Bullion Market Manipulation Proposal

Proposal Prologue
Attorney General Holter said the banks were TBTF and TBTJ. That was nonsense of course. So, I started to work the problem. After the light bulb went off April 29 2013, of an understanding how to take down the TBTF TBTJ Greedster Mob Boss in the USA, so as to liberate the people, eight weeks were spent drafting up that attack plan.  It was hoped that someone with means would step up and fund a very robust assault on the TBTF TBTJ Greedster Mob Boss who unduly influences and corrupts the US Government whilst enabling the enslavement of the people while the TBTF TBTJ Greedster Mob Boss officers live like kings. That funding effort failed.

Primary Objective is to enjoin the TBTF TBTJ Greedster mob boss JPM, so that bullion gold and silver bullion are liberated from the paper price manipulations on the Comex, so as to stop irreparable harm by the greedster mob boss in the bullion space.

The Rolling Stones Sympathy For The Devil

Secondary Objective, flowing naturally from the primary objective, is the destruction of the fraudulent irredeemable US FRN paper currency as the US paper currency in circulation by the FED bank, under the current fiat paper monetary ponzie scheme of the current totalitarian socialistic US Government, that are used to enslave the American people as tax mules and state dependents.

Tertiary Objective, flowing naturally from the secondary objectives, is the destruction of the GOLD CARTEL of 15 TBTF TBTJ greedster banks profiting off of the bullion price manipulation, and the destruction of World Central Bank fiat currency paper printing, so as to force the World Central Banks to stop printing and passing fraudulent fiat currency notes, but rather to have all nations use exclusively Gold and Silver honest real money as trade medium of exchange, so as to force all governments to live within their means, so as to stop robbing the people through monetary inflationary paper currency printing, which robs all paper currency note holders every day, that then is used to concentrate power in the governments, who enable totalitarian control over the people, so as to free peoples world wide from socialistic totalitarian enslavement as government tax mules and state dependents.

Cover Page and Table of Contents 

A Proposal to Terminate Bullion Manipulation
A Plan for Ridding from the Bullion Space,
the mob boss JPM and the Gold Cartel, for
Terminating Bullion Price Manipulation.
This document is hereby made public for anyone to review and copy and diseminate at will as a public service to the nation. I believe all the information contained herein is true and correct.

Yours, Derrick Michael Reid July 2013
This document was never editing and proof read.

Table of Contents


Cover Page, Ending Manipulation ---------------- Page 1

Table of Contents ------------------------------ Page 2

Title Page, The Dream Team, Tentative ---------- Page 3

Overview, Injunction Strategy ------------------ Page 4

Case Caption, Brief Form ----------------------- Page 5

Complaint Body, Brief Form --------------------- Page 6

List of Characters, Tentative ------------------ Pages 7-11

Table of Aspects, Generally Stated ------------- Pages 12-15

Aspect of plan, Generally Stated --------------- Pages 16-156

Appendix, Posted Comments by REID -------------- Attached 157


Title Page and Overview

A Proposal to Terminate Bullion Manipulation

The Dream Team, John Embry, Sprott Assets, Team Leader

Turd Ferguson          Bill Haynes         Thor Gjerdrum
Plaintiff              Plaintiff           Plaintiff
tfmetalsreport.com     CMI Gold & Silver   AMark

William Murphy        Brian Crumbaker     James Hausman
Plaintiff              Plaintiff           Plaintiff
lemetropolecafre.com   GoldLine            Gold Center

Derrick Michael Reid   Attorney            Attorney
Of Counsel             Proximal Counsel    Distal Counsel
totalcontrol.com       Not Selected        Preferably Selected

Primary Counsel        Secondary Counsel   Tertiary Counsel
Chicago Law Firm       Chicago Law Firm    Chicago Law Firm
Not Selected           Not Selected        Not Selected

Andrew McGuire         William Kaye        James Turk
Coghan Capital         Pacific Group       Gold Money
Primary Expert         Primary Expert      Primary Expert

Sandeep Jaitly         Ben Davies          Richard Guthrie
Bullion Basis          Hindsight Capital   LeMetropoleCafe
Secondary Expert       Secondary Expert    Secondary Expert

William Grant          James Rickards      Eric Sprott
Things that go Hmm     Tagent Capital      Sprott Assets
Tertiary Expert        Tertiary Expert     Tertiary Expert


J P Morgan Chase Inc. Defendant



aka Freedom v TBTF TBTJ Geedster

The TEAM (Comprising one Commander as Of Counsel, three Primary Extra Territorial Experts, 6 Secondary and Tertiary Experts, and three Chicago litigators, plus two local counsel auxiliaries.

Expert Andrew McQuire for predictive prima faci Manipulation of price (Direct proof of Price Manipulation)

Expert William Kaye for translating MAGUIRE Manipulation as to best probable inferred nefarious internal operations.

Expert Richards LPCF for Graphics, and Supporting Inference.

Incidental Local law firm, 1 local rules filer and 1 backup.

Plaintiff holds AGE and ASE Damaged by Manipulation

District Court in gun-toting State Forum Shopping.

File complaint Plaintiff v JPM with Preliminary Injunction.

Injunction motion shows actual price manipulation, and infers by who by COT & Bank Participation, admission letter, and probable business nefarious operations.

Opposition to PI motion reveals by ADMISSIONS of actual internal operations.

Rely uses ADMISSIONS of internal operations showing nefarious internal business operation and PRICE, both as DIRECT PROOF and proximal causation, to have injunction issued couched in terms of FIPOs, Chinese walls, polled time staggered sells, threshold gross dollar amounts.

Settlement: Stops manipulation and pays lump sum dollars.

Case Over, Price Discovery Recovery is had in the Bullion Space.

Consequences, Central Banks globally fall one by one and paper money is trashed as freedom is restored to the peoples.

GAME OVER, litigation approached is used against remaining 14 bullion banks of the Gold Cartel to end price manipulation.
 Case Caption
Plaintiff Attorney Of Counsel
Plaintiff Chicago Attorney Firm
Plaintiff Attorney A
Plaintiff Attorney B
Plaintiff Attorney C
Plaintiff Auxiliary Firms
Plaintiff Attorney D
Plaintiff Attorney E
Defendant New York Attorney Firm
Defendant Attorney A
Defendant Attorney B
Defendant Attorney C
Defendant In House Attorney Firm
Defendant Attorney D
Defendant Attorney E
Defendant Attorney F
Defendant local Firm
Defendant Attorney G
US Attorneys Amici
United States District Court In and For the
City and County of Lincoln Lancaster Nebraska USA
Plaintiff, Servicer,  )
Retailer, Wholesaler  )        Civil Complaint for
Persons & Corporations) Injunctive Relief and Damages
v                     ) Using In House and Client funds
JP Morgan Defendant   ) for Manipulating Bullion Market
A New York Corporation) of Gold and Silver Causing
and Doe Officers      ) Personal Damages In Said County
of said defendant     ) For Price Manipulation using House
and Roe Persons and   ) and Client Funds, Front Running,
and Doe Corporations  ) Conspiracy, Sedition, Supporting
acting under control  ) Cause of Action A RICO Racketeering
and Roe Corporations  ) Cause of Action B Fraud and Deceit
Acting In Concert     ) Cause of Action C Market Interference
 Complaint Body, Brief Form

Jurisdiction Diversity of Citizenship

Interference and Fraud by pooling in house money and or client money defendants have used sells orders to manipulate the bullion market.

Plaintiff holding AGE ASE has been damaged by said manipulation.

Defendant acts in concert with said Doe Person and said Doe

Defendant and said doe persons and said Roe Corporations using in house and or client pooled money to perfects global and domestic manipulation.

Defendants have rigged the bullion markets by manipulations

Defendants have front run the bullion markets by manipulations.

Primary Defendant have used doe persons, doe corporations, and or roe corporations in a criminal enterprise under RICO.

Defendants have used said manipulations to subvert the US Government and agency and Judiciary and Regulatory authorities such as the CFTC to perfect said RICO crimes and . 

Defendants as a pseudo US Government back have acted selfishly towards clients, treasonably sold bullion to China knowing the FRN was likely to fail and thus sold way the US last ditch defense to total anarchy, and rigged the bullion space, and conspiratorially front run the bullion space to prefect its treason.

Claims for Relief
Punitive Damages  $15,000,000,000
Actual Damages         $6,000,000 Generally Unknown
Nominal Damages                $1

Injunctive relief Chinese wall between in house money and client money

Injunctive relief FIFO client money staggered over time.

Injunctive relief Staggered time sails of pooled in house or client funds

Injunctive relief Threshold in house money before sells over time.
LIST OF CHARACTERS and Table of Aspects

============ PLAINTIFFS =================================
FERGUSON     Mr Turd Ferguson is the owner of TFMetalsreports.
             Mr Ferguson is designated Plaintiff and
             Auxiliary Plaintiff Expert.

MURPHY       William J. Murphy III is the Chairman of the Gold
             Anti-Trust Action Committee and owner of
             www.LeMetropoleCafe.com. A graduate of the School of
             Hotel Administration at Cornell University in 1968.
             Mr. Murphy is designated a Plaintiff and
             Auxiliary Plaintiff Expert.

A MARK       A Los Angeles CA Bullion Wholesaler
             Selected Corporate officer can act.

GOLD         A Springfield IL Bullion Wholesaler
CENTER       Selected Corporate officer can act.

CMI GOLD     A Phoenix AZ Bullion Retailer
& SILVER     Bill Haynes is an expert on currencies

GOLDLINE     A Manhattan Beach CA Retailer
             Selected Corporate officer can act.

TEAM         A general named assigned to plaintiff, plaintiff
             counsel and plaintiff experts

============ FENANCIER ======================================

FINANCIER    A name assigned an individual, organization, or
             or group to fund the proposed case

============ NEWS BROADCASTERS ===============================
KWN          King World News, Mr. Eric King, Broadcaster and
             editor for Audio broadcast and News Print.

GATA         Gold Anti Trust Action Committee, Mr Chris Powell
             corporate Secretary and Editor at GATA.org, for
             Print, for posting News Print.

WATCHDOG     USA Watch Dog dot com, Mr Gregg Hunter, for News
             Print visual video Clips and posting interviews.
============ PLAINIFF COUNSEL ==============================
PLAINTIFF    A general name assigned to OF COUNSEL, three
             DISTAL COUNSEL local counsel.

REID         Maybe simply stated as REID.
OF COUNSEL   Mr Derrick Michael Reid has experience in
             Political, Military, Engineering, Patent
             Law, Bullion Market, and is designated,
             Plaintiff Of Counsel Commanding Plaintiff
             team of Attorneys to move to district HQ.

PLAINTIFF    The three primary litigating plaintiff
LAW FIRM     counsel for a Chicago Law Firm

PRIMARY      Fictitious name of Primary lead counsel,
COUNSEL      and a member of the a Chicago law Firm.

SECONARY     Fictitious name of Secondary lead counsel,
COUNSEL      and a member of the a Chicago law Firm.

TERTIARY     Fictitious name of Tertiary lead counsel,
COUNSEL      and a member of the a Chicago Law Firm.

============ PLAINTIFF LOCAL COUNSEL ======================
PROXIMAL     A Fictitious name given to Local Counsel,
CONSEL       having a Local Law in the district in which
             the law suit is to be filed.

DISTAL       A name given Mr Brian Hannemann, a California
COUNSEL      attorney who understands Bullion Market Generally,
             and can function as URL searcher, with
             Backup Discovery Experience and is a member.
             of TFMR

============ PLAINTIFF EXPERTS ===================
PLAINTIFF    A general name for plaintiff experts,
EXPERTS      comprises 3 primary plaintiff experts,
             3 secondary plaintiff experts, any number
             of tertiary experts from TFMR and LMPC
             members, and any number of auxiliary
             plaintiff experts

PLAINTIFF    Maybe truncated to simply primary experts
PRIMARY      A group designated and the three primary
EXPERTS      plaintiff expert to appear for plaintiff 


PLAINTIFF    Maybe truncated to simply secondary experts,
SECONDARY    and is A group of additional or back up
EXPERTS      primary plaintiff Experts to add weight to
             the primary plaintiff expert testimony

PLAINTIFF    Maybe truncated to simply tertiary experts,
TERTIARY     and is a group of additional plaintiff
EXPERTS      experts from the general population of gold
             bullion notables and TFMR and LMPC.

PLAINTIFF    Truncated to simply auxiliary experts,
AUXILIARY    A name assigned to auxiliary plaintiff experts
EXPERTS      to provide supporting weight to case and from
             TFMR and  LMPC to the extent of showing

============ BULLION SERVICE MEMBERS ==================
TFMR         Turd Ferguson metals report, a bullion
             service, owned by plaintiff FERGUSON, and
             having TFMR members having Audio Pod Casts,
             Posting of Video Clip, and New Print, and
             Graphic Displays

LMPC         Lemetrocafe, a bullion service, owned by
             backup plaintiff MURPHY, and having LMPC
             Members having News Print and Graphic

===================== DEFENDANT ATTORNEYS =============
DEFENDANT    A general name for defendants attorneys,
COUNSEL      and most probably based in New York.

DEFENDANT    A Fictitious name for JPM defendants,
LOCAL        COUNSEL  as yokel is fictitious for a local
===================== DEFENDANT EXPERTS ===============
DEFENDANT    A general name for JPM Defendant experts
EXPERTS      witnesses, which expert will try to discredit
             plaintiff experts considered as torpedoes

DEFENDANT    A fictitious name for JPM defendant employee
TRAITORS     bearing witness against any of the name
             defendants as internal whistle blowers

============ PRIMARY PLAINTIFF EXPERTS  ===============
MAGUIRE      Mr Andrew Maguire having prediction price
             manipulation of bullion market, and is
             designated a primary plaintiff expert,
             based in London, believed.

KAYE         Mr William Kaye of Pacific Group, based in
             Hong Kong, understand global bullion flows
             and business organizations and designated
             as a primary plaintiff expert.

TURK         Operates Gold Money, provided Articles and
             videos, articulate knowlegeable.

============ SECONDARY PLAINTIFF EXPERTS ================
DAVIES       Mr Ben Davies CEO of Hinde Capital, and
             understand business operations, and
             designated as secondary plaintiff expert,
             believed based in London

JAITLY       Mr. Jaitly works at Sandeep as economist and
             as an editor of a bullion news letter

RICHARD      Richard Guthrie is a regular guest in the Midas
             Column by back up Plaintiff MURPHY, and
             understand Bullion and can generate Graphics

============ TERTIARY PLAINTIFF EXPERTS ================
GRANT        William Grant, Investment Manager, and
             Editor of Things that make you go
             hmmmm, based in Singapore.

RICKARDS     Mr James Rickards is an investment banker at
             Tangent Capital, Author of Currency War,
             knows Bullion, Banking, Legal, Finance.

SPROTT       Mr Eric Sprott is the CEO of Sprott Asset
             Management, follows bullion supply and demand


SINCLAIR     Mr. James Sinclair of JSMineSet for posting
             of video clips, graphic displays and printed
             matter, CEO of Tanzania Royalty, and is also
             know as Mr Gold, and is a Gold Market Expert

EMBRY        Mr John Embry is a Strategist for Sprott Asset,
             based in Canada, understand Global Affects,
             best used as FINANCIER and TEAM leader.

DENVER       Dave in Denver blogging at The Golden Truth
             writing regularly for Midas Lemetropolecafe

============ AUXILIARY PLAINTIFF EXPERTS ================
TRASHMAN     A Fictitious expert in bullion price action of
             a history of posting Premium. One of Plaintiffs

LEALER       A Fictitious expert in bullion price action of
             history Least Rates. One of Plaintiffs

CAPPER       An fictitious expert in bullion price action
             capping of 2% on the upside. One of Plaintiffs

MINTER       An fictitious expert in US Mint production
             of AGE and ASE. One of Plaintiffs

SHOPPER      An fictitious expert in Local Coin Shops
             supplies and price divergence.
             One of Plaintiffs

FALLGUY      And fictitious expert in frequent down drafts
             in bullion Price, the hallmark of price
             manipulation One of Plaintiffs

Table of Aspects

SECTION 0 Prologue and REID

016  Aspect 0.0 Prologue, Parties Weaknesses and Strengths
027  Aspect 0.1 REID is an Expert in Five Fields
027  Aspect 0.2 REID has Neural Net and Computing Power
029  Aspect 0.3 REID as Commanding General
029  Aspect 0.4 REID is a Grandiose Alpha Werewolf
035  Aspect 0.5 REID is Ready for the Case.
036  Aspect 0.6 REID has a Robust Resume
038  Aspect 0.7 REID is Retired with Legal Bar Dismissal
038  Aspect 0.8 REID Wears Five Cross Dimensional Hats
039  Aspect 0.9 REID has Disdain for the Legal Profession
044  Aspect 0.10 REID has an Aggressive Spiritual Psychology
045  Aspect 0.11 REID has made a Call to Arms

SECTION 1 The Team

046  Aspect 1.0 The Plaintiff Team
047  Aspect 1.1 Cast of Characters
051  Aspect 1.2 The Plaintiff
053  Aspect 1.3 Plaintiff Experts
054  Aspect 1.4 Plaintiff Attorneys
056  Aspect 1.5 Plaintiff Core Team
057  Aspect 1.6 Local Counsel
058  Aspect 1.7 The Chicago Law Firm
059  Aspect 1.8 Secondary and Tertiary Plaintiff Experts
060  Aspect 1.9 Auxiliary Experts at TFMR and LMPC
060  Aspect 1.10 Demand Letters to Defendants
061  Aspect 1.11 Defendants Attorney Generally
061  Aspect 1.12 HQ Advanced Preparations upon Funding
064  Aspect 1.13 General Litigation Process Flow

SECTION 2 Complaint and Hearing

070  Aspect 2.0 Scope of Complaint Causes of Actions
079  Aspect 2.1 Proximal Counsel Hearing Prologue Remarks
081  Aspect 2.2 Of Counsel Hearing Opening Remarks
082  Aspect 2.3 Prayer for Injunctive Relief and Motion Hearing
086  Aspect 2.4 Defendants Manipulations Since 2009
087  Aspect 2.5 Defendants Anticipatory Smashed in Usual Course
087  Aspect 2.6 Fungible Combined In House and Client Money
088  Aspect 2.7 Treasonous Sells and China Accumulations
089  Aspect 2.8 Plaintiff General Proof and Motion Showing
090  Aspect 2.9 Pending Motion Discovery and Motion Showing
092  Aspect 2.10 Plaintiff Rigging Hypothesis and Discovery
093  Aspect 2.11 Plaintiff Front Running Hypothesis
093  Aspect 2.12 Plaintiff Business Hypothesis Market Action
094  Aspect 2.13 Graphics Expert Proof and Motion Showing
094  Aspect 2.14 Plaintiff Expert Proof and Motion Showing
095  Aspect 2.15 Judicial Notice of Indisputable Facts
096  Aspect 2.16 Injunction Naked Short Sales Prohibitions
096  Aspect 2.17 No Sherman Act or Position Limits Claim
097  Aspect 2.18 Military Scrimmaging of Defendants
097  Aspect 2.19 List and Acronyms used in Files Papers
098  Aspect 2.20 FED US Defendant Criminal Conspiracy
098  Aspect 2.21 FED US Defendant Motion Strategy
100  Aspect 2.22 Equitable Relief Proof and Motion Showing
100  Aspect 2.23 Hear Say Evidence Generally Admitted
101  Aspect 2.24 Defendant Dominant Positions Assures Manipulation.
102  Aspect 2.25 Gold Cartel Racketeering the Bullion Space

SECTION 3 Financier and Funding

103  Aspect 3.0 Financing and Budget of 6m$ for one year
105  Aspect 3.1 Practical Business Operations
107  Aspect 3.2 Counsel and Expert Fees Expenses Retainers
107  Aspect 3.3 Financier to Must Fund Case in Advance
108  Aspect 3.4 Compliant filing and Injunction Hearing
108  Aspect 3.5 Attorneys and Experts Skin in the Game
108  Aspect 3.6 Attorney Attire Court Dress Code
109  Aspect 3.7 California Distal URL and Discovery Attorney
109  Aspect 3.8 Marketing of Plan and Acquiring Funding
110  Aspect 3.9 Problems Raising Venture Capital
110  Aspect 3.10 KISS Marketing at Totalitarian Democracy
111  Aspect 3.11 Lecture Available to Group of Funders
111  Aspect 3.12 Mechanics of Initial Funding
112  Aspect 3.13 Plaintiff Inherent Advantages
114  Aspect 3.14 Movie Producer as the Financier
115  Aspect 3.15 Private Party as the Financier

SECTION 4 Preparations

116  Aspect 4.0 Preparation before Filing Complaint
119  Aspect 4.1 Simple Proof and Showing and Graphics
120  Aspect 4.2 Filing and Injunction Moving Papers
121  Aspect 4.3 Cut and Paste Attorney Efficiencies
121  Aspect 4.4 Budget for One Year of Litigation
121  Aspect 4.5 Attorneys Bullion Understandings
122  Aspect 4.6 Pooled FIFOs, Walls, Staggered Sells and Thresholds
124  Aspect 4.7 Broadcasting Exclusivity Licensing
125  Aspect 4.8 Invitees and Others Invited to the Rallies
125  Aspect 4.9 MOPE the Supporters Providing Nation Campaign
126  Aspect 4.10 Misdirections, Surprises and Confusion
126  Aspect 4.11 Headquarters Command Facilities
127  Aspect 4.12 Preliminary Funding Solicitations
128  Aspect 4.13 MOPE Fight Song, Hats and Flags
129  Aspect 4.14 Bias of a US District Judge
131  Aspect 4.15 Attorney and Expert Assignments
131  Aspect 4.16 Discovery Initiated upon Complaint Filing
133  Aspect 4.17 Secrecy Before Filing the Complaint
133  Aspect 4.18 Permits and Advertising of MOPE Rallies
133  Aspect 4.19 Pod Casts for National MOPE Rallies

SECTION 5 Burden of Proof

133  Aspect 5.0 Burden of Proof at Injunction Hearing
135  Aspect 5.1 Presentation at the Injunction Hearing
137  Aspect 5.2 Defendants Nefarious Conduct
138  Aspect 5.3 Defendants Injunction Prohibitions
138  Aspect 5.4 China Drift Enabling Treasonous Bullion Sells
139  Aspect 5.5 Experts Generally Do Not Cross Dimension
141  Aspect 5.6 Price Rigs, Front Runs, Shorts Buys, Drift Sells
143  Aspect 5.7 Defendants Turn Coats Traitors Testimony
143  Aspect 5.8 Inference and Direct Expert Testimony
143  Aspect 5.9 Defendant Hiding Manipulation in the Market

SECTION 6 Preliminary Injunctions

144  Aspect 6.0 Sustaining Preliminary Injunction Relief
145  Aspect 6.1 Misdirecting the Enemy and Total Confusion
146  Aspect 6.2 Preliminary Injunction Shall Have No Wiggle Room
147  Aspect 6.3 Public Notice and Motions for Continuance


148  Aspect 7.0 Discovery Before Trial and Trial
151  Aspect 7.1 Plaintiff Communications Hubs
151  Aspect 7.2 US Justice Counsel Will Be Court Amici
151  Aspect 7.3 Plaintiffs Experts Consultants Commentators

SECTION 8 Case Duration

152  Aspect 8.0 Time Segment Litigation Stages
153  Aspect 8.1 General Time Table of Case Prosecution
153  Aspect 8.2 Consent Dismissal and Settlement
154  Aspect 8.3 Cross Complaints for Malicious Prosecution
154  Aspect 8.4 Singularly Solely Complain 

SECTION 9 Summary

154  Aspect 9.0 Summary and Conclusions
154  Aspect 9.1 Offers to Settle and Misdirections
155  Aspect 9.2 Moral Releases and Justice Jail Time
156  Aspect 9.3 Agreement Signature Page

SECTION 10 Appendix

157  Aspect 10.0 Appendix of Personal Posts (Attached)


Aspect 0.0 Prologue, Parties Weaknesses and Strengths

The primary purpose is to free the people from totalitarian rules perfected by taxes and the FRN. Governments need taxes to operate. Thus, the FRN is the primary target. As real money bullion and papery money FRN are both money, but are inverses in markets. Thus, the attack is on the paper money FRN is hence also a liberation of bullion. Hence, the primary purpose is the free bullion from price manipulation so that bullion can trade freely and obtain legitimate price discovery. The so-called Evil Empire uses FRNs. An attach on the FRN is also an attack on the Evil Empire comprising Bankster, Greedster and Totalitarians

An attack on Evil Empire raises four primary questions that must be answered first, and they are: 1) Who to Strike, 2) Where to Strike, 3) How to Strike, and 4) What skills are needed for the Strike, for the winning slam dunk touch down.

At attack upon a government is out of the question and thus the attack must be upon the private sector. JPM has been identify as the lead private commercial bank, the biggest in the world, as the weak link in the Evil Empire. 

Because the Wall Street Commercial banks, aka, Greedsters are located in the Eastern US, and because sympathetic political forces control both coasts of the US, with corruption and undue influence, the place to attack, the where to attack, is in a conservative state, aka, a gun toting state in the middle of the US.

How to strike and succeed quickly means simple tort actions offering injunctive relief, instead of failed Sherman Act Anti Trust Actions, and, Action to enforce Position limits on the Commercial Banks of Wall Street.

In order to perfect a gun-toting, simple Tort action, rapidly, the skill set required must be unique to fit the task. The propose plan can be replicated by anyone. The action enjoins bullion price manipulation, and thereby discredits paper money FRN, and thus, the central bank currency paper printers start falling, one by one, as bullion become the money of choice. The objective is not really the manipulator, per se, but the follow on consequences, and that is Freedom from the currency central bank paper printers, and that means, freedom for the people from the Evil Empire for the Evil Empire can not make bullion out of thin air. Freedom from the Evil Empire is thus the real goal of the action. The bullion price manipulator JPM is simply the weak commercial link where to strike to start the central bank currency paper printing dominoes to start falling one by one. US congressmen, US senators, and the US CIA have been given the notice of the propose action.

No one has enough resources to generally put JPM out of business, nor is that really desirable. Conventional actions are taken against JPM are because of conventional perspectives while using traditional law Wall Street law firms. Most large law firms generally act selfishly with "client seen coming" and plaintiffs will get the typical Sherman Act and Position Limit shot gun type of actions, and drawn out in time, so that the large law firms make allot of money with no immediate result, if any.

The proposed action will not take down JPM generally. The proposed action enjoin their price manipulation of the bullion space and will seek to end the high crimes and treason perfected in that bullion space price manipulation. And where you have one who lived in legal shame with them PLAINTIFF COUNSEL, thinking completely outside the box occurs, and you get a completely different tactic.

And so, if one wants to take down the Evil Empire, and end this TBTF TBTJ greedster bankster undue influence and corruption nonsense, a team must be assembled with the right skill set for the proposed action. The second necessary required is funding for the proposed action. The "gold heavies" certainly have the money if a viable plan is proposed. That is the object of this paper. The proposed plan and the necessary skill sets are particularly stated. And so, the question really is can the gold heavies, that is, the FINANCIER step up and fund the proposed action. That is, can the gold heavies, fund a well defined organization with a small team of active player, and play Raider Football, and say "JUST WIN BABY", and let it happen. During settlement of the proposed action, it is assumed that the FINANCIER with profit from funding the team. The proposed action seek to enjoin JPM from price manipulation within six months of funding, which funding is summarily calculated at 6m$, if funded for 6M$, the FINANCIER should get back 18m$ within one year for a two times ROR. The team needs to be headed by an exceedingly aggressive individual, who is this author, with the right skill set to QB a very small team of active players, to very quickly stop the price manipulation in the bullion space.

The most amazing thing learned during generating this proposal, over the two month, was that the real key in taking down the manipulator, was the combination of patent law, engineering, military science, legal shame, and heart, in that combination, that is not found in the bullion space or at Justice. And the inherent problem is, of course, are those conventional perspectives and traditional law firms. Thus, raising the funding required is expected to be very difficult.

So what is the enslavement? Its actually called Totalitarianism by Government unduly influenced by fascist Greedsters and Banksters and Lawyers of Wall Street. What are the enablers? Printable paper money and IRS thuggery demanding paper money taxes. How do you change federal taxes? You make tax collection a pay-and-forget system by a national sale tax, and give the earth a break. However, one should first destroy paper money because it is printable for immediate results. Where do you attack? Not Government directly, they are merely undue influenced, but you must attack the fascists in Wall Street extending their fascist control over Government. Where do you attack in Wall Street? You don't attack the NY law firms or Banksters they are secondary fascists, but attack the commercial weak link, and that is the Greedsters. Which one? The mob boss, JPM, of course. And how do they sustain the paper money? Buy suppression of the gold cartel. What is that? The gold cartel comprises 15 large bullion banks controlling the bullion space and led by its mob boss, JPM.

The attack plan seeks to enjoin JPM, the mob boss, among the bullion banks of the gold cartel, that is, the king pin in the bullion space, and put their executives in jail for treason. Because the attack plan can be replicated, the attack plain can be applied to picking off the remainder of the bullion banks of the gold cartel, thereby utterly destroying the gold cartel, thereby liberating bullion price discovery, thereby concurrently destroying in turn, the FRN and the all paper money, thereby liberating those enslaved by paper money, to thus free the people in the US and world wide and free mankind from totalitarian rule. Its all about freeing the people from Governmental totalitarian rule, without attacking government directly, in a cost effective manner.

MURPHY visited FEGUSON at TFMR and posted a COT analysis. MURPHY is always great with his take on the COT. And COT data provides many clues to bullion market action as a valued input. Many "bugs" have complain about the naked shorts selling for many years, and it seems that it wont stop. Many look forward to a central back FRN reset, which offer to all those with bullion in hand to profit much eventually in time. But, what about the poor people without bullion getting zero during an expected economic devastation, and, what, fixed income earners that would be just devastated by high inflation rates, both of which, who cant just make a living during that greatest transfer of wealth from FRN holders to bullion holder. Is that really a noble thought by bugs to look for an FRN reset. The more noble plan is to not take down the evil empire and the FRN, and free all the people, with high economic output and freedom, so that everyone wins. Many bugs are hoping for a COT flip, where dominate naked short sellers go long bullion as the signal that bullion has been liberated for destroying the FRN, because it is believed that TPTB and totalitarians use taxes and paper money to control the people, and maintain a lock on power.

So, with the estimation that the FRN is the real enemy of the people, one can see that JPM and others bullion banks are simply out trying to make a buck, even though that feeds the maintenance of the FRN. So the manipulators, are out for bottom line profits,  are not really the friend of the people. There is a possibly of private hands buying bullion in mass to over run the naked short bullion banks, but it seems that has played out long enough, for a at least a decade. And so, the people and bugs are trapped in the control of totalitarians and the manipulators, and its seems to be getting worst, not better, as more and more laws are constructed, as the bullion manipulators profit, as the taxes and paper money FRN means pervade more and more. It seems as though that is an endless struggle, so keeping an eye out on the COT for a possible COT flip is important these days. But after 13 years eye balling, the charts and believe in my heart that a plan has finally been devised to stop the bullion price manipulations, it is time for real bullion price discovery come back, but feel presently feel helpless and impatient.

As long as the FED bank can funnel FRNs into the manipulators, the manipulator are going be naked short and control bullion price action. And so, the next step is, to consider if there is no more physical, and no more market manipulative push upon the bullion price downward, to support the FRNs, can the totalitarians, that is, TPTB, still can control people and the bullion price? One could envision how to enjoin the manipulator, JMP, so that they are given no wiggle room in avoiding an injunction, and thoughts of JPM passing money to third party conspirators, which then come in as supposed clients money, and that, one end up where one was years ago. Three years ago is was proposed to abolish naked shorts in the bullion space, allowing only the sale of physical bullion or minor forwards as in traditional futures, because bullion and the FRN are money, but not all other commodities. But it, seems like creative games can be created and played unless the manipulators are enjoined without any wiggle room to avoid an injunction. So, what if the manipulators are supposedly over run by demand? Are price controls next to occur given the corruption and undue influence over government. First the bugs were watching the fort Knott, then the bugs were watching the COT, then the bugs were watching supply and demand. But will being over run by demand really be the end of it? The central bankers can print in perpetuity and government can impose price controls. Thus, to surely defeat totalitarianism, through the use of the FRN, the commercial bullion bank manipulators must be enjoined from manipulating bullion price action to allow price discovery to come back. The US coasts, East and West, are effectively locked up by money interests, law firms, greedster, and banksters. Only an effective strike now in a conservative gun-toting state offers the people any chance of ending these manipulation crimes and saving what is left of the country, and that is what is being proposed, but realize it is a novel approach facing conventional mind set and traditional law firms, and so stalemate and frustration results, while a last chance, to really do something, may be slipping away from the people.

Many bugs are looking at COT reports, and that is good information to have, but is one so sure that even with supply all gone, that demand prices will be allowed to go up and to have a paper money FRN reset? Today one may question if another decade of waiting is going to play out until there is COT flip. And if the COT flips, the manipulators going long, is anything really changed by it, as the totalitarian can maintain price controls, and there are many options. Many bug think the nation will enter a state of absolute totalitarian control. Then, the question is, why bother now with any good COT data, if government will control all prices any way? If the nation will play out into the absolute totalitarian end game, the COT data, while providing a good market data points, don't solve the political questions. So, in the end, the COT data provide valued indicators of the state of affairs in term of market action. But if the paper money printers can print in perpetuity, and if totalitarianism is the projected outcome, then the bugs and people need to strike, and strike now, and strike hard and fast, while there is still a chance to do so. The bugs now at least have a plan. 

How is the bullion at Fort Knott? That believed to be a national trade secret, as no new developments are on that front. Bugs went through GS lowering naked short positions, and JPM took over in about 2009. Currently, EU CB was selling bullion under the WGA and then the EU CBs switched from selling to now buying. It appears as though the EU CBs are simply reloading. Now the EU is burning, but starvation of the people there will takes over, as the people there return to work. When the bullion price got bombed in April 2013 and combined with the UT mine disaster taking out supply, the COT did not flip, when it should have, and that was a major clue of things to come. The COT did not flip, as it ought to have done under normal futures action.

So, in conclusion, its not COT, its not the WGA, its not the supply, it not the Fort, its not the EU burning, but a solution can only be had in the political area. The problem is a political problem. The US has the national RNC and DNC controlling bodies and the US politics of the legislative and executive branches are effectively locked up by the totalitarians using the FRNs. Bugs should not expect any change there. The USA government has three branches, and they are Executive, Legislative and Judiciary, and all three of which are locked up on the coasts by corruption and undue influence. But, there is a middle section that has conservative value, and there is one branch that is not looking toward elections, and that one branch in that one area, is the place to strike the Evil Empire and specifically JPM. That is the proposed plan. The propose plan can be replicated by anyone. The proposed plan is not really difficult, but certainly novel. It is the consequence of the plan, an injunction, that will discredit FRN paper money by liberating bullion real money, and this discrediting will start the central bank currency FRN paper printers falling, one by one. Hence, the objective is not really the manipulator, per se, but the follow on consequences, and that is freedom from the paper printers, totalitarians in control. Thus, freedom from the Evil Empire and the liberation of bullion real money to finally obtain real price discovery. The manipulator in the case proposed is simply the weak commercial link, where to strike, to start the dominoes falling one by one.

A prolog is needed first to determine specifically HOW TO STRIKE and determine the SKILL SETS required to do the job, before actual questions of mechanics, which will be developed precisely. Legal actions are like a war where the parties shoot it out with various resources and assets, and so, military training can play an important role. But before military science can be applied, strength and weaknesses must first be assets. In military science, a strategy must be developed, and that includes, 1) an objective, 2) command and control, 3) an attack plan, 4) logistical support, 5) skill sets required, and 6) forces required, 7) supply line for resources required. As so, to develop a strategy comprehensively, strength and weakness of the target and the attack team must be stated as guiding principles, for a killer game plan.

So, lets determine the relative strength and weaknesses of the combatants, and surprisingly, much is already known through advance reconnoiter over the last decade. So lets look at the odds based on that a list now generated and to then devise a killer game plan.

The bullion price manipulator, that is JPM, is supported by the FED bank whereas the TEAM is simply not. JPM is huge whereas the TEAM will be operating on a small limited budget. JPM is wealthy and the TEAM is poor. JPM is slow and the TEAM is fast. JPM is relatively stationary and the TEAM is highly mobile. JPM have nearly all the time in the world whereas the TEAM financial supply is small and limited. JPM is are mortal and the TEAM is not. JPM will extend professional courtesies whereas the TEAM will not. JPM are traditional thinkers whereas the TEAM will play mental tricks and manipulatory mind screws. JPM will have an army of employees whereas the TEAM will but a few hired hands. JPM will be a counter puncher whereas the TEAM will serve initial strikes. JPM will get no sympathy whereas the TEAM will. JPM will fumble with large command structures whereas the TEAM will be a nimble with only a few hired hands. JPM will have deep pockets whereas the TEAM will operate on a small budget.

There of course are many others relative weaknesses and strengths, but those recited are key ones, that will be used by the TEAM to maximum advantages to JPM maximum disadvantages. So, let us use these considerations just as a prolog list, to set the stage, to target JPM using the best abilities to maximize the TEAM chances of success, and thus, improving the odds of winning the battle in court, with an up front suitable battle plan with the highest probability of reaching sought goals and objectives, as the battle plan and execution thereof now unfolds, striking hard at the JPM and the central bank currency printers.

The envisioned attack was realized on April 29 2013, after 13 years of eye balling charts, and in three weeks, a 200 page, single line space attack battle plan was fully developed coded for security reasons. Then, in the last week of April, online solicitations functions were developed. And now and English readable version is offered for funding considerations.

In developing a precise battle plan, project engineering is the tool best suited. Project engineering is a top down process, and is cook book engineering, really, if one understand it, but many don't, and so, many are clueless, but hope that writing about it now will help for interested. The function of project engineering is a simply defining a project. It is easy for one skilled in five area as a so-called "five hatter", if one can cross dimension in light speed between five skills, but unidimensional skills is just fine for comprehension of project engineering. We are all going develop a battle plan for the proposed action. The project engineer, yours truly, take various visions, and plans to kill the JPM target, which the proximal objective, the project engineer reviews the objective and various visions and then first determines what are the major obstacles to that objective with those visions and works them out tentatively. The project engineer, REID, PLAINTIFF OF COUNSEL, then designates system engineers, which in context at hand, are the PLAINTIFF ATTORNEYS, located in a Chicago single law firm. The system engineers work will technical engineers, the PLAINTIFF EXPERTS. And thus, one has a top down approach, which is a three major tier command and control of the TEAM. The project engineer REID does not now address nuts and bolts, but rather, focuses on the big problems likely encountered, and here, price rigging is key, and the initial focus is firstly determining if there is enough in place to prove direct proximal causation to directly prove the nefarious business conduct of price rigging. One technical expert, MAGUIRE has provided evidence of the prima faci price rigger. The PLAINTIFF acting as a self serving expert will finger JPM as a dominant COT player and thus infer that the price rigging occurred through JPM. Another PLAINTIFF will then transpose COT data into likely nefarious business activity for a set up of the JPM, to lure JPM into disclose of its internal nefarious business operation, to set up and then enjoin the target JPM. The project engineer REID worked out the basic design formula of the battle plan without any inside information as a major problem intellectually problem solved. And thus, the battle plan is ready for funding and execution. At the project level, the selection of the system engineers, and that is the Chicago litigating attorneys understand the system level problems in detail and detailed solution through interviews, and detailed interviews will be had.  Next, is the technical engineering front, PLAINTIFF EXPERTS. One of them has been determined for prima faci price rigging and is particularly identified, two others have been designated and defined, but all have their respective roles to play and are integrated into the entire battle plan. Of course, the actual interviews to understand the technical solutions in detail will be necessary after funding. Hence, the systems and technical solution to be played out after funding, under the command of a five hatted with the right skill set to lead the TEAM.

