Foothill Family Church, Franklin Graham, Dec 2 2015

Mr Richardson of the local Laguna Hills Tea Party was there. A real polite nice guy.
It was such a pleasure to hear Franklin Graham at the Foothill Family Church.
I loved so much his story about THE BOXES! Praise the lord!

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Franklin Graham may have a Christian ally in the White House.

Franklin Graham Boxes

The Lords Prayer

Acapella Doxology

Terrorism will not be defeated, until the political heads of Russia (Putin is on board) china (now in support in Syria and very unusual for China to move so far from their homeland) the EU (usually passive, but Paris may raise the foreign legion into action) and the US (presently led by a terrorism apologist having inept skills and a foreign policy in disarray) unite as one, as a united front. The solution is political motivating discussion and reorientation of the die by the sword mind set of 600 millions about the globe. I am the only Presidential Candidate with a plan to end global jihad and terrorism, understanding the problems and the solutions. Franklin understands the problems, and prays, and acts to bring others to the love of Christ as his preferred means of perfecting a solution and peace on earth, and in those prayers by him and all, will come a moving force for global action from the political heads, to bring and spread more love and peace on earth.

I was most interested in Franklin trip to Russia and discussion with Putin. I have been to Russia 12 times. My friend, Father Sebastian, had a ground breaking in Nokita, Premorski last week on a new church. Putin does support family values (they need procreating adults in moral families for building a strong society), and is supporting church rebuilding. Franklin was correct. The US-Russian confrontation of late is driven by latent 19th century Russian territorial imperialism cultural tendencies and the current US regime change foreign policy, that is driven by greed of the international banking cabal and transnationals wanting to penetrate foreign markets for profits. Understanding the cultural aspects is the key to uniting the big four, russia-china-EU-US as a global force for peace. I can do that.

It is understandable that people want to fight back against jihad. One bombastic real estate mogul, for example, wants more blood and wants to bomb bomb bomb, but that will only bring war, death, and perpetuate hate. The better way is political maneuvering, pointed diplomacy, education and encouraged dogma reformation, with viable defensive, not offensive, protection means.

Christ's love can and will conquer evil. Pray for peace.