Libertarian Party Arizona State Convention

It was wonderful meeting the good Libertarian folks in Tuscon. The discussion they had regarding Arizona Libertarian Party business and ballot access was most interesting. They graciously gave me an opportunity to address the convention.

Arizona LP Speech

Arizona LP Q&A

Many in the LP base natural rights on the 9th Amendment. I am preparing a speech, and blog commentary to address it,
in the context of the Libertarian view. Clarification is needed. Libertarians need to be on all fours, rationally so, in addressing
the constitutional extent of the 9th amendment and it limitations, and scope before federal and state governments.

I have submitted to LP National a proposed LP platform that will be appealing to all Americans, yet include core Libertarian values in view of reasonable and proper limitations in the constitutional/republic federalism context. This goes to the heart of the Libertarian view, and needs articulation.

As a preview, it seems that the founders would have included a right of privacy, as found by the Supreme Court in Grizwald v Connecticut. The question addressed, is: what are the "natural rights" that the authors of the bill of rights meant in the 9th amendment. The Right of Privacy would rationally be included, one could well argue. Drilling a hole in a baby's head, during birth, may not have been contemplated by 18th century WASPs in rebellion against the crown. To attempt to define all "natural" rights, or simply say anything goes, by a political party, would be folly, but the practical solution seems clear, by relying on state voter determinations, as the best and only real practical solution and resolution under states rights reserved constitutional powers in view of the republic.

When Attorney General Holder indicated that the major banks were To Big To Fail (TBTF) and To Big to Jail (TBTJ), I realized the country was doomed into social chaos and economic ruination. I had to get off the bench from retirement as house husband, and save the nation, having the intellectual capacity and skills to do so. Irrespective of political party and political orientation, I analyzed the social-economic complex of the country, determined the national systemic problems, the causes of those problems, and devised a comprehensive solution set, and then devised a political strategy to sweep the nation in the November 2016 election for US President. Having core Liberty values, having switched political party affiliation many years ago, I registered before the Libertarian National Party and registered as a US Presidential candidate before the FEC to run for US President. Currently, I am traveling to LP state conventions delivering speeches and engaged in LP debates seeking the LP nomination.

I am the only presidential candidate standing, of any political party, who can actually solve the national systemic problems, and, the only Libertarian Party presidential candidate who can win the White House, sweeping the nation in so doing, planting the Libertarian Party banner on the White House, thereby advancing the Libertarian Party to a competitive national political party, and saving the country from social chaos and economic ruination. When nominated, the Libertarian Party will sweep the 2016 presidential election.

The proposed platform and pledge are simple for the electorate to understand and generally appeal to nearly all Americans. The logic is indisputable. The path is clear. The purpose is noble. The delegates at the national convention will have an awesome responsibility not only to the Libertarian Party but to the Nation as a whole, choosing to either field a candidate who can not win the general election, thereby squandering an opportunity to win the White House, who can not significantly grow the Libertarian Party, and who can not save the nation from social chaos and economic ruination. Factors have aligned rendering 2016 the year that the Libertarian Party can rise up and takes its rightful position as a necessary choice between Liberal values, Conservative values and Liberty values. I am the only Libertarian Presidential candidate who can expose the Democrat and Republican farcical pandering and ineffective plans, to actually defeat both of them and win the White House for the Libertarian Party, and thereby save the nation from social chaos and economic ruination. 

The Libertarian Party national convention is all important to national salvation, with the nation at a critical juncture. Not in 100 years have so few freedom lovers of the Libertarian Party national convention had an opportunity to advance minimum government and maximum freedom. History will record how the delegates vote at the Libertarian Party national convention, and they will be remembered in spite of themselves, for in this election year, an opportunity is hereby presented to them to fix DC, and save the nation from chaos and economic ruination, while advancing liberties and freedoms. Duty to God and Country has moved me to run for president, now politically positioned on all fours, for advancing liberties and freedoms, with a suitable platform, pledge and solution set.

P01) National Insolvency 20T$ Debt
P02) Fiscal T$/yr Deficits
P03) Opaque Administration
P04) Decimated Middle Class
P05) Shrinking Economy
P06) Decimated Manufacturing Base
P07) Uncontrolled Immigration
P08) 50m enslaved on food welfare
P09) 100m unemployed enslaved on assistance
P10) Extremely Low Labor Participation
P11) 50B$/mo Trade Deficits suppressing wages
P12) Counterfeit Federal Reserve System Notes
P13) FED-Congress-Banks/Corps Systemic Corruption
P14) Infrastructure Deterioration
P15) Systemic Racism
P16) Federal Welfare Socialism
P17) Pandering Electioneering
P18) Currency Debasement
P19) FED Targeted Inflation Theft
P20) FED rigging of Bond Market
P21) FOMC rigging of Stock Market
P22) ESF rigging of Currency Market
P23) Unwarranted CIA Web Trolling
P24) Unwarranted FBI Cam Surveillance
P25) Unwarranted NSA Phone Tapping
P26) Unwarranted DHS Marshal Law Force
P27) Federal Totalitarianism
P28) Gov-Banks-Corps Fascism
P29) Taxation of Wages and Income
P30) Wealth Transfer Private to Government
P31) Wealth Transfer 99% to 1%
P32) Toxic Dumping
P33) Intolerance and Disrespect
P34) Ignoble Foreign Policy
P35) Judicial Fiat
P36) Totalitarian Tax Oppression
P37) Socialistic Moral Hazards
P38) Totalitarian New World Order
P39) Income Inequality
P40) Home unaffordability
P41) Monetary Inflation
P42) Price Inflation
P43) Stagnant Wages
P44) Stagnant Productivity
P45) Low Monetary Velocity
P46) Social Chaos and Anger
P47) Deforestation
P48) Nuclear Waste Disposal
P49) Specie Extinction
P50) IRS Bank Monitoring
P51) Geoengineering
P52) Unlimited Congressional Terms
P53) Deteriorating Republic States Rights
P54) Unconstitutional Executive Powers
P55) Financial Asymmetric Warfare
P55) Unconstitutional Congressional Acts
P56) Unconstitutional Bank Note Currency
P57) Depositor Bank Bail INs
P58) FED QE ZIRP and Bankster Bail OUTs
P59) FED Financed Stock Buy Backs
P60) FED Financed Bankster Reserves
P61) Regime Change Foreign Policy
P62) Banking Transnationals Government Control
P63) Global Petro-Dollar Hegemony
P64) Monopolistic Monetary Transfers
P65) Debt Based Currency
P66) Government Unfunded Liabilities
P67) Over Leveraged Private Debt
P68) High Medical Costs
P69) Travel limiting Toll Roads
P70) Unwarranted License Suspensions
P71) Excessive Payroll Takings
P72) Systemic Sexism
P73) Corporate Welfare & Bank Bail INs
P74) Imminent Economic Collapse
P75) Increasing Social Strife