The major problems anticipated are Jurisdiction and Venue Actions. Jurisdiction problem is met by the causes of action in tort law, avoiding CFCT position limits. Venue change is largely defeated by plaintiff locations and counsel locations.

Actions are simple tort claims that any judge can understand for case simplicity in equity for irreparable harm from a lack of price discovery, where remedial injunctions are sought, to effectively deny continue price manipulation crimes, naked short selling fraud, selling treasonous to china with TARP ZIRP QE likely failure of FRNs, breach of fiduciary using clients money for cascade down drafts in price where clients to not get FMV, front running signaling for racketeering conspiratorial control of the gold cartel.

The plaintiff are selected to include Service, Wholesalers and Retailers to cover possible damages, and the injunction couched not in terms of positions limits. Two of each general type for six named plaintiff in a JPM action. The PLAINTIFF will represent the whole of the US but weighted from the gun toting US center to the west coast, and so, TFMR, LMPC CMI Gold Center, A Mark, Gold Line are the six preferred PLAINTIFFs, supported by global gold experts. To retain venue, TX CA IL NE CA AZ PLAINTIFF go up against NY JPM with IL CA CA TX COUNSEL to go up against NY lawyers, for defeating venue change into a corrupt NY jurisdiction, which venue change opposition is support by judicial notice showing unduly influence on the East coast in various jurisdictions there. So the venue change and Jurisdictional claims for change of venue is defeated. Specific federal jurisdiction by an east coast state or US agency is defeated by particularly by sought after injunctions couched in terms of Chinese Walls, FIFO in-house and client funds, Staggered time wise sales, and Threshold amounts, to avoid special sales jurisdiction of CFTC. The added benefit is that, one appearance is all that is needed by all of PLAINTIFF EXPERTS and PLAINTIFFS and PLAINTIFF COUNSEL where the PLAINTIFF can also function as auxiliary experts thereby reducing substantially logistics.

PLAINTIFF primary counsel are used for direct examination of PLAINTIFFs and PLAINTIFF EXPERTS, whereas REID of counsel is the cross-examining attack attorney, being inherently a vicious ruthless type well suited for humiliating DEFENDANT EXPERTS on cross examination, a REID specialty.

The project problem is generally understood, and it implementation requires a commander, the project engineer who can understand legal systems and bullion systems and technical subsystems, the command system, then the team is assembled, and interview the team players, but that is a second level analysis. Major project engineering was the WHO and WHERE. Particularly, PLAINTIFF should have AGE and ASE coinage and operation a bullion service such as TFMR and LMPC, for showing irreparable harm, the injunction should be couched in terms of staggered sales, Chinese walls, threshold amounts, FIFOs, of in house and clients money, should defeat the so-called hedged defense, so as to avoid CTFC position limits exclusive supposed jurisdiction for bringing the case in a conservative gun-toting state in a federal court, and be based upon simple tort action for rapid action, to avoid long delay Sherman Act and Position Limit cases. The project concept appears to fit with major project problems addressed and sufficient solved.

In ordering events, top down, the project engineer has designated PLAINTIFF, PLAINTIFF COUNSEL, and PLAINTIFF EXPERTS. The TEAM will also have two important auxiliary attorneys, PLAINTIFF LOCAL COUNSEL located in the district, and PLAINTIFFS DISTAL COUNSEL, located in OF COUNSEL REID home state of California, where both the DISTAL and PROXIMAL attorneys are considered as local counsel, the former being more for local rules compliance for filing as a forward logistician and the later as a rear guard logistician as URL discover and discovery backup. Hence, forward and rear local counsel as the part of TEAM. A HQ facility has been defined as well for central command by the OF COUNSEL, with staff proximally and distally disposed, with disposed forward and rear local counsel that will have respective assigned roles. Hence, the TEAM comprises three systems and three technicians as front line corps and two adjutant as HQ staff support, the rear adjutant is more of a URL searcher and discovery back up, with the proximal local counsel on point for filing papers under local rules and motion appearances and primary discovery attorney. Hence, the rear adjutant will be an assistant in the rear, but is a necessary element to battle plan. Thus, the complete intellectual TEAM comprises an HQ commanding general, a five dimensional player, the three corps PLAINTIFF ATTORNEY on the front lines comprising three pairs of system and technicians, with an adjutant on point for reconnoiter filing under local rules, one adjutant in rear guard for communications back to the FINANCIER, and thus the entire team is very compact and very cost effective for desired cost effectiveness with the required skill sets.

This definition of the TEAM with the required skill set is part of normal project engineering, but here mapped upon to and on a military structure, for cost effective take down of the JPM target. Additionally, on the political front are three wild card forces, and they are, the JUDICIARY and the ADMINISTRATION and the PEOPLE in support of our cause, the TEAM, and can play very important supportive roles as further auxiliary supports. Additionally, the PLAINTIFF, to guide as the complainer, who also is a PLAINTIFF EXPERT in COT and TA analysis, for fingering JPM. Additionally, both TFMR and LMCP, both as further can provide PLAINTIFF AUXILIARY EXPERTS, and provide distributed communication hubs for improved communications line. For example, local coin shop LCS price and availability, US MINT sales, ND Lease Rates, and Demand-Supply data, all of which support of the attack plan of the TEAM.

Thus, main battle line comprises three corps of PLAINTIFF ATTORNEYs and PLAINTIFF EXPERTS, backed with a five hatted commander, PLAINTIFF OF COUNSEL, able to interface will all of them but with reduced adjutant logistics with a central HQ, two remote communications hubs, with short time wise communications lines, with an over all plan having thought it through at the project level first. The detailed plans occurs after an interviews phase that is had during a preparation phase for the complaint filing and the injunction hearing. The TEAM is and will be substantially determined and defined, by project engineer, REID, having man power appraisal skills, but the team needs funding now. The resistance being those who can not cross dimension at light speed. But, it is important to use all personnel wisely for their specific own roles, and currently project engineering has made first level approximations with judicial mind screw of the judge, local counsel appearances, political pressure the administration and people, the legal flip, and, the set up attack plan with prima faci fact and inferences necessary to thus, turn moving papers with those facts and interference into projections of nefarious method actually used without having an JPM insider, and that has to been resolved favorable, as well as, jurisdiction and possible witness hesitations, and the roles the three litigators. The next step is funding by fancy pants, but hiring attorneys, and enticing witness, setting up interviews for perfecting the complaint filing and injunction hearing. And surely, the battle require much preparation and hard work for rapid execution, but, the team and facilities have been defined, and is ready for funding and execution.

Execution of the plan as been largely define. MOPE the PEOPLE in rallies, mind screw the judge, with hands off the US Government and agencies, so as to turn them all on the JPM, the manipulator, painted as wall street mob boss, the corrupt undue influencer. MAGUIRE shows prima facie bullion price rigging, bullion price targeting and the bullion price manipulation. PLAINTIFF shows COT data fingering the manipulator or controlling COT market participant. KAYE shows likely internal In house and Clients funds, and global bullion flows, for prima faci inference sufficient, but also for the set up, to get JPM to divulge in court papers their nefarious internal business operations, then used as admissions against interest for direct proximal cause of price rigging. Hence, direct proximal causation will be shown during the hearing for to see and on the court records. Irreparable injury then flows to PLAINTIFF having bullion coinage and bullion services, TFMR and LMPC, for issuance of injunctive relief. Injunctive relief in couched in terms of staggered pools, time displaced sells, staggered FIFO, and threshold amounts, avoiding gross dollar sell amounts and positions limit prohibitions, and without any wiggle room for any dodge of the injunction orders for a quick and hard stoppage of the bullion space manipulation. Of course, back up sluggers and auxiliary appearances can replace or support PLAINTIFF PRIMARY EXPERTS. The case can then be past off to US Justice to put DIAMOND and BLYTHE behind bars. These named DEFENDANTS were given until 6/22/13 to go long silver on the COT to avoid jail time.

Many bugs may be intimated at first, as is their character, with only supposed inferences believed insufficient, but simply showing a dominate position in the COT and pooled in house and or clients funds, price discovery in the futures is defeated, and manipulation necessarily flows from just that alone, deserving of injunctive relief. REID is boldly confident. As REID will QB the TEAM, much time will now be spent to understand his very unique characteristics, and much personal information is divulged. But once this case is proven, and others are made believers, the case and the attack plan can be replicated over and over again against dominant COT players, to thus pick off the manipulators, one by one, so as to destroy paper money, so as to free the people from totalitarian rule, which is a good thing for mankind. We all can win here and defeat TBTF TBTJ greed and undue influence.  

Aspect 0.1 REID is an Expert in Five Fields

REID would qualify as an expert in five fields including American Politics, Patent Law, Bullion Markets, Engineering Arts, Military Science. REID is comfortable sitting on the bench, in retirement, raising two boys, but will come out of retirement and QB the TEAM right now if funded. REID is a self described "grandiose alpha werewolf in light speed" with an anomalous psychology and five skills operating in one skull for rapid fire cross dimensional thinking and communications with the TEAM players, and with proven experiences. MURPHY came up with the now notorious description of REID, "He is one strange cat". REID resume is stated herein. REID resume is also online.

Currently REID is retired raising two boys. Fun with them is great. For example, a group of young boys with high speed remote controlled race cars with varying chargers and battery packs, for the varied pits stop, and go off big time all the time, and the two boy, 8 and 10 go to regularly scheduled Tae kwon do meets, and are black belts, and they just fly. So play time and school and coordination development are important for the boys, and REID loves toys and playing with kids.

Aspect 0.2 REID has Neural Net and Computing Power

REID has a burned in neutral net and that supplement his computer. Back in the early 1980s, when the neural net was burned, in with 250 macros for fast WORD processing, with a fail-save system modifications that were built for ten minute recovery times, so that, if software crash or is infected, REID could self reliantly recover quickly and keep his computers running with backup redundant personal systems in the garage. During retirement, the neural net was not much used and became slow, but after typing the first edition to the attack plan, the neural net was rapidly re-burned. RIED can type eighty wpm and fly across an IBM AT keyboard for rapid text entry and word processing, further enhanced using modern forms, and cut and paste tools. REID is powerful text entry and manipulating machine, well suited for commanding the team.

During retirement, four years, REID got rusty, mostly just listening and reading bullion articles and war emulation, and thus then there was not much typing, and so, REID has gotten back up to light speed, in the typing skills that are fast and furious, with neural net that was burned in twenty years and computer tools still work, with those 250 macros to make WORD emulate as WordStar, a first wordprocessor, for the neural burn exploitations. And this all goes with a track ball mouse and the AT keyboard layout. And there are plenty of keyboard and mice backups, so REID has covered all the fast computing bases, as REID is prepared because the funding may be acquired at any time.

Self Reliance in the formation age is important. REID and formatted his own distinct computing power to aid work functions. REID can teach others how to keep your system operational during invasive combat, particularly during computing invasion by JPM and its behemoth army of employees, which is probable, and where command and control is everything, to avoid two man years in trial and error. First, divide your computer system into software and data personally preferably keeping software on C and data D, each separately backed up on off line storage preferably on rewritable optical, and make images of them commercial ghosting, separately, allowing for reboots as needed. The software on C and data on D are independently back upped when updated and making various image versions thereof for archival purposes and his useful in case you are invaded by viruses and such like, risking at only temporary data as one type of new data sets. Here, your temporary data is at risk, but can be in fact temporarily stored on line using facilities for rapid use. So data can not be lost. For a software recovery, you first determine new program installation and settings and test them out, and then recover the last archival software version and make a new one off line creating a new recoverable software image versions. Data is substantially updated with new data sets, created as new data backup. Thus, you can independent recover, either software or data, usually within ten minutes, and be back up to speed within ten minutes.

This is not applicable to hardware failure, however the opposition can not look through the looking glass and destroy off line storage, and can not create hardware failures, so you are really safe, when in combat, and they cant touch you, and please don't expect this from the information commercial houses or at the local computer store. Remember, one of the golden rules, self interest, and recurrent businesses success to profitability. But, if you use your brain, and understand the processes involved, its easy, and you can protect your data and software, and be recovered in less than ten minutes from viral attacks and invasions, using archival revisions to hunt down really sneaky viral bugs. This in total makes your computer immune to attacks regardless of running old operating systems, from and by JPM and its employee army 24/7. And you can laugh in their faces, saying so softly, bring it on.

Aspect 0.3 REID as Commanding General

Organization, command and control, secrecy, attack plans, and force definition, recruitment, training, and deployment are collectively the key to winning the war and the proposed case will be a battle with a quick and decisive victory over the forces of evil.

REID has historically been a USA team player working on USA weapon systems, flight systems and USA intellectual property rights, most of his career. REID is inherently a strong USA patriot, thought currently has allot of gripes against the US political state of affairs. Putin and the FSB boys don't intimidate REID at all, especially with an in law implant, a full bird colonel, with a full ethic Russian wife, and with two dual-citizen little 8yo and 10yo boys, and another boy, and with 28 years old boy that is currently in the US Army killing bad guys completing three tours of duty.

REID is usually asleep between 9pm to 1am, that is four hours down each day, and then twenty hours awake, all seven days a week. This a typical work week and explains how REID crammed 100 years into 40 years of professional work, with twenty year per hat, in one skull. REID has been like that since 1971.

REID bats 1000% as plaintiff's attorney, so the TEAM gets improved probability of winning the case and basically rig the game for once. REID bats 98% as US patent prosecutor where most struggle at 56%, and is currently registered to practice before the US patent office. Please don't worry about calling Hatter out with trash talk, as that QB commanding at HQ, was in the garage for a quarter century, a loner of sorts, but currently on the bench, sitting it out, is a veteran of many fights and can handle the cat calls with very thick skin, while loving of all the adoring fans.

REID writes a political column at Totalitarian Democracy teaching folks the world, while also contributing at TFMR and LMPC as a member of both in the bullion space. REID is a natural geopolitician offering advice to conflicted world leaders and a natural take charge commander. REID can easily size up people for proper placement and utilization in teams to get assigned task completed.

Aspect 0.4 REID is a Grandiose Alpha Werewolf

To understand REID is to understand the human mind. Mankind, which is often referred to my many as the human experience, can be easily understood using an engineer's mind. The mind can be modeled. In such modeling, the intellectual mind is like a rectangular volume, where along of linear sides. This model of the intellectual mind allows an understanding. Though its dynamic, as experiences are time dependent, along any one dimension, but is considered linear. For simplicity, consider the current time, fixed in time for discussion only. The cube has three axis, order, skills and communications. Human experiences vary widely across individuals, but lets again, for simplicity fix the mind for an average adult, as a typical human being, who operates mostly in the fact and root memory world of three orders of complexity. The first order being excitations and stimulations, the second order being the consequences and resonances of the first order, and the third order being the interplay and feed back of the first and second orders. For example, technicians, to engineers, to inventors along the first and second and third orders along one axis of the intellectual mind. Another axis is the communications skill from a typist, to editors, to writers, where most have varied communication skills at communications orders, but generally operate in the first order. Most oscillated between the first and second order. Along the third axis of the intellectual minds are the skills as part of an individual skill set. Some have many skills, and thus, wear many hats, along one skill dimension. It is a necessary when taking down JPM. The volume within the intellectual cube is the inherent brain power.

REID was never much of a secretary in the first order of the communication axis, deemed insignificant for to many years, but think of mother nature or spiritual dimension to solve a 4th order simultaneous differential equation, that will rock your world. But the JPM target operates mostly time in the first and second orders, and will be easily defeated by a significant grandiose alpha werewolf in light speed in the third order along five skills. This should help those who are confused by the REID and the randomness and perceived confusion. So, let there be light.

At 12 yo, expertly playing clarinet in various marching bands. In Junior high school and high school, the girls would line up at the sock hop to dance with REID. The older brother and sister where 9th Street West and Hullabaloo regulars, and it rubbed off on REID, who now loves 1960-90 music. The Federal authorities are afraid of REID, and local cops keep an eye on REID, and REID knows bombs and rockets and is inherently defiant, and REID is marksman with long barrow six shooter, all six at fifty feet in the bulls eye. Though, the best play is to civilly take JPM to court to teach and mope the folks for lasting political changes. REID was a Demolay, teen Free Mason, where one's word and personal honor were strongly taught and taken to heart.

Life has many blessings, and its fun, the world is playground for REID. REID dresses in worn clothes, twenty dollar sneakers, where looks and keeping up with Jones are unimportant. But REID still has in the closet, with the tuck, the colored coded links, the cumberbums, the suits, the ties, and the dress shoes, for special outings.

REID planed to graduate at UC Berkeley Engineering in three years, at fifteen years of age where junior college was first attended for lower division studies, with 19 units while working 40 hours a week at a car wash, and always through going to summer school and going to school 12 months a year. REID planned it all out, every course and when at 15 yo, and then executed. REID started Junior College taking 19 units, while others were left in high school, while working at the car wash, and that was easy for REID to do. Then, it was off to State College for math and science courses as college sophomore while others were just starting college. REID went to the University of California as a Junior at 17 years old, while others were still in lower division. REID went to the University of California only for the heavy engineering studies to get the degree fast, as the parents just could not afford the usual six years to complete that was actually accomplished in less than three years.

There was a switch from engineering to litigation when REID could not raise VC for REIDesign. There was another Switch from Litigation to Patent Prosecution when REID could no longer stomach being with lawyers who prey on society with that licensed dispute monopoly.

Calculating early on, at 17 yo, REID planned UC Berkeley engineering BS in three years, but did it in 2 years, cost effectively so, at Junior College, State College, University, for bang per buck, namely, Cypress, Cerritos, Long Beach State, UC Berkeley. REID continued his education with WSU Law School at night, and USC engineering graduate work. REID learned to play Bridge at CSULB in student hall, from early days watching parents play pinochle for hours on end. REID has intuitive card play sense.

Twice UC Berkeley tried to throw REID out for poor English skills and graduating too fast, but REID argued success showing English competence with above average grades, and showing twice the number engineering courses and labs completed, and always kept up US history studies though, a secret love. With tons of job offers, the first job was working on the Space Shuttle, elevon control systems.

Sibling rivalry and little food placed on the table, hardens the soul early on, and playing board games make one shady at best to gain parental congratulations. Of the 1 of 2 of 5 to even graduate from high school, REID got out early and completed Engineering school in 2 years. Applying for law school, to study business law, REID was told that LSAT said REID was illiterate and to just go away, but with BS degree, the law had to let REID in. REID was on probation more than not, but REID passed bar first time and grossed 300K first year out on his own in 1983. On one day, REID Simulated Electronic circuits regarding disk head technology in morning, and in afternoon, at Anaheim, saw the Rolling Stones, and at night in law school, studying constitutional law by a bunch of totalitarians.

REID first natural profession language was Calculus in written form, with equations, and plots in graphic form, the math is parusski with allot of D T X Y Zs tongue twisters, and still have problem with plural verb forms in English, with all them damn silly Ss. Math is the language of Engineers, Scientist, Chemists, and Physicists.

REID now believes that the reason no heavy gold bug has taken JPM down, is the lack of heavy patent experience putting it all together for presentation and the heavy engineering design experience for systems comprehension. The gold heavies seems unable to personally connect the dots. Surely the heavy gold bugs have Legal, Politics, Bullion, Business, Banking, Finance, type of skills, and they are all nice civil people, but lack the key skills and psychological but kept up US history studies though, a secret love, necessary, to put it all together and then press it hard, relentlessly. REID is a diamond in the rough, literally, with sharp faceted serrated teeth good for chewing meat.

But surely, when in Rome, REID speaks the native language, REID can adjust to church, or school, but when then forums, CAN LET IT RIP, for a magnitude 10 on the Richter, off the charts, and way fun too.

Politics, Bullion, Military, Legal, Engineering is a five dimensional player with 100 years of training in one skull operating at light speed, with high energy, and running 16-20 hours a day, at seven days. Legal Experience is mostly as lone wolf in garage for 30 years, without secretary taking on 100 man law firm, and REID could not afford to waste time playing the old lawyer games, and so, REID had to go for throat in each case, and try to shut them down fast. REID never made it to trial, as the defendants always threw in the towels before trial. Engineering experience was fun for REID, an actual designer, and designed a disk drive by himself, showing inherent problem solving. Patent Experience was intellectually stimulating with top level scientific invention, with scientists being the best in the country. REID as patent counsel had to reduce very complex invention into simplicity so bus drivers and judges would understand. Psychological statistical anomaly is the hall mark of grandiose werewolf capable of being ruthless and vicious and cold and calculating, yet sweet and compassionate.

REID has the ability to focus, blocking out the real world. For example, in 1981 rented a flat on Lido Island Newport Beach CA, a quite place to study for the California bar, and REID was plugged in for six months into audio tapes while driving, and reading legal essays and taking practice exams at night, passing the bar examination the first time. Be it math in high school, university degree, problem solving, engineer jobs, litigation cases, patent invention prosecution, the REID history is one of extreme focused drive to get the job done, no matter what it takes.

REID has computer tools aided the werewolf in modern society, with a neutral net burned while using a 250 macro based word processor, coupled with always thinking outside the box at light speed.

REID can word process at lighting speed necessary for taking down large lawyers firms, though proof reading is a pain, as brain reads as thought written.

REID has proposed US Political solutions with a comprehensive view and base understanding of human motivations. The US Justice incompetent with a political hands off policy being politically leftist and totalitarianism, to keep campaign money from wall street flowing, under fascist rule, the US republic be damned.

REID knows military science that allows for cost effective war, force deployment, recruitment, sneak attacks, and misdirections, with take charge mentality, assumes command, and then plans, leads, and executes, as a self starter, with emulated war actual experience. An expired Secret clearance for the legal dodge experience to code messages from prying eyes has been in play.

REID knows Bullion, for example, only one who finally fingered China secret buys, and understand present modes of manipulations, where most have no clue. REID understand basics of global bullion flows.

REID has the right skills at the right time for the freedom v TBTF TBTJ greedster case and is driven to accomplish the same. Revolutionary freedoms must be restored in the USA. REID is  reactionary and is defiant, and willing to puts his life on the line, without hesitation.

REID is morality incorruptible by earthy money, being god fearing, seeking freedom and justice for all. REID is USA patriotic and is  trying to save nation from pending doom. REID looks forward to a libertarian-Greens 2020 sweep but needs to teach and MOPE the people first. REID is driven on a mission to stop enslavement of the people by destroying FRN as the means used by the totalitarians to enslave people.

REID operates at light speed through mental associations with skills in one skull, plus a burned in computer neutral net for prolific data generation, and REID think outside the box. REID design creativity is routinely applied to other fields, in the light speed of neutral transmissions. REID possibly has a unique mental profile in country. County psychologists had a field day with REID trying to dope REID up, but no mind altering drug are allowed. The Treasury, FBI, sheriffs, Cops, White Coats, have come knocking at REID's door, in body armor with assault rifles drawn, but that is because they don’t understand as REID is not intimidated at all by any of them.

In March 2009, REID retired from working for a living, no longer willing to be enslaved by the totalitarians ruling the nation, and so, REID is on a mission. In March 2009 and there about, REID did the data dump for all to see in a public blog, Totalitarian Democracy, and REID then gave up a 250K$/year job. Then, REID started playing emulated war games to finish off military book schooling, and continued reading and watching bullion articles. In October of 2012, REID joined TFMR and in May 2003, REID rejoined LMPC as members of each.

On April 29 2013, REID figured out how to attack JPM and bring down the mob boss of the Wall Street Greedsters who fascistly control US government now enslaving the people. The information rush absorbed by RED at TFMR was key. Presently, the TBTF TBTJ shenanigans stops now as REID cant wait for bullion banks to be over ran by demand from private hands.

Aspect 0.5 REID is Ready for the Case.

REID is no longer interested in retirement. The boys are old enough at 8 and 10 for REID to take on a new assignment. After four years on the bench in retirement, REID is ready for the case proposed. And it would be special to do it for MURPHY, before REID and MURPHY both ride off into the sunset. MURPHY the owner of LMPC is designated back up or co PLAINTIFF, as desired.

REID is simply incorruptible, and in the case proposed, would first MOPE nation wide, and rally the local PEOPLE, as part of the planned preparation. REID will just totally mind screw the judges from a gun toting state, as the country depends on them. REID will stay out of the East coast where corruption and undue influence are acute. JPM could bribe the judges and bribe the Chicago attorneys, but personal security can handle the attorneys, plus REID habitual eyes, being QB and generating all scripts and talking points, and with one little slip, and attorneys admonished severely, but, up front hiring discussion should weed out incorrigibles.

The judge is always an unknown, thus, the TEAM moves for chief judge assignments and also en banc, 5 man court review, to reduce the probability of judge corruption as much as possible, and with national MOPE, and the local people, and a total in court mind screw, collectively, should provide the best chance of success at the hearing to enjoin JPM. Money is a powerful inducement to the heathens and REID is going in with eyes wide open.

Adding courage to your convictions, of course, starts with a conviction otherwise you cant add anything to it. And it never ceases to amaze me, knowing US History, generally, that nearly all today, start off solving any problem, with "I cant". There used to be an American "CAN DO" attitude pervasive and a work ethic to "GET IT DONE", doing "WHAT EVER IT TAKES" to get the job done, but it seems that those went out of vogue in 1960s, when the US government turned on the people big time, making them all, Americans tax mules and dependents, willing slaves, in the greatest MOPE this country has ever seen, as most people say, you cant do anything about it, you cant fight city hall. REID say bull to that loser mentality.

In retirement, REID has been taking care of two young boys as house husband. But REID is up to speed, and REID don't do random, as REID always has an objective, and JPM is it. REID does not mess around, planning the route in detail, having an planned organization and with command and control and force definition with proven secrecy, all well in order for the greatest take down of all time. The plan is worked out well with defined HQ facilities, command and control, support facilities, communication lines, logistics, front line forces, auxiliary forces, an attack plan, that all looks really good, and needs now funding, which are supply lines to the FINANCIER with the funding hunt system on line and working great. After funding, its on to immediate execution, for the greatest take down of all time.

Aspect 0.6 REID has a Robust Resume


  DERRICK MICHAEL REID, ESQ.                Patents   
     Attorney at Law (Retired since 3/09)  Trademarks
    26 La Costa Court (Since 8/87)         Copyrights
Laguna Beach, California (Since 1956)   Unfair Competition


WESTERN STATE UNIVERSITY, Fullerton, California.
JURIS DOCTOR, May 1981, Emphasis in Business Law.

Graduate study in Electrical Engineering in 1976.
Graduate studies covered digital systems, programming, and IC design.

BACHELOR OF SCIENCE, March 1975, 2&2/3 years to complete.
Emphasis in material science, digital and analog circuit
analysis, integrated circuit design and processing, finite
state machines, computer architecture and software systems.

                      BAR MEMBERSHIPS
     California State Supreme Court.
     U.S. Eastern California District Court.
     U.S. Northern California District Court.
     U.S. Central California District Court.
     U.S. Southern California District Court.
     U.S. Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.
     U.S. Federal Circuit Court of Appeals.
     U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

                    WORK EXPERIENCE

Turdville Army tfmentalsreport.com (2012 to present)

LemetropoleCafe LeMenu (2005-2008 and 2013)

Presidential Candidate. Political Commentary  Bullion Market Analyst, Utah Mint Promoter,
World Leader Advisor, Global Confluence Predictor,
Emulated Military Commander, Adjutant, Chief of Staff, Strategic Deployment, Supreme Commander (2009 to 2012)

Patent Lawyer, DERRICK MICHAEL REID, ESQ., Laguna Beach Ca.
My practice centers upon Patent, Trademark and Copyright applications, prosecution and infringement litigation
emphasizing services concerning high technology electronic
and computer components, communications circuits and systems, and computer circuits and systems. (1985-2009, Retired)

Attorney at Law, LYON & LYON, Los Angeles Ca. My
responsibilities were related to Patent, Trademark and
Copyright applications, prosecution, and infringement cases
and trade secret cases. I developed a litigation computer
system for data base management in complex cases. (83-85)

Manager of IC Development, MATTEL ELECTRONICS, Hawthorne,
Ca. My duties comprised manpower management, hardware and
software procurement and department operating procedure
development to facilitate Integrated Circuit sustaining,
diagnostic and simulatory compiler design activities.(82-83)

Promoter, REIDESIGN, Newport Beach Ca. I engaged in venture capital activities for a VLSI silicon design company based on redesigning MSI into VLSI MOS technologies using silicon compilers & semi-custom techniques. (81-83)

Senior Electronic Engineer, PERKIN-ELMER, Garden Grove, Ca.
My function was the design of disk drive micro electronics.
This required micro processor circuit design, firmware code
development and custom VLSI design with CAD tools such as
ICE development systems and logic circuit simulators.(80-82)

Electronic Engineer, BASIC FOUR, Tustin, Ca. I was responsible for the developmental design of their mid-size computer systems. These systems employed various controllers, memories and CPUs which use random logic, sequencer-firmware and micro processor technologies.(79-80)

Electronic Engineer, CALCOMP, Anaheim Ca, My duties included
CAD development of floppy disk drive electronic circuitry
which comprised stepper motor, transducer pickoff, read-
write and control circuitry.(77-79)

Electronic Engineer, LITTON GUIDANCE SYSTEMS, Woodland
Hills, Ca. I was responsible for the design of Cruise & F-16
inertial navigation electronic circuits such as gyro spin
supplies, precision torquers, synchro buffers, quantizers,
temperature controllers, resolver amplifiers and their
built-in test circuits in hybrid technologies.(76-77)

Electronic Engineer, ROCKWELL INTERNATIONAL, Downey, Ca. My assignments included the design of digital and analog computer interface circuits in a flight simulation environment in which various computer systems exercised space shuttle simulation instruments in closed loop simulations for design verification. (75-76)

REID has lived in the same house for 26 years, now with two boys attending a the local public elementary school, and all this is verifiable, in fact,

Anyone could use map data web cites and actually get a picture of the house, and since, the garage is the war room, anyone can know exactly where REID is, each day and night, and having posted an exacting life history, for anyone to read, all information is consistent. REID cant hide being an ex lawyer, and in the coppers eyes, as the REID business has been on the public rolls for 35 years, and within the city limits for 26 years. The actual address has been on line for 35 years. Most can know exactly who is REID, who has to be a law bidding person. MOST can go on line and see printed information, such as, where REID is located, and what REID is doing, and when REID does it, by time stamps. REID has nothing to hide or be ashamed about.

Aspect 0.7 REID is Retired with Legal Bar Dismissal

In March 2009 REID retired from patent law practice. REID has since then not paid any attorney bar dues. REID is no longer officially a lawyer in the state of California or elsewhere. REID is however now classified as a patent agent before the US Paten Office. REID dose not have to live in shame any longer, as being an official member of that less than honorable profession with a licensed dispute monopoly, with clients seen coming, with federal court medical malpractice lotto games. REID can now speak my mind without censorship from the bar associations under ethical rules. Its working out just fine. Reinstatement will be easy, as bar just wants the money, of course, and to be lawyer again for a year for taking down the manipulator, look like it would be fun. So, the first order of business is to distal counsel working to get the bar license reinstated as REID flies off to Chicago to interview the Chicago attorney firm

Aspect 0.8 REID Wears Five Cross Dimensional Hats

Skills are so-called hats because TFMR uses hat tips for reward good posts, through the looking glass on line and seems appropriate for the analogy to brain power, but the hats can be color code, like resistor values. And so there is POLITICS, the purple hat, comprehensive in royalty, with a wide field of view, BULLION, the gold hat, where old yellow is signed, and is a prize sought, ENGINEERING, the blue hat, the designer problem solving, honest and true blue, to the cause, LEGAL, the grey hat, working clients in self interest, ethically for the bar, shady at best, MILITARY, the black hat, taking no prisoners when 1st corps black hat fellars appear. So, there you go, the five hats, color coded.

Aspect 0.9 REID has Disdain for the Legal Profession

REID is disappointed with the legal profession that is based upon self centeredness greedy lawyers, and its pervasive. REID in a 100 man law first, first two years, as an internship of sorts, and got an eyes full. REID then broke out of the clutches of a law firm, and sued a first corporation for patent infringement. REID first appearance was before a chief federal judge who enjoined the defendant corporation and also granted several summary judgments motions at the same, to knock out key defenses, and shut down the defendant, within a few weeks of filing. That big bag approach will start to sound familiar. But representing plaintiff, they were not greedy, and just an average license fee 6% and 250k cash for past infringement was asked. So the defendant fired their top rated defense lawyers, and got a 100 man firm. This new firm, not really interested in the client survival, was going to bury REID. Two years later, with defendant rolling up 2m$ in attorney fees, broke the defendant corporation, 200 people lost their jobs, and at 3am in the morning, before trial was to start, the defendant finally settled up, for guess what, a 6% royalty and 250K cash payment for pass infringement damages. Lawyers for the worst, self serving members of that less than honorable profession with a licensed monopoly to dispute resolution. REID switched from patent litigation to patent invention prosecution to avoid attorneys.

The legal profession is now discussed firstly from a personal perspective, then a hired perspective, then to the legal world of lawyers in relation to the REID, and then to the legal profession, but from the psychological profile, as best understood. An understanding of the psychology, relatively. There are those in the world that have great humbleness, that is admired by most, and they and their kind are taken back by arrogance in a completely different dimension as in the being grandiose. But in this world, its what ever rocks your boat, but to one in self focus just now having never gone there, wont ever, it just is not the style. And from the early days of not mixing will the students, the humble goody goody two shoes, and the acid heads, and the head bangers, one could play in all their worlds, and REID did somewhat, but as a loner and by default, having a rock solid mind. MOST were considered mediocre at best. Though self induced goal, to being a golden bear in three year from the number third ranked engineering school in the country in a most difficult of arts, the alpha werewolf showed his teeth, running in light speed, 24/7 to focus on the prize at hand, a grandiose one at that, and as it turned out, so focused and so driven. The goal was accomplished two years. My how focus and drive works in completed goals. The field of choice so focused and driven was easy actually, designing disk drives alone, for example, but then tried raising venture capital for the REIDesign, but there having to deal in self reliance with horrible real business people, but lacking accounting skills to prove the cause, REID simply fell short without the right self reliant skill. REID was busted, but don't mind living in the gutter, as the spirit in sky operating in the forth order holds the hand, worth more than all the treasures on earth. It was never about REID or any money for fame, and so the alpha one will never go there. But, having gone to the legal institution for sucker punching by black robe reapers, at night, during which, werewolves really do shine during the full moons, REID passed the bar, but went to law school to understand the business world, because them venture capitalists are tough nuts to crack in the real world, and so law school was just a pretend to extend, but, being busted with the credit cards tapped out, when trying to raise the venture capital, and nearly alone, REID command PLAINTIFF COUNSEL. But in the technology days as an engineer, REID passed the bar after going to law school at night, but working day and night is the normal routine anyway.

So in the good old days, and now the hundred man firm partners loved the background as fit the law firm going firstly after IBM for stolen magnetic disk thin film head technology. REID was personally assigned to redesign the whole discovery processing center, where millions of pieces of paper where involves. REID ending up providing a properly coded and operational and functional system. REID was on the 45 floor with an PC loaded to the maximum with 64K ram and two 360k floppies, to exploit those darn typing skilled. REID got lambasted by firm partners. REID being thick skinned, another psychological trait and a loner in light speed, brushed it off, the partners generally operating old Dictaphones back then, while REID burned in the neutral net typing communication skill exploiting rudimentary typing skills. The alpha werewolf was now processing and progressing, wherein wearing by then two hats while developing communication skills, burning the net where really mattered, in the real world. Communications is one of those axis of the mental signature in the volumetric mental space of the intellectual cube and is a necessary evil in the real world. And since many hats are required for the job at hand, knowing that three primary hats must be worn, eighty words a minutes being one of them, on emulated word with 250ish embedded macros such that window WORD is configured to emulate like WordStar, REID is exploiting to this day the neural net burn, perpetually, where WordStar is an early first word processor, where the burning of the neutral net first burned. This is like a golfer, with a regular predictable swing, made to perfection, and Tiger Wood would understand this. As time past from this early stage, after the initial burning of neural net, the nest WordStar to get seriously burned in and then was completely totally burned in, to where now there is no turning back to relearn any of the modern tools. This is why Windows 2000 is used exclusively used and why window Word is emulated, when macros are installed. REID once thought typos and misspellings, being frequent, were of no importance, but later found that communications is one of the axis of the mental density space where individual mental signatures is realized. Speaking in tongues is not required in various languages, as that would increase the communications skill, but REID uses just plain old very day American English, not that foreign English, but the domestic USA one. REID the alpha werewolf is not really a secretary and the home language was considered to be not only boring but just a tool for the real world, but is actually it is a necessary skill for those inclined as grandiose alpha werewolves on light speed, as there is a world to conquer being then impatiently young.

Cut and paste is a marvel modern trick in the information age, and its used habitually by the PLAINTIFF COUNSEL, but that is a trade secret, so don't tell the clients having been seen coming. Each paper to a client seems to be original thinking well deserving of the made up invoice behind closed attorney doors. Yeah, its fraud and deceit, but what do you expect from self centered lawyers circling around clients seen coming, when in reality cut and paste is just a poor attempt at efficient copyright infringement by the circling lawyers. And who is going to fund the secretary pension plan is for another go. And don't you love the golden bobbles for the significant others. But what do clients known not being in the shark secret bowels that is loaded with self interest. The client is always jazzed paying through the noise and cant wait for the hearing before the Judges as the arbiter and the jury sitting in final determination. Client are just marveled into paying for the whole self serving process rather than a legal profession out of quickly resolve societal disputes.

Today, REID, the grandiose alpha werewolf, wears the all five primary hats needed for the attack on JPM, and REID has the psychology grandiose makeup necessary operating in light speed in one skull. It may be obvious to some and very opaque to others where crazy is often heard, but REID is thick skinned, and one just consider the sources and background and all is understood.

REID has a very unique mental signature of and in the volumetric mental space of a grandiose alpha werewolf, necessary for the proposed attach on JPM, which skills and psychology is absolutely required within one, more and prohibited expensive paralleled processing.

PLAINTIFF role in handling the legal world is questionable. The proposed PLAINTIFFs could actually form a team being similarly situated provide bullion service and owning bullion coinage. But first we need to discussed the role of money upon the PLAINTIFF. The PLAINTIFF are indeed intelligent people, but are mostly operating in the second order, and are singularly deficient for guiding EXPERTS and LAWYERS for attacking JMP. But the PLAINTIFFS are necessary and just fine as they have their roles, but are inherently deficient for the leading experts and lawyers in a grandiose attack upon JPM, without the required skill sets and psychology. Lets be honest, PLAINTIFF are nice guys in the bullion world.

The lawyers are generally truly third order guys, operating on at least two of the mental axis, with respective signatures in the mental space, namely dimension and communications. These lawyers operating in the third order, are high powered and are high achiever types, with well defined skills, and they are locked in by law necessarily operating under self serving ethic rules with law specialties.

The PLAINIFF PRIMARY SECONDARY TERTIARY COUNSEL should be found in a major Chicago law firm, as they collectively will pretend to extend their self interests, as self interest is everywhere for those who are looking for it. And so, its ethical to have the clients best interest at hand to pretend and extend, but guess who wrote the rules of ethics, the lawyers of course, who are in bed with the totalitarians, and the lawyers must be in ethical control of each case having the clients best interest at hand. So say the ethical rules. The lawyers see the clients coming and circling according to those ethical rules and those self interests. As another pretend and pretend of the ethical rules is that the clients best interest can only be served if the shotguns are used,  in combat as every possible claim and defense imaginable are ethically used, but that is very expensive to the lawyers gain and to the client's lost, and hence, not are focused and are very expensive. So what dumb clients are met with the typical prolific number of claims and defenses jazzing the clients by self interested and ethically driven lawyers. This gets to one conclusion of the world of lawyers, clients are expensively seen coming, and only client interests can be served shotgun style as it perceived ethically necessary as the only thing to do, locked in of course to their ethical self interests which run wild in the real world.

