, the purpose of the US Constitution. Gay activist come out of the wood work protesting and demanding gay rights. It is so damn queer to be demanding tolerance and respect intolerantly and disrespectful.

IN deliberately omits protections for LGBT citizens. How would you feel if you are called crazy tea party bigots or religious zealots being discriminated against? LGBT should have absolutely zero protection at the federal level, because this is a republic, at the state level, the states are free, within federal equal protection of Creed, Race, Origin, and Gender, to social engineer to provide rights as to boycott, shop, hire, fire, apply, quit, serve, refuse. States, not the federal government, have the constitutional rights to social engineer. But the two pandering political parties place these state social engineering right at the federal level, and in so doing, concentrate power into DC, which is but part of the continued slide into decadent totalitarian socialistic fascism. And so, the voting blocks, at the federal level are played to cement political power into my-way-or-the-highway confrontations.

Gays contend that "It's about my right to be treated like as a human being". And they are entitled to be treated as human beings. The problem comes when gays try to jam their life style down other people's throats in the most disrespectful ways. Gays are not are talking about just being treated as a human being, as if so, then federal equal protection applies, but they are not, they are talking about demanding sexual preference equal protection, which are state rights to social engineer. The gays of course agree with CA civil unions, but disrespect IN right to fire. There is no respect by gay zealots for others in a state having opposing views, and therein lies the problem. And so, in an attempt to bastardize the US constitution, the gays seek gay rights at federal level, and nation wide conflict is created, and seek to disrespect others at the state level. Constitutional Republic is wonderful thing, and its sad that the constitution has been bastardized by Supreme Court & RNC/DNC pandering political machines. The Supreme Court cowardly succumbs to political pandering. There is effectively no more rule of law in the US, Supreme Court judicial fiat has kill the rule of law in the US. But that is just a natural evolution of decadent totalitarian socialistic fascism now concentrated in DC for political power/

The Supreme Court, defiling constitution, extending equal protection to sexual preferences, which includes gays, polygamists, adulterers, illicit-fornicators, group-fornicators, incestualists, pedophiles, and any type of sexual preference. The federal government has no business in the bed room regulating intimate conduct between consenting adults. Federal Equal protection to RACE-CREED-ORIGIN-GENDER has constitutional amendment basis, and defines all humans, and the outer bound of permissible constitutional federal regulations and equal protection.

I have lived in Laguna Beach 30 years, have many gay friends, up standing folks, respecting parents right to parent, respecting religious freedom, respecting states right, constitution, and republic. There are many gays who are upstanding, respectful of others, who dont prey on children, or jam their life styles on others intolerantly demanding tolerance. Then there are the zealot gays, who dont respect themselves, others, constitution, or republic, but who worship HRC, the queen panderer seeking voting blocks for selfishly cementing political power. HRC will pander any group, no matter how small, to selfishly cement political power, the constitution and republic be damned, and therein lies the real problem, destroying Domestic Tranquility. IN right to fire or refuse has nothing to do with phantom gay rights, but everything with freedom and republic v DC totalitarianism. The contest is really between Freedom of Religion-Contract-Association, States Rights, Republic v DC totalitarianism.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with IN people, demonstrating, protesting, voting, and all that good ole American political stuff as long as they respect constitution, republic, the vote, and state rights. Gays will never obtain or deserved respect, until they first respect others, which they dont, HRC pandered them into frenzy, and has played the gays as tools. IN law is not federal discrimination RACE-CREED-ORIGIN-GENDER, but states' right to social engineer as state voters deem fit. This issue is not gay rights or religious rights, but constitution, republic, and states' rights issues. States have a legitimate interest in sustaining marriage with children for procreating the next generation tax payers. The state have no inherent legitimate interest in promoting gay marriages. Promoting gay marriages is counter productive to legitimate state interest of procreating the next generation of tax payers. There is nothing wrong with civil unions, under freedom of contract and association, enforceable in state courts. Marriage definition between a man and a women is good to anchor society generally and children specifically in this confused world.

