Birth and Baptism Certificates

Birth Records of Derrick Michael Reid

Born June 30th 1954, Cleveland Heights, Cleveland, Ohio, USA, Birth Name: Michael Derrick Reid
Father: David Sherman Reid (RIP) DOB: February 2nd 1927, Pittsburgh Pennsylvania USA.
Mother: Edith Ann Woods, DOB: November 17th, 1930, Martins Ferry Ohio USA.
Ancestry Believed, but not confirmed, dating back to the 17th Century, Ohio River Valley.
Birth Record Affidavit July 29th 1957, Correcting Birth Name: Derrick Michael Reid

Christian Faith of Derrick Michael Reid

Jesus was accepted as personal savior, 1964 Torrance California under supervision of Uncle Harlan Woods, at 10 years of age.
Baptismed St. James Parish, Episcopal Church, January 10th 1982, Newport Beach California was much later at 27 years old.

Amazing Grace

         Catholic Parish                                   Episcopal Church                                            Uncle Harlan Woods
     Mary Mother of God                                  Saint James                                              Through the Grace of God
       Vladivostok Russia                           Newport Beach California                              Led me to the Love of Jesus

Character of Derrick Michael Reid

During Jr High School, I was a Demolay, a youth masonic organization, that taught us Loyalty, Honor, Service and Duty to God
and Country. This supplemented a Christian faith of Charity, Honesty, and Good Will, leading to personal incorruptibility.

Children of Derrick Michael Reid

(A) Ms.P, (RIP)
1st Son, Christopher Ralph Reid, DOB November 27th, 1984, California, currently a Sergeant US Army.
Sergeant Reid is now a proud member of the Screaming Eagles 101st Airborne Division, 2nd Brigade.
October 2003 120th Reception Battalion,  Fort Jackson, South Carolina

United States Armed Forces

(B) Divorced Ms,V,  (Ms.V filed for divorced after one year of marriage)
2nd Son, California, Born February 14th 1997, California.

(C) Mrs TNR, Wife, Married 15 years.
3rd Son, 12 years old, student. 4th Son, 11 years old, student.

Residential Time Line of Derrick Michael Reid

Cleveland Ohio 1954-1957 (Infant, with no living memory)
Lomita California 1957-1958 (Harbor Hills Housing Project, Preschool)
Torrance California 1958-1966 (Fern, Wood, Adams Elementary Schools)

La Palma California 1966-1973, 1975 (Jr High and High Schools, CSULB Lower Division Studies)
Berkeley California 1973-1975 (UCB Undergraduate Engineering School Upper Division Studies)
La Palma California 1975-1976 (Engineering Profession, Space Shuttle Flight Simulation)
Los Angeles California 1976 (USC Graduate Engineering School, Engineering Profession)
Lancaster California 1976 (Ground Control, USAF B1a Bomber Maiden Flight Command and Control)
Reseda California 1976 (Engineering Profession, F16 Fighter & ALCUM MALCUM Cruise Missiles)
Woodland Hills California 1976-1977 (Engineering Profession, F16 Fighter & Tomahawk Cruise Missiles)
Tustin California 1978-1979 (WSU Law School and Engineering Profession, Computer Systems Design)
Fullerton California 1980-1981 (WSU Law School and Engineering Profession, Disk Drive Design)
Newport Beach California 1981-1982 (Engineering Profession, Silicon Compiler Circuit Design, California Bar)
San Francisco California 1982 (Reidesign Promotion, Silicon Compiler Circuit Technology Translation)
Newport Beach California 1982-1983 (Engineering Management, Legal Profession, Patent Litigation)
West Hollywood California 1983-1984 (Legal Profession, Patent Litigation, Patent Prosecution)
Beverly Hills California 1984-1985 (Legal Profession, Patent Litigation, Patent Prosecution)
La Palma California 1985-1986 (Legal Profession, Patent Litigation, Patent Prosecution)
Laguna Beach California 1986-2015 (Patent Litigation & Prosecution, Military Emulation, Geopolitical & Market Commentator)

Laguna Beach California 2015-2016 (Presidential Candidate, Libertarian Party)
Personality of Derrick Michael Reid

Aggressive and Christian, personally private and tending naturally to be publicly withdrawn.
With our great country sliding into economic ruination and totalitarian socialistic fascism,
I had to get off the bench, knowing I am fully capable, to save the country from devastation,
as duty calls all loyal sons to serve as capable and able in times of turmoil and great need.
In the summer of 2014, I had a dream, and GOD said to me, Derrick your are capable, run for president.
Dear God, in your infinite mercy, I beseech thy blessings upon all Americans in our hour of need,
for rain in California delivering gracious abundance, and forgive us our sins, in Jesus' name, amen.