USC Honorary MS Degree Application

Trustees of the University of Southern California

I Derrick Michael Reid hereby apply for an Honorary Masters Degree in Engineering.

I went to USC graduate Engineering School in about the 1976-77 time period, and completed about 3/4 of the classes required. I was pulled away from school as my duty to the country for critical US weapon technology development, specifically, Cruise Missiles and F16 Navigation Systems, and solved their problems, but never returned to USC to complete the degree, and always felt a little empty in life, never getting the MS degree from USC. I worked as an engineer for 10 years, worked as a patent litigators in the federal courts for 10 years, and I spent 15 years being educated by the top Phd Scientists, Physicists, Chemists, inter alia, in the country prosecuting their patent applications with a 98% success rate. See Attached US Patents. My resume can be found in a legal memo on line to stop the Gold Cartel from criminally manipulating bullion prices on the NY COMEX, now posted in facebook, for your review. In May-June 2013 I set forth this proposal to end market manipulation in the US, to end TBTF and TBTJ to save the country. Currently I am running for US President 2016, having developed five skills, including Patent Law, Engineering, Political Analyst, Bullion Market Analyst, and Supreme Military Commander. A Freedom platform can be found also on facebook for your review. I have created a comprehensive, integrated, sweeping plan for restoring Americana Greatest also now posted in facebook. I would be happy to speak to any graduating class if asked to do so. As I have completed 15 years of top level high technology full time schooling by this country's top scientists, in addition to a full year of graduate engineering study at USC, I believe an honorary Master's Degree from USC is appropriate.

Respectfully Submitted
Derrick Michael Reid BSEE, JD,
Engineer, Lawyer, Military Scientist,
Bullion market analyst, Geopolitical Analyst,
2016 Presidential Candidate.

University of Southern California

Indispensable US Patent Office Experience

I have 25 years of professional patent work, the first 10 years of which was mostly federal district court litigation, the second fifteen years of which was all patent prosecution work before the US patent office. During this last 15 years, I prosecuted 100s of patents, nearly all of which were directed to this country's highest technologies invented by leading world known scientists and Engineers. The average success rate for patent prosecution work is 56%. My success rate was 98%. I was taught nearly ever work day, this country's leading technologies by respective experts in their field. Over this time, I develop a knee understanding of high technologies, human thinking processes, and an ability to comprehend the whole of vast complex integrated systems. This ability has allowed me to comprehensively understand the world in which we live. Couple to this technical ability, was travels abroad that allow me to examine up close different cultures, and the study of world economic banking and financial systems, allowing me an ability to understand the entire world in which we live. The 15 years of patent prosecution was key to developing flexible mental abilities to understand the world, the problems, and the drivers to those problem. As an engineer for 10 years prior, I develop a knee ability to solve problems for providing solutions, thinking out of the box at all times. Applying project engineering skills, I developed by myself a commercial computer disk drive. As an electronic engineer, I personally saved the F16 fighter fly-off acceptance testing program at critical development time in 1976. System wide comprehension, understandings of causes of problems, project engineering skills, and a engineering problem solving talents, can be collectively applied to social economic problems for resolving complex societal economic and government function problems. These collective skills can not be understated when addressing the problems faced by the US today. I have development the political plans to acquire the White House and comprehensive integrated sweeping plans for restoring Americana Greatness.