Hillary Rodham Clinton

Hillary Rodam Clinton

HRC is the most corrupt deceitful incompetent politician in play, Clinton supports a federal minimum wage like nearly all socialists do. HRC pushes big government. HRC panders the working poor with profit "sharing", offering more regulation, more totalitarianism. "Incentives" by tax code under threat of imprisonment is more totalitarian socialistic fascism. It is not a solution, but yet another Bernie style socialistic enslavement of Americans by the singing sirens of socialistic moral hazards, leading to more economic ruination. HRC is pandering gays, feminists, and prostitutes into frenzied disrespectful intolerance, so as to directly cause social blow back, leading others into degrading fellow human beings as parasitical sodomites, baby killers, and sluts, causing much social discourse and contempt, and not as a Christian Compassionate Social Conservative with Christ's love for all, trying to help these panderer constituents and social conservatives into civility, mutual tolerance, mutual respect, and domestic tranquility.  One remarkable aspect is her total failures in Healthcare, Ukraine and North Africa diplomatic failures, as war and destruction follows in her foot steps. One glowing indicator of her corruption is influence peddling while globe trotting with an open pocket book, selling out the US, and shaming the US to no end, and skirting the constitution prohibition against public officials taking money from foreign powers. The corruption, the pandering, the arrogance, the incompetence is astounding. 

After the UCC Oregon shooting, HRC panders gun control, exploiting and politicizing a tragedy, being reactive rather than proactive, as any two faced politician would, as if guns kill people, when actually, people kill people, through many instrumentalities or direct human physical force, with gun free zones giving criminals the green light to shoot to kill, be it in a SC church or an OR college campus.

You can always detect a corrupt political panderer by the flip flops on social issues at the federal level, and HRC is the queen of political corruption and pandered social issues, providing no plans, but serving to cement societal strife and chaos, while bastardizing the spirit of the constitution, for selfish self-centered political power and self-glorification. As in the song "White Rabbit" the Red Queen is Off with her Head.

HRC is purportedly worth 45m$, and owns 4 supermansions, acquired while in government employed on a government salary? No doubt accumulating obscene wealth by saving pennies in the kitchen cookie jar from her modest government salary.HRC reeks of corruption, criminality, pandering, incompetence and arrogance, totally unfit to be president, totally, seeking to bring that perjurer, adulterer, sex-predator back into the White House. 60% of Americans dont trust HRC. Surprising, its that low. Government officials can not take money from foreigners, yet, through the spectra foundation, HRC violates the spirit of that prohibition. What else would one expect from a criminal incompetent panderer seeking political power? In a new poll conducted by Gallup when asked what comes to their mind when they think of Hillary Clinton, the most common unprompted responses, at 21% of reactions, was "dishonest", or "liar". Another 7% of Americans use even stronger words in a similar negative vein, including "criminal," "crooked" and "thief." Took them all awhile to get there, but its right on.

ZH: With Hillary Clinton's Emial lies Unravelling, 147 FBI Agents are on her Heels “We [now] know why Hillary Clinton falsely suggests she didn’t use clintonemail.com account prior to March, 18, 2009 — because she didn’t want Americans to know about her February 13, 2009, email that shows that she knew her Blackberry and email use was not secure.”

The Clinton foundation pays male executives 38% more than females. On the stump she screams for equal pay. What a fake, phony & fraud she is !

Specific Acts of Corruption

Hillary Rodham Clinton, (HRC) reeks of political pandering, corruption, and appearance of impropriety.

So lets keep tabs, on this "individual" (Jeff Davis)

1) As Secretary of State, HRC accepted money from Ukrainian Oligarchs, and soon thereafter, Ukraine explodes, with ignoble outing of an elected president, rebellion, Crimea succession, civil war, Crimea annexation, US sanctions, Senate voting to arm W. Ukrainians, Putin threatening Newks in Crimea, and Nato Armor racing to the Ukrainian border.

Hillary get money from Ukrainian oligarchs, does not preach noble democracy principles in Ukraine, leading to civil war, succession, annexation of Crimea, Mr.Putin threat of Newks in Crimea, and US-Nato/Russian proxy war in Ukraine.

The Ukrainian Effective Bribe

2) HRC ran a private spy network to spy on opposition politicians and congressional proceeding, using criminal hackers to do the dirty deeds in conspiracy, raising issues of subverting congressional over sight of intelligence gathering and sedition.

The Private Spy Network

3) As secretary of state HRC incompetently got our ambassador butchered in Libya and then through Susan Rice tried to deceitfully cover it up.

The Benghazi Misinformation

The Benghazi Deceit

4) She hid emails from the US government, and when under subpoena to deliver the emails, she erased them, obstructing justice.

