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Totalitarian Democracy
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So, for now, the DEMs are reduced to 1) a pandering incompetent arrogant criminal, and 2) a oxymoronic totalitarian socialist, on team blue, while the REPS have a 1) clueless infantile bombastic property mogul, on team red.  Some Choice.

The system is corrupt, from the perspective of Constitution, Republic, Capitalism, Liberty and Freedom. Socialism, per se is corrupt, and corrupts all it touches. The singing sirens of pandered socialism kills all it touches. Centralize it in DC and you have totalitarian socialism. Have the system configured so that the banksters suck wealth from the 99% to the 1% and you have totalitarian socialism fascism. Socialism, by definition, eventually implodes upon its own absurdity, of rewarding the unproductive and penalizing the productive. The heart of the problem is the pandering and cementing of socialism. The US economy, constitution, republic, currency and markets are collectively viewed as a terminal cancer patient with the DEM running in to help, choking the patient with pandered socialism, with the REP running in to help, with pretty ineffectual band aids.

  The fundamental reason why the DEM and REP candidates do not offer solutions to the major systemic problems facing the US is because they do not understand or will not address the fundamental problems, or if they do understand the problem, choose to ignore the solutions, by being politically expedient relying on pander and TV Ads to advance self-glorification and party power, in what is now the standard operating procedure for winning elections.

DEM and REP Presidential candidates are either:
1) DECEITFUL (they know problems but pretend their band aids will work);
2) CORRUPT (they know problems but bankster money bribes them not to cure);
3) INCOMPETENT (they know problems but dont know how to fix them); or
4) IGNORANT (they dont even know what the problems really are, and merely pander bases).
5) IDEOLOGUE (They dont care about the problems or the Constitution, and will install ideological laws)
6) PANDERER  (They dont care about problems or the Constitution, and will pander any vote possible)

Other than these specifics, all candidates are engaged in mindless meaningless empty pander and sound bites, as true DEM/REP politicians do. None of them desire to end the bansters corruption conduits for obvious selfish reasons. Here is the tip off. Listen to precisely what is said by each of them. Then ask yourself if an articulated precise actionable plan was proposed, or were the words are merely nice sounding warming your hearts. If plans were proposed, are they substantial is addressing the fundamental problems facing the US, including major reforms necessary. They all fall short, playing it safe, warming the people's heart with biased pander yet failing to solve pressing major problems. They all rely on pandering donations and institutionalized contributions for pure power plays, solving little, for cementing political power. The DEMs and REPs as political institutions are simply corrupt and incompetent. The US is insolvent with an 20T$ unserviceable debt, with FED led corruption, transferring wealth from the 99% to the top 1%, and these pandering machines will not upset the gravy trains or the pandering style of cementing political power. The DEM and REP parties over the last 100 years has produced an insolvent oppressive totalitarian socialistic fascist regime in DC, and must not come any close to the 2017 presidency. I offer to restore AMERICANA GREATNESS.

Eve of Destruction

Prins-SGT on HRC and DT

 Libertarian Party Candidates

The issue is not defeating the Democrat and Republican nominees, as the two current leaders are clearly demonstrably suspect. The issue is not saving the US from social chaos and economic ruination and wars, as the solutions, skills and plans are solidly in place. The real issue is, are the libertarians so locked into emotional narrow-spectrum pandering that they can not think logically, or enamored by the last failing candidate, or impressed by current public notoriety, to actually believe that any one of the other presidential candidates has the intellectual capacity, knowledge base, and command leadership, necessary, to go toe-to-toe the Clinton crime family and that infantile bombastic property mogul? After nearly 50 years, the LP remains stagnant as a political curiosity, pushing hard core anarchy, sovereignty and drug war end, the collective dead end political road, proved time and again. The turn out at the state conventions are embarrassing low, eg PA with 13m population, yet only 50 show up, and that poor turn out has been across the country without exception. The other LP candidates do not know how to present the LP message to appeal to 90% of the voters and do not know how to fashion and execute a comprehensive solution set that would attract 90% of the voters. The LP FL delegates should not perpetuate the LP national tradition of failure. The drug war end can be presented as a war on DC totalitarianism, and sovereignty presented as fitting within federalism, so at to attract, not alienate, 90% of the voters. Other candidates have disjointed collections of proposed band aids, and not an integrated comprehensive solution set that is necessary to appeal to 90% of the voters, and to solve many major systemic problems facing the nation. The LP FL delegates should nominate the only candidate who can and would win the White House through message appeal, solution attraction, execution skill set, and knowledge base to defeat the DEM/REP nominees.  The LP message of minimum government, maximum freedom, mutual tolerance, as well as drug war end and sovereignty can be presented to appeal to 90% of the voters, along with a comprehensive solution set to attract 90% of the voters, by one with the skill set necessary, to win the White House, only as positioned by yours truly. 

