Currency Debasement

Roman Systemic Currency Debasement

Charge Boys, and Give'em the Cold Steel. Grandpa, in the late 50s, as I recall well, would each day visit the banks, and get bangs of coins, and he would methodically go through them all, one by one, with a magnified glass, whereat, I learned of little markings like "D" "S" minted on the coins, as they were neatly placed in the blue socketed coin books. But there was one coin of which I will always remember, the 1943 steel penny. I suppose many people today have never even seen one. I have. They are real and do exist. Mostly made of Iron, they are literally dirt cheap to produce, despite a tad of zinc. When base metal prices were high then during WWII and supplies were limited, yet needed for the war effort, the government simply starting minting steel pennies. The government can do and has done whatever it wants to our USA money.

The copper penny came back, and had relative real value to monetized silver. Our coinage money was in intrinsic balanced. We all knew what we had in our pockets and wallets. But then came the 60s, the cost of the Vietnam War and the Great Society and trips to the Moon, and the government stopped minting silver dimes and quarters and halves as the government moved toward decoupling the dollar from silver and gold, violating the constitution and debasing our money, to wage war, social engineer, and impress the Russkies. The government has over spent and debased the dollar, on a power trip extending around the globe. To continue the power trip, the deficits continue and that means continuously debasing the dollar, resulting in staggering inflation at times, with moderate inflation now becoming systemic in the US economy. The systematic debasing of monetized silver and gold through 100 years of inflationary practices for more government control seems as though it will last forever, or until a fatal global collapse of all fiat money. Is there really a zero value of anything? May be not. General Sherman burnt CSA script to keep warm at night as Georgia howled using worthless fiat. Keeping warm on a cold night does has some monetary value, does it not?

The government may not have counted on base metals rising to the highs of late. The copper penny and nickel nickel have survived to this day, but with base metal prices increasing relative to the fiat dollar, the penny and nickel are becoming way over valued to where it may become profitable to hoard pennies and nickels, and effectively take them out of circulation. Something needs to be done now so as to be able to replace these prospective vanishing pennies and nickels which will most certainly vanish from circulation in the near future, simply because they are worth more than 1/100 and 1/20 of a fiat dollar, respectively. Its common "cents".

As the government continues its undisciplined monetary policies, void of monetized silver and gold in circulation, the penny and nickel will go by way of that dinosaur, the silver dime. Sure copper pennies and nickel nickels will be around, if you care to buy them by the bag full for capital gains. It seems clear in the short term, the government will continue to use its no-limit credit card of the bond market to charge more and more debt and continue to debase the dollar, in so doing, shrinking its real value, each day. The penny and nickel in circulation will be history, and very soon, I suspect, and you will know exactly when to start hoarding the penny and nickel, just listen for a treasury hue&cry, "charge boys, and give'em the cold steel".

Decadent Socialism Requires Currency Debasement

The debasement of our money goes hand in hand with the debasement of our collective morality, in the dumpster of decadent godless socialism. Actually, the penny and nickle do not contain historical amounts of copper and nickle being debased already by zinc, as the penny and nickle are going by way of the silver dime quarter and halves. But even the tiny amount of silver, copper and nickle left in our coinage, all of that intrinsic worth will be gone as well, as all coinages is reduced to steel, the cheapest metal of durability. They are no pennies, nickles, dimes, quarters and dollars, our coinage is a absolute fraud upon the American people, who have voted for socialistic DC controls used to support our TOTALITARIAN DEMOCRACY and the DC elitists vote-pandering power trips, that has ruined our money, since the creation of the FED-IRS-FIAT complex that has ENSLAVED us all. The US penny to now copper clad zinc. Just like the Romans, debase the currency, and ruination awaits. The debasement of the currency, the of use of fiat money, enables national socialism. Fiat currency debasement enables pandering cementing of political power. National Socialism evolves into Totalitarian Fascism or Totalitarian Communism.

The US House approves GOP budget that boosts defense spending and balances in 9 years. Balances in 9 years? These Rambo commies and their 5 year plan, after plan, and in 9 years, we get another plan. Its absolutely ridiculous. There will be no balance in 9 years, just pandering for here and now. The FED is trapped, as it cant raise rates or really end QE. If the FED raises rates, or stops QE, the economy implodes, deficits explode, and that is sad truth, and FED knows it and will not be honest, as the,monkey show just keeps on going. Did you notice Yellen back peddling on rate increases? It was just all jaw boning from the get go, deceit and lies, and she knows it. As as long as ZIRP is maintained, wealth transfer occurs from middle and poor classes to top 1%, so Yellen can feed her real masters, the banksters and greedsters of wall street.

