Donald Trump

Donald Trump

Trump, so far, is the only REP candidate with courage to propose a real fix, and that is, build a wall on the southern border. Enforcing law and closing the border to only lawful immigration is a compenent of a successful immigration problem. Trump does not offer a comprehensive solution to the immigration problem, but rally US nationalist with a partial solution. Trump has also proposed eradicating sanctuary cities. That shows character, to be bold, regardless of political fall out. Trump indicated he would spend $100,000,000.00 to win the White House. That is one sad testimony to the nature of the pandering TV Ads necessary for a modern presidential candidate to win, and Trump is following that school of thought, to inundate the electorate with pandering sound bites to gain votes. This is how one buys an election in modern America, and Trump seems determine to buy as many votes as necessary.

Trump seems to not pander either, socialism or band aids, but in a simpleton fashion panders conservative values, well sometimes, and panders liberal values sometimes as well. He is a donkey with a trunk pin on it. Trump can be respected for being his own man, and calling it like it is. He is courageous by risking political fallout to speak his mind openly. When sizing up a man, character is first, and in this, Trump appears honest and courageous. However, the solutions so far considered by Trump will be less than effectual, even if his heart is in the right place. Trump reminds me of a story in our US History. In Mid 1864 as general Johnston was back peddling the CSA Army of Tennessee on defense to the gates of Atlanta, pressed by General Sherman’s 3 USA armies, CSA President Davis wanted fight, and Johnston kept retreating. So, Davis was going to replace General Johnston. In Virginia, Davis asked RE Lee what he thought of Hood. “Hood is a bold fighter. Other qualities are doubtful.” Hood did show fight, with 3 sorties out of Atlanta, but gave it up, and went on to wreck the CSA Army of Tennessee in the disastrous Tennessee invasion. Notwithstanding the rise of Trump, he has yet to address the fundamental problem, totalitarian socialistic fascism of the US totalitarian democracy from 110 year slide by leftist political pandering, as in so doing, would have to address the corruption of the Constitution, and the solutions thereto, aspects that is business experience is not well suited. Telling is that Trump has not mentioned the Constitution one time during first few months of campaigning? Trump is a closet democrat, running in the republican wing, which is consistent with the little or no practical differences between the DEMs and REPs. Trump has indicated he will GIVE Americans a ‘Zero’ Tax Rate. So, the value of money is zero, as Trump panders attempting to buy votes with further currency debasement. Trump would find allies debasing the currency and throwing out bread, as did Romans during collapse of the Roman Empire.

Trumps says that as president he will get all saying Merry Christmas again. Of course, that warms the heart of us Christians. But curious, how does that fit into separation of church and state, and exactly how will he accomplish the same? Will Santa Trump declare marshal law, limiting free speech? I dont know, because, as all panderers do, there is allot of emotional button pushing, but no plan, of course. Trump must be attending Cruz-U.

Trump is not hard to figure out. He is honest and courageous. He exudes confidence and use to command and control. He exhibits his psych qualities in a bombastic manner, in line with republican (as well and democrat) pandering, pushing hot buttons, to garner support, though, out does trump when it comes to meaningless pander.

Trump to date has indicated:
1) deport all illegal immigrants (which necessary mean untold inhumane misery to millions)
2) bomb ISIS (when he does not know if ISIS is a Saudi mercenary army, under Israel influence, assisted by Turkey, to further US desires to oust Shia Assad, so that the Sunnie oil production can flow to syria, capturing more production in Iraq, in competition with Russia, the neocon arch enemy of imagination)
3) ban Muslims (when the vast majority of them are tolerant and peaceful)
4) Negotiate with Putin (when its not about the price of a bag of potatoes, but rather a clash between Russian territorial imperialism and US Military-Industrial-banking-transnational complex desire to penetrate and exploit foreign markets and peoples, that is, its embedded cultural tensions, and not a mere negotiated price, as Trump apparently has no clue how to effectively deal with the Russians)

I have concluded, as predicted in June 2015, that Trump should not be the president based upon a defective psych profile and lack of intellectual flexibility in dealing with complex cultural, social, military and economic interconnected issues, both domestically and internationally, but he would make a good sec of commerce, that is, put the right man in the right job, for max results.

Trump said he would have everybody saying merry Christmas. of course, he spelled out no plan to do just that, but, like Cruz, pushes the religious hot button for the pander that it is. These guys are so obvious, once you understand the DEM/REP pander game, and then you can expose them for the farcical show that they are, and just pick em apart.

If you understand their methods, you can understand them for the clowns they truly are. You think about this, 20T$ in debt, 50m hungry, 100m unemployed, markets rigged, constitution bastardized, republic dead, money a con job, corruption in congress, all for wealth transfer to top 1%. The mismanagement of the country’s affairs is absolutely astounding. Now honestly, should not trump fire them all in DC?

