LA Liberty on Rocks

I went to towndown Los Angeles, to attend a meet of Liberty on Rocks. It was interesting.

  Nick and Frankie, a handsome couple,

  Quest Speakers at Liberty on the Rocks Meet

The ubiquitous Boomer Shannon was on duty at mic volume control

From what I understand, at the Liberty on the Rocks, there is an anarchist contingent on the wings of the libertarian party. These Anarchists draw the distinction between "Voice" and "Exit", that is, to reform government or to escape government. The speakers spoke to building ocean island communities, or foreign country land locations, or swamping a state, eg New Hampshire, to reform state government as a "Free State" seeking liberty from government. I believe that their objectives are inherently flawed. In the national anthem, is says, "STAND BESIDE HER and GUIDE HER". I will not give up on the USA, and will "voice" to reform Government, to MINIMIZE GOVERNMENT and MAXIMIZE FREEDOM, the Libertarian Party slogan, which is the correct perspective. Getting out of dodge may be the selected option for those frustrated, but it solves nothing as to society remaining as a whole.

The anarchists seeks to either abolish government or exit from it. I understand the frustration, very well, about totalitarianism extending from DC. Anarchists effectively coward from the challenge of reforming government to maximize liberty. If you eliminate Government, for achieving absolute Freedom from Government, anarchy results. If you eliminate Government, Economics and Culture, for absolute Liberty from external controls, anarchy results. If anarchy results, other forms of "Control" will surface, based upon the innate nature of man, be it Mob Bosses, War Lords, or Tyrants. For any society to prosper, forms of "Control" must be in place. For any society to have maximum Liberty and Freedom, minimum forms of "Control" must be in place. It is better, that elected government serve the people, than Mob Bosses, War Lords or Tyrants. This is an undeniable conclusion. The best result, is to elect government that provides "Maximum Freedom".

The Anarchists are frustrated, and that is very well understood, but their frustration carries them into an unworkable flawed ideology, and there in lies their inherent marginalization, and they will remain, at best, on the fringe of power, having no affect, other than to dilute the political power necessary in obtaining Maximum Freedom within a necessary elected Government, and are thus, counter productive to their own core objectives.

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