ZIRP, zero interest policy, enables the banksters to borrow free and manipulate markets for criminal profits, and enables CEO stock buy backs, as CEO obscene compensation, elevating stock prices making the FED appear as doing a good job, when, in reality the economy is tanking as evinced by the labor participation rate, thus, over pricing the dow jones propaganda average. A zero interest rate indicates the true value of the FRN, an irredeemable ponzi coupon having zero intrinsic value, but only inherent value based upon threat of imprisonment if federal taxes are not paid in FRNs (Federal Reserve Notes, US paper dollars). The US mint mints a 1$ silver eagle having "One Dollar" embossed on it, and the one dollar FRN also has "One Dollar" printed on it. They are not the same, one is a con job, the other is real. Can you guess which one is the con job? My 10 year old, guessed correctly, he gets it. Gold and Silver coinage are "Money", the FRN is a debt based currency used as a medium of exchange. Occupiers have a legitimate beef, corruption runs wild, the FED and politicians bought, and wall street making out like the bandits they are.

Global currency wars are heating up. Russia is now ready print 3T rubles in deficit, as currency war heating up globally. US EU JAPAN with gross QE, and right on Que, Russia to print 3T rubles, as the currency wars heat up, with China now engaging, in a global race. The global currency war is, in a race to the bottom value, inevitable global fiat currency implosion, and the world's central bankers KNOW IT, but hide the truth, and global economic destruction is certain.

Government Bondage Bonds

The Federal Government and the States are sovereign entities presently capable of issuing bonds. As politicians pander voters for votes to cement political power, the lure of bonds is tempting. Currently, the federal government and many states are technically insolvent, that is, bankrupt.  As long as bonds are available, sovereign governments will eventually reach a state of insolvency. A mechanism must be instituted for limiting the amount the bonds. The evil of debt to productivity, prosperity and corruption can never be understated. Municipalities, corporations, partnerships, and private persons can eliminate bond debt through federal bankruptcy. There are many possible schemes that could be used to completely eliminate in perpetuity eventual insolvency and default by the state and federal governments. However, such schemes must be within constitution limits. Bonds should not be used to steal future wealth to the present time, particularly as a means to encourage endless debt, insolvency, political power, pander and corruption. Americans are totally enslaved by the federal government as tax mules or states dependents. Enough is Enough.

Currently, the federal government is bankrupted, with 18T$ in debt. With presently 500B$ in annual deficits projected this fiscal year, and with interest rates at near zero (ZIRP) on short term money, the national debt is unserviceable. With QE, the currency is being debased as a means to indirectly rob the people of their wealth through targeting FED led desired inflation. Some want a balanced budget amendment. In the present financial state, that is just great political pander, but utterly fails to understand holistic big problems facing US. No politician will attack the real problem, and all fail to recognize that the problem today is not fiscal, but insolvency. No politician has a plan to zero the national debt for a necessary monetary reboot. Fiscal budget pandering is no different in kind than socialistic pandering, as both are total fails, on the paved road. The major problem facing the US is insolvency and systemic FED led corruption. The farces get into full gear when 5 year plans to balance budget are rolled out by political panderers, when real problem insolvency. Communists have 5 year plans, capitalists dont, and rest assured, after five years of fail, yet another communist 5 year plan will be rolled out again, in habitual financial failure.

The federal government can regulate interstate commerce, including banking and finance. Some contend that a balance budget constitutional amendment is preferred. This will fail, and short terms fiscal deficits prohibitions are inherently restrictive. Focus must be had at the heart of the matter, and that is limiting debt/tax ratios. Most view debt levels as debt to GDP, but this does not bring into play the necessary voter feedback control over government. Taxes upon people are directly felt and voters can and will vote out politicians seeking to enslave the citizens with perpetual debt. Thus, debt/tax ratio provide the necessary society control function.

Those who call for a balance budget amendment are on the right track, but fail to allow emergency flexibility and do not understand the current state of the unserviceable national debt of the federal and state governments, and the need for voter control. As debt interest payments are based upon debt, floating market interest rates render a balance budget amendment ineffectual with market place limitations. A balance budget amendment is way to little, way to late, inherently restrictive, inflexible, and does not directly address the fundamental problem of debilitating long term debt and the need for voter control.

As a simple solution, sovereign bonds can not be issued when the debt/tax ratio is greater than 1. This allows for bonds and short term financing of emergency operations. This allows for short term emergency deficits. This prevents in large measure long term indebtedness, insolvency and political pandering and corruption. The sovereign governments can enact such laws to be self controlling, but can also repeal such laws, rendering such laws effectively useless.