But gay pandering has its mirror image, as the two pandering political machines vie for power, the country be damned. Carly Fiorina denounces Indiana religious freedom law "frenzy" and support religious freedom. Is Carly queer, seeking intolerance intolerantly. You earn respect and tolerance by respecting & tolerating others, not by taking it. Carly is trying to rally the religious vote, and work them into a frenzy, the very thing of which she complains. Carly needs to get it, that its the DEM/REP political pandering machines that cause contempt in citizens and destroys domestic tranquility. But then what do you expect from just another political panderer, out selfishly for cementing political power.

Politicians pander voting blocks for selfishly rallying political power by "rallying bases", rather than rally votes for the good of country by the numbers, by constitutional and republic standards. Over last 100 years, US political complex has morphed into binary political pandering machines, for cementing power, not for the good of country. One hundred years of DNC/RNC selfish political pandering has had accumulative effects resulting in conflict and contempt on the public streets. If democracy & rights are to be respected, gays should support IN law, because in so doing, they protect their rights to be respected. Americans have lost founding father roots, now whipped sawed by the to pandering political machines, causing public displays of conflict and contempt.

Let suppose a gay couple goes into a restaurant own by a religious person who finds gay life styles offensive. If the gay couple go in, and peaceably enjoy the meal, there would be no problem, and thus respect the proprietor. But if the gay couple go in restaurant, provocatively dressed and start flaming, then they disrespect the proprietor, and refusal to serve is just, if permitted by state law. It has to do with respect of others and the state laws. Religion should not bomb abortion clinics, nor bomb gay bars, and respect state law. Gays should respect religion and not attempt to disrespectfully and intolerantly jam their gay life style down the throats of others. In the end, domestic tranquility is served well when groups act in a respectful manner to others, thereby earn respect from others, within the state rights of the republic for which the flag should stand.

Boy Scouts president siad that a ban on gay adult leaders is unsustainable. What parent trying to anchor kids, with chance at normal family future, would intentionally indoctrinate their kids to gay life? Gay right activists strike again, and degrade and insult parental rights and options, spelling demise or stagnation of the boys club. Be it little league, boys club, elementary schools, gays disrespect parental rights, yet suggest gays deserve tolerance and respect from others. Parents are in charge of raising their kids, rights denied by sodomites, pushing rump ranging on kids not theirs. The 4% Gays community should respect parental rights, and let kids get to 18 years old, before indoctrination of the sodomite culture, and earn tolerance and respect, for the 70%. Its all about mutual respect. Gays disrespect marriage, religion, parents and parental rights, and thus deserve no respect in return. Gays respect parents rights, and parents will respect Gays, that is simple. Domestic tranquility and mutual respect restored for all. When the gays turn the boys club into a gay indoctrination club, another piece of Americana is decimated and destroyed, and then the gay wonder why there is gay bashing. Russia's president Putin has one answer, the "promotion of non-traditional sexual relations to minors" punishable by law. It look likes President Putin respects parents rights. The boys scouts of total US population hit a high 0.016% in 1975 at the advent of the gay Rocky Horror Picture Show, as gay activism decimates boy scout ranks. In 1975 there were 3.3m Cubs of a US Population of 215m for 1.6%. The the gays come out, in invade the boy scouts so that and by 2015, there are only 1.5m Cubs with a US Population of 320m for 0.5% of population. Gay activism correlates to decimated boy scout ranks. Gay activism correlates to boy scout ranks decimation over last 40 years. Is this not how Gays earn respect and tolerance. In my town, gays respect others, we have no problem, but nationally, come the DEM pandering drive for victory, public strife goes OFF THE CHARTS. Gay activism led by DEM pandering of "just win baby" generates public strife, hate, gay bashing, conflict, as its all about DEM pandering methods for political victory. DEM led pandered gay blatant disrespect for religious and parental rights cause public strife, gay bashing, hate, conflict and rot. The US Constitution reserves social engineering two the many states of the republic. Mutual respect of rights is key to civil "domestic tranquility". Gay community DEM led overt disrespect of religion and parental rights is core cause of gay bashing, hate, conflict, strife in the US. Gays do not earn respect and tolerance through disrespect and intolerance. Why gays want to indoctrination children, not their own is an invasion into parental rights. But gays dont care, or at least told by DEM party bosses to confront traditional roles. Children have one shot in life, to have long lived marriage with children. To indoctrinate young minds with alternative life styles is destructive. Non procreating gays must be by definition parasitic on a procreating host, and recruitment in host population destroys the host. The whole gay issue is a DEM pandered fabrication causing host societal rot, conflict, hate, gay bashing. They reap what they sow. Simply, I, a parent, dont want my two little boys taught that rump ranging is a suitable life style, as parental rights are trashed. The law enable gays same sex cohabitation, and government has no business in bedroom, but to invade religion and parental rights intolerantly is unacceptable and causes strife, hate and conflict.

