Totalitarian Democracy #000

Personal History, Message, Solution, and Political Strategy

Strategy and Personal History

Correction: Lomita is south of Los Angeles; I was 20 years old at Rockwell.


Derrick Michael Reid possesses five intellectual cross-dimensional skills developed over a life time including forty five years of profession work training and twenty years of educational instruction within a one hundred hours a week normal work routine so as to effectively combine one hundred years of professional training and high level education within one person. The five intellectual cross-dimensional skills include PATENT LAW of 25 years for understanding complex systems and Litigation of the legal community, ENGINEERING of 10 years for understanding subsystem level problems and solutions, MILITARY SCIENCE of 20 years for devising attack plans for accomplishing objectives, with 3 years of emulated warfare as commander, operations planner and chief of staff, GEOPOLITICS of 15 years writing 100s of memorandum for understanding people motivations and political problems, solutions and realities, with 12 field trips to Asia, with advisories to world leaders, and BULLION markets including BANKING FINANCE CURRENCY markets of 25 years for understanding money and market context as the key to adjusting those political realities, and transacting 100m$ of physical bullion sales. This skill set combines in one skull. This skill set is driven by a robust psychology. That psychology includes two major drivers which are aggressiveness and  spirituality providing a natural internal aggressive work ethic and an internal moral code. The five cross-dimensional skill set is driven by that psychology to form a unique mental signature.

Derrick Michael Reid inherently possesses a colorful linguistical parlance across five skills and across that psychology producing a vivid imagination, and a curious mix of terminology, that goes with thinking outside the box, a necessary benefit, and producing a wild sense of humor that comes from cross dimensional skills and that psychology with light speed associations that collectively are indispensable and necessary for the job at hand. As a child Derrick Michael Reid went to various church services.  Derrick Michael Reid's faith was cemented through the personal teachings from an uncle. Derrick Michael Reid remains a Christian, a huge Jesus fan, believes in God, and is inherently incorruptible with a cemented personal moral code. The devil has no chance in tempting or corrupting Derrick Michael Reid. As a child, with table food in short supply and through sibling rivalry, Derrick Michael Reid developed an aggressive demeanor early on that remains in full flower to this day. With focused five skills, aggressiveness, morally incorruptible, and a workaholic, Derrick Michael Reid uniquely possesses attributes, 

                                                      INDISPENSABLE FOR RESTORING AMERICANA GREATNESS. 

DERRICK MICHAEL REID: Problem Solving Engineer, Electronic Engineer, Registered Patent Agent, Project Design Engineer, Subsystem Design Engineer, Comprehensive Systems Analyst, Economic Feedback Analyst, Market Analyst, Monetary Analyst, Mint Production Designer, Injection Tool Designer, Open Loop Totalitarianism Analyst, Totalitarian Democracy Analyst, Domestic Political Analyst, Presidential Candidate, Computer Programer, Firmware Programer, International Geopolitical Analyst, Hierarchical Command Commander, Strategic Military Analyst, Tactical Military Analyst, Political Pandering Analyst, University Lecturer, Civil War Historical Expert, World War II Historical Expert, Informational Graphics Designer, Battle Map Designer, Military Game Designer, Supreme Military Commander, Military Operations Planner, Military Chief of Staff, Geopolitical Commentator, World Leader Adviser, Bullion Market Commentator, Bullion Purchasing Manager, Patent Lawyer, Patent Prosecutor, Patent Trademark Copyright Intellectual Property Litigation Lawyer, Cultural Evolution Analyst, Natural Evolution Analyst, Human Instinctual Analyst, Human Mind Modeler, Compassionate Capitalist, Strict Construction Constitutionalist, Real Money Monetarist, Social Conservative, Father, Husband, Workaholic, Intellectual, Dog Owner, Tennis Player, Libertarian, Freedom Lover, Gun Packer, Patriot, Incorruptible Christian, and a very concerned citizen.

LIBEREENS: A coalition of voters and supporters, including but not limited to Libertarians, Greens, Teas, Monetarists, Riflemen, Constitutionalists, Occupiers, Latinos,  Democrats, Republicans, Blacks, Whites, Browns, Yellows, Reds, Workers, Unionizers, Entrepreneurs, LGBTs, States Righters, Capitalists, Federalists, Businessmen, Educators, Parents, Believers, Legalizers, Seniors, believing in Americana, Constitution, Republic, Honest Money, Honest Markets, Liberty, Freedom, Peace and Prosperity,
thus excluding national-socialists, totalitarians, bankster-government fascists, war mongers, bigots, racists, and panderers.


I) Win White House by appealing liberty and freedom message and attractive solution set solving problems. 
II) Cement viable 3rd party based upon and for increasing liberties and freedoms opposing DC Totalitarianism.
III) Save US from Social Chaos and Economic Ruination leading to global depression and global wars.
IV) Sweep all 50 states in the national general election proposing a mixed cabinet for broad political appeal.

I) Appeal to all political Parties with an administration of Libertarians, Democrats, Republicans, Greens, & Independents.
II) Transform "War on Drugs End" into "War on DC Totalitarianism" for broad message appeal.
III) Transform "Sovereignty" into Federal Natural Rights and States Natural Rights for broad message appeal.
IV) Devise Presidential Platform and Pledge for broad message appeal of maximum liberty and freedom.

I) Devise comprehensive integrated Solution Set to solve systemic problems to prevent Social Chaos and Economic Ruination.
II) Map Solution set onto major political groups so at to ATTRACT all major political groups, including 1) Occupiers-Capitalists, 2) Tea Partiers-Tax Payers, 3) Monetarists-Marketeers, 4) Greens-Prisoners, 5) Isolationists-Interventionists, 6) Immigrants-Illegals, 7) Liberals-Students, 8) Conservatives-Parents, 9) LGBT-Feminists, 10) Minorities-Poor, 11) Constitutionalists-Federalists, and 12) Riflemen-Conspiratorialists, excluding war mongers, national socialists, bigots, sexists, and racists.
III) National Campaign Front Line comprises 12 Libertarian Party Working Groups to appeal to these 12 respective political groups by social media explaining why solution set satisfies their core values and objectives.
IV) National Campaign Double Envelopment by Libertarian Party Presidential and Vice Presidential nominees is to trap, debase, discredit, and DEFEAT Democrat and Republican nominees in their meaningless pander, immense national failures, embedded systemic corruption and ineffective plans.