A constitution amendment is the prefer way to go, specifying that the federal government can not borrow money or issue bonds when the debt/tax ratio exceeds unity unless and only during a state of senatorial declared war. If such a constitution amendment can be had, it may also allow for the federal government to render state debt and bonds to be discharged upon application of a state in federal bankruptcy court, when ever a state become insolvent, thereby discharging the debt.

States Want their Money Back

Yeah baby, its called rebellion to the "vile Yankee race" centered at Yankee bullion stadium where the NY CRIMEX pits shut out, take down, and cap bullion prices time and time again, with their illegal manipulative naked monstrous short bullion futures positions, paper pushing down the price of bullion in a long standing concerted effort to maintain the illusion and appearance of a strong dollar under the strong dollar policy as criminally enabled by the blind sighted CFTC and inactive US attorney generals.

But that is not the only thing that is up. The dollar index is up again to 87.25 nears it 88+ top on the last dollar surge in a second round of knee-jerk responses the to global financial fiasco, spiraling out of control, accelerating so, forming a grandiose mother of all double tops in the dollar index, looking forward to a monster fall, as Obama's stimulus bill ignites hyperinflation in the months to come, and in the predicted death throws of the global fiat complex, which will eventually lead to a global return to the exclusive use of real constitutional gold and silver money as the international medium of exchange. US Bonds and the dollar are up, for now, as a perceived safety raft on a global sea of red ink, but both are headed for a huge fall.

With bullion prices decoupling of late from the dollar, it may matter not what the dollar does, as bullion is on an upward romp of its own, propelled by over whelming investment demand, as the GOLD CARTEL runs out of bullion to maintain the illegal suppression game, and as an in your face repudiation of twenty years of active criminal bullion suppression. But lets be clear, a monster fall of the dollar from 88 to 50 on the dollar index would have a global affect on all fiat moneys, with a resulting upward surge affect upon bullion prices world wide, launching gold and silver prices to the moon if not to mars, and finally finally finally busting the criminals on station in the Yankee NY Crimex pits, leading to the MOTHER OF ALL SHORT SQUEEZES of the huge short positions in bullion built up over the many years, which are now under water, looking to pop up bullion prices at any time, maybe 100% or more, and soon. The triggers to that monster short squeeze are all perfectly in place, from every corner of the globe. The people are simply tired of the fiat paper game, that secretly robs them of their little wealth slowly over time, like a regularly visiting thief in the night.

Oh, and guess what? Something else is up as well, as least from a recent low, and that is bullion itself. Yep, despite the machinations of the GOLD CARTEL, gold has made all time highs in foreign currencies of late, such as in pound-gold and euro-gold, and here in the states, gold is approaching all time highs as well, before launching from $1000/oz upwards to $2000/oz this year. Silver is no sleeper and has come back from one of the most obvious and blatant silver manipulative take downs in recent history, as in August 2008, reaching a low 8.60/oz from its high of 21$/oz, for a one month 60% criminal take down of the silver price. But guess who decided not to play ball at Yankee stadium? Silver now stands at 13.65$/oz, which is a whopping 60% increase in price since that criminal take down a few months back, with much much more up side to come, and soon. And lets not forget that today prices for a silver Eagle on eBay is closer to 18$/oz than 14$/oz, and private sellers and buyers set the real retail prices of bullion.

Ted Butler, the well known silver hero, is in absolute disgust of course, these days, with the blind-sighted intentionally unenforcing CFTC, as now it appears that the rebellion is spreading into the ranks of the GOLD CARTEL itself and the SILVER PRICE MANGERS, as the rats bail out of a sinking ship, in that, there now only remains one or possibly two banks that are actively suppressing bullion, with many of the commercial bullion banks breaking ranks, and, if you can believe this, the turn coat commercial bullion banks are now going long of gold and silver, as well as joining all foreign national banks, that use to be net bullion sellers of WAG2. The bullion suppression rebellion is spreading through the Yankee lands with deserters fleeing the criminal bullion suppression conspiracy that has held bullion prices in lock down mode for over twenty years to support the illusion and intrinsically worthless fiat paper dollar and the global fiat complex having the dollar as the world reserve currency.