Gary Johnson

Johnson as a presidential candidate lost with 1% of the most, which is something less than respectable. Over the last 4 years, Johnson, the titular head of the LP,  the Party has been stagnant, with decreasing membership, with no credible leadership to package libertarianism for main stream appeal, as a failure to the LP, and, with 50m hungry, 100m unemployed, 20T$ in debt nationally, Johnson is out climbing mountains? That shows his unconcern for the party and nation. As a Governor, Johnson may have done well, but as titular head of the LP, he is a failure. A definition of insanity is doing the same thing over again, and expecting a different result. 

Not only is Johnson, a proven loser as a presidential candidate, a proven failure as titular head, but also a party stagnator seeking to stagnate the LP again with another run that even he has admitted he can not win. Unlike Gore, McCain, Kerry and Romney, who graciously stepped aside so that new faces and political approaches could surface to reinvigorate the party to victory, the egotistical Johnson appears bent on the holding the LP as a marginalized political side show. I was told by Mr. Hern of CA in October 2015 at the MA debate, that Johnson would announce and take the nomination, and that even though I am the strongest candidate, Johnson will rely on notoriety to win the LP nomination. Gary Johnson has already indicated he can not win, that is, he is not delusional. Then why would he run, and demoralize libertarians and waste our time, if not for self glorification as an egotistical self glorifier? Johnson is an ironman and a mountain climber? Well aint that just special. Johnson boosts of climbing mountains and ironman meets, which has nothing to do with the price of tomatoes, but has everything to do with pandering egotistical self glorification. What is abundantly clear, is that, Johnson lacks the intellectual capacity to present the Libertarian message in a form appealing to the vast majority of Americans and lacks the motivation to seriously grow the Libertarian Party, as demonstrated by his performance as titular head of the Libertarian Party.

Johnson was egotistically rude and arrogant at both the VA and IL LP debate, acting like a childish clown, performing distracting antics while others were speaking, in despicable mockery of serious LP events. In VA LP Debate is crawled under the table while I was speaking. In IL LP Debate he paraded in front of all the candidates while another was talking, again distracting the audience.  In PA debate Johnson had his gang present, loudly clapping after each of Johnson's remarked, in a staged venue, and when the debate was over, Johnson gang booed me very loudly in a staged event. He must not get anywhere near the nomination, again. Collectively, it is revealing and its pathetic, but should be revealed to the public. Well, I will be honest and call it like I see it. 

Johnson called Trump a PUSSY. What kind of language is that for a presidential candidate? That is pure meaningless gutter slander. Johnson should get out of the gutter, and wash his mouth. Johnson is a gutter snipe, totally unsuitable for the nomination. Its pathetic. The Libertarian Party does not need a pottie mouth as titular head. The libertarian party is a party of principles, and we dont need gutter snipes, (or for that matter, smear merchants, gotcha pundits and hatchet men) standing for the Libertarian Party. Johnson proposes GallbladdersRus? This is the kind of weird talking stuff that really taints the Libertarian Party as a crazed fringe alienating the general population as an electorate alienator. Johnson is causing immeasurable damage to the Libertarian Party. At his age, its pathetic and way too late to polish his image.

Gary Johnson

Johnson is obviously an inept messenger at presenting the message of liberty and tolerance in a form that is appealing to 90% of Americans. Johnson is obviously an incompetent leader presenting no serious solutions to systemic problems that would be attractive to 90% of Americans. Johnson is obviously an incompetent strategist, with no suitable solution set, platform, pledge and political strategy to engage various political group to form a coalition of voters to win the White House. Johnson is obviously a naive politician pandering a budget balance when national insolvency must be solved before the budget is balanced, that is, insolvency must be solved first before deficits are removed, that is, the problem is insolvency not fiscal budgets, but apparently Johnson has no real clue about the true financial state of the country or how to solve them, but only pander an outdated and ineffectual supposed balance budget solution. Johnson has no plan whatsoever known for winning the White House.