REID is an alpha werewolf who runs totally open loop, in our society, against those members of that less than honorable profession, now is disbarred in the golden state for simple non payment of dues, and REID does not any longer live in shame, no longer a member, so REID mouth can open widely demeaning lawyers of that less than honorable profession, with the licensed monopoly, with self centered ethical rules, expensively running shoot gun style, seeing the clients coming. There is no moral base where inexpensive fast resolution of societal disputes is morally best served, as lawyers are self centered, and ethically driven, lacking any out of the box thinking, and not wearing hats necessary for the take down of JPM, and would surely fire in a large field of view, rather than zeroing in for the kill, to the vitals of JPM, with well guided precision PLAINTIFF EXPERT, inexpensive so, for fast dispute resolution. Questions are posed to the novice, who is going to pay for those 45th floor suite rents, the gym memberships, the multimillion dollar homes, the golden bobbles of the significant others, the secretarial pension plans, among others expensive toys? Answer is of course, the clients seen coming. The lawyer pretend to serve the clients best interest, but so honorable served by lawyer self interest in compliance to those ethical rules written by and for lawyers. The clients have no clue and are seen coming. Its a societal set up, ruled by totalitarian in control in all three branches of Government.

So, the PLAINTIFFs need to be sincerely asked, can you command a bunch of lawyers, so self interested and ethically bound in self interest, but yet inherently efficiently guide precision EXPERT. Do the PLAINTIFFs have the skill set required to cost effectively guild the EXPERTS in a world stacked against them and against the support from the target JPM and the manipulatory behemoth army of employees. The logical conclusion and best guess is that the PLAINTIFFs wont be able to cost effectively manage a group of lawyer and then guide the precision EXPERT to attack successfully JPM to bag the mob. PLAINTIFFs need a grandiose alpha werewolf in command with the necessary skill sets with the right psychological profile, flexible in thinking outside box, with necessary communication skill sets, and wearing many hats across the dimensional cross currents and eddies, with the right stuff, in view of the prolog, and the objective, to hold hands with the PLAINTIFFs, during the war for the take down of all time.

This disdain carries into comedy. Here REID is imagined interviewing of hired guns at a Chicago Law Firm. First imagine a stretch limousine offered and rejected, REID totally unimpressed, been there, done that, and then, REID pulls up in a rented Ford Pinto, 20 years in the making, at the firm, plaintiff primary counsel home base, in towering Chicago, but, REID is unimpressed again totally, been there, done that, and REID first talks with a partner, and the partner sees the back sweat pants and black tee shirt of REID, and says, "you are not appropriately dressed for the conferences with hired gun candidates", and the REID response being, "JESUS and Judges count", you don't, then comes lunch at the five star lunch house, with the invitation offered, but, REID is unimpressed again totally, been there, done that, the REID response being "hot dogs from a local deli would be fine and delivery works", "ketchup please", the poor things, the hired guns, having a working lunch, in three pieces, eating down hot dogs. REID and the hired guns live in completely different worlds.

But reinstating the bar card of REID would take about $3000 and 10 days, which can be done easily, but has one serious draw back for REID, because, as licensed attorneys ethically, of course, must hold the honorable legal profession always in high esteem, meaning that REID once re licensed, REID will shut his mouth, free speech censored again, but most of the complaining is all on line, so not much more needs to said by REID, but having to shut his mouth, about that less than honorable profession, that is going to be one on going nightmare for REID who can live with it during the case.

Aspect 0.10 REID has an Aggressive Spiritual Psychology

REID has a Christian Uncle. This uncle introduced REID to the heavens, reading the good book and good news for modern man, and the spirit is inside REID providing a spark of life, that is ever present.

Uncle Pappy, I believe the spirit gave me a mission in life. Don't know if that is part of his grand plan, but it seems God has brought me through life, preparing me over a life time for this. Just a hunch.

REID is after JPM and not achieve wealth, fame, or money, but rather to help the country to end the TBTF TBTJ mind set of the Government and the Undue Influence of Wall Street over the US Government, and is willing to come out of a happy retirement for this sole purpose.

The wife is just being nice, I suppose, but its used or really welcomed, these days, but surely the kind thought is appreciated, bless her soul. But really, give it your buddy friend, we will like it, as REID just got no time or use for alcohol, these days, in a different time, in a different life, with a new mission in life, to end TBTF TBTJ in the land of the free, to free mankind, and that is enough for any mortal desire with two little black belts and a honey, so really, REID just don't need or want that alcohol around these days, to keep the mind 100% razor sharp at all times, as the brainwaves pass in and out, with those vicious ruthless sneaky plans 24/7, being devised, even when sleeping, so do me and the world a huge favor, and just give it away to Joe six pack.

In the case at hand, it will be centered in equity before the church bench, where morality will be the key top issue. REID has spent a live time considering morality, particularly social issues. PLAINTIFF will be coached to put on cardinal caps in the moving papers. Through cross examination, REID will be able to have DEFENDANTs EXPERT testify that market manipulations are inherent immoral, frauds and evil, per se. The one big caveat is the question that, are manipulation, conspiracy, treason, racketeering, fraud, still today considered by judges as immoral. That might be one huge toss up, given the mind set of modern judges. In the end, the heathens and nonspiratualists of today continue to degrade the entire moral complex, to where even judges are suspect, being bias by modern social thinking, as we all approach the event horizon of one huge ugly mess. The saving feature of this is that the judicial case law, is mostly to date, still based on traditional views of fairness and morality, to where the guiding case law will provide all the necessary direction and support in equity before the church bench that inherently wants to save the country from ruin. Victory is overwhelmingly essentially assured in this proposed case.

Aspect 0.11 REID has made a Call to Arms

With audacious MOPE, one thing should be clearly understood, there is no real interest by this author to sit idly by and wait for the bullion banks to be over run, as the country's ruination is at stake, here and now, and those stakes are just way to high, to just wait it out, at least for one, and can not in good conscience just wait. Action is required by those able. I MAGUIRE able. We must all rally to our standard of our cause, through activity, to save the country. The attack plan has been more or less completed, with 1000s hour spent, if not 13 years of eye balling, uselessly, as a first very rough draft is completed, and now turning to funding the same. My friends, you should know who is the target by now. The plan is believed immanently viable and is being reviewed by one of our own, 6m$ in 6mo from lift off, and the target will go down fast and hard, as victory and freedom is won for all, so help me GOD. Sing along my friends, sing along, its the least you can do for freedom. change "northern" to "Wall Street";   "Southern" to "Freedom" change "confederacy" to "Conflicted Nation"; and sing along my friends to the fight song. See YouTube The Bonnie Blue Flag - Gods and Generals.


And so, what you have is self controlled focusing person, using a cross dimensional mind, always thinking outside the box, of ways of beating JPM, to solve the manipulation problem, to then drive forces executing the plan to victory. There is a real plan now in taking down the manipulator, JPM, and that plan came from a combination of patent law for simplifying complexity, engineering for problem solving, military science for the attack, legal shame for the legal flip, heart for the drive, and bullion knowledge for the context, and that combination is not generally found in the bullion space or at Justice. REID has called upon the bullion heavies for support to end the bullion price manipulation, the FRN, and the socialist totalitarian control over the people, to free the people from tyranny, even if self imposed by elections.

Derrick Michael Reid can be personally vouched for by Hannes Tulving of Southern California, a wholesaler of US Minted Coinage.

Aspect 1.0 Plaintiff Team

The TEAM has at its core, PLAINTIFF, REID, PLAINTIFF PRIMARY COUNSEL, and PLAINTIFF EXPERTs, Primary, Secondary, tertiary, and auxiliary players in play to the extend acquired.

The filing of the complaint is joined with a mountain of moving motions to destroy defenses, enjoin JPM, and create a public record.

The first part of the attack plan involves getting the PLAINTIFF reading for the case. REID has viewed FERGUSON over the many months and MURPHY over many years. PLAINTIFFs are an appropriate mix of PLAINTIFFs in REID's cross hairs as perfect complainers, minimally holding one AGE and one ASE. TFMR and LMPC provide bullion services, with PLAINTIFFs generally situated for sufficient irreparable damages justifying the injunctive relief.

One purpose of the HQ is to secure cost-effective short communication lines between REID the PLAINTIFFs, and, the PLAINTIFFs could now enhance and modify those communication lines with minimal logistics, by providing a special email address for legal communications, which a necessary tool for winning the battle against JPM.

And thus, there will be several instructions placed upon the both PLAINTIFFs, as the PLAINTIFFs are made useful in showing convincingly that there such position dominance from the COT, and manipulation from technical chart action, as daily presented, but presented summarily as PLAINTIFF AUXILIARY EXPERTs on the stand with evidence over current bull market time, from 2009 to 2013. The PLAINTIFFs would appear as self-serving PLAINTIFF AUXILIARY EXPERTs in a dual role in a cost effective limited man power space.

The initial filing of the complaint and moving papers goes for the throat directed at the vitals of the JMP. The PLAINIFF can make moves to reduced burdens. Hence, trading paper and respective positions with natural counter party risks thereof should be shredded and all such position liquefied so as to place the PLAINTIFF only in two position, bullion coinage and bullion services. This would include liquefying all numismatics and such odd ball coinage, as well as all paper positions and supporting documents and with brokerage accounts zero out, and, cessation from all further brokerage house documentation from entering the home, so that as to reduce discovery and protect the PLAINIFF from very harassment for simple command and control. Thus, during the preparation, the PLAINTIFF can place misdirection placed upon the DEFENDANT COUNSEL, by reducing harassment and discovery of the PLAINTIFF.

The objective is to minimize DEFENDANT COUNSEL attacks from the outset personally upon the PLAINTIFF, the PLAINTIFF saving necessary COT documents and analysis chart data for person reference for use during testimony, and which will be discoverable, along with documents showing the basis of such bullion coinage and bullion services kept during litigation, and during such discovery personally served upon the PLAINTIFF. Of course other personal documentation can be retained, but generally undiscoverable and can be boxed for production during the preparation phase.

The PLAINTIFF must be protected, and the PLAINTIFF can then effectively be used in combination with other PLAINTIFF EXPERTS and thus, the initial filing includes a full spectrum spread launch toward JPM including the precision PLAINTIFF EXPERTS and all AUXILIARY EXPERTS with offensive and misdirection attacks concurrently. And, while the DEFENDANT COUNSEL are misdirected on wild goose chases, and they can are lethargically focused elsewhere, while DEFENDANT EXPERTS are overwhelmed from all the many precision PLAINTIFF EXPERTS, all of which will be very well executed to guided PLAINTIFF EXPERTS toward the vitals of the JPM, as the target, to sink the JPM, notwithstanding destroyer interference during initial complaint filing. And thus, the TEAM will get both offensive and defensive assets in play, with DEFENDANT COUNSEL on wild goose chases during the time of the motion period while PLAINTIFF EXPERT effectively bypass DEFENDANT EXPERT. Hence, this PLAINTIFF preparation serves to focus the TEAM, while concurrently misdirecting the DEFENSE COUNSEL, for the slam dunk at the hearing, for creating a global Kenyensian scandal.

Aspect 1.1 Cast of Characters

Every court action planned needs a cast of characters.

Turd Ferguson, Plaintiff and Auxiliary Expert
TFMR Administer, document secretary, Tertiary Communications Hub
Bill Murphy, Plaintiff and Auxiliary Expert
LMPC Webmaster, the document secretary, Tertiary Communications Hub
CMI Gold and Silver Plaintiff Retailer
Bill Haynes for Gold and Silver Plaintiff, Auxiliary Expert
GoldLine Plaintiff Retailer
Brian Crumbaker for GoldLine Plaintiff, Auxiliary Expert
Andrew Maguire, Primary Plaintiff Expert
William Kaye, Primary plaintiff Expert
Denver, Primary plaintiff Expert,
Ben Davies, Secondary plaintiff expert
Sandeep Jaitly, Secondary plaintiff expert
Richard Guthrie, Secondary plaintiff expert
LEASER, Auxiliary Plaintiff Expert on ND Lease rates
TRASHMAN, Auxiliary Plaintiff Expert on Junk Premiums
CAPPER, Auxiliary Plaintiff Expert on price capping
MINTER, Auxiliary Plaintiff Expert on US Mint productions
SHOPPER Auxiliary Plaintiff Expert on LCS supplies and divergence
FALLGUY Auxiliary Plaintiff Expert on bullion price smashes
REID, TFMR and LMPC member and Of Counsel Commander,
      Cross Examiner, Tertiary Discoverer, at HQ
Headquarters, District HQ and Primary Communications Hub facility
Secretary, Miscellaneous Office Functions at the HQ
Technologist, For installing computer equipment at the HQ.
Printer, For printing graphic board court displays
Musician, For generating fight song score for public MOPE.
Bearer, For making bonnie blue flags for public MOPE.
Hatter, For making big yellow turdville hats for public MOPE.
Servicer, Limousine Service for Rally Shuttle of Experts
Chicago Law Firm, plaintiff attorney law firm,
         Secondary Communications Hub, Lead Attorney Firm
Primary Counsel, Patent Lawyer and with Jurisdiction specialty,
          Plaintiff Examiner, Plaintiff Expert Examiner
Secondary Counsel, Exchange Lawyer with Procedural specialty,
          Plaintiff Examiner, Plaintiff Expert Examiner
Tertiary Counsel, Commodities Lawyer with Discovery specialty,
          Plaintiff Examiner, Plaintiff Expert Examiner
Proximal Counsel, Local Counsel, Primary Discoverer, Court filings,
        Plaintiff Examiner
Local Counsel Law Firm, Secondary Communication Hub,
        Temporary Offices, Deposition Rooms
Distal Counsel URL Searcher and Secondary Discoverer,
        Plaintiff Examiner, Tertiary Communications Hugs
Financier, funding of Plaintiffs, Counsel, Experts.
Private Financier
Bullion Financier
Movie Producer Financier
Judge, The District Court Judge
Complaint, filed to initiate action upon JPM
Hearing, filed with complaint, set within one month
Clerk, for receiving complaint and Injunction papers
Defendant, JPM JP Morgan Chase, The Target of the case Proposed
           JPM Behemoth Army, employees of defendant JMP
Defendant, Doe officers and managers of JMP,
Defendant, Roe Individuals under Control, or Concert, Unnamed
Defendant, Doe Corporations under Control, Unnamed
Defendant, Roe Corporations Acting in Concert, Unnamed
Traitors, Whistle Blowers and Employees of JPM
Defendant Attorney Law Firm, a NY Firm, Unnamed Firm
Defendant Local Counsel, Unnamed, for filing defendant papers
Defendant In House Counsel, Unnamed Attorney
Defendant Experts, the JPM DEFENDANT EXPERTs, Unnamed
US Attorney, Amici attendant, US Government Justice Attorney

PLAINTIFF may well be doubting toms, and surely the trip into global fame can be risky for the mortal soul. PLAINTIFF has to make the call to join the action

PLAINTIFF COUNSEL must be a vicious set of aggressive and driven attorneys to take on JMP, and should remain flexible in thinking while contributing with suggestions to the attack of JMP.

REID can arrange trips to select and interview the three PLAINTIFF PRIMARY COUNSEL in Chicago as needed and with extra territorial disposed PLAINTIFF EXPERTS.

REID will draft news releases and for news broadcast and communicated for dissemination to the broadcasters at KWN, GATA, and WATCHDOG. REID will draft all public speeches for all of PLAINTIFF COUNSEL. The releases and speeches are to keep up the public MOPE as adoring auxiliary forces in supporting play.

PROXIMAL COUNSEL will grand standing in court in court, for the kin effect upon the Judge. He will have much to do, besides chief, En Banc, Admissions, Discovery, Protective motions, and will make the Prolog Remarks at the hearing. At the hearing, in the prolog by PROXIMAL COUNSEL it should be noted that target preys upon bullion and is motivated to rig the bullion space with the paper notes because paper money is effectively irredeemable.

PROXIMAL COUNSEL will address JPM conflict with bullion. Conflict of interest for JPM is to support the long position of the FRN, so would naturally suppress bullion, and unlimited naked short is one way to support the FRN, making the FRN more sound for what it is.

PROXIMAL COUNSEL will prepare PLAINTIFF for the hearing as the three PLAINTIFF PRIMARY COUNSEL prepare PLAINTIFF EXPERTS. PROXIMAL COUNSEL will also be responsible for receiving noticed papers court filed documents filed by DEFENSE COUNSEL with the CLERK of the court, and disseminating the same to the remaining PLAINTIFF COUNSEL by wire.

DISTAL COUNSEL will search for URL exhibits and be a back up discover, and examine three of the plaintiffs during the hearing.

DISTAL COUNSEL may reviewed filed documents. REID organizes the same for general comment by all of PLAINTIFF COUNSEL as comments are sought by all of the TEAM. DISTAL COUNSEL will appear at the hearing in code dress and examine three of the plaintiffs.

HQ will be an office and have a local LEGAL SECRETARY for further travel arrangements of necessary traveling trips, and assist generally interfacing between all of PLAINTIFF COUNSEL. The SECRETARY can also make arrangement with local tailors, flag makers, and song writers for the MOPE of the people. Preferably, the secretary is recruited from the local law firm of the PROXIMAL COUSEL, for seamless communications between HQ and the local law firm, who would be already familiar with the local area.

MAGUIRE can be substituted with bullion capping statistic, video of the Secret World of Gold, Keiser interview, inter alia, to draw an inference of bullion price manipulation. This is not as good as MAGUIRE in court testimony. If MAGUIRE, does not want to play ball as a willing PLAINTIFF EXPERT, he can be substituted. All PLAINTIFF COUNSEL and PLAINTIFF EXPERTs are inherently replaceable. REID is replaceable as well, providing funding is vast and parallel processing is available, which is it not. The PLAINTIFF can even be replaceable. The entire TEAM is replaceable, though not as good and not as cost effective. But the plan has been generally laid out and it can be adopted. REID however stands ready now and there is no hesitation by REID. It must be the engineer in REID searching always for solutions, especially the real big ones. But for now the bugs must wait, either for the bullion banks to be over whelmed or the bugs can take JPM down hard. REID can only offer the service.

PLAINTIFF EXPERTs are currently unknown, and will be asked to voluntarily join the TEAM as supporting players, the enticements being part of history, world class heroes, and monetary incentives.

PLAINTIFF COUNSEL will collectively paint JPM as the mob boss greedsters, controlling the Wall Street fascists unduly influencing the US Government, US Judiciary, US Regulatory agency, US Justice, and the US Executive with controlling undue influence, in the most respectful terms in front of the Judge, of course. REID will walk the thin line of course between bold allegation and subtle suggestions as desired. But REID is basically broke, and any court fines should be minimal, in any.

HELP is currently requested, REID is searching for the URL of a video done about early April 2013 where huge instantaneously sale spikes occurred, 5B$ worth, and there were small spikes ahead of it indicating front running, conspiracy, and acting in concert. There was a graph displayed only. The expert user talked showing resizing of the display for presentation. The audio portion described the action, indicating price rigging and signally to cohorts for front running.

HELP is currently requested, REID is searching at LMPC, and REID would like a copy of an old "Le Patron Memos" thread, made about 2008, and a second thread "Extreme Rants" made at the same time. The reason these two are very important are two fold, 1) GS reduced shorts in 08 time period, and A Douglas deceased, tracked them, and about 09 collapse, JPM took over the NY racket, and hence would sue for years 2009 through present time, and there is allot of info on GS and JMP, 2) The three files would be integrated, and posted on line, thus aides marketing, in that REID really knows what he is talking about"

Aspect 1.2 The Plaintiff

The plaintiff include service providers, retailers and wholesalers, two each. The PLAINTIFF attack in depth for the power punch of PLAINTIFFs as AUXILIARY EXPERTS to attack JPM traditional defenses, with reduced logistics, with the advanced public MOPE and mind screws, with fanned out PLAINTIFFs covering more basis and options for damage proof and irreparable harm proof, thereby misdirecting the JPM. So, the PLAINTIFFs are stacked up and examined by the by proximal and distal counsel. Then PRIMARY SECONDARY TERTIARY COUNSEL examine the PLAINTIFF EXPERTS for the general assault on JPM. REID is used for clean up as the vicious ruthless Of Counsel on cross examination of DEFENDANTS EXPERTS, showing no mercy and no pity, and taking no prisoners, of under the commander in charge and on scene directing the action.

To the extent the defendant is shown to and unclean hands, that is a breach of a fiduciary, and feeds back to the unclean hands, as a breach by the DEFENDANT against the PLAINTIFF directly.

The PLAINTIIF are individuals and Corporations led officers uniquely possessing sufficient dimensional skills, and complexity orders. Each individual has a unique displacement signatures or profile, operating therein, and the PLINTIFF are no different with unique signatures. The PLAINTIFFs are ethically actually in control of the case, though REID must assume command of the TEAM and thus all must be on board with the game plan from the start.

PLAINTIFF COUNSEL will prepare assigned PLAINTIFF EXPERTs comprising the three PLAINTIFF PRIMARY EXPERTS and these experts. PlAINTIFF COUNSEL can be though as guidance systems, and the experts thought as precision torpedoes PLAINTIFF EXPERTs, headed toward the DEFENDANT to sink the mob boss. 

It is suspected that the PLAINTIFF cant really cost-effectively manage the PLAINTIFF COUNSEL and it is doubtful that the PLAINTIFF does not know how to organize testimony or manage PLAINTIFF EXPERTS, because one must truly know the real word of attorneys and as litigators and know how the real world of presentation of expert operates, to do a good job, as this is war to be waged. Thus, it is doubtful that the PLAINTIFF can manage the TEAM effective.

It is also questionable if huge amounts of money in settlement and the global fame associated with going after the JPE, if the PLAINTIFF will not be absolutely destroyed. Some PLAINTIFFs are older and the concern is not there, really but more toward younger PLAINTIFFs. TURD has admitted to possessing a moral character. TURD may not be like REID, an older person with a rock solid mental foundation, and perhaps TURD is incapable to handle such monetary temptations, but joining the action is anyone of the PLAINTIFFs call.

The PLAINTIFF be placed on complaint and made of record before the JUDGE, as the in fact controller on record, but holding REID's hands, all the way, and so, the PLAINTIFFs are in REID's cross-hairs as the head of the TEAM, but not to worry, REID can hold PLAINTIFFs hand, and with that, cost-effectively manage PLAINTIFF COUNSEL so that the precision PLAINTIFF EXPERTs are in fact launched under extreme care and guidance, going for the vitals of JPM, at complaint filing time, to effectively destroy JPM, as this complete the take down team, comprising the PLAINTIFFs heading the TEAM on record and commanded by REID, with the PLAINTIFFs shinning bright at the center before all of mankind, but this is really just an expansion of the PLAINTIFFs present occupations, so, odds are that PLAINTIFFs can generally handle the new found fame, money and glory, that will come their way, with REID generally out of the spot light, as REID is personally only interested in the fall out, freedom, from sinking JPM, but is needed because of the volumetric cross current mental operational orders, communications, and skill sets, to effectively manage and cross communicate with the PLAINTIFF COUNSEL and PLAINTIFF EXPERTs, then launched, on target, to the objective sought. Thus the take down team is complete, but there will be options.

Just in case, mind you, I mean, just suppose real birth given legal names are not publicly used, well all that means is that the complaint uses the public name, and real name is used under sealed a protective orders, hence secured real names can be made of record confidentially.

MOPE the people and government with Bonnie Blue Flags waving, with Fight Song Singing, and Yellow Hats dispersed therein, as one huge public and press eye catcher, to even more mind screw the Judge, totally.

UC Cal Bear Colors are Blue and Yellows. This wild imagination goes with thinking outside the box, by a five hatter. The wild humor comes from the cross dimensional light speed associations, indispensable and necessary for the job at hand. So the complaint public paper is filed with PLAINTIFF and EXPERTS maintaining the public image. Protective orders are routine and common for PROXIMAL COUNSEL to procured to get again the PROXIMAL COUNSEL into play at the HEARING. PLAINTIFF with new wealth and fame, places their souls at risk, a difficult call for any mortal man.

REID knows his place as commander with PLAINTIFF being used for ice breaking, and encouraging PLAINTIFF EXPERTS to join the TEAM, with FINANCIER on line with support. PLAINTIFF have polite people skills, whereas REID can be a ruthless vicious curt person, calling things matter of fact, with no punches pulled. So PLAINTIFFs are perfect as face men visiting and communicating generally with REID as the commander and the cross examiner.

Aspect 1.3 Plaintiff Experts

Its time to let all the PLAINTIFF and PLAINTIFF EXPERTs know that they are in the cross hairs, any some can come peaceably or not, and be a world class hero, or get arrested, respectively, their call of course. So, all should have notice that they are sought. Its the honorable thing to do. Most have a tweet or an email address where they can be reached.


PLAINTIFF are designated and shall be given, confidentially, updates of the attack plan. PLAINTIFF are mostly long term bulls in the bullion space, and definitely has an agenda to kill manipulation. The service providers are in gun toting state for jurisdictional forum shopping.

The PLAINTIFF EXPERTS, like all skills, may be found else where, if required, but all of PLAINTIFF EXPERTS are currently included, for several good reasons, and are firstly identified by talent, communications and morality, and that talent primarily includes proximate cause proof, precious market savvy, and mathematical plausibility, that is at least as required. The moral sense is important for justice to pervade, but now, temporary, at this stage, as we approached funding, and the cast of characters be modified.

REID guessed it correctly, the engineering mind, with no look see. MAGUIRE explained how traders were trading virtual or electronic silver anonymously using algorithmic trading systems "moving in and out of the futures markets in the blink of an eye. That is the indispensable engineering mind of REID in play. One could reverse engineer MAGUIRE glory, if MAGUIRE don't comes along willingly. Algorithms, are child's play to REID. But hey, it worth a meal ticket on Keiser. Blown wet pants Bart supposed confidentiality. Could depose in England if necessary, or bag him upon us entry, with subpoena, with protective order from tent, or admit confidentiality blown, so he might at well be a world class hero, and come peaceably. PLAINTIFFs politely address as necessary, with REID on a leash. MAGUIRE gave it up: Four hundred contracts a second, each contract represents 5,000 troy ounces of silver." Maguire described a sudden and massive wave of selling of up to 45,000 contracts which drove the price of silver down. Give me  a break. JPM is insulated from potential losses (on their short positions) by the Fed and/or the U.S. taxpayer." Remedial Difference. have no clue but would need to skirt incompetence. He went public in April 2010 with assertions of market manipulation by JPM Chase and HSBC of the gold and silver markets, prompting a number of lawsuits, including a class action lawsuit.

Aspect 1.4 Plaintiff Attorneys PLAINTIFF COUNSEL

REID heretofore as an example was before a chief judge, never holding valid any patent invention, was successful, focused in light speed, and that and other experience are initially important to the case when JPM will be shot gunned at the start. So TEAM must remain flexible in thinking outside the box. A gun toting conservative states near or in the MURPHY and FERGUSONs home turf is better than operating in DC before the a district judge there leading to the Federal Circuit, whom district court has already shown his colors before CFTC in round number one of position limits. As the Judge there apparently did not care about his oath, or the literal meaning of the Constitution, but rather was in Wall Street best interest supporting the totalitarians.

PRIMARY COUNSEL is a litigating patent attorney, and jurisdictional attorney, and should be highly skilled in the third order with patent law skills to turn complexity into simplicity, skilled in subject matter jurisdiction, a forum shopper, with the causes of actions for injunctive damages, including preliminary injunctive relief. 

SECONDARY COUNSEL is a general business litigator knowing procedures including filing and serving and local rules and calendering which will be absolutely necessary operating closely in with PRIMARY COUNSEL. His focus is to set forth inferred internal business operations of JPM.

TERTIARY COUNSEL, is a details guy, a commodities litigator, generally interfacing with support staff of the Chicago Law Firm and with secretaries and paralegals setting forth in detail recent citations and spread outputs forms in support the other two PLAINTIFF COUNSEL. A Chicago firm will be selected and 3 primary litigators interviewed, hired and assigned to the six pack. These three will be given specific tasks. They will appear and examine experts. Mostly though they will be acting as very expensive paralegals on a short leash, and time durations, for the Of Counsel Commander.

A minimum specialty skill sets is necessary for the three PLAINTIFF COUNSEL, but absolutely controlled and focused for maximum bang per buck, inexpensively so, for the take down of JPM. The PRIMARY COUNSEL is central to the TEAM. The main big guns of the team comprise CO COUNSEL REID, and the three PRIMARY COUNSEL, as a lean mean fighting machine. 

The reason why PRIMARY COUNSEL are from the windy city is because that place is near the district and would possess the required skill set, and thus led by litigating patent attorney. The five examining PLAINTIFF PRIMARY SECONDARY TERTIARY CONSEL and will be court front men, with PLAINTIFF and PLAINTIFF EXPERTS will as public face men, whereas as REID is "of counsel", will be the script writer, while walking a very thin line, being shady at best.

PROXIMAL COUNSEL is the local counsel in the district and a general discovery attorney and is used for filing and conforming court papers, primary discoverer, and filed paper disseminator.

DISTAL COUNSEL is a rear URL Judicial Notice and discover back up attorney for the PROXIMAL COUNSEL as primary discover. DISTAL counsel searches for Judicial Notice URL for communicated to REID and relay to technologist.

REID will select the Chicago PRIMARY SECONDARY and TERTIARY COUNSEL, first by conflicts to select the firm, and discuss the firms stand on taking down the Gold Cartel and thus repeat business and fame for reduce rates, and then for each suitable firm, have skill set determined of possible set of three attorney with comprehensive skill sets. Security reviews of the attorneys will be had before a final selection is made.

A Chicago firm will be selected and 3 primary litigators interviewed, hired and assigned. These three will be given specific tasks. They will appear and examine experts. Mostly though, they will be acting as very expensive paralegals on a short leash, and time durations, for REID. REID has a reasonable rate of about 1800/hr, times about 2000 hours spent so far, over the last several months, that is about 3.6 million, but REID has his heart into the case. Heart out weighs skin, any day of the week. Current plans calls out 1000$/hr for primary litigators, 400$/hr for proximal and distal attorney, and 1800$/hr for REID as his reasonable rate, which in 1984 was opinioned to be 840$/hr, but would be generating invoices that would not be presented nor paid in a timely manner, to keep the case well within budget, but mostly used for recapturing fees from the DEFENDANT upon settlement. REID is not coming out of retirement to take this case for any money, or any glory or any fame, as self centered mortals can play that game for all its worth. REID is in the case to help the US Government by liberating bullion so as to take down the TBTF and TBTJ greedsters, so as to take down paper money and thereby freeing mankind from totalitarian rule.

The PLAINTIFF COUNSEL and PLAINTIFF EXPERTs will be generally be off limits by attorney client and work product privileges. But, DEFENDANT is likely to submit numerous discovery requests. Steps will be taken to minimize PLAINTIFF production burdens.

Aspect 1.5 PLAINTIFF Core TEAM

PLAINTIFF TEAM includes a commander REID, for the take down TEAM, , has been defined, but three PRIMARY COUNSEL are needed, and those are the PLAINTIFF COUNSEL, professionally disposed closed to the court. These PLAINTIFF PRIMARY SECONDARY TERTIARY COUNSEL of the Chicago Law Firm don't now exits, but have been assigned skills necessary. They would all function in a the Chicago Law Firm later selected and determined by REID. 

The PRIMARY SECONDARY TERTIARY COUNSEL are hired guns of the Chicago Law Firm under the command of REID, skills necessary to take down of JPM. Six months is figured to enjoin JPM to liberate the gold bugs and another couple of months to settle up and dismiss the case.

PLAINTIFF COUNSEL, and there would be six of them, would all be officially named of record before the court as well as PLAINTIFF and PLAINTIFF EXPERT to take down JPM and start the central banks falling like dominoes one by one, until they all throw in the towel, and paper money is abandoned and the gold bugs are liberated, and freedom is then restored to the people, and to mankind from the totalitarians, if you employ the right skills, well managed at the right place.

PLAINTIFFs and PLAINTIFF EXPERTS would be stars of the show. PLAINTIFF would be of record. PLAINTIFF EXPERTs would stand on filed declarations. Both would be instant world-class heroes, hoping that the fame and money does not draw them away for their right moral places. For REID, its not about money, so therein is the conflict, but the PLAINTIFF and PLAINTIFF EXPERTS are in REID cross-hairs. Hence, you have the commander OF COUNSEL REID, the PLAINTIFFs examined by PROMIMAL and DISTAL COUNSEL and PLAINTIFF EXPERTs examined by PLAINTIFF PRIMARY SECONDARY TERTIARY COUNSEL.

Aspect 1.6 Local Counsel

PROXIMAL COUNSEL is responsible for filing papers with the clerk of the district court of the Judge and is a form, fit and function type of guy, a primary discoverer, and PLAINTIFF examiner. PROXIMAL COUNSEL is located proximal to the district court for rapid paper filings and knowing the local rules of the court, where filing of papers are usually under the command of the PLAINTIFF COUNSEL and REID as well. But, PROXIMAL COUNSEL can be used to a secondary discoverer, examiner of PLAINTIFFs. REID would be the cross examiners of DEFENDANT EXPERTs and examine TRAITORS of JMP. REID would further help with routine discovery filings and discovery set ups.

Grand Standing by PROXIMAL COUNSEL is great to get PROXIMAL COUNSEL in play beside arguing Motions for chief, en banc, admissions. This grand standing, generally would show why JPM preys upon bullion and is motivated to rig the bullion space and support paper bank notes because paper money is effectively irredeemable. With one paper dollar and one ASE, both having a "one dollar" printed on them, saying, one is a fraud and one is not, guess which one, and the court ponders, Wall Street uses one of them, to paint the villains as evil, and the villain likes the paper notes, but even Joe six packs understands what is a note, a promise to pay back, to redeem the paper note, yet modernly, the paper notes are used as currencies in US and these paper notes can not be redeemed at FED central bank, and the villain manipulates the bullion market to keep the paper note as the preferred currency, and hence, prefects its crime of manipulation by using the paper notes, which are never will paid back and redeemed, and thus, the paper notes are irredeemable notes, and hence, the paper note is not really a note, but is an inherent absurdity as an irredeemable note, and hence, the paper note is a fraud as being irredeemable and used by the villain to rig the bullion market, and that is why JPM uses naked short selling while using irredeemable paper notes. Of course, the FED can cure this with change policy at any time by making all paper notes redeemable in FMV of genuine US minted coins, turning remote FED members into coin shops, but that is the FED banks call when it decides to do so, ably led by intelligent chieftains, as REID puts hands over rolling eyes, and now REID has some opening remarks before the case in chief is presented by the PLAINTIFF PRIMARY SECONDARY TERTIARY COUNSEL. This gets the PROXIMAL COUNSEL before the court in substance, before REID and then PLAINTIFF PRIMARY SECONDARY TERTIARY COUNSEL take over, as an excellent prolog, for biasing the set up.

PROXIMAL COUNSEL is given a wide birth during introductions and prolog remarks by the local Judge, as they are kin folk, sort of, while laying a foundation why the villain is motivated to act like a villain, without attacking directly the FED bank, but only with compliments for the FED bank on the record.

Aspect 1.7 The Chicago Law Firm

PLAINTIFF PRIMARY SECONDARY TERTIARY COUNSEL are found in the home turf of that totalitarian socialistic fascist racist in the White House and that home turf is the best place to find the skill set necessary for the job. The problem with that, of course, is increased logistics of flight times with longer communication lines, but, the PLAINTIFF COUNSEL can fly, temporarily as desired, as they are just but two hours by plane away, suitable conjugal visits and reporting in the Chicago Law Firm.

The Chicago Law Firm, is selected during a trade off between reduced logistics and shortened communication lines, but they are two hours away, so one should find the best or best with the necessary skill sets required for the attack on JPM.

The Chicago Law Firm having internal communications can act as a secondary communications hub for the TEAM.

PLAINIFF counsel at this law firm, must follow orders from REID, and this will be agreed to at the start.

This is important because the motion tactic will be novel them and they will be in unfamiliar practices. The TEAM is on a rapid take down, that focuses on an injunction motion at complaint filing, so as to bet JPM and get then very close to the truth, because the court will demand from the opening remarks by REID.

The staff at the Chicago Law Firm will be vetted for security purposes. The attorneys will be screen for possible corruption from JPM and will be asked if they each will be satisfied by a dollar per hour rate.

PLAINTIFF COUNSEL should cover as many relevant legal bases as possible within a limited three man attorney set, offering a massive cost-effective skill set.

PRIMARY COUNSEL should a patent litigator with expertise in operations systems and fault tolerance systems and control systems.

SECONDARY COUNSEL should be business and securities litigator with expertise in stocks securities and bond securities and over the counter securities.

TERTIARY COUNSEL should be a commodities litigator with expertise in the Comex exchange and the DOW exchange and the NYMEX exchange.

All three of PLAINTIFF PRIMARY SECONDARY TERTIARY COUNSEL are litigators that must come from the same Chicago Law Firm for cost effectiveness with shorten communications lines.

Aspect 1.8 Secondary and Tertiary Plaintiff Experts

DAVIE is the back up to KAYE both of whom are articulate, know physical flows, and are located extraterritorially, and compassionate. DAVIES would be a good great back up KAYE. DAVIES could an appear for added weight, and he may just do that for added weight.

The KAYE hypothesis is actually working, that first target slams of Comex price, so that JPM can load the boat from GLD, and then let the bullion price drifts up, and the sells, for the bottom line pop, getting gold through GLD, for then treasonous sales to open arms China. JPM has this wired, while COT and TA guy eats their hats confused by it all.

RICHARDS would provide court graphics knowing the bullion market. 

JAILY could replace MAGUIRE if MAGUIRE avoids appearance. There is enough video on MAGUIRE to make the case, and JAITLY could comment on it was well.

EMBRY and SPROTT would be good tertiary experts, both straight shooters, knowledgeable, and would not be intimated by opposing counsel.

TERTIARY EXPERTS can be generally drawn from bullion space. Any expert can show and add weight and become a world class hero.

Aspect 1.9 Auxiliary Plaintiff Expert at TFMR and LMPC

PLAINTIFF would function as self serving AUXILLARY EXPERTS, and used to show 1) lease rates, 2) junk premium, 3) price capping, 4) US mint production, 5) price smashes drawing inferences to price manipulation in the bullion space. Both TFMR and LMPC can function as tertiary communication hubs for finding needed judicial notice on line documents and videos. DISTAL COUNSEL will join both TFMR and LMPC for using tertiary communications hubs.

MURPHY and FERGUSON will be also used as COT and TA AUXILLARY EXPERTS. PLAINTIFF would collectively finger JPM as the dominant COT player using bank participation documents to inferred the bullion price manipulator rendering TA effective useless in the bullion space as opposed to normal markets, and that with a dominant position can make any market action it wants and any TA channel its wants primary to the down side, hiding the same down channel in well known Fibonaci TA levels.