There is then the problem becoming focused. On one hand, Trump is fear mongering to pander republicans who believe that Muslim immigration should be halted to protect the homeland. The Libertarian Party embraces all people, regardless of national origin or creed, two of the equal protection aspects in the US Constitution. It is true that the Koran, written 1000 years ago, was based upon the spread of Islam by the sword of Mohamed. Muslims do have in a tiny percentage a brutal ideology towards Jihad and Infidels and the spread of Islam, while the vast majority of Muslims are peaceful and tolerant of others. The United Sates is a melting pot. All new comers should assimilate into Americana, of liberty, democracy and free speech. The goal is not to ban Muslims, but to assimilate them, as good citizens, for those who want to come to the US, into Americana culture, so as to teach Constitution, Liberty, Freedom, to make Muslims love America for what it is, a land of liberty. Trump bombastic pronouncements do not solve problems, but are counter-productive to solving ethic and religious problems, and are inherently divisive, pandering and fear mongering, sowing seeds of social strife. The better approach is to screen violent persons, but welcome, teach and assimilate those who want to live in the land of freedom and liberty.

Trump is going to deport illegals, bomb ISIS and ban Muslims. He is on a roll with pandering the US Nationalists.

I dont begrudge Trump for plagiarizing my campaign slogan, but he has no serious plans and in no way will be effectively for making anything great, but, perhaps an ego on the stump.

The Putin Endorsement of Trump. I guess anyone is preferred over HRC. Russian strong man president Putin has endorsed Trump. There are two things that are most important to Russia, 1) holding on to the Crimea, in the face of NATO supporting Ukraine against Russian incursions, proposed arm sells to Ukraine and US economic support, IMF approved Ukrainian default on Russian debt, and US transnational penetration into Ukraine, and 2) the lifting of sanctions for annexing the Crimea in violation of norms, while the Russian economy is tanking and while the Russian Ruble is collapsing. Trump got a favorable read from Putin, so the question is, did Trump promise to surrender the Crimea and lift sanctions? You make the call. So, the question arises. Did Trump promise Putin to force Ukraine to surrender the Crimea to the Russians and did Trump promise Putin to lift economic sanctions.

These two aspects are the most important to Russia and Putin's hold on power there. This early endorsement of Trump must have some factual basis. It is true that Putin has warned the US about socialism, mostly from debasing treasury notes with Russia holds in its forex reserves, and that means rejecting Sanders, and HRC, beside being a pandering criminal, is very anti-Russian. On the Republican side, JEB and Rubio have already staked out territory on increasing sanctions, war mongering, and targeting Russia as a premiere threat to the US. It may be that Putin's endorsement of Trump, is merely the lesser of 4 evils, but the endorsement, this early on, suggest something else is in play.

Trump want to place a trade killing tariff on Chinese imported goods. This is pandering, as China is not the biggest Currency Manipulator, nor an unfair trader, but a smart trader. This is a clear example of how Trump does not even understand what the problem is. But the pander is great, China is always an easy target for DEM/REP politicians.

Trump says Christianity will have power, but of course, no plan was stated, just pander.

Trump first indicated that he would deport all illegals, but now says will grant amnesty, rather than uphold law, after a wall is built. So, Trump has flip-flopped already, from deport to amnesty. Flip-Flopping is the hallmark of a panderer.

Trump: Pope Will Wish I Am President If Vatican Is Attacked.
Absolutely astounding. This guys seems to want war.  Deport, bomb, ban and War?
Absolutism coupled with simpleton aggressiveness does not serve peace, but promotes conflict and war.

Donald Trump is an infantile bombastic property mogul pandering any which way he can, of course.

@realDonaldTrump I hear the Rickets family, who own the Chicago Cubs, are secretly spending $'s against me.
They better be careful, they have a lot to hide! (2/23/16) Did DT just engage in extortion, to limit free speech and expression?
You make the call.

Donald Trump's son is on Fox News complaining about declining social norms!!! The Trump Strategy.
Declining social norms???? How many churches has that bible waving billionaire built? eg the Vegas Tower?
Of course, the best place to build an ostentatious egotistical church is in sin city.
Yo 11 baby, going to heaven the hard ways, through an eye of a needle?
The gambling tower property mogul complains of declining morals?

Apparently, someone of interest has been a nude model in the past, perhaps getting paid to appeal to prurient interests.
But we all make mistakes. We all can do better. A view of possible redemption should at least be extended.

Trump wants to increase military spending, yet seek Russian cooperation.
Is DT oxymoronic, or just simply duplicitous and dangerous?

Trumps says the FED needs to be audited, which is a direct admission of his gross ignorance. The FED is the epicenter of corruption in the US and is insolvent with a balance sheet in the red when marked to market. The FED does not need audited, it needs to be shut down.

 Trump is randomly shooting from the hip to garner hard right support, big on pander, short on effective plans.