The problems of the country are so vast, that Johnson's governorship propensity to veto this and that, as a tiny state government paradigm for a tiny populated state, is wholly if not completely, inapplicable to the state of the Union. Surely, Johnson can be respected for holding the liberty line in a relatively insignificant state, but his experiences are largely not applicable to the vastness of the United State and global entanglements, and the multiple of serious problems facing the country.
Gary Johnson did graduate from college, expanded a handyman service into a modest construction company, and served as the New Mexico veto governor, and he should be respected for those accomplishments. But, he surely lacks the qualifications, skills, intellect, demeanor, and knowledge base to be president. Johnson has been painted nationally with the "goofy" New Mexico Governor image of the crazed fringe image of the Libertarian Party, and has done the LP immeasurable damage. It time for a change to a Presidential candidate who is presidential and offers the country concrete solutions, and not just veto veto veto.

Gary Johnson never apologized to me for his rude childish behavior at the Virginia debate, demonstrating his arrogance and apparently ownership of the Libertarian Party.

"The key now is to maintain the momentum, and leverage the inroads made in 2012 for the 2016 presidential election. And thus, the search now commences for the individual to take the party to the next level; a presidential candidate that will bear the huge responsibility of capturing the imagination of the American public, and achieve something that has never been done since 1912 - building a nationally competitive third party."

The Underwhelming Gary Johnson Pot Use Bugs Conservatives
a potrepreneur with Cannabis Sativa Inc.

Austin Petersen

Austin Petersen believes that everyone wants to run a campaign blog for profit. He is sorely mistaken, as there is at least one presidential candidate running a blog to save the country from social chaos and economic ruination. Petersen is shamelessly profiteering off the libertarianism image and the Libertarian Party. Petersen is a shameful profiteer.

There are 50m hungry, 100m unemployed, with national insolvency at 20T$ in debt, with the middle class decimated, with the manufacturing base decimated, with bankster wealth transfer from the 99% to the top 1%, with cemented and systemic corruption in congress, among many other systemic problems facing the US, and Petersen grand and glorious vision for the US, is gunmen guarding marijuana fields. Petersen is a shallow Panderer.

Petersen adopts his 5 year commie plan, the one penny solution, (that is not worth two cents), to fiscal budgetary imbalance. The Cato Institute on 3/9/16 indicated that the budget can not be solved until federal insolvency is solved first. I gave a speech in Virginia on 3/5/16 teaching how to eliminate the national debt. The Cato Institute is a little slow, but finally got there, effectively adopting now my teachings for years, and debunking Petersen's one penny NO solution. Petersen is a grossly naive pundit. 

Petersen, against drone bombing and war intervention, proposes hired assassins under US letters of Marque. Petersen, is not only a shameless profiteer, shallow panderer, and a grossly naive pundit, but also a duplicitous fraud. As a Christian, I will not bare false witness, but call it exactly like I see it. The solution is making friends abroad, not sending out hired assassins under government authority.

Petersen is indubitably a shameless profiteer, a shallow panderer, a grossly naive pundit and a duplicitous fraud. Petersen should stop embarrassing himself, and the Libertarian Party, and withdraw immediately before he does more damage to the image of the Libertarian Party.

The Libertarian Party does not need a shameless profiteer, a shallow panderer, a naive pundit and a duplicitous fraud running for president. Petersen should be respected for his activism. The Libertarian Party could always use a highly motivated campaign manager and political activist to rally the troops. You put the right person in the right spot for maximum efficiency. Petersen is totally incompetent as president, but could be a highly valuable campaign activist, as demonstrated by his ceaseless pandering.

Before the Stossel debate 4/1/2016, Stossel posted a tweet of Petersen with a quote "Government should not be telling us who we are." Of course all would agree, and no doubt inflames the liberty emotions of Libertarians in support. But so what? There is NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER a concrete credible plan to achieve the object of his meaningless pander, it just pander and no more, the oldest DEM/REP method of the DEM/REP playbook.

Petersen, a "fine arts" college graduate, is obviously incompetent for the presidency, but is a motivator as an activist, and we all should respect that capability. You put the right man in the right job for maximum efficiency, and Petersen best serves the Libertarian Party as a political activist.  His rude, obnoxious, and vulgar language and demeanor is certainly not presidential, and has absolutely no chance whatsoever to win the presidency and would be a very poor choice for the Libertarian Party.

