South Bay Libertarians Nov 19 2015

Jay Jones South Bay LP Chair
Derrick Michael Reid LP Presidential Candidate

Judy Frankel Author and Activist
New Book: In Search of the next POTUS

It was a pleasure to meet Jay Jones LP LA South Bay Chair. He was most gracious by allowing me to address the libertarian meeting.  Judy Frankel gave a talk on the potential dangers of GMOs and is a very intelligent gal. Curiously and coincidentally, her new book, In search of the next POTUS, is timely to current political affairs in the US.

South Bay LP Speech

LP will achieve a grand slam sweep of country, because: 1) A Political, Social and Economic Confluence exists and is coming together as predicted first by Derrick Michael Reid; 2) Independents are majority searching for a dark horse 3rd party candidate to avoid DEM/REP systemic failures and corruption; 3) New Papers have predicted the rise of 3rd candidate, with most Americans dissatisfied with current DEM/REP candidates; and 4) The Libertarian Party offers the country increase liberties and freedoms with economic and social salvation from ruin. 

The Country does not need: 1) a bombastic property mogul with a questionable psychological profile and intellect, but who may be great for secretary of commerce; 2) a gentile brain surgeon, offering no credible plan to fix anything, but who may be great for VA administrator or Surgeon General; 3) a corrupt incompetent criminal panderer seeking to bring an adulterer into the White House, lowering the bar ever more; or 4) a socialist peddling moral hazards of corrupting socialism, but who may be great for encouraging robust state level social nets.

The Country indispensably needs: 1) a Patent Lawyer to analyze and comprehend complex systems, including their systemic problems and causes; 2) an Engineer to determine and implement comprehensive solutions, seamlessly during national reformation;  3) a Commander to lead the nation and all political groups and implement fixes using command and control methods; 4) a Market Analyst to understand money flows, markets, wealth transfers and the corruption permeating DC; and
5) a Geopolitical Analyst to resolve foreign disputes and confrontation without wars, death and destruction.

The General Integrated Major Solutions: 1) Nationalizing FED and end wealth transfers and corruption; 2) Zero out National Debt and deleverage private debt; 3) Transfer Federal systemic Social programs to state; 4) Reinstate capitalism with honest money and markets; 5) Reform taxes as the ultimate tea party candidate; and 6) Unite Russia, China, EU and US for peace and disput resolution

A Mixed Political Administration* is need because: 1) The LP does not have breath and depth to fill all administration posts; 2) The need is to unite all Americans and Political parties for rapid implementation of major solution reforms; and 3) A mixed political party configuration in an LP administration serves communications and joint effort by all.

The Grand Slam Sweep is based upon: 1) A confluence of governmental, social, military, and economic factors; 2) An independent voting majority; 3) The electorate searching for a third party candidate outside corruption and failures of the two pandering political machines; 4) Systemic problems and integrated comprehensive solutions having been identified; 5) a need for all Americans and Political Parties to rally nation wide for a 50 state sweep as a united force; 6) a need for the LP to save the nation and become an indispensable viable 3rd Party providing voter choice; and 7) the skills of Derrick Michael Reid to defeat any DEM/REP candidates after party conventions pointing out empty pandering, meaningless proposal, and failures to fix major systemic problems facing the country.

Awake Americans!!
Libertarians! The people need freedom and liberation!
Greens awake! The national natural resources need conservation!
Tea Partiers! The income taxes and filings need to be abolished!
Riflemen! The country needs defending from totalitarianism!
Constitutionalists! The US Constitution needs real defending!
Democrats! The country needs robust safety nets in the many States!
Republicans! The country needs a responsible republic restored!
Monetarists! The economy needs real money in circulation!
Capitalists! Honest Markets and Capital formation will be restored!
Occupiers! The FED needs nationalization ending systemic corruption!
Latinos! Real immigration solution with path to citizenship!
Blacks! Real Jobs and Opportunity ending systemic racism!
LGBTs! Real Tolerance and Respect can and will be achieved!
Seniors! We will not leave our children in unpayable Debt!
Peacemakers! Russia, China, EU and US will be united for Peace!
Taxpayers! National debt will be eliminated once and for all!
Debtors! Private Debt will be significantly reduced to fuel economic growth!
Unemployed! Meaningful Jobs will be created providing the dignity of work!

                                                  POLITICAL COMPLEX

* It may be that a Republican defects to the Libertarian Party for purposes of a running on a common ticket as an LP VP candidate, but after the election, would return to the republican ranks, as VP for republican party coordination, communications and senate participation. Alternatively, a Libertarian candidates joins Derrick Michael Reid, and a top slot now tentatively assigned to a Libertarian would then be allocated to a Republican, so as to maintain representation by all significant political parties. In either case, the administration will have representation from all major political parties. Currently, the Secretary of State is assigned to a ranking Democrat. The ideal situation is a Libertarian, Derrick Michael Reid, as President, a Republican as VP, such as Rand Paul or Ron Paul or Ted Cruz, and a Democrat as Secretary of State, such as Diane Feinstein.