Derrick Michael Reid possesses five intellectual cross-dimensional skills developed over a life time including forty five years of profession work training and twenty years of educational instruction within a one hundred hours a week normal work routine so as to effectively combine one hundred years of professional training and high level education within one person. The five intellectual cross-dimensional skills include PATENT LAW of 25 years for understanding complex systems and Litigation of the legal community, ENGINEERING of 10 years for understanding subsystem level problems and solutions, MILITARY SCIENCE of 20 years for devising attack plans for accomplishing objectives, with 3 years of emulated warfare as commander, operations planner and chief of staff, GEOPOLITICS of 15 years writing 100s of memorandum for understanding people motivations and political problems, solutions and realities, with 12 field trips to Asia, with advisories to world leaders, and BULLION markets including BANKING FINANCE CURRENCY markets of 25 years for understanding money and market context as the key to adjusting those political realities, and transacting 100m$ of physical bullion sales. This skill set combines in one skull. This skill set is driven by a robust psychology. That psychology includes two major drivers which are aggressiveness and  spirituality providing a natural internal aggressive work ethic and an internal moral code. The five cross-dimensional skill set is driven by that psychology to form a unique mental signature.

Derrick Michael Reid inherently possesses a colorful linguistical parlance across five skills and across that psychology producing a vivid imagination, and a curious mix of terminology, that goes with thinking outside the box, a necessary benefit, and producing a wild sense of humor that comes from cross dimensional skills and that psychology with light speed associations that collectively are indispensable and necessary for the job at hand. As a child Derrick Michael Reid went to various church services.  Derrick Michael Reid's faith was cemented through the personal teachings from an uncle. Derrick Michael Reid remains a Christian, a huge Jesus fan, believes in God, and is inherently incorruptible with a cemented personal moral code. The devil has no chance in tempting or corrupting Derrick Michael Reid. As a child, with table food in short supply and through sibling rivalry, Derrick Michael Reid developed an aggressive demeanor early on that remains in full flower to this day. With focused five skills, aggressiveness, morally incorruptible, and a workaholic, Derrick Michael Reid uniquely possesses attributes, 


DERRICK MICHAEL REID: Problem Solving Engineer, Electronic Engineer, Registered Patent Agent, Project Design Engineer, Subsystem Design Engineer, Comprehensive Systems Analyst, Economic Feedback Analyst, Market Analyst, Monetary Analyst, Mint Production Designer, Injection Tool Designer, Open Loop Totalitarianism Analyst, Totalitarian Democracy Analyst, Domestic Political Analyst, Presidential Candidate, Computer Programer, Firmware Programer, International Geopolitical Analyst, Hierarchical Command Commander, Strategic Military Analyst, Tactical Military Analyst, Political Pandering Analyst, University Lecturer, Civil War Historical Expert, World War II Historical Expert, Informational Graphics Designer, Battle Map Designer, Military Game Designer, Supreme Military Commander, Military Operations Planner, Military Chief of Staff, Geopolitical Commentator, World Leader Adviser, Bullion Market Commentator, Bullion Purchasing Manager, Patent Lawyer, Patent Prosecutor, Patent Trademark Copyright Intellectual Property Litigation Lawyer, Cultural Evolution Analyst, Natural Evolution Analyst, Human Instinctual Analyst, Human Mind Modeler, Compassionate Capitalist, Strict Construction Constitutionalist, Real Money Monetarist, Social Conservative, Father, Husband, Workaholic, Intellectual, Dog Owner, Tennis Player, Libertarian, Freedom Lover, Gun Packer, Patriot, Incorruptible Christian, and a very concerned citizen.

Communications Skills

Derrick Michael Reid first language was mathematics and has always had trouble with English, especially since self learning how to type on a mechanical type writer early in High School as his brain thinks faster than manual typing, and since communications were then not believed of primary importance. This coupled with a colorful speech pattern and vocabulary, that renders quick writings difficult to follow particularly my most with troubling quick use of various forms of verbs and spelling. Derrick Michael Reid is inherently a self reliant person and has never had a personal secretary, and proof reading is difficult for Derrick Michael Reid as written work is read by Derrick Michael Reid as thought written than it actually is, requiring many proof read passes.

