Devils and Angles, America's Birth Right

National Founding upon Devils and Angles

Our nation was born of little devils and angles. Over here on our right shoulders are still those little imaginary devils that are actually inside all of us, not just the right wingers. Over there on our left shoulders are still those little imaginary angles, that are actually inside all of us, not just the left wingers. These little devils and angles are the ying yang of human nature, born from human individualism, and sustained throughout the ages, as the human balance within us all. It is what make us who we are as human beings, it defines mankind, that makes us what we innately are.

It has been the devils inside that has led to personal aggression to achieve, to fight wickedness bravely, to hunt successfully for survival, to provide individual motivation to conquer all in our individual ways, to not be our brother's keeper, but our own keeper, that is the spirit of self reliance, that generates self respect, and personal determination, and is really centered in greed and selfishness. It is an indispensable part of us all. The devils inside are what makes us strong and productive especially when rewarded for our own individual efforts. Without our little devils, we would have no back bone, no muscle, no stomach, to accomplish anything. We need our little devils inside.

It has been the angles inside that has led to personal compassion to help others, to praise god almighty, to provide compassionate charity, to be our brother's keeper, to voluntarily give up our riches for the survival and needs of others, providing individual motivations to seek peace with our maker and others, that is the spirit of charity, that generates pride in helping others in need, and is really centered in selflessness. It is an indispensable part of us all. The angles inside are what makes us collectively good and noble people when giving the fruits of our efforts to others in need. Without our little angles, mass murder, corruption, and utter decadent failure would result. We need our little angles inside.

You cant change the intrinsic human being. God and mother nature has made us what we are. We are what we are. You can legislate, imprison, control, dominate, tax, and suppress a society, but you cant change our individual human nature, our little devils and angles. Our human nature is to do godly deeds yet also to seek riches as well, and this duality as been with us forever. Its has been with us for the eons before and will remain with us for the eons to come. Its apparently God's and mother nature's way, to have within us, the inherent conflict, to be sorted out individually, to generate riches and conquer all, yet, to provide charity and compassion to all, in individual life long struggles for each and every one of us. As individuals, some become consumed by the devils into mass deceit, corruption, and pure evil, and, others are consumed by the angles leading to an unmanageable, self-defeating, and bankrupting welfare states that enslaves and imprisons many into life long governmental dependency, but, by and large, most of us find a suitable balance between our devils and angles, and are positioned in the center of an individualized bell curve continuum of the devil angle ratio that is within each and every one of us.

Governments around the world habitually seek to control the people according to their dictates, to seek order from the apparent chaos of individualism, as no two human beings are exactly alike, and no two humans will react to the same government laws, dictates and regulations, and hence, most controlling governments are inherent failures. Governments seek precision, order, and control. Governments seek a perfectly operating societal machine in utopia out from the chaos of millions and millions of individuals in internal conflict between their devils and angels, to force us all into a state of absolute equality, contrary to our liberty and nature, where our own devils and angels are suppressed and imprisoned, as government is made the big brother nanny state enslaving us to pay homage to the capital monuments, as recently exhibited by the our new president.

Governments make the mistake, time and time again, in trying to sedate our human nature, being it the devils or angles operating within all of us. As such, governments time and time again fail, and will continue to ultimately fail, when they seek to unnecessary control the people with enslaving excessive taxes and compassionate societal welfare. Human beings innately desire freedom to be the devils and the angles in each individual way. Many are tempted by the gifts of state checks to loose their freedom to perpetual governmental dependency. Many are tempted by the lure of taxes thinking government can solve their problems. Don’t be lured and tempted, as big governments are inherently perverted and enslaving, with their singing sirens pandering us all to vote for more and more governmental control over our lives.

The forms of governments that thrive, are very few, really, in terms of maximizing productivity with increasing standards of living, and in terms of maximizing personal charity of increasing voluntary compassion. The best governments are those which actually seek to fully exploit, not contain, the devils and angles within each of us, without governmental laws and mandates well beyond that minimal necessary for the healthy and thriving society. Over the ages, monarchies have fallen, fascist states have fallen, socialized states have fallen, communist states have fallen, and repeatedly so, and will ultimately continue to repeatedly fail in perpetuity, as these highly regulating governments fail time and time again to fully exploit those devils and angles within us all.

The best form of government to exploit our devils and angles is a democratic capitalistic government, limited in scope in its control over the people, yet, set up to fully exploit those natural devils and angles within us all. We Americans have our roots in such a limited government, in a free capitalistic economy, feeding those little devils, and with freedom of religion, leading repeatedly to revivals in God, personal compassion, and robust charity. We Americans have been bless with 225 years with a government based upon the principles of individual liberty, to be those little devils and angles, that we are and as we choose to be, to seek riches beyond measure, driven by the devils of greed, yet, compassionate enough to also seek the building of churches, temples, and charities throughout our national existence. As such, riches and charity knew no bounds in the good old USA, where even captains of industry with riches, knell down to others, voluntarily turned to charity to help their fellow citizens, without the encouragement of a penalizing progressive tax rates. It has worked very well. It made us strong, prosperous, and righteous, to where, the United States of America has become the only remaining super power on this earth, for those very same reasons, as the USA has historically and traditionally exploited those little devils and angles in us all.