USA Spying and Seizures

There has always been a trade off between freedom and control by governments. People should be free to conduct their affairs free from unreasonable government interference. Thuggery, asserts, confiscations, personal searches, and home searches should be prohibited on a wide scale without sufficient probable causes. Government spying has been the tool used to create sufficient probable cause to justify invasion of the personal and property rights and the counter balance to absolute freedom where some government control is necessary, just as in criminal justice. Murderer should be executed, as a form of necessary government control. Convicted murderers should have their convictions reviewed, and one year should be the maximum allowed time, and then publicly executed, preferably in the public square to teach children there are consequences to violent crime. However, of course, the lawyers get into the criminal justice system, as murderer are on death row 20 years, which is not justice at all for extreme violence. There is an inherent trade off necessary between freedom and government control. Robust spying in a public space by governments and the sanctuary of personal and property freedoms from government has been the balance struck.

An interesting observation is from an historical stand point. Many complain about the police state spying on private individuals, as if that was new. The cop on the beat for 200 years has been spying on people, merely looking at homes, with lights on or off. Neighborhood Watch teams spy in a public space on the people and homes all the time. Spying as been around for years by governments. The US Constitution is not directed towards spying but to unreasonable searches and seizures within prescribed limits, to be secure person and property.

It is the interpretation of the totalitarian view of 14th amendment, originally to protect new ex-slave citizen voting rights, but with the totalitarians in control, that interpretation is totally out of control, which is read supreme court with their fiat interpretations of the plain language of the US Constitution, that has given the rise to complaints of most others against the spying of government, which is done in the American Tradition. Be it police on the beat, government cameras on public highways, police radar, interception of electronic communications of bank wires between banks, and business telephone conversations should normally not be considered seizures. Private phone conservation, person to person, and house to house, there can be an expectancy of privacy and modern wire tap over sight of home telephones seems reasonable. But generally, public transmissions of business communications is not inherently or traditionally spying, which some equate to unreasonable searches. Actuated government thuggery, arrests, confiscations, and seizures is where the focus and people complaints should be had. The use of the word spying just sounds good for those complaining indignantly under the new expansive totalitarian interpretations.

Government spying must be controlled but allowed in most area. A proper balance has been and should struck to preserve privacy yet allow effective law enforcement.

Liberty and Freedom

United Libereens can & will defeat the Totalitarians in Charge. We can & will recapture our Personal Liberties and Freedoms from Government. Join me Americans, for a most noble cause. Rally to the Banner, 13 Stars & Stripes.

If I am elected president, changes would come at lighting speed, making head spin. Do me favor, if you can see your way clear, and post notices of my presidential candidacy. You sense something is very wrong, cant articulate it, nor plan remedial actions. I get that, and I can help. College kids are very idealistic, until they enter the real world, and get a real religious experience. Anarchy for purpose of creating chaos, devastation, gangland rule, lawlessness, disorder, has no positive effects. But to have effect, you got to get real and practicable. Fight battles you have a chance at winning. Be a positive factor, rather than throwing yourselves on the ground. I fully understand government oppression, unfair economics, but dont throw in the towel and just give up. If you dont support any politician, or government, then your influence is chaos, death, and disorder, serving no one. The occupy people stand for government, free from wall street corruption, and that is a very very good thing. Since socialization 5000BC, society has required some order, imposed by some government, a necessity. Trying to evolve past government is hopeless, impracticable, unfeasible, pie in the sky stuff. Very limited government is a very good thing, roaming Aborigines are doomed to poverty aimlessness. Anarchy is doomed to fail. Like liberty and freedom, there are permissible outer bounds.

Today, the US government is OUT OF CONTROL with it totalitarianism. People need to rise up in protest. People love freedom. Governments love totalitarianism, thus, the endless cyclic struggle over the ascent of man. There is natural cyclic nature of government cycling 180 out of phase, freedom v totalitarianism. Totalitarian governments are evil. Freedom loving governments are not evil. 1776 government was not as evil as our 2015 government. Life aint perfect, but we can make difference, right here, right now. But you cant eat pie in the sky. You want to end wall street corruption, you need a real plan. I have the plan.