Petersen is holding an event, where Hispanic children, using a bat, at a hanging pinata, of Trump, hanging in effigy. Teaching racism, to kids, using violence, to beat up white guys, shows Petersen lacks common sense and is unpresidential. 

Austin Petersen

John McAfee

I really like John personally. He is friendly, warm, and personable.  I love John as a sincere human being. With all due kindest respect, John lacks the skills and knowledge base to be president, and has no real plans to really significantly fix anything.

At the California Debate, John made boosts about getting arrested for public drug use, and upon his release, went right back to the same corner and engaged in public drug use, not only publicly admitted crime but also direct defiance of law and insulting the integrity of law enforcement. Maybe if John did not intoxicate his mind, he might be able to remember he is running for the Libertarian ticket and not the Republican ticket. Some may think it cute, but disqualifies John at any serious shot at the presidency and is not presidential and would most certainly alienate much of the electorate. Admitted a former addict and alcoholic, John McAfee is unelectable. John, I love you bro, you are inherently a good person. Please John, put the dope down, you dont need to fuzz your brain.

John McAfee

Darryl Perry

I like Darryl as an honest, up front person. Perry, however, is an extreme anarchist, vowing to dissolve government, yet seeks the US presidency having an oath to uphold the constitution defining government. It cant possibly get more oxymoronic than that. The Libertarian Party does not need as a presidential candidate, an oxymoronic anarchist, perpetuating the crazed fringe image.

Darryl Perry

Other Candidates

The rest merely pander hard-core libertarian values, with the emotional pitch, but have no concrete strategy to win the White House or solve national systemic problems, and thus, have no chance whatsoever at increasing our liberties and freedoms from government. They are intelligent though, with a 1 communication skill, typically 2 professional skills (trade and politics) and think in the 3rd order for a gross intellectual capacity of 1x2x3=6, whereas Derrick Michael Reid as 3 communications skills, 5 professions and also thinks in the 3rd order for a gross intellectual capacity of 3x5x3=45. Do the math. This 45:6 gross intellectual disparity is clearly evinced by the comprehensive solution set, presidential platform and pledge proposed as a unified message, and, the ability to couch the libertarian message in a form that is appealing to nearly all Americans and within the constitutional framework, as opposed by inconsequential pandering by the other candidates. The Libertarian Party can and would win the general election if libertarians are not seduced by heart warming but shallow political pander of ALL of the other presidential candidates.  Libertarians may perceive from their perspective, the other candidates as being smart, but from at least one perspective, they are clearly demonstrably perceived as something much much less. 

Ballot and Debate access complaints are a cop-out as ALL the other presidential candidates pander only a narrow political view and clearly lack the intellect to couch the libertarian message in a form appealing to the general electorate, and lack the intellect to devise comprehensive solutions to major problems within the constitutional framework to attract the general population, to even remotely now consider the Libertarian party as viable, keeping Libertarian Party image as a crazed fringe. That stops now.

The Libertarian party offers a wonderful message of Maximum Freedom, Minimum Government and Tolerance, with Libertarianism as direct opposition to growing DC totalitarianism. Yet, as I travel to the LP state conventions and see the paltry turn out, time and again, and chairs complain of dwindling membership, the questioned pondered is why such an embarrassing turn out, time and again? It has to do with Libertarians seduced by pander, and emotionally fixated on pander of narrow sovereignty ideology. The other presidential candidates offer the LP no hope in breaking the crazed-fringe image, do not offer the general electorate real solutions, and do not present the Libertarian message in a form so as to be attractive to the general population. The other LP presidential candidates lack the intellectual skills to offer the general population an attractive message and lack the skills to offer and implement real practical solutions. The general population is put off by the Libertarian Party, understandably so. Delegates will probably vote in FL for their pandering emotional favorites, to keep alive the Libertarian Party tradition of losses, minimal membership, and crazed fringed political image. At least there will be one candidate present at the national convention providing an alternative to that tradition of failure, and I hope that the delegates would think with their minds and nominate the only candidate who would win the general election by offering the general population a real message of liberty and freedom, with real practical solutions with real practical increases liberties and freedoms. 