Aspect 1.10 Demand Letters to Defendants

First there should be a polite demand letter from the PLAINTIFFs to write JPM, as follows. I hereby demand that JPM Inc and or JPM Chase Inc, et al, and their subsidiaries in which JPM or JPM chase own any shares therefor or act in concert in anyway, and those all acting in concert with you any where, and all of them, to immediate vacate the Au and Ag bullion space, and not cause any bullion to treasonously enter China or Honk Kong, including immediately liquidating all short COT Au and Ag bullion positions and refrain hence forth from using in house money or client money, or subsidiaries moneys, or money of those with which you act in concert anywhere, including any short future sells or buys of Au and Ag bullion or bullion futures, or COT bullion positions, or bullion derivatives, within 30 days hereof.

The Caveat is JPM suing for declaratory relief, in southern NY, but which would hurt share value, and the reply would bake them, as JPM would not take that chance, but it would get the ball rolling, but, odds are this demand letter ends up in the trash can or most probably some in house attorney gets back to the PLAINTIFF, and a good thing, so that, while heart-felt honest tear-jerking good faith negotiations are on, PLAINTIFF file complain for the surprise effect, as it is the civil thing to do.

Aspect 1.11 Defendants Attorneys Generally

Defendant attorney most likely will come out of a Wall Street Law Firm. These will be traditional lawyers playing the tradition legal game of milking the client and drawing out litigation with the shot gun blast. This is expected and will be their undoing. They will be skill with detailed market knowledge, totally unsuited for the proposed simple tort action and rapid move to injunctive relief.

Aspect 1.12 HQ Advance Preparations upon Funding

It is hoped that EMBRY of Sprott Assets will fund the propose case, and will then activate Sprott internal massive resources to rapidly get the HQ facilities operational while REID is personally off to Chicago to interview and hire PLAINTIFFs COUNSEL, to expedite the set up of the HQ facility. But if not, with can be rapidly done using self help in self reliance. FINANCIER may have a massive on line organization that could be cost effectively put in play immediately. ,

As part of the public MOPE, 500 battle flags from a district supplier, 500 yellow hats from a Turdville supplier, 2000 musical lyrics from a district music teacher will be procured. HQ will be leased by district real estate agents. A district located technologist will help with installing computer and communications equipment for HQ primary communications facilities, with redundant fault toleration computers and communication line systems with land lines and fiber and antenna systems for tri concurrent primary communication lines, all installed. Much that can be immediately put on line by parallel processing and these low end tools and high end tools, using the FANANCIERS existing organization would help move initial preparations along

A legal Secretary will be hired in charge of general flight ticketing and auto transport between airports as needed.

EXPERT and COUNSEL interviews will be important patent law function, for reducing complexity into simplicity, a REID specialty,

The HQ will be manned by REID. The systems include window OS 2000 profession based computers, with dual monitors, so that cursor action flies there between, one of which REID computers having standard system launch icons, the other of which computer, being a secondary work space. The two monitors provide for rapid cut and past, with full screen visuals, such as, two ViewSonic monitors requiring a dual monitor drive board imbedded in the mother board. The REID computers should have at least 2G of ram, a standard floppy, and a minimum 2GHz CPU. The C drive is partitioned into C and D with about 50meg on the C partition for OS installed with WORD 97 SR installed. REID may have original installation disks somewhere unknown. The REID computer should have external, very small size, speakers for the 1960-90 YouTube tunes, a must synthetic amphetamine. The REID computers should have a minimum 750meg in the D partition. An extra magnetic drive E, from Tiger supplier, for example, for form, fit and function, reliability being the keying driver to neural net exploitation. Both should have floppy ghost driven programs, for independent backup and ghosting, either C or D drives. The monitors preferably being models 12132, so that existing software tools can be used quickly used with full on communications. The second redundant like system is used simply as a backup. The keyboards must have an AT keyboard layout and Window style track ball mice. Thus, the technologist must install for ready use and back up REID computers. REID can communicate normal dot dot for macro install, so WORD can emulate WordStar for neutral burn exploitation. The REID computer must have an optical CD reader for reading optical CDs in transit and be used to separately back up the two magnetic partitions and drives in the C/D and E magnetic space. The REID computer should also have optical CD writers. The REID computers requirements are  all well within common technology expertise.

It is also preferred that the REID computer be compact and placed under the table to permit maximum desktop drawing pace for the creation of figures, and REID generates by HAND most drawings for transit and graphic court presentation. The drawings will be necessary to communicate perceptions to PLAINTIFF GRAPHIC EXPERTs, and also to PLAINTIFF COUNSEL. The HQ desks should be good size for making drawings. REID bring old drafting tools as desired to HQ. The HQ is preferably between the airport and the district court but closer to the court than the airport.

REID will primarily live 24/7 in his office for rapid cost-effectiveness. An in office shower is preferred placed in the HQ and with a quiet small refrigerator placed in the lobby. An air mattress with bedding is preferably situated in the REID office along with suitable air conditioning. REID generally wont leave the HQ, and will live in HQ. Preferably, the HQ is next door a grocery store. The HQ should be leased and located between the airport and the district court. Selecting, leasing, and installing equipment is a first action item. A small closet should be in the HQ for dress code uniforms. A small storage closet for storing rally flags and hats should be available.

The HQ should have at least one REID office and one Secretary Lobby. The HQ should have at least one conference room for sitting at least eight persons. The lobby and conference room should have copying machines. REID office and secretary Lobby must be positioned in close proximity to each other, as close in work will be needed at times. The lobby should have a fax machine, used as needed, but fax is not generally used. The lobby should have a scanner taking small letter size and legal size paper. The REID computer should also have small size line scanners, for manual feeding in letter and legal size papers, such as Strobe Pro line scanners. The use of two REID computers is important in case of infinite mortality, so that, while a first system is repaired quickly, a second system can be used, without any down time whatsoever, using like hardware and software, whereas the lobby can have a modern computer for secretarial use. The conference room can a fax machine as well. Standard modern systems can be used by the secretary or by visiting PLAINTIFF COUNSEL and PLAINTIFF EXPERTs in the conference room. The software and hardware can be installed, in advance preparation while REID is off to Chicago to select a suitable firm and PLAINTIFF COUNSEL there, as a lead time item.

REID will hit the floor running fast. So, HQ is need to be put together fast. REID will immediately get reinstated before the California state bar. PROXIMAL COUNSEL can easily get all of PLAINTIFF COUNSEL admitted to the district court for the case. The HQ facility can be put together by a responsible technologist hired for putting together computer systems. The technologist could also locate the HQ facility for lease, as REID is off to the Chicago looking for the PLAINTIFF PRIMARY SECONDARY TERTIARY COUNSEL. After which, REID will then come to the HQ searching for the PROXIMAL COUNSEL, so that the HQ and all of PLAINTIFF COUNSEL are online fast as advanced preparation. Also during this advance preparation period, the FANANCIER, PLANTIFFS, and REID can further select various experts about the globe and cement their participation with emails address exchange for communications and interviews from HQ. EMBRY is best suited for woo experts to join the cause.

After the HQ is set up with the technologist, and selected secretary from the PROXIMAL Law Firm, and the FINANCIER is on line, and with PLAINTIFF PRIMARY SECONDARY TERTIARY COUNSEL, PROXIMAL COUNSEL, DISTAL COUNSEL hired and on line, with the PLAINTIFF in support, PLAINTIFF EXPERT acquisition can begin in earnest. The PLAINTIFFs and FINACIER are best able to entice PLAINTIFF EXPERTS to join in the cause.

During the case process, REID is the central commander, with interface interviews of PLAINTIFF PRIMARY SECONDARY TERTIARY COUNSEL and PLAINTIFFs and EXPERTs. REID will draft scripts, for auto fit into various briefs, wired to all of PLAINTIFF COUNSEL, for integration fast into boiler plate forms, with form fit and function, per local rules for filing, with PLAINTIFF COUNSEL adding in minimal citations, as the TEAM will not teach the Judge what are the court rules or teach the Judge simple tort actions for damages and the equitable relief sought in civil matters. PLAINTIFF COUNSEL, wire, edited version back to HQ and to REID and PROXIMAL COUNSEL for final reviews, and preparation for filing, all by wire, and filing and service of court processes.

The computer will be equipped with speakers and the office equipped with push button, auto dial, answering that, when phone rings, REID can hear message for screening calls and no hand use. Simple recorder answer phone can be used, there should be a mute ringer for quit thinking without interruption when the secretary is not present. HQ facilities should be equipped with REID office, and a lounge, and a lobby for legal secretary, with one large conference room for deposition and video conferencing and general meeting. The HQ should be located close to the court between the airport and the court.

Aspect 1.13 General Litigation Process Flow

================ Preparation Phase =================

Financier, Reid and lead plaintiffs rally all plaintiffs and Experts.

All Rallied Plaintiffs are also auxiliary experts made of record.

All rallied Experts will eventually be made of record.

Reid first travels to District, and hires Technologist to Start constructing HQ.

Reid then flies to Chicago, to hire Chicago Law Firm.

Reid selects Chicago law firm and there selects three Chicago counsel, the three causes of action respectively assigned to the three Chicago Counsel selected and hired.

Reid then flies back to district to man HQ.

Reid and Technologist work together to get HQ completely operational.

Chicago Counsel then give REID first read of elements to prove for three Causes of Action in the complaint (COA).

Chicago counsel then give REID first read of elements to prove for preliminary injunction motion (PIM).

Chicago counsel then give REID first read of possible Summary Judgment Motion (SJM), with likely success and weakness points.

Reid at HQ in district selects Proximal Counsel and Secretary.

Proximal Counsel then gives REID first read on Chief and En Banc Review Motions including with points to be proven for each and as procedure motions for chief judge assignment and for em banc review, both herein designed as Em Banc Motions (EBM).
Secretary starts litigation account books and opens checking account and litigation credit card account.

Secretary locates and selects local music score Musician, bonnie blue flag Bearer, court display Printer, dress code Tailor, in the district, and shuttle limousine Service for both Chicago and District.

Secretary locates and selects big yellow Ferguson hat district Hatter.

Reid assigns plaintiffs and experts based upon expertise and qualifications to points of proof in COA, PIM, SJM and EBM.

Distal Counsel finds URL of Judicial Notice Videos and Documents.

Distal Counsel remains on standby for fast action finding and relay back Judicial Notice videos and documents.

Distal Counsel sent URL of exhibit video clip and articles to REID, as REID sends Distal Counsel additional searches for URLs for exhibits of Judicial Notice video and articles.

Reid drafts up COA for returned to Chicago Counsel for review.

Reid drafts up PIM SJM Motions for returned Chicago Counsel.

Reid drafts up EBM motions returned to Proximal Counsel.

Proximal Counsel selects filing date and hearing date.

Plaintiffs calendar to attend Chicago Rally or District Rally on filing date

Secretary communications with plaintiffs, Chicago Counsel, Proximal Counsel,  and experts for rally appearance hearing calendar clearing and appearance.

Secretary communications with plaintiffs and experts for arranges plane fairs for plaintiffs and experts.

Plaintiffs and experts clear calendar for Hearing date during which plaintiffs and experts are shuttled to district Hearing Rallies.

Chicago Law Firm sends notice of filing rally and hearing rally to politicians as invitees for generating a list of political invitees.

Proximal Law Firm sends notice of filing rally and hearing rally to politicians as invitees for generating a list of political invitees.

Reid drafts up Expert Declarations in support of all PIM SJM and EBM motions.

Reid select and creates draft graphics exhibits to COA, PIM, SJM, and EBM.

Reid selects Judicial Notice exhibits to Expert Declarations for COA, PIM, SJM and EBM.

Secretary communicates draft graphics to graphic artists.

Proximal Law Firm arranges permits for District Demonstration.

Chicago Law Firm arranges permits for Chicago Demonstration.

Secretary loads form fit and function legal shell documents at HQ computing systems.

Reid gives Chicago Counsel draft COA, PIM, SJM, and expert declarations with draft graphic exhibits and Judicial Notice exhibits in support.

Reid gives Proximal Counsel draft EBM and expert declarations with draft graphic exhibits and Judicial Notice exhibits in support.

Secretary hires Musician, Service, Bearer, Tailor, Hatter to produce and reserves Scores, Flags, Hats, Dress Suits, and Limousines for rallies and hearing date.

Chicago Counsel gives Reid review of Draft COA and PIM and SJM.

Proximal Attorney gives Reid review of Draft of EBM.

Reid finalizes COA, PIM, SJM, EBM papers for filing. 

Secretary generates form notice of defendant officers and expert depositions.

Reid drafts set of Interrogatory Discovery Requests.

Reid drafts set of Admission Discovery Requests.

Chicago Counsel gives Reid review of Draft of expert declarations.

Reid finalize Plaintiff and Expert Declarations.

Secretary prepares and loads shell deposition notices in HQ computing systems.

Proximal Law Firm notices times for Supporters, Politicians and Plaintiffs in District Filing Rally and notices Supporters, Politicians and Shuttled Experts is District Hearing Rally.

Chicago Law Firm notices times for Supporters, Politicians, and Plaintiff in Chicago Filing Rally and notices Supporters, Politicians and Shuttled Experts is Chicago Hearing Rally.

Counsel, Plaintiffs and Experts send body measurements to Tailor.

Secretary sends formalized Graphic Displays to Printer for generating court displays.

Secretary formalizes and communicates declarations, and COA and signature pages to experts including graphic display exhibits and judicial notice exhibits for execution and return.

REID send to Technologist URLs of Judicial Notice Exhibits.

REID send Technologist list of URL Judicial Notice exhibits of video clips with time specifications and portions for creating a CD of exhibits of concatenated Judicial notice video clips for in court playback.

Technologist create a CD of all URL Judicial Notice Exhibits.

Secretary formalizes EBM with graphic display exhibits and judicial notice exhibits for execution by Proximal Counsel for filing.

Secretary formalizes COA for execution by Reid and Plaintiffs.
Secretary send signature pages and formalized Complaint with signatures to plaintiffs.

Secretary send signature pages and formalized declarations with graphic display exhibits and judicial notice exhibits to plaintiffs and experts.

Secretary ships Hats, Flags, Scores to Chicago Law Firm.

Secretary ships dress code suits to counsel, plaintiffs and experts for YouTube Broadcasts and Rallies, or which can be convenient retained at the HQ or Proximal Law firm for passing out at time and day of Hearing.

Reid issues COA Filing Press Release, COA, with Rally Notices to Broadcasters and commentators.

Reid issues SJM Press Releases, SJM, with Rally Notices to Broadcasters and commentators.

Reid issues PIM Press Releases, PIM, with Rally Notices to Broadcasters and commentators.

Reid issues RM Press Releases, EBM, with Rally Notices to Broadcasters and commentators.

Reid issues Political and Invitee press release as what to say and what not to say during filing rally.

Plaintiffs, Experts, Chicago Counsel and Proximal Counsel creates filing YouTube videos for MSM broadcasts in dress code uniforms.

Secretary activates district and Chicago limousine Service for Plaintiffs and Counsel, and for Court Filing date.

Printers sends HQ court graphic displays for Court Hearing use.

============= The Filing Phase =============

Proximal Counsel Files complaint, PIM, SJM, EBM for the Hearing date.

Chicago Counsel serves defendants with complaint, PIM, SJM, and EBM, with PIM, SJM, and EBM set for Court Hearing Date.

Secretary releases Filing YouTube Videos for MSM broadcasters for public MOPE.

Commentators provide Broadcaster with filing comment for public MOPE.

Proximal Law firm passes out Flags, Scores, and Hats, and sets up mic stand and chairs, at District Filing Rally and removes mics and chairs at end of rally.

Proximal Counsel and Plaintiffs are taken to district filing rally in limousines.

District Filing Rally is had for Proximal Counsel, Supporters, Politicians, Plaintiffs, and Invitees, with Proximal Counsel and Plaintiff in Dress Code.

Chicago Law firm passes out Flags, Scores, and Hats, and sets up mic stand and chairs, at Chicago Filing Rally, and removes mics and chairs at end of rally.

Chicago Filing Rally is had for Chicago Counsel, Plaintiffs, Politicians, Supporters, and Invitees with Chicago Counsel and Plaintiffs in Dress code.

Counsel, Plaintiffs, and experts are taken by limousine Service back to airports and hotels in the District and Chicago.

Plaintiffs, Experts and Counsel creates hearing YouTube videos in dress code uniforms for MSM broadcasts at time of Hearing.

Secretary arranges planes and hotels for Counsel, Plaintiffs and experts at time of hearing.

Reid should provide court notice of plaintiff hearing agenda, which will probably last multiple days, including Proximal Counsel Argument of EBM, Proximal Counsel Prolog, Reid Opening, Proximal and Distal examination of plaintiff, Chicago Counsel examination of Experts, Reid Cross examination of defendants officers and experts, Chicago secondary and teritary Counsel and Distal Counsel Argument of SJM, Chicago primary Counsel Argument of PIM, and Reid closing summation.

The Technologist sets up computer and video monitor for in court play back during hearing, using video clips of Judicial Notice video clips from REID and Distal Counsel, and creating a CD for sequential playback.

============ The Hearing Phase ================

Proximal Counsel issued notice of expedited depositions of appearing defendants officers and experts for depositions by REID at HQ in advance of Hearing.

Chicago Law firms serves issued notice of expedited depositions of appearing defendants officers and experts for deposition by REID at HQ in advance of Hearing.

Secretary release hearing YouTube videos for MSM broadcasters for public MOPE.

Counsel, Plaintiffs and Experts are taken to hearing by hired limousine service.

Counsel, Plaintiffs and Experts attend hearing and respent EBM, SJM, PIM while presenting Proximal Counsel arguing EBM, prologue by Proximal Counsel, opening by Reid, case in chief including Plaintiff examinations by Proximal Counsel and Distal Counsel, Expert examination Chicago Counsel, and defendants expert cross examination by Reid, and, Summation by Reid, while experts may be excused for shuttle by limousine to the district hearing rally.

Commentators provide Broadcaster comment for public MOPE.

Proximal Law firm passes out Flags, Scores, and Hats, and sets up Mic stand and chairs, at District Hearing Rally, and removes mics and chairs at end of rally.

District Hearing Rally for Shuttled Experts, Politicians, Supporters and Invitees.

Chicago Law firm passes out Flags, Scores, and Hats, and sets up mic stand and chairs, at Chicago Hearing Rally, and removes mics and chairs at end of rally.

If TV feed is provided of the Hearing, then, a large monitor shall be set up at both rally points for live feed and the rally could extend several days to be set up by the Chicago and District law firms.

Counsel, Plaintiffs, and experts are taken by limousine Service back to airports and hotels in the District.


Aspect 2.0 Scope of Complaint Causes of Actions

The complaint causes of action are based upon only two tort claims, Interference with Prospective Advantages and Fraud. The two primary tort claims flow from market rigging, market front running, market racketeering, and government subversion. The totality of the wrongs support a third racketeering RICO claim.

A second part of the attack plan is its scope. The case is primarily two simple tort action for damages, which are speculative, justifying irreparable injury, for injunctive relief, for shutting down price manipulation. The PLINTIFF should own AGE, ASE and bullion services, all having been speculative damaged by price manipulation by the DEFENDANT JPM. The RICO cause of action is mostly use to flower the complaint, to 1) wholly paint the DEFENDANT as a treasonous criminal, 2) tortious paint the DEFENDANT as a civil wrong doers, 3) to paint the DEFENDANT as a government corrupt undue influencer, 4) to paint the DEFENDANT as a mob boss racketeer, and 5) to misdirect and confuse DEFENDANT COUNSEL and the DEFENDANT, to 6) to bias the court as much as possible in favor the PLAINTIFF to obtain the injunctive relief. The motion for injunction relief filed at the time of the complain, is used as a rapid fire sneak attack upon the DEFENDANT, to over whelm the DEFENDANT and DEFENDANT COUNSEL, to a quick hearing to rapidly stop bullion price manipulation. After the HQ facility is set up, REID will quickly interface with PLAINTIFF PRIMARY SECONDARY TERTIARY COUNSEL to set forth sufficient but focused causes of actions in the complaint and set forth required elements for injunctive relief, while avoiding any venue change out of the district court.

But without this action, the country and the people will very slowly effectively move toward the last ditch defense of gold and silver money, to avoid total anarchy in the country, for if, the paper dollar fails, only US minted coinage can provide the domestic economy with a means trusted by all to transact daily business. And so, through criminal price manipulation by DEFENDANT is effectively treasonous transfer the nation's treasure to the Chinese and Russians. Hence, the target JPM is not only villainous in its manipulation crimes, but is traitor, selling the nation out, for the bottom line paper profits, so that the officers thereof can live like kings, while the economy stagnates and the people suffer

All branches of the US Government, including the Judiciary, Legislative and Executive branches shall be held up as noble in high esteem, while painting the target JPM as the only real villainous criminal, traitor, and undue influencer, for focused public consumption through KWN, GATA and WATCHDOG. And so, the action wont touch directly the evils of paper money, even though it ain't worth a continental, as that diminishes the FED bank and the US Government. Through subtle implicit suggestions, this can be used to reference bullion in the US Constitution, and let the JUDGE put two and two together. REID will walk a thin line here.

There is thus a very limited objective of this case, and that is, taking down the target JMP in the Bullion space, hard and fast, and so, all must be absolutely focused on only that. The PLAINTIFF seeks to rally the public generally and the US Government generally on the side of the PLAINTIFF, while giving the US Government a political out, as all of the corrupt undue influence is all the fault of Wall Street, and specifically, the target JPM as Wall Street mob boss. REID will, through command central at HQ, keep all players on the same page to rally the people and US Government to concurrently support PLAINTIFF in this case. The judge is part of the US Government and attacking the US Government is this action is not to be had under any circumstance. They are all kind sirs in Government doing their best to serve the people, many of whom will rally to the defense of the US Government.

The scope of the initial complaint filing shall be, a three prong attack leading to the 1) hearing to enjoin JPM, 2) Summary Judgement Motions to butcher likely defenses, and 3) Expedited Discovery for finding facts and JPM traitors. The case will be supported by PLAINTIFF EXPERTs, all of which will guided by PLAINTIFF COUNSEL to the target JPM to stop at least five years of JMP bullion price manipulation. The complaint will be filed in a conservative gun toting states to avoid the DC or NY corrupt district courts which has already show their colors. Jurisdiction a conservative state is had by one of PLAINTIFF located in a gun toting conservative state through simple tort actions. 

The injunctive relief sought will in terms of Chinese Walls, Pooled FIFO sells, Staggered sells, and Threshold Amounts, so that the defendant can have any COT position it desires and sale any among of in house or client money, but done so, so to not price manipulate to cause local PLANITIFF tortious harm.

The various Summary Judgement Motions (SJM) will knock out quickly, JPM alleged defenses, for example, clients hedges, which in fact can not possibly exist, as sells are not done through FIFOs but must be done in a pooled manner couple with in house money for massive coordinated sells and resulting price smashes. Another possible defense is that the use in house funds to support the client money is proper, but money is fungible, so it don't really matter what money is used to price rig. It is unknown what defenses would be asserted against simple tort actions, but elements are all present. Other SJM will created as interviews are hand with PLAINTIFF EXPERTS and with PLAINTIFF COUNSEL. During complaint filing by the PLAINTIFF, and in response the Reply to the complaint by the DEFENDANT, and in response to the reply to the motion for preliminary injunctive relief, PLAINTIFF will file discovery requests against the DEFEDANT and DEFENDANT EXPERTS, the responses to such discovery will be preferably used at the hearing.

All of PLAINTIFF COUNSEL will made of court record. REID will be made OF COUNSEL for the general top down presentation of the over all view of the wrongs by JPM connecting the dots and will cross examine DEFENDANT EXPERTs. REID will be aggressive but walking a thin line. PLAINTIFF PRIMARY SECONDARY TERTIARY COUNSEL will be used for examinations of PLAINTIFF EXPERT. PROXIMAL COUNSEL will be used for up front EBM motions, introductions, local admissions, prologue remarks, and examining PLAINTIFFs. DISTAL COUNSEL will also examine PLAINTIFFs. The TEAM will be cost effectively used.

The first pair of PAINTIFF PRIMARY COUNSEL and PLAINTIFF PRIMARY EXPERTs are used to show actual price manipulation. The second pair PLAINTIFF SECONDARY COUSNEL and PLAINTIFF SECONDARY EXPERT are used to show DEFENDANT nefarious business operations. The third pair PLAINTIFF TERTIARY COUNSEL and PLAINIFF TERTIAR EXEPRT are used to show mathematical probability and supply-demand that JPM is the culprit. The EXPERTs will be supported by in court graphic displays. PLAINTIFF will be used as AUXILIARY EXPERTs and used to by PROXIMAL COUNSEL and DISTAL PLAINTIFF to finger JPM specifically. The three PLAINTIFF PRIMARY SECONDARY TERTIARY COUNSEL prepare the three PLAINTIFF PRIMARY SECONDARY TERTIARY EXPERTs for concurrent presentation, and they all will be focused in respective assignments. At the Hearing, the issue will be speculative damages which need not be show precisely, but generally, that the price manipulation is downward defeating honest price discovery, and that bullion services suffer membership and enthusiasm when the prices are manipulated downward, for generally showing imprecise monetary damages and the required irreparable harm.

There will be an inherent conflict by the Judge as part of US Government supporting the FED bank that is supporting JPM. The court must follow supreme court rulings and is ethically required to follow precedence, and yet, the Judge made an oath to the US Constitution and would concerned about civil war and freedom of the people. This is a personal conflict for the Judge. This is why it is important to avoid any venue change and retain the case locally using conservative judges under local public political pressure. The god fearing respect for an oath personally made and legitimate concerns for the local people by a conservative judge is the correct play.

Fifty million of the people are trapped on food stamps nationally by JPM. The gold bugs are trapped by JPM through price manipulation. Another hundred million are trapped as tax mules by those in DC by the paper money printer and the IRS using excessive taxes, the two calling cards of totalitarian rule. The Judge will be made out to be a national savior. The stakes are very high. And this will be mentioned during the REID opening top down discussion before the court, so as to focus the Judge. The shoulders of the Judge will be heavily weighted, so that, the Judge takes the action very seriously, and thus will focus of the facts.

The Constitution, and simple tort action law should provide any judge with a way of avoiding any precedent so as to rule in PLAINTIFF favor, to have the Judge focus where it really counts, on the facts to save the people and the nation generally from ruination. And thus, REID opening remarks at the HEARING will set the stage for a favorable outcome.

PLAINTIFF EXPERTs will have some protection from the DEFENDANT COUNSEL by work product expert protection to limit harassment by JPM, that is likely to loose some discovery attacks, as is normal. These expect discover attacks by DFENDENT will be largely discounted as a misdirection ploy upon DEFEDANT COUNSEL. The purpose is to always misdirect DEFENDANT COUNSEL so that DEFENDANT COUNSEL are expensively and logistically looking in the wrong places, while the TEAM focuses on the injunction hearing.

The REID is highly skilled at turning the complex and into simplicity so that the public and the Judge can understand the action with painting JPM as the Wall Street mob boss unduly influencing the US Government. PLAINTIFF COUNSEL and PLAINIFF EXPERT will be well focused while JPM and DEFENDANT COUNSEL are misdirected. The DEFENDENAT COUNSEL will be misdirected while the DEFENDANT EXPERTs are humiliated by REID possessing engineering and legal skills sufficient to humiliate the best of the best, and will do so without hesitation, and this is war, and there will be no mercy or pity.

During the Reply to the complaint and in opposition to the hearing, focus will be had on JPM admission as used against interests for directly showing the nefarious internal business operation of JPM. Thus, PLAINTIFF SECONDARY COUNSEL and PLAINTIFF SECONDART EXPERTs will be focused in reply to the motion on the business operations of JPM that will amply supported by DEFENDANT EXPERTs. REID during the moving paper, will warn the court that JPM is likely to take the fifth as any criminal would to simply deny and delay, but that the noble court should seek the truth, so as to double up the set up the DEFENDANT upon moving for preliminary injunctive relief.

As part of complaint filing, chief judge assignment, and en banc review EBM, SJM, PIM, motions and discovery requests all go out simultaneously as part upon JPM, with sets of interrogatories, requests for admissions, and for requests for production, for confirmation by target JPM. For example, how many contracts did you or your doe corporations sell during the 4/12 price drop during D hours +/- x hours. Produce for inspection all sells orders between D hour and Y hours. What was the average contracts sold (D hour +/- x hours) +/- y hours, during the dump on or about April 12th 2013. What was the price before D hour - y hours. What was the price after D Hours + y hours. Direct evident of JPM internal business operations will be sought to show that in house money and clients money are pooled by the manipulator for price manipulation, that is used to shake down the gold bugs and small speculators. Beyond simple denial, JPM will be set up at the hearing to show its internal operations, which tend will be used to against JPM.

The TEAM will humiliate DEFENDANT EXPERTs on the stand and thus on the record, taking the DEFENDANT EXPERTs completely out of the action, for they can only argue that JPM internal operation don’t price manipulate, and thus state what are those internal business operations in support, which then is turned against JPM. The hearing set up will be completed with direct evidence on the record to amply support a preliminary injunction.

The proposed case actually has little to do with Banking, Finance, Economics, Anti-trust and Positions Limits, such like, other than to show Wall Street and particularly JPM unduly influences Government. The case will use EXPERT testimony, simple judicial notice of facts and pointed arguments, with focus filings, in a quick and hard take down of JPM to enjoin them in the bullion space using a simple tort actions and preliminary injunctive relief. Gold and Silver short sale raids in the Comex is likely to continue with expectant draw downs in stock as JPM treasonously off load bullion to China through Hong Kong.

Even when gold piles are general not available, meaning GLD is nearly emptied, and price stagnant if not lower, while AU and AG stock pile draw downs on the Comex, one should look for SLV draw downs with raids on paper prices for low buys and high sells into open arms China, and for the bottom line profits by the JPM manipulator, at PLAINTIFFs expense. However, there is plenty of bullion stocks around and much time for the manipulation to continue. The price manipulation will not end unless it is enjoin by US District Courts.

Some price manipulatory targeting uses some client funds, and in those drop, the clients don't get a FMV for positions sold. During those spikes down, part of the price recovery is in house funds. Thus, JMP hangs clients out to dry while profiting on in house money. It can be shown easily by spike time lows +/- delta time of in house sells, to expose the self center dealings of JPM hanging its clients out to dry, during JPM criminal price manipulations for bottom line in-house profits. Fair markets exist only where random buyers and random sellers collide to produce honest price discovery, and where any entity distorts that collision, market rigging can occur and price discovery distorted, and so, one must get injunctions on the public records, based on that, and without any wiggle room for the dodge of the injunctions, to ensure that, that collision is maintained.

No one can have honest price discovery, in a market, where non-producing dominant entities are selling physical they don't even have. There can be no legitimate bullion price discovery, in a bullion cash physical market or in bullion futures markets, where non-producing non-holding dominant participants are selling bullion they don't even have and will never actually produce, as in a bullion mine having the real physical stuff in the ground in deep storage. Naked short bullion sales by dominant non-producers is simply fraud on the bullion holders and public, notwithstanding literal compliance with federal laws.

There can be no legitimate bullion price discovery, in a bullion market or futures market, where non-producing dominant participants are selling bullion they don't even have and will never actually produce. There can be no legitimate bullion price discovery, in a bullion physical market or in bullion futures markets, where non-producing dominant participants are selling bullion they don't even have and will never actually produce. Naked short bullion sales by non-miners is simply fraud. The tort action will include a fraud cause of action.

Using contingent stores say at GLD, as a legitimate basis to enter futures markets, is a manipulative trick. If you have current stores for sale, you sale them in the cash market. A contingent interest should not be part of a cash market or the future market. A producer can sale forward in the futures market. Stock piles owned and readily available can be sold in the cash market. Naked short sales in the futures through possible contingent interests without future production, is simply a fraud.

From a mere hypothetical perspective, let imagine that a single player is a "dominant" player with a large position in the COT, and that position is naked short in the bullion space. It is impossible not to manipulation the bullion market using clients funds, because clients funds are not FIFO received and placed, but are pooled, to some extent. Thus the market will have distortion on honest price discovery. Hence, there is per se manipulation. Is it impossible not to manipulate a market with clients funds where dominant participants use naked short sale. A dominant participant can now sell naked short a year worth of production without that being fraudulent. Because one complies with licensing law and can own a fire arm under the permit and licensing laws, does not give one the right to shoot people dead on the street, day in and day out.

The case is believed to be straight forward. MOPE the people and the judge and US Government and its agencies, turning all on the manipulator, the Wall Street mob boss JPM. Show prima facie price targeting and hence price manipulation. Then by COT data and bank participation that JPM is the likely the manipulator. Then show likely internal In house and Clients funds use for prima faci inference sufficient for an injunction. Set up the defendant to divulge internal operations and use that against the DEFENDANT at the Hearing. Get JPM to divulge their nefarious internal business operation in court papers. Hence, direct proximal causation is thereby shown during the hearing. Irreparable injury to gold bugs for injunctive relief then naturally flows as to what is real bullion price discovery. Bullion service providers can not place a dollar figure on the amount damages. The Injunctive relief is couched in terms of pooled FIFOs, Chinese Walls, staggered sells, and Threshold amount, while avoiding and enabling gross sell amounts and COT positions prohibitions, so that the injunction will have no wiggle room for any dodge. Of course, any standby expert can be used for any desired surprise appearances for replacing or supporting the action after which, the record can be used by US Justice to put officers behind bars.

Irreparable Injury flows from inadequate price discovery. The target must disgorge all profits made in bullion space since 2009. The suit is for profits in bullion space between 2009 to the preliminary injunction. Inadequate price discovery affects any one physically holding bullion, new letters, retail outlets, wholesale outlets, the US Mint as crimes, bullion services, any entity where the bullion price affects the business. Manipulating prices affect price discovery. Price manipulation, irreparable injury is on every AGE or ASE, and supports federal jurisdiction. The target took over from GS in 2009, date of first injury. JPM and the Gold Cartel basically comply with trading laws at law before the kings beach, and generally unduly influence courts and Government agencies, in which JPM regularly defeat actions there. This case will turn that world upside down.

The case is brought in gun toting state, in a district where the local people are MOPE for providing pressure on the Judge. The filed papers and presentation will further bias and influence the local Judge there in favor of PLAINTIFFs. The action is not based upon compliance with trading laws, as that is largely irrelevant, but rather brought in equitable jurisdiction before the church bench, where morality is really the determining factor. The case takes a totally different approach, and is based upon three claims, Interference with the market, Fraud in the market, and RICO Racketeering. The Interference and Fraud claims are in most focus, with the morality play, with the RICO civil claim used to bring in all collateral bad acts of the Gold Cartel, to paint JPM as the immoral mob boss. Interfering with Service Providers, Retailers and Wholesalers, unable to obtain FMV through price discovery by manipulation of prices.

Tortious interference with contract rights can occur where the tortfeasor convinces a party to breach the contract against the plaintiff, or where the tortfeasor disrupts the ability of one party to perform his obligations under the contract, thereby preventing the plaintiff from receiving the performance promised. The classic example of this tort occurs when one party induces another party to breach a contract with a third party, in circumstances where the first party has no privilege to act as it does and acts with knowledge of the existence of the contract. Such conduct is termed tortious inducement of breach of contract.

Tortious interference with business relationships occurs where the tortfeasor acts to prevent the plaintiff from successfully establishing or maintaining business relationships. This tort may occur when a first party's conduct intentionally causes a second party not to enter into a business relationship with a third party that otherwise would probably have occurred. Such conduct is termed tortious interference with prospective business relations, expectations, or advantage or with prospective economic advantage. In either of the above situations, the tortfeasor conduct must be intentional. There is no cause of action for merely negligent interference with the performance of a contract.

Fraud is based upon selling naked shorts, that is, selling something you don't have, like a year of silver production in five minutes. Fraud is a deception made for personal gain. In criminal law, fraud is intentional deception made for personal gain or to damage another individual, the related adjective is fraudulent, and verb is defraud. Fraud is a crime and a civil law violation. Defrauding people or entities of money or valuables is a common purpose of fraud. Fraud is a basis for equitable jurisdiction.

Preliminary Injunction enjoining JPM from price manipulation is the primary goal. A preliminary injunction, in equity, is an injunction entered by a court prior to a final determination of the merits of a legal case, in order to restrain a party from going ahead with a course of conduct or compelling a party to continue with a course of conduct until the case has been decided. If the case is decided against the party that has been enjoined, then the injunction will usually be made permanent. In most courts in the United States, the party seeking the preliminary injunction must demonstrate all four things together. That there is a substantial likelihood of success on the merits of the case. That they face a substantial threat of irreparable damage or injury if the injunction is not granted.  That the balance of harms weighs in favor of the party seeking the preliminary injunction. That the grant of an injunction would serve the public interest. The "balance of harms" refers to the threatened injury to the party seeking the preliminary injunction as compared to the harm that the other party may suffer from the injunction.

The United States Supreme Court revisited the requirements for obtaining a preliminary injunction in Winter v. NRDC, Inc., 555 U.S. 7 (2008). The Court changed one requirement just slightly: "A plaintiff seeking a preliminary injunction must establish that he is likely to succeed on the merits, that he is likely to suffer irreparable harm in the absence of preliminary relief, that the balance of equities tips in his favor, and that an injunction is in the public interest." The case law permits the actions proposed. But, the action must be comprehensively prosecuted. JPM can not equal the cross dimensional lighten speed scrimmages of REID with the necessary skill set in one brain as commander.
1. The Civil RICO statute at 18 U.S.C. 1964 expressly authorizes civil remedies, in addition to any criminal remedies that also exist to prosecute organized crime. 2. State courts have original jurisdiction to enforce the Civil RICO statute at 18 U.S.C. 1964. See Tafflin v. Levitt and Lou v. Belzberg, Rice v. Janovich and Village at Camelback v. Carr. 3. The Civil Case Cover Sheet for the Superior Court of California shows “RICO” as a standard case category. 4. A pattern of racketeering is expressly defined to mean only two (2) RICO “predicate acts” during any given 10-year period. See 18 U.S.C. 1961(5). 5. The federal statute at 18 U.S.C. 1961 itemizes all RICO predicate acts. The most common are mail fraud, extortion, obstruction of justice, obstruction of a criminal investigation, and witness tampering or retaliation. 6. Violations of State and federal laws both qualify as RICO predicate acts. 18 U.S.C. 1961(1)(B) itemizes a long list of federal offenses that qualify as predicate acts.

Service Providers, Retailers and Wholesalers will bring a Civil Complaint for Injunctive Relief and Damages, against JPM using In House and Client funds for Manipulating bullion market in Gold and Silver Causing all PLAINTIFF personal damages using Front Running, Conspiracy, Sedition, based upon Cause of Action RICO Crimes, Fraud and Deceit and Market Interference, for suppressing price causing all of the plaintiff irreparable harm based upon a lack of price discovery. REID has the time, skills, energy, and determination to drive this case to victory as its commander.

Aspect 2.1 Proximal Counsel Hearing Prologue Remarks

PROXIMAL COUNSEL is the local counsel in which the District Court is disposed. The PROXIMAL COUNSEL will first address the court.

Introduction of PLAINTIFFs COUNSEL in dress code with red ties, and introduction of PLAINTIFFs in dress code in black ties. The PRIMARY SECONDARY AND TERTIARY COUNSEL will examine PLAINTIFF EXPERTs. The PROXIMAL and DISTAL COUNSEL will examine PLAINTIFFs. CO COUNSEL REID will cross examine DEFENDANTs EXPERTs and witnesses. PROXIMAL COUNSEL then moves to have CO COUNSEL, PRIMARY SECONDARY TERTIARY DISTAL COUNSEL admitted to practice before the court in this case.

PROXIMAL COUNSEL then argues EBM before the court.

PROXIMAL COUNSEL then delivers to the court a prologue address as follows.

A) A US minted Silver Dollar and a FED bank paper dollar both have "dollar" printed on them. One is a fraud and the other is not.

