Richmond Virginia Libertarian Party Debate 3/5/2016

March 4th  2016 Hospitality Night

March 5th 2016,
Candidate Forum - Presidential Debate

Presidential Debate

VA LP Debate

At the end, see how rude and despicable was Johnson, making a mockery of the debate.
The Libertarian Party does not need an rude arrogant clown, a loser and a failure.


Mar 5th, VA LP Dinner

Constitutional Libertarianism

The US Constitution does not speak to Democrat party liberalism. The US Constitution does not speak to Republican party Conservatism. The US Constitution does speak to liberty and freedom of the Libertarian party of minimum government and maximum freedom.

Through political appointment and competitive rancor between the DEMs and REPs, the US Supreme court has been politicized into the Supreme Political Machine, bastardizing the US Constitution, rather than upholding the Constitution according to their oaths, through Judicial Fiat flowing from the political persuasions and orientations of the justices, engaging in regular high crimes against the United States, destroying the Rule of Law, so that, totalitarian socialistic fascist political power and unsustainable socialist spending programs have migrated to the DC totalitarian socialistic fascist level, thereby enabling the two pandering political machines, on the same totalitarian team as the Proposer and the Enabler parties, to pander votes, cementing divisive pandering political power, creating public rancor and divisiveness, sowing the seeds of social strife, chaos and anger, bankrupting the country and creating a myriad of overwhelming systemic problems across the country. Only the Liberty and Freedom Libertarian Party can break the national devastating dead lock, and restore the Constitution, Republic, and Rule of Law.

The Libertarian Party represents liberty and freedom of all the citizens, supporting and upholding the US Constitution of liberty and freedoms from government, and thus, the Libertarian Party is the only true American political party, seeking to serve all citizens with responsible government along the lines of the US Constitution, Republic and Rule of Law. 

Libertarian Party Nominee

A tradition in American politics of political parties is that, the last presidential nominee, who lost the last election, does not run again, for many good reasons. Recent examples are GORE, MCCAIN, KERRY and ROMNEY. Recent past nominees enjoy party notoriety and member affections, but must not doom the party to stagnation and repeated failures. Political parties must evolve and necessarily over time present new approaches, emphasis and ideas, so that losing campaign approaches, failing electioneering rhetoric, and narrow ideas are set aside, opening up the party, for reinvigorating and revitalizing the political party with renewed opportunities for capturing the presidency, the ultimate goal of any political party. In so doing, the party can attract new members and move toward ultimate success.

Of particular interest is the Libertarian Party, where membership has been stagnant and the ideology has been limited to attract the vast majority of the American electorate. Libertarians of the Libertarian party actually comprise a spectrum of liberty and freedom views, from extreme anarchists wanting to abolish all government, to passionate sovereigns wanting expansive natural rights, to liberty moderates wanting increased federal and states liberties and freedoms, and to federalists wanting increased liberties from government, including for examples Tea Partiers against federal oppressive taxes and Occupiers against bankster control over the federal government. When a political party focuses on only one segment of its natural base, it tends to alienate other segments of the base as well as alienating the general electorate as a whole.  A successful libertarian party presidential candidate should appeal to all liberty minded segments of the Libertarian Party political base as well as to a super majority of the general electorate.

People who are politically passionate tend to lock in their thinking processes, to only absorb information consistent with their specific view, to only associate with others having identical views, and to only champion presidential candidates with absolutely identical views, collectively having a narrow political profile thus failing to attract the general electorate. The politically passionate become rigid in thinking, espousing absolutism, inflexible in compromise, exhibiting a my-way-or-the-highway intercourse, become conspicuously intolerant, mean spirited, and disrespectful of others and other points of view, even within the libertarian party base having a plurality of liberty and freedom segments, all having a common view toward increasing liberties and freedoms, a common thread binding all libertarians together under the libertarian banner. The Libertarian Party Chair, in an October 17 2015 keynote address, at the Worcester Massachusetts Libertarian Party Presidential debate, though not explaining the reasons why, requested that libertarians be nice to others. Unfortunately, It had to be said. This may have been in response to stagnant membership of the Libertarian Party. It obviously could have been in response to some feedback of intolerant, mean, and disrespecting libertarians towards possible new members of the party. Many state libertarians chairs have expressed the concern over stagnant growth in membership of the party. The answer is clear, it is because of a narrow focused view of libertarianism, centered upon rigid-thinking passionate views of only one core segment of the much broader libertarian party base.  A narrow focused and last nominee candidate, appealing only to a narrow but passionate segment of the party base, and not appealing to the vast majority of the electorate, is doomed to fail yet again, stagnant the membership of the party in perpetuity, and does the party a great disservice, despite having significant residual good will, admiration, and affections from the entire political base. Such a last nominee, for the good of the party, for increasing party membership, and for actually advancing increased liberties and freedoms across the nation, should not attempt to exploit that good will, admiration, and affections for no actual real good, resulting in continued harm, save only self glorification.  

