Grand Slam Sweep

Libereen Grand Slam Sweep

The Political Reorientation, the Grand Slam Sweep of the US Political Complex, to Restore Americana Greatness, REPUBLIC and PROSPERITY. Money is of course key to the plan. I have most effective real money circulation Plan. The tooling company and mint would be in Utah, with the bullion source being JM out of Salt Lake City. I personally invented and designed the dimensions of the tooling, for bank compact storage, being universal to all 50 States. Concept is using 1960s style plastic tool injection methods with universal embossed plates, to put US mint & all 50 states minting of real honest money, consistently. I developed a transitory bi-currency regime for switching from Federal Reserve Notes to honest real money. In so doing, I can eliminate the national debt, but need to have the mint facilities on line, when US welfare state is transferred back to states, for restoring the REPUBLIC for which the flag should stand. So, the plan is comprehensive, integrated, sweeping, both in political reorientation, debt, deficits, REPUBLIC, and real money in circulation, but only way I can perfect the changes necessary, is to capture White House, & that plan is laid out. The mint production line is modular, expandable, universal so each state and US federal government can have its own seal on legal tender real money. The plan involves green peace and tax regime change, from income taxes, to federal sales taxes and state in rem property taxes, exclusivity. So, if I could find a licensee of my patentable mint design, to position before the change, then I can use the licensing dollar to launch a serious national campaign.

In this connection, FED is nationalized under dept of treasury, to prevent corruption by wall street over government functions, and perfect monetary changes back to constitutional real money. Concept involves the death of the FRNs, the irredeemable ponzi coupon used by the totalitarians to enslave us all, in transitory bi-currency regime, during transition to real money concurrently as federal welfare state is transferred to the states to restore the REPUBLIC. The efficiencies gained in transferring the welfare state back to the state are realized through interstate competition for the most effective delivery of safety nets for those retired or falling on hard time. We must remain noble and truly help the retired, disabled, poor, and hungry across our great country, but provide the safety nets in an intelligent fair cost-effective way. Under the new tax regime, there will also be the elimination of the national debt and all takings between employer and employee, as economy explodes, for economic fairness, raising hope, real wages, and jobs for the poor, and with that, a return to moral living, family, and love of country.

Plan appeals to Libertarians, Greens, Teas, in the first order, but also amended to include Latinos re a fair immigration solution, and to the Bugs re real money, constitutional parties re the REPUBLIC and constitutional federal enumerated powers. With FED nationalization, ending corruption, the plan appeals to wall street occupiers, for 7 political groups in support of the Libereen Americana Coalition. Also, the constitutionalists and 2nd amend go in lock step, and the appeal to NRA and the gun totting states, to defend personal liberties and freedoms from government, for coalescing eight large political segments, into the Libereen Americana Coalition. The Libereen Americana Coalition hopes to have Senator Diane Fienstein and Representative Loretta Sanchez rally California and the Latinos, as Donald Trump and William Black rallies New York and the Wall Street Occupiers, as Senator Rand Paul and Representative Ron Paul rally the center and the gold bugs and libertarians, with Karl Rove as campaign quarterback, to rally Libereen Americana Coalition to the banner of the 13 stars and stripes.

Then the united Libereen Americana Coalition goes directly after the DEM and REP bases, the DEMs and their compassion at the state welfare level, and the REPs and their compassion for sound budgets and Republic. Seniors will love me for liberating their children, grand children and great grand children from the enslavement of the national debt. Women will love me for equal respect as women are just as smart as men. Minorities will love me for the economic boom and employment opportunities for lifting the poor and hopeless out of poverty and hopelessness. Fair minded, objective, respectful, tolerant gays, feminists, believers, and anti-abortionists would love me for neutral positions based on our constitutional republic and rule of law. Fiscal conservatives and the Blue Dogs will love me, for restoring sound budgetary government finances. Evangelicals will love me, for public display of Christian faith. Peace activists will love me for restraining US military interventions that should only be used to defend US vital interests and international commerce, allowing isolated global intrastate rebellions and civil wars to play out as the locals confront on their own terms without the US forcing US foreign policy objectives and US desired regime changes through direct large scale US military interventions.