Since Junior High School, Derrick Michael Reid generally communicates in mathematical terms. Derrick Michael Reid in High School Reid developed an understanding of Cobol and Fortran computer languages. In College, English was the most difficult subject of all when Derrick Michael Reid perfected mathematical and engineering skills in college calculus and electronic engineering. Derrick Michael Reid has always been a very curious person, including a keen interest in world geography, evolution of species and universe solar systems, galactic formations, and intergalactic systems, and particularly US History and World History. Law school was entered solely for the purpose of learning business skills. At CSULB, hour long calculus examinations were trivial ten minute mental exercises, then capable of multiplying two 3 digit numbers in head. At UC Berkeley, twice the number of engineering lab courses were completed before graduating at 20 years old, yet never did pass bonehead English, being saved that torture by passing a waiver examination where argument skills saved the day. During Engineering employment, at 21 years old, saved the Litton Inertial Navigation system program for the F14 fighter, and later developed silicon compiler methods, inter alia. After failing to raise venture capital for a new IC redesign concept, a large patent law firmed was entered. Law School was difficult as it relies on the English Language, practically a foreign language to Derrick Michael Reid. Nonetheless, Derrick Michael Reid passed the bar the first time, has a 100% success rate in plaintiff patent litigation cases in the Federal Courts whereas the average is 50%, and has a 98% success rate in 250 patent prosecution cases whereas the average is 56%, in most highest technologies of the country, proving that Derrick Michael Reid can communicate efficiently in the English Language with a colorful vocabulary and speech pattern, with a scientific mind having mathematics and graphics being primary forms of natural communications.

Derrick Michael Reid mental neutral net was burned in during the mid 1980s when working in a large law firm, using IBM AT keyboards, Window 2000 operating systems, and Word 7 word processor, now with 250 macros for emulating WordStar, an early learned word processor. To this day, Derrick Michael Reid still uses, most efficiently, these very same tools to fully exploit that mental neural burn, for fast writing, as the basic tools of English Language communications to and with others.

Six years of Mechanical Drafting in three years of High School; One Year as Tool and Die Designer Post High School; Ten Years of Electrical Schematic Drawings and IC topography while Employed as an Electronic Engineer using hand drawings and silicon compilers; Ten Years of Drawing Strategic Campaign Maps using Photoshop; Three Years of Drawing Galactic Campaign Maps using Photoshop; Twenty Five Years of Drawing Patent Mechanical, Electrical, Semiconductor, and Software System, inter alia, first by hand drawings that were then reduced to graphic form using Canvas and Photoshop graphic tools.


WESTERN STATE UNIVERSITY, Fullerton, California. (1978-1981)
JURIS DOCTOR, May 1981. Emphasis in Business Law.

Graduate study in Electrical Engineering in 1976. Graduate
studies covered digital systems, programming, and IC design.

University of Southern California

UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, Berkeley, California. (1973-1975)
BACHELOR OF SCIENCE, March 1975, 2.5 years to complete.
Emphasis in material science, digital and analog circuit
analysis, integrated circuit design and processing, finite
state machines, computer architecture and software systems.

University of California Golden Bears

Calculus, Physics, Chemistry, Thermodynamics. 

Liberal Arts, English, History, Calculus, Computer Systems. (1972)

John F. Kennedy High School La Palma CA (1969-1972)
Six years of precision mechanical drafting, Tennis
team player, above average student, and learning
mainframe computers and programming languages, and
completing all basic math and science courses.

Walker Junior High School La Palma CA (1966-1969)
General Studies, being pulled out of math class
for self study in the library, completing Algebra I
and Algebra II in one semester in the library.
Junior High School Tennis Team.

Torrance California Elementary Schools (1960-1966)
Expert clarinet player, Youth Marching Band Member.
Self taught numerical sequencing tabulations.
Various Christian Churches attendance, Accepting then,
Jesus as personal savior under uncle's guidance.