As a liberty moderate and Christian social conservative of the Libertarian Party, seeking actual significant increases in liberties and freedoms from government, I offer the libertarian party renewed hope, with fresh ideas, a concrete plan to sweep the nation for the libertarian party, to propel the libertarian party membership to new highs, to cement the Libertarian party as a perennial competitive nationwide political party, offering the general electorate a real third choice in the voting booth, with a specific articulate plan to solve the many major systemic problems facing the US, so as to save the country from social chaos and economic ruination. In this election year of 2016, with kind due respect, admiration, and sincere affections, I call upon Gary Johnson, who I look forward to meeting in Virginia on March 5th, to withdraw.  

From Politics and Portal Web Page: "There were audible sighs of resignation from a significant number of libertarians following Gary Johnson's underwhelming third-place finish in the 2012 presidential election. For so long, the prevailing argument was that the party needed a high-profile and nationally recognized presidential candidate to elevate the brand and ideology into mainstream American politics, and capture the attention of the public. And in Gary Johnson, many believed that they had found such a nominee. After all, his record as Governor of New Mexico can withstand the toughest scrutiny, and his campaign is without doubt the most organized, expansive and well-funded in the Libertarian Party history - all this without factoring the effect of the ostensibly disenfranchised Ron Paul Republicans. So, perhaps his not quite 1% share of the total popular vote could be viewed as a disappointment.

On the other hand, however, an even larger majority believes that the Libertarian Party is on the cusps of breaking through the two-party hegemony. The flourishing grassroots movement, comprising primarily of the younger demographic, along with the emergence of a blossoming national-level election machinery, will accord future libertarian candidates with some sorely needed organizational support, and perhaps, eliminate the perennial issue of ballot access.

The key now is to maintain the momentum, and leverage the inroads made in 2012 for the 2016 presidential election. And thus, the search now commences for the individual to take the party to the next level; a presidential candidate that will bear the huge responsibility of capturing the imagination of the American public, and achieve something that has never been done since 1912 - building a nationally competitive third party."

In effect, most American want more liberty and freedom, innately, suitable for winning the White House by the Libertarian Party and actually deliver increases in liberties and freedoms. A narrow vision of "liberty" placing with a BIG L does not appeal to the overwhelming percentage over voters having a LITTLE L. All liberty minded voters, nearly all, should be welcome into the Libertarian Party with tolerance, forming a big tent party.  The Johnson Dilemma

So, over last 4 years, Gary Johnson, the titular head of the LP,  lost with only 1%, the Party has been stagnant, with no credible leadership to package libertarianism for main stream appeal, with membership decreasing, with 50m hungry, 100m unemployed, 20T$ in debt nationally, and, Gary Johnson is climbing mountains?

Seriously, are libertarians so diluted by emotional narrow-spectrum ideological pander, to believe that any of the other candidates has the intellectual capacity, knowledge base, plans and skills to go toe-to-toe and take dow the Clinton crime family for that infantile bombastic property mogul?

Libertarian Big Tent Party

The Libertarian Party has the opportunity this year to take the White House and actually deliver increases in liberties and freedom. Most Americans have deep seated desired for increase liberties and freedoms, and this huge voting block can be attracted to the Libertarian Party banner. The Libertarian Party can become a big tent party have many voting segments. 

Marijuana Legalizers are those seeking freedom to smoke. Extreme Anarchists want no government, which is not obtainable, for once government is abolished, power will take its place, be it war lords or mob bosses.  Border Sympathizers are those seeking an open border, which is adverse to the presidency serving citizens and the country, not aliens and foreign countries, and the harm done to wage rates, quality of life and neighborhoods. Immigration is great with control entry for time needed in the melting pot, for assimilating those who wish to become American. Passionate Sovereigns are those wanting to have complete control over them own actions. The problem is that people to not live and work in isolation, but rather in close proximity, necessitating rules of conduct. Freedom Lovers are moderate Libertarians seeking increased liberties and freedom from totalitarian socialistic fascist state governments and federal government. Specific Liberators are generally single issue libertarians seeking freedom in a specific area, for examples, Tea Party as tax opposers, Occupiers as banking-gov fascist opposers, Monetarists as fiat currency opposers, Latino as shadow opposers, Marketeers as intervention opposers, Prisoners as incareration opposers, Riflemen as gun confiscation opposers, capitalists as socialist opposers, debtors as debt opposers. The platform further appeals to safety net democrat, fiscal conservative republicans, seniors and students, et al.