B) The FRN paper dollar has the word "note" on it, yet one can not redeem that paper dollar at the FED BANK for a silver dollar, and hence, the FRN is a fraud and is an irredeemable note.

C) The silver dollar has intrinsic value based upon labor and money required to make that silver dollar by the US MINT, whereas the FED BANK paper dollar has no intrinsic value, but only has inherent value based upon IRS demands that federal taxes be paid in FRNs, and thus, the FRN has inherent value based upon IRS threat of imprisonment demand.

D) In order to sustain national debts and fiscal deficit, the FRN must be printed in every increasing quantities, through Zero Interest Rate Policies (ZIRP) and quantitative easy(QE) of the Federal Reserve Bank, the FRN implement a ponzie scheme, and thus the FRN dollar is actually ponzie coupon, that is, an irredeemable Federal Reserve bank note. 

E) All ponzie scheme eventually fail, as is well known by all bullion experts, and thus, experts in the bullion and currency markets know that the FRN will eventually fail, as do all fiat currencies over time, the average being about 40 years, as President Nixon closed the "gold window" in 1971.

F) Gold and silver, mentioned in the US Constitution are monetary metals, and thus are special commodities deserving of special consideration. The FRN paper fraudulent money is in direct competition with gold and silver minted coinage real money.

G) In order to enable the defendant to manipulate the bullion market and thereby interfere in the market preventing normal price discovery of bullion prices, the defendant uses naked short sells thereby fraudulently selling what it does not have. In order to enable the defendant to manipulate the bullion market to any targeted paper price, and obtain profits thereby, the defendant is given free paper money by the ZIRP policy from the Federal Reserve Bank. Thus, the defendant is motivated to unduly influence the Federal Reserve bank keep the ZIRP policy in effect to continue manipulating the bullion market to continue to obtain criminal profits.

H) Thus, the DEFENDANT really opposes PLAINTIFF PIM in order to sustain their bullion manipulation and resulting illicit profits.

I) The DEFENDANT may seek to hide behind literal market laws to engage in this illicit bullion manipulation with impunity, as the US Attorney General has indicated that TBTF TBTJ can not be effectively prosecuted by the US Attorney General.

J) If the court any questions, CO COUNSEL REID is qualified to answer any questions posed by the court.

PROXIMAL COUNSEL then calls upon CO COUNSEL REID to make an opening address, while advising and representing to the court that REID would qualify is an expert in five fields consisting of patent law, engineering, political science, military science, and the bullion market, and thus has a varied and colorful speech pattern.

Aspect 2.2 Of Counsel Hearing Opening Remarks

Time for some opening remarks. Proximal Counsel: Your Honors, I would like to introduce Mr Reid, who would like to make some brief opening remarks. Opening Remarks Outline:

I National Importance
A) 50m Enslavement of those on meal tickets
B) 100m Freedom Lovers up in arms and possible civil war
C) Wall Street Occupiers are demonstrating in the streets
D) US Attorney General TBTF TBTJ Wall Street Mob Bosses
E) Wall Street Mob Boss Unduly Influences Government
F) Court May Conflicted between Oath and Precedent
G) Only This Court can Save the Nation from Ruination

II Plaintiff Causes of Action
A) Interference Tort
B) Fraud Tort
C) Racketeering RICO
D) Case in Equity for Equitable Injunctions
E) Ecclesiastical Court Decision is based on Morality

III Court Tactics of Defendants
A) Teaching the Court simple Tort Actions and Injunctions
B) Relies on Irrelevant Market Law Compliance
C) 5th denials in a civil case is inapplicable
D) Will refuse to Provide Facts despite protective orders
E) Clowns should Sit Down and Shut Up in a Respectable Court

IV Defendants Nefarious Operations
A) Hiding behind Laws, Reports, and Trading Electronics
B) Unlimited Funding ZIRP by the Government
C) Client Fiduciary Breach to start Cascades in Price
D) Criminal Price Manipulation to a target price
E) In house Funds to buy Low using Fraudulent Naked Shorts
F) Front Runs to Conspirators in the Racketeering
G) Treasonous Sales to China in Face of Doomed FRN
H) Dominant position ensured price manipulation
I) Immoral and Unfair regular market intervention

V Injunctive Relief
A) Bullion Au Ag is constitutional money unlike other Commodities
B) Injunctions tailored to prevent dumping and price manipulations
C) Injunctions tailored to enable selling or any positions limits
D) Injunctions tailored to prevent Bullion Rigging only

Defendants are sure losers with Global Rock Stars PLAINTIFFs and EXPERTs on Offense, and the vicious ruthless cross-examining attack dog REID on Defense.

Aspect 2.3 Prayer for Injunctive Relief and Motion Hearing

Equitable considerations are many. At the Hearing, Estoppel equitable defenses are unsupported by any credible evidence. In equity for an injunction, naked sales are inherently a fraud, selling something you don't have, such that client funds are pooled, contrary to cash on the barrow head in random buys and sells as legitimate price discovery. Lack of transparency, into JPM business operations, yet JPM is the FED's Bank, a pseudo public trust, raising nation wide suspicions of nefarious conducts. JPM participates in the enslavement of 50,000,00 on meal tickets as a public trust pseudo US bank. JPM Sells traitorously to China bullion, America last ditch defense to anarchy if the FRN fails, which is likely giving the current TRAP ZIRP QE, known by them. There are many bad acts that will paint JPM as the mob boss.

At the Hearing, Latches equitable defenses are unsupported by any credible evidence. Price manipulation is an on going crime in progress. REID did not figure it out until 4/29/2013, how to cost effectively take down JPM. MAY of 2013 was drafting a coded attack plan. End of May June of 2013 was spent by REID to perfect on line marketing and editing the attack plan into readable English version to secure funding. REID has worked diligently many hours each day and seven days a week. The TEAM has not yet made funding arranged. There has been no unreasonable delay.

At the Hearing, Unclean Hands is asserted by the TEAM against the DEFENDANT, as an equitable assertion for the injunction, against any equitable consideration for the DEFENDANT, and hence, bullion price manipulation, crimes bypassed by Justice, conspiratorial front running, undue influence upon Government, RICO racketeering, personal damages to millions, naked short sells are public frauds selling something to don’t have, are singularly unclean hands of the defendant JPM, who shall be entitled to no equitable consideration. The inquiry lies in the literal compliance by the defendants in marketing laws, providing the DEFENDANT offender with supposed safe harbors, to conduct its crimes and public frauds, at civil law and at law, and is thus believed by all most as rock solid defenses at law, but not in equity, which is the equitable jurisdiction were injunctions can issue.

Reports can be required by the Judge to file Report with the court to monitor compliance with issued injunction such gross bullion sales and to whom, by existing bullion stock or naked short sells, and segregated by client money an in house money, and any forward futures segregated by miners, which adds to the logistic value of the injunction issued, and may cause JPM to leave the bullion space entire, as it is but a tiny part of their business, and they may not want the headache of reporting to the court.

In equity for injunction, naked sales are inherently a fraud, selling something you don't have, as client funds must be pooled, contrary to cash on the barrow head in random buys and sells defeating legitimate price discovery,

There is also a lack of transparency, into their business operations, yet the FED's Bank allows JPM to borrow at ZIRP, the defendants are pseudo public trust, raisings nation wide suspicions of nefarious conducts. The defendant enslaves of 50,000,00 on meal tickets as a public trust pseudo US bank. JPM sells traitorously to China bullion probably through Honk Kong, thus selling America's last ditch defense, minted bullion, to anarchy if the FRN fails, which is likely giving the current TRAP ZIRP QE, known by them, After any live testimony, or end of a hearing, REID should be given time for summation remarks, to tie it all together.

Rallies are done in public and to the initial great embarrassment of the DEFENDANT but like most other things, JPM will ignored it. Releasing news releases to the public about JPM and its bullion manipulation will have a seriously life-threateningly negative effects for the person concern. MAGUIRE experience shows witness tampering. If any one has information, actual or suspected, and hear say is just fine, regarding any threat or violence, towards any EXPERT, for spilling the beans, or after that time. It can be easily shown that there is wide spread undue influence, wide spread corruption, upon the US government. But, if an expert is threatened in anyway after time of spilling the beans, it adds a whole other dimension to that corruption, and a sought for consideration. If DEFEANT executives should be put in jail, this information should be made public and disclose in court documents. REID will request any relevant information.

The actions should be tort and with many prayers for relief at complaint filing with concurrent motions for injunctions, SJM, EBM Procedure Motions, and Discovery Requests, among many others, so that JPM is preliminary enjoined from manipulating the bullion markets. JPM cant really argue against simply injunction to stop manipulating because JPM has admitted they don't manipulate. And since it wont hurt them so JPM should sit down and shut up in court. The only thing is to upon motion, is to set up JPM to tip its hands, and explain its business internal business methods in a focused way to attempt to defeat the motion, where it believes it don't manipulate in the opposition papers. Thus, the motion is in part showing an interference as a set up. Hence, the immediate focus shall be upon JPM internal business methods. Hence, the put up or shut up will address in the opening remarks by REID, and the opposition papers will be in focus, with REID explaining the need to focus of the facts.

The reply paper will be focused on JPM admissions of their internal business to provide by admission against interest, and direct evidence of nefarious business operations. There will bullion manipulation inferred from the moving papers, with warning of denial or lack of showing of facts, as JPM will be obligated to respond with detailed facts, at will seriously damage JPM in court and provide the TEAM with motion advantages. Hence, the key is the initial moving papers that should simple to understand which is a REID's proven ability. Even Joe six pack will understand it all. JPM will get no sympathy and courtesy, with only a couple weeks to respond back in opposition papers to well guided motion papers and supporting expert declarations. And so, the tactic relies upon is the detailed up front preparation, another REID proven ability, according to the rules, so all can see and read. This is not rocket science, and they are not rocket scientists, but mere mortals, ripe for slaughter.

The MAGUIRE apparently through the looking glass has shown prima facie price manipulation, and is probably having a hard time seeing inside JPM operations for the killer direct proof of nefarious business operation. But, JPM will hand by opposition admission, an overview of its internal business operations, that will be then used against JPM, thereby shooting itself in the foot, but prima facie manipulation will get PLAINTIFFs into court, as the TEAM will set JPM up for direct proof of internal operations.

Irreparable harm is based on a lack of precise monetary damage computation. One can not put a dollar figure on uncertainty. One can not ascertain the damage effects on bullion general and bullion services generally. The price manipulation downward over then last few years 2009-2013 causes bullion services lack of enthusiasm and membership. There is no way to determine the exact price of the damage. Injunctions against bullion price manipulation is to restore price discovery and is the proper judicial remedy, warranted in this case. The term "Chinese Walls" is a pseudo private resurrection of Glass-Seigle laws, but enforced in the private sector. MAGUIRE and Childon of the CFTC are traveling down the wrong procedural road, as Bart has already been there and done that, with admitted supposed insufficient funding. The TBTF TBTJ shenanigans can stop using this private action. The main focus will be morality, based in market interference, market fraud, and RICO racketeering.

Crime is an act prohibited by statue against the state, which the TEAM will not enter, but instead go into equity before the church bench, as the Judge can wear two different hats, at law of the king's bench or in equity of the ecclesiastical church bench, where the former is based upon the written law and the later is based on morality. Statue enforcement make an act criminal. But, until the crime is enforced, it is an unenforced crime. The US Attorney general has indicated that the big banks are TBTF TBTJ. That translates morally into an inability to enforce the written law. So, the crime is never prosecuted. A crime that is never prosecuted it is not a crime, for the criminals are effectively granted immunity. So, if an act, otherwise deemed criminal is subject to immunity, it is no longer a crime by the ones granted state immunity. The US Government have effectively given the gold cartel a license to thieve by market rigging. Thus, exchange price manipulation is not a crime. Defenses regarding client fund use and federal statues are not in play. There is no crime or state jurisdictional basis to prosecute them, any more, according the US Attorney General. Acts by exchange players may thus be allowed by the state even if deemed morally criminal, and thus the perpetrators, walk time and again, with allowed prescribed conduct and de facto immunity, and JPM can not be stopped under the civil law at law before the king's bench. So, the king bench offers no real remedy to stop the price manipulation on the exchanges.

The only other alternative is the ecclesiastical church bench, where, literal compliance and de facto immunity will not protect the perpetrators if it can be shown that the complained of conduct is immoral. And JPM experts will be asked, on cross examination by REID, if someone complies with gun licensing laws, is it moral to murder people in the streets? The dodge of course would be that freedom of contract and laws allows one to go naked short. The question then comes, but naked shorts is selling something you don't have? Is that a fraud? Is that immoral? The idea being that you take the fight into the church, and get DEFENDANT expert to admit on the record that what is being done is immoral, a REID specialty, where full injunctions can be had from the church bench. Thus, REID will be focus on the morality of price manipulation even if allowed by law and freedom of contract. The focus by REID as the cross examination attack dog is to get plaintiffs all to say that this conduct is immoral, and to get on cross examine of DEFENDANT EXPERTs to basically admit that murder is immoral, in no holds bared trading, enabling price manipulation, treason, fiduciary breaches, notwithstanding trading law compliance and freedom of contract. That is, the DEFEDANT may be compliance with law under granted immunity, but that price manipulation perfected by lawful at law conduct can be and is used immorality.

The created public record being so complete, there will be no need to hand US Justice a silver platter, even though there would be no opposition to court orders to provide US Justice all of PLAINTIFF COUNSEL notes, as those public record are made public, so that US Justice can at last bring criminal cases against TBTF and TBTJ greedster officers, and put the perpetrators in prison.

Aspect 2.4 Defendants Manipulations Since 09
JPM and bullion price smashes is were JPM and other bullion banks engage in massive short selling or then buying with their own in house money. The government has for some time bailed out these large financial institutions and have required repeated government bailouts and other forms of creative government financing, while the private section gets little, and hence, taxpayer money is used by JPM and others bullion banks. So, when do the little people get equal treatment from the government? GATA, LMPC, and A. Douglas monitored GS naked shorts between 2004-2009 where GS reduced it naked short position until JPM took over the naked short bullion suppression racket in 2009, which is the time limit of proposed action.

Aspect 2.5 Defendants Anticipatory Smashed in Usual Course

JPM and its behemoth army can probably invaded personal computer systems. So got it back up system, rewritable optical CDs and redundant HQ systems are necessary to stay ahead of computer threats. There plan has been well planned and now advertised. JPM was given until 6/22/13 to go long silver on the COT to avoid executive jail time. One can reasonably suspect the perennial shorts are anticipatory with expected Comex smashes and invading other computer systems at will. Precautions must be used.

MURPHY would be could to show recurring price smashes, using his developed plans A B and Cs. FALLGUY can show price smashes. KAYE can show treasonous bullion flows. MAGUIRE can show price manipulation. KAYE and DAVIES can estimate JPM internal business operations. GRANT and GRANT and RICKARDS can show wide spread economic effects of these bullion price smashes. TRASHMAN, SHOPPER and MINTER can show effects of these bullion price smashes on bullion retailers, wholesalers, and the US Mint, generally. LEASER can show effect on lease rates. Admissions and Videos can show front running for conspiratorial manipulation and racketeering. The TEAM can cover the bases of all the total effect of the bullion price smashes on the Comex. Judicial Noticed facts can show over all government influences.

Defense of compliance with Federal Laws is largely irrelevant, though could be used to avoid jail time, not at issue here. Just because someone complies with federal gun licensing laws, does not give anyone the right to come into a foreign state and murder people, day in and day out.

Aspect 2.6 Fungible Combined In House and Client Money

First understand that money is fungible, and one should not care as to the source. Secondly, there will be many dodges by JPM among a vast number of expected ones using transitional thinking, as they are locked into to that, looking primarily for the almighty dollar of JPM and tradition law firms. But, the attack plan developed involves, coming out the gate, pendent litigation, with preliminary injunctions and summary judgment motions, to totally blind side the JPM, in a shot gun style, from the start, and cost effectively so. Currently there are many videos of the head of commodities, BLYTHE, offering admissions against interests locking them into those clients hedge primary defenses, from which there is really no escape. That is, there is effectively no second bite at the apple for JPM, at the door threshold.

Surely JPM wants to find and surely will order DEFENDANT COUNSEL to search for a million such like defenses, as any good licensed dispute resolution lawyer would, to suck more blood money from JPM. Hence, focus need only be targeted on that primary defense at this stage, which is often the make-or-break stage, with REID having personally traveled that well worn path. It will not matter a fig after the Hearing, because JPM will cave with differing settlement offers, as any smart business people would.

Trial is highly unexpected, preempted by settlement, as heretofore, REID only once came close to trial, but, last minute settlement was had, and REID batted 1000% as plaintiffs attorney. The key to resolving disputes before trail, in court, is to come out hard and fast from the start as planned here, to ripped so many holes in JPM defenses, by that initial shot gun blast, at those arrogant people, that they with soon wise up and caved. Thus, the true focus need only be on any primary defense, at the start, knocking it out by SJM, and then proving at the Hearing by preferably direct evidence of the nefarious method employed.
Aspect 2.7 Treasonous Sells and China Accumulations

Surely, JPM causes physical bullion buys, such as through Mellon from GLD, to be sold to China, through Hong Kong. But any right thinking economist must know the FRN, under TARP ZIRP and QE to infinity, will eventually fail as was the currencies of Zimbabwe or the Weinmar Republic, and that, only minted bullion coinage can save the nation from absolute anarchy. Thus, as a collateral misdirection only, treason by JPM will be asserted on that basis. JPM is just stupid as admitted.

China was so accommodating to get the price lower, after years of flat action of the slow boat, but a new normal, is to help out the manipulator. The manipulator managed to push silver to three bottoms, on the Comex, with the use of client money, for the push down, to breach fiduciaries with clients, and at those bottom, used house money to cover shorts and buy at a low price, since the manipulator force the price low and knew where the price was going anyway. Then, the china market drifts back up, during globex, while the manipulator traitorously unloads gold bought for the dump into China arms. Thus, china gets the physical and the manipulator has house bottom line profits, while clients do not get MVF for bullion sold. But, physical is required to play that game, as China only wants the real bullion not paper promises. This would not last long with Comex and GLD supplies draining fast in June 2013, so a new game will soon be required.

On 7 June 2013, China’s Gold Reserves:
How big is the Elephant in the room?
let’s just add-up what we have so far;
World Gold Council (2009).....1,054.1 tonnes
Imports from Hong Kong (2009-13).....3,360 tonnes
China’s Gold production (2009-13).....1,590 tonnes
Foreign Gold swaps (2009-13).....300 tonnes
Total (estimates) Gold Reserves.....6,304.1 tonnes @ End 2013

In June 2013, the bullion market entered a new normal. China is dropping the price, to help the gold cartel to cover and buy real bullion on the cheap, and as the price goes back up on the drift, during Globex, to make profits and deliver to open arms China, which is called a treasonous conspiracy. Chinese market use to be like flat. Then as bullion supplies dropped, there were some up and down spikes, but recently, China have drifted lower going into London, because China now wants bullion lower, in that control economy, not because they got a new hoard, but to help the Gold Cartel buy bullion for sale to China through Hong Kong? The new normal play, with NY Comex and GLD running low on physical supplies, is depicted in the change in price action. When was the time, the China market drifted UP going into London? That is a clue.

For example, the bullion price smash started in china, in weeks 6/10 6/17 2013. As indicated, its called a treasonous conspiracy, the new normal, which is for the China down drift, going into London, to help JPM buy US stock piles at lower prices using client money, recovering using in house, to make in house profits, and then to ship to China the real bullion, as China does not really care about the current prices, but only wants the real bullion, in that controlled economy. So there should be no surprise that the bullion price smash start in China, in fact, it should have been expected.

Aspect 2.8 Plaintiff General Proof and Motion Showings

Price action make commentary and upward price action increase participation of FERGUSON and MURPHY bullion service. All the PLAINTIFFs surfer speculative damages by price manipulation as there is no price discovery.

Hearsay exceptions relevant are excited utterances, made at the time of the occurrence and recorded near the same time. This is like old news papers getting admitted as evidence as exceptions to hearsay rules. Hence, video and printed articles of experts generally around the world, will selected for key relevance and offered, and will get admitted, and then commented upon by PLAINTIFF EXPERTs. Hence, in the movie, the Secret Word of Gold, and KWN news interviews, MAGUIRE public statements will all get admitted, as will others, especially were the country is in peril, per US Attorney General Holders admission of records, admitting that TBTF TBTJ can not be prosecuted as being to big for the US Government to handle. Thus, the private sector must step up and answer the call of duty to the country, and only the court judge can save the country from ruination. Hence, the total mind screw of the Judge. Wide latitude should then be given PLAINTIFF to admit video and articles, of all kinds, selected for the courts education and for the exposure of the DEFENDANT itself in its self centered greed, hanging of clients during price smashes, and its treasonous sells, undue influence, and particularly the use of in house and clients money used repetitively to rig the bullion space all, all used in support of injunctive relief. The nation is being prepared for this action on line and in public.

Aspect 2.9 Pending Motion Discovery and Motion Showing

During Discovery, DENDANT COUNSEL examinations of PLAINTIFF documents can be wildly intimidating and widely searched, as standard obscene traditional practices of lawyers. PLAINTIFF may bring currently shredding of unnecessary paper positions and extraneous documents, and set aside the remainder placed in boxes for rapid production. This rapid production can be kept in the PLAINTIFF personal possession. There will be a need to produced for examination to the DEFENDANT. But, this production of documents can be had with minimal logistics upon the TEAM particularly where shredded documents are available on line, such as, brokerage houses, used for personal tax reporting. The expected production request will normally be had through opposition discovery and subpoenas for production. But, if they ask for them, that means that DEFENDANT COUNSEL must look through them in a timely manner and must also look elsewhere for sought after documents through expensive third party production notices. Hence, DEFENDANT COUNSEL will be expensively misdirected, thus, saving the PLAINTIFF the trouble, which in the long run, work outs best for the PLAINTIFF, and also, as well as to any bullion service TFMR and LMPC extraneous businesses operated and stocks positions. PLAINTIFF should appoint a respective members of such bullion services as respective document managers. PLAINTIFF personal homes should be purged of all business documents relevant except as to those related to US minted coinage in possession. All extraneous documents relevant should be boxed up by number, so that, the DEFENSE ATTORNEY must by discovery again search these boxes and search third parties such as the bullion service businesses and brokerages houses but only through other appointed documents managers. Thus, the PLAINTIFF home are relative secured as best able from the DEFENSE COUNSEL harassing discover attacks. There are expected to be legions of discovery requests from the DEFENDANT COUNSEL. So, the PLAINITIFF should reduce that harassment as much as possible, so that the PLAINTIFF and the TEAM can better simply comply as will be ordered. But, DEFENDANT COUNSEL time and money is spent on wild goose chases. This sanitation by PLAINTIFF will be part of the preparations, relieving PLAINTIFF COUNSEL and thereby making time for the PLAINTIFF COUNSEL to go onto the offensive in preparation for filing the complaint and the concurrent hearings. PLAINTIFF should put COT and TA expertise chart analysis in play before the court and be integrated into the complaint and motions, as well as boxed up for complying with prospective discovery requests. Thus, the PLAINTIFF complains and move, while misdirecting the DEFENDANT COUNSEL but largely avoids conventional lawyer harassment and waste of time. 

Videos are generally exception excited utterances to hear say rule, and can be collected for court presentation, limited in number, but key ones can be used, and, TFMR and LMPC gangs, HQ and PLAINTIFF COUNSEL, can due research to locate the video of interested, for court use, thus, an HQ local means should be established to convert YouTube videos for court presentations, and it would seem, VHS cassettes and TV for simple viewing in court, and thus HQ can issue a call for a video YouTube cites, generally, the YouTube cite URL relayed back to HQ, and there converted, or off loaded to a district located video house for making, for latter presentation, modernly simple respective CDs could be made as well, and used for admissions against interest, impeaching witness, instructing the court and attorneys, and proving case in chief. Thus, proof Expert Testimony and Declarations, Admissions Against Interests, Graphic presentations including Video and Bill Board Displays.

Production have determine the business operations supposed. The initial discovery by PLAINTIIFF would be directed to the internal reproduction of the business operations nefariously used, with 30b6 named executives and this discovery will be filed along with the complaint, from the start, along with specific request for particular smashes to show examples of price manipulation, which two discovery methods would be a death knell to JPM.

PROXIMAL COUNSEL can argue why any delay by JPM in production by one so fully staffed and funded as JPM, is really just pure gamesmanship, and hence nail JPM time and time again during discovery until JPM learns that the TEAM wont play typical lawyer games, and JPM will settle the case. JPM will be ordered to produce singular key documents explaining that internal operation by and exemplar price smashes.

US Attorney General letter is sought saying big banks are TBTF TBTJ, which shows undue influence. So, a URL cite of his letter. She Head saying client money are used as a hedge, showing client money are used, but impeaching that client money can not be used and maintain price discovery because of collection and dump, showing self centered client hanging and price manipulations.  So, a URL cite of a video showing where BLYTHE said client funds are a hedge on Blooberg for example.

Aspect 2.10 MAGUIRE Hypothesis and Discovery

MAGUIRE hypothesis gave rise to REID in a shot in dark, but lay observation over many years can be real value. It is known that MAGUIRE has been in the field for thirty years, and lately has acquired some predicative powers. So lets suppose MAGUIRE tactic. The trading platforms of MAGURIE must show the stacking orders on line, and MAGUIRE must see typical orders, such as the stops of sell orders, and using an algorithm derived over years, bases upon his 30 years, determined when JPM will now manipulate the bullion price, as just a shot in the dark by REID, because REID is in the dark here, without a MAGUIRE white paper in hand, as to how it will happen, as no MAGUIRE disclosure has been published, on how the prediction power works, such as shown in the secret world of gold.  But REID, using that Engineering mind, guessed it is probably an algorithm of sorts, and also, this cant be that difficult for REID to understand, as this is not rocket science, and REID has 5 skills in one, and so, it just cant be difficult to understand, as REID has 30 years of engineering and patent law experience, where systems were much more complicated. REID, having interviewed the best of the best, for 20 years, of real US rocket scientists, can only conclude, that this is easy to understand and integrate into the attack plan of this case.

Aspect 2.11 Plaintiff Front Running Hypothesis

On or about April 23, when bullion got bombed and after the UT Mine failure, an expert put up a video on YouTube. It had light blue charts. The was only a chart with the cursor flying around, resizing, and drawing lines, and it showed the price action for the day, how within minutes, a year production was sold. As YouTube display was just of charts being resized and lined, by this expert, someone knowledgeable, giving an explanation by audio only as the cursor moved, and he would zoom in and out. The price action showing regular small pulses of sale, apparent signaling to other in the Gold Cartel that a price drop was about to happen, and to stand by as an unobvious conspiracy communication means.

Aspect 2.12 Plaintiff Business Hypothesis Market Action

Because hypotheticals are expertly allowed in court, lets imagine that a single player, JPM, has had a "dominant" position in the COT, and that position is naked short with a dominance say only at 50% COT position of shorts reported. Thus expert can defined dominance a naked short seller, which is really only 15% of the market. It will be shown that it is IMPOSSBILE not to price manipulation the market using clients funds, because clients funds are not FIFOed when received and placed. Hence client funds are in fact pooled to some extent. Thus, that pooling will have some distortion on price discovery. Hence, it will be show that JPM is a per se price manipulator. Is it impossible not to price manipulate a market using clients funds and having a dominant position.

KAYE's Hypotheses Market Action. Clear as a Comex closing bell, Comex low, illegal price targeting, manipulator buy Mellon redeemable GLD, at a low bullion price, lets the china price drift up during and after globex, to a price above the accumulated low price, the JPM manipulator makes some bottom line profits, and the sells traitorously to China, to cement profits on the bottom line, thus manipulatory price targeting and Comex price smash, and China gets the physical, while GLD and the people are robbed, for profits by the price manipulator JPM. Its clear at the closing bell, Comex and LBMA volumes are on sale, but the scam is hid from obvious view. This scam is working to perfection, Kaye KWN, Comex slam, rob GLD, slow drift up into slow boat Hong Kong for the double bottom line pop.


Aspect 2.13 Graphics Expert Proof and Motion Showing

RICHARD can be used for generating precision graphic display for use of all of PLAINTIFF EXPERTS at the hearing for injunctive relief. Drafts will come from REID and wired to RICHARD, and PLAINTIFF EXPERTS, for review and for printer ready, and returned to REID for approval and relay to a district printer for generating court displays for all of the PLAINTIFF EXPERTS.

Aspect 2.14 Plaintiff Expert Proof and Motion Showing

MAGUIRE, KAYE, RICHARDS and PLAINTIFF are the minimum set of experts required for the cause. But any of them can get cold feet, and back up experts or just supporting experts are desirable. 

Generally MAGUIRE shows price manipulation. KAYE proposes internal nefarious business. KAYE is good for global bullion flows, and is well suited for business and economic testimony generally, while supporting treason by the DEFENDANTS. PLAINTIFF finger JPM and show irreparable harm. RICHARDS can show mathematical probability and helps generate court displays. This is the minimal inference needed is simple tort case.

Backup PLAINTIFF EXPERTs are possible. Professor Fekete is not good for live testimony, just too damn smart, old and random, but his resume is outstanding. Sandeep JAITLY is a winner, young, articulate, knows his stuff, and could even be a primary expert. Additional backup Sluggers: Ted BUTLER, SINCLAIR, Jim GRAINT would be good for Bullion effects upon the economy and interest rates. William GRANT, of Things that make you go hmmm, Singapore. David STOCKMAN who has no clue, as he is an ex government hack, trying to sell his book, looking for band aides, and not lasting solutions. Clues were sent to Rick SANTELLI of CNBC news, he would get it, if any of them would or even could. STOCKMAN is loaded by his bent on the US Government, which is totally the wrong play under at the court, but attack on wall street are perfect. STOCKMAN would required allot of coaching to get him to focus on the defendants in wall street, and economists are not really needed, but bullion experts are. Nonetheless, if coached well, he could be a great general back up slugger. He like ALL others propose Band aides, not lasting solutions. Broken Brokerage and Goliath Hunter are code names.

William GRANT, Investment Manager, Singapore. newsletter, things that make you go hmmm. Documented Price Dump on or about 4/12/13, showing conspiracy between target and others. a list of price dumps over a threshold within one year of filing is desired, with a list of GS recommendations, showing conspiracy with price movements thereafter in delta dollars, with large sells orders, correlated to price dumps during that period. FALLGUY can generate list of price targeting so correlated to that time. GRANT is good for mathematical inference. Suing and hearing support by declarations is used to show 1price targeting, actual price dumps, and price actions, third parties MOPE and like price projections, and In house and client money uses of business operations, for showing total price manipulation and conspiracies.

DAVIES of Hinde Capital and are well suited as business and economist experts.

RICKARDS is also an attorney with bullion, politics, finance, and economic expertise. RICKARD would be the best of best. RICKARDS has five skills in the 3rd order with a large mass spectral density metal intellectual cube signature. RICKARDS should be used to show JPM gets free money from the government to price manipulate.

Aspect 2.15 Judicial Notice of Indisputable Facts

Judicial notice can work to focus to prove a case as well as encourage DEFENDANT EXPERT for generating admissions as major set up of JPM, and hence, upon filing of the complaint, the hearing will be papers will be based upon Judicial noticing suggested undue influence alleged in complaint, shown in the injunction moving papers, and also for showing any needed expedited emergency discovery, thus, will be used concurrently distract the DEFENDANT EXPERTs and DEFENDANT COUNSEL in advance of opposition papers filed.

Judicial Notice can be used to state multiple proofs such as useless investigations by the CFTC showing undue influence by the bullion riggers and target JPM. PLAINTIFF contemptuously fingers JPM on the stand, under the view of commander REID. DISTAL counsel search for URL cites using MURPHY and FERGUSON cite members, to research to get credible cites and data concisely stated for the hearing, lightening fast, to aid in the fact gathering, which reduces over all costs, and renders the TEAM to a leveraged advantage over JPM, for the quick draw in preparation for the HEARING. The gangs may gladly perform the services for the case.

DISTAL COUNSEL and FERGUSON, as MURPHY could get into multiplexing tasking of noticed findings for court filings by finding Judicial Notice cites using the TFMR and LMPC members. PLAINTIFF generally can further provide research and locating judicial notice documents in support.


Aspect 2.16 Injunction Naked Short Sales Prohibitions

On injunction should proscribes no naked short sales on any exchange in the US. Moneys can be transferred on the sly to third party, then placing orders to sale naked, thus sales appear as apparent third party clients, which is the same as using in house money. So to prevent any wiggle room, short sales are fine, if you got physical in possession as a casual sale, or to sale or forwards from future supply by minors. So the injunctive relief should prohibits naked short sells based upon the people as inherent frauds, and to prevent any wiggle room. Naked short sales enabling and venue transfer motions, can be defeated by showing undue influence, fraud, price smashes and that the system is broke and defective, for reasons and rationales.

All short sales can not be naked, and should require actual possession in stores or for minor with under ground supply. The Comex needs to be cleaned. One can sale physical actually in possession or short sale miner forward supplies. Minor application to naked short side can miner forward sale but the miner must have proven reserves to sale forward. One can not sale that which one does not have.

Because the FRN and bullion are both considered MONEY, now effectively tier one assets, FRN and bullion must be especially regulated. So the bullion space requires a prohibition against naked short sales, as it is the only way to be fair and prevent price rigging. Three years ago, REID proposed rules prohibited naked short sales, and it seems now a necessary play under CTFC jurisdiction rules, and as national defense imperatives.

Aspect 2.17 No Sherman Act or Position Limits Claim

If one looks at the complaint of Nevilian v JPM, the attorneys had no clue, but played the same old loser lawyer game, the same old, the same old, to milk the clients seen coming traditional routine, and sued for a Sherman act anti-trust violation and COT position limits. This was the wrong play, and that is really so sad. Those gun toting state judges wont put up with fraud on the people bleeding in the streets, even if within federal licensing rules. This is what is meant by a one dimensional lawyer, who simply cant not think outside the of the box. Surely they are highly intelligent in the third order, and surely they follow the same old same old routines. In this case, PLAINTIFF PRIMARY SECONDARY TERTIARY COUNSEL needs to follow orders from REID for the quick and hard take down of JPM. Twenty one days is typical motion time from filing, and lawyers are really not interested in solving disputes fast, and can not think out side of the box, as they will just milk the clients seen coming with the extend and pretend of a filed case. If a civil case goes to trial, that must mean, one or more of the lawyers, simply screwed things up, for anyone or more of a multitude of reasons. The TEAM will do the Legal Flip, and sue for simply civil tort damages for personal damages with immediate move for injunctive relief upon the complaint filing, and in three weeks of filing the complaint and concurrent injunction motion, and the TEAM can enjoin JPM.

Aspect 2.18 Military Scrimmaging of Defendants

REID is lighting fast drafting up court papers and understands generally the bullion market. REID can quickly interview experts and attorneys for drafting up raid responses and relayed for review. Military Science will be in play in the scrimmage of the DEFENDANT at every turn. Military science demands the sure play, by concurrent attacks and misdirections, with the Defense team then completely unsure and hopelessly spread out, just ripe for slaughter, and for the sure PLAINTIFF victory. Taking the case to a law firm ensures clients seen coming and years in waiting for the victory, if at all. This plan is different in execution and approach for a sure PLAINTIFF victory.

Conflict of interest for JPM is to support long FRN from the bankster and short bullion screwing bugs. Done so while making an obscene amount of profit as the motivation of JPM to cheat and enslave the public with the FRN. JPM would naturally cause bullion suppression with an unlimited amount of naked shorts as one way to suppress bullion and support the FRN, making the FRN it more sound than what it is.

Aspect 2.19 List and Acronyms used in Files Papers

A master lists will be maintain for concise presentation. For example, CFTC: Commodities Future Trading Commission; PM: Precious metals Au Ag in any fungible form; NSS: Naked Short Sells; CM: Client Money; IM: In-house Money; inter alia, of abbreviations, for those abbreviations and acronyms deemed necessary for shortening will be used. REID has twenty years of practice of assigning unique names and numbers in the patent context, and this master list will be developed so that the papers can be concise and compactly fully packed with much information, as needed. Thusly, effectively lengthening the limited length of pages by court rules of moving and sir reply papers so as to increase the nine fold inherent advantage by a two fold increase of inherent advantage at the Hearing. The ability to keep the master list straight at all times is a REID specially and will be particularly used and well practiced. REID also has already skill in bullion art and the list will even Judge sounding like a bullion expert before REID is done with the case.

The Judge will be firstly biased toward PLAINTIFF side, and then turning the Judge onto papers and into expert sounding jurist. Thus, keeping the DEFEENDANT on track using the master list terms to keep JPM honest during court appearances. Confusing double dutch comments before the court by JPM will not be tolerated. JPM will be forced to comply with the list.

REID can type lighting fast and is a five skilled cross dimensional player with light speed mental associations across five necessary arts leaving JPM totally out gunned by the master mind REID, shady at best, where precision PLAINTIFF EXPERTs and PLAINTIFF COUNSEL are moved in support of the case. This should provide plaintiff is a four fold inherent advantage.

The master list of terms used in filed papers will use short versions names so as to save paper length where it really counts, such as, "the defendants and each of them, herein after to simply as defendants" and thus, one may use simply "defendants" thereafter without repeating the "and each of them", for shorten general allegations saving space for targeted substance in all filed papers. The courts like the brevity and focusing on just the facts.

Aspect 2.20 FED US Defendant Criminal Conspiracy

The JPM manipulator is backed by FED bank under an alleged criminal conspiracy. JPM can slam the bullion price down anytime, rendering TA analysis useless and supporting the FED.

Of course the target JPM is an agent of the FED bank and the US Government in practice, with unduly influence, and with corruption, of the US Government, under implicit if not overt criminal conspiracies as is obvious to REID, but strategically, the TEAM will play an opposite game in the court and in the public view. The TEAM game is always hold the FED bank and US Government and any of its agencies in high esteem at all times. The court, is a part of the US Government. So, for the court and Government as well there will  be a total mind screw. 

Aspect 2.21 FED US Defendant Motion Strategy

FED bank and the US Government and its agencies are always to be held in high esteem. How patriotic this seems to the Judge in particular. The TEAM wants the public and the US Government to rally to the bonnie blue flags proudly waiving to support the case wholly and the TEAM and the cause. This includes supporting in the case the FED bank and US Government in all written papers and in public speeches. The TEAM does not want old glory waivers on the streets crying, nor does the TEAM want any US Government agency taken back by the cause of action. The TEAM must focus the attack plan to pick the target JPM precisely. The TEAM must cut out targets who may actually be master minds and string pullers. Hence, the TEAM will give the FED bank and the US Government a huge public out. The TEAM will get them out of the case for that sought after support and for victory.

The TEAM will paint JMP as the Wall Street mob boss, and undue influencer, where the JPM target stands alone, ripe for slaughter, with FED bank and the US Government having the public out, which are the two main drivers to rally all to our bonnie blue flag standard. Thus, the team will public flip a large portion of the enemy camp into your camp at the Hearing, for the goal is victory upon the JPM target, fast and hard. That victory over JPM, aided by the enemy handlers, assures TEAM victory, and then next allows for the next move at the voting boots in a couple of years.

Thus, we can kill the string pullers themselves with virtually no effort at all, though the consequent of that victory over JPM may cause the FED bank and the US Government to fall much quicker, and so, one mistake by those who can not cross dimensionally think, is cutting out more than they can chew, and are totally unable to swallow the cut piece, going for the whole banana. Rather, the best play, is to divide and conquer, for the immediate tactical route, to route the JPM target in detail.

