LPLAC Region 65 Nov5

Libertarian Party
Los Angeles County
Regional 65 Meet
November 5 2015
Downey California

David Bowers, LPLAC Regional 65 Chair, Jose Castaneda Los Angeles Country LPLAC Chair, hosted a meeting of Libertarians in Downey California on November 5 2015. LP Presidential Candidate Derrick Michael Reid attended. It was a delightful Meet. David and Jose are great local LP LA guys and very hospital, even to Libertarians living behind the Orange Curtain in Southern California.

It was 40 years ago, when at the age of 20, an engineer, that I was working on the Space Shuttle flight simulation systems at Rockwell International at Downey Space Center.  One of my technicians was 60 years old, 3 times my age, when I could not even buy a beer.