San Diego CA Libertarian Party County Convention

The short drive to San Diego from Orange County was enjoyable. The good libertarians of San Diego are friendly and served up a great lunch. California Libertarian Party Chair Ted Brown gave a pointed speech listing many libertarian concerns that needs national attention.

San Diego County LP Speech


S01) Nationalizing the Federal Reserve System (FED), preserving its market mechanics, as the Federal Reserve Bank (FRB), under the Department of the Treasury, with congressional oversight, yet, ending systemic fascist corruption between government and banks, ending 100 years of currency debasement, ending wealth transfers from private sector to Government sector, ending wealth transfers from 99% of Americans to top 1% money elites, reducing income inequality through wealth transfers to the top 1%, ending Bond market manipulations, ending currency manipulations, ending stock market manipulations, ending targeting inflation theft of purchasing power, restoring Capitalism, restoring honest price-discovery commercial markets, for restoring domestic economic activity, for preventing enslavement of the people, and for increasing wages and economic vitality.   

S02) Eliminating the use of debt-base note currency as the medium of exchange, by reinstating constitution real honest money in circulation, free from currency debasement theft and wealth transfers, including the acquisition of necessary bullion stocks, and the use of universal minting for state and federal consistent national use and standards, the design of mint production lines necessary for such minting use has been complete, with the consistent use of FRB certificates for ease of wide spread circulation handling, and for compact storage in FRB regional district depositories.

S03) Eliminating the national debt by phasing out debt-based fiat currency while reinstating constitutional real honest money in circulation.

S04) Reducing the US military footprint about the globe, by friendly peaceful relations with Russia, China, and EU, for international dispute resolution reducing global wars, civilian destruction and unnecessary military intervention, while maintaining a strong and robust nation defense.

S05) Eliminating all taxes except one national sales-revenue percentage tax and one state property tax, for simplicity in taxation, for providing voters with easy understandable choices between increase or decreases taxes and government services for close loop voter direct control of taxation and service levels, with the federal income tax phased out over a short term period for remedial purposes of gross income inequality over the last 100 years, so as to spur growth back into the decimated middle class and small business, this simplified tax system freeing Americans from oppressive tax regimes while significantly furthering green peace by effectively replacing income taxation with consumption taxation. 

S06) Downsizing the IRS to only a core function of monitoring large businesses and their respective sales-revenues, freeing Americans from oppressive taxation, intrusions into privacy, threats of imprisonments, tax filings, and the use of IRS auditing functions as a political tool.

S07) Restricting the ESF and FOMC market interventions for restoring capitalism and honest and fair price-discovery commercial markets.

S08) Restricting the BLS from propaganda and false statistics based upon fraudulent reporting and erroneous adjustments to national statistics and publications.

S09) Downsizing the Department of Education by eliminating student loans and educational institution loans, through direct forgiveness, to delevage private debt, to jump start the economy, by restricting the Department of Education only to direct Student Scholarships and direct research grants to state educational colleges and universities, relating only to vital national interests, to support students and educational institutions, but without debt enslavement, the scholarships and grants limited by federal balanced budgets, for restoring the Republic.

S10) Assisting the States in creating a network of in-rem state chartered banks, with conservative investing authorization to Glass-Steagall state controls, tied into the FRB for monetary assistance, for providing home loans, auto loans, student loans, and small business loans, for restoring the Republic, for assisting middle class America with banking and finance facilities free from major commercial bank Dodd-Frank takings, BAIL-INs and the gross speculation of private moneys, for the protection of middle and poor class America from the predatory nature of big banks and corporations, with personal accounts having access to private deposit insurance for eliminating the FDIC. 

S11) Assisting the States in creating a network of in-rem state facilities for providing safety nets. The facilities including medical clinics, transient shelters, and soup kitchens. The medical clinics for providing low-cost cost-effective medical services to the poor and middle classes, free from medical malpractice claims, ending medical malpractice federal subject matter jurisdiction. The clinics, shelters and kitchens are initially financed through proximal state chartered banks initially financed through the FRB for federal initial infrastructure build, for providing wide spread safety net social services, and for restoring the republic.

S12) Creating a Green Corps as an irregular military formation, comprising military commanders, volunteer private citizens and volunteer prison inmates, for cleaning up toxic dumps and littering, for specie preservation, for nature conservation, for reforestation, for public parks rehabilitation, for preserving the environment, and for depopulating prisons through volunteer rehabilitating national work, for reducing sentences, and for cleaning up the environment through national conservation.

S13) Downsizing the Department of Housing and Urban Development, through the elimination of Fanny and Freddy, for transferring mortgages to state charter banks, reducing mortgage amounts and interest rates in so doing, for deleveraging private debt, for generating economic growth, and by restricting the Department of Housing to monitoring unfair rental and mortgage practices, and promoting Public Housing Projects only when in the National vital interest. 

S14) Transferring the federal welfare social service complex to the states for restoring the Republic, ending federal sponsorship of systemic national-socialism, ending federal welfare fraud, ending the ruining peddling for moral hazards leading citizens into fraud and indignant life styles, by substitution with robust state safety nets, where senior, disabled, disadvantaged, and unemployed citizens can obtain state assistance through state-controlled  monetary disbursements through state charter banks, with reduced-cost access to state medical clinics, and with reduced state property taxes, as the individual states deem appropriate in regulating social issues and necessary safety nets, funded exclusively by state in-rem property taxes.

S15) Eliminating from federal jurisdiction, provisions, and control of all social services and transferring them unto the states for restoring the Republic and state voter control of respective state social services, for enhancing liberties and freedoms from the federal government.