The TEAM can effectively flip the FED bank and the US Government and onto the PLAINTIFF side by allowing them the public out, enroute to PLAINTIFF assured victory, minimizing possible corruption in so doing, and that JPM victory will later dove tail very quickly back against the FED bank and US Government. Thus, the TEAM will effective fight the direct enemy with collateral aid enemy camp but fighting for it own indirect death being ostensible on the PLAINTIFF side in the public view.

Stay flexible always and keep your eye on the ball, with limited scope for the assured victory, using that victory to indirectly conquer all enemies, using that victory as a means against the larger enemy, to firstly aid your cause, and then to fall on its sword indirectly from that limited scope JPM victory. One should be smart about it, all using all cross dimensional skills in light speed to hang the larger enemy after it has just assisted in immediate JPM victory, and that is processed using military science arts and political arts as the two main drivers, with engineering skill in proof, patent law for translating complexity into simplicity, and legal skill in as the fighting means, in the context of a bullion skill. A five hatter is required to operate at light speed for a mental associations and for the fast and hard take down.

Government is here to stay, despite all its fault and misguided policies. A limited government is needed. The best approach is to correct those misguided policies, and help government overcome undue influence and serve the people, extending as much freedom within providing proper security. There is allot of scrap going on out there. Evil is everywhere, granted. But, for better or for worse, we all are hitched in perpetuity. There is no foreseeable divorce. There is no real sanctuary. Best play is to do what you can to improve government. Bomb and bullets aimed at government is not the way to go.

Aspect 2.22 Equitable Relief Proof and Motion Showing

If DEFEDANT COUNSEL in opposition, counter punches with venue change motion, which is likely, such motions would be in the face subtle implicit suggestions of undue influence in that sought after venue. Additionally, due to the infallibility of the Judge, and the up front mind screw, a motion for venue change would be an insult to the Judge, well qualified, always. There should be no fear of such venue change motion to the hot bed of Wall Street corruption, just be ready for it. Additional, to a likely motion for venue change, the logistic burdens of the DISTAL COUNSEL and the three PLAINTIFF PRIMARY SECONDARY TERTIARY COUNSEL will be equally complex to logistics of DEFENSE ATTORNEYS coming out from Wall Street. Also, always paint the opposing attorneys as Wall Street hit men of the gangland mob boss JPM. Remember, all the problems of the country flow from the DEFENDANT.

Aspect 2.23 Hear Say Evidence Generally Admitted

Hear say exceptions relevant are excited utterances, made at the time and recorded, like old news papers, as exceptions to hear say rules, and hence, video of experts get admitted, and hence, in the Secret Word of Gold, and KWN new interviews, AM's public statements can get admitted, especially were the country is in peril, per Holders admission of records, that TBTF TBTJ can not be prosecuted as being to big for the US government to handle, and thus the private sector must step up and answer the call of duty to the country, and only the court can save the country, plus all the other mind screws, and thus, wide latitude given to plaintiff to admit video, of all kinds, selected from the courts education and exposure of defendants self centered greed, hanging of client, treasonous sells, and in house and clients money to rig the bullion space in support of injunctive relief.

Videos are generally exception excited utterances to hear say rule, and can be collected for court presentation, limited in number, but key ones can be used, and, TFMR and LMPC gangs, HQ and sharks, can due research to locate the video of interested, for court use, thus, an HQ local means should be established to convert YouTube videos for court presentations, and it would seem, VHS cassettes and TV for simple viewing in court, and thus HQ can issue a call for a video YouTube cites, generally, the YouTube cite URL relayed back to HQ, and there converted, or off loaded to a district located video house for making, for latter presentation, modernly simple respective CDs could be made as well, and used for admissions against interest, impeaching witness, instructing the court and attorneys, and proving case in chief.

Thus, proof at the hearing includes Expert Testimony and Declarations, Admissions Against Interests, Video Presentations, Graphics Displays. As examples, US Attorney General letter saying big banks are TBTF TBTJ, showing undue influence. So, a URL cite of his letter. Ms Blyth Masters saying client money are used as a hedge, showing client money are used, but impeaching that client money can not be used and maintain price discovery because of collection and dump, showing self centered client hanging and price manipulations.  So, a URL cite of a video showing where she said client funds are a hedge, to lock in JPM defense from which they can not escape.

Aspect 2.24 Defendant Dominant Positions Assures Manipulation.

Hypotheticals are expertly addressed in court. let imagine that a single player as a "dominant" position in the COT, and that position is naked short, purely a hypothetical of course, now what is dominance. where in stocks it something like reporting at 15%, but let imagine, just hypothetically experts saying, that dominance is assured at 50%, so having defined dominance in a mark by a naked short seller, having a 50% position. It is impossible not to manipulation the market using clients funds, because clients funds are not FIFO received and placed, and hence pooled to some extent, thus have some distortion on price discovery, and hence, per se manipulation. Is it impossible not to manipulate a market with clients funds. Hypothetically of course. Just because you comply with law and can own a fire arm under the permit and licensing laws, do not give you a right to shoot people dead on the street, day in and day out.

There can be no price discovery, in a market, where non-producing people are selling naked short, of bullion they don't even have? There can be no legitimate bullion price discovery, in a bullion physical market or in bullion futures markets, where non-producing participants are selling bullion they don't even have and will never actually produce, as in a bullion mine having the real physical stuff in the ground in deep storage. Naked short bullion sales by non-miners is simply fraud.

Using current stock, say in Comex or contingent stores say at GLD, as a basis to enter futures markets, is a manipulative trick. If you have current stores for sale, you sale them in the cash market. A contingent interest is not part of a cash market or a future market. A producer can sale forward in the futures market. Naked short sales in the futures without future production is simply a fraud.

Aspect 2.25 Gold Cartel Racketeering the Bullion Space

Kaye of Pacific Group at KWN indicated there were 15 bullion banks that formed the gold cartel. The COT lists positions, but not by who? Over time spent in the field watching, there appears to be a noticed correlation and specific bank participation changes and reports of COT position changes that match closely for identify member of the Gold Cartel. Positions on publicly disclosed corporate books, and bank participation report can be used for putting two and two together, over time, for acquiring names of the COT dominate players that would be substantially inferred.

Bullion banks are typically those that would buy miner forwards and make a spread shorting the same on the exchanges. These buy and sell bullion miner forwards would provide clues as to members of the Gold Cartel, which would confuse persons trying to identify the same, but would also have internal bullion stock piles. From COT, bank participation, internal stock piles, and miner forwards, member of the Gold Cartel can be identified.

REID has acquired secret expert who would help REID in the case proposed, and other notables would be acquired over time, to provide REID in ready access to information on the manipulation scheme. For example, it was learned that there is a public letter where JPM is identified as the king pin among the Gold Cartel.

A first cut tentative List of Gold Cartel is below. This list is likely to change a little as more information is learned by Reid. William Kaye's list of 15 would be most helpful. Kaye's list may become the official list, that all PLAINTIFF repeat as being on the same page. In preparing the legal assault upon JPM and the gold cartel, to end price manipulation in the bullion space, William Kaye of Pacific Group on KWN is now sought, and he used the word syndicate. REID translated that word "syndicate" into the "gold cartel" which consist of commercial bullion banks, REID will insist upon definitions for precise presentation, the patent law mind requires. And thus, names of said banks, for purposes of defining "the gold cartel" must be had.

1. J P Morgan Chase (Mob Boss)
3. Deutsche Bank
4. Citi Corp
5. Bank of International Settlement
6. Bank of Nova Sciotia
7. Barclays Bank
8. Wells Fargo
9. Bank of America
10. Goldman Saks
11. Societe General
12. USB
13. Credit Argicole
14. Mellon Bank

Aspect 3.0 Financing and Budget

REID can say it simply. If funded for 6M$, with 18-30m$ back ROR to the FINANCIER, within about one months from complaint filing. REID believes that a TEAM can enjoin JPM in the bullion space, within six months of funding and prevent JPM price rigging the bullion space to then settle with PLAINTIFF within one year for about 100m$ plus costs and fees. Disbelief by most is expected by REID.

The third part of the attack plan in adequate financing, and funding need to be up assured. The funding will needed for the take down of JPM. REID is not a bean counter or a venture capitalists, so an estimate is merely presented, where the funding is first estimated with an expected time duration for the case to play out quickly to settlement where JPM settles the case within one year, with a three time factor considered for general over head for fees and expenses, for total of 6m$ for a cost effective legal plan.

PLAINTIFF EXPERTs and PLAINTIFF COUNSEL can be enticed to cost effectively join. But in the scheme of things, going against a 1T$ market capitalized behemoth like JPM, the amount of funding is perceived as not only necessary but also is actually small for the action proposed. The funding needs are now addressed as a necessary evil in the real world among mortal men.

PLAINTIFF COUNSEL is probably the most expensive item, and then the PLAINTIFF EXPERTs of moderate expense. Miscellaneous support personnel are consider as part of general over head and not considered in detail. PLAINTIFF COUNSEL and PLAINTIFF EXPERT will be paid an hourly rate plus costs and will share in the settlement as enticements to join the case, all becoming world class heroes to the people.

REID knows how to cost effectively run a small business and has done so 38 years tracking every penny, and a full accounting will be kept and provided. REID reasonable rate has historically been one eighth of contemporaries, as REID is not in life for any loot. REID has never been in this world for the money. Satan always lurks ready to jump on the faint of heart, the greedy and the confused.

PLAINTIFF, PLAINTIFF COUNSEL and PLAINTIFF EXPERTS will need courage and conviction to stay true to the cause as JPM has vast dollars to corrupt any one of them, except REID. REID is simply incorruptible. PLAINTIFF COUNSEL and PLAINTIFF EXPERTS will be continuous screened by REID for any possible signs of corruption. PLAINTIFF COUNSEL and PLAINTIFF EXPERT are not indispensable players and anyone of them can be dismissed at any time. The PLAINTIFFs appear to be well enough off with a personal stake in the case, and would share in the settlement. So, for PLAINTIFF, moderate rate and reimbursement for expenses seem to be part of general over head.

PLAINTIFF PRIMARY SECONDARY TERTIARY EXPERTs, for security purposes, generally will be physically generally located outside of the US and outside the general reach of JPM and their thugs and thus generally outside of the home turf of JPM.

PLAINTIFF PRIMARY SECONDARY AND TERTIARY COUNSEL, all three of them should be considered presumptively at a thousand per hour reasonable rate, currently, and they will be highly skilled legal artists and in the third order of high thinking. They would be located in one Chicago Law Firm. PROXIMAL COUNSE and DISTAL COUNSEL would be hired at a presumptively rate of four hundred dollars an hour. REID will keep all of PLATINFF COUNSEL on short leash in assignments and costs.

REID OF COUNSEL would be hired at a presumptively rate of one eighteen hundred dollars an hour. REID would delay any invoices to accommodate cash flow as needed and would will do so and timed for any settlement. The attack plan in general scope has been public in on line services, Totalitarian Democracy, TFMR and LMPC currently being used as effective marketing tools. REID has sent teasers to many in the bullion space, the economic space, the political space, and news space so as to inform the public. REID is putting it all on the line, coming out of retirement for this purpose alone, and is absolutely committed to destroying TBTF and TBTJ, for god and country.

REID can roll JPM if adequately funding with experts enticed to join the team. The FINANCIER can provide the funding. The FINANCIER and the PLAINTIFF can function as face men to contact and secure PLAINTIFF EXPERT participation. The question remains if the FINANCIER can play Raider Football to put an organization and team in play and say "just win baby", and allow REID to manage the organization as the commander, to help secure key experts.

Many in the bullion space offer great commentary and great posts are indeed great, and appreciated by nearly all, nearly all, but don't you think in the scheme of big things, of which the bug really complains, and that concerns most, they don't really solve much, excepting providing some comradary and supporting mutual comfort and mutual back slapping? Misery loves company.

Price manipulation produces a lack of price discovery. A lack of price discover is irreparable harm and causes some civil tort monetary damage, to any one who holds an AGE or ASE, or who holds any amount of precious bullion specie, or in the precious metals trade who transacts any buys, sells, serves the public, publication, retail, wholesale, or to anyone acting with an unduly influenced US government agency, like the US mint, which is not only an actionable civil tort and RICO claim, but also specifically, a RICO crime against the US Government agency, US Mint, offering jail time to the offenders of such price manipulation.

Speaking Plainly, REID is offering to take down the manipulator JPM within 6mo of funding and needs 6m$ in funding to do so, to enjoin and terminate the habitual price manipulations of JPM, and form a public record so that US Justice can prosecute a criminal case. REID tend to seek solutions, rather than back slaps.

Aspect 3.1 Practical Business Operations

The TEAM will go in with a thirteen to one advantage, hence, the case is considered fool proof. This advantage is derived from proven skills and affects. For a bullion or private FIANCIER, with 6m$ invested, a 2-5x dollars profits out in about 9 months is expected. PLAINTIFFs would acquire a world famous image attacking JPM as the world top financed bank and greedster. REID will use JPM size to its disadvantages to the advantage of the TEAM, because this is war, and no Jedi mind trick will be left unplayed, because the TEAM is going for the throat with no holds barred after JPM. PLAINTIFFs should obtain a certain level of trade recognition, globally now, especially in view of the to be aired Secret World of Gold to rally the bugs and the public.

PLAINTIFFs already have public figure status and world recognition and have possess polite people skills and they should entice the proposed PLAINTIFF EXPERTs to join the team, cost-effectively, and less than one year is the time expected from complaint filing. PLAINTIFF EXPERTs might just join merely for the recognition and fame for being world class heroes or for legitimate concerns over people oppressed everywhere

PLAINTIFF COUNSEL are surely locked into greed, but just maybe the Chicago Law Firm would have skilled litigators join the team with reduce rates for the fame and glory and trade recognition of taking down JPM, which a firm marketing trick by the law firm partners. REID will play this out when interviewing Chicago Law Firms.

Cost Reduction wile keeping flexible, PROXIMAL COUNSEL may provide the PLAINTIFF COUNSEL temporary offices during hearing and deposition for reducing the size and scope of HQ command office. The HQ office should have an office and a conference rooms that double as a temporary office during the Hearings when the TEAM is at the court, which should only be once for the hearing.

REID will effective approve all significant expenditures for cost effectiveness. The HQ office or conference room should have telecommunication for video replay and video conferencing for reduced plane fair costs. REID office should be equipped with an air mattress and with small refrigerator in the lobby for around the clock and sleep. It would be to dangerous for REID to actually drive in the district, so a limousine service will be located by REID in the district, though not often used. Hence, technologist computer support is key from the start as a first action item.

PLAINTIFF EXPERT, PLAINTIFF COUNSEL, PLAINTIFF, gold bullion specialists and rally public MOPE speakers may get the limousine transport from district hotels and airports as needed during the rallies and hearing, so as to make the rally and Hearing spectacular event to feed the MOPE. A small HQ command office with robust telecommunications in REID HQ offices and conference room as the primary communication hub is used for fast communications reach to the outside world. PLAINTIFF COUNSEL and PLAINTIFF EXPERTs, may mostly stay at their respective homes with like telecommunication  facilities.

KNW GATA and WATCHDOG and commentators will be wired copies of press releases and document as filed for immediate postings and comment as desired. MSN reporters can fish from the clerk office for public copies. PLAINTIFF COUNSEL will be at court during hearings, and during filing rallies, with the people waving bonnie blue flags, wearing yellow hats, and score singing the fight song. Political individuals may speak at the rallies provided they only attack opposing political party policies totally consistent with the case, and there shall be no attacks directed toward the US Government or any of its agencies.

There should be a total MOPE media blitz with the speeches at rallies and released pod casts before complaint filing and before the hearing as a pump up the MOPE and bias the Judge. So, there will be a total MOPE of the nation as part of biasing the Judge placing and much pressure as possible upon the Judge. Office over night mail can be used for thick packaged full disclosures from PLAINTIFF EXPERTs and PLAINTIFF COUNSEL. Hence over night mail for full disclosures is added to rapid telecommunications videos for many interviews, with wired transmission for briefs, declarations court documents, press releases and proposed rally speeches.

Aspect 3.2 Counsel and Expert Fees Expenses Retainers

PLAINTIFFs, PLAINTIFF COUNSEL and PLAINTIFF EXPERTs are to paid an agreed to fixed rate fee plus expenses, to review documents, for interviews with REID, prepare and execute declarations, and attend the hearing. Experts may be elevated plaintiffs upon agreement. Counsel are paid a reasonable rate plus expenses, to generally prepare and review the complaint, declarations, and moving papers, and to attend and examine witness and argue objections at the hearing. Possible Plaintiffs, Standby Experts, Consultants are generally not paid a fee but are reimbursed any authorized expenses and they may be elevated to plaintiffs and experts upon agreement. Consultants may be designated as Commentators who shall receive press releases directly from HQ for public comment.

All appearing plaintiffs, counsel, and experts shall comply with the dress code during court and rally participation by forwarding body measurements upon hire in advance to the tailor who shall have dress suit made as uniforms and readied well in advance of the hearing and rallies. Counsel, Plaintiffs and Expert fees are due upon invoice. Counsel may be retained by advanced retainer.

Aspect 3.3 Financier to Funds Case in Advance

FANCIER will put up 6m$ to fund the case for one year to help make history with a two times to five times ROR upon settlement. This funding is basically used to hire PLAINTIFF COUNSEL and PLAINTIFF EXPERTS. PLAINTIFFs are considered EXPERTs for funding purposes. PLAINTIFF COUNSEL and PLAINTIFF EXPERTs will have incentives besides the dollar per hour rate with is a share in any settlement. A 100m$ is expected settlement, plus counsel and expert fees and costs. The TEAM should be small with a maximum of six PLAINTIFFs COUNSEL, six PLAINTIFFs and nine PLAINTIFF EXPERTs. The PLAINTIFF are used in a double role as PLAINTIFF AUXILIARY EXPERTS. Each having a scheduled share of the settlement for enticement plus hourly rates and costs.

Aspect 3.4 Complaint Filing and Injunction Hearing

The case starts off with advanced preparation and then filing and then the injunction hearing. The filings are at the same time of two planed rallies in Chicago and in the District. A second rally is on or just before the hearing to MOPE the public, to MOPE the US Government and to bias the judge. Just filing the suit should cause gold to rise hundreds of dollars per once in the Comex paper price and as well as a drop the share value of JPM.

Aspect 3.5 Attorneys and Experts Skin in the Game

PLAINTIFF, PLAINTIFF COUNSEL and PLAINTIFF EXPERTs will have no skin in the game, except their personal bullion like tens of millions of other gold bugs and freedom lovers, having been enslaved by JPM. REID has his heart into the case which is more effective than skin. ALL will be motivated by dollars per hour rates plus settlement sharing enticements.

Aspect 3.6 Attorney Attire Court Dress Code

When at the hearing or any rally, or any time in court, before the Judge, dignity and respect must pervade. The TEAM of six PLAINTIFF, six PLAINTIFF COUNSEL and nine PLAINTIFF EXPERTs shall wear blue suits and yellow shirts with respective black ties for PLAINTIFFs, red ties for PLAINTIFF COUNSEL and blue ties for PLAINTIFF EXPERTs. This is avoid friendly fire and confusion yet maintains the dignity and respect of the court before the judge enabling the judge to quickly identify TEAM players, as well as to distinguish in court between the DEFENDANT comedians, clowns, criminals, traitors, and hoodies, and who are the PLAINTIFF good guys in blue suits and yellow shirts.

PLAINTIF COUNSEL must be all be dressed for this TEAM uniform whereas the opposition will be in a state of confusion reflected by their random dress so that Judge will be able to quickly identify court who is the DEFENANT team and are the PLAINTIFF TEAM. This will provide general a sharp noticeable contrast when in court and at rallies, as part of the biasing of the Judge. The Judge will appreciate the dress code actually to make his life easier to manage the court room.
 Thus, all of the TEAM members will participate in this dress code at all hearings before the court and at rallies. The district located Tailor will be selected in advance. Full body measurements from all TEAM players, PLAINTIFFs, PLAINTIFF COUNSEL and PLAINTIFF EXPERTs will be forward to this district Tailor in advance for making the blue suits, the yellow shirts and red ties, back ties and blue ties, for wearing at any of the hearings or rallies.

Aspect 3.7 California Distal URL and Discovery Attorney

DISTAL COUNSEL should be a member of TFMR and LMPC and is used for locating URL cites for Judicial noticing of facts and can solicit members of TFMR and LMPC to help search for requested URL cites while active as a back up case discoverer. DISTAL COUNSEL or the SECRETARY can open bank and credit card accounts and be provided advance sums as necessary to further the case. Every penny shall be accounted for.

Aspect 3.8 Marketing of Plan and Acquiring Funding

The marketing plan for acquiring case funding has been released by REID on line for public education mostly at Totalitarian Democracy. REID has sent marketing teasers and notice to those in the political, economical, bullion and news spaces to further gain advance exposure of the plan presented here. The herein proposal will eventually be sent to all PLAINTIFFs, PLAINTIFF COUNSEL and PLAINTIFF EXPERTS for their education. Global reach for funding is also had by way of Astro Empires and at WATCHDOG under Ms Catherine A Fitts commentary, a known GATA supporter, as well as at TFMR and LMPC. REID will attempt to contact EMBRY of Sprott Assets for funding as the preferred FINANCIER and TEAM motivator with a communicated version of this attack plan.

REID has sent out teasers to various Political, Economic, Bullion, Masonic, Religious, and News organizations to gain advance exposure. REID can provide video lectures and pod casts as desired for securing funding. The main keys of the attack plan is the novel legal approach and the cost effectiveness of the plan. Initial draft of the plan was done in piece meal post in secret code as REID has an expired Security Clearance from the US Government to keep details of the plan generally secret during drafting. REID has since gone public giving JPM effective notice of the intent to provide effective notice legal to JPM. REID has sent coded copies to EMBRY, the preferred DISTAL COUNSEL, FERGUSON, MURPHY, and POWELL.


Aspect 3.9 Problems Raising Venture Capital

The gold notables do allot of talking but are generally cautious and hesitant while being enslaved by JPM and by the gold cartel, and that is the initial condition. REID must take the lead in securing funding, and get the FINANCIER on board, with funding in place. The FINANCIER's influence will then be used as a face man, to persuade initially a few PLAINTIFFs to join the attack. Then the FIANCIER and joined PLAINTIFFs turn on the remaining hold out PLAINTIFFs to stack up six PLAINTIFFs as a ready attack team. Then the FINANCER and PLAINTIFFs will turn on PLAINTIFF EXPERTs to persuade them to join the TEAM, thus, completing recruitment of the necessary FINANCIER, PLAINTIFFS and EXPERTS, to get the case moving. REID will hire PLAINTIFF COUNSEL separately.

To understand and appreciate the attack plan completely, one needs about ten years experience in many fields, including Patent Litigation, Military Science, Engineering, Bullion Markets, and Politics, while having a disdain for the legal profession with an anomalous aggressive psychology. The legal, Engineering, and Military parts may be difficult for most bullion notables to fully understand. The plan is considered by REID to be fool proof and adoptable, with replication that can be used to destroy the gold cartel of bullion bank greedsters.

Aspect 3.10 KISS Marketing at Totalitarian Democracy

KISS Marking is mostly initiated in stages. The plan was first publicized on line for mass immediate awareness at Totalitarian Democracy, the REID personal blog. The Totalitarian Democracy blog was used to not only inform the public but to give actual notice the DEFENDANT JPM. REID has also devised simple teaser communications plan for contacting known notables in the political, news, bullion, and economic businesses for marketing exposure mostly through postings, emails and tweets.

The attack plan herein has been worked out pretty much with defined HQ facilities, command and control, support facilities, communication lines, logistics, front line EXPERT forces, auxiliary PLAINTIFF forces. The plan looks good but now needs funding which is a supply line to a financier, now with a funding exposure marketing system on line and working well. After funding, the plan moves on to execution needing about 6m$ for six months, for the greatest take down of all time with a district court resolution in less than a year, and probably within 6 months. The taking down JPM in the bullion space is the prime objective.

REID has already perfected a global reach through Totalitarian Democracy, Astro Empires, an WATCHDOG postings, along with personal posting, emails and tweets. This advance marketing function has been already perfected and is in use today. REID posts regularly the TMFR and LMPC for enhance global reach as part of the marketing plan, keeping those audiences well informed. US Government politicians including the House, Senate and CIA have been informed of the marketing plan.

Aspect 3.11 Lecture Available to Group of Funders

REID is willing to give a lecture to a team of financiers interested in taking down the bullion price manipulator, JPM, and for that purpose only. The last lecture by REID was at in 2000 at DVGU Vladiostok, Russia teaching Russians market economy and intellectual property rights. REID can well address large crowds and a court sitting en banc without hesitation.

The proposed funding lecture can be, for example, for a group of financiers with a lecture coordinator. The lecture can have robust questions and answers, attended by team of interested financiers, bullion notables, and prospective experts. This lecture can be made into a pod cast as well. At any confidential lecture, personal notes should only made be taken and then kept as personal work product notes, and not to be distributed to anyone, but kept as confidential personal notes only.

PLAINTIFF EXPERTs, financiers and bullion notables can attend by way of visual and audio telecommunications. REID would use a chalk board, or easy erase ink board, as proposed lecture would use diagrams for rapid perceptions.

Aspect 3.12 Mechanics of Initial Funding

A funding conference should take place with an interested FINANCIER. On line conferencing can be used, but face to face is an option in the lower fifty states. The first conference should be between REID and the FINANCIER being preferably EMBRY. As such REID can travel to San Clemente and visit Rick Rule Sprott Global facilities there. The FINACIER can cause domestic funds from Rick Rules' facility in California and procure 6M$ of AGE from Tulving Southern California, a trusted dealer of REID, to place funding in REID possession, as REID has procured over 100m$ ASE from Tulving during past two years, and REID has a decade of personal relationship with Tulving, and Tulving is trusted, as a trusted personal relationship. The funding in AGE can be picked up by REID at Tulving so that REID can then immediately start execution of this plan. MURPHY and POWELL can also be used as a trusted reference, as REID, MURPHY and POWELL have had communications in the bullion market going back to 2005.

After funding, DISTAL COUNSEL will start URL searches, as REID takes off to Chicago in search of a suitable Chicago Law firm and then back to the district to search for a suitable PROXIMAL COUNSEL. It is hoped that the FINANCIER would activate internal resources for locating a technologist for putting together the HQ facility as REID is off to Chicago as parallel advance preparations.

Aspect 3.13 Plaintiff Inherent Advantages

PLAINTIFF should go into the hearing with an approximate thirteen to one advantage over the DEFENDANT. These advantages are derived from the use of papers filed, biases of the Judge, and the proven experiences of REID.

REID team is use the "legal flip", while biasing the Judge. Judges are typically third order guys and very light on their feet. Judges in simple tort cases are probably tired of hearing the same old legalese and citations. Judges in gun toting states would probably be upset with Judges other foreign states, unduly influenced, if not corrupted, by supreme court socialistic and totalitarian opinions. Judges in a gun toting state may a personal agenda against the system, and that can should used to a maximum benefit.

Judges hear simple tort cases in a federal court their whole professional life, and are inherently up to speed in tort actions. The judges need not be taught again what is the law in simple tort actions, and most probably want just the facts for a decision. The TEAM will play on these inherent biases toward the system and experiences on the Judge in a gun toting state. This provides an initial advantage to the PLAINTIFF of at least two to one in favor of the PLAINTIFF.

PLAINTIFF EXPERTs and PLAINTIFF COUNSEL have a limited 15 page space in moving paper where typically experts and counsel will use about 13 pages of useless argument and citations, leaving only about only 2 pages of actual facts. The TEAM will flip this page usage for maximum benefit. The bulk of moving papers will contain 13 pages of fact and only 2 pages for legal citations well cited, but which is not much. PLAINTIFF COUNSEL fills 13 pages with focused technology and marketing argument leaving only 2 pages of legal citations. The judge will focus his reading on those 13 pages of technology and marketing in the moving papers. Whereas, the JPM opposition paper will use about 6 pages of fact and argument and about 9 pages of citations, which is used by the TEAM to provide full citations for any review possible review by the court and any the circuit court. Hence, the TEAM will use the traditional legal roles of the DEFENDANT against the DEFENDANT in the legal flip.

The DEFENDANT COUNSEL is locked into tradition practices, and the DEFEDANT will put in the standard boiler plates citations and legal argument in DEFENDANT papers filed, using up most space with cut and paste standard citations and standard argument. Hence, the DEFENDANT will use it opposition for mostly standard citations placed on the record with only two effective pages for focused fact argument on the technology and marketing issues. PLAINTIFF moving papers will use 13 pages with precision facts and argument providing plaintiff with inherent advantages using DEFENDANT traditional style against the DEFENDANT. The Judge will be focused is reading the facts and argument, and will probably not even read DEFENDANT papers wholly. The Judge will concentrate on the moving papers and the reply papers. The will be reading all declarations in summary, and reading PLAINTIFF's moving and reply papers mostly.

Additionally, DEFENDANT opposition papers will give the TEAM the admissions against interests and JPM internal business practices as part of the planned set up of JPM. In planned practice, the TEAM will have about 26 pages of real fact and argument to the DEFEDANTS 4 pages, if that. And so, the paper space uses places odds highly in favor of the TEAM, with highly focused PLAINTIFF moving and reply papers are read by the Judge being initially and concurrently MOPEd for totally biasing the Judge while reading in favor of PLAINTIFF.

The TEAM uses the DEFENDANT traditional style to feed additional legal citations as necessary, to support PLAINTIFF cause. The PLAINTIFF will get two shots, the moving paper and the reply paper for 26 pages of fact argument, while the DEFENDANT will have opposition and sir-reply papers. The reply will focus on using DEFENDANT additions against the DEFENDANT, where the sir-reply is really of no consequence. And so, the odds by paper filings is heavily stacked in favor of PLAINTIFF at by 26 to 2. Additionally, PLAINTIFF EXPERTs will be on point bullion experts and fully prepared and coached, but with the record sufficiently full of legal citations as a large wasted of DEFENDANT in court resources.

The DEFENDANT EXPERT will tip the hand of JPM and will be forced to describe by admissions to the court JPM internal operations and thus disclose to the TEAM JPM internal business operation focused in those a few pages and supported by DEFENDANT EXPERT. The paper filing is an inherent nine to one advantage for the PLAINTIFF.

The REID cross-dimensional transformation factor that flows for two decades of transforming various complexities into simplicities will also increase the odds in favor of PLAINTIFF for the Judge and the public rapid understandings. Two examples are used to clarify that additional advantage by the REID transformation. The first example is a herein TFMR posting by REID. A question was effective posed. A TFMR poster was directed to bringing common readers to a conclusion but that wasted allot space in so doing. REID did the same thing  concisely and clearly stated using only four sentences. Where one was directed to a community at large or to the general public was verbose in space usage whereas REID provide a concise answer, showing the REID transformation at work, cutting to the chase, simpliticly stated. The question posed is why do gold bugs complain only when the bullion prices are taken down. The REID transformation was actually about a twenty to one reduction saying nearly the same thing, but in only much fewer words, a REID specialty is turning the complexity into the simplicity.

As a second example is in the patent prosecution context. One should understand the patenting process. Inventors regularly appeared in two general types, the first type of inventors are those with a reduction to practice, in which there is a physical embodiment, and the second type of inventors are those with mere paper tigers. Complex inventions are a close approximation to the bullion market complexity. The actual reduction to practice versions have a much better chance of showing to REID suitable demonstrations of effectiveness whereas the paper tiger versions are always suspect from the start. Through REID interrogation and interviews, many times the paper tigers are shown to be inherently defective, as errors do not easily slip by REID and errors are then pointed out to the paper tiger inventor. REID states why the invention will not work, and this often requires REID, as will happen in this case, to help the inventors to resigned the paper tiger right in the patent office for suitable filing for patent protection. There are of Federal Record, of some 250 on line examples of the REID transformation, where REID has in fact reduced rather complex inventions to only a few pages, for concise filings, whereas the original disclosure files contained many times more paper. And hence, the REID transformation of the complex to the simple, has repetitively been done successfully over the many years, and this is another key in the whole process proposed. This inherent REID transformation process add advantages to the PLAINTIFF plaintiff from nine to one of space usage, to eleven to one, approximately. The MOPE and biasing of the Judge will take this advantage to about thirteen to one in favor of PLAINTIFF.

Aspect 3.14 Movie Producer as the Financier

There may be possibility that movie producers would like the inside story with rapid access to information for purposes of making a moving on the greatest take down in modern times. The Lehman Brothers movie would be an example of such movie making. Movie producers may be enticed into funding the case with granted licenses. Ruth Caleb of Leopard Production, Mel Gibson of ICON production, and Rupert Murdoch are the likely candidates.

This proposal is also an agreement document, wherein on the last page, is the signature page, for the experts, counsel and plaintiffs, for all 6+6+9 = 21 of them, and the FINANCIER. It is expected that only a one day hearing appearance will result in a share in any settlement. This proposal will be presented to personal private individuals by REID, and if necessary to some bullion notables, and to EMBRY of Sprott Assets, as is the best one suited to fund this proposal. But, the proposal may also be concurrently presented movie producers, for production rights of the movie, based upon the action proposed, with plaintiffs and experts and counsel, all becoming emulated personalities on the big screen.

Movie Producer Financier
Advance copy of attack plan,
Authorization to Make Movie based upon the proposed case. Authorization to use name and likeness of
        plaintiffs, counsel and experts,
Advance copy of press releases.
Advance copy of examination scripts.
Advance copy of cross examination scripts.
Plaintiff share 1/3, 1/18 each
Counsel Share 1/3, 1/18 each
Expert Share 1/3, 1/27 each
Plaintiffs and Experts can be added, with individual shares then prorated, and would they would be provided a reasonable rate and reimbursed all expenses. Counsel would be provided a reasonable rate of pay plus expenses.

Aspect 3.15 Private Party as the Financier

If the proposal is funded by a private person such as a gold market notable, the FINANCIER would get a dollar profit on any settlement.

With a Private or Gold Notable Financier
Financier 1/4, prorated to any funding team
Plaintiffs 1/4, 1/26 each
Counsel 1/4, 1/26 each
Experts 1/4, 1/36 each
Plaintiffs and Experts can be added, with individual shares prorated, and would be provided a reasonable rate and reimbursed all expenses. Counsel would be provided a reasonable rate of pay plus expenses.

In July 2013 REID will being in earnest to promote funding for the plan and case. By the end of June 2013, politically conservative billionaires and the GOP have been contacted as an advanced promotion. During May 2013, many economic, political, bullion, and news notables have been contacted with notice teasers and clues.

EMBRY in the bullion world is considered best suited as a bullion FINANCIER because of his knowledge and demeanor and he can be used to woo PLAINTIFFs and EXPERTs to join the TEAM being a seasoned veteran in the gold community. EMBRY is a straight shooter and already a KWN commentator for news commentary and broadcast to the people. The plan funding is from a movie producer, a bullion notable, or a private person. REID can attend meetings with Sprott Global in the San Clement offices of Rick Rule as a preliminary contact with EMBRY during promotions while staying in touch with FERGUSON, and MURPHY and other potential PLAINTIFFs, as well as with known experts in the field, one of which has already been made a REID personal behind the scenes consultant.

Aspect 4.0 Preparation before Filing Complaint.

The fourth part of the attack plan is preparation in advance of filing the complaint and is the first time segment of the case, is where much planning and preparation is had. All related filings will dovetail into the all others for consistency by REID. The preparation is a shotgun blast from the start as a mortal death wound to JPM. The preparation involves proper preparation includes firstly acquired district support such as the Technologist, Secretary, Musician, Taylor, and Secondly involves coaching the PLAINTIFF for circling wagons around the PLAINTIFFs, thirdly interviews with EXPERTs and loading the initial paper filing of the complaint, motions and discovery. The preparation function of most significant is the interviews of PLAINTIFFs, PLAINTIFF COUNSEL and PLAINTIFF EXPERTs. REID has two decades for drawing information from highly intelligent inventors and scientists for preparing simple and consistent patent applications, and the present case is not really different for REID during preparation to understand the complexity and then reduce that complexity into simplicity for the Judge. REID will be central to the preparation and generally lead that preparation.

There are objectives during litigation that are perfected in advance by good preparations. Those objectives are first to secure short communications lines to all TEAM members, and waste DEFANTANT COUNSEL time and assets with misdirection, while showing necessary irreparable harm holding coinage and running bullion services. Other miscellaneous causes of action, motions and discovery with be used mostly to misdirect the opposition. All three objectives are defined precisely during preparation. The PLAINTIFF shall be reducing documents needed for proving the case and as Auxiliary EXPERTS and be available for simple discovery production, as suggested, such as trashing of unnecessary extraneous documents so that expected discovery demands are very simple to comply with.

During preparations, it is hoped that the manipulator JPM realizes that TFMR and LMPC personnel may help DISTAL COUNSEL search the web for videos and judicial notice facts to forward to PLAINTIFF COUNSEL as a highly motivated team of supporters that are unstoppable. JPM may settle up quick, and this could happen even before the hearing. Anyone can pitch in and support the attack, by finding judicial notice URLs of documents and videos forward to the DISTAL COUNSEL. The preparation time will be about three months before filing the complaint. During the case, conjugal visit between REID and his wife and boys will be had in the district. REID will live at the HQ facility.

PLAINTIFFs and PLAINTIFF EXPERTs declarations will mirrored testimony which effectively is scripted by REID to prove by inference or direct evident the element of each the three causes of action, as the case in chief of JPM price manipulations. Cross Examination of DEFEDANTs EXPERTs is the responsibility of REID. PROXIMAL and DISTAL COUNSEL will examine plaintiffs as auxiliary EXPERTs, and PLAINTIFF PRIMARY SECONDARY TERTIARY EXPERTS are examined by PLAINTIFF PRIMARY SECONDARY TERTIARY COUNSEL following prepared declaration scripts as talking points, and is rather straight forward. But the DEFENDANT EXPERTS cross examination is life fire shoot outs action by REID. PLAINTIFF TEAM will do the legal flip, once again, that is partly the initial rapid shot gun filing attack on the DEFENDANT to take JPM down hard and fast.

Cross examination is also part of that legal flip, turning the legal world upside down. The TEAM will insist that DEFENDANTs EXPERTs have good qualification fully before the court. Most attorneys will stipulate that experts would qualify so that their highly expert backgrounds are buried from the eyes of court, trying to diminish opposing party experts' expertise. The TEAM does the legal flip, and will insist that DEFENDANT EXPERTs be fully qualified and have resumes and background fully entered into the record. The TEAM will do the legal flip, will make sure that DEFEDANT EXPERTs are HIGHLY QUALIFIED, and then turn those DEFENDANTs EXPERTs onto the defendant JPM on cross examination. Set up JPM doing the legal flip. Then using leading questions and hypotheticals, REID would surely get these highly qualified experts to admit on the record, actual and probable nefarious business activities by UPM by destroying and humiliating DEFENDANT EXPERTs on the stand. Vicious ruthless REID will examine DEFENDANT EXPERTs on cross examination to utterly destroy and humiliate DEFENDANT EXPERTs on the stand and under oath for all to see.

DEFENDANT EXPERTs will attempt to firstly justify naked short sells as being allowed by trading laws, and hence, fair for DEFENDANT to use the same. The trick is get the defendants experts to admit it the immoral to use trading laws to manipulate prices.  Hypothetical, if federal law allowed murder and if compliant with federal gun licensing law, would murder then be immoral. DEFEDANT EXPERTs will eventually admit that selling something you don't have is fraud and that fraud is immoral. PLAINITIFF EXPERTs will have should all declared that JPM actions are immoral. REID will persuade DEFENDANT EXPERTS to admit on the record that price manipulation is a crime, even if naked shorts sells are allowed, so that DEFENDANT use of massive naked short sells, are immoral and a fraud on the public with dominate naked short positions.