The Obstruction of Justice

5) As first lady, HRC utterly failed to reform health care.

6) She pandered the gay vote for gay marriages, which is not good for the country as a federal mandate, as civil unions under freedom of contract enforced by state law are fine under states rights, but this political pandering serving to secure a voting block for cementing selfishly political power, did national damage as to domestic tranquility, sought in the first order by government, defiling states right, republic, and constitution.

7) As a US presidential hopeful, she has received money 100s of millions of dollars, from middle east countries, the gulf states, apparently buying influence, as war break out on the Arabian Peninsula, between shia and sunnie muslims.

8) As first lady, made millions on futures speculation while accepting money from wall street bankers and banks as campaign contributions, buying influence.

9) Went to NY, from AR, making $ in speculation, moving to NY comprising Wall Street, received contributions from wall street entities.

10) Not only did HRC obstruct justice by erasing emails after being subpoena, obstructing justice, now we learned that it was likely that HRC's emails were hacked by Russia/China/Iran. HRC knew or should have known that her government business emails on a private email account would be hacked by foreign government, and thus, either is totally incompetent or committed treason against the US. 

11) Hillary Angers Chinese Even Before She Announces Presidential Run. So Hillary not only causes war with Russia in Ukraine, but angers the Chinese. So, she may seek the presidency, going in, with direct hostility with Russia and China. And the style down change, pandering, and in this case it was pandering the women's vote.

The Global Incompetence

12) HRC accepts "effective bribe" to change position on Columbia trade deal.
The Clinton Foundation reportedly accepted millions of dollars from a Colombian oil company head before then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton decided to support a trade deal with Colombia despite worries of human rights violations.

The Global Corruption

13) From the totality of the circumstances known, HRC is completely unsuitable as president of the USA
#1 took Ukraine oligarch money as a bribe leading to war, lost of Crimea, nuke threat, NATO tanks rolling.
#2 incompetently got our ambassador killed.
#3 deceitfully covered it up.
#4 violated law using private emails.
#5 obstructed justice erasing emails
#6 ran a private hacking spy network to spy on political opponents.
#7 accepted B$ from guld states as constructive bribes influence
#8 pandered women votes by pissing off the china, when US has outrages.
#9 pandered women/gay vote when solely state rights issue
#10 made million is futures beholding to wall street influence
#11 accepted bribe money from Columbia to change position on trade deal
#12 She reeks of incompetence, corruption, and deceit for self glorification and self centeredness.
#13 panders women and gay vote cause nation wide conflict and contempt, contrary to US Constitution for insuring "domestic tranquility
#14 She did not preach (malfeasance) noble democracy principles in Ukraine, leading to coup by gun point, instead of civil impeachment
#15 She dose not preach tolerance and respect and resolution by states rights per republic and constitution, (malfeasance)
#16 she panders voting blocks to cement her political power, rather than for good of country, causing nationwide conflict, discourse.
#17 she pissed off the Russians in Ukraine, and the Chinese by pandering women rights.
#18 As senator, followed the pack, and was did not accomplish anything of real import.
#19 she was a failure as health czar 1st lady, an unremarkable senator, (taking wall street$) &a devastating failure of secretary of state.
#20 She is so grossly incompetent, that even if you could dream of plan to fix the US, she could not plan nor execute.
#21 She has got ABSOLUTELY no clue how or any plan, to fix civil strife, fix the economy, or repair damage she caused internationally.
#22 she is great at pandering for cementing of political power, accepting bribe money for foreigners, the key to her MO
#23 She disrespects the constitution and the republic by centralizing power in DC for more totalitarian control over the people.
#24 She is an outright totalitarian socialistic fascist, now bent on enslaving Americans with taxes, hand-outs, and moral hazards.
#25 she has no clue on how to solve the immigration problems, yet panders the Latinos into false hope creating 2nd class peoples in US
#26 she has no clue on how to restore the republic or restore Americana greatest.
#27 she has been bought by Wall Street banksters and greedsters and foreign powers.
#28 She is a failure as a wife as evinced by her husband's conduct.
#29 She has not spoken out against the FED targeting inflation and robbing the people day in and day out (nonfeasance)
#30 She's got no clue how to solve the budget deficits, as the national debt piles up upon our children.
#31 No one wants another president oriented toward ripping off the middle and poor classes in wealth transfers to her wall street buddies.
#32 You dont elect a president because we want our first lady president, BHO proved how devastating such is by the labor participation rate.
#33 She is no good. Bring shame upon America, and never avoids appearance of impropriety.
#34 Sad thing is that that pandering political machine loves her, not for good country, but for cementing selfishly political power.

14) Here 2.5B in campaign stifles the democratic process.