The Greatest Dark Horse of All Time

The Libereen Americana Coalition

Thus, the Libereen Americana Coalition can sweep the field, LIBs, GREENS, TEAs, LATINOs, Constitution, Occupiers, BUGs, NRA, DEMs and REPs, and restore the REPUBLIC for which the flag should stand, and restore Americana Greatness for the grand slam in US history. But I am a no body, with a lighting fast brain, cross-dimensionally associating for comprehensive plan creation and execution. Thus, LIBs GREENs, TEAs, LATINOS, CONSTITUTION, BUGs, OCCUPIERS, NRA, DEMs and REPs in interlocking cross appeal, will all join hands, for the landslide victory. I do not have to pretend or spin, because I believe in all 10 of these core constituencies, their goals mapped upon my personal political orientation. The Libertarians are sought because I am hard core libertarian, a true reactionary, and the Libertarian party already has nation wide voter registration to get me on ticket in all 50 states. ITS A GO, all systems are a go, for a better America!!

                                                                                        The Political Complex

Libertarian Victory 2016

Currently, Hillary Clinton is falling in the polls, as the Democrat party front runner for the Democrat nomination, the corruption, deceit, and incompetence is finally catching up with her. A Socialist Bernie Sanders entered the race, but has no chance. A moderate Democrat, Martin OMally has entered, but is still a totalitarian socialistic fascist. There are now 16 Republican candidates vying for the Republican nomination in 1 year, with more intending to announce. This means they will be at each others' throats for one full year. The Race for the Republican Nomination will sow seeds of bitterness and depression in the Republican ranks, decimating morale and commitment. This could not be more perfect for me. Then there is me, the Libertarian Party dark horse, the only viable Libertarian Party candidate that has a realistic shot at the Presidency. No other Libertarian Party Candidate would have a broad appeal across the entire spectrum of political components of the US political complex, including Libertarians, Greens, Teas, Latinos, Monetarists, NRA Riflemen, Wall Street Occupiers, Constitutionalists, Democrats (State Compassion and safety nets), Republicans (Federal Fiscal Responsibility and National Defense), as well as Urban League Blacks, LGBTs searching for tolerance and respect, and Seniors not wanting to leave their children a bankrupt nation and life debilitating debt. I alone have the total plan with the skills necessary to restore the country. I can utterly destroy any Democrat or Republican opponent. The task is going to be to get the Libertarian Party Nomination, and with that, capture the White House and Restore Americana Greatness. Further, it looks like the global banking system is going to collapse, probably this autumn, and that should give me a huge boost, as no one has a comprehensive plan to deal with it effectively. People are starting to notice me. I got plenty of time, to come from out of no where to win. I am putting together this blog, and hoping a financier will step up and support me.

The Greatest Game of All Time

Libereens United

Libertarians awake! The people need freedom and liberation! Greens awake! The national natural resources need conservation!
Tea Partiers awake! The income taxes and filings need to be abolished! Riflemen awake! The country needs defending from totalitarianism! Constitutionalists awake! The US Constitution needs real defending! Democrats awake! The country needs compassion in the many States! Republicans awake! The country needs a responsible republic restored! Occupiers awake! The FED needs nationalization with honest markets! Monetarists awake! The economy needs real money in circulation! Unite America! Damn the Totalitarians, Full Liberty Ahead! LGBT unite for tolerance and respect! Blacks unite for jobs and opportunity! Seniors unite for leaving our children a debt free America! Americans unite for Constitution, Republic, Peace, Prosperity, Liberty and Freedom!

All are welcome
Anyone of any Creed, Race, National Origin, or Gender who believes in the USA Republic, Revolutionary Freedoms, Founding Father Principles, and the US Constitution can join the Libereen freedom movement.

A true libertarian is a statist. In political science, statism is the belief that the state should control either economic or social policy, or both, to some degree. The issues is to what degree. DEMs and REPs believe in or practice totalitarian socialistic fascist enslavement of Americans as tax mules and state dependents. As to economics, there should be on one end safety nets at the state level and an other anti-trust enforcement at the federal level, between which, supply/demand price-discovery economic laws prevail for maximum standards of living giving all equal opportunity to share by work ethic in maximum prosperity pursuing individual happiness. All societies need control mechanisms, less there be total anarchy, chaos and collapse. Libertarians seek MAXIMUM LIBERTIES and FREEDOMS FROM GOVERNMENT to an outer bound of permissible conduct within those mechanisms.