Using leading questions and hypotheticals to explain capping and down smash, REID will persuade DEFENDANT EXPERTS that, more probably than not, a dominant seller of naked short selling could cause capping and down smashed with orchestrated naked sales whereas buyers uncoordinated could not, and thus, capping and down smashes are possible by DEFENDANT whereas upside break outs and down capping in the same degree by many random buyers, is not. REID will persuade DEFEDANT EXPERTs that buyers generally operated in an uncoordinated manner and that price manipulation to the down side by a dominant naked short player is more probable than price manipulation by many random buyers.

REID will persuade DEFENDANT EXPERTS to admit that infinite QE may lead to FRN failure and that bullion is the last ditch defense to total anarchy in the nation, and that selling bullion to China defeats US possession of bullion necessary to make bullion minted coinage as that last ditch defense, so that selling to China is in fact treasonous.

REID will persuade DEFENDANT EXPERTS to admit that in-house funds can be combined with client money, and using client money during down smashed and in-house money during price recovery would be a breach of client fiduciary as the defendant to capture profits, and that defendant is motivated to secure profits.

REID will persuade DEFENDANT EXPERTS to admit it is possible that DEFENDANT could use front running sells and market order stacking detections as signals to other bullion banks that a price down smash is immanent, so as to enable racketeering of a cartel of bullion banks that could act effectively as one to cap and manipulate bullion prices.

REID will persuade DEFENDANT EXPERTS to admit it is possible that capping and price manipulation prevent price discover, and that, FMV can not be determined where price discovery can not be had, and that, buyers would be irreparably harmed by any such capping and price manipulation, for not being able to have price discovery.

Aspect 4.1 Simple Proof and Showing and Graphics

The manipulation of gold prices is driven by mere mortals and their machines, and does not involve rocket science. REID has personally seen spectral plots of market hip ups from Max Keiser, and this does not even approach at first glance rocket science, or come even close to it. During market rigging, mortals and machines are involved in relatively complex markets interactions, where secret arrangements and internal business operations are used, but this is a natural part of the world.

REID is highly qualified to interview attorneys and experts and is more than capable of understanding initial complex disclosures with expected interviews to determine such precisely. MAGUIRE has provided a the prima facie case of market manipulation. That is the starting point. Then, PLAINTIF PRIMARY EXPERTs are used approximate how JPM internal business operations are actually used in practice to rig the markets, and, specifically how clients and in-house moneys can be used to prefect the market rigging and sells dump of sell orders that produce the desired price manipulation. This has been already estimated by REID.

Graphic charts and expected algorithms are generated as part of the case in chief at the hearing upon moving. DEFENDANT experts will go crazy attempting to rebut the same, and the TEAM will encourage that, getting as much information from DEFENDANT EXPERTS as possible, and the TEAM will not be disappointed, as the DEFENDANT will be admonished not to state simple denials, as the Judge will be the searching for the truth, and will not stand for typical lawyer evasiveness. PLAINTIFF will have provided an inference upon which the court can rule, the DEFEDANT must come clean, and that is the perfect set up by the TEAM headed by REID.

REID as nearly twenty five years in actual rocket science, to understanding actual rocket science from the best of the best scientists, and then to transforming complexity into simplicity and will do so in the moving and reply papers. The reply papers will used DEFENDANT opposition filing as admission against interest to then provide on the record direct proof of market rigging to cement injunctive relief. The period between opposition and reply paper filings will be intense for PLAINTIFF EXPERTS and second interviews will be necessary. Moving and Reply paper generation present a logistical requirement. REID has personally modified PhotoShop and Canvas settings, and has used the same for years, and understand the graphics world generally. Communications hubs and telecommunications perfect rapid interviews and graphic generation for the moving and reply papers for the hearing.

PLAINTIFF EXPERTs are very skilled in the graphic arts with one being expert in operational graphic skills suitable for hearing displays and declaration exhibits, thus presenting the same graphics in moving and reply and at the hearing. REID will conduct rapid fire interviews of PLAINTIFF EXPERTS the reply papers can be submitted to the court in nearly a routine fashion though PLAINTIFF EXPERTS must be alerted and responsive. REID had eight years of mechanical drawing lessons and tool design drawings lessons before even leaving high school. REID has twenty five years of on the job drawings of very complex inventions. The graphic exhibits will be easily designed to prove a point by way of live testimony and with graphics visual aids.

MAGUIRE must use commonly available data sets, like prestacked market orders, stop order stacks, and volume from various sources, including private and public data sets, and mush have, over the years of watching, developed some kind of algorithm to render his prediction. REID noticed in the Secret World of Gold, there were no oscilloscopes and no briefs, meaning so special hardware was used and no lawyers were used, to make the prediction and to CFTC. Hence, there is current no public action. But, data sets and algorithms are child's play to REID. From the algorithms, one can translate them into in-house and clients moneys uses of the JPM.  The next step is PLAINTIFF EXPERTs suggesting a likely interplay between those fungible money sources, and the algorithms used to show JMP manipulates the bullion space. The case is straight forward is prosecuted well. Thus, one presents the model of the nefarious business inside JPM without even having to look inside, so as to set up JPM in opposition for injunctive relief.

If someone can predict price action and finger JPM from TA analysis and COT information and bank participation, one can show probable price manipulation by whom, and thus, the entire gold market is manipulated and render defunct. PLAINTIFF will directly or by inference, will finger JMP as the dominant market player who must be performing price manipulation.

Aspect 4.2 Filing and Injunction Moving Papers

The filing any legal motion paper against JPM must focus on the fact where it really counts, in a comprehensive set which will offer the PLAINTIFF a great advantage, flowing from various engineering arts, legal skills, patent law, military science and the bullion arts of REID for cross-dimensional light-speed metal processing with rapid communications to PLAINTIFF EXPERTs and PLAINTIFF COUNSEL, and for a well guided complete comprehensive attack upon JPM. DEFEDANT EXPERTS and DEFENDANT COUNSEL simply can not face the onslaught of PLAINTIFF. Humiliation of DEFENDANT COUNSEL and DEFENDANT EXPERTS is expected. REID is show no mercy or pity upon the DEFEDANT, DEFENDANT COUNSEL or DEFENDANT EXPERTS, and REID will make sure that the PLAINTIFF win and humiliate the DEFENDANT for the public benefit.

Aspect 4.3 Cut and Paste Attorney Efficiencies

Cut and Paste will be used in many papers drafted by PLAINTIFF COUNSEL and PLAINTIFF EXPERTs and such incorporated into filed papers. REID is very skilled at cut and paste and document generation with expedited communication hubs for rapid fire filings and responses to all court papers. JPM is simply out gunned and JPM will bang heads to even logistically comply with court local rules, whereas REID in command does not such logistical problem.

PLAINTIFF COUNSEL will offer to REID up to date citations using standard paralegal internal services, routinely so, and so the focus directed at the PLAINTIFF COUNSEL services are mostly finding boiler plate points in common tort actions for incorporation by REID. PLAINTIFF EXPERT will provide REID with insights into the bullion world. As REID can speak in five professional languages, so that communications between PLAINTIFF COUNSEL and PLAINTIFF EXPERTS by REID will be easily performed.

Aspect 4.4 Budget for One Year of Litigation

The Budget is simple to estimate. The primary players will be eight with five attorneys and three primary experts at 250K each, for one year, which is 2m$ with three times overhead. With frugal care, nine expert can be used. But figure, as a very rough cut, 6m$ to take down JPM. JPM is big, probably having a market capitalization of 1T$. The case purpose is to end the clients and in-house money rigged price manipulation of bullion for legitimate price discovery, while educating the people, with a targeted initial shotgun filing followed by a hearing for an injunction with a six months event horizon. REID is not a finance expert, or a bean counter. Only an estimate is provided, for the take down of a life time. REID is supremely confident and qualified as planed.

Aspect 4.5 Attorneys Bullion Understandings

It would take years to get the three PLAINTIFF PRIMARY SECONDARY TERTIARY COUNSEL, up to speed to understand in large measure the bullion market. That would be cost prohibitive. However, REID can translate for bullion understandings. PLAINTIFF EXPERTs do not know general details of the legal word. REID can translate PLAINTIFF EXPERTs specific knowledge first into a comprehensive bullion market system, and then translate that comprehensive bullion system to PLAINTIFF COUNSEL, for setting forth declarations for proving PLAINTIFF case and then assigned examination roles for the hearing purposes. REID uses legal talents for assigning examinations and carving out respective parts of comprehensive bullion system for each PLATINFF COUNSEL and EXPERT. Three area would also be in play, markets sales, internal operations, and probabilities. REID commanding the whole with cross dimensional understandings and parlance will cause the TEAM to function very rapidly as a whole.

JPM may well afford to hire many lawyers and experts, but they can not respond as fast as REID can with the right responsive players in place. JPM has a logistical burden. Telephone tag prohibits fast accurate responses by JPM who will make many mistakes of which REID can and will take full advantage.

Aspect 4.6 Pooled FIFOs, Walls, Staggered Sells and Thresholds

To avoid jurisdictional problems, positions limits and gross dollar amounts are not touched by an injunction sought. The injunction sought fallow general injunctions and specific injunctions in a list of injunctions sought.

A first general injunction is for JPM not to manipulate the bullion market. JPM would look silly opposing this injunction as they claim they do not manipulate.

A second general injunction is for JPM not to buy or sale naked short positions unless a miner actual forward sale. This is based in fraud. One should not be able to commit fraud by are selling something they don’t have. JPM can sale it actual stock in a cash market or it can sale short miner forward sells in the ground under production with proven reserves in the ground.

A third general injunction will be to required oath, reported to the court, for clients that sale bullion positions, that such positions are of only existing stocks or of miner forwards in the futures market.

A fourth general injunction is to buy and sale in cash market existing stocks in JPM possession or in the futures of miners forwards by miners. 

A fifth general injunction by writ of mandamus would be to required that the buys or sales of in-house money be pooled over a specified time.

A sixth general injunction would enjoin the sale of transfer of any existing bullion stock directly or indirectly to China to stop the treason by JPM in destroying the USA last ditch defense to a failed FRN.

A seven general injunction would be by writ of mandamus to require JPM to submit monthly reports segregated by in-house and clients, stocks and forwards, buys and sells, so as to verify that all injunctions and writs are complied with.

An eight general injunction would be to enjoin JMP to stop undue influences upon the US Government and election processes, and would be by cap in contributing money to only one political party,.

A first specific injunction by writ of mandamus is the creation of the Chinese Wall between JPM employees operating in-house money and JPM employees operating client money, as the two are not combined to price rig the bullion market.

A second specific injunction will be to enjoin the pooling of clients money for massive dumps on the market used to rig the bullion markets with regular down smashes in prices.

A third specific injunction by writ of mandamus is to use pooled FIFOs wherein clients money is to be pooled and aggregated and collected over a specified time.

A fourth specific injunction will be writ of mandamus to stagger by time sells according to time displaced receipts of clients money and the sales of client money, where client money is actually translated to sells of actual bullion stocks in the cash market or miner forwards in the futures, so that, the time displacement between incoming buy and sell orders are FIFO by time so that buy and sales can not be used to manipulate the bullion market. 

A fifth specific injunction would be to limit to a Threshold amount buys and sales amount for exiting bullion stocks or miner forwards over a predetermined amount of time so that massive dumps are not used and so as to avoid front running and detection signaling using market signals to co-conspirators so as to spread out buys and sales so as not to price manipulate.

These Chinese Walls, FIFO, Pools, Thresholds are used to prevent JPM from manipulating the bullion space and put a stop to their frauds, crimes and treason, but do not prevent JPM from generally buying and selling existing bullion stocks and miner forwards, nor does it prevent JPM from obtaining any amount of positions limit, and so, JMP can buy and sale, and can take positions, provided they do not violated the injunctions and manipulate the bullion market.

Aspect 4.7 Broadcasting Exclusivity Licensing

KWN, GATA and WATCHDOG are designed publicists. Chris Powell of GATA acts with MURPHY also of GATA. EMBRYS acts Eric Sprott and acts with KWN operated by Eric King. Greg Hunter owns and operates WATCHDOG. These three publicists should all be sympathetic to PLAINTIFF as in the proposed case. All three of these news outlets are currently existing and on line, broadcasting various releases, in various print data, video clips, audio clips and graphic displays.

KWN GATA and WATCHDOG should have the inside stories first with broadcast releases from REID, being disposed to already have a massive bullish following, from which, the people seeing all them bonnie blue flags waiving at rallies, as they get really curious, from the MOPE rallies, especially with a raucous fight song in support. At first glance it song seems racist oriented, but that is just the bait and switch of the people, nationwide. The straight talk from the PLAINTIFF COUNSEL and PLATINTIFF EXPERT out of the upper mid west in the presidential totalitarians home court, for maximum attention, will be a huge pubic eye grab, as the Comex has a fit to the upside, with the perfect set up in play, as the PLAINTIFFs go national in the spot light. The preparation including noticing locals at the court by PROXIMAL COUNSEL and in the upper Midwest by PLAINTIFF PRIMARY SECONDARY TERTIARY COUNSEL provides the MOPE. In just two cites rallies are had, plus grass roots elsewhere. Noticing LCS, bugs, churches, libertarians, tea partiers, etc, at just two cites would be an up front noticing function, for a public campaign, to put as much pressure as possible on the District Judge, in advance of the hearing opinion.

HQ will make regular frequency press releases and memorandum from HQ to the three broadcaster and commentators and rallies. Press releases will go to the three broadcasters for immediate release. The three broadcasters are KWN, GATA, and USA Watch Dog for release and commentary, and release to the rallies to generate public support nationally and globally. Commentator may get special Memorandum with added information to add to the their press releases. Regular commentators will be used, such as, EMBRY on KWN. The releases and memoranda are to globally MOPE the people while biasing the Judge. The PLAINTIFFs and EXPERTs can further make video clips for releases, such as POD CASTS and Video Clips disposed in the TFMR and LMPC services for placement onto YouTube as general means for release to MSN media for replay and repetitive broadcasts.

Aspect 4.8 Invitees and Others Invited to the Rallies

Tea Party member, Politicians and other may be good recipients of rally notices for filing and HEARING time before the PLAINTIFF COUNSEL and PROXIMAL COUNSEL for filing rally participation and district rallies. Other invitees will be searched for and noticed for rally participation, such as Wall Street Occupiers and Green Peace party members.

Aspect 4.9 MOPE the Supporters Providing Nation Campaign

EMBRY, and DAVIES are excellent commentators at KWN. They are  respected and knowledgeable and can also present comments. THE PLAINTIFF and PLAINTIFF COUNSEL and PLAINTIFF EXPERTS can record clips and pod casts for YouTube loading made available then to the world and to MSN. Chris Powell and MURPHY can serve GATA. Hunter can serve Watch Dog. YouTube, KWN, GATA, Watch Dog, may be used to promote rally participation as the primary means of providing MOPE of the people.

The Rallies are used as attention magnets to MOPE the public and bias the Judge. The Rallies are at District and in Chicago at the times of filing the complaint and at time of hearing, and thus, currently there are only four such rallies. Both locations will have a selected plazas, one in front of a district court in that gun toting state district, the beneath a high rise in the windy city, hopefully with about 500K people in each plazas for all rallies. The people will be given flags, yellow hats, and fight song music scores. The rally will thus have dark blue flags fluttering with big yellow stars as a modified bonnie blue flag, about 250 flags and 250 hats at each rally location. The people will be singing the fight song and waiving flags, and wearing big yellow hats. The rallies will look like a sea of blue, with gold stars and gold hats standing out, like the star spangled banner of the US standard, in central locations in each district and Chicago plaza. The plazas will have a microphone cluster for speeches by invited speakers. Reporters can be grouped in nearby tents. Speeches will be by invitees such as PLAINTIFF COUNSEL, PLAINTIFF EXPERTs, Gold Notables, and Politicians. There can be a speaker podium and one person assigned for greeting and introduction and leading the rally in singing the fight song. Local congressman that are band wagon seekers can become invitees provided they keep content to the releases and memorandum.

TEAM video clips and pod casts can be placed on YouTube for MSN replay consumption. An example of a pod cast, is where the first the PRIMARY COUNSEL and FURGESON have a discussion where a series of questions are asked and answer for a list of questions prepared in advance by REID. There are many options, but lead PLAINTIFF COUSNEL would be a face man, for example, and all PLAINTIFFs are natural face men and can be used for videos. Most of the PLAINTIFF EXPERTS can be used as well. REID generally would not be used as a face person at the rallies, as REID would be the speech writer, writing releases and memoranda and question lists, to keep all on the same page. The MOPE is to bias the Judge in favor of PLAINTIFF.

Aspect 4.10 Misdirections, Surprises and Confusion

There shall be no violence associated with the rally, and the court is use for peaceful resolution of a civil complaint. Motion for chief and En banc can be used as a misdirection.

Filed papers can cite the plain language of constitution. The gravity of the complaint is necessity to protect the government, in  Freedom v TBTF TBTJ Greedsters, who don't really care about Government, or the enslaving 50 million with meal tickets, or stealing from hold holders, or treason, as its all about money and greed. Freedom lovers don't want to use guns or bombs but will fight for freedom, but will first take this civility route in the system. Bonnie Blue Flag - Gods and Generals is the fight song. Imagine all the people in front of the PLAINTIFF COUNSEL, and at the district court house. PLAINTIFFs and EXPERTs will be sought for comment by MSM.

Aspect 4.11 Headquarters Command Facilities

The HQ command facility is an indispensable central command post. Generally, REID at HQ reviews all filed papers, interviews PLAINTIFF and PLAINTIFF EXPERTs, draft up press releases, wires graphic material for graphic realization for court displays provided by a local graphics printer for local hard printing of graphic court displays. Figures can be incorporated into filed papers, and court graphic displays will be ready for live action testimony and concomitant comment by PLAINTIFF EXPERT in court. Thus, HQ telecommunications is important in many regards especially with PLAINTIFF, PLAINTIFF COUNSEL and PLAINTIFF EXPERTs to develop sufficient declarations and supporting graphics in support of the case, mostly by wire and telecommunications. So, the HQ must have computer embedded teleconferencing capabilities, in support of declaration filed with supporting filed brief.

The case is supported by judicial notice of widely available facts, mostly found the URLs by the DISTAL COUNSEL and communicated to HQ generally by email specifying URLs for supporting PLAINTIFF EXPERT declarations and filed court papers, and presented and argued by PLAINTIFF COUNSEL, using communication hubs that are lightening fast. REID is skilled is such hub communications. DISTAL COUNSEL and routinely solicit TFMR and LMPC members for searching for URL citations for judicial notice facts.

REID will plan out stages of the causes of action during interviews with PLAINTIFF COUNSEL and PLAINTIFF EXPERT. REID has a quarter century of interviewing top line scientists for the federal government. REID has conducted lightening litigation as a lone litigator. But generally, during a decade of litigation, the defendant would not touch trial against REID, and settled cases to avoid REID in court trials. REID is generally available to make video lectures and pod cases as desired.

Aspect 4.12 Preliminary Funding Solicitations

REID has already perform preliminary solicitations through posts at LMPC, TFMR, and TownHall. The preliminary solicitations were communicated by tweet and emails and posted on line.

Bullion Space: Ferguson Clue; Embry Clue; Sinclair Teaser; Livermore Teaser; Rickards Teaser; Kirby Teaser; Russell Teaser; Pento Teaser, Doctor Teaser; Murphy Teaser; Powell Teaser; Turk Teaser; Greyerz Teaser; Hathaway Teaser; Eveillard Teaser; Leeb Teaser; Sprott Teaser; Rule Teaser; Faber Teaser; Grandich Teaser, Gross Clue, ElErian Clue; MHommell Clue; Butler Clue; Norcini Clue; DrWillie Clue; Heller Clue; Fekete Clue; Jaitly Clue; Dines Clue; Adnani Clue, Ewen Clue, Cook Clue; SilverBullion2 Clue; silverseekcom Clue; GoldenGolith Clue; VerisGold Clue; GoldMoneyNews Clue; justcor Clue; silverdoctors Clue.

Economical and Political Space: Justice Clue; Guild Clue; Ron Paul Congressman Teaser; Paul Criag Roberts Teaser; D Issa Congressman Teaser; J Campbell Congressman Teaser, Brennan Clue; GATA clue; GOP Teaser; PastorLindsey Teaser; Schiff Teaser; Neveller; Warren Clue; Ryan Clue; Rogers Teaser; Grave Teaser, JWilliams Clue; GWilliams Clue; Steer Clue; DDenver Clue; Whalen Clue; F--S--B Clue; Ismail Clue, Masons Clue, McCleod Clue, Fitts Clue; Hoyt Clue, Chaize Clue, Mauldin Clue.

News Space: Hunter Teaser; King Teaser; Santelli Clue; Keiser Teaser; Celente Teaser; Durban Teaser; Barnes Teaser; Waltzek Teaser; Grant Teaser; O'Rielly Teaser; Daughty Teaser; Bonner Teaser; Kristol Teaser, Krauthammer Teaser; Zerohedge Clue; Rekoning Clue, GoldsilvBull Clue; Buchanan Clue; McLaughlin Clue.

Money Space: Peterffy Clue; Siegal Clue; Wynn Clue; Cooperman Clue; Schwarzman Clue; Adelson Clue; Simmons Clue; Koch Clue; Hughes Clue; Langone Clue; Devos Clue; Ricketts Clue; Marcus Clue; Zuckerman Clue; Trump Clue; Forbes Clue.

Cinema Space: Gibson Clue; Caleb Clue; Murdoch Clue.

Sir, I can take down JPManipulator, and end this nonsense.
Please carefully consider the following 3 cites as you wish.
The country needs saving, and we all must do our duties.
Most Respectfully, Derrick Michael Reid BS JD

== Teaser plus following Equals Clue by Code Names ==========
Nutshell for nuts. MOPE peeps, judge, US Government, and agencies, turning all on the manipulator, the wall street mob boss. Andy Dandy shows prima facie price targeting and manipulation. Star shows COT data fingering the Manipulator. Hyena show likely internal In house and Clients funds, for prima faci inference sufficient, but also for the setup, to get them to divulge nefarious internal business operation. Hence, direct proximal causation shown during the shoot out of all times. Irreparable injury to bugs, for injunctive relief. Injunctive relief in terms of staggered pools, time displaced sells, staggered FIFO, avoiding gross sell amounts and positions prohibitions, without any wiggle room for any dodge. Shut them down, easy and quick, hard and fast. Of course, back up sluggers and auxiliary appearances can replace or support, and then, pass case off to US Justice after shut down, to put snake and medusa behind bars, need 6m$ VC for 6mo.

Aspect 4.13 MOPE Fight Song, Hats and Flags

The fight Song would be modified by lyrics changes on the music score, to fit the modern cause for freedom, in the Freedom v TBTF TBTJ Greedsters public action. A local music teacher, called the musician, is hired for the job, during preparation for the initial filing. Those modifications being as follows: a) the score length remain as that found in Gods and General Bonnie blue flag as posted on you tube. b) "Southern" is changed to "Freedom" c) "Confederacy" is changed to "Conflicted Nation" d) "Northern" is changed to "Wall Street". Then flags, hats, and scores are copied with modified music scores with newly made flags and hats. The flags, hats and scores are procured for mass distribution at the public rallies. Thus. the fight song to go along with conspicuous flags and big conspicuous yellow hats, during the public rallies with a fight song for the excitement of the MOPE people attending, at Chicago and the district locations during the filing and hearing.

Thus, there is a modern bent to fit the times, to MOPE the people, getting the people juices running wild concurrently. Various organizations should be placed on rally notices to enlist them to the cause, and thus hugely bias the Judge, with heavy national and local attention drawn on the case. The old southern bait and the modern bent switch, of the MOPE people, for drawing attention nationally and locally, and so as to draw in MSN, as a full court press public relations effort.

Aspect 4.14 Bias of a District Judge

Before and at the time of the filing and hearing, rallies are had to MOPE the people and US Government, and place pressure upon the Judge as a much pressure to bias the Judge from both a local and national perspective.

The bias continues at the hearing. PROXIMAL Counsel may argue any expedited discovery motions, and EBM motions for Chief Judge assignment or En banc reviews, if called upon by the court.

PROXIMAL COUNSEL at the hearing will argue Chief and En banc motions, as a bias step, as the stage is then set to get heightened review, which EBM should be effectively granted after the filing of complaint as the complaint and motions will be filed together and the court should recognize the importance of the case per the complaint and motions filed concurrently, and thus, the EBM may be summarily granted by the court in advance of the HEARING, as a chief judge preliminary decision. Getting PROXIMAL COUNSEL in play to grand stand before the court has its prejudicial affects before the Judge, both being local citizens, as well as one of the any PLAINTIFF as the complainer.

REID perfects plans for biasing the court. REID will make an opening statement with some general comments, at the HEARING, generally as follows. This case is really about Freedom of the People v TBTF TBTJ Greed. US Attorney General is on the record saying that Wall Street is TBTF TBTJ. This Case is not about the US Government inability but rather the undue influence placed on people and Government from the out reached tentacles of Wall Street led by a mob boss before the court. Only the Judge can save the nation, as REID apologizes for the shoulder weight, but the Judges signed up for the job of drawing the line which must be drawn by those who nobly volunteer to drawn the line.

Parties opposite before Judge has enslaved 50,000,000 of your countrymen through meal tickets. Parties opposite before Judge enslaves 100,000,000 of your countrymen by rigging markets in the bullion space for pure greed and civil revolt is possible. Judges are well schooled of burdens and procedures in civil matters and simple tort action, and don't need comedians and clown to teach the Judge as prevarication, and comedians and clowns should not perform in this dignified court and should button it up and sit down.

REID will mention that simple denials are games played by skillful lawyers, and that this a civil case where taking the fifth has no place and is repugnant gamesmanship. REID will mention that this court is hear to examine the fact presented. When the defendant rest upon denials, PLAINTIFF should be granted just decisions by the court. REID will mention the crimes of price rigging, conspiratorial front running, treasonous selling to China.

REID will mention that the court sit in equity and that literal compliance with marketing laws is largely not relevant in equity, though it may keep the criminals out of jail. REID will mention that selling naked shorts as part of defendants business practice is inherent fraud upon millions of market participants. REID will mention that undue influence upon the government pervades and is led by the Wall Street fascists and its mob boss. REID will asked the Judges to focus upon the facts in this case, and render their just decisions in favor of PLAINTIFF. The court will put two and two together and be ready for the case and see that the country needs to be saved and needs a savior, the Judge himself.

PROXIMAL and DISTAL COUNSEL will then examine the PLAINTIFFs and then, the PRIMARY SECONDARY TERTIARY COUNSEL will examine of the PRIMARY SECONDARY TERTIARY EXPERT in turn. PLAINTIFF and PLAINTIFF EXPERTs will take the stand and explain price manipulation, nefarious business practices and mathematically show price rigging can be effective by a dominant position market player.

PRIMARY SECONDARY TERTIARY COUNSEL, PROXIMAL COUNSEL and DISTAL COUSEL are used as PLAINTIFF and EXPERT examiners. PLAINTIFFs are also used as AUXILIARY EXPERTs to present testimony, including as LEASER, TRASHMAN, CAPPER, MINTER, SHOPPER and FALLGUY AUXILIARY EXPERTS. PLAINTIFF COUNSEL are generally nice gentlemen, well suited for scripted examination of friendly EXPERTs. PLAINTIFF COUNSEL are well suited with patience for examining PLAINTIFF EXPERT with non leading questions to obtain necessary facts on the record.

REID, is used to connect the dots and as the vicious ruthless cross examiner, and would cross examines DEFEDANT EXPERT, and examining any TRAITORS with leading questions and hypotheticals, to utterly humiliate DEFENDANT EXPERTs in court. REID has the ability to store and instantly recall all facts, and has the Engineer mind to create any theory at light speed, well suited for cross examination of hostile experts. REID is also a righteous individual perfectly suited for the case equity, before the Church Bench, where morality is really the determiner. The question is really, is it fair. REID has a life time of powdering and answering such moral questions. To the extent that any of DEFENDANT EXPERT make favorable admission in a declaration of on the stand, DEFENDANT EXPERT will further cross examined by REID, to bring to light that admission in court, and proving any technical points desirable out of DEFENDANT EXPERT own mouths.

The moving papers and plaintiff's case in chief should make DEFENDANT COUNSEL come clean as part of the set up at the hearing. Opening remarks can be briefly be also stated in the complaint and various motion papers to encourage DEFENDANT COUNSEL, and DEFENDANT EXPERT, to come clean to make them produce substantive facts showing internal business operations relevant, which will then be used to against them more under live fire court action. REID would then make summation marks, taking proven points and tying them together into an entire context, painting JPM as the mob boss.

Aspect 4.15 Attorney and Expert Assignments

Assignments are first approximations but REID will remain flexible, for producing maximum favorable effects, by assignment of responsibilities. PRIMARY SECONDARY TERTIARY COUNSEL works respectively in detail with PLAINTIFF EXPERTS. PROXIMAL COUNSEL and DISTAL COUNSEL works with the PLAINTIFFs also as AUXILIARY EXPERTs.

Aspect 4.16 Discovery Initiated upon Complaint Filing

The complaint and motion filing will be loaded with damning information. Further discovery requests will filed as desirable. Such expedited discovery would due in advance of the hearings. The discovery requests at time of the complaint will be fully loaded with interrogatories, requests for admissions, and deposition notices directed at JPM, with several purposes, of focusing the DEFENDANT as well as misdirecting the DEFENDANT, as part of the sneak attack plan.

Discovery requests can be used to identify real names of the of JPM employees responsible for selling short and manipulating the bullion markets. Discovery requests can be expedited to examine DEFENDANTS EXPERTS in advance of the hearing for both substantive value and for misdirecting DEFENDANT EXPERTs. Discovery requests will prove largely PLANTIFF case and destroy JPM, such as showing the concurrent use of in-house and clients money to perfect price manipulation through concurrent uses. Discovery requests are generally hierarchical, for zeroing in on needed information from JPM, a REID litigation specialty with a comprehensive patent law and specific modality of subsystems of an engineer mind. 

The discovery requests can be used for hugely misdirecting DEFENDANT COUNSEL in advance of and at the HEARING. Discovery requests can be used for focusing on naked short sells causing significant sell down spikes, such as, on or about 5/12/13 where about 400 tons of gold were sold in minutes for the price smash. Anyone selling 400 tons in minutes is not interested in getting maximum sells maximum dollars but only driving the price down as clear manipulation of paper prices using inherent fraud selling massively naked shorts.

According to KAYE, there are 15 banksters involved in the gold cartel, which sound similar to MURHPY gold cartel controlling bullion prices in a conspiracy, which leaves 14 banks acting in concert with JPM front running signaling the others such as GS to MOPE the market into desired price directions. Thus, JPM is front running manipulation and concurrently conspiratorially engage in MOPE used by other TBTF and TBTJ bullion banks. 14m$ per lot would rule out retail investors, and offers clues as to the other conspiratorial banks involved in RICO racketeering. A US attorney will be invited to the hearing as an extra reminder the DEFENDANT and DEFEDANT EXPERT to come clean, before the court,

The purposes of PLAINTIFF rallies is to MOPE the people and to bias the Judge. The purpose of the complaint and moving papers is to paint JPM as the MOB boss, and to set up JPM, while misdirecting DEFENDANT COUNSEL, so as to provide the case in chief for the PLAINTIFF, to destroy DEFENDANT and DEFENDANT EXPERTS before the hearing even starts, and to make clowns of DEFENDANT COUNSEL before the hearing even starts, in a comprehensive attack, with no mercy or pity shown.

For example, upon filing the complaint, street address and fax number are obtained from DEFENDANT COUNSEL by PLAINTIFF COUNSEL. Being civilized people, PLAINTIFF COUNSEL, when answering DEFENSE COUNSEL requests for any professional courtesy delay, they are given polite respect, and PLAINTIFF COUNSEL will always co-operate in good faith, on paper, and PLAINTIFF COUNSEL will always promise to get back to DEFENSE COUNSEL very soon, but will always need to get PLAINTIFF approval first, and get back to DEFENSE COUSEL by close of any business day, say by 4:45pm HQ time. But PLAINTIFF COUNSEL will then reject any such courtesy request, of course, always, and will then have return numbers and addresses, for service of further attacks of court papers, such as noticing DEFENDANT EXPERT depositions, which will be served on the DEFENDANT by 8:30 am the very next day.

Aspect 4.17 Secrecy Before filing of the Complaint

During the initial drafting of the attack plan, random posts were made. That draft was heavily coded as REID's expired security clearance took hold keeping the base plan from DEFEDANT prying eyes through the looking glass. The code attack plan draft was assembled into a whole and sent to DISTAL COUNSEL, FERGUSON, and Powell of GATA so that hey made see where REID was going with this novel attack plan which was hopefully sent to EMBRY. The coded plan was then edited by REID into a readable English draft. The English Draft was polished by an editor into the present document used for funding.

Aspect 4.18 Permits and Advertising of MOPE Rallies

Permits for demonstrations will be had for flag waiving, yellow hat wearing, and score singing by massed MOPE people at the two locations at the two rallies at the complaint filing and hearing times. Permits to demonstrate in public areas will be obtained through assigned the Chicago Law Firm and the local district law firm.

Aspect 4.19 Pod Casts for National MOPE Rallies

REID volunteers to make any promotion Pod Cast for funding purposes. After funding, and at Chicago or District locations, PRIMARY SECONDARY TERTIARY COUNSEL and PROXIMAL COUNSEL can create explanation pod casts and video clips for explaining the proposed action, and complaint and hearing. REID would generate scripts for such explanatory pod casts and video clips.

Aspect 5.0 Burdens of Proof at Injunction Hearing

The fifth part of the attack plan is a detailed focus on burdens presented for the HEARING before the presiding Judge. The standard for review in the a civil case context is more probable than not, a mere fifty one percentile. In civil cases, inferences of proximal causation and direct proximal causation will be in play. Such inferences are used to shift the burden and are used as an intended set up of the DEFENDANT in the complaint, injunction motions and summary judgement motions all filed concurrently in the District Court.

The moving filed papers will put the DEFENDANT in an untenable position, that will be fully exploited by PLAINTIFF COUNSEL. In typical motions, there is 1) moving, 2) opposition, 3) reply, and 4) sir-reply papers filed in the court before the Judge. The moving papers will provide at least an inference, which is indirect proximal cause, to shift the burden, that will be sufficient in civil cases without rebuttal in opposition. Addition direct proximal causation adds weight. The moving papers minimally draw inferences as proof and as part of the set up of JPM, with the DEFENDANT's opposition containing damaging admissions that will be used against JPM as admission against interests of JPM providing then addition direct proof. That is the primary set up of JPM. The moving papers will minimally provide sufficient proximal causation for a ruling in favor of PLAINTIFF' as preemptive set up of JPM.

MAGUIRE and other experts will supply facts for necessary inferences drawn to price manipulation by JPM. KAYE supply the inference of commercial evil business internal operations and global bullion flows resulting in the manipulation of the bullion paper prices and the treasonous selling of bullion to China, all of which are mostly hidden from direct view for years, and can mostly be only inferred. JPM will be effectively shell shocked, inundated and concurrently misdirected. JPM will be forced to state admissions on the record in reply in defense of the moving papers. TURK or JAITLY or WILLIAMS among others EXPERTS will show that JPM is the probable culprit. PLAINTIFF having COT and Auxiliary EXPERT experience will also finger JPM as the culprit. A letter introduced by judicial notice will also support direct evidence to show that JPM is the only one that could possible influence bullion prices.

PLAINTIFFs and EXPERTs will finger JPM as the price manipulator in the moving papers. JPM may just settle with PLAINTIFF within a week of filing the complaint and moving papers as that should trigger a rise in bullion price alone as well as share drop of JPM stock shares. A serious continued public exposure of nefarious conduct by JPM in the bullion space may not be worth it to JPM and their bottom line profits as bullion profits are but a small portion of profits made by JPM. JPM may react as smart business people and attempt to settle just after the filing of the complaint and moving motion papers.

In the oppositions, DEFENDANT COUNSEL and DEFENDANT EXPERTs will be forced to rebut the inference and direct evidence presented, but in so doing, will then place admissions upon the record, which in reply by PLAINTIFF will be used against JPM. JPM may try rehabilitation of itself in the sir-reply, but it is impossible to unring a bell and to seriously rebut one own damaging admissions. All the time, the Judge, being initially biased and then heavily biased further still by rallies, will be focusing on the just the facts to justify issuance of an injunction to save the country from ruination and be the glorious national savior.

In making its decision, the Judge will be torn on two sides, one side is that the Judge can be improbably impeached by the US Senate and is required to follows socialistic Supreme Court precedents, and on the other side, the MOPE rallied people demanding at end to TBTF TBTJ and his oath to the defend the Constitution with its plain language. The judicial out for the Judge is to cite all decisions based upon simple tort law and the plain reading of Constitution and then issue the injunction. Thus, JPM will be enjoined with the Judge on solid legal ground in rendering an opinion supporting the issuance of an injunction against JPM.

Right now, the Gold Cartel led by mob boss JPM are manipulating the bullion paper price on the Comex. The greedster bullion banks in bullion trading use mostly large obscene naked shorts, and are trying to wash out bullion holders and gold bugs out of their bullion, particularly those with weak hands, so as to profit and thereby move bullion into central bank hands and foreign country hands, by manipulating the paper Comex price downward, so that, the gold bugs and gold holders end up with little bullion, and the central banks will end up with nearly all of the bullion, as a prelude to an inevitable financial reset of central paper currency to a gold backed currency. In so doing, with the greedsters, such as officers of JPM will convert their illicit paper currency to bullion real money, when paper FRN currency fails as bullion rockets upward in price with the banksters and greedsters possessing nearly all the real gold and silver money wealth.

During this paper money reset, as the banksters and greedster manipulate the paper price, so as to damage the gold bugs and people and all of the PLAINTIFFs, the central banksters may become the buyers of bullion of last resort then buying up all the bullion possible using infinite quantitative easing. Hence, the central banksters and bullion bank greedsters will dominant the bullion space so that their officers can live like kings in the out years with nearly all of the real money bullion so as to continue their control of governments with continued undue influence and control over the people. It may take another five years up to a decade for the financial reset. The evil empire comprising banksters, greedsters, and unduly influenced totalitarians must be struck, struck now, struck hard and struck fast, to free the people, and end the crimes against government and the people.

Aspect 5.1 Presentation at the Injunction Hearing

At the hearing, PROXIMAL COUNSEL will also be assigned as introducing to the court, the PLAINTIFF and all of PLAINTIFF COUNSEL befitting a dignified and respectful venue before the Judge presiding in court.

PROXIMAL COUNSEL makes prologue remarks. REID will follow with opening remarks. PROXIMAL COUNSEL then examines three PLAINTIFFs and DISTAL COUNSEL examines three other PLAINTIFFs. Then the PLAINTIFF PRIMARY SECONDARY TERTIARY COUNSEL, the three Chicago attorneys, will provide respective examination of the three PLAINIFF PRIMARY SECONDARY TERTIARY EXPERTs.

At the Hearing, the idea is to get local counsel seriously in play before the Court, though each assignment given will not be that difficult, but PROXIMAL COUNSEL will get his fair share of public court speaking time before the Judge at the hearing. Thus, the TEAM need this associate local PROXIMAL COUNSEL by rule and by deed, as a well known orator local rules counsel from the HQ district.

