Massachusetts Libertarian Party State Convention
Presidential Debate October 17 2015,
Worcester Massachusetts.

As you all are aware, the DEM and REP pandering political machines have had panderbate infomercials, which are little more than, if not less than, farcical political party publicity stunts. The DEMs pander the moral hazards of decadent socialism, while the REPs engage infighting spewing their brand of band aid pander offering insignificant and ineffectual solutions to major systemic problems. The DEMs and REPs presidential candidates are following the script, as expected, and offer no solutions to major US problems. The current situation has been predicted and is totally expected as the DEMs and REPs bury themselves in fraudulent pandering and debilitating infighting, providing the Libertarian Party a rare opportunity to capture the White House and save the country from social chaos if not anarchy and economic collapse if not devastation. After 110 years of DEM and REP political control at the federal level, bankrupting the country, concentrating totalitarian socialistic fascist power in DC, bastardizing our Constitution, Republic, Money, Markets, limiting our liberties and freedoms from government, transferring wealth from the 99% to the top 1%, embedding corruption and undue influence in federal government functions, destroying our economy, and causing war in numerous military interventions abroad, we Libertarians must rise up in 2016, to save the country from ruination. The timing and expected course of the DEM and REP pandering political machines and their candidates, is going absolutely perfect and according to plan and expected script, for a rise of the Libertarian Party in 2016, Restoring Americana Greatness. In the spirit of our lost manufacturing base of the 1960s, "WE ARE AMERICANS, WE CAN DO!"

MA Debate

Libertarians sense the ever growing federal mandates and laws restricting liberties and freedoms, and know something is going very wrong, as political power concentrates in totalitarian socialistic fascist DC. Libertarians may remind some as college grads, eager beavers, dreamy eyed, and idealistic, and that is great, though practical realities must be cemented. Societies require government controls, economic controls and cultural controls, or societies devolve into decadent anarchy and economic ruination. A reasonable and practical balance must be struck. Modernly, DC is out of control and the nation desperately needs that balance in DC. So, I will bring that necessary practical reality to the libertarian party only so far as to make it competitive for the US Presidency, and will bring that needed balance to DC. The best message is “less government, more fun”, which is code speak for maximum liberties and freedoms from government, within those necessary but minimized controls, so as to maximize prosperity, liberties, freedoms, yet maintain necessary order for any functioning society.

I have attended local Orange County California LP meetings a few times, and once in LA. I am not concerned with state issues, as the states of the republic can choose their on ways under the constitution defining our republic. I found the local libertarians to be set in their perspectives and directed mostly to state and liberal social issues, and generally not appealing to the general population at large. When people with particular viewpoints seek tolerance and respect from others, they must approach others with tolerance and respect, in order to get tolerance and respect in return. Many in the libertarian party are passionate about certain issues, and that is great, but if that passion overwhelms their civility, they intolerantly disrespect others and other view points, being counter productive to that which they seek. I can not assist much those who are extremely passionate about local issues. But that is not the emphasis of a US Presidential campaign seeking to unite all political groups for saving the country from collapse and ruination, when attempting to rally ALL AMERICANS to the Libertarian banner for the US Presidency, that I most certainly will win, and will win big. I am the only Libertarian candidate with a message that would appeal to the country as a whole across all political persuasions. I would be considered a SOCIAL CONSERVATIVE LIBERTARIAN, believing in adequate state safety nets, and thus generally appealing to the public as a whole across the nation, and not as much to local Libertarian organizations directed mostly to a few particular local state social issues that concerns them most, particularly on the liberal east and west coasts. In restoring the constitution, the republic of states choose their own respective ways, and that is where local libertarians having passionate views toward state social issues can assert themselves. Of course, I would be happy to attend a California State Convention including any presidential debates, as well as any other state convention having some interest in the US Presidential campaign. The keynote address by LNC chair Nicholas Sarwark should be heard by all libertarians, as it was on point to growing the party where many, of course, do not share identical views on all issues, but have, as a common binding thread, belief in maximum liberties and freedoms from government. When I have the honor to represent the Libertarian Party before the nation, standing for the US Presidency, the Libertarian banner will be planted on the White House, as all opposition candidates will be exposed for the farcical panderers that they are leading the nation into social chaos and economic ruination. My libertarian friends, you all have now an ability to save the nation from collapse and make the Libertarian Party nationally competitive.

LNC chair Nicholas Sarwark delivered a fantastic keynote address.
All libertarians should view this address, as inspiring and informative.

MA LP Keynote Adress