Anyone of any Creed, Race, National Origin, or Gender who believes in the USA Republic, Revolutionary Freedoms, Founding Father Principles, and the US Constitution can join the Libereen freedom movement.

Walking Liberty is Real Money

The highly respected and much followed analyst Peter Grandich, (one of my personal favorites) has recently penned a controversial letter entitled "Man Your Battle Stations", (http://news.goldseek.com/Grandich/1192464000.php). Mr. Grandich does an excellent job of highlighting geopolitical troubles about the world, and relates these troubles as bullish for bullion, rightly so, while indicating that geopolitical time bombs are ready to go off. In large measure, Grandich's global glass is less than half full. Mr. Grandich stated that "The middle east, soon to be front and center", but it already was. So what is new? It is not that it will be front and center, but rather, what are the long term directions, that should concern us all.

While Russian President Putin speaks in terms of peaceful Iranian nuke use, he does not press compliant sanctions, indicating, President Putin likes a little confliction in the oil fields, naturally so, as Russia builds an energy empire rivaling OPEC. The Russian double dutch seems clear, push up the price of oil. Unless you first recognize a problem, a militant nuke Iran, you can not seek a resolution. World focus upon the Iranian nukes was a first good step toward resolution, sanctions is another, war if necessary will be another, but the trick is to keep the pressure on so that something will crack. In terms of significance, Iran is the last significant nut to crack in global militancy, state sponsored terrorism, or naked aggression, as the world's globalization confluence is now being perfected. While Iraq has been difficult, the insurgency seems to be finally abating, with Sunnis now opposing Al Queda, and with democratic Kurds, Shia and Sunni facing off against theocratic Shia, hence the birth of true democratic political parties and constituencies. The Turks may do some spanking in Northern Iraq, justifiably so, the PKK is a terrorist organization, and spanking them would be a good thing. In Pakistan, things are finally starting to turn, with democratic Ms Bhutto entering Pakistan, forming an alliance with, of all things, strong man Musharrif, both now opposing extremists. Hello!! Did you get that, strong man Musharrif is bringing in the democrats!!! (He really has no choice, to solve his problem.) This is a very good thing. An injection of a democratic leader into Pakistan should be regarded as a long term positive, trying to civilize that disjointed and conflicted country. Burma and Nepal are in revolt, the democrats there want political power. China is now teaching North Korea, free market operation, WOW!, bringing another GAP nation into the fold of CORE cooperative nations, as nuke are being dismantled. Things are actually moving in the right direction, if you can see it all through the latest car bomb smoke.

So, there are two views, the other is that the glass is way more than half full. Maybe Mr. Grandich would like to go back in time, with his picnic basket, away from these very troubling modern days, and go back to Hitler's Germany, Armenian Genocide, Imperial Japan, Stalin's Soviet Union, Yugoslavia Genocide, you know, the good old days, where multi-million man international armies roamed over continents laying waste to swaths of lands murdering MILLIONS, except lets make sure they all have tactical nuke weapons, just to make sure gold goes sky high, supportive of your favorite share picks. But not to worry, gold will hit $35K/oz when all fiat is outlawed in about 2035 as the world becomes a real money economy, once again. Not to worry, again, your mine shares will do just fine.

Surely there are many hot spots that can be identified, but these, save a potential blockade of Iran (having some UN IAEA legitimacy, and hence would not be totally unilateral, especially when emboldened with a little French wine), are all intra-territorial disputes. Today, there is no pair of UN recognized nations with front line troops battling it out just now, hence, we now, this day, have a world without international WARS. Hello? Did anyone get that? As to intra-territorial disputes or insurgencies, there are many, mostly in the middle east, some in Africa, and some in Indonesia. The degree of insurgency, from armed uniformed insurgent armies, to mass murdering of civilians, to infrastructure terrorizing bombings, to debilitating national strikes, to disorderly rock-throwing protests, to civil demonstrations, and finally to the ballet box, is a civil disorder quantization along an insurgency continuum. As to this continuum, the operating point of a society within a territory is inversely related to the number of years that that society has had a functioning democracy. The USA, the longest living democracy, nearing flew apart in a civil war 80 years after democracy took hold here. It takes many many generations to learn the "democracy" culture of civility, and children do throw temper tantrums occasionally. There is an inverse correlation between intra-territorial civil disorder and the length of time the democracy is in place, as this thing, called democracy, is a learned culture. This learned culture possesses the ability to spew your counter-mantra into another's face, at the drop of the hat, yet, at the end of the debate, shake hands, and submit to majority rule, without firing a shot, the civil thing, which is a very difficult thing to do in theocratic, totalitarian, monarchial, or strong-man cultures.