The Arrogant Pander

15) She is morally corrupt laughing at 12yo girl getting brutally raped by the rapist passes polygraphs as she laughs about gaming the system.

The Moral Corruption

16) HRC would be devastating the prosperity and world peace.
Hillary Rodham Clinton (HRC) is Anti-Russian and Anti-Chinese.
HRC will cause as US President increased hostile relations & war.
HRC took Ukrainian Oligarch bribes starting Ukraine rebellion.
HRC took Persian Gulf state money while war breaks out in Yemen.
HRC will create global war backed by neoconservative intervention.
HRC incompetently got US ambassador butchered in Libya.
HRC deceitfully tried to cover up her Libya incompetence.
HRC unlawfully used private email account as Secretary of State.
HRC obstructed justice by deleting emails when under subpoena.
HRC is a corrupt pandering totalitarian socialistic fascist.
HRC relies on political pander and bankster/foreign money.
HRC will cause as US president domestic poverty and global war.
HRC must not become US president causing more poverty and more war.

The Moral Rejection

17) Her tenure of Secretary of State was full of failures. Urkrain, Libya and Egypt went up in flames. From Ukrainian rebellion to Arab Spring, HRC is an incompetent decietful failure.

The Diplomatic Failures

18) HRC took constructive bribes for favors as secretary of state.

The Diplomatic Bribes

19) Despite state department ethnic objections to Clintons receiving donations while HRC was secretary of state, the clinton arrogance accepted money is conflict of interest.
     The Diplomatic Influence

20) HRC preaches voluntary sterilization of the US. HRC preaches gay rights, abortion rights, feminism tanking marriages, HRC preaches in effect, US VOLUNTARY STERILIZATION. Gov have legit public interest to promote next generation of tax payers, not sterilization. HRC pandering preaching is counter productive. HRC sterilization preaching is the heart of political pandering to cement political power, selfishly, the country be damned. Equal protection for Women 1st tri, and viable babies, is the lawful contest. Solution, Per Constitution is Gender rights 1st tri, States rights 2nd tri, human rights 3rd tri. SOLVE THE PROBLEM NOW, do it by law. HRC pocketbook, essentially started Ukraine civil war, now Rubio want to funnel arms so more die. DEMs/REPs no difference in effect. Now poised for proxy war, US/Russia in E.Ukraine. Federal government IS OUT OF CONTROL, ignoble foreign policies, wars, deaths. I DID NOT HEAR one US official, preach civil impeachment, over armed outing of elected president, NOT ONE!!!! US State Dept is OUT OF CONTROL. US centric foreign policy equals global hot spots, ignoble policies, lack of cohesion, lack of direction, totally OUT OF CONTROL!

21) We all knew that Bengazi was a cover up through RICE. They knew we knew. HRC obstructed email delivery for the second deceitful cover up. Selective emails production is the third deceitful cover up. Unless the whole HRC server emails are produced, the government is acting in conspiracy with HRC to cover up, and deceive the people. 

Of course, this list can and will go on. What is surprising, is that the DEMs love her, and that is telling. As it is not about the good of the country, but all about cementing political power, as both the DEMs and REPs have become little more than pandering political machines for cementing political power and locking up the voting booth between themselves.

  This Criminal has no chance at President of US

The Wicked Witch Is Dead

Spectre Foundation, a Global Crime Syndicate

THE HRC SPECTRE FOUNDATION and its RICO foreign contributing bribesters have a message for ALL AMERICANS

The Spectre Fondation

Chronic and Habitual Liar


Corrupt Political Pandering 

1) Gay Marriage Support
States are reserved the power under the constitution to social engineer. By pandering gay marriage, causing civil strife, for pandering votes, for cementing political power, HRC bastardizes the constitution, relying on judicial fiat. If marriage is to be redefined at the federal level for equal protection for gays, it should be done correctly to amendment. HRC attempt to bypass the constitution, relying of judicial fiat, to cement political power.

2) 15$ Minimum Wage

By pandering state socialist, HRC inject states rights into the federal political process. She does not state that she would seek federal totalitarian mandate imposing such minimum wage, and thereby, injects meaningless pander into the political process for cementing her own political power. HRC is an empty shell, failing to understand the causes of problems, their solution, by constitutional law. 

  An ultra millionaire passing herself off as for the poor, while unethically pandering states rights and corrupt socialism.
  While global incompetence, corruption, arrogance, deceit is telling, when she panders US citizens, she corrupts US from within. 
  A corrupt Totalitarian Socialistic Fascist that she is, she will fix no big problems, but pander taxes, socialism and Big Government.

Record of Dishonesty and Deceit

From GOP House Leader:

It’s gotten so bad, we needed a chart. As several in the media have pointed out, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s “self-inflicted wound” continues to undermine her ability to appear truthful or transparent, and she “has only herself to blame” for all the questions surrounding her unprecedented email arrangement with herself.