Libertarian Party Presidential Candidates

At the end of the Stossel debate 4/1/2016, professional political analysts stated, that Johnson stumbled, McAfee was confused, and Petersen responses were all "bumper sticker" responses, meaning empty meaningless pander, and that the Libertarian party must find someone who can appeal to many political groups. That is of course, my candidacy. I do not engage in emotional sound bites and mindless pander, and cut off those who try to use such meaningless tactics on me, for as soon as it is detected, I cut them off as an irrelevant complete waste of time. I engage in logic, intellect, skills, plans, problems, and solutions in a very straight forward manner. With my vast skills and knowledge base, I am incapable of mindless pander, as a means of persuasion, but can engage in heart lifting campaign speeches to rally potential voters. I am in this to win, to solve problems of the country with real solutions, plans, and effective leadership, and employ the intellectual tools to appeal to voters to accomplish that result.

Libertarian Party Presidential Candidate Analysis

My education, experiences, and solid thinking processes are vast, real, and concrete for the desired job at hand. I have managed engineering teams, legal teams, financial teams, and military teams, successfully, and never had a secretary. I have designed magnetic disk drives by myself, and saved the F16 navigation program, for examples, negotiated 100m$ in financial assets, was undefeated in a decade of federal court litigation, was the nations best patent prosecutor for 15 years, and have commanded hundreds in military campaigns and battle as supreme commander, operations planner and chief of staff. The political strategic and tactical plans for defeating the Democrats and Republicans will amaze all Libertarians, as we sweep all 50 states in November. 


Any libertarian, who is sincerely serious about:
1) Winning the national election in November 2016 in a most probable fifty state sweep;
2) Cementing in perpetuity a viable 3rd party of liberty values opposing DEM and REP growing federal totalitarianism;
2) Increasing the Libertarian Party membership a thousand fold this summer of 2016;
3) Saving the nation of pending social chaos, social intolerance, and economic devastation; 
4) Restoring the Constitution, Republic, Rule of Law, Depopulating Prisons, and Liberating millions of 2nd class citizens;
5) Securing honest Money, honest Market, restoring Prosperity and eliminating market Fraud and government Corruption;
6) Securing Global Peace and avoiding probable global war resulting in hundreds of millions of deaths world wide; or
7) Increasing Liberties and Freedoms from Government with minimum Government and Maximum Freedom,
and who has completely reviewed the collection of campaign lectures posted on blog, will indubitably come to the inescapable conclusion that DERRICK MICHAEL REID is absolutely the best Libertarian Party presidential candidate, who can and would win the general election in a stunning national victory, and is clearly and convincingly the best Libertarian Party presidential candidate to lead the Libertarian Party to a thorough victory, clearly shown by a tremendously wide separation of demonstrated skills, knowledge base, and national solutions from the other candidates, that there is in fact and theory no real contest. As such, I call upon Johnson, Petersen and McAfee to immediately withdraw from the presidential race for the good of the Libertarian Party, and endorse my candidacy, by setting aside their self-centered views and egos, and do the right, noble and honorable thing, for the great and immeasurable good of the Libertarian Party, The United States of America, and the world. 


I) Win White House;
II) Cement viable 3rd party based upon and for increasing liberties and freedoms.
III) Save US from Social Chaos and Economic Ruination.
IV) Sweep all 50 states in the national general election.

I) Appeal to all political Parties with an administration of Libertarians, Democrats, Republicans, Greens, & Independents.
II) Transform "War on Drugs End" into "War on DC Totalitarianism" for broad message appeal.
III) Transform "Sovereignty" into Federal Natural Rights and States Natural Rights for broad message appeal.
IV) Devise Presidential Platform and Pledge for broad message appeal.

I) Devise comprehensive integrated Solution Set to solve systemic problems to prevent Social Chaos and Economic Ruination.
II) Map Solution set onto major political groups so at to ATTRACT all major political groups, 1) Occupiers, 2) Tea Partiers, 3) Latinos, 4) Monetarists-Marketeers, 5) Peace Pacifists-Sovereigns, 6) Liberals-Socialists-Seniors, 7) Conservatives-Christians-Parents, 8) Feminists-LGBTs, 9) Minorities-Poor, 10) Riflemen-Patriots, 11) Constitutionalists-Anarchists, 12) Greens-Students.
III) National Campaign Front Line comprises 12 Libertarian Party Working Groups to appeal to these 12 respective political groups by social media explaining why solution set satisfies their core values and objectives.
IV) National Campaign Double Envelopment by Libertarian Party Presidential and Vice Presidential nominees is to trap, debase, discredit, and DEFEAT Democrat and Republican nominees in their meaningless pander, immense national failures, embedded systemic corruption and ineffective plans.