The direction on earth is a very good one, if you believe the glass is half full, and the direction continues to this day, as we transit from war and FRNs to trade and gold. Nations would rather have political cover, share the costs, through a global organization. Allied Wars, Coalitions, NATO, and allied grouped militaries, (all being indications of the global confluence continued strength), are all precursor to UN peace keepers, as cops on the street, limited to intra-national insurgencies and civil disorder. Currently, the collapse of the FRN is merely a means to reduce foreigner's forex reserves so they pony up for their share in globalization by the US keeping trade lanes free, as a cost of doing business, and the US national debt will be reduced to zero, when gold finally replaces fiat globally in the far out years.

As to trade, the same affect occurs. As state controlled economies shift to free-market economies, ala China, more free trade agreements and packs are being had, as the trade wars heat up, with mutual multilateral trade agreements, just like the trend in multilateral international militaries used to perfect the global confluence of coalitions and UN peace keepers. Commercial free speech leads to political free speech, and all theocratic, monarchial, dictatorial, and totalitarian regimes will continue to have trouble, ultimately failing, because all do not provide a means of free political expression, and they will continue to give rise to new democracies, that will experience initial growing pains, as civil disorder, as the democratic culture is learned and becomes dominate eliminating wars and fiat in the out years.

In the out years, no longer will national militaries strike unilaterally, as the world becomes even more interconnected through the globalization confluence. Unfair competition will be ruled out concurrently by the global traders seeking fair competition, and that means gold will be the medium of exchange in the global confluence and economies. Before our every eyes, Mr. Grandich, war and fiat are being replaced by trade and gold, as the respective preferred tool and medium of global survival of the fittest, due to the inevitable march of political civility of cultural evolution through global confluent democratization and globalized free trade.

Sure, there are many insurgencies about the globe, but one needs to take a step back and look at the big picture. These insurgencies are merely the expected dust raised by the foot prints of "Walking Liberty", first recognized by President Lincoln, in the last paragraph of his 12/1/1862 address to congress, where he stated that our nation must not fail "as the last best hope OF earth", placing our civil war effort above merely preserving the union or freeing slaves, but that, democracy must not fail, as he was the first to recognize democracy as a global solution and hope to cement permanent peace in all conflicted peoples, "if followed". President Bush herald in "democracy century" effectively putting that 1862 recognition into the modern context, as a done deal, at this point in time, where democracies are catching hold and where there are no international wars. Walking Liberty sure has made the rounds, about the globe, starting in 1862, or perhaps even to Jefferson's barbary pirates. Surely, the trip has been a long one, taking 145 years, and is nearly done, and it has been very painful for mankind. But, in the middle of this 21st century, the cries by all may just be "Free at Last, Free at Last, Praise God Almighty, ALL OF MANKIND is Free at Last". The insurgencies to which Mr. Grandich complains are natural infantile attempts at democracy, along the disorder-insurgency continuum, though not stated as such, addressing opposing views in the only way they really know how, but that will all die a natural death as the culture of democracy is learned by all in the foot prints of "Walking Liberty", enroute to replacing war and the FRN dollar with trade wars and the gold global medium of exchange. When fully back home, when Mr. Lincoln's greenbacks are finally burned, wars will be replaced by trade wars, as the proper place of Walking Liberty is Real Money.

4/ A comment by Woodrow Wilson about signing into law an act creating the Federal Reserve Bank, which is a privately owned bank, sucking the blood out of the American people.

5/ It has been asserted that Booth was a hired assassin and killed Lincoln because Lincoln defied the European bankers by issuing a Treasury Issue paper dollar that did not provide the banks blood-sucking interest payments. While that theory is consistent with the politics of the day, there is no hard evidence to back it up. And without more, Booth killed Lincoln because of his outrage over the lose of the confederate south, when Bobby Lee, gave it up.