  DERRICK MICHAEL REID, ESQ.             Patents     
     Attorney at Law (Retired 6/09)      Trademarks
    26 La Costa Court (Since 8/87)       Copyrights
Laguna Beach California 92651       Unfair Competition

                      BAR MEMBERSHIPS

     California State Supreme Court.
     U.S. Eastern California District Court.
     U.S. Northern California District Court.
     U.S. Central California District Court.
     U.S. Southern California District Court.
     U.S. Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.
     U.S. Federal Circuit Court of Appeals.
     U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

                    WORK EXPERIENCE

Political and Geopolitical Analyst (2004-2015)
USA Presidential Candidate. (2010-2012 & 2015-2016)
Townhall Political Commentator (2004-2009)
Political Commentator LemetropoleCafe (2005-2009)
Geopolitical Commentator, Published Around the World,
Global Confluence Predictor, World Leader Adviser, (2004-2009)

Bullion Banking Finance Analyst (2001-2015)
LemetropoleCafe Member, Bullion Commentator
Published Around the World. (2005-2009)
Market Commentator TF Metals Report. (2012-2015)
Developed Attack Plan for Freedom v Greedsters. (2013)
100m$ Bullion Negotiator and Procurement Manager (2010-2012)
Utah Mint Promoter, Mint Coinage Production Line Designer,
Mint Production Line Developer and Inventor (2006-2010)
Monetary Commentator, Bullion Market Analyst, (2001-2015)
Fingered China secret Gold Buys (Bloomberg 4-1-2009)

Military Scientist, Emulated Military Supreme Commander,
Operations Planner and Chief of Staff. (2009-2012)
Military Battle and Strategic Map Designer (2001-2010)
Military Strategic and Tactics Student (2000-2010)
Military Strategic War Game Designer (2001-2010)

Patent Lawyer, DERRICK MICHAEL REID, ESQ., Laguna Beach Ca.
My practice centers upon Patent, Trademark and Copyright
applications, prosecution and infringement litigation
emphasizing services concerning high technology electronic
and computer components, communications circuits and systems,
operated sole practitioner business, accounting entry and data,
in a small law office, managing all legal staff. (1985-2009, Retired)

Associate Attorney at Law, LYON & LYON, Los Angeles CA.
My responsibilities were related to Patent, Trademark and
Copyright applications, prosecution, and infringement cases
and trade secret cases. I developed a litigation computer
system for data base management in complex cases. (83-85)

Engineering Manager, MATTEL ELECTRONICS, Hawthorne, CA.
My duties comprised manpower management, hardware and
software procurement and department operating procedure
development to facilitate Integrated Circuit sustaining,
diagnostic and simulatory compiler design activities. (82-83)

Engineering Promoter, REIDESIGN, Newport Beach CA.
I engaged in venture capital activities for a VLSI silicon design
company based on redesigning MSI into VLSI MOS technologies
using silicon compilers & semi-custom techniques. (82)

Senior Electronic Engineer, PERKIN-ELMER, Garden Grove, CA.
My function was the design of disk drive micro electronics.
This required micro processor circuit design, firmware code
development and custom VLSI design with CAD tools such as
ICE development systems and logic circuit simulators. (80-82)

Electronic Engineer, BASIC FOUR, Tustin, CA.
I was responsible for the developmental design of their mid-size
computer systems. These systems employed various
controllers, memories and CPUs which use random logic,
sequencer-firmware and micro processor technologies. (79-80)

Electronic Engineer, CALCOMP, Anaheim CA.
My duties included CAD development of floppy disk drive
electronic circuitry which comprised stepper motor,
transducer pickoff, read-write and control circuitry. (77-79)

Electronic Engineer, LITTON GUIDANCE, Woodland Hills CA.
 I was responsible for the design of Cruise and F-16
inertial navigation electronic circuits such as gyro spin
supplies, precision torquers, synchro buffers, quantizers,
temperature controllers, resolver amplifiers and their
built-in test circuits in hybrid technologies. (76-77)

USAF F16 Thunderbirds

Electronic Engineer, ROCKWELL INTERNATIONAL, Downey, CA.
My assignments included the design of digital and analog
computer interface circuits in a flight simulation
environment in which various computer systems exercised
space shuttle simulation instruments in closed loop
simulations for design verification, ground control
maiden flight of USAF B1a Bomber Edwards AFB. (75-76)

B1 Bomber Takeoff

NASA Endeavour Space Shuttle


The Garage Office. Do you notice the drafting board, I have kept since Jr. High School?

I was an expert draftsman by High School. I even have designed plastic injection tools.

Far Eastern State University, Vladivostok, Russia, Lecture on Intellectual Property

So, I will teach Americans and run for President and try to make a difference.