The Libertarian Party needs a candidate who can win and save the country from social chaos and economic ruination while increasing our liberties and freedoms. What I am proposing is a wonderful future for the US, with real solutions to national systemic problems, constitutional domestic tranquility through mutual tolerance and respect between all citizens, and real increases in liberties and freedoms for all in so doing.


The 2016 Dark Horse

I am always amused by these DEM/REP band aid platforms and planks. They do not address the comprehensive whole, and necessarily provide no solutions, whatsoever, to the systemic problems. I know their tactics, I understand the fallacy of their proposals. I will pick them apart and take no prisoners. If nominated, the Libertarian Party goes viral, coast to coast, with all taking a fresh new look at the Libertarian Party.

As you all are aware, the DEM and REP pandering political machines have had panderbate infomercials, which are little more than, if not less than, farcical political party publicity stunts. The DEMs pander the moral hazards of decadent socialism, while the REPs engage infighting spewing their brand of band aid pander offering insignificant and ineffectual solutions to major systemic problems. The DEMs and REPs presidential candidates are following the script, as expected, and offer no solutions to major US problems. The current situation has been predicted and is totally expected as the DEMs and REPs bury themselves in fraudulent pandering and debilitating infighting, providing the Libertarian Party a rare opportunity to capture the White House and save the country from social chaos if not anarchy and economic collapse if not devastation. After 110 years of DEM and REP political control at the federal level, bankrupting the country, concentrating totalitarian socialistic fascist power in DC, bastardizing our Constitution, Republic, Money, Markets, limiting our liberties and freedoms from government, transferring wealth from the 99% to the top 1%, embedding corruption and undue influence in federal government functions, destroying our economy, and causing war in numerous military interventions abroad, we Libertarians must rise up in 2016, to save the country from ruination. The timing and expected course of the DEM and REP pandering political machines and their candidates, is going absolutely perfect and according to plan and expected script, for a rise of the Libertarian Party in 2016, Restoring Americana Greatness. In the spirit of our lost manufacturing base of the 1960s, "WE ARE AMERICANS, WE CAN DO!"

The REP is the cave-in (enabling) party and DEM the totalitarian socialistic fascist proposer. The REP philosophy is noble in many regards, but not their conduct of throwing in towel, which is just as bad as the DEM party proposals. With concentration of totalitarian power in DC, there is now a two year presidential election campaign cycle, indicative and focus of federal concentration of centralized corrupt political power. In the main, the federal government, campaigns, concentration of power, needs to stop, but neither DEM PRE party will make the effort. Both corrupt parties have vested interests in keeping bankster control campaign flowing and DC power concentration expansion, with no end in sight.

The endless 100 year cycle of DEM and REP corruption and DC power concentration can be broken only one way. My Friends, I have the skills, plans, and desires to restore our Constitution back to full flower and end DEM-REP DC corruption cycles. Martin is correct to point out enslavement of our graduates when entering the real world. Martin conveniently does not say is that the problem was created by federal totalitarian socialism in the first place. The more the students borrow, the higher goes the tuition costs, as a clear example of OPEN LOOP TOTALITARISM. With their pandering good intentions, the lure of government hand outs, supported by power concentration in DC, the enslaving our graduates to monstrous debt will not end. Is it socialistic panderers like OMalley and Sanders, with good intentions, that fail the country with socialism and totalitarianism. Socialism always fails based upon its own absurdity, that is, penalize the productive, and reward unproductive. Economic law and Market forces provide inherent feed back control, without legislation and totalitarian mandates, as business cycles to maintain healthy growing economy, now stagnant after 7T$ of new so called stimulus that utter failed with 18T$ in debt, 50m on food stamps, and 100m unemployed. This corrupt system must stop. With DEM and REP parties in totalitarian control, with the FED corruption conduit, bankster rape of US is maintained.