6/ THE PLAN, is a reactionary plan in response to the socialization of America over the last 100 years. It calls for the abolishing of a) THE FED SYSTEM, b) IRS income taxes, c) FIAT PAPER MONEY, d) medical malpractice claims, d) compassionate penal penalties, e) the welfare state at the federal level, f) social security at the federal level, g) entitlements at the federal level, among many other leftist means of enslaving the American people by the Government.

Onward Christian Soldier

Many are so hung up on slamming the US, for the here and now, (ah the rebelliousness of youth, inbred, instinctual, for spreading the bio-seeds) that you cant see the origins, the core reasons why.

Here are two key hints: Witch Burners, and the Bible Belt.

Physicists had the same problem, as a corollary, trying to put the gravity force, the electric force, the magnetic force, the quantum energies, into a unified field theory, enplaning the whole. So, dont let it get you down, if you can not comprehend the whole, and it is very complex.

So, there are still left many in the US who profess to be “believers”, which is code speak for christian, fearing the use of Christ’s name, may get blow back, in these modern times. Christians live by a moral code, and find rump ranging, for example, as heinous in the extreme, and do judge others. It is difficult to believe fervently in a moral code and not condemn others outside that code, hence the protests, clinic bombings, homophobia, condemnation of Hitler’s gassing of JEWs, which prompts within the Christians a tendency to intervene, to save lost ones from damnation and help their fellow brothers. In Christianity, Jesus taught individual acts, acts of charity. He also spoke to turning the other cheek, and judge not.

Today, we have “religion” acting as a “collective”, and hence, the catholic church encouraging votes for leftist, and “judging”. It is organized religion that takes faith based voting power and places into the political arena, to vote for leftist, because they want to “help” the poor with hand outs, and the moral hazards appended. Biden said it christian to pay taxes. These are of course warped bastardizations of Christ’s teaching. And many fall into the trap of judging others, and certainly not turning the other cheek, as the political extension does time and again.

Along these lines, the moral majority, as President Nixon in 1970 would call it, inject their faith into the political arena, and therein lies the problem and the growth of external interventions, the PANAC, the neo-cons in the core of government, judging others, and in good faith, send military might around the world, because they care so much about their earthly brothers. This is just like FDR, trashing the constitution and republic with his raw deal. President FDR 1933 was not evil, just misguided. President BHO for that matter is in the same vein, honestly believing that government should help those in need, and hence, his leftist policy. The roots of foreign entanglements and leftist policies here in the US are based in the Christian-Judeo faith, though warped, when applied to “collectivism”, leading to WARs, totalitarianism, because politicians and religious heads adapt Christian morality to governmental affairs, and that my friends is the root cause of present day totalitarian socialistic fascism at the federal level, and the propensity to cure the world ill’s, rather they like it or not, and by war, if necessary. Some might call this America’s exceptionalism, others might call it a bastardization of Christ’s teachings, the constitution, and founding father principles. But it has its roots in the “caring” for one’s brother, to help thy neighbor, a deep seated notion in the Christian faith.

Most Respectfully, Derrick Michael Reid, Laguna Beach, California, USA

Announcement of 2016 Presidency Campaign

Libertarian Party Occupy Wall Street Tea Party National Rifle Association Green Peace William Black Green Party California Green Party Constitution Party Latino Party Green Party USA Real Monetarialists

I offer my services as 2016 US President.

In the US we have 1) The "Left" liberal Democratic Party (DEMs) pushing totalitarian socialism, 2) the "Right" conservative Republican Party (REPs) retarding totalitarian socialism of the DEMs, and 3) The reactionary Libertarian Party (LIBs) seeking founding father personal liberties and freedoms from government. The DEMs and REPs have locked up the voting booth for 100 years now. The LIBs are small, but growing, and are oriented actually in support of the anti-tax Tea Party being presently a wing of the REPs.

The libertarian platform is full nice sounding platitudes but they have no real plan to accomplish their objectives, and consequently are doomed to fail at the national level.

There is conflict in the US government on how to best resolve international problems with a mix of pacifists and neo-con globalizers leading to a confused and disjointed US foreign policy, without an understanding on how to nobly help others resolve problems.