There is a dark cloud accumulating over the land of the free and brave. This ominous approach seeks to destroy our godly churches and temples and individual compassion. It seeks to remove from public view godly symbols of the most efficient means of providing voluntary charity to those in real need. It seeks ever increasing taxes to control business and cultural decisions rather than free market forces and freedom of choice, to control our behavior in every way, well beyond containing mere criminal acts, but to control every aspect of our lives. It effectively seeks to destroy the entrepreneurial spirit and individual effort to gain and achieve with its debilitating taxes and income redistribution, stealing the hard earn money from the productive to support the life style of the unproductive, then depleting our capabilities for personal charity, in a double blow to our hearts, through excessive tax collections backed up by threats of tax evasion crime and imprisonment, to bring out generational class warfare among the citizens, now at each others' throats in political fascist debates, where opposing views are not tolerated, where civility of the citizens is swooning, and all done so under the guise of patriotic taxes, which are nothing more than paying forced homage to the DC elitists pandering the people of this great country toward more and more and more democratic totalitarianism, and control over our lives, where the government now imprisons our little devils and angles, and hence, all of us as well.

We are still a free people, as we still have left, the vote, but are being destroyed by ourselves, seduced by the dark side of patriotic taxes and governmental compassion, wrongly persuaded that government can do a better job than the aggregate charity of individual giving, and in so doing, raising taxes and the destruction of our little devils. If we are not careful, and reverse the tide of governmental expansion and control over our lives, we may just have to bury our little friends, where, the devils now do not work nor invent nor thrive, because it just doesn’t pay to do so, and where, we all avoid personal charity and compassion, relying on the state to do it for us, while creating mass government dependency in shame and indignity.

My fellow Americans, will you not join my hue&cry, and always vote for restorations of our traditional freedoms, to always vote to abolish forever the federal reserve system, the FED, a private bank, and their federal reserve notes, and their private controlling interest rates?, as, how dare they disgrace the father of our country, by placing George Washington's picture on a intrinsically worthless bank notes, only having value through the use of the IRS thugs requiring payment in those notes?; to always vote to abolish forever income taxes and repeal the 16th amendment, which taxes are used to create decadent godless socialism, enslaving all to either government care dependency or financial ruination?; to always vote to abolish fiat paper money, and return our currency to its former glory of real gold and silver, trusted by all, any where, any time, as prescribed by our constitution?; to always vote for limited government to stop the DC elitist enslavement of our lives to their vote pandering decadent godless socialism, disgracing the name of Washington DC?; to always vote no against short sales and naked short sales 1/ to keep the momentum hedge fund mob bosses from manipulating and destroying our corporations and markets for their own riches; to always vote no against the use of those 1000T$ of OTC derivatives 2/ that enable the banksters and bullion banksters to intervene, control, and destroy our free markets and economy; to always vote no against GWB-BHO's bankster bail outs, rewarding those crooks who profit upon the enslavement of the citizenry; and to always vote no, where it really counts, to bring back our traditional values, our heritage, and our national birth rights. Its our democracy, and we can enslave ourselves as predicted by Tocqueville in 1835, or free ourselves from the wicked lures and temptations of the DC elitists.

The DC elitists are destroying four of the high-five of American's freedom, GOD, GOLD, GUNS, LAND but not the VOTE, as the DC elitists and the pandering decadent socialists seek to remove symbols of charity and god from public view, to destroy our currency with their worthless manipulating and enslaving fiat paper money, to restrict our guns possession and land use with law innumerable, but, we still have the vote, and can take back our freedoms, if we are truly the land of the free and brave, to face all, courageously, without the big brother nanny state, holding our hands with leg irons on our feet. We can take back our traditional heritage, if we are strong and have courage to face the future. My friends, I have traveled a bit and have considered much of this small world in which we live, and I have walked in serious observation for eight years now, to up on high the mountain top, and have looked out over this great country of ours, and I have seen the future, and from every hamlet to every mountain top, from sea to shinny sea, I can assure you, we all will be freed again, freed again, praise God Almighty, we will be freed again.

I call upon all my fellow Americans, to join me, to always vote and voice our agreement in democracy, limited government, real and honest money, balanced budgets, and real capitalism, to throw off the yoke of DC elitism and totalitarian democratic controls over every aspect of our lives, to release our devils and angles from prison, to live free again, to provide the productivity and riches we can all strive for, to provide for the most efficient charitable giving society of all on earth, and, to recapture our national birth rights.