In all these groups, the common thread is a desire for increase in liberties and freedom, and thus the largest group are the freedom lovers. When the Libertarian Party focus primarily only on sovereignty, the field of sympathetic voters is very small, and a reason why the Libertarian Party fails at the national level, getting less than 1% of the vote. The Libertarian Party as led over the last 4 years by the last presidential nominee has stagnated appeal, decreasing membership, and no hope of being anything other than a side show, While all those with Liberty Values can pitch their values at the state level, competing with liberal and conservative value, the president must follow the constitution, and many of the sovereignty liberty issues can be solved by states right, largely not being a federal concern. 

As a Christian Social-Conservative Freedom-Lover Presidential Candidate, I would appeal to 90% of voters, excluding the far left National Socialists (Sanders) and the far right war mongers (HRC JEB RUBIO), and when nominated, win the White House, having the plans and skills to fix DC. Each State has its own LP platform for state electioneering, and that is what a republic is all about. At the national level, a broad liberty appeal coupled with restoring the Constitution, Republic, Liberty, Freedom, Peace, and Prosperity, is a winner, with ability to debase the DEM or REP pandering nominees for the Victory.

Does the Libertarian Party, after 50 years of going NO WHERE, now stagnated, as a mere curiosity, want to squander yet another opportunity to actually achieve meaningful results of increases in liberties and freedoms, take the White House, and create in perpetuity, a third party providing a necessary Constitutional Liberty choice, against the liberal totalitarian and conservative totalitarian choices?  

Mr Johnson is not delusional. He is correct, he has no chance to win the general election. Merely seeking to increase voter turn out, is such a low bar, that he offers the LP no hope, demoralizes the rank and file, with loss after loss, and keeps the LP as a minor political curiosity.

100 man years of intellectual training was applied to the LP growth over the last 4 years. Over the last four years, with an apparent lack of leadership, to make the LP competitive nationally, losing members and interest, the question pondered is why, when nearly ALL Americans seek innately more liberty and freedom. From what I have personally seen with my own eyes, and reading political commentary, and such like, a plausible answer is an ostensible lack of comprehending the systemic problems in view of the US political complex, the intolerance of the BIG Ls, and no real PLAN to attract new members to the party. As the major problems and causes are apparently, if not OBVIOUSLY, not understood by others, how possibly can the LP offer serious SOLUTIONS that would concurrently provide more LIBERTY and FREEDOM, as a winning strategy?

My best guess is that:

1) The sovereign BIG L dominates the LP, is intolerant, if not disrespecting, to small Ls, and engage in close nit association with only like minded persons, thereby inflexibly cementing narrow spectrum perspectives, limiting the reach of the LP, and directly alienating others;

2) The last presidential nominee utterly failed as titular head to lead the LP to recognize that 90% of Americans are potential LP voters, but did not IN ANY MEANINGFUL WAY modify the LP posture to attract more libertarians to the party and appeal generally to all Americans including the small Ls; and

3) There has not been, until now, an LP presidential candidate who can A) fix DC attracting all Americans, B) fix DC in such a way as to increase liberties and freedoms attracting all Americans, C) address the many varied constituencies across the nation explaining exactly why the particular fix fit their main long term political orientations, and D) articulate why the fix must be had to avoid imminent systemic social chaos and economic ruination in a economic death spiral.

Offering Americans a comprehensive, integrated, sweeping SOLUTION SET to major systemic problems, which solutions will increase liberties and freedoms, was collectively personally recognized for its inherent potential synergy that will be a very powerful unstoppable magnet nationally, that will be fully exploited, to VICTORY in November.

With the right leadership, plans, skills, and candidate, the Libertarian Party can win the White House, appealing to all Americans with some liberty and freedom values, and deliver to all Americans increased liberty and freedom from totalitarian socialistic fascist DC.  The candidate must be able to: 1) Win the White House with the right general appeal to liberty values, 2) Fix DC and the national systemic problems, and 3) Deliver to the country increased liberties and freedom.