Laguna Hills Tea Party November 23 2015

I had a great time at the local Laguna Hills tea party meeting in Laguna Woods. The location was but only 5 minutes from my home of 30 years. They are hard core conservatives, and like Trump, Cruz and Carson, of course. I held back as much as humanly possible not to rain on their parade by not explaining bluntly the inherent deficiencies of each of their chosen champions, out of respect of course. The problem is not their conservative values, which I truly share, but rather their susceptibility to meaningless conservative sound bite pander and the deficient plans in solving the systemic problems facing the US by their preliminary chosen conservative champions. The group is very well intentioned, conservative, nice folks, and patriotic, and that is great. Their problem of course, is trying to think outside themselves, and look at the over all situation objectively, and vote for the best for America, rather than those politicians who merely push their prejudicial buttons with well received but meaningless pander, that is a common problem with the US electorate, both left and right. The task is of course to get all the electorate thinking in terms of what is best for the country in an objective and unbiased manner. The overwhelming majority are locked into their respective dogma, biases and prejudices, locking in, voting patterns condemning the US to out dated means of political constructing and major problem solving. I hope to awaken the electorate in my travels.

Under my national revenue-sales and state property tax plan, not only are taxes simplified, fair to all, with voter feedback control, with ending of IRS oppression and privacy invasions, but also that the IRS cant be used as a political weapon by politicians.

Rick was the host and most gracious allowing me a few minutes to address the meeting.

LH CA Speech