There are many who think DT is suspect, having several claims. Trump sues people in business deals not because its good law suits but just to bog them down. (I have personally been exposed to attorneys who would not hesitate to file what are really frivolus suit on behalf of clients, as a business weapon, and that would not surprise me in the least) Trump hires Illegal workers to build Trump Tower. (If that is correct, then DT would be duplicitous) Trump rips off the money he raised for the veterans. When will the vet groups get that money? (If true, that would be appalling) Americans are tired of a system where businessmen such as DT, buy politicians. (If that is true, that would be corruption, as lavish political contributions is in effect, just a little less than out right bribes) Trump boost of being a job creator, like clothing lines in China and Mexico. (If that is true, then China and Mexico job stealing bashing would seem duplicitous)

So, first Trump plagiarizes my campaign slogan. He is learning, as any elementary school pupil can. Trump ridiculously bashes china for currency manipulation, whereas I taught how utterly ridiculous Trump was, and whereas I taught the need for trade balance, but then Trump, as any good chameleon would, back peddles and now says to "remove trade imbalance". He is learning, and switching positions as all flip-flopping panderers do, particularly when taught by one with a comprehensive view. I first stated that immigration must be controlled for both economic and cultural reasons, but Trump was a little slow here as well, with the Trump rant with his pandering "BUILD A WALL" and "BAN MUSLIMS", but that apparently did not go over so well, and so now, Trump states that Muslim immigration should be "paused", but he does not articulate why, indicating the shallow intellect, but Trump is nonetheless still on the flip-flopper pandering route, changing his story. But he is learning. Donald, will eventually understand that you limit immigration to allow time for new populations to assimilate into American culture so prevent conflicts and clashes of culture and so as to prevent sharp suppression of low end wages. Trump is a pandering flip-flopper as are most politicians chasing votes. Donald Trump apparently can not think in depth to grasp the comprehensive whole, with real solutions, on his own with original thinking, and is obviously playing it by ear, as to what sells, and what others teach, and thus the flip-flop pandering. I dont mind teaching Trump or any American, but Donald, you cant change your answers, after the examination and throwing in your hat, reading the correct answers from another, and expect good marks for original thinking and innate intelligence, that is sorely lacking in Trump.

Trump Calls For Water boarding And "A Lot More," Torture may work as terrorists are generally not entitled to Geneva Protections, but is not my way the much better play, to stop transnationals and global elites from subverting the State Department for regime change in a power greed play exciting Muslim states, and would not it be better to stop the war on terror by uniting Russia China US EU as friends for global dispute resolution so as to to stop playing the Sunnies against the Shia in Russian-US power plays, so as to stop the Islamic hatred of the West and East, to diffuse tensions, terror, war, death and destruction?

Trump: "We are going to cut many of the agencies, we'll balance our budget, and we will be dynamic again."

China is the great manipulator, FED needs to be audited, he will balance the budget. The guy has no clue, or is just pandering.

Rumor has it Trump Dodged the Draft.

After all, Trump is a man who – this week 5/3 alone – did the following…

Hired a campaign finance chairman named Steven Mnuchin, following 17 years as a partner at…wait for it…Goldman Sachs

Vowed to spend trillions to expand America’s war machine, no matter the (printing press-financed) cost.  To wit, “we will spend what we need to rebuild our military.  It is the cheapest, single investment we can make.  We will develop, build and purchase the best equipment known to mankind. Our military dominance must be unquestioned, and I mean unquestioned, by anybody and everybody.”

Last but not least – in perhaps the most ironic statement a politician could make, in a nation with more debt than all other nations combined…”Don’t forget, I’m the king of debt, I love debt.  I know more about debt than practically anybody.”  Yes, the “King of Debt” is about to become President, on a platform of unfettered fiscal spending – including not only unrestrained military spending, but an (equally printing press funded) infrastructure investment spree he likens to a modern version of FDR’s new deal!”

“Responding to whether or not Trump would bail out Puerto Rico as president of the United States…

“No I don’t believe they should, and I think frankly Puerto Rico is better if they don’t because they’ll cut the bonds, they’ll cut them way down there’s far too much debt. The problem with Puerto Rico is they are far, far too much in debt. Don’t forget, I’m the king of debt, I love debt”

The self-proclaimed “King of Debt” made further dramatically arrogant, and mind-bogglingly dollar-negative statements, of how the Fed should overtly monetize Treasuries; in what amounts to the President-to-be not only endorsing QE4, but prioritizing it as a national policy.  To wit…

a.”If interest rates go up, we can buy back debt at a discount.”

b. “People say I want to default on debt, but these people are crazy. First of all, you never have to default if you print the money.”

Trump On Debt Renegotiation: "You Never Have To Default Because You Print The Money"

I know how to destroy Trump, by explaining articulately and precisely why he would fail to achieve his desired results, and he could lead the US into disaster. However, in the final analysis, he is smart, bold, honest, courageous, patriotic, and has some generally good vague plans, but he has failed to put it all together with sufficient precision and with a comprehensive solution set that will achieve his desired results. He would also need counsel to avoid making rash, snap decisions, that could cause great damage to the country. He needs a steady hand to provide him with honest feedback as situations arise, for controlled administration of the Government. Donald Trump needs intellectual support, counsel, and guidance, which is obviously lacking now, particularly in Social, Economic and Political areas. None of us know everything, and none of us are perfect, and neither is Trump. But, with the right kind of guidance and counsel, he could succeed in making America great again, he is that bold.