The southern rebellion to the NY CRIMEX "vile Yankee race" did not start in the southern hemisphere, however, nor did it start in the NY CRIMEX pits itself with the deserting bullion banks, it actually started here in the states, first with the people buying bullion, and then with the states, NH, IN, CO, and now MO of late, authoring real money bills to enable states to mint silver coinage to bypass the NY Crimex pits and the conspiratorial DC dollar printers, who have collectively destroyed the country's sound money, over the last 100 years since the FED creation, with the US money now mere toilet paper and junk metal, a shadow of their former bullion based strength and national pride. With all global fiat paper moneys now finally suspect for the inherent frauds they are, and as used by banks to maintain inflation targets and interest rate enslavement of the people, the world peoples have had enough of the criminal suppression of bullion prices perfected at the US NY Crimex division of the FED bank, under the SEC and CFTC noses and congressional enabling supervision.

With foreign mints now divorcing themselves from the fake suppressed bullion prices, official recognition of the bullion price suppression becomes mainstream, finally. THE GOLD CON GAME IS UP! Pressure will be on private mints, dealers, and wholesalers to maintain suitable margins above the mint prices, which are above the suppressed CRIMEX prices. At nearly 14$/oz for silver, 3$/oz mint premium, plus a 3$/oz dealer premium, silver could launch to 20$/oz right here, right now, in an IN YOUR FACE price push that could well bury the naked short sellers (now probably singular) on the NY Crimex, and we all know who that one seller is, and that is, "the FED's bank in drag", as Rob Kirby correctly phrases it. The bullion price suppression rebellion is gaining momentum, as Midas leads his GATA army to destroy the "vile Yankee race" at the NY CRIMEX and their bullion price suppressors operating in direct violation of constitutional definitions of money that is suppose to be of silver and gold, that is, real money that all can trust, and who all have trusted for the last 5000 years, and particularly in 1776, as well as in 1861.

The global bullion rebellion to the "vile Yankee race" centered at Yankee NY Crimex pits is spreading fast, from desertion of the bullion suppressive cabal commercial banks now bullion buyers, from WAG2 central bank bullion sellers now turn coat buyers, from private buyers and sellers on web auction sites, from US States with real money statutory bills, to the purchasing public buying bullion is record amounts tightening bullion supplies to choking levels, and now to official foreign Mints and Governments raising premiums above the farcical NY Crimex prices.

It smells of VICTORY against an evil, an obscene evil that robs us all. Its time to break out and wave the Bonnie Blue flags for independence, for real honest constitutional money, for free and fair bullion prices, and for victory over the vile GOLD CARTEL and unscrupulous manipulative SILVER PRICE MANAGERS on station at the Yankee NY CRIMEX pits, as the global people surge together in collective revolt in disgust to the criminal bullion manipulation that will no longer be tolerated in the southern rebellion.

Every Breath Bernanke Takes

States In Monetary Rebellion

MT, CO, MO, IN, NH, GA, MD, OH States are Seeking Protection from DC under 10th amendment rights to coinage and state. Sound Money is what we need. I have thought long and hard about what the states should do, in response to being FIAT PAPERED TO DEATH by the FEDs, and have development a comprehensive minting strategy. Does anyone want a confidential explanation? I have developed a confidential sound money minting strategy, adoptable by the several states, in a universal standard way. I am looking for funding to start this mint so it can serve the states, as needed. Here is a collection of writings over the past 5 years, analyzing our world, our money, and our US Totalitarian Democracy. One man's opinion, of course, but, I could be right. (Like so far right, its reactionary in many ways, yet progressive in world relations) If anyone knows a publisher and ghost writer to put this collection into a book for profit, a good chunk of that would go to your favorite charity. I am looking for funding, and this might be a source, to start a Mint to put bullion in the hands of the folks in case the financial meltdown become catastrophic, to support the Real-Money bills and state minting in MT, IN, CO, NH and MO of late, to have ready cash real money in the hands of the folks to prevent possible (if not now probable) anarchy throughout our country.

Simple Questions For Americans

My fellow Americans, I have two simple questions to ask you all. If the founding fathers knew that script aint worth a continental, and the US constitution defines gold and silver coinage as money, if the US Mint is required by law to mint gold and silver eagle coins, If IRAs can treat gold as a tier 1 asset and may contain gold in the IRA portfolios, and FED Chairman Bernake testifies before congress that gold is not money, where is the perjury indictment, Mr Holder, US Attorney General?

Naked-Short Comex selling by JPM, enables China gold accumulation, destroys US defense to anarchy on FRN collapse, AND ITS TREASON! The Gold cartel of 15 bullion banks, with JPM the mob boss, aided by world central banks, know exactly what is happening, JPM GS HSBC et al dont care, its all about $ in their pocket by market rigging, treason, and undue influence over government.