There are also minor groups, such as: 1) Wall Street Occupiers protesting against fascist money interest control over government, 2) NRA for maintaining rights to bare arms, 3) Green Party for conserving natural resources, 4) Constitution party for guarding constitutional rights, 5) Latino Party for resolving the latino immigration problem, 6) Real Monetarialists (gold bugs) for restoring real money in circulation and international trade. These are minor groups having no substantial effect upon government bodies or elections of government officials.

The REPs can not defeat 100 years of leftist political pandering, now embedded in the American conscience, even though totally contrary to the constitution and founding father principles. The DEMs and REPs have been bought and sold, by banker campaign contributions and money interests, and hence, their combination and control of the political process, has extended US totalitarian socialism to totalitarian socialistic fascism at the federal level, currently enabling the financial elite to transfer wealth from the middle and poor classes to the top 1%. It is a sad state of affairs.

I will in this facebook post edited past and new writings, and eventually, create a series of youtube clips where I directly speak to Americans and various political parties, as I believe, that if given the opportunity to serve as president, I can quickly prefect changes at the federal level to recapture our personal liberties and freedoms from government, though, realistically, have little chance, though one must do what one can, if able, to help the country as duty calls. And so, I offer my services as US President 2016, aligned to the Libertarian Green Tea Parties, as a true reactionary. I have the concrete plans necessary to carry the Libertarian Party to victory, if asked to do so.

My favorite presidents are:

1) Washington for selfless service to his country of founding father principles.
2) Lincoln for preserving the union and freeing our American brothers.
3) Kennedy for "ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for the country".
4) Reagan for "government is the problem, not the solution".

Of Interest to the Libertarian Party, I seek reduction in federal totalitarism and socialism, respecting state rights in restoring the republic for which the flag should stand, furthering personal liberty, freedom from government, the US Constitution and Founding Father Principles. Of interest to the Green Party, is a desired over haul of the US Tax system, to wit, a federal sales tax, and restricted state in rem property taxes under federal supremacy, as a national sales tax penalizes consumption of raw materials, and thus lessen the burden on mother nature. Of interest to the Tea Party, is this over haul of the US Tax system abolishing the IRS code, IRS filings, and federal income taxes. Of interest to the NRA, is strict constitutional construction and protection of the right to bare arms, which purpose is to protect the citizens from an over reaching federal government, though criminals who use weapons wrongly should be severely punished, while freedom loving Americans should have a the right to bare arms. Of interest to the Wall Street Occupiers is real federal control over the Federal Reserve System and campaign election reform, for prohibiting organizations from directly contributing to political parties having candidates running in government elections, to reduce the control and undue influence of Wall Street and corporate America over elected officials and government bodies. Of interest to the Constitution Party is a strict construction of the US Constitution desired for recapturing our personal liberties and freedoms from government. Of interest to real monetarialists is a restoration of real money in domestic circulation and in international trade settlement. Of interest to the Latino Party is a real plan to quickly solve the US immigration problem enabling fair paths to citizenship without amnesty.

Derrick Michael Reid BS JD, engineer, lawyer, military scientist, bullion market analyst, geopolitical analyst, 2016 presidential candidate.

Personal History

In elementary school I practiced alone numeric sequence writing and became skilled playing the Clarinet in the Torrance Area Youth Band. In Jr High School, I played on the tennis team and became expert in drafting three dimensional figures. In the 7th grade, my counselor pulled me out of math class, and for that period, I was stuck in the library with Algebra I & II books, and taught myself alone two years of mathematics in six months. In High School I played on the tennis team with a Rosco Tanner serve, and learned fortran and cobol computer programming languages. At 15 years of age, I precisely planned how to graduate from UC Berkeley's Engineering School in 3 years. In order to accomplish the same, I attended 5 schools in 2.7 years from Diploma to Bachelor's Degree, and so all should formulate objectives, plan well, execute accordingly, with tenacity, and success is more probable. I recall taking calculus examinations at CSULB in ten minutes, by mere eyeball looks at the questions and writing answers with A grades. At Berkeley, I took twice the number of required laboratory courses, diffusing my first silicon chip. I could multiply 3 digit numbers by 3 digit numbers in my head. While working on the Space Shuttle flight control simulator, I attended USC graduate engineering school. But when the F16 fighter program was in trouble, I changed residences to solve problems there, and never returned to USC to finish a graduate engineering degree. As an engineer, I have designed solo a magnetic disk drive and developed a silicon compiler. After 10 years of Engineering, I went to WSU Law School at night for three years, while working as an Engineer during the day, passing the California Bar examination on my first attempt. Practicing law was an eye opener on understanding motivations and tactics of the legal profession. My style of litigation in patent cases was to offer a reasonable royalty, but if met with obfuscation, would file complaints, immediately followed by preliminary injunction motions and summary judgement motions. I never made it to trial, the defendants always eventually settled the controversy. If a case goes to trial, someone did not do their job. Lawyer's primary responsibility to society should be to settle controversies.