Students and Workers

Students and workers should rally to libereen banner. Federal Student loan shall be forgiven, and the program abolished so as not to enslave student by the totalitarians through debilitating student loans. Rather, student loans should be had through state governments and state universities through loans and scholarships as the states and state universities so decide in managing state institutions of higher learning. Student entering the work force and existing workers should rally to the libereen banner, and the plan is to create jobs and opportunities while substantial increase in real wages in both trickle up and trickle down economic plans to reinvigorate the economy for providing a robust labor market place. Currently, students are enslave to federal student loan debt as the labor participation crashing, and the economy stagnant. Parents working a normal job should be able to feed their children and pay rent. The working poor and minorities stuck in hopelessness should rally to the Libereen banner.

Libertarian Support

Inherently, people want liberties and freedoms from government, whereas government seeks control over the people. The American people can be rallied to the Libertarian banner for winning the White House, particularly if the Libertarian Candidate is a main stream social conservative seeking significant increases in liberties and freedom under the US Constitution from the federal government, which has bastardized the US Constitution and the Republic for which the flag should stand while increasing totalitarian socialistic fascism at the federal level enslaving all Americans as tax mules, perpetual debtors and state dependents. In the presidential context, I can deliver to the Anarchist and Sovereign wings of the Libertarian Party tremendous increases in liberties and freedoms from the Federal Government. The "Libereen" coalition of all political components will rally all Americans to the Libertarian Party for a victory in November 2016. The Republic rests its strength on states rights from the federal government. Anarchists and Sovereigns can push for further increases in liberties and freedoms from state governments at the state level as they choose, as that is state business and not federal business. As generally, a main stream social conservative with strong desires for increases in liberties and freedoms from government, Anarchists and Sovereigns should support my candidacy, for not only winning in November 2016 and creating a nationally competitive third party and real choice in the voting booth, but deliver increased liberties and freedoms. After nearly a half century of the Libertarian Party being mostly a curious side show to main stream and the two pandering political machines, it is time to seize the White House, save the nation from collapse, and recapture liberties and freedoms from the federal government. As Anarchists and Sovereigns have not obtained all of the desired liberties at the federal level, they should capture what they can, when they can, and how they can, through my Presidency, as a first necessary step, to further Libertarianism at the federal level, while continuing to seek liberties at the state level. As President, I will deliver to Libertarians and to the nation, solutions to systemic problems and significant increases in liberties and freedoms from the federal government, and earnestly seek support from all Anarchists and Sovereigns of the Libertarian Party. 

A Libertarian Party Victory

LP Delegates, greetings. It is time to get serious. An LP Presidential candidate analysis is provided for all LP delegates to seriously consider. Now is the time. 2016 is the year the LP can take the White House, only if the delegates nominate the LP Battlecruiser, Derrick Michael Reid.

No other LP presidential candidate can win the general election by pushing absolute uncompromising pandering legalization, sovereignty and anarchy, the political step function, from current political reality, particularly when none of them have a general appealing message, an articulated plan for solving specific US systemic problems for attracting 90% of Americans, a political strategy for winning the election, or the knowledge base and skill set to defeat the opposition nominees. You must recognize the current political state and move the country from it, moving the political pendulum. A step political function is an impracticable pandering dream. First, you must get elected by general message appeal, with attractive general solutions, and political strategy to unite the general electorate under the Libertarian banner, and after being elected, move the country toward increasing liberties and freedoms when implementing those solutions. Pandering LP hard core values, of absolute uncompromising legalization, sovereignty and anarchy, wont win general national elections, and thus accomplishes zero. Remember the joke? "Doctor, it hurts when I do this", "Well stop doing that!" Gary Johnson, John McAfee, Austin Petersen, and Darryl Perry can engage in many panderbates for pandering Libertarians with vague sound bites by appealing to libertarian emotions, but all of whom cannot possibly win the general election, as shown by way of a video lecture #028, and thus, they should not be nominated, because "IT HURTS", so stop doing that by nominating those who can only lose, stagnant the LP, and maintain the crazed fringe LP image. Expecting a different result, doing the same thing, of nominating one who can not win, based upon campaign pander of absolute uncompromising legalization, sovereignty and anarchy, is insane. Derrick Michael Reid is the only LP presidential candidate with an appealing message, attractive solutions, and a political strategy as a solid path to the White House, and who can expose the Democrat and Republican nominees as meaningless panderers with ineffectual solutions. The unsuitable, unpresidential and unelectable characterization of these other four candidates in campaign lecture video #028 is accurate and amply supported. All serious libertarians should take a view of this campaign lecture video #028, if confirmation is needed or desired. All libertarians have a vested interest to know the truth, or at least not hide from it, about their libertarian presidential candidates. Derrick Michael Reid will not bare false witness against anyone, but will call things exactly as seen.