The Greatest Dark Horse of All Time

I will break the cycle of pandered corrupt totalitarian socialistic enslavement of the people. Americans should not be reduced to tax mules and  state dependents under the totalitarian socialistic fascism of DC. The REP campaign sound bites are nice sounding right pander on its surface, but the REPs candidates offer no credible holistic plans to restore Americana and thus are already deemed complete failures. I dont mice words, and I am the only candidate of president offering the US a credible plan to restore AMERICANA GREATNESS. The US government absolutely needs sweeping reformation, pursuit to the constitution and founding father principles, both bastardized by the DEM and REP parties over the last 100 years. The BIG problems facing US are all interconnected, and only a sweeping integrated plan will work. I have the intelligences, skills, and plans, absolutely necessary to restore AMERICANA GREATNESS, and no other presidential candidate even comes close. Politically, just now, the campaign is going perfect, as this dark horse is laying back, while the DEMs and REPs dig holes in self-humiliation and defeat. REP infighting and DEM socialistic pandering are rising, and this could not be going better for restoring Americana Greatness. The political plans are perfect. The DEMs and REPs are playing right along into my hands. These clowns have no clue, in their selfish self-glorification and pander. Defeating the DEM and REP candidate is not the problem, as those guys are easy to pick apart, and can be utterly destroyed, when a  national stage obtained by my campaign. The path to the White House lays in obtaining the nomination.

Americans Awake!! Rally to my banner, to save the country from DEM and REP led ruination of the country,so as to restore US AMERICANA GREATNESS!  So, lets recapture our founding father heritage, our economic prosperity and our freedoms from government.

5th Dimension Age of Aquarius

Merry Christmas Libertarians


A Christmas message from Libertarian Party Presidential Candidate,
Derrick Michael Reid, December 17 2015.

Merry Christmas Libertarians!

The Libertarian Party has many state conventions scheduled for the January-May time period of 2016, that will provide much additional valuable information about the presidential candidates in advance of the May 2016 LP national convention. In advance thereof, Santa brings forth to the Libertarian cause a Christmas present, and that is, a status report. The election season is proceeding very well as expected.

The two pandering political machines are in disarray, in fighting, using their conventional empty pandering, sound bites and spin, as expected, to not only humiliate each other but embarrass themselves, digging their graves of ultimate defeat. From a critical analysis perspective, their leading candidates are atrocious. The Republican Party two front runners consist of a bombastic property mogul and an empty panderer, while the Democrat Party two front runners consist of a pandering criminal and a misguided socialist. Their party candidates are performing exactly as expected, spewing their pander, spin and sound bites, without providing any significant solutions to solving the major systemic problems facing the nation.

These two pandering political machines have mismanaged the affairs of the country resulting in 50m hungry, 100m unemployed, 20T$ debt, national insolvency, staggering trade deficits, rigged markets, fake money, a bastardized Constitution, a destroyed Republic, debased currency, cemented corruption, transferring wealth to the top 1%, decimating the middle class, decimating the  manufacturing base, suppressing wages, limiting our liberties and freedoms from government, and engaging is ignoble foreign policies for benefiting profiteering banksters and transnationals, all done by creating a totalitarian socialistic fascist regime in DC, that has enslaved us Americans as tax mules, perpetual debtors and state dependents. It is truly time to throw these pandering incompetent bums out.

With critical awareness, one can readily detect their pander for what it is, and fully explain the deficiencies of their tabled proposals, offering no real solutions at all to the huge problems facing the country. The Republican and Democrat debates are really no such thing, but mere panderbates as political party infomercials. Having a keen eye for detecting pander for what it is, and how proposed plans would be ineffective, their panderbates are simply pathetic, if not comical and farcical.

The stage is set for a Libertarian Party presidential victory, positioning the Libertarian Party as a solid national 3rd party force in US politics as a viable and indispensable choice in the voting booth. A Libertarian Party presidential victory in 2016 is assured over the Republican Party and Democrat Party by 1) pointing out their habitual farcical meaningless pander, 2) their gross mismanagement of the country, 3) their deficient and ineffective plans, and 4) offering libertarian integrated comprehensive and sweeping plans that will solve major systemic problems facing the country, saving the country from social chaos and economic ruination.

My friends, their pander will be exposed for the farcical electioneering ploy that it is, as their plans are shown to be ineffective, as their incompetence is demonstrated for all to clearly see, and as the Libertarian Party offers significant solutions to problems facing the country. Electorate logic, intelligence and patriotism will attract sufficient attention to prevail over their meaningless pander, demonstrated ineptness, and endless repetitive empty advertizements, assuring a Libertarian Party Victory in November 2016. Merry Christmas my friends.

Very Truly Yours, in Liberty and Freedom,
Derrick Michael Reid B.S.E.E., J.D.,
2016 Presidential Candidate, Libertarian Party,
Engineer, Patent Lawyer, Military Scientist,
Market Analyst, and Geopolitical Analyst