I worked 10 years as a federal district court patent lawyer and then 25 years as a patent officer patent application patent prosecutors. I also studied military science and engaged emulated warfare for about 25 years. I studied bullion/financial markets for 15 years and studied geopolitics for 15 years, collectively writing 100s of memorandum. Now I am prepared for the US Presidency.

My father served on a US destroyer during the Cold War. My uncle served in the US Army during the Korean War. My uncle in law served in the US Army during WWII. My first son is a life-time sergeant in the US Army, his mother now deceased. My family has a history of US military service, though I served the United States indirectly through designing military hardware for government contractors, and patenting federal research laboratory inventions through the US Patent Office. I have lived in Southern California for the last 58 years and in Laguna Beach California for the last 28 years. Over the last 6 years, mostly as house husband, and continuing my personal studies of markets, geopolitics, and military science, I have been raising, teaching and opening the eyes of my two little boys, now 10 and 11 years old, Taekwondo Jr. Black Belts, explaining all constantly, from cosmology to quantum mechanics, from world history to domestic politics, from creationism to human cultural evolution, from mathematics to biological sciences, inter alia, and surprisingly, they absorb much like a sponge, and this has been the most enjoyable period of my life. I did the same with my first born, who scored near perfect on US Army aptitude tests. He has had three tours in the middle east. I love my country, the USA, its the US Government that concerns me most. I am absolutely loyal to the USA, though I believe the US Government is off base causing economic ruination and totalitarian socialistic fascist enslavement of the people as tax mules, perpetual debtors, and state dependents.

My wife of 15 years does not understand politics. Please leave her alone. My two boys 10yr/11yr are doing great in public school. Please leave them alone. Our dog Sonia is territorial and protective, and she loves me, so don't push your luck. My wife and two young boys are dual citizens of US and Russia. My cousin in law is an officer in the Russian Military. I have been to Ukraine multiple times, eg Kiev, Kharkov, Chernotsi, and, I have been to Russia a dozen times. I have given lectures in Ukraine Kharkov at a military academy on military science and in Russia Vladivostok at a state university on intellectual property. I have learned a little of Russian language and culture. Many common Russians share the same concerns and desires as do common Americans. The peoples are really not much different. When there, I talked allot with many people asking questions, and started thinking outside myself and my inherent US centric view of the world, now viewing cultures from different perspectives. That was a big life learning experience.The civil war in the Ukraine and the deterioration of US/Russia relations troubles me. The current BHO administration is completely lost, without defined guiding principles for noble foreign policies.

President Kennedy asked us all, what can you do for the country? I can turn it around and restore Americana Greatness. So, I will try. Many may ignore me, many may lambaste my choices, and many may also throw their bad selves on the ground and rant and accomplish nothing of import. But I am truly above being offended having a solid moral anchor with firm convictions, that I can not be manipulated or intimidated or reduced in character, for I truly know the consequences of my choices and plan of attack using the most effective tools available. Understanding and patience is desired from all. Being 2016 US President is what I can do for my country.

Ronald Reagan gave us all the Clue: Government is the Problem not the Solution.

Yes, the problem is government. The problems are driven by the evil empire including judicial fiat, pandering politicians of the two pandering political machines, and the greed of wall street having control over and undue influence upon government officials and functions. These evil empire drivers manifest themselves as an unlimited federal government with an obscene federal welfare state and a corrupted constitution causing strife nation wide. Foreign policy is ignoble leading to excessive military interventions. Those are the big problems. I will fix those problems.