Totalitarian Democracy #004

Liberals, Students, Conservatives and Parents

Liberals and Conservatives



As Libertarians, we seek a nation of maximum liberty and freedom from minimum government; a nation in which all individuals have maximized liberties and freedoms to conduct their own lives as individually desired.

We believe that respect for individual rights, personal liberties, and personal freedoms are essential for a tolerant, civil, peaceful, and prosperous nation, and, that only through maximum liberties of rights protected by government and maximum freedoms of conduct permitted by government, can constitutional domestic tranquility and prosperity be fully realized and enjoyed by all citizens.

Consequently, we promote individual rights to engage in activity that is peaceful, tolerant, and respectful to others. We seek a nation where individuals are at liberty with freedoms to conduct themselves in their own ways, free from oppressive restrictions by and unreasonable interference from government upon individual peaceful, tolerant, and respectful conduct.

We Libertarians oppose oppressive and unreasonable government controls, laws, mandates and regulations that diminish individual liberties and freedoms. We believe that all individuals have the right to exercise their liberties and freedoms as they choose free from oppressive and unreasonable controls, laws, mandates, and regulations by Government. We Libertarians promote minimum government, maximum freedom, economic prosperity, and global peace.

WHEREFORE, NOW COMES, the Libertarian Party seeking to: restore and maximize individual liberties and freedoms from government; restore the Constitution, the Republic and The Rule of Law; restore and maximize economic prosperity; and promote global peace, by adopting the following platform articles of MINIMUM GOVERNMENT, MAXIMUM FREEDOM, ECONOMIC PROSPERITY, and GLOBAL PEACE, each of which articles having a plurality of clauses for perfecting the same.

Article 1, MINIMUM GOVERNMENT. We Libertarians oppose:

1a) federal totalitarianism and concentrated political power;
1b) invasions of privacy and natural rights by government;
1c) unreasonable restrictions on individual conduct;
1d) oppressive and unnecessary government functions;
1e) judicial fiat concentrating federal totalitarianism;
1f) oligarchical monetary fascist corruption of government;
1g) an unlimited totalitarian socialistic federal government;
1h) federal government by mandates and executive orders;
1i) an opaque government with limited transparency;
1j) federal concentrated socialism and moral hazards thereof;
1k) a multitude of federal and state taxes and takings;
1l) oppressive and intrusive federal and state taxation regimes;
1m) federal and state insolvency and unlimited federal debt;
1n) habitual and systemic deficit federal and state spending; and
1o) harboring second class residents and undocumented aliens.

Article 2, MAXIMUM FREEDOM. We Libertarians support:

2a) maximum liberties and freedoms from Government;
2b) constitutional protected personal liberties;
2c) constitutional federal equal protections;
2d) constitutional natural rights and freedoms;
2e) tolerance and respect between all citizens;
2f) freedom of association and contract;
2g) freedom of speech and thought and creed;
2h) rights of privacy and to private property;
2i) private communications confidentiality;
2j) the right to bare arms and self defense;
2k) medical rights of privacy and confidentiality;
2l) domestic tranquility and social harmony;
2m) individual responsibility and work ethics;
2n) a limited federal government protecting liberties;
2o) a republic of states having reserved powers;
2p) a republic of sovereign states of states rights;
2q) the U.S.A. Constitution as written and amended;
2r) civil and honest electioneering and campaigning;
2s) fair ballet access by all political parties;
2t) eliminating  systemic racism;
2u) eliminating systemic sexism; and
2v) depopulating prisons with offered rehabilitation;

Article 3, ECONOMIC PROSPERITY. We Libertarians support:

3a) minimal state social safety nets for the disadvantaged;
3b) capitalism and price-discovery goods and services;
3c) honest and fair price-discovery commercial markets;
3d) real honest money in circulation, free from debasement;
3e) balanced and fair international trade and commerce;
3f) maximized labor participation rates and full employment;
3g) competitive international money transfer systems;
3h) competitive international and domestic commerce and trade;
3i) an economically dominant middle class and robust economy;
3j) a wealth creation manufacturing base and rights to work;
3k) dominate private sector economy and commercial activity;
3l) simplified and minimal federal and state taxation;
3m) American culture of liberty, democracy, and capitalism;
3n) lawful immigration with paths to citizenship;
3o) lawful immigrant assimilation into domestic culture;
3p) green peace, conservation and biological reserves;
3q) free market education and state managed education;
3r) a sound national infrastructure for the common good; and
3s) cost-effective low-cost state medical clinics.

Article 4, GLOBAL PEACE. We Libertarians oppose:

4a) unnecessary global military interventions and wars;
4b) presidential unilateral military interventions and wars;
4c) unlimited and unnecessary military expenditures;
4d) military interventions unnecessary to national defense;
4e) unnecessary military confrontations, wars, and destruction;
4f) military domination of the world by the U.S.A. armed forces;
4g) oligarchical undue influence over federal foreign policy;
4h) ignoble foreign policy driven by fascist commercial greed; and
4i) international and domestic terrorism and military aggression;