2/ "Over the Counter derivative", are 1000T$ quintillion dollars of transactions that are not traded on exchanges, eg DOW NY, but are privately exchanged financial instruments, and derivatives are financial contracts derived from the price of something else, such as "Credit Default Swaps", which are interest rate hedge insurance contracts derived from interest rates to hedge against wild interest rate swings, with the derivatives having counter-party risks, and having no ready market for fair market value determine, and hence, mark (accounting book value)-to-model (and not to market price) accounting, and hence, false or fraudulent accounting on the books, hiding losses from investors, and, if the counter-party goes bankrupt, and one need to be paid off on the derivative, but cant collect, then one also goes bankrupt, and hence, the domino melt down in the finacials, and with 1000T$ of derivatives infecting the world like a pandemic virus, as the whole world banking system is collapsing in the domino meltdown triggered by the sub-prime mortgage crisis.

1/ "Short sales" (selling of something to be borrowed) and naked short sales (selling something without ever intending to borrow or buy) allows one to sell something they dont even own as an inherent fraud upon the markets, that is going short naked, selling without even owning the underlying commodity or shares that puts downward selling pressure on prices, and hence, one can manipulate down any market, for profit, by merely papering down the markets with naked short sale positions, and hence, the US Banks through 1000T$ of derivatives can control any market anywhere, short term, and hedge funds Managers, can then gang pile on a commodity or corporate shares, and drive them into the ground for short side profits, destroying commodities markets and corporation's capitalization in the process.

Yankee Doodle

Moral Hazards of Socialism

Moral hazards of socialism destroys our innate devils and angles. Our devils are destroyed by singing sirens' lure of government largess as achievement is penalized by taxes and government takings. Our angles are destroyed by reliance upon government to care for those in need as our personal responsibility to be our brother's keeper is replaced by reliance upon on government to do our personal charity. Taxes destroy our desires to achieve and our ability to give personal charity. Socialism is by its nature destructive of hearts and minds and naturally implodes upon its own absurdity of rewarding unproductiveness and and penalizing productiveness, sapping the strength that made American great.

Onward Christian Soldier

The nation was founded by witch burners that created the Bilble Belt. Many are so hung up on slamming the US, for the here and now, which is the rebelliousness of youth, inbred, instinctual, for spreading the bio-seeds,  that you cant see the origins, the core reasons why. Here are two key hints: Witch Burners, and the Bible Belt. Physicists had the same problem, as a corollary, trying to put the gravity force, the electric force, the magnetic force, the quantum energies, into a unified field theory, enplaning the whole. So, dont let it get you down, if you can not comprehend the whole, and it is very complex. So, there are still left many in the US who profess to be “believers”, which is code speak for christian, fearing the use of Christ’s name, may get blow back, in these modern times. Christians live by a moral code, and find rump ranging, for example, as heinous in the extreme, and do judge others. It is difficult to believe fervently in a moral code and not condemn others outside that code, hence the protests, clinic bombings, homophobia, condemnation of Hitler’s gassing of JEWs, which prompts within the Christians a tendency to intervene, to save lost ones from damnation and help their fellow brothers. In Christianity, Jesus taught individual acts, acts of charity. He also spoke to turning the other cheek, and judge not. The reason for exceptionalism foreign policies that leads to military inventions has its roots in historical religious operations of Witch Burners and the Bible Belt, as in on Christian Soldier, Teutonic Knights, and the Holy Land Crusaders.

US Exceptionalism Crusading Foreign Policy

Today, we have “religion” acting as a “collective”, and hence, the catholic church encouraging votes for leftist, and “judging”. It is organized religion that takes faith based voting power and places into the political arena, to vote for leftist, because they want to “help” the poor with hand outs, and the moral hazards appended. Biden said it christian to pay taxes. These are of course warped bastardizations of Christ’s teaching. And many fall into the trap of judging others, and certainly not turning the other cheek, as the political extension does time and again.

Along these lines, the moral majority, as President Nixon in 1970 would call it, inject their faith into the political arena, and therein lies the problem and the growth of external interventions, the PANAC, the neo-cons in the core of government, judging others, and in good faith, send military might around the world, because they care so much about their earthly brothers. This is just like FDR, trashing the constitution and republic with his raw deal. President FDR 1933 was not evil, just misguided. President BHO for that matter is in the same vein, honestly believing that government should help those in need, and hence, his leftist policy. The roots of foreign entanglements and leftist policies here in the US are based in the Christian-Judeo faith, though warped, when applied to “collectivism”, leading to WARs, totalitarianism, because politicians and religious heads adapt Christian morality to governmental affairs, and that my friends is the root cause of present day totalitarian socialistic fascism at the federal level, and the propensity to cure the world ill’s, rather they like it or not, and by war, if necessary. Some might call this America’s exceptionalism, others might call it a bastardization of Christ’s teachings, the constitution, and founding father principles. But it has its roots in the “caring” for one’s brother, to help thy neighbor, a deep seated notion in the Christian faith.