A step function is an output change from one stable state to another stable state, in zero time. As an engineer, among other professions, Derrick Michael Reid describes the political changes sought, as mere step function pander, by the other unrealistic presidential candidates, who can not possibly win the general election, . Gary Johnson, John McAfee, Austin Petersen, and Darryl Perry all campaign as if magically the US will politically step from the current political reality to some vague utopian world of absolute uncompromising legalization, sovereignty, and anarchy. Politics dont work like that, as the political pendulum must be moved over time from one state to another, and that means first getting elected and then moving the country towards increased liberties and freedom, in the desired liberty direction, as only Derrick Michael Reid is positioned to do, with the right message to appeal to 90% of Americans, with the right solution set to attract 90% of Americans, with the right political strategy to unite the country, to move the country toward increased liberties and freedoms, so as to the win the general election, with a vast knowledge base and skill set to defeat the Democrat and Republican nominees, by discrediting their pander and ineffectual plans, and pointing out their failures over the last 100 years.

The basic LP message of personal liberty, minimum government, maximum freedom, personal responsibility, mutual tolerance, economic prosperity and global peace is wonderful, beautiful, and powerful, yet only Derrick Michael Reid can fully exploit it for the victory in 2016. On the campaign blog at totalitariandemocracy dot com is a series of "Campaign Lectures", currently #000-033. Any Libertarian Party delegate who is serious about winning the presidency for the LP and who actually spends the time to review these lectures, will inescapably come to the conclusion that Derrick Michael Reid is, by far, the best Libertarian presidential candidate, who can win the White House in November.

Libertarians, this is a critical year as the USA sits at the precipice of social chaos, economic ruination and totalitarian enslavement. The LP must rise up and take the White House. The USA is like an imprisoned terminal cancer patient, enslaved as a tax mule, a perpetual debtor, and a state dependent, by totalitarian socialistic fascist DC as implemented by the two controlling pandering political machines, as the Democrats choke the dying patient with the corrupt moral hazards of concentrated systemic federal socialism, as the Republican dress up the dying patient with pretty little ineffectual band aids, but then, there is Derrick Michael Reid carrying the Libertarian banner, who can inject the patient with the liberty cure for revival, prosperity, peace and freedom from government. My Libertarian friends, the LP can win in November, we can do it!

There is only one electable and presidential Libertarian Party presidential candidate, Derrick Michael Reid. Through an extensive knowledge base and skill set, understanding the fundamental problems facing the US, and the solutions to those problems, it is easy for Derrick Michael Reid to immediately indicate why any pander is meaningless, and any band aid is ineffectual, so as to be able to routinely discredit any Democrat or Republican nominee, for the 2016 LP Victory. As an LP presidential nominee, Derrick Michael Reid will habitually, tenaciously, relentlessly expose the Democrat and Republican nominees as inherently unsuitable for saving the nation from social chaos and economic ruination, and wholly unsuitable for advancing liberties and freedoms from government. Derrick Michael Reid is the Libertarian Party Battlecruiser, with thick armor to defend positions and with huge guns to blow the opposition clear out of the water. The LP can win this election if the delegates launch the LP Battlecruiser.

