Totalitarian Democracy #028

An Analysis of the Libertarian Party Presidential Candidates

Libertarian Presidential Candidates

The Libertarian Party BATTLECRUISER,
loaded for (market) bear, and any
nominated donkey or elephant.


"There were audible sighs of resignation from a significant number of libertarians following Gary Johnson's underwhelming third-place finish in the 2012 presidential election. ...  however, an even larger majority believes that the Libertarian Party is on the cusps of breaking through the two-party hegemony. The flourishing grassroots movement, comprising primarily of the younger demographic, along with the emergence of a blossoming national-level election machinery, will accord future libertarian candidates with some sorely needed organizational support, and perhaps, eliminate the perennial issue of ballot access. The key now is to maintain the momentum, and leverage the inroads made in 2012 for the 2016 presidential election. And thus, the search now commences for the individual to take the party to the next level; a presidential candidate that will bear the huge responsibility of capturing the imagination of the American public, and achieve something that has never been done since 1912 - building a nationally competitive third party."

                       Libertarian Party Presidential Candidate

Through an extensive knowledge base, knowing the fundamental problems facing the US, and the solutions to those problems, it is easy to immediately indicate why any pander is meaningless, and any band aids are ineffectual, so as to be able to routinely discredit any Democrat or Republican nominee, for the 2016 LP Victory. As an LP presidential nominee, I will habitually, tenaciously, relentlessly expose the Democrat and Republican nominees as inherently unsuitable for saving the nation from social chaos and economic ruination or for advancing liberty.

I am the Libertarian Party BATTLECRUISER, with thick armor to defend my positions and huge guns to blow the opposition clear out of the water.

The LP can win this election if the delegates launch the LP battlecruiser.

Libertarian Party Presidential Candidate