At the hearing, REID can and will shoot from the hip as necessary as the Judge will be cautioned by PROXIMAL COUNSEL during the prologue remarks by PROXIMAL COUNSEL that REID may have a very colorful speech pattern because of the plurality of skills, and thus REID ostensibly is obviously handicapped as the sympathy flows in the court. As such, REID should be given a wide room to lay it on very thick or light, as needed, while the three PLAINTIFF PRIMARY SECONDARY TERTIARY COUNSEL and PROXIMAL COUNSEL and DISTAL COUNSEL are very straight forward as practiced litigators.

At the hearing, comments will that JPM, is the mob boss and the undue influencer, home base is a stationary base in bed with the Wall Street Banksters and Wall Street Law Firms in the Southern district of NY, in the light touch, and then REID says nothing further about that, letting the Judge put two and two together in his own mind, and that JPM is undue influence peddling across the democratic election processes throughout the land and importantly through campaign contributions, with the DC District Court throwing out a CFTC case, by Childon of the US CFTC regulatory agency, of FED central banking agency. REID will speak in open court of bullion market rigging, the conspiratorial front running and electromagnetic detection signaling, with Judicial undue influencing, with US Agency undue influenced, painting JMP as the Wall Street MOB BOSS, with out reached tentacles extending from Wall Street NY and across the country.

Thus, REID should at the hearing or any motion for venue change will use the light touch of implicit suggestion of corruption, suggesting nation wide total influence peddling, for the righteous biasing of the Judge, who is the nations only savior, while the Judge defends the PROXIMAL COUNSEL, as kissing cousins.

At the Hearing, REID will pull out all the stops. The noble court will be sitting in equity, under its ecclesiastical jurisdiction. REID should note that JMP has alleged filthy hands of the most despicable grimy paws imaginable, deserving of absolutely no equitable considerations, whatsoever. After cross examination. PRIMARY, SECONDARY, TERTIARY, PROXIMAL, and DISTAL COUNSEL would sum up their respective examinations, followed by REID summation of entire whole using cross examinations testimony. PRIMARY SECONDARY TERTIARY COUNSEL will address and make all objections during the hearing.

There are plenty of videos on Blythe Master, a defendant officer, and her public admissions can be used against JPM, ripe for live action impeachment. At the Hearing, the TEAM should have an inherent thirteen to one advantage over JPM because of biasing, paper content compression, comprehensively understand by a single mind, and because of the REID vicious cross dimensional skills. As part of preparation for any hearing or trial, discovery forms will be made with blank lines, and, upon receipt of opposition papers, expedited notices will be duly served to preserve justice, of course, with rapid filing runners and servers, to prevent any suspected perjury, and to avoid likely prevarication, with reporter transcripts, availability timed before the hearing. REID is highly skilled at humiliating experts in deposition so much so that REID cases never go to trial. In the HQ conference room, depositions can be had of DEFENDANT EXPERTS to just utterly humiliate DEFENDANT EXPERTs before the HEARING. As JPM stumbles around, REID will be ripping new holes in JPM defenses constantly with no let up until JPM settles the case completely as is the style of REID.

Aspect 5.2 Defendants Nefarious Conduct

The nefarious actions can be simply stated has 1) price manipulation, 2) treasonous sales to China, 3) fiduciary breach against clients not receiving FMV during down price smashes, 4) fraudulent naked short selling, 5) undue influence upon the US Government, and 6) conspiratorial racketeering with fifteen bullion banks for manipulating the bullion space.

For example, by dumping of regular small amounts or by stacking orders, the defendant can front run a bullion price drop through electronic signaling indicating immanent naked short sell dumps to other bullion banks. As another example, the China Market controlled by the Chinese government can be accommodating to get the actual bullion prices lower, to help out JPM then buy low and then use in-house to sale high to off load bullion to China. Thus, during the drops in price by China or JMP, client money does not get fair value, and thus a breach of fiduciary duty to JPM clients.

TARP ZIRP and QE by the FED bank is also a contributor for enabling the bullion price manipulation, and treason and fiduciary breaches. With free currency, JPM can by undue influence to keep the FED bank accommodating in providing JPM will low interest rate money so as to enable JPM to perfect its crimes, manipulations and treason. As always, it’s the fault of JPM as the head MOB BOSS of the Wall Street greedsters and Gold Cartel, having Wall Street Law firms in support for recurring business and the banksters for recurring obscene bonuses.

JPM uses clients money as sells order, but JPM does not FIFO stagger in time based upon incoming sell orders timing as would be fair. JPM pools client money sells order and then waits for the smash times, and then supports an initial roll off in bullion price with front running signal to get conspirator ready and then uses client money for the initial cascade down in price. JPM is thus committing two separate crimes of manipulation and conspiracy, thereby justifying racketeering clams with other banks of the Gold Cartel.

JPM and the Wall Street banksters rig democratic elections through campaign contributions nationwide, to also accommodate leftist and rightist political machines bent on using paper money to fulfill campaign promises, which paper money is the very means by which JPM manipulates the bullion markets.

JPM, in the full court press, unduly influences the US Government while corrupting the election process. JPM does so in literal compliance with market and election laws, while hiding its active market manipulation and undue influences from the public with impunity form the US Attorney General and US Justice.

Aspect 5.3 Defendants Injunction Prohibitions

The injunctions shall be expansive in number so that, JPM does not continue the use of 1) pools of client or in-house money to manipulate the bullion space, 2) moneys for front running so to signal co-conspirators of the gold cartel of fifteen other bullion banksters, 3) moneys in campaign contributions for obtaining undue influence upon the US Government and to rig general elections, 4) moneys to treasonously sell bullion to China.

Aspect 5.4 China Drift Enabling Treasonous Bullion Sells

KAYE at KWN has described the "drift" up in bullion prices to allows the bullion banks to sell to china, for the double profits, as China, seeing the paper currency failure over the long term, is a huge buyer of bullion. There is an the alignment of goals, JPM profits and China bullion hoard increases. The drift up in price was first indicated by a globex after market drift up of a historical a stable China time price, that has recently change as the new normal, to add now China drifts down in price enabling JPM to buy low. This strongly suggests that JPM and China have conspired together if not overtly, indirectly.

This is all done in a general bullion bull market due to the prospective failure of the FRN that has been in place since 2000, when GS was actively doing the same bullion price manipulations. KAYE would be great as PLAINTIFF EXPERT.

Aspect 5.5 Gold Experts Generally Do Not Cross Dimension

GS in the early 2000-2008 time period was the dominant manipulator while puppeteering US Government and others, for even more profits. But MURPHY was relentless in his attacks upon GS. Adrian Douglas RIP monitored GS COT positions that went from very high to zero, meaning that GS bailed out of that relative tiny bullion market, no longer willing to take the heat from those like MURPHY. But, JPM took over the racket as the mob boss, and through COT started manipulating bullion prices in about 2009, and JPM soon took and maintain a dominant COT position, mostly through naked short sells in the futures market.

David Morgan has fully indicated that JPM can hide its true position through COT reporting through over the counter activities. But any Gold Bug in the bullion space such as REID for thirteen years can tell that bullion prices are regularly smashed to the down side and then capped on the upside. There is no black magic here, but only mere mortals and machines, such as GS and JP and their trading platforms, who can flush the small speculators on the exchanges regularly and done so between 2009 and 2013, and thus, the bullion market is rigged with conspiratorial front running in that manipulation crime and racketeering.

KAYE asserted bullion banks gain profits through futures arbitrage and GLD sales, indicating that COT small speculator flushes are not enough any more and hence, the new normal. Through future arbitrage and GLD price reflections of the Comex, JPM can price manipulate to buy low in future arbitrage and in GLD shares, and through Mellon bank, pick up GLD physical bullion and then treasonously sell bullion to open arms China as the price recovers, for the double increase of bottom line JPM profits. KAYE understand bullion flows movements, as well as general internal operation and could readily inferred internal JPM operations.

MAGUIRE is excellent for showing predictive price manipulation for presenting the smoking gun to the Judge. MAGUIRE discovery is easily translatable into front end market action for rigging. Front running of small time displaced sales signals or sale order stacking to other bullion banks of pending cascade downward of market price, and for possible clues to internal JPM business operations. For JPM, its all about greed with plenty of profits to go around to all the bullion banks participating in the racket.

MAGUIRE price manipulator market movement can be easily translated into a best guess by KAYE of internal operation for a first order inference of internal operations of JPM while physical bullion flows are inferred by reported from Honk Kong bullion imports. So, both prediction-inference or inference-inference are sufficient for court law suit to file actions and prosecuted, yet, gold notables with means and with sufficient probable cause have not yet moved.

MAGUIRE with prediction-interference is apparently keeping his discovery close to chest, that is a first important clue. MAGUIRE then goes to the CFTC which would be before same corrupt DC court, which is a second major clue. Either gold notables and MAGUIRE are acting in self interest or are afraid of being shot dead by JPM, or lack the ability to take down the JMP greedster manipulator. The gold notables are wealthy and have the means to sue but don’t. The gold notables must talk to each other, such as, GATA and TURK. So, they communicate together, understand the manipulation, have the means to sue and stop the manipulation, having the necessary inference for probable cause to file suit, but don’t. Something is wrong. MAGUIRE is going down a proven wrong road while keeping his discovery close to chest. This is very strange.

Max Keiser interviewed MAGUIRE who indicated that his discovery is confidential, yet its affects the public, and that really strange.  MAGUIRE can spill beans on the quite. The gold notables wont move on the greedster JPM. One has to ask why. What is the problem? The notables can afford parallel processing so it is not the means, and it is not probable cause, but it is the procedural wrong play, inadvertent or planned. One has to ask why? Maybe they are all afraid of getting shot dead even in extra territorial locations and out of the JPM greedster's home jurisdiction. That is a possible conclusion, they are all afraid.

Maybe the gold notables have not met someone like REID who can do the job. Yet parallel processing is the same as REID, just way more expensive. But it is the same thing to kill the greedsters, so the hesitation is not finding one like REID. The gold notables hesitation can be simply fear of being shot dead, even in Canada or Hong Kong or London, as the reach of greedster guns can be far afield. There is a remote possibility that the gold notables and MAGUIRE are corrupt as well as the JPM greedsters, but sincerity has been felt for years, so corruption cant be the answer for the hesitation.

Fear is a strong possibly why serious action has not been taken to date. Mortality can be a game changer even for those who have sincere conviction and understand the bullion price manipulation in process. Though, corruption and fear do not play in god fearing people, like REID. But, fear can may important to most mortal. The best play is for a take down fast and hard by a central HQ using small team of players forum shopping. MAGUIRE predictive-inference can be played in legal world with a command HQ with talented experts. The HQ may need security dogs with cameras in front yard and with security guards packing pistols.

But MAGUIRE did go public, so fear is not the main reason for the hesitation, but some cause must be present and active for the hesitation. The hesitation by gold notables to stop the bullion manipulation must be the procedural failure and no clue how to take down the mob boss. Surely, these gold notables are third order guys in their field and very smart about that field, but have no clue how to cross dimension. That must be the reason for the hesitation. The gold notables cant think procedurally outside the box. This is very understandable and must be the reason for the hesitation.

REID, with five cross dimensional and necessary skills did not come up with a viable plan until May 2013, even after watching the manipulation go on for thirteen years. REID now offers a FINANCIER a plan to take down the manipulator. This plan can be adopted and replicated to pick off the remaining co-conspirator bullion bank members of the gold cartel so as to utterly destroy the fifteen member bullion bank gold cartel. REID can do, now and finally, offer the gold notables a real viable plan to liberate bullion to obtain full bullion price discovery.

Aspect 5.6 Price Rigs, Front Runs, Shorts Buys, Drift Sells

Typically, JPM has shorted London and New York, with clients led funds, causing a price drop, and then recently buys at the lows GLD shares, the then uses in house money to cover shorts and buy GLD shares as the price recovers upward, for a profit, while picking up physical bullion through Mellon GLD gold, and then unloads the GLD gold to the Chinese for a profit. To support the price drops and recoveries, JPM signals other member bank of the gold cartel. To signal, JPM uses front running signals and stacked sales orders, thus electronically signaling other cartel members comprising bullion banks.

Further, to enhance smashes in price, JPM acts with other bullion banks to release MOPE information predicting price drops, to MOPE participant to predict price drops, to MOPE potential buyers out of buying thus supporting the downward price drops with market participants selling at desired times to obtain desirable price drops and profits. JPM uses market electronic communication with member bullion banks using either 1) electronic front running and 2) market stacking of orders to perfect racketeering with Cartel members while using MOPE of participants to profitably manipulation the bullion prices. Thus, JPM is able to hide it racketeering using ostensibly market trades and resulting stacking orders resulting in unspoken signaling to other cartel members with others to MOPE participants to perfect its racketeering and manipulation of the bullion markets.

MAGUIRE has been able to replicate this singling by stacking order data sent, which is unspoken signaling, using a detection algorithm to demonstrate prima faci price rigging and racketeering. This is direct evidence of price manipulation as to not only when but to what price. KAYE indicated that JMP must use client and in-house money to price manage to the target price which is manipulation, for JPM to get their profits. The gold notables have not moved on JPM, but the action awaits. The gold community is cautious and hesitation with taking on JPM. This plan offers such.

The cartel comprises 15 major bullion bank greedsters in on the manipulation, for free profits, engaged in the racket. Videos has demonstrated front running signals where advance sales small spikes front run major smashes and the order stacking detections, to tip off the other racketeers. MAGUIRE has developed an algorithmic detection means for price prediction. This signals to MAGUIRE that a smash down in bullion price is about to happen, and exactly to what price. If MAGUIRE can do, any Gold Cartel co-conspirator racketeer can do the same. It is just an algorithm, and nothing more. Thus, there are now two modes of hidden communication signaling, both are forms of communications, without speaking a word, and they are 1) front running sale signals, and 2) algorithmic detection.
Aspect 5.7 Defendants Turn Coats Traitors Testimony

Traitors are those who signed confidential employee agreements with JPM, such as employees and key managers. They would be useful in explaining exactly how JPM perfects its manipulations. The operation of JPM is by admission divided into in-house and client money and business operation are well understood by KAYE. Traitors and JPM expert will support and disclose nefarious operations of JPM with the MAGUIRE smoking gun for modeling JPM business operation into supposed business nefarious operations. During depositions or live cross examination of the DEFENDANT EXPERTs, the PLAINTIFF COUNSEL can flush out the traitors of JPM. JPM may well be in compliance with trading laws, but that it is immorally used to price manipulate the bullion market.

Aspect 5.8 Inference and Direct Expert Testimony

Inferences will carry the day in civil cases. Direct testimony is always preferred for added weight. Impeaching cross-examination testimony will add much more weight. The establishment of inferences will be had and require JPM to put up counter evidence that would be fully exploited as admissions against interests as part of the moving paper set up of JPM. Hence, the moving papers will draw all the necessary inference of civil immoral wrongs supported by direct declarations. JPM will have to counter and thereby give up internal operations through expert and officer declarations which is subject to impeaching cross examinations.

Aspect 5.9 Defendant Hiding Manipulation in the Market

JPM basically literally complies with trading laws, and in misabliefs trades the markets immorally. JPM can thus hides behind the trading laws immune generally to conventional law suits. JPM can hide internal operations that are believed compliant through nontransparent reporting and electronic market orders. That is, JPM can hide behind market electronic signals during trading with limited reporting, pursuant to literal law compliance, as all can only see the general stacking trading orders and resulting electronic signals, which are not transparent. JPM can thus dodge conventional law suits, supposed in good faith. So, to defeat JPM, one must think and attack them outside the conventional box, to avoid at conventional legal actions and remedies at law, as those will fail from the start. One must avoid the Eastern and Western Coast government corruption as well.

However, just because someone complies with gun licensing laws, does not mean one can immorally murder causing blood to flow day after day in the streets, even when the US Attorney General indicates the murderers are TBTF TBTJ, thus providing de facto government immunity. So, with bullion notable abundantly hesitant, one must move cost-effectively with the right skills in simple tort law seeking equitable relief as an effective morality law suit. This law suit is totally outside the box. The keys skills necessary are patent law for comprehending the whole, legal disdain for rapid cost effective litigation, engineering to solve problems, military science for scrimmaging in the courts, and a bullion knowledge to understand the context, with an anomalous psychology to aggressive pursue the suit to victory, of a suit brought in the right place, a gun toting state in the middle of country, which, in total, is totally unconventional and untraditional, to take JPM down to then destroy the gold cartel.

JPM will try to hide behind a lack of direct communications particularly for the fraudulent naked short sells. This will fail. There are many forms of communications. In the Bullion world, the commentators mostly use the yakty yak, which is an all talk and no go characterization. But in the real world, there are spoken words which require vocal cords and ears. There are written words which require hands and eyes. There are electromagnetic signals which require transmitters and receivers to perfect market orders. But here, there is first a hand to keyboard communication, then a processor and transmitters communication, and then from transmitters to receivers communication, and from receivers to processors and then to drive monitors for human visual perceptions. Hence, there are intermediary technologies between hands and eyes communications. There are many forms of communications where human thought is moved from one physical place to another in various transmission physical dimensions. And so, front running signaling and detection signaling are forms of communications, in the modern context in the information age. But, it will not matter what is the form is the communications as long as there is communications, to sustain the fraud, interference, and racketeering causes of action.

Aspect 6.0 Sustaining Preliminary Injunctive Relief

The sixth part of the attack plan is the sustaining the injunctive relief won at the hearing. JPM may unduly influence the FED bank or US Agencies in general, but the main motivation is greed. The bullion space is but a small portion on the profits of JPM who might be concerned over the fallout from the Judge when injunction relief is granted. Expectations are that the moving papers may be intimidating enough for JPM to settle immediately.

It may be that JPM looks to the injunctive bond requirement for the injunction not to issue. However, proper protection of plaintiff should dove tail back into the bond requirements. The complainers cant afford a ten billion bond no doubt requested. It a farce played by JPM to scare plaintiffs, who has to be tough, throughout, and follow orders, but the bonding and reconsideration counter punching is a forlorn hope for JPM. The bonding amount would be excessive, in view of complainer protection and corporate limited liability should render personal wealth untouchable. Also, and more important, JPM will not be seriously damaged as they will still be permitted to sale, because the injunctive relief is specifically tailored to allow sales but without dumping and price manipulation.

One can expect motions for reconsideration and excessiveness in bonding as a response to the injunction order and bond requirement. Also, to the extend that JPM shows damage by the injunction, JPM again admit to their nefarious business activity, thus again showing the price manipulation, as the counter punch dove tails back into proving PLAINTIFFs case.

But having enjoin JPM, with a limited bond required, extreme preferential prejudice for the PLAINTIFFs will be had before the Judge and will be felt by all, which Judge, of course, never makes a mistake in self glory to save the country. DEFENDANT COUNSEL will be expected to seek excessive bonds and motion for reconsideration of any injunction, and thus give the PLAINTIFF yet another bite to prove its case.

Injunctive relief obtained will be sustained but with a bond minimally set, and if any appeal from such an injunction, it would takes months or years while JPM is enjoined. It is expected that JMP will settle having it counter punches then exhausted with a standing injunction.

The TEAM will MOPE the people and bias the Judge during the injunction hearing, placing much pressure upon the Judge for focusing the Judge at the HEARING, with MOPE people nationwide, US Government support, flag waiving rally people, fight song singing rally people, yellow hat wearing rally people, and nationwide MOPE people, will dovetails back into preparation for the hearing for a full press upon JPM and the Judge. The case will be placed on public record, even with a protective order, with access to the US Attorney. Hence, there is really no need for PLAINTIFFs to deliver a silver platter to US Justice to imprison JPM officers.

Aspect 6.1 Misdirecting the Enemy and Total Confusion

There are plenty of opportunities to misdirect DEFENDANT COUNSEL, to keep them looking elsewhere and out of focus for mistakes, as they milk JPM, as the client seen coming by DEFENDANT COUNSEL. In the opening statement by REID will set the stage before passing the ball to the PLAINTIFF PRIMARY SECONDARY TERTIARY COUNSEL for expert examination and to the PROXIMAL and DISTAL COUNSEL for plaintiff examination.

REID should start off with the formalities befitting the dignified court of the Judge, and specifically, the REID will, with all due respect, of course, and mislead, confuse, and confront the DEFENDANT COUNSEL with JPM evil deeds in an overwhelming way. REID will indicate that the Judge knows the law in simple tort actions, but that, the DEFENDANT COUNSEL should not spend it time to teach the Judge, as a waste of court time, as thus, clowns and comedians should shut up and sit down when in court. REID will characterize the DEFEDANTS as evasive, not wanting to let the truth be know, to enhance the over all set up of JPM to provide opposition papers with meaningful information that the TEAM is use in reply as admissions against interest, which is direct proof of PLAINTIFFs case. The DEFENDANT COUNSEL are traditional attorneys and are easy to manipulate swimming in self interest personal greed. REID will use DEFENDANT COUNSEL traditional styles as to the advantage of the TEAM, always, using the supposed strength of JPM against JPM. Misdirection will be had at all times particularly during discovery, initial filings, settlement letters, PLAINTIFFs examination, EXPERT examinations, and during cross examination of DEFENDANTs experts by REID. 

Aspect 6.2 Preliminary Injunction Shall Have No Wiggle Room

Wiggle room is common task for DEFENDANTs faced with an injunction. Enjoined DEFENDANTs will modify internal operations to avoid poorly written injunctions through wiggle room in these poorly drafted injunction prohibitions. So, the injunction must be focused, buttoned up and skin tight, allowing no wiggle room for JPM to effectively dodge the injunction so as to shut down price manipulation means. Hence, Client Pooled FIFOs, Chinese Walls, Staggered sales, and Threshold Amounts will be used to remove any wiggle room. The injunction will be comprehensively crafted using the engineering mind of REID avoid injunction dodge by JPM.

The enjoining of price manipulation will provide price discover and pressure the FRN so as to reduce greedster undue influence over US Government and FED bank. Thus, the JPM and FED banks conspiracy will be effectively is destroyed by the issued injunction. ZIRP and QE will not be used to enable JPM to continue its price manipulation and FED bank undue influence. Thus, the TEAM heroically rescues the FED bank from the undue influence of the greedsters, while concurrently stopping criminal price manipulation.

The US Government will effectively join and support the TEAM to take down of JPM in public. The US Government can play this up for the public MOPE. The US Government and people will support the TEAM which finally effectively takes down a TBTF TBTJ wall street greedsters as the people rally to the bonnie blue banner of the TEAM and US Government in the public arena. The TEAM will produce and thus provide a comprehensive public records as a de facto silver platter to US Justice to put the officers of JPM and the perpetrators behind bars. The US Government comes out of this action clean and rosy, but JPM is enjoined while the FED bank is freed from undue influence. The MOPE people and rallies will pressure the judge, as part of a full court press upon the bias of the Judge to support the TEAM at the HEARING to enjoin JPM. 

The entire process all doves tails back upon itself and particularly into supporting the TEAM by ancillary Government and people forces at the HEARING. JPM cant dodge the injunctive when the relief is written well, which injunctions avoid positions limits and gross sells of in house and client money, and thus, the trap of JPM is complete.

With the US Government in support, the case process tends to minimize risks of bribery of the Judge as the Government would be all over the case. JPM is out gunned by the TEAM and is mouse trapped by the tort claims, with US Government blessings, as the TEAM provides a full court record, the silver platter, to the Government for subsequent criminal prosecution of the executives of JPM, thus ending TBTF and TBTJ while freeing the bullion space. It will take at least one election cycle, 2016 to educate the people and open door and create a libertarian greens by 2020 to possibly politically rule in the USA, if the Republican party remain stagnant.

Aspect 6.3 Public Notice and Motions for Continuance

There shall be no continuance of the action. Plaintiff and Experts need to be flown into the district, and continuances cause much logistical problems, and the TEAM shall insist that local time table rules be complied with. REID went public of the intent to bring JMP into court by tort actions by posting at LemetropoleCafe and at TFMetalsreport and specifically a public blog at Townhall beginning on May 29 2013 naming JPM as the target.

The hearing by schedule is for February 14 2014, thus giving JPM eight months to prepare to defend in a civil court action, the three causes of action. Any claim or motion by JPM of being blind sided by the TEAM is merely a delay tactic, attempting to defeat the entire purpose to having local time rules of the District Court.

Aspect 7.0 Discovery Before Trial and Trial

The seventh part of the attack plan involves discovery in the context of the HEARING as well as before the trial, both before the same Judge, and hopefully done within one year. Upon the opposition to the initial filing, notices of deposition of officers and DEFENDANT EXPERTs should be filed in advance of the HEARING to be available at the HEARING as names are divulged. Those discovery notices can be prepared in advance with blank lines for real names when DEFENDANT EXPERT names are learned and officer and managers names are learned in opposition. This discovery by PLAINTIFFs would be expedited. This expedited discovery served as misdirections as well as setting up JPM. The expedited discovery will serve to keep the DEFENDANT COUNSEL distracted and misdirected. These expedited discover depositions will be scheduled before the HEARING, with an eye looking towards use at the hearing and any possible trial. The goal to precisely focus TEAM discovery of DEFENDANTS with rapid TEAM notices for discovery of vital points and facts only where it really matters and always done so in a cost effectively manner.

The DEFENDANT EXPERTs and key managers depositions with duces tecum should serve many purposes, one of which purpose is to humiliate the DEFENDANT EXPERTs, absolutely so, and, secondly to discover the name of key managers, for possible weak minded JPM traitors, of whom, for further depositions along with duces tecum for impeachment use at the HEARING. The expedited discovery by the TEAM will be launched at time of filing the complaint and at the time of opposition service for further misdirection of the DEFENDANT. After the hearing, if not settled quickly addition discovery will be had, but the case in chief should be by then well defined for rapid advance to trial.

DEFENDANT COUNSEL will be inundated because of the discovery and filings served by PLAINTIFF and because of the legal norm of client seen coming and self serving ethical rules is to get really involved with each, thereby lessening the focus at the hearing in general, thereby causing JPM much expense while the TEAM misdirects the DEFENDANT COUNSEL. The key line of defense is simply to not robustly respond as expected to their production requests as largely typical unnecessary legal expense. The complaint and moving papers will set the stage for the trial, if trial ever reached, where damages are alleged in the complaint, but the case is really about enjoining JPM and not the dollar damages that should come during settlement.

The discovery responses by the TEAM will be minimal, and thus placing reduced burdens on the PLAINTIFF COUNSEL, yet, the DEFENDANT COUNSEL must stand ready and are inclined to fully engage. Hear, the typical delay tactics are expected and will be pointed out to the Judge as the typical lawyer evasiveness, with light suggestions, so that the Judge can put two and two together, and thus, the PLAINTIFF will always plaint the DEFENDANT as not only the evil, but evading the truth, by using conventional lawyer tactics. The misdirection used is to play upon DEFENDANT COUNSEL inherent conventional tendencies to paint DEFENDANT COUNSEL as evasive and the DEFENDANT as evil and immoral.

The goal is also to keep TEAM responses and production to a minimal. The robust complaint, and motions and discovery sought will help protect PLAINTIFFs from unnecessary burdens. Thus, up front consideration must be thought out to prefect DEFENDANT pleading hard ships in court for any relief which should be difficult for JPM having 1T$ capitalization.

During the preparation phase, all PLAINTIFFs should assemble boxed production of only highly relevant materials, and it is better that such materials be placed under the care of a corporate document manager. TFMR and LMPC are two PLAITIFF service providers that should segregate personal documents and business documents. The business documents should be sent corporate managers and these documents should show correlation between price suppression and membership rolls for showing irreparable hard. Retailers and Wholesalers are large and should have a document manager for responding to production requests. This is about JPM not the PLAINTIFF, and thus the discovery should be more of PLAINTIFF discovery of JPM and not JPM discovery of PLAINTIFFs. Thus, the TEAM production should be made by corporate production managers through simple compliance.  The only expense after the complaint is filed, is the moving of some boxes to DEFENDANT rented copying space, where the DEFENDANT COUNSEL will probably have photocopy machines and much staff expecting the typical production load, but DEFENDANT should not get much, as the discover even by them will be a misdirection. PLAINTIFFs and EXPERTs are generally protected by Work Product and need not deliver documents, though support materials can be relevant, but only then offices opened up to one day inspection, if that. EXPERT production should be simple and will relieve the TEAM while DEFENDANT COUNSEL are distracted preparing at great expense for production that never comes in mass as they would normally expect.

The TEAM and PLAINTIFF COUNSEL wont even look at PLAINTIFF produced documents as no screening of them will be had as they all are generally covered by a protective order in place filed when filing the initial filing. The moving paper will be against the DEFENDANTs conduct. PLAINTIFFs conduct will not largely irrelevant to the motions and hence discovery of PLAINTIFFs will be minimal.

The TEAM responsive discovery is kept to a minimum with low logistics, while the DEFENDANT COUNSEL stumbles about with copying machines and staff setting up for reviewing massive documents that will not be produced. PLAINTIFF COUNSEL hides behind Work Product, Speculative Damages, and Irreparable harm in the moving papers to minimize production. PLAINTIFF persons and corporation can produce a few documents showing possession of some AGE ASE coins on hand. PLAINTIFF service provider can produce attendance records over the time period 2009 through 2013, perhaps reasonably for example in months, boxed during preparation.

PLAINTIFF EXPERTs may get deposed after the motion. REID shall interview PLAINTIFF EXPERTS in advance and early in the preparation phase before the complaint to define the system scope of DEFEDANT business and to get all the PLAINTIFF EXPERTs on the same page respecting the same, so as to defend any depositions of the PLAINTIFF EXPERTs may not ever occur but would before any trial. The preparation will be well done by REID, with focused discovery in a total one sided fashion, to the TEAM advantage, while wasting and misdirecting the resources of DEFENDANT and DEFENDANT COUNSEL and while humiliating the DEFENDANT EXPERTs, in depositions and on the stand. The totality is the planed set up of the DEFENDANT, for exposing its nefarious business plans, and crimes and immoral conduct.

The trial expectantly should never be reached, and the case would be largely developed by the time of the hearing, and thus PLAINTIFFs could move quickly to trial as added pressure upon the DEFENDANT who should have settled the case after the hearing long before any trial. The TEAM will be ready for and press for a quick trial if the injunction hearing fails. With minimal extra expense for TRIAL as a duplicate of the hearing, and the case would have been developed by the time of the hearing and effectively ready for trial. The TEAM would go into any trial fully ready as mostly a repeat of the hearing. Cost effective resolution of cases does not serve most greedy attorneys generally in our society, but here, such cost effectiveness favors this rapid dispute resolution.

The TEAM will do the legal flip of the traditional attorney roles, with cost effectiveness pursuit of rapid resolution of the dispute by an injunction hearing shortly after filing the complaint. This is because of REID past history and success use of the legal flip with a 100% plaintiff success rate and 98% prosecution success rate, with low fees and rapid resolution, during the legal flip.

Aspect 7.1 Plaintiff Communication Hubs

There will be three Communications Hubs. The first communications hub is the primary communications hub located at HQ with REID ever present there. The secondary communications hubs are at Chicago Law Firm where are the PRIMARY SECONDARY TERTIARY COUNSEL and the District Law Firm whereat is the PROXIMAL COUNSEL. The third communications HUBS are at TFMR and LMPC through on line servers accessed the DISSTAL COUNSEL. MURPHY and FERGUSON are bullion service providers with respective tertiary communication hubs to be used by DISTAL COUNSEL for finding need judicial notice URL video and document exhibits.

The primary communications HUB provides central communications to the remaining HUBS, Broadcasters, commentators, PLAINTIFF COUNSEL and PLAINTIFF EXPERTs. All three hubs can provide relay communications both internally and externally as desired.

Aspect 7.2 US Justice Counsel Will Be Court Amici

The court record created will be a silver platter to US Justice. US Government attorneys are welcomed by the TEAM to monitor the case at any time, as much education of the bullion world will be had while they acquire an understanding of exactly how the DEFENDENTS uses the statue trading laws and trading compliance to commit the manipulations and crimes.

Aspect 7.3 Plaintiffs Experts Consultants Commentators

There are many Gold Notables. PLAINTIFFs include service providers, retailers and wholesalers. Service providers provide URL cites with members who can regularly post comments as a private club of members. The two preferred service providers are TFMetalsreport and LemetropoleCafe. PLAINTIFFs preferably number six and have been identified in the dream team. Other unknown service providers can be listed as possible plaintiffs. Two retailers have been identified in the dream team. Other retailers can be listed possible plaintiffs. Two wholesalers have been identified in the dream team. Other wholesalers can be listed possible plaintiffs.

There are nine listed PRIMARY SECONDARY TERTIARY EXPERTS. Other standby experts can be listed, and be used as replacement or supporting experts. Others in the field can be listed as consultants to the case and commentators to the case. These possible plaintiffs, standby experts, consultants and commentators generally have specific expertise within the bullion field. Possible Plaintiffs and Standby Experts may be interviewed with supporting declarations prepared as supporting members of the TEAM and act as replacements or added TEAM members to add weight to the cause. Consultants are behind the scene supporting REID, out of the lime light, and their names and roles kept confidential, but can be used to provide input to support the case. Commentator will be in the lime light, but their roles kept confidential.

List of Supporting TEAM members
Plaintiffs, named complainers of Record
Possible Plaintiffs, replacement Plaintiffs and Experts
Experts, named experts of Record
Standby Experts, replacement Experts and Supporting Experts
Consultants, Confidential Experts for Case Supports
Commentators, Confidential Experts for the Broadcasting
Plaintiffs, Counsel, and Experts share in any settlement
only when officially made of record in the case.

Plaintiffs and Experts can be added, with individual shares prorated, and would be provided a reasonable rate and reimbursed for all expenses. Counsel would be provided a reasonable rate of pay plus expenses with a possible retainer as is customary.

Aspect 8.0 Time Segment Litigation Stages

The eight part of the attack plan is a general over view of the time wise prosecution of the case to effectively enjoin JPM from the bullion space. The case focuses is always upon the immediate JPM target. The general case attack plan is segmented into four time parts. There four operational segments consisting of 1) funding to and including preparation, 2) complaint filing to the hearing, 3) from the hearing to any counter punching, and 4) from the counter punching to any trial. All four time segments are in to the same district court before the same district Judge. While ROE and DOE persons and corporation are listed on the complaint, that is mostly to preserve depositions rights, and discovery, and it may have some intimidation value, but those ROE and DOE defendants would probably not be named at all, and a trial if any, will most likely only be against the real villain JPM, the real target of the case.

The court public records should be full enough for US Justice to then go after JPM officers. By the end of the third counter punching time segment, JPM, the named DEFENDANT should settle the case. Each segment is about three months in planned duration. There will be no professional courtesy given, expect only common civility with no mercy and no pity, shown at any time, by the TEAM. An undertone of contempt for the defendants may be appropriately displayed at the rallies.

Aspect 8.1 General Time Table of Case Prosecution

Time table is important, so all can synchronize their watches.

Brainwave 4/29/13 Light Bulb Turns On
Coded Drafting 5/21/13 Spy Secret Work
Re-Writing 6/7/13 Into English Version
Daft Editing 6/24/13 Polishing and Editing
Edit and Final 6/30/13 Woo the Big Cheese
Funding 7/1/13 to 7/14/13 Cash on the Barrow
Launch 7/14/13 to 7/31/13 Selection of Team Players
Preparation 8/1/13 11/14/13 Getting Down to Business
Filing and Rally 11/15/13 Thanksgiving Party
Hearing and Rally 12/20/14 Christmas Party
Injunction Issued 12/17/14 Christmas Presents
Settlement Dismissal 2/14/15 Valentine Cards

Legal world moves very slow, especially for REID in light speed, but that is the legal system. One can figure by Valentine Day 2014, the manipulation in the bullion space by JPM will be over, and that gold bugs can stop crying about JPM and move one to next serious player in the Gold Cartel. But the plan will be a matter of Court record for adoption, and will function as a silver platter for US Justice.

Aspect 8.2 Consent Dismissal and Settlement

The case will probably be settled with defendant under a confidential consent order and dismissal. The defendant would consent not to participating in the bullion space or be limited so as not to dump henceforth, that is, to comply with injunction terms.

The suit documents filed can be copied and replicated by anyone. The suit will allege 5B$ in damages. It is though at 100 million dollars is sought as a slump sum paid by the defendant subject to sharing. As part of a confident consent dismissal, JPM would agree to pay plaintiffs for fees and costs plus a sump sum. That lump sum shall be distributed.

REID shall be wholly responsible for accepting at his sole discretion any settlement offer and negotiating the any settlement, with plaintiff input as consideration only, and shall be responsible for the distribution of any funds received pursuant to settlement. REID shall be wholly responsible for designating any plaintiff, expert, counsel, possible plaintiff, standby expert, consultant or commentator.

Aspect 8.3 Cross Complaints for Malicious Prosecution

JPM will expectantly cross complain against the PLAINTIFFs for various causes, as is the typical legal nonsense, to attempt to intimidate the PLAINTIFFs. PLAINTIFFs must remain steadfast and not fall for this shallow ruse. The only liability of any import is for malicious prosecution in the civil context. But, the record, complaint and moving papers will be so damning to JPM that such causes will certainly fail, and are really asserted as intimidating empty farces for public consumption.

Aspect 8.4 Singularly Solely Complain

    It may be that DOE and ROE fictitious individual defendants and DOE and ROE fictitious corporation defendants not even appear on the complaint as a means of simplifying the case and prevent JPM delays and discovery confusion. This issue will be addressed when REID interviews the Chicago PRIMARY SECONDARY TERTIARY COUNSEL and a decision is made then. First indications are that they will be dropped from complaint for simplicity and cost reductions.

Aspect 9.0 Summary and Conclusions

The ninth part of the attack plan is a brief summary. Generally, the attack plan has been defined with certainty. The fraud tort claim is based on selling something you don’t have through massive naked short selling. The interference tort claim is based on price manipulation preventing price discovery. The two tort claims are simple in equity focusing on the morality of the totality of the conduct of JPM. The racketeering claim is mostly for show, misdirections and biasing the court and people, but can be inferred.

It is estimated that the PLAINTIFF have a thirteen to one chance of success, and that, the FINANCIER will have a two to five multiplication of invested case funding upon that success, as the case, as such, is deemed to be a sure winner.

Aspect 9.1 Offers to Settle and Misdirections

Communications offers to settle are ethically required of the DEFENDANT COUNSEL to be sent as such directly to their clients, and linguistically can be couched and effectively used to unfurl pseudo truce flags, as advance preparations. Thus, lines of communications are opened any time directly between the PLAINTIFFs and DEFENDANTs, which can be used for name calling or civility, and for effective communications serving to misdirect the DEFENDANT COUNSEL during the HEARING, where it really counts, before the Judge, and also be used as persuasion upon JPM to settle the case.

Aspect 9.2 Moral Releases and Justice Jail Time

Moral questions are real, primarily because some may be come consumed with the possible new world wide glory and potential wealth. REID is incorruptible. Most PLAINTIFF might succumb and be distracted to their historical moral code. That is the risk each PLAINTIFF must address.

The PLAINIFF need not address moral releases of individuals as named DEFENDANTs as that is respecting crimes under the jurisdiction of US Justice. The TEAM will produce a public record and will be complete. US Justice may discover any of the TEAM member after the case is settled. REID will forward to US Justice confidential documents when court ordered to do so, particularly by US Justice.

The court records and personal papers will be so complete, that US JUSTICE can lodge criminal proceeding on its own. Hence, there is no need nor will there be a need for PLAINTIFF to release criminal liability, which is US Justice sole jurisdiction and discretion, and PLAINTIFFs through REID will cooperate when so ordered by a court to do so.
Aspect 9.3 Agreement Signature Page

We all agree to terms generally set forth in this proposal, and hereby appoint REID as the general manager of the case with full authority to proceed and settle as generally indicated, to generally manage the same, and generally settle the same.


__________________   __________________   ____________________

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