If JPM and the gold cartel regularly naked-short sell gold on the COMEX, and thereby cap and suppress bullion prices use around the world, and if China is buying the entire world's gold production year after year, and if all the central banks around the world know that the fiat paper money, is going to implode eventually and are trying to QE kick the can, as all 600 fiat currencies used throughout man kind have collapsed, and bullion is only known money that can reboot a monetary system, thereby preventing total anarchy on the streets for economic use, is not JPM QS HBSC et al, committing TREASON against the USA?

The FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM is planning to own the USA, meaning that the banksters in charge, the banking elite, and their shareholders, other banks, seek to OWN the US, but for what purpose? Lets run it down, as best we can.

US is insolvent

In order to service 18T$ in debt and fund 1T$ in deficits, the FED BANK must keep interest rates artificially low, and QEIII ZIRP TWIST does that, otherwise the IN YOUR FACE fiscal cliff. We get that. The FED BANK is going to buy toxic mortgage back securities, (MBS), thus taking a real estate position in our homes and business on a massive scale. The many banks, government agency, Fanny/Freddy which are also insolvent are happy to do so, to get that "junk" off their books. However, there is a catch, its called financial repression, forcing or limiting market alternatives to other investments, so as to forceably channel money into instruments which serve that purpose. Odds are that these banks, being bailed out of their toxic MBSs will use the proceeds to buy US Treasuries, thus artificially suppressing yield curve, preventing the fiscal cliff, as some is bled off to pump up the stock market, artificially, as well as criminal activity of suppressing bullion prices on the COMEX for using monstrous naked short selling, eg JPManipulator, getting a pass by the CTFC, to give the appearance that the dollar is sound. That is the game, we know it well, nothing new there.

In order to get to this stage, as no crisis should go unexploited, one must first bankrupt the country through legitimate political processes, and pandering people for 100 years, (vote for me and I will give you the goodies), serves that end, and has been immanently successful supported by the fraudulent MSM. If we dont bail out the banks, the system collapses. We all get that ploy.  We ALL know that debasing a currency is the beginning of the end for any power, that printing money, to infinity creates hyper-inflation, and eventually the collapse of the economy. They know that, we know that, history knows that. Nuff said. So, the banking elite contributes to both political parties. They insert their markers into the pants of the politicians. We all get that. One of the surest ways to become a millionaire is to be elected to the senate, and H Reid, the land swindler guy, knows it well. We all get that.

Monetary Corruption Time

A) Create a FED bank that can print paper money to eliminate gold and silver discipline in honest money, and rant about bullion being barbaric relics of no modern use, (but note that all central banks hoard bullion),
B) Create a suppressive income tax regime, so as to enable enslavement of the people,
C) Promote Socialism, which is inherently a failed economic policy, and the current administration is all over that as was WW FDR LBJ, so as to
D) over the very long time and in tiny steps, bankrupt the country, (create and throw in a few wars as the misdirective), so as to
E) create a financial economic crisis, particularly with financial bubbles, 1920s WWII, 2010s WWIII, that can not be solved but through normal depresssionary deleveraging through normal business cycles, and destroy capitalism and freedom, along with
F) creating interlocking CDSs so as to make sure the threat of implosion is real, (and GW Bush bought that in spades),
G) so at to put unlimited power in a private FED bank, that can then
H) through Financial Repression, require purchase of US treasuries, (as foreigners become increasingly unwilling to buy our debt based upon a debauched currency, and coerce Commercial Bank purchases into treasuries, to keep the game afloat, while the MBS are concentrated on the FED balance sheets,
I) implode the economy as a natural result of debasing the currency, wiping out the middle class, (them dirty freedom lovers) and their incomes and property,
J) maintain a police state, of IRS thugs, homeland security, and rant about anti-government extremists as another political misdirection, who are not anti-government, but anti totalitarian socialistic fascist government, the fascism coming into play with the devil's marriage of the banking arm and the political arm, controlling the people,
K) to end up with a for-sure economic implosion, under the guise of trying to revive the housing market,
L) leading to the default by millions upon millions of homeowners, so that
M) the FED bank and their henchmen can foreclose upon the masses, concentrating ownership of the US in the FED bank, owned by member banks and the monied interests,
N) to put the people under enslavement of either lifelong mortgages or rents to the FED bank,
O) to put the banksters in ownership of the country and in financial control of all markets, to lock in political power,
P) owning all the real property and all the gold and silver.

But for what purpose? My only conclusion is THE NEW WORLD ORDER, where the banking elite control the world. Defeat these pigs, pick up some freedom from the printing presses, and buy some gold and silver. Vote out the totalitarian pigs enslaving us with their socialism and paper money and taxes. My fellow Americans, its time we consider revolt and rebellion against the fascist pigs in DC. My vision of the new USA world order, is freedom based, for all the people.