And so, as the Obama State Department joins her in stonewalling (and thus prolonging) the Benghazi Select Committee’s investigation into the 2012 terrorist attack that killed four Americans, keep this reference guide handy.

Hillary Clinton's Claims  and                  The Truth
“I want the public to see my email.” (3/4/15)     She set up a private email server in her home to ensure her employer did not have access to any of her work-related emails, which are public records.

“I didn’t have to turn over anything.” (7/7/15)     When leaving their jobs, all State Department employees are supposed to sign form OF-109. This certifies that they have surrendered all classified, unclassified, or administratively controlled documents, material, and papers, including emails and “documents of a personal nature” that contain administratively controlled information. She has not said whether she signed the form, and the State Department says they have no record of her doing so.

“I chose to turn over 55,000 pages because I wanted to go above and beyond what was expected of me[.]” (7/7/15)    
She chose to turn over nothing – nada – when she left office, failing to comply with official government policy. When the State Department finally asked her to turn over all of her work-related emails nearly two years later (to comply with a request by the Benghazi Select Committee), she and her lawyers alone decided which emails to provide to the Obama administration. And then they wiped her server clean, deleting tens of thousands of other messages.
If she truly wanted to go “above and beyond,” she would have answered a December 2012 letter from the House Oversight Committee, which asked: “Have you or any senior agency official ever used a personal email account to conduct official business? If so, please identify the account used.” She never did.

“I opted for convenience to use my personal email account … because I thought it would be easier to carry just one device for my work and for my personal emails instead of two.” (3/10/15)     Virtually everyone in America knows that many email addresses can be managed and used from a single phone or device. But even if that was not true, her statement makes no sense: the evidence suggests that she used multiple personal email accounts.

“I had one device.” (7/7/15)     She carried more than one device, and has admitted to using “an iPad, a mini iPad, an iPhone and a Blackberry.”

“[Sidney Blumenthal] sent me unsolicited emails[.]” (5/19/15)     She solicited information about Libya from him, asking for “additional info” and instructing him to "please keep 'em coming." (BLU-151)

“I … provided all my emails that could possibly be work-related …. [to] the State Department.” (3/10/15)     The Obama administration confirmed that she withheld at least 15 work-related emails, including some related to Libya and the Benghazi attack.
“[I]t is the fact that we have released all of  them that have any government relationship whatsoever.” (5/22/15)     The Obama administration confirmed that she apparently deleted parts of at least six emails before turning them over to the State Department. These parts related to official government business.

“I turned over everything I was obligated to turn over. … I turned over everything that I could imagine.” (7/7/15)     The Benghazi Select Committee still does not have copies of two Sept. 29, 2012, emails regarding the terrorist attack, and the State Department won’t say why.

“I've never had a subpoena.” (7/7/15)     Official requests for her email date back to 2012, and the Benghazi Select Committee issued a subpoena on March 4, 2015.

“Everything I did [with my email] was permitted.” (7/7/15)     During her tenure, an American ambassador was forced to resign after an internal audit detailed his failure to “accept clear-cut U.S. Government decisions,” including those related to “the nonuse of commercial email for official government business.”
“There was no law, there was no regulation, there was nothing that did not give me the full authority to decide how I was going to communicate.” (7/7/15) Under National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) regulations adopted in 1995 and updated in 2009, she was obligated to “ensure that Federal records sent or received on such systems [not operated by the agency] are preserved in the appropriate agency record-keeping system.”
An order sent from her office to all State Department employees on June 28, 2011, instructed them to “Avoid conducting official Department business from your personal e-mail accounts.”

“When I mailed anybody in the government, it would go into the government system.” (7/7/15)     At least four of her key aides (Philippe Reines, Huma Abedin, Cheryl Mills, and Jake Sullivan) also used personal email addresses for official work.

“I knew the vast majority of everything that was official [email] already was in the State Department system.” (7/7/15)     An inspector general found that, under her leadership, the State Department failed to preserve the vast majority – in fact, less than 1 percent – of employee emails for the public record “as required by the government.”

“I did not email any classified material to anyone on my [personal] email. There is no classified material.” (3/10/15)     To date, more than two dozen of her emails released by the State Department contain classified material that has been redacted.

“[Former Secretary of State Colin] Powell has admitted he did exactly the same thing.” (7/7/15)     Secretary Powell – who left office before YouTube was created – never established a private email server in his home.



 US Wars-Corporations move in to exploit-and reward HRC with contributions?
Is that on par with changing trade deals, once foreign countries contribute to the spectre foundation?
Spectre foundation, subverting the constitution prohibition against taking money from foreign powers.