S16) Instituting noble foreign policy, for preventing banking, finance, corporate and transnational control over foreign policy, for purposes of foreign market penetration, greed and profiteering, by firstly establishing limited set of Red-Lines, of 1) Attacks upon the US, 2) WMD use, 3) Genocide, 4) territorial imperialism, and secondly, but a Red Line violation, submit to the US Senate authorization to use Military Force or asymmetric economic warfare, to prevent unilateral Presidential war and military interventions in on going senate resolutions, to enable Americans to control the use of Armed Forces, through political pressure upon the elected senators.

S17) Balancing international trade for preventing continued decimated of the domestic manufacturing base, preventing the suppression of low end wages, preventing market manipulations, preventing unfair international trade practices, for restoring domestic economic activity and revitalizing wealth-generating domestic manufacturing, for enhancing economic prosperity.

S18) Ending Judicial Fiat by submitting impeachment articles to congress whenever the Supreme Court renders decisions contrary to the plain language, purpose, object, scope and spirit of the US Constitution, for ending legislation from the bench, for ending political and ideological decisions, for restoring the US Constitution, and for restoring the Republic, for enhancing liberties and freedoms.

S19) Restoring Congressional oversight of Administration actions by engaging in regular White House conferences with and reports to Senators and Representatives to resolve foreign policies and domestic legislation issues, ending dictatorial Presidential rule by executive fiat through executive orders, for providing a unified cooperative federal government, cooperating to serve the people, and to restore the US Constitution, for enhancing liberties and freedoms.

S20) Restoring Administration transparency, for informing the public and congress, through extensive congressional oversight, robust FOIA disclosures, and regular conferences with conspiratorialists, for reducing conspiratorial theories and suspicions of government functions, for discovering information for public disclosure, for enhancing the democracy functioning with an exceedingly transparent federal government for improving intelligent public intercourse and discussion, for enhancing liberties and freedoms.

S21) Assisting the states in holding a convention of state for determining Senatorial term limits, eg 4 elected terms, and for determining Representative term limits, eg 12 elected terms, for providing anyone a long career in federal service, such as, 24 years as a Representative, 24 years as a Senator, and 8 years as a President, for a maximum of 56 years of service in congress and the administration, for reducing systemic corruption, for reducing influence peddling, for reducing fascist control by banking, corporate and transnational over government, so that government works for the people and not the financial elite or corporate predators.

S22) Consulting and Conferring with Congress for respecting and defending natural rights flowing from the 9th Amendment, including but not limited to: 1) Privacy, 2) Marriage, 3) Procreation, 4) Travel, 5) Work, 6) Enterprise, 7) Association, 8) Contract, and 9) Voting, for increasing the liberty and freedom of the people. 

S23) Consulting and Conferring with Congress for reducing restrictions to the right to bare arms, for defending the 2nd Amendment, for defending liberty of all Americans from federal domination and totalitarianism, for enhancing liberties and freedoms.

S24) Consulting and Conferring with Congress for restoring the Republic by limiting the federal government to Constitution enumerate powers, reserving unto the many states, states rights, including but not limiting inherent state rights to perfect social policy by the respective states as the voters desire through state representatives, for enhancing liberties and freedoms.

S25) Obtaining an Administration Cabinet comprising all major political parties and groups for serving all Americans as one culture and one people, united as one for common good of all.

S26) Securing international borders for perfecting only lawful immigration, and eliminating sanctuary cities aiding and abetting illegal residents and illegal immigration.

S27) Providing paths to citizenship, without amnesty, with a a nominal fine and probationary period to: comply with all laws; learn rudimentary English; learn rudimentary US history; and obtain US citizenship, for documenting undocumented illegal aliens, with origin prospective immigration allocation adjustments, for a fair immigration solution, for eliminating the harboring of second class people in America, for rapid assimilation of aliens into the Americana Culture of Democracy, Freedom, Liberty, and Capitalism. 

S28) Rehabilitating the national infrastructure for creating jobs providing value to all, for ending systemic racism, for ending systemic sexism, for providing employment and opportunity for the poor and unemployed, and for enhancing domestic communications, travel and enterprise, for enhancing liberties and freedoms.

S29) Ending the war on drugs, while protecting states rights to legislate in the area of personal consumption, prohibiting only drug interstate trafficking inconsistent with states rights and voter authorizations through state representatives, for restoring the Republic, for enhancing liberties and freedoms.
S30) Reserving unto the many states, states rights to legislate in the area of social conduct and social intercourse, for increasing liberties and freedoms from the federal government, and for restoring the Constitution and Republic for which the flag should stand.

S31) Eliminating federal deficit spending and accruing unfunded liabilities for freeing Americans from enslaving debt, from pandering electioneering, from national bankruptcy, from oppressive taxation, for enhancing liberties and freedoms.

S32) Restricting intelligence operations to probable cause for securing privacy from unwarranted government intrusions for enhancing liberties and freedoms.

S33) Restricting asset forfeitures unless held in connection with a criminal charge, held as evidence or as a implicit bond for pending criminal fines under due process of law.

S34) Restricting bureaucratic regulations unless approved by congress.

S35) Maintaining a cash based economy capable of free exchanges without mandatory government monitoring.

S36) Justice Department assigned four priorities in disposing FBI assets, the FBI and attorneys to be increased for 1) Homeland Security, 2) Supreme Court judicial fiat, 3) Banking Fraud and Market Rigging, and 4) Congressional Corruption.

S37) Require BLS to issue only raw data without adjustments, such as the business birth-death model, so that the BLS provides accurate data for public consumption rather than adjustment numbers that are inherently misleading, fraudulent and a propaganda tool by the administration.

S38) Require all banks to report financial data based upon actual Mark-to-Market valuations using standard GAAP accounting for preventing fraud, deceit and market manipulations.

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