Nominating any other LP presidential candidate, and the country will take a big yawn, perceiving the Libertarian Party as not being serious. If the delegates nominate Derrick Michael Reid, the LP Battlecruiser, the Libertarian Party goes viral coast-to-coast, as the curiosity will first attract, and then the campaign lectures and voluminous writings will enthrall the country, attracting disenfranchised Sanders supporters, disenfranchised democrats who dont care for that criminal corrupt panderer, Cruz supporters centered on the constitution and the religious right, as Christians make up 70% of Americans, and disenfranchised republicans finding that that infantile bombastic property mogul is little more than a big government liberal in republican clothing. It is projected, therefore, that after the LP Battlecruiser is nominated, national polls will show a movement of the LP from the current protest vote of 10% to moving up to 15% with positive support, as the steam roller grips the nation. During the Democrat and Republican conventions, as more learn about Derrick Michael Reid, the national polls should move to 20% during June, as the majority of the Democrats and Republicans become disheartened, as the non-voting public finally takes serious interest in the LP Battlecruiser. During July and August, Derrick Michael Reid, with LP action group support, organized in 12 corps, will rally 12 political groups (Occupiers, Tea Partiers, Students-Workers, Minorities, Prisoners-Libertarians, Greens-Environmentalists, Isolationists-Pacifists, Feminists-LGBTs, Social-Conservatives-Parents, Capitalists-Monetarists, Constitutionalists, and Riflemen), while hammering and exposing the Democrat and Republican nominees as farcical panderers with ineffectual plans, leading to a 25% LP polling, and in striking range of victory. It is likely that a significant economic event will occur this summer or before the national election, gaining for the LP as much as 30% or more, national polling, as only the LP Battlecruiser has the solid solution set to fix DC and the economy. Going into the fall September-October campaign season, virtually neck and neck, MSM will not be able ignore the LP Battlecruiser, and will voluntarily put the Libertarian, Democrat, and Republican presidential candidates in the national debates together, and that is when LP Battlecruiser goes for the throat, and embarrasses the Democrat and Republican party and their nominees for the miserable failures, accumulating over the last 100 years, at the national level, (20T$ debt, ZIRP, QE, Market Interventions, enabled corporate market rigging with impunity, Wars and endless military interventions, over populated prisons, laws and regulations innumerable, state and national insolvency, public and private over leveraged indebtedness, stagnated wages, debased savings, debased pensions, wealth transfers from the 99% to the1%, tax oppression, systemic federal government corruption, 50m hungry, 100m unemployed, crashing economy and increasing social rancor and chaos), for the White House VICTORY in November, and a probable landslide 50 state sweep for the LP, running the little "d", little "r", and little "l", LP Battlecruiser, having broad general appeal transcending the entire US political complex. My Libertarian Friends, the grand conjunction aligns! The LP can take the White House this year. The LP can win!

Please kindly review the following presidential candidate analyst, lecture #028, that is accurate, clear and compelling. Please further review the campaign lecture series #000-#033 on the campaign blog, and the right conclusion will be obvious to all. The nation and the world depends upon the LP delegates to make the right decision at the LP National Convention. Only the LP delegates can save the world from wars, and save the US from social chaos and collapse, economic implosion and ruination, and DC totalitarian socialistic fascist enslavement of all Americans as tax mules, perpetual debtors, and state dependent. The LP delegates must act for the good of the party, the good of the country, and the good of world.

I humbly request your delegate votes at the LP national convention.

Very Truly Yours, in Liberty and Freedom,
Derrick Michael Reid B.S.E.E., J.D.,
2016 Presidential Candidate, Libertarian Party,
Engineer, Patent Lawyer, Military Scientist,
Market Analyst, and Geopolitical Analyst.
PO Box 1584, Laguna Beach, CA 92652
Contact Email:

A powerful and compelling set of campaign lecture videos have been created for the Libertarian Party delegates, so as to demonstrate clearly why Derrick Michael Reid is the only choice for the Libertarian Party for president, if a national victory is actually sought, raising the LP to a viable competitive third party, for increasing our liberties and freedoms from government, as a necessary liberty counterbalance to the totalitarian socialistic fascist DC implemented by the two pandering political machines, enslaving all Americans as tax mules, perpetual debtors, and state dependents. It is incumbent upon any serious libertarian to fully understand the presidential candidates, for making the right choice, as less would tend to stagnate the LP even more than it already is. This campaign lecture series, in total, is accurate and powerful for understanding of the state of the country, the state of the LP and the 2016 presidential election cycle.

Gray Johnson, John McAfee, Austin Petersen and Darryl Perry debilitating, unpresidential, and unelectable short comings are accurately discussed for any libertarian with an objective view to fully consider, in selecting the best LP presidential candidate.

LP State Convention speeches and pictures are linked on the home page of the campaign blog of Derrick Michael Reid for all libertarians to review and enjoy. It was a wonderful experience traveling about the country meeting libertarians nation wide, and much was learned about the state of the LP and prospects for winning the 2016 general presidential election.